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Posted March 30, 2008 10:20 PM
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President Bush delivered the ceremonial first pitch at the season opener of the Washington Nationals. Photo by Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

by Mark Silva

More cheers than boos were heard at National Park tonight when President Bush tossed the first ceremonial pitch for the season opener of the Washington Nationals, playing host to the Braves, at the new home park of the Washington club.

After both the Braves and Nationals were introduced on the field and Denyce Graves sang the National Anthem, the two teams cleared the field. Nationals Manager Manny Acta, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and owner Ted Lerner came back on. Then Bush emerged from the Nationals' dugout to throw the first pitch.

He wore a red Nationals jacket and dark slacks.

“It seemed there were more cheers than boos, but not by much,’’ the pool reporter reported tonight. The president “walked quickly to the mound and almost immediately, with a high delivery, threw a high fastball that would have been a ball to anyone other than Yao Ming.

“Acta rose to catch it, manager and president quickly shook hands and Bush was waving to the crowd as he walked back into the dugout. The crowd reaction after the pitch was decidedly mixed.

“Bush, back in the dugout, gave the ball to team President Stan Kasten and went back up the tunnel. Bush smiled throughout, despite the boos. Bush was watching the start of the game from the owner’s box and would offer some ESPN commentary during the third inning.

With thanks to Jason Embry of the Austin American-Statesman, on pool duty with the president tonight at National Park.

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Are you at the game?

A tip of the hat to the DC people who booed Republican Prez Doofus tonight!!!

It was probably the first time in at least the last 3 1/2 years that this dope has had to go out and face an un-screened crowd.

The crowd probably had his soon-to-be exit, in mind! He sure will be missed!!

If Bush were the manager, Nats would go 0-162. But at least he got the war right (not!):

War, in short, should be the last resort in any country that aspires to be even remotely civilized, to be contemplated only when the crisis is truly existential, that is when the very existence of the society or civilization in question is at stake. The war in Iraq did not remotely meet this standard. It was a war of choice, not necessity. It wasn't even a preemptive war, undertaken in the face of an imminent threat. It was what students of international relations call a "preventive" war, undertaken to eliminate a potential threat that might (or might not) materialize somewhere down the road. It was a war of aggression, against an admittedly repulsive regime that did not remotely threaten the United States or even its neighbors.

The United States should never do such an immoral thing again. That's what we still haven't learned about the war in Iraq.

The rest of the Bush "scorecard."


Apparently you didn't actually see the game.

Why anyone would cheer that bastard is a mystery to me!

Ha!!!!! Americans aren't that stupid. They were yelling Buuuuuuuush!

Silly mainstream media trying to decieve us. Not this time smarty smart guys.

“It seemed there were more cheers than boos, but not by much,’’ the pool reporter reported tonight."

Then I guess all the microphones were situated next to the booing throngs.


I want to know Jason Embry's party affiliation and how much money he has donated to each campaign.

I also want to know the same about Jon Miller from ESPN.

I also want to know if they have any relatives that are in politics and what their political affiliations are.

I want a full congressional investigation into this sloppy piece of journalism.

Replays clearly show the boos outweighing the cheers.

W did not smile throughout as Embry claims. You can clearly see W angry and agitated about getting booed when he reaches the mound.

Jon Miller then talks about W being the best first-pitch president ever and how he throws all the way from the rubber, not from the front of the mound like most presidents. He then notes that W made his best first pitch since he was at Yankee Stadium just after 9/11!!!!

Mark, this level of sloppy journalism is unacceptable.

I demand an explanation and apology!

I want fair and balanced coverage of all stories in The Swamp, serious and fluff.

Bruce, myself and your readers deserve no less.

I saw it. I think there were more boos for the liar who hates average Americans. I'll bet most would say there were more boos. Why didn't Bush allow a widow(er) or an orphan from his lie of an invasion/occupation/civil war to throw the opening pitch? This liar should NEVER be commissioner of baseball--ever. He would change all the rules, and baseball would never be the same again--just like the USA.

I am not sure what game you were watching but I heard an overwhelming amount of boos.

Other news sources are reporting that President Bush got more boos than cheers. One thing is for sure, he didn't stand out there in the open field very long. Quick in and quick out...if only the Iraq war could be that simple...or maybe it was?!?!

To bad there wasn't a rotten tomato give away at the stadium in tonight...

The president just ignored the boos. He knows the retards know not what they do.

Are you joking? I was there, and there were way way more boos than cheers. You are seriously full of BS if you say otherwise.

Check out youtube- more boos than cheers. Bush visibly annoyed. Love it!


Huffington Post also has footage of booing--nice!

Mark--sure about the boos to cheers ratio? Sure channel 2 wasn't potted down and channel 1 wasn't boosted--the way the media did to 'screamin' howard dean?

After seeing the footage of this event, I can not agree that there were more cheers than boos.

Gee I wonder why, he was in Washington after all. Bring him to Chicago and see how he does. BOO!!!

"More cheers than boos"? Not the most neutral headline, considering the article describes the crowd reaction as "decidedly mixed."

Judge the booing for yourself, readers:


More cheers than boos? What game was that guy watching? We had it on ESPN, and that was a very hostile reception the President faced. Much like his approval ratings.

More cheers than boos, but just barely...

Well, there you go. He's NOT a completely incompetent, hypocritical, war-profiteering, torture-enabling war criminal. There were only 48 percent boos.

President Incompetent was booed last night. Shut up Bush butt boy!

They weren't booing, they were chanting 'Booooosh, Boooooooosh.'

Ahhh, more "grown up" talk from the most worthless creatures on Earth: the Loons from the Left.

Sorry, Loons, but the cheers did in fact outweigh the boos. Not by much, but there were more cheers.

Oh, and Bubba, Jon Miller is an avowed liberal Democrat.

It's also "funny" that Mark Silva would allow a poster to call Bush a "bastard," yet any criticism (and no name calling) of his friend-for-life William Neikirk gets censored. So much for the First Amendment and nonbiased coverage, huh?

Has to make you wonder if any other presidents in the past would be booed this way. I think it say a lot about the disaster he has created for himself and this country.

I was at the game and the boos outweighed the cheers by about 4:1. I would describe the booing as "lusty" and "hearty."

The crowd did cheer AFTER he threw the pitch to commemorate the opening of our hugely expensive socialist-funded baseball stadium.


In some sections of the country there was cheering when JFK was killed. Sad, but true. (Robert, too)

"Ahhh, more "grown up" talk from the most worthless creatures on Earth: the Loons from the Left."

"Hello, Mr. Kettle? This is Mr. Pot calling. Your posts just dont have much creative zing anymore, I love your use of adult language though.."

Yours in Hussein-ness,
Mr. Pot


It's official, Dense Johnny D doesn't do satire. I guess that's why our "most worthless" journalist? is married to the trade mags.

Is Mark Silva a sportswriter? If so, 'nuff said. If new's a "news" reporter, he might consider another line of work.
Miller and Morgan were embarrassing in their comments. I don't know why ESPN agreed to have Bush speak with them. Let him toss the pitch and that's it.

This article by Silva is just more proof that newspapers are dying for all the right reasons -- people won't pay for rumors, gossip & lies anymore. Weasel words like "seemed" don't work anymore when video/audio is available thru YouTube.

Anyone who boos this great man is not paying attention...first president to take the OFFENSE against Islamofascism!

Silva, you're a joke.

I was at the game, i've watched the video, and the writer's comments - "more cheers than jeers" is about as accurate as possible.

Frankly, i was surprised that there weren't more boos for the president. there are a lot of classless people who don't understand the rigors and pressures that this president has faced.

And the end of the day - he has worked to keep us safe.

I thank him and our brave soldiers.

And i also thank Ryan Zimmerman for hitting a home run.

I guess Mark Silva is looking for a job on Fox News!

Was the pool reporter at the pool at the time?

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