'3 a.m. call' Clinton-ad actress gets rude awakening: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted March 10, 2008 8:20 AM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva and updated with Today

Imagine the surprise of Casey Knowles, soon to be 18 and a supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, seeing herself as a child of eight opening a campaign TV ad for Sen. Hillary Clinton.


"What I don't like about the ad is its fear-mongering," Knowles said of the so-called "3 a.m. phone-call'' ad that the Clinton campaign aired in Texas. She said so on ABC's Good Morning America Weekend Edition on Sunday. "I think it's a cheap hit to take. I really prefer Obama's message of looking forward to a bright future."

Knowles, "a fervent Obama supporter," also appeared on NBC's Today show this morning. "When I was younger, my parents got us involved in doing little acting jobs,'' she said of "this fear-mongering message... We never knew where it would end up.''

The Clinton campaign ad-opening image of Knowles asleep in bed -- with a narrator explaining, "It's 3 am and your children are safely asleep'' and an emergency call is coming into the White House -- came from file footage originally shot for a railroad company's advertising. The Clinton camp's ad-makers purchased the scene from Getty Images.

"I really admire Sen. Clinton,'' Knowles told Matt Lauer on Today, "but I don't think this ad was the most classy move on her part. I think it was kind of a low-brow sort of move.''

Knowles hadn't seen the Clinton ad until Comedy Central's Jon Stewart lampooned it Thursday on The Daily Show. Her brother spotted her, and the family replayed the commercial on their digital recorder to be sure.

""They were parodying this ad, kind of poking fun at it," Knowles told ABC. "My brother was like, 'Is that Casey?' And we just erupted. Sure enough, it's me."

Knowles, a senior at Bonney Lake High School in Washington who turns 18 next month, has been campaigning for Obama. She attended a rally for the senator at Seattle's KeyArena on Feb. 8. She served as a Democratic precinct captain for the state's caucuses.

The Obama camp already has been in touch with her.

"I mentioned that we should make a counter ad, me and Obama, against Hillary," she said on Good Morning America. "They thought that was really funny. They actually might take me up on it."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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but, but, but... i thought only the Obama Campaign was making the big mistakes...

Isn't it interesting that Clinton has to rely on Obama supporters to turn her fortune around? In addition to Knowles there was the woman who got Clinton cry in New Hampshire. She also decided to vote for Obama after talking to Clinton.

Obama '08

Of course Hill has experience taking the 3 AM call; but it was usually Bill saying he was working late in the office.

I think this girl is an opportunist. Why else would she sell ads of herself?! The attention this whole thing is getting is absurd. Isn't there something more important than mass used Broll? Like whats going on in Iraq or how many homes are in foreclosure. I was knocking on doors this weekend in the IL 14th Congressional district and there was at least 1 home every two blocks in foreclosure... I think we can find more important things to address then some SILLY commercial.

I doubt if Hillary would even get up at 3 a.m.

I don't see why this piece is even in the news. The family was paid for the daughter's image which was user in a previous ad. The picture was sold bt Getty. This young woman is way off base as is the media.

It would be so humorous for this to bite the Clinton Campaign in the posterior. The recent behavior of the Clinton camp, launching attacks on the Obama Campaign and then crying "Ken Starr" when the Obama Campaign tries to retaliate, is just over the top, and deserves to be slapped down. Let's see Senator Clinton eat her words for a change.

Rob H.

I've said for years that I "have no faith" in the electorate, mostly because too many people can never seem to tell me why they're voting for someone. But often, I feel the same way because how can the electorate possibly vote their conscience when it's never made aware of so many back-room dealings which make up the perception of a candidate much like Hollywood does? It's this kind of fakery by the Hillary "campaign" that furthers my thinking, and scares me to death for life in these United States for my 2 1/2 year old......

A sound bite in politics, can be most useful. This is especially true when the President of 300 milion people does need to be awoken at 3 am. However the sad facts of Hillary Clinton are that even if she awakes at 3 am to answer the phone, she does not even know what is happeneing in her backyard at 3 pm in the afternoon. For example the city of New York is charging the Federal govt 13 billion dollars for a subway on Second Avenue that should really cost 2 point 2 billion dollars. And there are many other examples of how she does not care where the Federal dollars go that the tax payers of the United States pay

Anybody out there in that commercial that supports Hillary please step forward.

I guess that she didn't mind the money that Clinton gave her for doing the add.

I have never voted for a Republican for President; but, if Hillary gets the nomination, then I will be voting for McCain. We've already had a disastrous Bush dynasty. We don't need a Clinton one.

After the tactics used by the Clintons to take March 4th, I was dubious of the idea that their vitriol and 'know no shame' actions would come back to hurt them far worse than they hurt Barack.

I used to respect Mr Clinton greatly. Now, I simply wonder when he's going to call McCain and ask him if he'd like to share the VP with him. "Hillary & McCain: What's The Difference?"

Barack Obama is not only above using fearful sleeping children to lie about what qualities are needed in the face of crisis. He is also able to inspire them as they grow old enough to see through such tricks and glimpse a different future, even in a world that faces what we face. I'm glad they're in touch with her.

Barack Obama is not only above tactics like throwing your own party's alternate to the wolves, claiming that the opposition's own default candidate would be preferable. He is also setting the example by standing above it and letting the Clintons pen their own doom.

Barack Obama is not only wise enough to state clearly that he is -not- running for a VP slot next to the person who's coming up second by slicing at his heels. He is also able to shake off the despair that can come when such tactics have become the norm, and keep right on working to bring us all to where he knows America belongs again.

A presence in the world that inspires the best qualities in humanity, with a President who leads the way by example.

Barack sets a high bar. We're trying to live up to it.

Barack Obama, 2008.

This article doesn't speak to why miss Knowles appeared in the Clinton ad. Was she duped? Did she volunteer? Or was this just a job for an aspiring new actress?

Casey? Hey Casey It's Bill! Bill Clinton! Look, I know it's a little early but when I call after 6:00 am, your Dad answers and I have to hang up.
Listen, this whole thing about the commercial-it was all Hil's and that Penn guy who thought this up. Who woulda known it was you.
I think the best way I can explain this is if I swing over in one of my buddies G-5 and you and me fly on down to Negril and you know-work it out.
No, you only have to LOOK 18! Hil and I have this great guy who can make up any I. D. that says you are 21!
Wait Casey! Don't get your Dad! I'm not a creep! I used to be the Prez! I'm cool with young chicks! Look what I did to oops I mean for Monica!

Postive vs. Negative campaigning...... it show a lot about what politics are about today. Bush used it, and now Hillary turned to it as well. Hats off to Obama for keeping a positive campaign!

They should definitely run a counter ad using this girl. This makes we wonder another thing.... Why can't Hillary afford any updated material?

Typical of the Clinton campaign to be irresponsible. You don't buy stock footage because you never know what the person you are using has done. This one just happens to be an Obama supporter. What about the rest of them? We don't know what careers they may have chosen. It really does't cost that much to hire 3 or 4 kids to shoot a commercial. Again we have to talk about judgement, Clinton and company just don't have any.

Awww Hilary. Here's proof she's stuck in the past, the file footage was like 15 years old! The fear mongering is older than that, though. This particular brand dates back to Lindon Johnson's "Daisy" ad.

This is wonderful!!! The future of America is in good hands. Young America, I applaud you.

Exactly the kind of response that is needed to deflate Clinton tactics.

From "Head of State"

"Saturday, March 08, 2008
How Obama Can Win and Win Strong

I am aware of the delegate math.

I know that, unless the Clinton team runs roughshod with regard to superdelegates, the numbers are unassailable.

However, for Obama to not only win, but to win strong, and thus to be in the best position for the general, he must step outside of the box created when Clinton tactics were applied to his own admirable stance.

By declaring himself the candidate of the new politics, putting the politics of Rove et al. aside for a politics of honesty, straight-forward decency, and strength, he has putatively left the field open for Clinton et al. to lob innuendo after innuendo. If he responds, he is in violation of his commitment to the new; if he continues with his current path of non-response, he will be taken down by a series of attacks, that however false or fantastic, will eventually raises doubts in the mind of the electorate as to the validity of his new politics, and will, in the great viscera of the electorate, so responsive and so easily changed, appear "weak."

If he attacks, it is said, he betrays himself; if he continues on the same path, he is whittled down by rumor and insinuation.

Clinton's current strength is her ability to attack, however true the nature and content of the attacks. Obama must turn this very behavior into its own negative. To do so, Obama must relentlessly name what she is doing and anchor it--calling for an "end to the era of 'kitchen sink' politics, i.e.:

"It's about time that we left the era of "kitchen sink" politics, of distortion and insinuation, behind us. We have all seen it before this--a period where it was often difficult to tell falsehood, rumor, and misinformation from truth. It was this type of politics that contributed to a war in which we have lost the best of our national treasure, our nation's men and women. It is this type of politics that our opponents not so long ago decried. And it is this type of politics that, more than anything else, signals weakness--the inability to base one's statements and actions on the firm ground of truth, on our collective and honest dedication to the construction of a new and positive future--and instead, on a retreat into the politics of personal destruction.

It's time to take out the dirty dishes; It's time to empty the kitchen sink. After an era where it was often difficult to distinguish fantasy from truth, it's time to put that era behind us, to base our future efforts on a strong and honest desire to build a new and better future."

What Obama can create is his own "There you go again" moment--one that will both define Clinton (after all, someone has to do it), and place the Clinton camp in their very own box, of their own making: A box where any attack will immediately be associated in the voter's mind, and will be accompanied by a roll of the voter's eyes, as another example of Clinton's "kitchen sink" politics--of the chaotic, inconsistent, contradictory and frantic willingness to say or do anything to be elected, be it the changing of one's personality, tone, degree of honesty--or one's degree of tolerance or gusto for the politics of personal destruction.

Without a single attack, this demonstrates the nature of the Clinton camp: in a moment of crisis, and in danger of loss, rather than respond with strength, principle and authority, they throw the "kitchen sink" at the issue, abandoning principles and frantically strewing innuendo as they do so.

With powerful moral force, it names exactly what the Clinton camp is doing, and anchors it both to the politics of the past Administration, and to the very political tactics that Clinton herself has denounced and disavowed. It provides direct evidence--thus far, the only direct evidence--of how a Clinton Administration would likely govern in times of chaos, crisis, and other "3 a.m. moments" (thus disempowering her already shaky claims to superior foreign policy judgment): With a "kitchen sink" approach of tumultuous, changing, disorganized and contradictory attack, rather than with consistent purpose and moral authority.

Obama must persistently name what the Clinton camp is doing rather than complain, and he must then link it to the very essence of an old politics that has been lived through by all of us, and denigrated by most, over the past 8 years.

Thus named, and thus defined, Obama can then invite Clinton up to the higher ground--to a debate based on policy and principle--or she can choose to stay in the box that she and her camp have created.

Head of State

So she didn't know what she was filming before it went on air?

Looks like someone is trying to grab her 15 mins.

How did they get video of her sleeping in the first place?


Reject the politics of Fear & Loathing!!!

Support Senator Barack Obama's vision of the future, and take proudly take our nation into the 21st century.

Wow! Does she realize what she did to her acting career? She'll never work in Jack Nicholson's Hollywood.

This story is pointless. Who cares what an 18 year old thinks about politics anyway? She probably only likes Obama because he promises 'change' but never saws what that drastic change will be. Oh wait, that is why everyone likes him, nevermind. Sheep.

That's what happens whey you buy stock footage instead of creating from scratch.

Hillary has done her best to throw the election to McCain. I wonder if some of her "advisors" (read that "Mark Penn") are really Republican moles.

Hillary because she's loosing wants to cheat and change the game by including Florida and Michigan. She doesn't want a revote or a caucus in Michigan, knows the truth. Florida and Michigan only became a concern when she realized she was loosing with no hope of changing the will of the people. I wonder if things were revered and Obama was behind would we be considering Florida and Michigan? Just wants everything her way for her own selfish agenda, even if it will destroy the Democratic party. She has turned to fear tactics and tries to destroy hope with the voters. She is a cold vindictive women with few morals that will do ANYTHING to win. I think it would be good for the country to have someone in the White House with good morals, nice family with young kids.

See what her own husband says about those who try to place fear and remove hope from the voters.


After watching the 3:00 A.M. ad, my first thought was that if it were Hillary who answered the phone would she then nudge Bill and say "Bill, it's for you!"

What a dufus. Didn't she know what she was doing in the ad.? Yes, Obama is going to lead us to the promised land, and we'll all be back to 40 acres and a mule,

Too funny....Casey, you ROCK! You got it right, the American public needs to realize "fear and smear" when they see it. Our current administration used these same tactics and look where that got us!

Fear mongering is an effective tool and I admit I was fooled by the use of it.

This time around I won't be fooled by fear mongering like I was in the past.

There was not much she did apart from accompanying Bill [Clinton] going around in the foreign countries. Her recent statements about being deeply involved were merely "the sort of thing people put in their canvassing leaflets" during elections. She visited when things were happening, saw what was going on, she can certainly say it was part of her experience. Being a CHEERLEADER for something is slightly different from being a principal player...Obama's a joke if he says that he can make those decisions. The Middle East can't wait to get him in office so they can manipulate the poor sucker.

WOW! I'm shocked! Next you're going to report that most liberal "look at me I'm wonderful" colleg professors are voting for Obama too! Shocking! People who actually work for a living and have real bread and butter issues to worry about are voting for Hillary.

Fear mongering is a desperate attempt by Hillary for votes. Just because she's lived in the White House she can't say she's a better candidate than Obama. Wasn't it Bill's job to answer 3:00 a.m phone calls? Didn't we the people elect Bill president - not Hillary? Who was running the country - Bill or Hillary. I've often wondered who told our military to bomb an aspirin factory. No President is ready for bad news -- not Hillary, Obama or Bush, nor any member of Congress.

The difference between Clinton and Obama for me is that I won't vote for Clinton regardless who her
opponent would be. I don't believe shouting and yelling will get things done. Experience has to be relevent for the job, otherwise seniors like me would have more experience than many others. When you are at my age, you would prefer to be young and energetic rather than experienced.

Casey Knowles is typical of the inexperienced young people that are hoping to decide what is right for this country. Just one year ago, these same civic minded children couldn't have cared less about politics. Shame on the press for promoting this non story

The difference between Clinton and Obama for me is that I won't vote for Clinton regardless who her
opponent would be. I don't believe shouting and yelling will get things done. Experience has to be relevent for the job, otherwise seniors like me would have more experience than many others. When you are at my age, you would prefer to be young and energetic rather than experienced.

This young lady, and most likely many of the new voters backing Obama, will have a rude awakening when they see the world as it really is. She prefers the Obama message of a bright and happy future if he is allowed the White House, but lip service of this kind will not make it so and all of those wishing for this to be need to open their eyes and really seriouly consider what, or whom, can get our country back on track and back to a respected level in the rest of the world.

I am a lifelong Democrat who has only ever voted for a Republican once in my life: Governor Ogilvie after he started the income tax. Although I'm pretty sure I would be unable to vote for Sen. McCain, I don't really want to vote for Mrs. Clinton either. I like her less and less each day, and to hear her unctuously, coyly hinting that she and Obama might be the Democratic ticket just about turns my stomach. No more Clintons in the White House! If she winds up as the Democratic nominee, I will effectively be disenfranchised.

I thought that re-runs only come from Hollywood, but now it seems that re-runs is what the Clinton campaign is all about. It's time to elect somebody else new. This country deserves a fresh, new script, not some old junk from Billary.

For those of you who wonder why this is making the news it's because of the irony of the situation. That the little girl in the ad would grow up to oppose the very premise of the Clinton ad is newsworthy. And for her to speak out in support of Obama and to correctly bring attention to the fearmongering by the Clintons is significant.

Another naive Obama supporter trying desperately to deflect attention from the fact that St. Barack IS totally unqualified to be president. How sad that his lack of experience leaves his supporters nothing to do but whine about so-called "fear mongering".

I just wish I could call Hillary and find out what her tax return looks like.

How can anyone vote for someone to take over the highest office in the country that will not divulge her tax return. What else is she hiding?

anyone who votes for her is a fool.

Change, Change, Change.!! Is all I want. I don't care. I want Change and I want it now. Just like my fast food restaurants and malls. We have the right to change things now. If only we could change our parents - our lives so we can get what we want. Don't talk to us about responsibility, policy, politics. They don't exist in La La land of change. Where it is perfect all the time and every one is happy all the time because we can change things anytime.
We are the teenage Obama nation. And this is the kind of change we can believe in...not the real which su..s.

I just wish I could call Hillary and find out what her tax return looks like.

How can anyone vote for someone to take over the highest office in the country that will not divulge her tax return. What else is she hiding?

anyone who votes for her is a fool.

What is wrong with believing in a better future? All you people putting down the idea of a better and fresher approach to poltics are just like the pliticians we have in power now. They are only interested in WIIFM (what's in it for me.)On the ad, this was filmed years ago for a different message so this girl had no idea it would be used for a political campaign. I think its ironic that she is an Obama supporter but should not be a story!

In real business, do you get ahead by calling people names or do you lose respect for that? Why should olitics be any different. It's about time someone refused to stoop to the level of politics as usual and maintained their professionalism. I hope Obama wins - it IS time for a change.

Are you people idiots? Can you not read? Do you not unsderstand what file footage is? This girl was 8 when the footage was originally shot for a railroad company's advertising campaign. The Clinton camp's ad-makers simply purchased the scene from Getty Images.

Whoopsiedoo; OK, hands off kid's gloves. Buba and his wife are saying it's not only winning but by any means neccessary. Hey Barak it's high time we watched Monica Lewinsky's and Ben Foster's ads. Tales of two married couples.

To be clear - the Clinton campaign bought old stock footage from Getty images in which the girl appeared years ago.
She was paid (or volunteered) back then and Getty owns the footage.
It's just coincidence that the woman who has been working for Obama finds herself in a much-talked about Clinton ad.
That's it!
No, she wasn't duped. No, she wasn't paid by the Clinton campaign.
They paid Getty.
Not much to it but a funny coincidence.

All you idiots out (James D. Feely, Mike, D. Jacob) there wondering how she could do the commerical:


Also, TINA - I doubt if she got any money for doing the ad for Hillary.

Bud, Randall - at least the young people are getting involved in politics - how many younger voters will McCain bring out? Remember - you were young voters once too.


I've only voted for a Republican once - that was Jim Thompson.

What happened to moderate Republicans like that?

The footage for the Clinton ad was taken around ten years ago for a Railroad commercial. It was stock footage that the Clinton camp purchased and used in a smear attack against Obama's credentials. Thus it is only right for the young lady to come forward and defend her point of view.

The sad truth is Senator Clinton failed to inspire the youth of America. She has turned her back on them and said "No you can't." Now that the youth are showing their power... she and her followers are deriding their intelligence, their education, and their resolve.

These are Carl Rove tactics that the Republicans will use. For Senator Clinton to utilize them is absolutely shameful. For her to attack Senator Obama and then cry "Ken Starr!" when he threatens to air her dirty laundry is two-faced and truly pathetic. The women of America deserve BETTER than Senator Clinton to represent them. And there are far better women in politics than Senator Clinton to do that representing.

As for claims that 18-year-olds aren't old enough to vote or have the intelligence and maturity to vote... then obviously they shouldn't have to fight our wars as well. I say this as a 38 year old white male with a Bachelors degree and having taken graduate courses, so I'm not some uneducated boor as I'm sure some of you would assert.

Let's take back America from the Carl Rovian tactics of the Shrub Presidency and of Senator Clinton. Let's embrace hope and inspire a new generation of politicians to come forward, politicians who do not owe their station to PACs and lobbyists, and who enact true change and reform in our government.

Rob H.

Many of your readers have decided to comment on this piece before actually reading it.
The article states specifically this was stock footage made for a railroad company almost ten years ago and was purchased from an archive company by the Clinton campaign.
I'm glad this young lady will be old enough to vote in November.

Some of you people are so ignorant! How many of you wrote something to the fact that she did the ad for Clinton? I think you need to go back to school because you can't read. She did the taping for the Railroad. She was paid once as you loose all rights to the tape once you get paid for it. The owner of the tape sold it to Clinton. That's only one group of idiots replying here.

"This story is pointless. Who cares what an 18 year old thinks about politics anyway? She probably only likes Obama because he promises 'change' but never saws what that drastic change will be. Oh wait, that is why everyone likes him, nevermind. Sheep. - Tim"


Clintons or Bushs, that's all we need. Baahhh...baahhh

Chelsea in 2016 - she lived in the white house, so she's experienced and vetted....baaahhhh

Who's the sheep Timmy?

"This story is pointless. Who cares what an 18 year old thinks about politics anyway? She probably only likes Obama because he promises 'change' but never saws what that drastic change will be. Oh wait, that is why everyone likes him, nevermind. Sheep. - Tim"


Clintons or Bushs, that's all we need. Baahhh...baahhh

Chelsea in 2016 - she lived in the white house, so she's experienced and vetted....baaahhhh

Who's the sheep Timmy?

I've noticed many people asking if she didnt know she was being filmed, or what the video was for. This commercial was made YEARS ago, not for the purpose of this TV AD. The footage was purchased from Getty (the owner of the video) and used for this TV AD.
The girl isnt trying to sue (she cant, afterall..Getty owns all the rights to the footage), she simply came out and shared her opinion. Two mins of fame? Sure, maybe, but she has every right to share her opinion... This pales in comparison to the crap Clinton has thrown with her Kitchen Sink tactics...so let us not get our panties in a wad.

This is the outcome of a two year campaign that has evolved into a billion dollar reality TV "event." Obama and Clinton are sound bite warriors heading for a pathetic conclusion that history will look back on as the presidential election cycle that the Democrats could not possibly lose but did.

Hopefully this will be the tipping point for deconstructing the broken two party system into a 21st century democratic model that gives decision-making power back to the voters and campaign finance reform comes into being.

Tina Asks:

I guess that she didn't mind the money that Clinton gave her for doing the add.

D Jacobs and several others say the same thing.

Here is your answer. This footage was filmed 8 years ago. When Mrs. Knowles was a child she did extra work at a local studio. The footage of a young female blond child (you notice how young she is in the ad?) was purchased by Getty's. She has no control over who they sell the footage to.

For those asking about whether the girl was "duped", etc... She is almost 18 now. She filmed the scene when she was 8. It was filmed 10 years ago. So, this was either a generic scene filmed just to archive and sell to those who could find it to be useful, or was filmed for some other commercial and then was re-used, 10 years later, by Clinton.

So, for those saying that Clinton gave her money are ignoring the 10-year-gap in her age from the time this was filmed to now. Getty Images is an organization that keeps and archives (and maintains the rights to) tons of generic photography and film. Those who are looking for certain types of scenes (two men in business suits shaking hands, etc) can just browse their collection and pay for what they want.

So, since she was 8 at the time, it was likely her parents who signed her up for the deal and got some money out of it. She wasn't necessarily an "aspiring new actress." And the reason she had no idea it would be used by the Clinton campaign is because it has been on the market for 10 years.

For those of you attacking the girl: the advertisement was made when she was 8 years old! What is that 2nd grade or 3rd grade elementary school. Read the article people!

Hmm, she is offended by the ad? Guess she wasn't offended by her parents whoring her out for an image bank that was paid for the stock footage was she? I could care less what she thinks as I could care less about anything the Obamatons think or say. What hope does he offer? What change is he offering? Answer those questions, please! He's a politician and all are of the same ilk. Do you think the GOP is going to jump in line because he'll ask pretty please? You are such SHEEP!!!!!

Jack is right ... If you RTFA, you'll notice that Clinton purchased the footage from a stock photo house: "The Clinton camp's ad-makers purchased the scene from Getty Images."

It was not shot specifically for the campaign and more than likely, the model signed away her rights with a release. I doubt she was paid for her appearance.

She didn't do that scene for Cliton, she did it for a publicity agency, Getty Images bought the rights to sell it on their website to other publicity agencies and then the Clinton people bought the clip online to use it on their commercial.

It's like when you are doing a presentation in PowerPoint, you choose the images/drawings/videos you want to use to explain your point even when those clips were not made for that exact reason.

So don't say she got duped, or she got paid for Clinton and now says she's an Obama supporter because she actually had nothing to do with Clinton's campaing

Just to piggy back on the statements of others any media outlet can buy stock footage for commercials various stories and such. I used to work for a small outfit and we could pay for stock and there is select stock out there free of charge - like public domain stock. She was not paid as it is so old the fee is paid to the company who owns it now. So she has the right to come out and say it was her and she does not support whoever used it. She can't change it but I commend her - it is her right.

This attention to this ad and the young actress is "Much Ado About Nothing".

Re: '3 a.m. call' Clinton-ad actress gets rude awakening
by Mark Silva

This is one of the silliest "news" stories I've ever read. And, nobody cares who this girl supports. She sold this picture and now thinks she can say how it's used. That is even more silly. If she can't face having her picture used as she agreed when she sold it, she should get out of the business.

The "ONLY" 3 am call that Hillary was aware of while Bill was in the White House was when Monica called asking to see if he was available to come to the oval office. Then she rolled over with a smile on her face knowing she would have to do nothing again.
What a waste of time and energy that she is undertaking. If she dioes win to become the nominee, I will turn Republican in the wink of an eye. I suspect that there will be an avalanche of others that do so also.

It seems a lot of people need to reread the article. The girl was filmed for a railroad when she was young. The footage was SOLD. Get with it!

The beauty about Barack is the resonance of his message with young people. He has grasped the realities of the modern world, which is clear and obvious for anyone under 40. While Hillary is busy fighting the ideological battles of 68/69 over and over again, he understands the new pragmatism, the psychological and sociological consequences of globalization, and the longing of todays youth for unity - a believe the babyboomers have abandoned and have upset their children with.

Don't you people read! The girl did an ad 15 yrs ago. Hillary bought it from BT Getty. She got nothing and was not notified that her baby picture was being used.

for all u yahoos who are bashing this girl for doing a clinton add, I want u to remember reading is a skill!! she was 8y/o when she did the commercial FOR A RAILROAD AD and Hillary bought the footage from the previous owners so she could create a campaign of fear. She's no better than BUSH.

It's easy to mouth platitudes about change, but check Obama's voting record. McCain is more bipartisan than Obama. Check Obama's website, no specfics just vague promises of change. Both Clinton and Obama are standard machine politicians. For the first time I'm voting Republican.

This is a non story. The kid was paid for the original performance and the Clinton campaign paid for the right to use the stock footage. All this story does is detract from the real issues at stake in this campaign--the US's fractured role in the world, the declining economy, and the ever expanding gap between the rich and the poor to name just a few. I truly hope the Obama campaign does not use this tabloid-worthy coincidence to attempt to win votes. They have done a good job to date of remaining above this type of political rhetoric. Obama's appeal is that he is not like the other candidates--furthering this ridiculous story would only serve to discredit that notion.

Tommy says "Who cares what an 18 year old thinks about politics anyway?"

Last time I checked, 18 year olds can VOTE, and in an election, voters have proven to be an important part of the process.

Tommy also says "She probably only likes Obama because he promises 'change' but never saws what that drastic change will be. Oh wait, that is why everyone likes him, nevermind. Sheep."

As a Republican cross-over Obama supporter and donor, I can only say 'Baaa rack Obama 08'. I'm happy to be an intelligent urban sheep. Hillary's supporters don't recognize themselves for what they are - elderly/non-college educated sheep - and do not realize they are the ones who are being fooled - but then, ignorance is bliss!

Obama 08

Jack - Thanks for setting some of these people straight. It's a scary thought to think that some of these people here are actually going to vote in November (presuming they can find their way to the polling place), and worse, most of these people would call themselves "informed" voters when they can't even get the story right when it's right in front of their face.

And of course this is another example of the corporate media making a story where NONE exists. The girl brushed it off with a laugh, far more mature than most of these people involved in politics and the media.

Congratulations, AP (and the other disingenuous corporate media outlets); maybe if you'd reported the financial impact of the most irresponsible tax cuts in American history, or the lies that led us into an expensive war with no end in sight as you do these nonsense, irrelevant stories, you might have actually served a real function. Nah, instead you try to mask your complete ineptitude as true journalists by fabricating an issue out of fluff nonsense like this.

Up next: another propaganda piece to condition the public to simply accept $4 gasoline this summer!

I agree with Mike "So she didn't know what she was filming before it went on air?

Looks like someone is trying to grab her 15 mins."

The ad was purchased, which means the girl was paid for posing for the ad and there is nothing in that footage that claims the young girl is a Clinton supporter. Again,another person trying to get the "spotlight"

THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!! How far we have fallen when serious journalism is replaced by this (similar to Paris Hilton being sent back to jail considered as "breaking news" that monopolized all of the "serious" news channels with their live coverage). Why don't they put this much energy into discussing how we will clean up the mess Bush is leaving instead of fighting amongst ourselves and stooping to this. Shameful!

Mac McComas - - Stupid comment!

Jason, Obama doesn't have to resort to negative campaigning, he has his people do it and then feins fake shock. How many times has that happened recently. Maybe the dumb people that are for Obama will catch on eventually, but I doubt it

I realize it would be a radical departure to actually look at facts in these discussions but let's compare experience:

* Hillary has 8 years in elected office. Obama has 12 years.

* Hillary is on the Armed Forces Committee. Obama is on Foreign Relations.

* Hillary practiced patent law for 20 years. Obama taught constitutional law for 11 years.

What about Hillary's 8 years as First Lady? She led the effort to reform health care for 2 years. For the other 6 years she was an adviser with no decision making responsibility.

Objectively Obama and Hillary have roughly the same level of experience (and roughly the same level of experience as Reagan, Carter, and Bush 2).

But Hillary SEEMS a lot more experienced because we've seen her on TV for nearly 20 years.

This comment board is frighteningly indicative of the state of the education of our country.

The ad showed an 8-year old girl. That is said plainly in the story.

The girl now coming forward is almost 18. She's helped the Obama campaign in her home state.

What makes you think "she did the ad for Clinton"? It was STOCK FOOTAGE.


For those of you in this thread that are disparaging young voters... you were 18 once. You were a first-time voter once. Would you like to have heard someone tell you that you're too immature or naive to vote?

Are you going to tell that same 18 year old that it's okay to go and die for this country, but they don't get a say in what they are dying for? It's bad enough we send them off to die but we don't allow them to drink for another 3 years.

The REAL issue right now is not a bad decision about using stock footage for an ad that just happens to have someone supporting the other campaign. The REAL issue right now is this:

Hillary is crying foul about Michigan and Florida, even though she herself said last year that "they shouldn't count; they broke the rules". Now that she's trailing, she wants it to count.

What about the fact that Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan? If they don't do a re-vote and award Michigan's delegates to Hillary... how fair an election is that? We've all been complaining for the last 8 years that Bush stole both of his elections...

Are we now going to just sit by while Hillary tries to steal one? Or is it okay this time because you're a Democrat?

Of course, this is exactly why I'm registered "non-affiliated". I don't want to be a part of partisan politics.

The William Clinton Presidency - Fool Me Once, Shame on You.

The Hillary Clinton Presidency - Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.

5 U.S. soldiers were killed in Baghdad by a suicide bomber today.

Thank you Buddy et al. It's obvious numerous commenters didn't bother to read the article properly before letting rip.

a cant believe what im seeing....all news channels and political strategist are all acting like hillary got one up on barak because she has resorted to fear mongering and distasteful politics...i always thought it was harder to be nice, especially when your being attacked!

No matter which candidate you support, you have to admit that this IS kind of funny! Oh, the things they could do with this on SNL! I can't wait! LOL!

Come on people, lighten up. It's hilarious!

Am I missing something? How do you act in a commercial and know it is for Hillary Clinton? And if you are such a strong supporter of one candidate and you aren't told who the candidate is you're acting for, wouldn't you demand to know?

Tina & Nick, you are berating the girl in the ad as if she were paid by the Clinton campaign. Did you not read the story? It's footage from an unreltaed ad from 10 YEARS ago , sold as stock footage by the Getty agency. She is now almost 18 and a Obama supporter. Since the add was so controversial, it's likely the media sought her out and she commented, correctly, that it was a fear mongering ad and she is not happy to be associated with it. It's her right to say so, just as it's your right to get the story completely wrong.
Try again, clintonians.

Well, I went to a different news agency that actually provided some CONTEXT for this story, where I learned that stock footage was used that was filmed years ago. The Swamp has presented this story in a confusing fashion and without context explaining the situation.

From all the responders who didn't read the article, it sounds like what Hillary really needs is a literacy campaign for her supporters.

Agree with "Elvis Lives":

5 u.s. solders were killed in Baghdad today and a bunch of moronic Dems are arguing about the usage of stuck film in a commercial.

And what about the photographer that filmed the footage. Maybe we should get his take on the elections. Oh, and her banker who cashed the check from the commercial. And maybe the person who made the bed that she's lying on.

This stuff may be news, but it isn't 'news-worthy'. The fact that so many of you are arguing about what this 17-year-old thinks is EXACTLY why the Dems will lose. You have no real content to discuss.

Get a life. And say a little prayer for the families of those soldiers who died serving their country in hopes of protecting the freedom that allows a bunch of idiots to argue about the national significance of the opinion of a high-school student.

Tommy and others:
Try reading the posting again. You didnt have to go anywhere for your "context." It was stated right here. File footage, made for an earlier commercial.

Poor Casey! Her parents pimped her image for $$$ and 10 years later she is dissatisfied it is being used for a Clinton TV ad. Her parents ought to have protected her a little more. She is lucky her image isn't distributed on a web site for pedophiles! She sounds very opportunistic to me, perhaps she is wrangling for a paid position on Obama's staff or her "15 min of fame". But mark my prediction, the big media winner of the 2008 presidential campaign will be Mike Huckabee, he hammed it up so much for the cameras wrangling for his own TV show.

TINA, D Jacob, Mike, Tyler Wilkenson, James D Feeley, and the others who can't read-

Are you people all MORONS? Did you even read the entire article? If you did, you have severe comprehension problems and should refrain in future from commenting on public forums.

The footage was shot when she was 8 years old and (quoting the ARTICLE) "came from file footage originally shot for a railroad company's advertising".

The Clinton campaign bought the stock footage to use in the ad. The girl did not know her image was being used for a political ad. She is now almost 18. The footage was shot ten years ago. Everyone who read your ignorant posts is dumber from having done so. Please go pound your heads against a wall and try to get the wires in your brains to fuse together in such a way that you might produce a fully functioning brain. You are all the very reasons why the world we live in is so messed up. Please do us all a favor and jump into the tiger cage at your local zoo wearing meat pants.

You are all proof that the less intelligent a person is, the more intelligent the person thinks he/she is. See the following study:

'Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments',
by Justin Kruger and David Dunning, Cornell University

Since she was only 8, who gives a flip which candidate she now prefers and why is it important? Demo hypocrites are fighting a race gender war from which they will never recover.

The "news" part of this story is that the Clinton ad is such a George Bush "moment". Scary moments may have gotten him re-elected, but I don't think it helped people make intelligent choices. But then she has had George Bush moments before - see voting for the war in Iraq. Very disappointing. The advantage of having a woman be president, to me, would be not having just another one of the guys running things. Clinton is just another one of the boys!

Thw mouth breathing oxygen wasting Hillary drones are out in force on this one!
Can't wait to read their whining self righteous drivel after the Obama/ Casey ad debuts.

It alarms me how many people posting here, (apparently including a few Hillary supporters), would fail a simple reading comprehension test.

Some other nice posters have helped you understand the process of obtaining the footage and making the ad.

It would make me feel better if you would master simple reading comprehension (or at least slow down to get the true message in any given piece of political writing) before going out to vote.

When you agree to shoot stock footage for $300, your image, by contract, is Getty's to use/sell/whatever. I know because I used to act in commercials. This Casey needs to shut up and stop whining -- you got paid for your time, now deal with it.

ps: Go Hillary!

We need a woman in the white house -- not some inexperienced, vote-skipping egomaniac.

Um, hello, STOCK FOOTAGE! I agree with the previous poster who called everyone who didn't read the article morons.

D. Jacob asked: "This article doesn't speak to why miss Knowles appeared in the Clinton ad. Was she duped? Did she volunteer? Or was this just a job for an aspiring new actress?"
Actually, the article did answer those questions. The footage was made for a railroad company ad nine years ago, when Casey Knowles was 8. Hillary Clinton's campaign purchased the rights to the footage. So Casey had no knowledge of who had come into possession of the footage, let alone how it would be used.

For heavens sakes folks, get a grip. This is a Getty Image and once that becomes part of that company it becomes public. She signed away property rights when she had it taken. So much for child modeling. She certainly is getting her fame now isn't she. ANYBODY can get permission from Getty to use these images.

This girl is also a lemming. She's fallen for Obama's campaign mantra of change and a better future and he has yet to define how he is going to get us there.

Obama is lying to us and to this girl. Too bad.

"hillary drones"??? most of these comments sound like they come from obama supporters to me...i liked the "its his message" raesoning...yeah, and when reagan ran against bush sr., i rather liked bush's original message...funny how drastically it changed over time.

when i was younger, i used to vote based on what was said. but i've realized that all politicians are just that...politicians. mr. obama is not a saint, hillary is not evil incarnate. they are both simply trying to get elected. if you think negative advertising is wrong, fine, but consider that it has it worked in the past, else wouldn't be used now...SOMEBODY's apparently buying into it.

please vote for whom you prefer and shut up already. there's already enough vitriol between the dem and rep camps, do we really need to split the party along similar lines of hate?

(p.s. i haven't decided yet who i'm going to vote for, especially since we don't yet know who the final candidate will be)

It really doesn't surprise me that half of you didn't bother to read the article in its entirety before making nasty comments about Casey. Jumping to conclusions seems to be a national pastime, right after baseball and American Idol.... Geez louise!

For goodness sake, people! Read the story! This girl did a stock footage shot when she was 8. Hillary chose it for her fear-mongering. I think for this to come out is as natural as Hillary back-biting. It just happens.

Personally, I had a good chuckle. I know if I were in her position, I'd want to set the record straight as soon as possible.

Okay, here are a few things to correct about your ignorant comments:
1) This is the CAMPAIGN'S "fault," not Clinton herself. She didn't do this herself, just like Bush Sr.'s adviser made his famous campaign ads, and like Obama doesn't make his inconsistent ads himself.
2) What's wrong? The campaign legally bought the footage. If we were hoping that every image directly correlated to the intentions of a message, we would have a very skimpy advertising market.
3) "I want change! Obama is the only one who can bring change!" Change for WHAT?! I get it. He'll bring "change." I'm still waiting for him to define "change." Change in foreign policy? What will he claim to do with Israel/Pakistan, if anything? Change in encourage same-sex marriage? Well, he doesn't want the gays to get married. Change in safety for the country? That's extra governmental regulation that the Senate has to agree with before he can do anything. He's one guy. He's a nice guy, but not a leader, just a pretty talker with a decent campaign adviser who knows how to appeal to surface voters who are to ignorant to understand anything more that one word at a time. The word of the moment is "change," even if change is for the worse and spirals us into a deeper economic recession.

Try again, Obamians. Every one of your arguments in unrelated issues are starting to blur together.

I don't see why this piece is even in the news. The family was paid for the daughter's image which was user in a previous ad. The picture was sold bt Getty. This young woman is way off base as is the media.

Posted by: geneonlbk | March 10, 2008 9:11 AM

No. What's way off base is using images, etc., of people that don't support your campaign. It gives the impression that the person/artist DOES support your campaign.

do you idiots not read the story and just spout off this thing? IT WAS FILMED 10 YEARS AGO FOR A RAILROAD COMPANY. The actress had no say in it. SHE WAS 8 YEARS OLD. God, you people are stupid.

HILLARYanswers the phone and says "It's
for you Bill, its MONICA"

Her parents or she got paid for her likeness in the ad so what does that tell ya?
Who really cares who she likes for the presidency
She needs to finish high school get some college work a few yrs get married have a few kids-Then maybe her opinion would matter to some
Of course she does know you cant text message a vote ?
This isnt American Idol kid!!

I think Obama's camp should bring back the old LBJ ad with the little girl playing in a field, then cut to a huge mushroom cloud, then the words "Vote Obama, the stakes are too high for you to stay home!" Hil-arious.

It's pretty interesting that so many people are willing to dismiss her opinion because she's 18. Like other people have already said, her opinion matters as much as your old behind's does because she's old enough to die for the country, so she's old enough to have a choice in who leads it. Old people. If I'm lucky, I'll die before I think like you.

I swear this story has been updated since I left my comments this morning. I reread the thing 3 times trying to find the context I was missing.

I am an older american and I wish you people would stop discounting young peoples views and opinion and rejoice that these future care takers of our country express an interest in America and our political process. They are the future and I would rather they wanted something less corrupt negative and polarizing so the country as a whole can move on and do better. Do not send them the message that business as usual is acceptable and bad experience is better than innovation and change.

Ok. For the people that think the girl is a joke and keep asking didn't she know what ad she was doing. Please READ the article. Here is the problem with Americans, we can't read, will not read and definitely can't read between the lines. When you read anything that is considered news, you must process where it comes from and read for content and message. Now, I think it rather funny that the girl that was 8 and is now 18, is supporting OBAMA. Just shows you that as much as the Clintons try to throw these sucker punches they keep hitting each other.


"for all u yahoos who are bashing this girl for doing a clinton add, I want u to remember reading is a skill!!"

So is writing, jdog1975. The word is "you", not "u", and the candidate's name is "Clinton", not "clinton".

Betty, maybe then we ought to raise the voting age to, oh say, thirty, and mandate that only those who own property or have children can vote. I mean, if the opinions of the young are as dangerously naive as people always suggest, why do we let them vote at all? It seems to me that the lowering of the voting age to eighteen is a tacit admission that those people's opinions DO matter.
Why is it that when an eighteen year old joins the Army that's a brave and noble decision, and when an eighteen year old vocally supports Obama, he or she is dangerously naive? Could it be the prejudice of age? I think it could.
The length and content of one's biography does not confer on anyone a monopoly on sense, or fairness, or truth. Opinions are opinions, and none can be said to have greater intrinsic value or truth than another. Some are defensible. Some are not. The opinion that youth precludes analytical rigor or that there is a minimum age or level of experience for someone's opinion to matter is not defensible.
One can disagree that Senator Obama has the ability to implement the change he proposes, but what is indisputable is that young voters are alternately bored and nauseated by the useless and unfounded savagery of the last twenty years of party politics. They are bored of race and gender and scandal, and the way that policy is regularly for sale. And if there were a highly experienced candidate out there who promised to chart a course away from the useless division and time wasting that have paralyzed us for the last two decades, I'm sure the youth vote would turn out for him or her. As it is, we have one candidate proposing more of the same, and one proposing something different. So the youth, largely, don't care about relative levels of experience, so much as moving beyond the boring soap opera of Clinton/Bush-era garbage politics. Now, that's an opinion I can get behind, and I'm no teenager!

This girl is stupid; she just wants attention

I don't understand why having kids or paying for a house somehow makes you or your vote count more. I pay for all the things I've signed up for, so I am just as responsible as the next person. To all of you older (obviously married and mortgaged) adults that claim we younger voters have no idea about the real world, I have to question why you think YOUR real world is the same real world I would want or need to partake in. I don't necessarily have to engage in an activity to figure out how it works. I can read a newspaper and quickly figure out plenty of heavily mortgaged people still don't know how the "real" world works, and that goes doubly for the hundreds of thousands that have divorced and/or remarried. Neither of those things qualifies you any more than it disqualifies someone my age. Clearly, a big group of you "real" world inhabitants aren't able to judge experience/wisdom/intelligence/responsibility. I'll keep my sense of optimism in the face of staggering ignorance and disbelief any day.

A 27 year-old, post-grad educated observer

For those of you complaining about this not being news, guess what? It's on a blog. If you want news, go to the front page. Blogs, no matter what you think of the "new journalism", are not hard news, regardless of their subject matter. Blogs are just a fast, digital version of op-eds.

Clinton and her campaign are really such morons. I hope she does an ad saying she wants Obama picking up that phone. VOTE OBAMA MISSISSIPPI and PENNSYLVANIA!!!

Also, questioning someone's motives for voicing an opinion is just a not-so-clever way of avoiding substantive issues. It's more of the same garbage. It's just another form of name-calling. Both sides should stop because it's just a waste of time. We literally don't have time for it. We've spent sixteen years trying to reform Social Security, and so far all we've accomplished is clearly identifying Republicans as cold-hearted, Darwinist, know-nothings and Democrats as bleeding-heart, tax-and-spend, nanny-staters. Meanwhile, a huge generation of Americans is sixteen years closer to retiring and entering a system that, without overhaul, will collapse under their collective weight. Don't you get it? Arguments against negative campaigning aren't about style. When I say we need to stop bickering and name-calling, I mean that, in a very real sense, we have better things to do. Let's get on with it. The approach we have been using values winning elections much more than achieving goals. Let's try the other thing. We can hardly do worse.

So, another democratic mess. Some of the readers missed the point that the person's images were taken 10 years ago and she is not responsible for how it is used now, on the contrary, makes it clear she is not Hillary's supporter.
Neither am I. All the democratic mess starts and ends with Billary.

The kid in an ACTOR.

That's what ACTORS do; they act.

Is John Travolta really in drag, and living in Baltimore?

Is Tom Cruise really a spy?

Is Tom Hanks really a 12 year old or Forrest Gump or a wooden doll?

So why should an actor who played a part 10 years ago be whining about the role now?

And all this over a kid rather than asking OBAMA and CLINTON and MCCAIN some real questions.

It is nothing more than "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Now find a reporter who treats it that way.

Can't wait to see the Hill machine spend this one! A great ad for Obama in the making, here.

I think the more interesting issue that is being overlooked is that Hillary purchased stock footage in the first place to make the add - and old stock footage to boot.

When I saw the ad I thought it looked grainy and odd. Now I know why.

Frankly, I dont see why this stupid commercial matters so much. Obama being in the White House at 3 O'clock during an emergency? Scary. Hillary being in the same place? Terrifying.

Wow...the Obama camp is really getting scared. It will really show how prepared they are once things really start to get worse. This is a campaign after all. Let's not forget this and Hillary is just playing tough.

This girl is a typical Obama supporter, young and kniave. Can't blame her though. She grew up watching Sesame Street where everyone is nice and gets along. This is fine when you're a 5 year old but in the real world it will get you killed. Obama looks at the world in the same way. This is why he is so dangerously unfit to be president.

It's 3 am in the morning, and Bill Clinton is nowhere to be found in the White House...again. Hillary has totally lost it and is about ready to declare World War III. Just then the phone rings. You know...the red one. Who thinks it's a good idea for Hillary to takes the call?

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