Chelsea Clinton: 'None of your business,' Part Two: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted March 31, 2008 4:39 PM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the presidential candidate and former president, confronted a question about the Monica Lewinsky scandal again on the campaign trail today.

And, just as she replied at Butler University in Indianapolis last week, the only child of Sen. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton -- whose relationship with a White House intern marred his reputation as president -- told her questioner at a student center North Carolina State University today:

“It’s none of your business….That is something that is personal to my family. I'm sure there are things that are personal to your family that you don't think are anyone else's business either.’’

She did add this, however: "I don't think you should be voting for or against my mother because of my father.''

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Who cares...

Chelsea, girl, puhleeeze!! the one thing you should have learned is how to jive people the way you daddy does. All you needed to say was "My mama, knows how to play it cool. Now everybody under the sun is going to ask you about that crap. You don't give crappy answers to crappy questions.

I wish people would leave Ms Clinton alone about this. It really, truly isn't any of our business.

I agree. Only Hillary or Bill should answer this question. Think the one who asked it today wanted his/her 15 minutes of fame.

Is Chelsea drawing a salary from her job while she campaigns?

Chelsea Clinton is actively campaigning and she's also whining and dining super-delgates.

If she can't take the blowback she needs to get off the campaign stump.

That's odd. I thought HRC considered this type of campaigning the "fun stuff"? Guess that doesn't apply to family matters.

Why don't those questioners use their "hot air" and ask questions of relevancy, not those reserved for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. The past is past, and frankly Bill Clinton's indiscretions are not Hillary's. Give the woman a break.

Moreover, I don't hear about the media asking McCain or his wife, Cindy, about their pre-marital indiscretions while McCain was still married to his first wife, or about Cindy's substance abuse - great qualifications for a First Lady, hah!

Here's agreat question for MCain:

"Because of your age, would you be willing to release your medical records to the American people as a gesture that you are fit (psychologically and physically to be President)?

Yeah, Let someone ask him that.

I respect this answer two days in a row and feel respect for the young woman being asked such a stupid question.

Her mother is not my candidate but I can appreciate the courage and stamina it must take to campaign, especially against the odds that are unfolding.

Bless Chelsea for her poise and presence.

The time berating this young woman on account of her father's infidelity is past. Besides, wasn't it the left who made the point that 'it's the economy, stupid' and that character counts for nothing?

As for being psychology fit (to 'the truth') I would prefer a man who has the mental strength to survive a Viet Cong prison camp than a man who is so weak in his mind that he cannot turn his back on Wright's racist teachings for fear of not being black enough, or of a woman who lies about being shot at and then blames it on sleep deprivation (yeah...THAT is who I want answering the red phone in the middle of the night.)

I suspect we may very well have a democratic president this round. That is fine, America will most likely survive...we survived Bush after all. But is Bush really sufficient reason to elect EITHER of Hillary or Obama?

"questions of relevancy". It is not "Relevant" that while the President in the Oval Office, with a House Page, the Working and On Duty President had "Se..." with "that woman". If Hillary or Chelsea had any other name, they wouldn't have 15 minutes of fame. Of course a question of "will your dad do what he has done every time he has gotten into a public trust position is relevant. Will he look the camera in the eye and lie, will he have more sex with whoever he can. Democratic Mayor of Detroit indicted, Democratic Govenor of New York leaves office, Democratic Govenor of Puerto Rico indicted. Yes when the sleeze question of the liberal dems comes up. Then of course it is not relevant and a private matter. Try telling that to the principle or teacher at your childs school.

These are all valid questions:

Was your mother's credibility hurt during the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

Is your mother's credibility helped by President Clinton's economic policies that gave us the greatest economy in our history?

What would your mother have done with the surplus left from Democratic economic policies, the one that Republicans threw away?

Let's ask all of these questions and see which the mainstream media repeats over and over.

She needs to figure out a better answer to these questions. Her family has chosen to live their life in the public eye and while I don't agree with it, you're campaigning young woman and all the questions are fair. You have no right to privacy when you choose this role and I believe she is smart enough to understand that.

Kinda is the American's people's business when the President of the United States chastingly shakes his finger, looks in the cameras and lies without blinking. Monica could have blackmailed Bill or dragged a sitting President into court like Paula Jones. Anything that comprimises the office of the President of the United States can't simply be dismissed as a family matter.

Stop asking this inane question of her. Chelsea and Hillary did not have sexual relations with that woman. The only person who has to answer for his actions is Bill.

Why hasn't anybody asked Bill, or Hillary? Don't they take questions? Or are all the journalists afraid for their jobs? Do they have mortgages or something? Children to feed? Bills to pay?

Seriously, apparently the consulting and hedge fund industries haven't taught this amateur much about adding some humor to a question like this. She gets backed into a corner and starts scracthing, and clawing instead of softening the blow with some common sense... and humor. Not traits of the financial industry I presume!














Of course it's inappropriate.

So why would anyone do it?

Unless they're desperately trying to gain sympathy...could it be a plant?

Nah, things like that never happen...

The First "Companion" ever in U.S. history and asking if this lying, cheating (to quote Hillary and Chelsea defenders). What part of being the first male as First mate is not relavent. Concentrate on issues. The issue of will Hillary be distracted with Bills antics. I just love how liberals have the idea "everything is personal" even when the person is on duty. Those who defend this type of immoral actions as personal, have of course that as their level of morality.

Of course it's inappropriate.

So why would anyone do it?

Unless they're desperately trying to gain sympathy...could it be a plant?

Nah, things like that never happen...

Posted by: ACT | March 31, 2008 7:23 PM


Witch-hunting again. Every time a Clinton (parent or child) gets into a "human" situation, the suspicious among you think it's an act. Sorry, but there are contemptible people who like to push buttons out there, and hope that it makes the candidates squirm enough for news. I'm just shocked that no one has confronted Michele Obama about the circumstances leading to her six figure appointment at University of Chicago. Now, that would be an interesting question, but oh no, it's not tittilating enough for these would-be journalist Get over the Bill/Monica episode and move on to the present.

There is a old saying which I would advise Chelsea to use the next time a low life asks her about the past. She should reply, "What didn't destroy my mother, has made her stronger." THE END

Bill CLinton was a servant of the people, and whilst in OUR employee he abused a young woman, lied to America-democrats and republicans alike, was impeached and harshly punished, and he darn near was indicted by the senate-by the sheer grace of God,(and money), he was able to cut a deal,. For anyone to suggest that that period of time in this country's history is "off limits" is absurd. That was a trying time for the Clintons, but it was a brutal time for America, and it is not a time that should be forgotten. This whole issue speaks to the character of the first family, and if Chelsea or any of the Clinton campaign refuses to answer and clarify questions about this period they need to get out now. It's not going to get any easier...that "vast right wing conspiracy" has not forgotten this horror in our history and they will likely never forgive. I would suggest just one more husband and I shielded our children from all of the unseemly aspects of the Clinton administration. We are finding ourselves answering a lot of questions now from our college age kids who weren't privy to the details of the scandal. These new voters were certainly alive at the time, but how many of them heard about the blue dress at the dinner table or at their elementary/middle school? They have questions, and they have a right to know the answers.

"human situation". Your daughter is working at city hall, she is working as an interim and has hopes of using her skills. The old Mayor while in his office, and on duty seduces her. Her life and career is over.
It is a shame how liberals have no respect for women. For young adults. So "the truth". It sounds like you do a lot of other things on the internet, with the anything goes after all it is a "human situation". Thanks for those responsible adults on this site who have defended women and condemned excusing "human situations" as what they are, "selfish, do whatever you want and take advantage of innocent women" every chance you get. Pathetic. Women are more then just there for liberals who want to seduce them. But then some have no shame.

Of course it is America's business. If Chelsea is going to pimp for her mother, she needs to address the legitimate concerns of voters who wonder why her mother lied about knowing about the affair and created the fantasy of the 'vast right wing conspiracy' to cover up her own mendacity.

She is not a little girl, but a woman. Therefore, she should answer the question and if she can't handle it, then she has not busy stumping for her mother.

"Every time a Clinton (parent or child) gets into a "human" situation, the suspicious among you think it's an act."

Yes, it is hard to imagine why someone might be suspicious, since they've give us absolutely no reason whatsoever to suspect them of that...

Now, while we both agree that the question is inappropriate, remember that Chelsea is no longer a child...she's an adult whose her dad said a couple of days ago that politics is a rough game.

So, while it is fair that a parent allows a daughter to play in this rough and tumble world, it is also fair to question their motives.

There is also a simple alternative - go back to her wall street job...then as a private citizen again, no one has any right to question any motive.

So "the truth". It sounds like you do a lot of other things on the internet, with the anything goes after all it is a "human situation".

Posted by: daveyo | March 31, 2008 8:17 PM


Are you projecting your own illicit activities on the internet, because your argument is shallow and without merit.

You right wing holier-than-thou Repugnants outshine Bill Clinton when it comes to illicit "human situations".
Too bad that your world view of the "human situation" is limited to seedy encounters in bathrooms, back alleys, or with your warped imaginations. People who go around espousing moral values are usually immoral. Wingnuts are notorious for going after liberals when it is a fact that they do it because they need to hide their own dirty laundry - Sen. Larry Craig, Rep. Mark Foley, Rep. Ken Calvert, Rep. Helen Chenoweth, and oh so many, many more.

"The devil decries evil.
Virtue is his guise
To find the hidden villain
Listen for the loudest voice"*

*Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

And remember, the Butler student who asked the Lewinsky question is a Hillary supporter...

Old BU in Naptown has produced some of the finest domestic help in the nation; butlers, footmen, French maids, serving wenches, stable boys, all for the service of the ruling plutocracy in America.

Indy and Butler U; Be proud!

Think this way.

BO and his wife conceding the race to HRC.


HRC, BC and CC conceding the race to race to OB.

Just a thought.

"Her life and career is over.
It is a shame how liberals have no respect for women."

Her life and career are over!? What?? Really, her life is over!??

daveyo..get a life! Nobody cares about your disingenious question. Leave the 90s and get with the program.

If you can't handle the heat, stay off the campaign trail....

A plant! Of course! I read that the Hillary donations begin pouring in when the "older women" feel sorry for her. I'll bet those embarrassing questions keep on coming until Hillary can pay off her debts.

I'm really sorry to have to break this to you and your family, Chelsea but the tax payers of America, yeah, even the little people! We collectively contribute far more to our Government than your family's "friends"! That big pretty White House, you used to live in? WE pay for that! So EVERYTHING that goes on in VERY MUCH our business!

It's high time the American people began remembering that!

Unfortunately for you, for whatever reason, our media has never been brave enough to ask you anything uncomfortable.

Anticipating that from the American people was a serious miscalculation on your part and the part of your mother's campaign!

The Monica questions are the disruptive tactics of Campus Young Republicans, spawn of the Ripupandlick Wing of the GOP that is the legacy of Dick Nixon.

Welcome to the sleezy world of politics, Clinton style Chelsea.

Hour mom wrote the book!!!

Chelsea Clinton may not want to talk about Monica's blue dress but we Americans shouldn't let Bill Clinton's daughter prevent us from having a conversation that is very important to the future of our country. If Senator Clinton becomes our next president, Bill Clinton will be back in the White House and, almost certainly, up to his old tricks. Despite running an excellent and tough campaign, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to control her husband. And we should use this insight as an opportunity to assess the cost we paid as a country for that blue dress and the lies that Bill Clinton told about everything related to it.

Look, don't get me wrong: I thought the attempt to impeach Clinton was an incredible miscarriage of justice. The only problem was he didn't make it any easier with his repeated lies and misstatements, to say nothing of his incredibly inappropriate behavior. At least one member of Senator Clinton's current campaign has suggested to me that Bill is still the same old skirt chaser he always was. If and when his wife becomes President, this will no longer be his private business anymore. And since there seems to be scant likelihood that Bill Clinton will change his ways, it is-- with all respect to Chelsea's sensitive feelings-- a good idea that we have a national discussion now about whether we as a nation can afford another four years of Bill's marauding sexual appetite given the ambitious (and admirable) agenda which his wife has determined to fulfill.

One committed supporter of Senator Clinton expressed her private wish to me that Hillary Clinton-- humiliated and insulted so many times by a selfish and narcissistic husband-- would leave Bill Clinton once and for all. It will probably never happen, but if it did, I'll bet Senator Clinton's popularity would surge in the polls. I can tell you one thing: she'd certainly get my currently undecided vote.

Bill Clinton brought this into our lives, living in our White House, being paid by our tax dollars.
Monica Lewinsky is the ONlY thing I remember about Bill Clinton's years.
I don't remember Bill Clinton for his stellar work on alternative energy, peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, or any other great advances.
I remember Monica and I remember how it affected the country.
It affected my opinion of Hillary and I don't want Bill Clinton in the White House again, spending my money for his fun.
Chelsea is working for this campaign and needs to stop being a elite little brat and take this issue head on because it was not private, it was not personal. It was in our White House and it consumed our tax dollars and our time fighting it.
Time that could have been better spent helping the American people.

Nobody's business but the voters'. We're not the one running for office.

Chelsea Clinton may not want to talk about Monica's blue dress but we Americans shouldn't let Bill Clinton's daughter prevent us from having a conversation that is very important to the future of our country.
Posted by: Dorothy Democrat | April 1, 2008 6:27 AM

What conversation? You want to discuss an affair from 10 years ago? Thats important to our countries future? What hogwash...The economy is going to hell, we are losing blood and treasure in Iraq, and you want to disingeniously ask this stupid question? You are just another ankle biter who misses the real problems.

Time that could have been better spent helping the American people.

Posted by: Anna | April 1, 2008 7:45 AM

I see.....but now we have time to talk about it. 10 years later. Do you wish to talk about McBush and his affair while married? Do you want to discuss how he left his 1st wife after she became disabled in a car crash and gained weight due to the accident? Do you want to discuss Cindy and her drug problem? I didn't think so!!!!

Why don't people understand that Bill Clinton had an affair during office hours with his employee, something that in all likelihood would have gotten him fired at most companies. THAT is the problem. If he had chosen to have an affair with Hillary's best friend while they were on vacation, well then, that would be a different story. It wouldn't say much about his character, but it would then be a more private issue because it did not take place on company time paid for by the American people. Unfortunately, he chose to carry on while at work and he chose to do this with a young intern. That is the big difference, so yes, it is our business. This man could not control his urges while on duty and I suspect he never will. How can Hillary function on the job knowing her husband could be in the Lincoln bedroom with yet another intern enamored of his power and charisma? How distracting and damning will it be for her when he begins this behavior? Once again it will be the American people who suffer while their dirty laundry is aired and picked apart. Either she should divorce him and run without that baggage or be prepared to answer questions about how his behavior will affect her potential presidency.

To Bill Hussein:

You are wrong: I want to solve the real problems facing our nation.

But yes, you bet I want to have that discussion about Monica's blue dress now and, more importantly, about Bill's probable continued philandering. You seem to forget that two full years of Bill Clinton's presidency were wasted because the GOP went after him for his lies about his sex life. Don't think for a moment that they won't do it all over again in a Hillary Clinton presidency if there is new material. If Senator Clinton is going to be able to carry out her strong and courageous agenda, she cannot also deal with constant attacks on her husband for deceits and inappropriate acts.

RE: Chelsea

I see there was a reason for her having been quite for so long. Now she is telling people left and right that things that happened in the White House are nobody's business.

The scandals of the Clinton administration are none of our business? Who does she think she is? Of course they are our business - we are the employers. Her father was the employee.

She's no child anymore. She's nearing 30, and has been raised in a home with dishonesty and cover-ups. She's accountable for the things she says, just as her parents are.

bill "Hussein",

Thank you for making the point. This blog is about whether or not the question of "do you think your father as the first Male mate, will again have an affair, while in the White House", and "will he again be prosecuted for perjury".

In all of your attacks and rabbit chaces you have yet to addres this one simple question and whether it is relevant. You have however, done as your hero did, change the subject, attack anyone who dares ask a question, then say "look at ... because they are bad also".
I will try to make this simple so you will not get distracted.
"Is the fact that the first mate has perjured, lied, got caught with his pants down, relevant". In the sense that "will He do it again?"
I do realize how the Clintons and there dominions love to "dodge bullets", or at least claim to have.
So I welcome your cleverly worded "oh yah", and "your a blankity blank." As your response.

She should answer the question - remember it was all made up as a part of the vast right wing conspiracy. It is now a left wing conspiracy?

If then Ms. Clinton would not stand up for herself and effectively say "right is right and wrong is wrong" to such an intensely personal affront, why should I have any confidence that she will stand up for our country?

Geeze. Hillary is running on Bill's semen-stained coat tails. For God's sake, the guy was impeached over lying about. Hillary herself took her now famous "stand by my man" position.

If that slack-jawed inbred can't answer a simple and clearly relevant question then she shouldn't be give a public forum to express herself.

This blog is about whether or not the question of "do you think your father as the first Male mate, will again have an affair, while in the White House", and "will he again be prosecuted for perjury".
Posted by: daveyo | April 1, 2008 10:14 AM

Great question...and what in the world do you think would be the answer? All this moaning to ask a question that we all know what the answer is? How much concern do you have for the fact that McBush cheated on his 1st wife with his current wife? Do you care that his 1st wife was disabled in a car accident gained weight and had an affair with Cindy? Do you care that his female mate had a drug problem? I'ld like to know the truth on the intel leading up to you think I'll get a straight answer? You want an answer to that all important a man and ask her father.

Please!!!!! Her Dad was the President and her mom is running for President. Everything is an open book and especially the Monica Lewinsky incident!!!! This happened and is appalling to me and should be to everyone that voted for Bill Clinton back then. Also, we can't be one sided when it comes to all the dirty, underhanded, unnecessary mud slinging involved in this Presidential Race! Fair is fair!

But yes, you bet I want to have that discussion about Monica's blue dress now and, more importantly, about Bill's probable continued philandering.
Posted by: Dorothy Democrat | April 1, 2008 9:53 AM

I've got an idea....since this is obviously one of the most important questions of today....don't get an opinion...ask her dad. Good idea?

Since the Trib chose not to include the actual wording of the question, it's impossible to know whether Ms. Clinton;s response was appropriate or not. Weak reporting on the Trib's part.

*yawn* Who cares? College kids will be college kids.

"don't get an opinion...ask her dad. Good idea?"

But, Bill R,

That would be the civil way to handle it.

Since this is such an important topic...lets go ahead and have this discussion you are all anxious to have. But since it is sooooo important, lets not get "opinions" from Chelsea, lets ask Bill.
Mr. Clinton....will this happen again? question.

To the writer of "is Bush enough of a reason to elect either of the other two?" Did you have your head in a bucket when you voted for Bush...After all character and follow through are important. I don't think any of these putzes are fit to be president...I suppose you will use the same bucket!

If it were personal and none of our business then it wouldn't have been all over the news. Her dad messed up now the whole family has to take the heat for her dads evil ways.

Dear Chelsea:

Keep up the good work covering up my womanizing ways.

Makes people feel sorry for us and they'll vote for your Momma!

Did ya see my picture with that little high school hottie on her cell phone?


I sure am enjoying being back on the campaign trail.


Daddy Bubba

The question is as irrelevant as this "news story." Dear Trib, stop covering this.

"At least it was with an intern and not with me". That was tough for my Daddy since we are from from Arkansas!

Chelsea, would you just answer the question. It would be personal and none of my business if your mom was not running for President and she was not the wife of a former President, in which this scandal almost brought him and potentially her down. Since she has all this experience, "How did she handle this crisis"? We should know and if you do not want to explain, stop campaigning for Mrs. Clinton and become a private citizen again.

i smell a plant.

please..give us a break if shes going to stump for her mother shes going to have to deal with this question..cant all the clintons just go away...the justice department hasent goten over there last stay at the white house

Chelsea your a grown up. DEAL WITH IT!!! Your mom is running for the highest office in the land. Better come up with a new line because that ain't gonna wash.


It IS our business.

Monica may have owned the blue dress.

But the taxpayers of the United States all owned the carpet.

Is it wrong for the people of the United States to expect the kind of president who will neither cheat on his wife nor cheat on the populace, in terms of telling them truth?

Dear Chelsea,
It's gotta be overwhelming what you're going through. My heart goes out to you.

How's this for an approach, however? This college Duffuss (spelling?) and others who go on about Monika...

1) He's college age today, say 19-21, the Monika thing was at an age when he was still playing cowboys and indians. What does he know about the dignity with which your mom, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, held herself? The tremendous respect she gained, worldwide, because of this composure, though she would have preferred to dig herself in molten in the center of the earth!

2) What does he, or others, know how, your dad, Bill Clinton left his 2-term Presidential Office with our economics in tact, in black numbers, instead of this nightmarish economic fog we can't see ourselves out of anymore?

3) What does he know about how the Bush/Cheney - Rump-sfeld, in earlier years - have STOMPED on the constitution REPEADELY for the last 8 years, no questions asked from anybody, Dems, GOPs or "We the People"? Of course, Cheney would respond by saying, "So?"

Chelsea, my dear, Monika is a misdemeanor by comparison, a small infraction. The real FELONS are in the white house at this moment, you know, the ones who go to church every Sunday and say "God Bless"... give me a break!

Don't let anybody intimidate you. You have lots to be proud of, believe me. Give 'em what for!!!


Funny, I thought Chelsea handled that moron beautifully. Go Chelsea!!!

This is so rude and MEAN--just an immature person asking a question that is none of his business to get attention--and look how it worked!!!!

Chelsea is a lovely young woman who does not have to answer any of these imbecile questions.

Good for her to say none of your business.

A polite person would not even think of asking this question.

If HRC can be judgmental about Barack Obama because of somebody else's stupidity (read Wright) and shamelessly proclaim that she would have left Trinity if she were Obama, I guess anything goes. I agree with a previous poster - If her campaign staff cannot take the heat and the same dirty politics their leader spews, then they really have no business being on the trail either. Unfortunately Politics has become everybody's business in the run-up to this particular election. Voters get one chance in 4 years to decide who they should suffer and they have every right to question integrity - just like the nominees (read HRC who constantly and questions Obama on non-issues). I think the whole reason that folks like me are irritable is the attitude with which Chelsea fends off the question. She obviously hasn't learned to be polite in any shape or form either. Very Clintonish what?

i'm so glad to see that the overwhelming feeling here is that she should ANSWER THE QUESTION. Obviously her mommy coached her on this answer. She's not a child. None of our business? We all wish it wasn't.

Chelsea answered the shamefully irrelevant questions just right. I applaud her poise.

None of our business? The question was not included in this second clip, but I believe the question in the first incident was if the Monica situation affected her mother's credibility. And Hillary's credibility most certainly IS our business. Chelsea could have chosen to graciously say that no, she didn't think that affected her mother's credibility and moved on. But Chelsea chose differently and never answered the question -- something she must have learned from her mother, based upon Hillary’s answers during the debates. I was VERY torn between Hillary and Barack, but the appearance of the Clintons keeping answers from the American people is why I'm voting for Barack Obama.

I think Chelsea's answer was coarse crude rude and as smart alecky as she is.
That question could have been answered with some class.

Sigh...I can't believe the vitriolic, nasty mentalilty of most of you posters..Sorry, but it's a free country, and Chelsea doesn't have to answer ANY questions about something that obviously was very personal to her. What's the matter with most of you people? There are a million other questions relating to the economy, the war, health care, etc. that should be asked

To ask a child about her father's insanity is passing a line soooooooooo huge. Obviously, the person asking the question doesn't know how much pain this insanity has caused the child and the wife.

Which young lady is a child.
Chelsea at age "27" is asked a question.
In 1995 Monica Lewinski was "22".

Monica was 5 years younger than Chelsea is now. Reading the responses you would think Chelsea was the innocent interim that some old pervert had his way with.

Why is it that liberals are so anti protection of our precious young ladies. Spetzier in New York, Stabenow in Michigan. Always the same having sex with very young ladies.

Then when a lady that is older 27 is asked a question. Well of course her they will stand up for.

The Emperor has no clothes, but don't ask him why....

Chelsea stuck up for her parents. Good for her!!!

Why would anyone living in a country where every kind of low crap is foisted on our citizens by the entertainment industry (Reality TV, Oprah, Rap, and
nudity, violence, foul language, etc.)
be stupid nenough to think that ANYTHING is sacrosanct?

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