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Posted March 21, 2008 10:30 PM
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by Mark Silva

Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico and erstwhile candidate for president, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois today in his quest for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

But Richardson had come close to endorsing Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York earlier this year, he allowed tonight. Richardson, who served as Energy secretary in Bill Clinton’s administration, had a visitor in Santa Fe not long ago. Bill Clinton came to watch the Super Bowl with him.

“Yes, I was’’ close to endorsing the former first lady, Richardson told Keith Olbermann on MSNBC’s Countdown this evening. “I almost did.’’

Richardson, who allowed that Obama has “kind of had a bad week,’’ said he hoped his endorsement will help – despite criticism from the Clinton camp that the time when Richardson, the nation’s only Hispanic governor, might have really helped, before the Texas primary, had come and gone. And Richardson, one of the Democratic Party’s super-delegates – the “fat cats,’’ as he calls them -- said that the super-delegates should not be deciding the nomination. The party’s voters should be, he said, and "the time has come'' to rally around the candidate with the most support.

“The president came to see me in Santa Fe,’’ Richardson told MSNBC's Olbermann in an interview aired this evening. “We watched the Super Bowl together. I was about to do it. He's very persuasive. And I have enormously strong ties to them, they were good to me, I was good to them.

“I waited, because I was legitimately very torn,’’ Richardson told Olbermann. “You mentioned my ties to the Clintons, my loyalties to President Clinton, my support and respect for Senator Clinton. But, I just realized that if I was going to make a difference, at a time we need party unity, at a time when the campaign was really getting nasty and personal, at a time when Sen. Obama responded, I believe,in such a courageous way to a problem in his campaign -- those remarks by his own pastor -- I felt that I needed to step in and say that I am backing Sen. Obama because I think this man has got omething very good about him, something very special.

Richardson, who joined Obama at a rally in Portland, Oregon, today, was interviewed back home in Santa Fe. “I can't put my precise point on it, except to say that, you know, Keith, I was in that auditorium in Portland. I looked at the faces of all those people and all I saw was hope and enthusiasm, but mainly, hope. And I think that just reinforced by decision.’’

Richardson was asked about Mark Penn, senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, saying that the time has passed since Richardson’s endorsement might have an impact in the ongoing campaign.

“Well I regret it,’’ Richardson said. “It's typical of many of the people in that campaign. What he basically was saying -- the stereotype was that I could have endorsed before Texas, because I'm Hispanic, and that's when I would have made a difference…. Now that Texas is over, my endorsement doesn't make a difference. That's his view… maybe the campaign view. I still have enormous respect for Sen. Clinton.

“I think she's fought a great race, President Clinton, too. But I think you have to get in the arena. And I felt that the time has come for us to stop this bickering, like Mark Penn making statements like that, and basically come together as a party and talk positive about this countryat the issues instead of the all of this sniping that seems to take place almost everyday.’’

Richardson, in acknowledging that he had been close to endorsing Hillary Clinton, said, “But then I waited and I said, 'I'm going to just -- there's something that says to me, I must wait.' And then Texas happened and then the negativity took place. And then Obama gave his speech -- although I had kind of decided, almost a week ago, to make the endorsement.

“And now, I feel that it was the right time. You've got to step up in the arena. I think it helped Sen. Obama, even though I personally haven't felt that these endorsements of one politician to another help much. But he's kind of had a bad week. And this has certainly boosted his staff -- I saw it, his supporters.

“So maybe my endorsement has a little bit of significance,’’ Richardson said, “But obviously, Mark Penn doesn't think so. But we'll see.’’

It’s time for the party to rally around the winning candidate, he suggested.

“We've got John McCain running around the world, boosting his foreign policy credentials, raising funds, building support; and we're bickering. And we're a Democratic Party that has been on the resurgence. And the American people are on our side on the issues. But when it appears that we're downgrading each other, attacking each other, not talking positive, cat fighting, nastiness, then I think the time has come for individuals, like myself, that have been in the arena, that maybe have run for president, to say, all right, the time has come to stop this.

“The time has come to come together as a party,’’ he said. “The time has come to get a nominee before the convention. The time has come -- also I just think these super-delegates should not be the arbiters and the deciders of this race -- 800 of them. A lot of them are good people, but they're fat cats, they’re governors, like me, they're senators; they're congressman.

“Why should we decide?’’ super-delegate Richardson asked. “Let the voters in proportion to the vote in various states make that decision.’’

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Yes, the time has come to get together as a party - unless you're a member of the party who lives in Michigan or Florida.

In many different primaries of the past the votes that count are over by Super Tuesday.

The rules were that Florida and Michigan don't count. They should not be changed just to give Clinton a chance to win.

Kudos to Richardson for being a grown up. Too many of these superdelegates are so afraid of the Clintons that they will allow them to tarnish Obama who will be the nominee. We Democrats, if we want to win the election, need to rally around Obama. Mathematically he has the nomination. All Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are trying to do is to throw so much mud at him that he will lose the general election and they will still be titular heads of the party. Then four years later, HRC will try to run again. Come on superdelegates, grow up. Get behind the nominee and tell Mrs. Clinton to withdraw.

I wish Richardson would have stayed neutral. My guess is that he is thinking about his political future and weighing the odds.

I think Obama words are to be a uniter, but I think he is really the divider and the results can be seen by increases in tensions.

I am also tired of people telling Clinton to get out of the race. If we wanted her out of the race we wouldn't keep voting for her.

Thank you Gov. Bill Richardson. Yes we can!






Bill Richardson is a good, decent guy. And he got behind the good, decent guy in this race. I admire him immensely for it. I know how connected he is with the Clintons. It took a lot of courage to do the right thing. But he did the right thing. Obama is already the nominee--we're just waiting for Hillary to come to terms with reality. God bless you, Bill. This country is headed for some really great things.

it is over the race is over for Sen Clinton. Mr.wrights words didnot cause me to waver whatsover in my belief that Mr. Obama is a man of very high inegrity. i do think that Clinton will do and say anything to wine that worng and i could not vote for hear. peace Don in Beverly Hills.

So face it nobody wanted
that phony loser race card
playing Bill Richardson for
President,so how is his
endorsing con artist loser
Barack Hussein Obama going
to help Obama steal the
Democratic Presidential
Nomination? Why are all the
losers and has beens all
rushing to endorse Obama?

Richardson showed courage and did what's best for the party. The Clintons were tearing the party apart and it was hurting Democrats and helping Rush Limbaugh. Hillary tried to change the rules of the game to favor herself but it doesn't work that way. I don't think it helped that the Clintons appeared to support McCain over their own parties candidate.

I pains me that Florida and Michigan do not count. I wish they could at least have had a paper ballot vote or a caucus. Even if Hillary may have won one or both of those states.


A step into the Arena and the glow apon faces transfixed by this hope that is Barack Obama.New Mexico is a place of positive spirit and angels Governor Bill Richardson is blest with both.We cannot stress this moment fervently enough if your choice is only about personal agenda or the support of Apartied regimes or 'Money for minds that hate; all I can tell you is brother you have to wait'

Grey, the reason the Dem votes in FL and MI don't count is because of what the state legislatures and Governors of those states did, not the DNC, Dem. Party, Clinton, or Obama.

MI and FL went and held primaries when THEY KNEW IN ADVANCE that the votes wouldn't be recognized by the DNC. The bad-guy/morons in the scenario here are the state govt’s. They're the ones who wasted tens of millions of dollars and ensured that the voting wouldn't count. Voters did/should have known that their votes were a waste of effort.

Blame the state govt’s. Hold them accountable. Don't elect such idiots to state office in the first place. Learn from this tragedy.

Unless you think state legislatures should have the power to determine how parties select their candidates. God help you if you do, for democracy will cease to exist then. Parties get to, and should, set their own rules, and the DNC did while state officials were arrogant enough to ignore the rules and the DNC.

Hillary is such an unashamed liar, it is no point in saying to her, "Shame on you!" The Clintons are shameless, and in their lust to return to the WH they are prepared to destroy Senator Obama, the Democratic Party and our country and the younger generation. President Clinton's horrible slurs on Senator Obama's patriotism, Hillary's endorsement of McCain over Obama, their playing of the gender and race cards, her lies on NAFTA, etc, etc--it is TIME for the party leaders (Gore, Pelosi, Edwards, Biden, etc) to place the Clinton Dynasty in the wastebasket of history and to turn the page for a new America of WE the people, of all colors, creeds, genders, and classes. The Clinton machine is going berserk and taking us all down with it.

[We] care Jack...

Barack = 6

Hussei = 6

NoBama = 6

(666)...he's here!

Let Michigan and Florida vote!
....before it's too late!


ANARCHY. You can't have a political process without rules. Everyone went into Florida and Michigan AGREEING to the rules laid out by the DNC. Florida, Michigan chose to risk the consequences..and Obama abided by the rules of the DNC. Clinton strategically calculated to use it to her advantage one way or the other. Sorry, but anarchy is not the way to run an election. Rules apply, and the people who agreed to the rules are honor bound to stick to them.

Any more of this nomination process only ensures a third Bush term.

It's time for the Democratic Party to come together. Now.

Richardson bragged about his National Security Clearance in the last debate he participated in as a candidtate. He just wants to Advise Obama so he can feel the power. He is not all that.
Joseph Wilson, former Embassador and his former Spymaster Wife endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton because they have been on the calling end of the 3a.m. call and they say that she knows how to answer that phone.

Richardson bragged about his National Security Clearance in the last debate he participated in as a candidtate. He just wants to Advise Obama so he can feel the power. He is not all that.
Joseph Wilson, former Embassador and his former Spymaster Wife endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton because they have been on the calling end of the 3a.m. call and they say that she knows how to answer that phone.

Thank you Govenor Richardson for picking just the right time to endorse Senator Obama, and thank you Senator Obama for
your call to service from all of us. We will do it! We will do it together! With your sound judgement and our involvement, we will change our world. Thank you for letting us help! Regina in Oregon

It really is time that Hillary quits. What is wrong with her and her husband?


Yes, the time has come to get together as a party - unless you're a member of the party who lives in Michigan or Florida.

Posted by: Grey | March 21, 2008 11:01 PM

Maybe you guys could have you're own party. Like the party of we're more important than everyone else in the country party. Or rules don't apply to us party. Or..if we really lose this game of chicken, we can blame the DNC instead of ourselves party.

I'm really tired of hearing about how the FI & MI voters are being left out by Obama. Those voters should be taking their grievances to the lawmakers of their state...those where the rules, and now like a crying child losing in a game, they want to change the rules!

HEY you don't want to count us here in FL or in MI..BECAAAAAAUSe..Hillary MITGHT WIN if you COUNT ALL OF THE VOTES???

You sir are not a Democrat..but some of those KoolAid individuals who are so drunk with the CULT of Personality...that you are willing to throw democracy, voters, our party issues & our chance of winning in Nov...just to follow one erred and unprepared charismatic leader. SHAME


It is clear, with reporting that even Hillary's campaign is coming to the rational conclusion that she has--at best--a ten percent chance of winning, that uniting the Democratic Party around Barack Obama is imperative.

Here is a solution that allows everyone to take something from the table, which is what it is going to take for the Party to begin the healing process.

A deal should be struck whereby Hillary agrees to withdraw from the race, and Obama agrees to let most of the Florida and Michigan delegations be seated at the convention.

Hillary could then claim a victory of sorts, as making this the "price" of a dignified exit would allow her to say she is putting the Party's prospects in November above her own ambitions.

It would also help the Democrats win those two states in the general election.

It requires noblesse oblige from both sides.

Obama clearly has it.

And if Hillary takes the deal, it would do a lot to help her begin to restore the family legacy that this ugly campaign, and especially Bill Clinton's role in it, has so tarnished.

Posted by: Obamaforpresident

Why should she quit? She wants to be president to ALL the people. What is with you people thinking she should only do what is right for "the party"? Is that all you care about "the party" and forget the rest of Americans? Are you a Republican in Democrat clothing?

Wearing a mustache and goatee Bill Richardson looks like some South American dictator ala Fidel to add to socialist Obamas image.
Richardson won't help very much he lost handily to Obama and Hil. When people vote for a candidate they don't back whoever that candidate goes for. Endorsements don't transfer votes. Voting is a personal decision. Jerry White, Springfield, IL

Bill Richardson's instincts are right - it is time to come together as a party - particularly now that Republicans have their nominee and it is a known fact that have been crossing just to meddle in the Democratic Primaries and will continue to do so.

The She_Weasel that and her disbarred semi husband could not blackmail or extort an endorsement out of Richardson!
This is a valuable endorsement for a new beginning for our Country.
The only hope the Clinton's have is that Pres Obama will consider a pardon once all the Clinton criminalites are finally exposed.

Obamadamas continuing to spout bile and venom, just like the spiritual mentor Rev. Wright. You deserve each other ... but the country does not deserve this.

Florida and Michigan would count - except they did not want to count. FAIL!

The rest of Hillary’s 2008 race is a myth, deception and revenge. Unfortunately, that is not what Party politics is all about. Even if there were re-votes in FL and MI, she would not have won the nomination. She currently needs at least 64% of the remaining pledged delegates. It is an insurmountable task to achieve. She has never won 5 races in a row. She is expected to LOSE in NC and Oregon but WIN in West Virginia, PA and Kentucky.

In terms of popular votes, she is 700,000 votes shy. The highest popular votes she has so far received were in New York and Arkansas. Even if she had the most popular votes, it would not matter. The first tie-breaker in the nomination process is the number of pledged delegates. Unless a candidate is caught with under garments down or dies, the Super delegates will simply award nomination to the candidate who has the most pledged delegates. Nancy Pelosi, the 2008 DNC Convention Chair has recently re-emphasized this point. What else does she need to know?

Hillary is not staying in the race because she is a fighter but to repay her financial losses and to vent out her anger against a wrong party which is her own. At the end of February, her debts were nearly $9 million. As a result, she has nearly doubled the volume of e-mail solicitations, showcases her Web site more at events and intensified online advertisements asking for small contributions.

Hillary needs to have an exit strategy after the PA primary especially, if she fails to win by 64%. Her current strategy is not good for her personally or her party. She has so far ruined the possibility for a Dream team. And she is diminishing possibilities for future presidential runs. She needs to blame the Republican Party which over the years has ruined her public image and creditability. Mostly it is a payback for her departure from the Republican Party, in her early political life.

She is in serious need of help to overcome her nomination failure. This is where her peers including Bill Clinton are to step in and offer confidential counseling to heal her wounds and boost her morale. Bill should give precedence to the party that gave him presidency twice than the selfish ego of his wife. Hillary is seasoned politician but she has recently been very reckless in her trade. The cause of Hillary’s failure is not her gender, the Democratic Party or Barack Obama but her lifetime political involvement that created a major machinery against Hillary.

I feel so sorry for both Hillary and Obama. With the pressure from the party leaders Clinton may eventually give up her campaign after the big victory in pennsylvania. But since it appears that supporters of both Obama and Clinton are so loyal to their candidate, without the ongoing help from Clinton (in order to get her supporters votes), there is no way Obama will win the general election in November. Richardson who is hoping for a space in Obama's cabinet will equally be sorry for coming out empty handed. It is just my opinion but Obama needs Hillary's support way more than Teddy, Kerry, Richardson, and Oprah after the convention. Otherwise, it is good for the Dems to wait for another four years but I hope it will not gona be HIllary and Obama again.

Yes the time had come to support a liar and a coward who when confronted with an issue aboput his association of twenty years with a man of Hate decided that it was better to try and lie about it..."I never heard those things when I was in his Church...He's like a crazy Uncle..(I don't have an Uncle who says that kind of stuff)...So it was more important of Traitor Richardson to support a liar then a trusted and devoted friend...Obama is a liar and he also allows his children to hear the rantings of a hate monger so the hate can go forward into the next generation Nice work Ricahrdson you fool!

Wearing a mustache and goatee Bill Richardson looks like some South American dictator ala Fidel to add to socialist Obamas image.
Posted by: Jerry White | March 22, 2008 9:53 AM

Yes...lets bring looks into this...thats important. Maybe we could get Chip and Dale to endorse McBush so they all look like they're storing nuts in their cheeks for the winter.

He should have waited. Now he is backing a team that will lose. I wonder what the Obama camp promised him?

We will see what will happen when the Clintons are looking at ending up in the bright red on the cash side of their campaign. The Clintons look at politics in the pettiest of terms and they will not want to invest cash, their own liability into a losing effort. Their campaign has been a disgrace and I believe that Obama, thank goodness, has the smarts to finesse managing the Clintons from here on forward. It will be such a relief when the Clintons are out the back door.

We will see what will happen when the Clintons are looking at ending up in the bright red on the cash side of their campaign. The Clintons look at politics in the pettiest of terms and they will not want to invest cash, their own liability into a losing effort. Their campaign has been a disgrace and I believe that Obama, thank goodness, has the smarts to finesse managing the Clintons from here on forward. It will be such a relief when the Clintons are out the back door.

It amazes me what is so great about Obama. When Bill Clinton was in office, what didn't anyone like the peace, the economy, the stock market or prosperity? I am voting for Hillary Clinton, she is definitely the most experienced, more intelligent and as far as I know has not attended an anti American, anti black church for the last 20 years. She will get us health care and take a stand for America. Her allegiance is not to her European roots, as Obama's is to Africa. Keep racing on Hillary.

Shame on you Bill Richardson, no loyalty there, but I am sure Obama promised you some job. I am voting for Hillary as she is the best person for the job. Obama has poor judgement, unproven track record and sits on the fence. He can make a speech but the job he is trying to get, requires more than speeches. He needs to take a stand for America not just make a speech. He has voted the same as Hillary on Iraq since he became a Senator, so he has not made any changes about it, why not? As a typical white person I would love to hear him say, God Bless America, but I think Wright has a lot of control of Obama. Hillary needs to stay in the race and make him take the tough questions that don't require a speech.

Bill Richarderson endorsed Obama Today for President, I can not believe he would do this given the type of Church and Pastor he has been associated for the last 20yrs, Now I question where is Richarderson loyalty and integrity, you know what I believe Obama has made a deal with Richarderson, If he gives his endorse to him, Obama may give him the Vice Presidency position. Now I said that to say this, Hispanics are people of color as well, I see a race war coming between the Blacks, White and Hispanics, now that Richardeson endorsed Obama, this country is going to be even more divided between the races, I hope this thing backs fire on Obama and Richarderson.

I can not believe that Richarderson has falling for Obama's deceptive speeches, Obama reminds me of an occult leader like Jim Jones of the Jonestown incident of the early 1970's, where this man was so charismatic speeches that was able to get masses of people to drink tainted kool-aid, which brought to their deaths, Obama has that same aura that follows him, no matter what Obama does, says, or negatively involved in; brainwashed, gullible people who would still follow and support him.

After Clinton has made this man one of his Ambassadors, this is what thanks he get, like I said earlier people have no sense of locality and integrity towards one another, people will stab you in the back, at any opportune time, if they think it would benefit them in the long-term in some shape or form, next I will be looking for Obama to announce that Richarderson will be his Vice Presidential running mate.

What I do not understand Richarderson thinking processes, How can Obama bring this country back together knowing that he belonged to an African Based church that has a Pastor who Preaches Anti-Americanism, Separatism , Racism, and Bigotry? This truly blows my mind, well if Obama becomes the nominee, I hope all Hillary Supporters and Independent voters switch to, or stick with Hillary, how can we put a man in office such as this? If Hillary is not the nominee, I will try and put up a Ralph Nader Blog and encourage all Hillary supporters and Independents to vote for Nader in very large masse in order to block Obama from the Presidency, and if John McCain or Ralph Nader gets the Presidency, so be it, I will be finished supporting the Democratic Party, and I hope other people who believe in my position, do the same, we can not have a person like Obama be our Commander and Chief, Obama is not be trusted.

I see that Bill Richardson is not a man of high moral character, and integrity for endorsing a person like Obama either , He also lacks sound judgment to make good decisions, Well Obama has not only have some average voters spell bound and brainwashed but some of our politicians as well, and I guess John Edwards will follow next endorsing a man one just came on the scene like he’s the Great White Hope, Im’m a Blacke American who is saying that Obama his suckered all of the voters and endorsers who chose that deceiver and Johnny come latly to be Our President, and who is associated and crooks and other racist, Well, I see were our and loyalty, sound judgment, and integrity has gone street out the window fro a man we don’t really no about or what he is going to do in office.

Hello - Why doesn't Hilary Clinton just threaten to run as an Independent if she doesn't get the nomination? I bet she would win the general election.

Also, why couldn't Obama wait until AFTER Good Friday for his self-aggrandizing announcement about Bill Richardson. Looks kind of bad when you are doing that on a Christian day when self-sacrifice is the motto. Especially right when Christ was on the cross (supposedly). I don't know about this Obama guy folks.

I'm sure Richardson will get a very BIG position in Obama 's administration !!!


Funny but Richardson went against his states voters!
NM voters voted for Hillary. Wasn't it Obama who said the superdelegates should vote for who their constitutants voted for?
Well now it is Richardson, Kennedy, and Kerry who told their constitutants they don't care how they voted!
Oh and if you want to discuss Fl and Mi please read the rules and facts first..most here are wayyyyyy off the mark!
from a 2004 Dem Fl delegate.


Posted by: Thomas | March 23, 2008 12:46 AM

Did you mention that when Crist endorsed McBush?

I'm sure Richardson will get a very BIG position in Obama 's administration !!!


As an older woman, I was all fired up at the possibility of a woman president. Yay! We're finally equal! But when the going got tough and the Hillary camp started to play on all the tried and true "woman as victim" tricks the enthusiasm deflated...and quick. If she had dealt with the difficulties with more pride and yes, more class, I could have stayed enthused with her as a candidate. Yes, she is intelligent; yes, she is seasoned; and yes, it would be great to finally break that barrier in politics, but she had an opportunity to show us that as a woman she was better than the sludge that passes for leadership in our representatives. Personally, I think Edwards and Kucinich should still be contenders, but since they are no longer an option, Obama is looking better every day. And it would be prudent for ALL voters to remember that these people are politicians – and politics is a dirty business no matter how you parse it.

Did you know that Bill Richardson received a stern rebuke from Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia?

Byrd told Richardson, when he was head of the Department of Energy (after his gig at the UN)

"You will never again receive the support of the Senate of the United States for any office to which you might be appointed.”

Why would he say such a thing?

It seems that when Richardson was the Secretary of the Department of Energy in 2000, two highly classified computer hard drives disappeared from the Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico and then magically reappeared about a month later.

This case of the missing drives was described “as possibly the most serious security breach in the nation's history”. Yet, when asked to testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about this security breach in the Department he headed-up, Richardson declined because he was campaigning for Al Gore.

This ticked-off Senator Byrd so much that he additionally accused Richardson of “supreme arrogance” and “extreme contempt”.

In Richardson’s world...campaigning with Al Gore trumped the compromise of top secret nuclear data...

So think about it - Richardson will not be approved by the Senate for any appointed office - so his only hope is that he comes in as a VP which requires no congressional approval!

and Hillary won't appoint him her VP because he interviewed Monica for a job and she doesn't need his presence on the ticket for the Latno voters - she already has them....

I sat good riddance Richardson - let Obama try to explain away this guy's sordid - and potentially dangerous - history.

Who is Richardson to tell us anything? He is not a big whoop! Hillary dropped him as VP candidate and he ran to Obama. For sure McCain will win the white house with Obama and Richardson ticket. Dirt will fly. Richardson has alot of dirty laundry. Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic Candidate who can Win McCain and take back the Whitehouse.

Lets hear your outrage Americas! What if YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE WAS TAKEN AWAY?
Let Michigan and Florida vote! This is the United States of America- (not United States- except for Michigan and Florida)
Let Michigan and Florida be heard.SPEAK OUT AMERICANS.

Thank you Gov Richardson,
I believe that it took great courage and wisdom for you to endorse Barack Obama for President in 2008
or at any time due to the
problems with race in our
nation that Barack so
eloquently described in his
speech in PA.
You did this even though
you knew the Clinton machine would object. Thank you so much
for following your heart.
BTW, your beard is mucho sexy, please don't shave it off just yet!
An African American
Woman and Patriot for Barack Obama

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