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Posted February 10, 2008 12:23 PM
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See the reporter's apology here, courtesy of MSNBC

by Mark Silva

David Shuster, the television news anchor who suggested on air the other day that the Clinton family had "pimped out'' daughter Chelsea in its campaign for Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination, has been temporarily suspended from all NBC News broadcasts.

MSNBC announced that it had temporarily suspended anchor Shuster from all NBC news broadcasts — except to offer his on-air apology for what he said about Chelsea Clinton.

Shuster had outraged the Clinton campaign by saying that the campaign had "pimped out" the Clintons' daughter when they had her place phone calls to party superdelegates on her mother's behalf. In a conference call with reporters, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson on Friday excoriated Shuster and called the comment "beneath contempt.''

Shuster apologized on the air for his "inappropriate'' comment, and told the Associated Press that he had tried to reach Sen. Clinton to apologize personally. "All Americans should be proud of Chelsea Clinton,'' Shuster said. "And I am particularly sorry that my language diminished the respect and regard she has earned from all of us and the respect her parents deserve in how they raised her."

"NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks," MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said.

Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are scheduled to participate in an MSNBC debate on Feb. 26 from Ohio, which holds its primary March 4. The Clinton campaign has pushed hard for as many debates as possible with Obama, but Wolfson had said the Feb. 26 debate might be off as a result of MSNBC's conduct. Perhaps the suspension means the debate will go on.

Wolfson had pointed to a perceived pattern of tasteless comments by MSNBC anchors about the Clinton campaign. Weeks ago, Hardball host Chris Matthews apologized to the former first lady after suggesting her political career had been made possible by her husband's philandering.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. See more at MSNBC.

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This makes my day. I'm so incredibly sick of the spiteful junior high insults that pass for political analysis. Good for MSNBC for reining in this goof.

I cannot believe that Hilary is making a mountain out of a molehill.
If she is a "MOTHER" first
maybet being President of
the U>S> is too big for her.
What will happen when a foreign power makes an insulting remark of a similar nature - will she demand great punishment because she is a "MOTHER" first.
Sam Schwartz

MSNBC is disgusting. Not surprising for right wing station masquerading as a news network.

Chelsea Clinton is a beautiful young woman.
Thanks for creating more ugliness in the world

Not appropriate language for a newsman , but particularly heinous either.Me thinks they doth protest too much.

Shuster's apology appears hollow and fake, he is merely in personal damage control mode here and will be back on the air in no time I predict. That will be unfortunate as he and others should be held accountable for flip remarks like this. Family members of presidential candidates have been involved at all levels in campaigning for a very long time.

I feel that David Shuster's choice of words were inappropriate. However, he apologized and I think Mrs. Clinton would have been more effective to her campaign if she and Chelsea accepted his apology and move on to the campaign and how she's going to run this country if elected.

Lift the suspension of Shuster. I saw the comment live and thought nothing of it. It was in jest. Do not let the Clintons muscle free speech.

I watched Imus live and thoght nothing of his remark. Morning Joe is Great replacement. Do not stiffle the show.

It makes me cringe whenever some public figure is made to apologize for using slang. Come on people, do you *really think that he thinks the Clintons have made their daughter into a prostitute? It's fairly reasonable to assume he's being metaphorical, his meaning easy to understand. Of course, everyone who let themselves be offended *knows there was no offense intended by the phrase without me having to point it out, but I suppose taking offense is more fun for some than the alternative.

Hands off Chelsea's personal appearance. The apology was appropriate. But it raises the question: Did Bill and Hillary Clinton ever apologize for lying to the American people about his disgusting behavior and for her covering it up?

It is so ridicules that they suspended him. So what he said the Clintons were "pimping" out Chelsea; she is a big girl no longer little baby, she better get a tougher skin. All this “politically correct” nonsense, stop the madness!!!

I hope that guys mom takes him out to the woodshed for making that remark. It shows his lack of respect not for only the Clintons but for all women.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with Shusters suspension?! Chelsea is fair game now that she is an official employee of the Clinton Campaign! Besides, Shuster did not attack Chelsea, he stated a fact that her mother is indeed pimping her out (I will not apologize for that).

I am ashamed of America for its continued insensitivity and out right sexism toward Senator Hillary Clinton. It is not just the news media but an orchestrated effort reminiscent of the swift boat fiasco during the last presidential campaign in which voters again where duped into making the wrong choice for president. Senator Clinton not only survived her husbands scandal, but showed strength of character and moral fiber. That is what I want in a president and a leader, we have been devoid of such leaders in the White House and congress. Give her the same due as any man and do not penalize her or America for her husband's mis deeds or for being a woman. Sincerely Rick Huffman, 55 year old white male

Shame on MSNBC, Mr.Shuster spoke the unvarnished truth. Miss Chelsea has "pimped out" a number of times over the years. Why is the press being forced to handle the Clintons with such very soft gloves?

Whatever happened to free speech? I don't think his comment was appropriate but he has a right to say it.

If Matthews apologized on his own, fine...if it was a response to MSNBC pressure shame on MSNBC. Matthew's point is interesting and clearly has some validity, even if some choose to ignore it or find the idea insulting.

You have got to be kidding me. Why not just appoint someone from the Clinton campaign to oversee MSNBC's editorial and news desks? What is objectionable about using a colorful and disparaging term to criticize a mother for using her daughter to attain her political goals--ironically, exposing her daughter to the very media attacks that "pimping out" her daughter was likely to inspire? If the Clintons think it is ok to pimp out their daughter in their campaign, they are entitled to their opinion; people with contrary views are entitled to their opinions as well, and importantly, are entitled to express that opinion in colorful terms. This reporter didn't use racist or sexist language--he used a vernacular expression to convey precisely what he intended to convey. HIs choice of words drew fire from the Clintons because he out-Clintoned the Clintons--provacative choice of words to grab the attention of the viewer. For this, a reporter apologizes? Wow. Someone needs to insert a spine into MSNBC management.

The comments that Mr. David Shuster made are would be those that a person with a mental age of from 7 to 12 years would do. Still developing appropriate communication and social skills, for which many times they would be corrected. However, at Mr. Shuster age are objectionable, demonstrate lack of good judgment and are rather moronic in nature.

People like him should not be allowed in the air anymore. He should be dealt the same way ABC did with Don Imus

If, four years ago, a similar comment had been made by any major network anchor about the Bush twins, would it have resulted in that anchor being suspended?

Hard to say, but probably not.

Chelsea Clinton is nearly 30 years old. That's old enough so she can pimp her own self out, thank you very much.

Saying that she was "pimped out" is probably as much an insult to Chelsea as anyone else. She made the choice to pimp out, on her own.

On the other hand, the Bush girls probably aren't (and weren't) smart enough to make that choice. THEY had to be pimped out by the family. Chelsea is much smarter than that.

Well Ive seen Hillary lock about 10 testicles in her lock box so far!

But where were all the suspending when the same liberal media called President Bush's daughters lushes?

It is a sad commentary on the state of ethics and acceptable conduct in this nation when a national news commentator would make such a disparaging remark about a former President's daughter. Equally distressing is the fact that so many of our fellow citizens happily join in the guttersniping and wallow in the mud and filth like they belong there. I have not seen a U.S. Presidential candidate and family, so maligned since Robert Kennedy in 1968. We have a growing portion of our electorate, intellectually incapable of debating the issues, but who thrill at the opportunity to spread poison and to unmercifully condemn our candidates and leaders. We know the character composition of these poor minded, needy souls from being subjected to their obscenities and absurdities. May God enlighten them.

I'm 41 yrs old and not up on all of the hip new slang, but the kids tell me that the phrase "pimped out" as used by this reporter means the same thing as "working for"; if that's the case,it seems to me that the Clinton's are awful thin-skinned if they would allow that to offend them. Maybe Hillary really is out of touch with the people of this country if she won't even try to understand the language they are speaking.

(Anonymous comments will not be posted. Comments aren't posted immediately. They're screened for relevance to the topic, obscenity, spam and over-the-top personal attacks. We can't always get them up as soon as we'd like so please be patient. Thanks for visiting The Swamp.) SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, HUH?

You know it seems to me the Clinton's can say what they wish about others, but when anyone says anything about them they want us all ON OUR KNEES ASKING THEIR FORGIVENESS... HILLARY HAS TURNED INTO ONE BIG WINER, WHO CRIES FOWL AT EVERY TURN, NOT SOMEONE I WANT LEADING OUR COUNTRY...



Shame on MSNBC and NBC for suspending the guy. He said what he said, and he apologized. Period.

Sycophants. Freedom of the Press means also eating crow elegantly when you have to.

Oh god, Oh god no-

My virgin ears art destroyed!
My puritanical beliefs art destroyed!
My sin sear belief in the good of all humanity art destroyed!

Get over it, it was a fair use of diction.

p.s. - I might be unjustifiably offended; do you still owe me an apology?

In the days before broadcast journalism a person proof read what they wrote before it went to market. Now, on television or radio people might unwisely say what comes into their heads. Then it is too late to recant when millions of people see it. Such is a pitfall of working in this day and age.

Taking an example from history... Remember how Hedda Hopper said so much with her carefully crafted words? She was a master at playing with fire. Tripping over your own words was a danger back then too, but we were much more circumspect in our speech than we are now.

We could take a tip from the old broadcast journalists and remember to insinuate, insinuate, insinuate. And if challenged, make it look like what you said was perfectly acceptable or misunderstood. Either will do nicely.

The daughters of Mike Huckabee and John McCain are also campainging for their fathers, but they are behind the scenes If Chelsea Clinton is going to put herself out in the forefront, she should develop a thicker skin. She doesn't even think enough of America to live here. Does she plan to reside in the United States again only if her mother wins the election?

Thanks NBC! Shuster & Matthew's type of "verbal vomit" has to stop. These kind of comments are uncalled for and totally inappropriate. I suppose they think of themselves as being witty....but, think again. I don't care if you're slamming toward the Democrats or Republicans...think before you stink. And if these type of remarks had been made about your wives, daughters, sons..whatever...your response would be ? Hmmm, I'm thinking, outrage. Put a sock in it unless you have some intelligent comment to make.

Bill and Hillary Clinton both have very strong personalities and I can’t imagine them raising a wimp who could be coerced into doing something she didn’t want to do. Mr. Shuster obviously never thought of this possibility or let his bias override his intellect. This lack is apparent in that he tried calling the mom not the daughter to apologize. Whatever, he’s not smart enough to do on-air commentary and should be demoted to reading headlines.

Big friggin deal. What's she gonna do? Start crying?

The Clintons are going after Shuster like mad dogs to keep the news away from the beating Hillary took yesterday in LA, Nebraska, Washington and the Virgin Islands. They will do and say anything to win.

The truth often hurts.


Interesting turn of events for MSNBC and the Bush Derangement Syndrome contingent:

The Bush haters have been only too happy with Keith Obermouth, and Crispth mmmMathews hysterical rants aimed at conservatives and Bush in particular. Now, Mathews' coffee boy gets into the act and happened to vent his inner disgust with the way the Clintons operate and is summarily suspended.

Tin soldiers and Mathews coming, this winter I hear the drumming, one dead on NBC.

If this is a "misplaced metaphor", what about the metaphors that are NOT used which are far more appropriate. Has anyone heard one news analyst or reporter ever use the term "political whore" to describe those elected officials we send to Washington who sell their votes and allegiance to the highest bidders? If so, tell me who.

It's obvious the likes of Shuster, and those who support that type of demoralizing tactics, are suffering from nothing but severe self-inadequacy. Since they will never in their lifetimes contribute to a nation the way the Clintons have in their adminstrations and policies, Shusters and such self-sooth by some cop out a** clown mockery. Perhaps they may try Obama's tactic of chemical dependence if they feel so under pressure to resort to those tactics.

This is what happens when everybody moves down to the level of tabloid journalism to rake in the audience which otherwise wouldn't watch the news. The standards become those of the bottom of the barrel.

Every candidate pimps out their wife, husband, children and Hillary is no exception. The exception is she is choosing to make this into a political issue, hoping to use it to her advantage. Hillary will do anything to get nominated. If Hillary is honestly insulted by this truly insignificant issue, she does not deserve to be President.


This is disgraceful. Yet another in a long line of out-of-line anti-Hillary comments by the MSNBC "news" crew. When I heard David Schuster I was offended by the tastelessness and vindictiveness of the comment. It really underlies a wider MSNBC anti-Hillary Clinton effort - I suspect even FOX provides more even-handed coverage of the Democratic campaing. MSNBC is quite clearly out to get the Clintons. Chris Mathews is one of the leaders in this effort and he also had to apologize to the Clintons. I have actually switched my viewing after the comment to CNN for my news - it turns out they do a considerably more even-handed coverage of the candidates - there election returns screens are more informative as well. This is all very sad and really a stain on the integrity of MSNBC.

I live in logging country and pimp out my chainsaw to lumberjacks for a little extra money. Now that I find “pimping out” only applies to females, I'm looking at my saw in a whole new light.

Goodbye MSNBC. I will be watching CNN.

It's rather amazing reading all the vitriolic remarks directed toward Hillary. So she doesn't like her daughter referred to as a prostitute and herself as her pimp. Who would? If anyone had said that about Bush's daughters these same people would have gone berserk with righteous indignation.
Also, the idea that "pimp out" is similar to "working for"? Please. Well, maybe in the sense that Bush and Cheney pimp out for Big Oil.

Hillary panders for the feminist vote.

Believe it or not, gender discrimination is unbelievable serious in this country, much more than racial discrimination.

Goodbye MSNBC. I will be watching CNN.

pimp definition from meriam-webster:
: to make use of often dishonorably for one's own gain or benefit

He used the right word. Move along.

"NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks."

Regretful, apologetic? Yeah, right ...

On air last year before the Petraeus hearings, Keith Olbermann opined that President Bush was "pimping General David Petraeus, in violation of everything this country has been assiduously and vigilantly against for 220 years."

Exact quote. I don't see Olby being apologetic about that. But I can almost hear the spin on that one .... Well, in President Bush's case it was true; in Chelsea's case, it's not. Pul-leeez.

Every bit as offensive because of the choice of words intentionally coarse and profane, and out of place in civil political discourse.

MSNBC is long on technology, short on quality, zero on class.

I must admit that, as a mother, I would be the first to rip David Shuster's flesh asunder for making such a comment about one of my kids. However, as a voter I am torn about having Shuster benched during the campaigns. He is one of the few genuinely neutral reporters, going after only the the truth, not the partisan angle.

Give him a root canal with no anesthesia, make him donate serious money to Chelsea's charity of choice, make him scrub the toilets at a busy metropolitan airport, and make him dread this punishment until early November. Just PLEASE don't render silent one of the few really fine, fair and truly aggressive reporters until after we have had a chance to vote.

I take issue with it only because his comments were a waste of air time. Chelsea Clinton chooses to campaign for her mom. She's not 12.

By the way, I take issue as well with the reader who criticized Hillary Clinton because she said she's a mother first. Don't get me wrong, I think Hillary and Chelsea should have shrugged off these comments, and Hillary is overreacting. But I also think that if George W. Bush had said "I'm a father first," you would have praised him for his morality, my dear reader. Why is it that women are held to a different standard?

GOD FORBID a woman in politics shows the least bit of tenderness, or a human side. Then she's "too weak to run a country."

And on the other hand, if she's nothing but tough, you can attack her from the other side and call her a "ball buster." Or "inhuman."

YOU create a lose-lose situation for women in politics. Why don't you look at her platform and her ability to get business done in Washington rather than an occasional tear in her eye. George Bush has admitted that he has wept plenty of times over Iraq. You didn't hold that against him, did you?

Give me a break, please. Why is it that Bill and Hillary can insinuate things about anyone that they want to disparage, and get away with it. They have controlled the press for years and people are sick of it. I'm sick of them and their lying controlling ways. When you use your daughter to campaign to help you get elected to the highest office in the land, yep you are pimping her out. Get over it or let the 'village' that helped raise her take over for you. I'm with the people of New Hampshire, Hillary, please, please go iron some shirts.

David Shuster is like a "bad" Saturday Night Live character. This guy is a Joke!!!....but so is the entire MSNBC network and their continuous promotion of the liberal agenda. Liberals are only happy when everyone is miserable!!

He apologized. Move on already. Certainly, if Fox News were required to suspend their anchors for inappropriate comments and making blatantly false statements, the channel would be reduced to nothing but a Fox logo and dead air.

Chelsea's hot. no doubt about it.

I think the Clintons would do whatever it takes to win, they are by no means honorable people and if it took sacrificing their daughter that would be small compared to what else they might do. And for those of you thinking I'm on the other side, I am a New York resident and have never voted for a republican. Wake up to these corporate puppet shows and vote for change, not more of the same old same old.

When are entertainers like David Shuster going to get the message that you can't say anything you want on the air? And when is MSNBC going to stop calling its broadcast "news?"

What happened in Iraq on the same day Shuster made this comment? Clinton's people would rather have us talking about this than the real issues. Then Clinton wants us to know she is a Mom first? Maybe she should remember that when she tries to defend her Iraq war vote. That is the outrage, not the usage of a slang term. Chelsea is an adult, not a child being bullied on the school playground. Can't she defend herself? She is out in public, speaking on behalf of a presidential candidate, so that makes her a public figure. I want to hear from Chelsea, not from her Mom. Oh, I forgot, we can't hear from her since she doesn't talk to the media.

Unfortunate choice of verbage-I agree with one writer said it was intended in the slang meaning of "working for" not the other---what I didn't quite gleam is who was the first to get upset about the comment--everyone is saying the Clintons should have thicker skin---I didn't gleam that they were the first to call foul but the network recognized it was inapproiate and viewers--of all the media telecasting I bet Clintons heard about it after the fact--but it was well on the way to be handled by the network---regardless I hope Shuster isn't black list over this---I think the apology was all he could do and I'm sure Clintons are going on---and weren't the ones making the mountain--Hilary recognised a moment of ignorance and probably brushed it off as such --given the frequency of statements shrouded by ignorance I don't think any of us have the time to address every statement we here about ourselves, others, and the world in general to task when it is flawed. I've learned to pick my battles carryfully and take on the ones that make sense. I don't think The Clintons need to make a public announcement they accept the apology--if they are aware of how this was handled which who knows how The Clintons would perceive it--my hope would be if aware they call MSNBC tell them to not fire the guy he has already been publicly sanctioned and suspended--get him back to work

Shame on NBC/MSNB for not standing up for their own!! We watch MSNBC from 6 until 9 every night (plus Morning Joe); we'll be rethinking that now! CNN is only two clicks away....

At least David Shuster appologized, and with seeming sincerity, for a poor choice of words (which is all it was). We still haven't heard an appology from Bill re: what he said about Obama in South Carolina. Comments which DID appear to be made with malice and forethought.

Once Hillary brought Chelsea into her campaign and pushed her into the glare of the public spotlight, HILLARY opened her daughter up to all of the bad--as well as the good--that goes along with a political campaign. Play tough or don't play; you can't have it both ways. Or perhaps girls get different rules??

To all you people who think that comment was ok How about your mother's? Are they PIMPED OUT?

On November 6, 1992, three days after her father won the elections, when Chelsea was still in braces, Rush Limbaugh said the following on his television show: "Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat; Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?"[6][7] He then pointed to a video monitor, which switched to a picture of Chelsea.

Ever wonder where the hatred comes from?

The Repulipimps and Limprod,taking the US to new lows.

It's coming to an end folks.

Political correctness run amok once again. Sticks and stones!!! Grow up people!

And this is why for the first time ever I am voting Republican this November. Clinton had my vote over Obama but I am starting to believe the stories about Clinton's true colors.

If only all the Clinton supporters could have been that outraged when Bill took advantage of a 20 yr-old in the White House(Chelsea is 27). Where was their self-righteous outrage then?

It was a rude below the belt comment. I haven't heard anyone else refer to any other
candidates' children in any election refer to their help as "pimping out". You may not care for the Clintons, but their daughter is stellar.

Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are scheduled to participate in an MSNBC debate on Feb. 26 from Ohio, which holds its primary March 4.

Oh, goodie, another opportunity for Hillary to shed tears.

Williams/Russert: David Shuster said you pimped-out your daughter, Chelsea, for votes. How did that make you feel?

Hillary: (Tears welling in eyes) Well, Brian/Tim. (Long pause.) You know, it's tough enough being EXPERIENCED in these kind of things for 35 years. (Pause.) Let's just say it's hard to have your family get attacked. (Pause.) But you know, we're doing it because we believe in America. (Sustained applause.)

Give me a break.

First they wouldn't let Chelsea talk to reporters - even a grade school "reporter." Then they want to have her make calls to Superdelegates. Either Chelsea's in or she's out. Make the call and stick by it. And if the surrogates of other candidates are fair game, so is Chelsea.

If surrogates can throw mud, they should be willing to take it, too. Surrogates put themselves out as some kind of "expert." In so doing, they are fair game to take a few hits.

To all of the people decrying the loss of the right to free speech, MSNBC is a private non-government party which has absolutely every right to fire any employee who uses words it deems inappropriate on the air. This is not a first amendment issue, don't try to make it into one.

And really, the comment was inappropriate. Had he simply pointed out that he thought it was unethical for the Clintons to put Chelsea to work for them, that would be fine. But to use a term which encompasses so many disgusting practices, stereotypes, and attitudes is just not appropriate for a news broadcast. I'd much rather see a naked boob during a halftime show than hear newscasters use words like that.

You don't have the right to expect a person should be suspended for stating what is obvious to a lot of us, bill has taught his daughter well and now expects to use her in the way he uses everyone

He apologized. Move on already. Certainly, if Fox News were required to suspend their anchors for inappropriate comments and making blatantly false statements, the channel would be reduced to nothing but a Fox logo and dead air.

He apologized. Move on already. Certainly, if Fox News were required to suspend their anchors for inappropriate comments and making blatantly false statements, the channel would be reduced to nothing but a Fox logo and dead air.

Shuster, along with many MSNBC anchors such as Chris Mathew, are extremely biased when it comes to Clinton and Obama. It is disappointing that MSNBC, like FOX News, is turning into another biased news channel. News channels should be informative, but don't be judgmental, especially the news anchors.

I thought the point was well made. Here is what else he pointed out. Being Chelsea Clinton makes her off limits to the press and the Clinton's are taking
advantage of that. But Bill and Hillary, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Chelsea should not be immune to these kind of comments. Maybe you should leave her at home. Poor choice of words? Probably.

It's slang. It's no big deal. Give me a break. Taken out of context. Lighten up!

It is natural to be hurt by this slam on one's daughter, but to expect a harsher punishment than that granted does not speak well of someone who wants to be the President of the United States of America. This may turn out to be a watershed moment for those on the fence between Barak and Hillary.

Am I the only one who remembers that Shuster is the guy who paid D.C. area clerk Jessica Cutler for sex and was nailed in Cutler's "tell all" book, as well as the Washingtonienne blog? Also, he married a women about 15 years younger than him! Talk about being "pimped out"

Why do we say things like this? It's not funny. It's not clever, and it's not relevant. Mostly it's just sad that we're so illiterate that we have to resort to crude sexist terms to describe the world we live in. Is this what our political discourse has been reduced to?

Hillary said that she could take whatever comes in her way but wouldn't tolerate anything against her daughter. Hello ? Who put Chelsea in the harms way in the first place ? Schuster could have used a more refined expression but 'pimping' was indeed what daddy and mammy Clinton were doing to their girl.

Why shouldn't Chelsea Clinton campaign for her mother. I have seen John McCain's daughter Huckabee's Romney's. The Bush twins did along with Mary Cheney. This so called reporter is part of the problem I am sick of media trying to influence elections

I find the people trying to defend the comments disgusting. I am not a Hillary backer. But the comments are awful whether you back Hillary or not. Rather than see Hillary as someone you oppose politically, see her as your neighbor. Now is it okay to say her duaghter was pimped out?

Oh you've got to be kidding me. This is offensive?!? Have you TURNED on your television lately? Get over it or turn the channel.

Cool! Control over the media just like in totalitarian states like the old USSR, Cuba, Communist China and wherever else total domination is demanded. Got to hand it to Komrades Clintons . . .

I wonder if Schuster has any children and how he would feel if someone said he pimped out his daughter. I think we should expect a higher standard from journalism. Apparently, he is trying to appeal to the Grand Theft Auto video game crowd.

Lord save us if someone had made any comment about the Obama's using their children in the campaign. They aren't seen as much now, but boy were they on display up until Christmas. I do understand that they are minor's, but the comment made about Chelsea was obviously made to hit a nerve and aggravate the Clinton's. If a commentator can't make a point without that type of comment he doen't belong on a mainline news show.

I don't think anyone's free speech is affected when political reporters are required to remain respectful or just neutral about reporting during their shows. I watch CNN, Fox and MSNBC for political news; however, they have gone from unbiased reporters to being the machine that will get Obama the nomination. They are more the National Enquirer, Entertainment Tonight and Don Imus than objective reporters and don't even try to hide that fact. Obama looks and talks pretty, but then so does Hannah Montana.

Keep in mind most of them are Republicans and are trying with all their might to make sure they don't have to face Hillary in November. Anything they throw at her will be old news and mark my words they won't be intimidated about race when vetting Obama. The media won't care. And anyone who doesn't realize Ted Kennedy played the race card, not Clinton I have some ocean front property real cheap in Arizona. He was making sure he was supporting the first credible black candidate to extend his family's civil right legacy. The Clinton's would have surpassed the Kennedy legacy if both Hillary and Bill made it to the White House. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out she never will. The "establishment" will not permit that to happen.

Take the dinner last night in Virginia, Hillary's speech had Bill's right beside her on CNN while the commentator continued to talk. Not only were the results of the races on the bottom ticker, they were on the side. You could barely hear part of what she said. Then Obama got the entire screen with only the botton ticker. with no interruptions. How is this different than a 527? Yeah, he's involved and he's playing to it with all his might.

You don't see him complaining about unfair media coverage do you? But if Hillary was getting favorable coverage he's be pouting like a two year old.

Why should we all have such respect and pride for a girl that has things handed to her on a silver platter? She may be smart and maybe she got into Stanford of her own accord (although I doubt it), the only reason she got a 6 figure income with a bachelor's degree is because of her political connections. I have no pride in the favors that lobbyists and corporations give to the politically connected.

Maybe the "pimped" comment was a little over the top, but at least it isn't as bad as the garbage they spew at Obama. "He's so well spoken." or "Is America ready for a black president?!" He's half white too, you know.

This nation needs to rein in on language in High Schools and make students understand that their 'street' language has NO place in the real world and if they don't get that in their heads there will be a lot of problems. This will escalate because these people who continue to think their language is cool or okay will stir up the pot. People need to think first. That young man saying that shows how he thinks of women and how he thinks of people who help their is a shame.

Strange, I didn't think MSNBC's Shuster's comments were about Chelsa Clinton at all, but how her mother and her mother's people were using the daughter. It was in the context sort of understandable, and certainly much gentler than some of the things I have seen on Barbara and Genna when they were mere party girls at college, and a whole world nicer than some of the things written and said on air about Mary Cheney for the sin of loving her father. And the comments were certainly kinder than some of the things said about Chelsea in the British press when she was living in London. Had I been the commentator I would have not apologised but said that Hillary was making a mountain out of a mole hill, and that it certainly fit in the world of fair commentary to criticize the way the Clinton campaign is exploiting the former first daughter. Those who say the other candidates' children have supported their fathers have to understand their roles are a far cry from the way Chelsea was being used to keep the top guns of the Democratin the camp of the true leader. I think it is good for Chelsea to be playing hardball politics, and for the wife of Bill to use her daughter to make Bill the the husband of Hillary. But I also think is fair commentary for a commentator to call Hillary pimp for doing so if it is fair game for commentators to call W a war criminal, or to call an Afro American some of the racist terms that have been thrown unchallenged at Rice and Powell for daring to serve in a Republican administration.

Shuster is lucky. He could have ended up like Vince Foster who also crossed the Clintons.

How long before Fox News hires him?

Would the comment have been offensive if applied to Obama's wife? If your answer is yes, then you have to ask why it wouldn't be offensive when applied to Chelsea.

Personally, I think it speaks to Shuster's views on women and it says volumes - none good. Yes, teens and twenty-somethings use the expression. Shuster is in neither category.

Every time I read about or hear about someone being offended by the truth I wonder if the knee jerk response to apologise for it is weakening our freedom of speech? Ya think?!?!

You are right on. It's just disrespectful language, and has no place on a news program.

MSNBC/NBC seems to be dedicating itself to be the blatantly liberal channel of choice. They put Olbermann, an obvious ideologue, as a "moderator" of their campaign coverage and as co-host of Monday Night Football. (As Tom Wannamaker points out above, he's make many more outrageous remarks than this.) He gets promoted for bias. Meanwhile they fire someone for a supposedly inappropriate (albeit right-on) remark made that is not pro-Hillary. The bias isn't insidious, it's blatant!

David Shuster had a piece on Ted Kennedy picking his nose the other day. Tasteless, vulgar, base, and juvenile !!!!!!!

There is no defense for the words Schuster chose to use. Why was the comment of a sexual nature? He could have made his point without getting in the gutter. Maybe he should just report the news and not delve into commentary. It's obvious MSNBC "men" can't be objective about Ms. Clinton.

The word "inappropriate" can be used for all sorts of censorship and mind-control.

David Schuster is a gem. This one mistake is just that, an error. It was neither intentional nor malicious and it DID address the use of Chelsea politically. He just didn't hear how it would possibly sound and appropriately apologized when he realized it. He had been a solid voice exposing right wing wrongdoing for years and I'm thankful for his efforts. I want him back on reporting ASAP, he's much to good to waste.

I am saddened that we have now required political correctness in political commentary...pimping out is a term of art no more heinous than the concept of pandering...synonyms as far as many dictionaries are concerned. Women who support Hillary because they want a woman president should seriously reconsider whether we want such a whiner to be the first of our gender. Pride isn't something I feel when watching her cry one day, rant another, and then "I'm a mother first" on another. I want our first woman president to have qualities we admire in all people -- honesty, strength, integrity and high moral character. I'm not sure that her history of "my way or the wrong way" serves that promise. Let's wait to elect our first woman when we are presented with a woman worthy of that designation -- not someone who has been politically hell bent on getting there and anyone who gets in her way is demolished. (But be NICE to her)

Oh yea, one more thing. David Shuster is probably the BEST investing journalist on the corporate media that I've heard in a long time. Thanks David!!I'm a big fan and believe you should have your own program.

All you bigots who justify Shuster's remarks are cowards and without morals. Would you like someone calling your daughters, mothers and wives prostitutes? It is no coincidence that liberal media networks, like MSNBC, CNN, and NBC are imposing their views and trying to nominate Sen. Obama in difference to people's will. They have not learned the lessons that people of New Hampshire, California, New York, New Jersey has taught them. Their coverage is unabashedly tilted towards Obama. They cite polls that show Obama leading among white men and black population. But they fail to disclose that Sen. Clinton has a vast lead among Latinos, Hispanics, white women. They don't talk about experience. Do we select an inexperienced surgeon to operate on us or loved ones? They talk about Sen. Obama's strength to unite people. If he could not reach out to Sen. Clinton at the Union Address, a basic respect for another human being, how can be unite people?

MSNBC is gutless in their pandering. The Clinton's would pimp out anyone in sight if it furthered their political ambitions!

Would you all be saying the same thing about Sen. Obama if it was one of his children who was the target of such innapropiate remarks?

To me, this is more about how low our journalists seem to be falling when it comes to reporting.
This isn't some tabloid news show here, this is national network news.
All reputable journalists should be ashamed when one of their fellow collegues stoop to level of reporting. What happened to code of journalism and unbiased reporting? I know Fox threw that out of the window a long time ago, but I hate seeing it on NBC now too.

Shame on you, David Shuster.

If MSNBC is over-reacting by doing the PC thing of suspending DS, I think I'll suspend the purchase of any company that is advertising on MSNBC. This is just so much crap. _ _ _ _ MSNBC.

As an Obama supporter and Hillary Clinton critic, I think we should all grow up and admit that this prostitution analogy was tasteless and idiotic, whatever side of the fence you're on. The fact that unbridled nastiness and vindictiveness are par for the course is something to combat and not celebrate. That said, there are far more important issues to discuss.

Another reason that I am unable to vote for Clinton ...cry babies.

This little mistake just brings the big problem to light - the media plays favorites and tries to influence the democratic process. If the media reported the raw facts without any spin or analysis, we would be a lot better off and our country would have far better leaders!

TV news across the board and most of the print media has has lost its way in the US. There is to much control by to few. Most of the truly
important issues that concern the average working Americans are rarely addressed. Shuster's comment does not belong on "national news". It doesn't belong in a school yard either.

Hillary Clinton is not the person responsible for the news anchor's reprimand. Staff at MSNBC made all the decisions regarding how to react to his on-air conduct. Therefore anyone who says "Hillary is over-reacting to this" is only speculating -- we don't know anything about her reaction, all we know is that the MSNBC bosses reacted by suspending the anchor.

As a mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her family. That's good enough to vote for her. Are all these negative bloggers supporters of Barack Hussein Obama?

Free Speech.

Wow "pimped out" is not even a bad word, at all. If any of yall are offended your either old or too sensitive, go watch days of our lives.

Mrs. Clinton's "outrage" is as synthetic as her crocodile tears in NH.

A 27 year old woman who makes 300K a year on Wall Street is not a child.

The point that Mr. Shuster made has been lost in the noise, no doubt the point of Clinton's protestations:

why can Chelsea be a political operative on the phone with superdelegates but be off-limits to the press?

If Mrs. Clinton's outrage is fake, she is morally unfit to be president. If her outrage is in earnest, she is too emotional for such a demanding position.

I guess the First Amendment to the Constitution only applies to speech approved by the Clinton machine. Ah, freedom! So much to look forward to for the next four years.

The demeaning comments from MSNBC go on. When Terry McAuliffe was interviewed by Chris Matthews about the check that Hillary Clinton had written to her own campaign, Matthews asked, "How does that work? Did she have to ask Bill for permission to write checks on their joint account?" McAuliffe immediately shot back she's earned this money through her books. But can you imagine asking one of the male candidates if he got his wife's permission to write checks???

wow!!!good thing he didnt call her the n-world.what does she want him fired.

David Shuster is a great and unbiased reporter but in this instance his effort to be hip and clever has crossed the line. With the bias being shown by Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson of MSNBC, I might as well be watching FOX news...

Regardless of what candidate or party you are backing, I don't think there are very many one of us who would tolerate someone referring to our daughter as being "pimped out"! IF you think it's OK, you and Don Ismus can hang out in the gutter together!

It is very sad that we have gotten to the point where the "in thing" to do is to insult the candidates that they are supposed to be covering.

If you can't stand the heat, don't put your daughter in the kitchen.

It's outragous to be offended by David Shuster's remark. Typical Clinton reaction to their own shortcomings is to blame others (remember the vast right wing conspiracy). If anyone should be offended its the pimps who need to dissociate themselves from Chelsea Clinton.

You don't have to be a Clinton supporter to be disgusted by the hateful venom puked up by this kind of attack. One can only imagine the reaction that would have been evoked if the child of ANY GOP candidate had been so slandered. If I were a Republican I'd be ashamed to have anyone associate me with such spiteful losers.

Once again Hillary succeeds in making herself the victim. When are people going to start seeing through her lies? She has nothing to campaign on but fear and lies. This is a non-issue but Hillary can spin it to win points. At least now she doesn't have to talk about pimping out our troops in a war for foreign oil.

It is the lack of civility in the news media right or left. There is more to consider than the current slang use of what was a blatant insult lacking common decency. The news has a responsibility to the whole public ... they are our broadcasters at our approval for decency and civility. They can be held to better standards or norms.

Do any of you hypersensitive goons really believe for one second that Clinton cares about the quality or depth of MSNBC's journalism (shoddy as it is)? This is just another tear shed for easy votes. This trend of throwing a hissy fit every time an off-color remark slips through the airwaves isn't going to improve the quality of journalism in this country. I expect it from Sharpton; now I know I can expect the same nonsense from Clinton. This woman actually wants to be President? Sure it wasn't a high-class remark, but that's not the issue. Manufactured outrage and cheap opportunism will not get a vote from me. That there are people out there who obviously eat this stuff up turns my stomach. Ugh.

If the term "pimped out" was used in any reference to the Obama family, it would be page one news, and it should be. Bill Clinton compared the Obama South Carolina vote to Jesse jackson and it was considered racist. I have never considered a comparison to Jesse Jackson an insult. How can it be. He stood wil Martin Luther King right to the end.

Never mind the anchor. Where was the editor on this decision to air it? Shoot him/her also, first I mean. It is time the editors take the heat as much as the anchor. All they are, are talking heads. Please Media , your first amendment rights do NOT protect you from being stupid, which this is the poster event for Stupidity.

The level of political discoure seems to have reached a new low in this situation. To suggest that an intelligent and fine young woman is a whore for her parents is truly disturbing. This idiot should be banned from reporting, as should the neanderthal Limbaugh.

It's not about free speech. It's not about Hillary's Perceived power or motherhood. It's not about PC speech. It's about a debasing of public discourse. Props to MSNBC for enforcing some level of civility.

The liberal press is just following Bill Clinton’s lead about how to treat women. We all remember the way he paid such high respect to Hilary and Chelsea when he engaged in sex acts with Monica Lewinski, Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones.

I am surprised we did not have Hilary on the news crying about how the left wing press has a conspiracy to elect Obama.

When a media personality stated a female basket ball team was a bunch or napped haird whores, the country was outraged. But because its Clinton, it ok to use slang…. This is the same bad taste and should be treated the same… why not be outraged, because Clinton is white?

As a American Indian male, he would have lost some______

While the language is coarse, the facts are plain. I find it "beneath comtempt" that the Clintons would use their daughter like this.

Hillary's call for the firing of someone who offended her daughter's sensibilities exposes her aristocratic attitude. I voted for her in the Florida primary, but I hope Obama wins now. If not I will be voting for McCain.

Ha, let's you know what is on shuster's mind! Very high class politics! And for all those who have said this is a trivial remark, you either have very bad family values, or have no kids! Temporary suspension is not enough. He is a career journalist and should keep above such tasteless remarks. I cannot imagine this happening in the airwaves outside US. This election has been very gender/race driven. Good luck America!

Hillary was using her daughter to get votes. Chelsea was pimping for Hillary. Not a nice choice of words but linguistically accurate. Chelsea is relying on Hillary to give her celebrity status so that she can follow in her parent's political foot steps. In this sense, Hillary is pimping for Chelsea. The pimp factor flows both ways and benefits both. Hillary's response to msnbc is disguised as a defense of her daughter. In truth, she is defending her own decision to have Chelsea solicit votes for her. Chelsea's decision to accept her mother's request was a tactical decision based on her own political ambition. Hillary's "defense" of her daughter is disingenuous at best.

I have been outraged so many times by Chris Matthews' obvious contempt for Senator Clinton's campaign to be President (he beams at the site of Obama and acts as if he hates Hillary), that the fact his partner on Hardball would make this disgusting comment about the Senator's adult daughter is, sadly, not that much of a surprise. What has Chelsea Clinton EVER done to deserve this sickening slam from anyone in the press other than be a poised and well-mannered role model for others?

I do not, however, feel that Shuster's comments go to the level of losing a job. The suspension from the air and the apology are OK. It will be enough when both Shuster and Matthews, as well as many others on MSNBC who call themselves journalists (not the paid politicals), rise to the journalistic level set for them by the likes of Tom Brokaw. They claim to be journalists and, if they want to have the respect that the Brokaw's of this world have earned, they must change their ways and not be so obvious in their personal beliefs. If they do not, they are no better than the crowd over at Fox "Spews."

What happened to freedom of speech...this is PATHETIC, the man will lose his job/credentials because of a slang he used taken out of context - and he this her idea of change... no thank the saying goes..if you can't stand the heat...get out or should I say...go back to the kitchen...OBAMA...YES WE CAN...08...Another MAMA 4 OBAMA!!!!!!

Get OVER it!
I can't wait to have Shuster back.

I used to watch MSNBC a lot, but I have become tired of their
conservative attitudes. All very predictable and boring.

Good bye from me to MSNBC

This is classic Hillary. Which is to say childish and petty. Now I guess unless MSNBC detroys this young man's career she won't go to the debate. This just shows the elitist attitude of upper crust liberals. Whenever any of the "little people" dare say something they dislike it causes an immediate and vindictive overreaction. While it was a crude remark it is not the end of the world. Stop whining and move on.

I find it very interesting that Mr. Wolfson said in response to comments of Mr. Shuster and Mr. Matthews that, "I think at some point you really have to question whether or not there is a pattern here at this particular newtwork where you have comments being made and then apologies given. Is there something that folks are encouraged to do or not to." That seems to me to fit the Clinton campaign perfectly. Isn't that exactly what the Clinton campaign has been doing to Obama, constantly making contemptible comments about him and then apologoize later. Do you recall the comments of Bob Johnson, Mark Penn, Shaheen and Bill Clinton? Further, who is running for president, Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton receives extrorindinary amount of free advertising. If he sneezes, it is on TV. In fact, I have never seen a campaign in which a candidate and her surrogates receive so much free TV time, each saying the same old pro Hillary propaganda. I am still trying to fiqure out Hillary's 35 years of experience. Of course, that means her experience started when she was 25 years old. One thing about the Clintons, you can't believe a word they say.

not polite but not a huge deal

Hillary and Obama should cancel their debate on MSNBC. Sooner or later, these tasteless networks (Faux News
in particular) should be held accountable for their actions and
thoroughly boycotted.

The vicious nature of these anti-Clinton comments and the moronic rationalizations of their daughter's attackers says volumes about the character of those who condone Schuster's insults. The "high ground" they claim for themselves turns out to be no more than a dung heap.

Bill Clinton's behavior in the White House denigrated Chelsea far more than did Shuster's comment which is likely true. Heck, he even denigrated good cigars.

I agree with everyone's comments that she can't handle these kinds of insults. Hillary's a freakin cry baby. She's has no business running for president if she's going to get insulted about every single comment. A woman shouldn't be running the most powerful country in the world anyway, I don't care how much experience she has in politics. Women are too damn emotional, she will not be able to handle all the evil insults in this world. She SUKS and our country is doomed if all those i diots out there vote her into office.

Enough of this melodrama! Yes, Schuster made a callous comment and MSNBC has been too abrasive towards the Clinton campaign, but this was hardly a deeply damaging blow to Chelsea Clinton's character. MSNBC needs to keep criticisms of candidates at a civil and reasoned level, period. Neither sexism nor racism have a place in this campaign season.

Let's remove this story from the headlines and get back to the issues facing our nation. I look forward to never hearing about this story ever again.

ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR...Hillary wants to use Chelsea, then she can't cry about what people have to say...

The fact is the wording was a poor choice, but never the less a true statement. Reporter should apologize and the network should move on to more important topics.

I would think that Clinton's behavior in the White House oval office was a much more embarrassing to Chelsea. Where is the perspective?

If her parents got away with claiming all his bimbo erruptions were "just about sex", and Hillary, the Mother who allowed her then teenager daughter to be exposed to national press coverage about her father getting BJ's in the oval office and having phone sex with a young intern, while "standing by her man" doesn't like when a reporter uses a pop culture phrase, hopefully people will see they are only trying to get some media coverage. Guess the free ticket from the media giants ran out after her hubby gave them the digital spectrum for free. Ahhhh, too bad!

I think his comments were spot on! It's too bad that she has to hide behind mommies skirt or behind daddy. She has put herself in the arena now it's time to fight the bull. For you apologists out there. get a life.

My intelligence is continuously insulted by the infantilism of news pseudo-personalities on this and other networks. Shuster's schoolboy use of gendered language is unacceptable, period, and future generations will use soundbytes such as this to show just how far the declining US lagged behind the rest of the Western world in social equality during the early 21st century. I wouldn't have suspended Shuster, though; I never would have hired someone so consistently inarticulate to be a news reader in the first place.

I am 65 years old with two grown daughter, If anyone called them prostitutes--even as a figure of speech--I would have to call them out--pistols or sawed off shotguns at short range--makes no difference to me. I am sure the little weasel wouldn't show up anyway.

Many of you are making very broad assumptions about the Clintons' "use" of their daughter in Hillary's campaign. If you were running for president, or any equally large personal challenge, then would you hope your grown child would support you and aid your efforts to achieve your goals? Who says Chelsea is being forced or used?
She is is made a public figure as a voluntarily member of the Clinton campaign staff and as such she performs whatever role they ask of her, of her own free will. The comment was irrelevant, disgusting, distracting and, at best, mud slinging.
I can't say whether he should have been suspended or not, but I don't think that outrage from the Clinton camp lead to this course of action as MSNBC is not beholden to the opinion of Presidential candidates, but makes choice independently about what is acceptable from the employees that represent them to the world.
Freedom of Speech is the unhindered ability to say anything, not a free pass to make crude, irrelevant commentary about others.
What's more, how dare any of you judge this family who, as people, are total strangers to you?
Hillary Clinton is a person and is not perfect. You want to waste your time and energy condemning her for a whole variety of stupid reasons, ranging from her marriage to crying, in the meantime our country is fest deteriorating economically and in the eyes of the international world....all this and you're worried about tears and her outrage as a mother?! Get a grip.

This has been a given on MSNBC - to bash women. I watched this video and saw no sincerity in David Shuster, only smirking and empty words. He is a jerk.
David Shuster is not the only one having to apologies on this station. I say don't watch this right wing opinionated crap.

There goes one of our core rights as a United States of America citizens, as referred in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Our Freedom of Speech and the Press.
We are becoming too politically correct in many aspects of American Society.
High Schools having to change their mascot or team's name because it may be considered offensive. And God forbid if I say Merry Christmas to someone and they are not of the Christian faith. Things being said are being taken either too literally or out of context.
Aren't there more important things in this country to focus our attention?

Shame on MSNBC, Mr.Shuster spoke the unvarnished truth. Miss Chelsea has "pimped out" a number of times over the years. Why is the press being forced to handle the Clintons with such very soft gloves?

Posted by: patsy moler | February 10, 2008 1:19 PM

If he'd made the same sort of remark about Romney's sons most people be all over him. But because we're talking about two women, suddenly it's okay.

Do you really think that "pimping out" should be part of a good news story or reporting? Surely there is another way to frame the statement. The Clintons much like Romney are/were are enlisting their families help, as the races are so very tight. I am surprised your advertisers are so lenient as we start to boycott their products in a down turning economy. Shuster should receive the same treatment as Imus. The click you just heard was me looking for some balanced reproting.

Sadly his comment is the vernacular of our time and sometimes it is hard to suppress when you are speaking what you believe.

Because of "commentators" such as David Shuster I have all but stopped watching MSNBC. I used to ALWAYS try to watch Keith Olbermann because I like his views, humor, his Bush commentaries. But I have grown SOOO WEARY of the same old faces - the guy from Newsweek and all the others - who inhabit all of his programs that I just couldn't take it any longer. Good riddance to Shuster; he adds very little in the way of news or commentary to make much difference, anyway.

So I guess the truth hurts?! Chelsea Clinton is fair game as she is almost 30yrs. old. If Hillary Clinton is a mother first, then why is she trying to run for president? I've had ENOUGH of the Clinton spectacle trying to control this country's thought process! I guess FREE SPEECH only applies when she makes derogatory and false claims about anyone who gets in her way.
What is she going to do when she or her family gets insulted or threatened by a foreign superpower? Cry! Oh wait she already did that. Oh Well.....

God Bless This Mess
-Sheryl Crow

Daddy’s in the hallway
Hanging pictures on the wall
Mama’s in the kitchen
Making casseroles for all
My brother came home yesterday
From somewhere far away
He doesn’t look like I remember
He just stares off into space
He must’ve seen some ugly things
He just can’t seem to say

God bless this mess
God bless this mess

Got a job in town
Selling insurance on the phone
With Robert and Teresa
And two con men from back home
Everyone I call up doesn’t have the time to chat
Everybody is so busy doing this and doing that
Something has gone missing

And it makes me kinda sad, oh

God bless this mess
God bless this mess
God bless this mess

Heard about the day
that two skyscrapers came down
Firemen, policemen
And people came from all around
The smoke covered the city
And the body count arise
The president spoke words of comfort
With tears in his eyes
Then he led us as a nation
Into a war all based on lies, oh

God bless this mess
God bless this mess
God bless this mess
God bless this mess

We can't afford to wait
Barack or Hillary in 08
'Cause this country won't survive another Republican Presidency.

MSNBC was fun-until Schuster, Chris Mathews,Keith Olbermann, et al, became so infatuated with Obama they could not go more than a minute without extolling his virtues or criticizing one or more Clintons. The repetition and bias got annoying and boring.

Seems cable "news" channels want to make news rather than report factually.
I suggest they all be suspended--not for any particular comment but for the aggregate mess as a whole!

Nothing shocking, - just further exhibits the depraved depths our mass media has sunk to. Talk about lack of class and common sense hitched to a near total disregard for the sensitivites of the American people, and you're talking about MSNBC.
I try to avoid MSNBC, I encourage you to do the same. By the way, who is pimping David Shuster?

Final thought: The pimps at MSNBC should retire Shuster permanently and let him get on with his true calling in life as an announcer for Friday Night Professional Wrestling -- if they still have it on Friday nights -- i don't know; I don't watch it...

Aren't news anchors supposed to show neutrality while on the air? That comment was spiteful and unprofessional.

The comment was right on.
She is being used by the campaign to try to get the immature vote.
"Pimped" is a reliable youth expression for being "USED".
This reporter should never have been suspended or otherwise reprimanded.

I am just totally disgusted with nbc, msnbc, chris matthews, hannity(from hannity and colmes), and the list goes, on and on, and on!

I was a hillary supporter, but I switched over to the candidate that I feel as a Christian Catholic I would have to vote for.

Nothing against HIllary...she is by far the best of the two democratic candidates, but my conscience tells me that I must choose the candidate that "Jesus" would choose.

I never took the time to study all the candidates to see where they all stand on issues and their moral beliefs.

I am ashamed of myself to come this far supporting hillary, to only find out that she is not the candidate that I, as a christian(Catholic) would vote for.

Even worse is Obama.

I came across an article in the, dated January 29,2008, and it is titled "Hyprocrite Obama Praises Jesus".

The article is quite detailed and worth reading.

Obama says that part of his mission , as a politician,"is to go out and do the Lord's work".

If Obama is doing the "Lord's work, he should shut down every abortuary. Instead he castigates the Supreme Court for banning partial-birth abortions.

Very disturbing to me, I am from Illinois, was an article that was written in the World Net Daily:,it talks about "Why esus would not vote for Barack Obama!

In February 2004,; it reads, "U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, sent a fundraising letter with the alarming news, that' "right wing politicians" had passed a law stopping doctors from stabbing half born babies in the neck with scissors, suctioning out their brains and crushing their skulls".

Michelle Obama called partial-birth "a legitimate medical procedure", and wouldn't supporters please pay $150.00 to attend a luncheon for her husband, who would fight against "cynical ploy(s)" to STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

Jill Stanek who wrote the article stated that herself as a nurse at an Illinois hospital in 1999, she discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms. She discovered infanticide.

She states, that she has framed on her wall...(you can download the following CHicago Sun-times cartoon on that site that I put up abocve).....a Sun-Times cartoon published during the campaign Obama is holding a sign with 'LIVE BIRTH ABORTION" on it. GOD is reaching down from heaven to a baby in front of Obama, and the baby is reaching up to GOD. Obama is yelling at GOD

Imagine the uproar if Chelsea Clinton was a black girl! If Don Imus was fired then so should David Shuster. I used to enjoy MSNBC and watch every day. No more. The outright and outrageous bias against Senator Clinton makes me sick. In NH we were accused of being racist for voting for her. So does that make the poeple of Iowa sexists and those of SC racists? Why wasn't that comment made when Mr. Obama won the majority of the black vote? I am getting a very bad feeling of some reverse descrimination with a healthy dose of sexism from this station. Why are comments made about Senator Clinton's appearance, voice, laugh, dress, but nothing about her opponent? He reminds people of JFK? As the press praises him now will they cover for him if HE brings women in to the White House after dark? Not that he will live in the White house so the point is moot.

Why didn't MSNBC and/or CNN NOT say that George Bush was pimping out his daughters when he dragged them to center stage at the GOP convention to speak on his behalf? Or pimped Laura at every State of the Union address to sit with those poor souls he uses as examples of his compassionate conservatism? Hillary Clinton is a bull's eye on the target because of her husband's past indiscretions. But that's because it's easier to take shots like that than reporting on her positions on issues and her real-life experience.

Misogynist Sex-est Networking Boys Club! How can you let David Shuster makes such remarks about Sen. Clinton's daughter? If he said something like that about Obama he would be fired for racism, but here he's making misogynist remarks about Chelsea and you suspend him for a few days. He should be fired PERIOD. Frankly your network should offer tolerance classes to Chris, Tim, and Keith.

Among my friends MSNBC is the new faux Fox News channel.

In this context "Pimping out" has NOTHING to do with SEX.

It was another way to say that in calling superdelegates for support she was "devoted to corrupt or unworthy purposes".

Some people "prostitute their talents" - this again NOT ABOUT SEX!

It simply means using their talents for what may be considered "UNWORTHY" of them.


I am just totally disgusted with nbc, msnbc, chris matthews, hannity(from hannity and colmes), and the list goes, on and on, and on!

I was a hillary supporter, but I switched over to the candidate that I feel as a Christian Catholic I would have to vote for.

Nothing against HIllary...she is by far the best of the two democratic candidates, but my conscience tells me that I must choose the candidate that "Jesus" would choose.

I never took the time to study all the candidates to see where they all stand on issues and their moral beliefs.

I am ashamed of myself to come this far supporting hillary, to only find out that she is not the candidate that I, as a christian(Catholic) would vote for.

Even worse is Obama.

I came across an article in the, dated January 29,2008, and it is titled "Hyprocrite Obama Praises Jesus".

The article is quite detailed and worth reading.

Obama says that part of his mission , as a politician,"is to go out and do the Lord's work".

If Obama is doing the "Lord's work, he should shut down every abortuary. Instead he castigates the Supreme Court for banning partial-birth abortions.

Very disturbing to me, I am from Illinois, was an article that was written in the World Net Daily:,it talks about "Why esus would not vote for Barack Obama!

In February 2004,; it reads, "U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, sent a fundraising letter with the alarming news, that' "right wing politicians" had passed a law stopping doctors from stabbing half born babies in the neck with scissors, suctioning out their brains and crushing their skulls".

Michelle Obama called partial-birth "a legitimate medical procedure", and wouldn't supporters please pay $150.00 to attend a luncheon for her husband, who would fight against "cynical ploy(s)" to STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

Jill Stanek who wrote the article stated that herself as a nurse at an Illinois hospital in 1999, she discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms. She discovered infanticide.

She states, that she has framed on her wall...(you can download the following CHicago Sun-times cartoon on that site that I put up abocve).....a Sun-Times cartoon published during the campaign Obama is holding a sign with 'LIVE BIRTH ABORTION" on it. GOD is reaching down from heaven to a baby in front of Obama, and the baby is reaching up to GOD. Obama is yelling at GOD"You keep out of this!"
Despite all were suppose to believe that he is a christian, and has found God, explain to all us christians, why you think Jesus would vote for you either now or in the hereafter, particulary given the lord's statement"It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around the neck than to face the punishment in store for harming one of these little ones"

Next time you look at Michelle Obama or Barack Obama on tv, remember her words about the 150.00 she needed from her husbands supporters to stop cynical people like us from murdering innocent babies.

Please I beg all you catholics, and christians of different faiths....God would not vote for Barack Obama or HIllary Clinton.

It is a little creepy how he is becoming the New Messiah. The young ones are calling him their "Jesus coming to save them" Obama does not even discourage this talk, but let's it continue one, enjoying it. If he were truly a christian and a man of God, he would discourage this...this kind of association with him as their Jesus or new Messiah is sacriligous.

There also is a Brown Statue of him at the Chicago Art Institute depicting him as the "Brown Jesus". This is deplorable, and he should have the decency to tell the institute to remove it. If he were again truly a christian, he would do so!!!!!!

I am just totally disgusted with nbc, msnbc, chris matthews, hannity(from hannity and colmes), and the list goes, on and on, and on!

I was a hillary supporter, but I switched over to the candidate that I feel as a Christian Catholic I would have to vote for.

Nothing against HIllary...she is by far the best of the two democratic candidates, but my conscience tells me that I must choose the candidate that "Jesus" would choose.

I never took the time to study all the candidates to see where they all stand on issues and their moral beliefs.

I am ashamed of myself to come this far supporting hillary, to only find out that she is not the candidate that I, as a christian(Catholic) would vote for.

Even worse is Obama.

I came across an article in the, dated January 29,2008, and it is titled "Hyprocrite Obama Praises Jesus".

The article is quite detailed and worth reading.

Obama says that part of his mission , as a politician,"is to go out and do the Lord's work".

If Obama is doing the "Lord's work, he should shut down every abortuary. Instead he castigates the Supreme Court for banning partial-birth abortions.

Very disturbing to me, I am from Illinois, was an article that was written in the World Net Daily:,it talks about "Why esus would not vote for Barack Obama!

In February 2004,; it reads, "U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, sent a fundraising letter with the alarming news, that' "right wing politicians" had passed a law stopping doctors from stabbing half born babies in the neck with scissors, suctioning out their brains and crushing their skulls".

Michelle Obama called partial-birth "a legitimate medical procedure", and wouldn't supporters please pay $150.00 to attend a luncheon for her husband, who would fight against "cynical ploy(s)" to STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

Jill Stanek who wrote the article stated that herself as a nurse at an Illinois hospital in 1999, she discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms. She discovered infanticide.

She states, that she has framed on her wall...(you can download the following CHicago Sun-times cartoon on that site that I put up abocve).....a Sun-Times cartoon published during the campaign Obama is holding a sign with 'LIVE BIRTH ABORTION" on it. GOD is reaching down from heaven to a baby in front of Obama, and the baby is reaching up to GOD. Obama is yelling at GOD"You keep out of this!"
Despite all were suppose to believe that he is a christian, and has found God, explain to all us christians, why you think Jesus would vote for you either now or in the hereafter, particulary given the lord's statement"It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around the neck than to face the punishment in store for harming one of these little ones"

Next time you look at Michelle Obama or Barack Obama on tv, remember her words about the 150.00 she needed from her husbands supporters to stop cynical people like us from murdering innocent babies.

Please I beg all you catholics, and christians of different faiths....God would not vote for Barack Obama or HIllary Clinton.

It is a little creepy how he is becoming the New Messiah. The young ones are calling him their "Jesus coming to save them" Obama does not even discourage this talk, but let's it continue one, enjoying it. If he were truly a christian and a man of God, he would discourage this...this kind of association with him as their Jesus or new Messiah is sacriligous.

There also is a Brown Statue of him at the Chicago Art Institute depicting him as the "Brown Jesus". This is deplorable, and he should have the decency to tell the institute to remove it. If he were again truly a christian, he would do so!!!!!!

The reporter should be fired! He should go back to school and learn how to use words correctly!

How is it that Hillary can call the General leading the troops in Iraq a lier an she is fine with that ? But good Lord, call her ugly daughter a pimped out media whore and she goes ballistic.

I don't know when it's ever appropriate to call a woman a hoar or to even insinuate that she is one, unless she earns that reputation herself. And to my knowledge, Chelsea Clinton has never done that. It's not a question of whether or not we've heard the word before. The comment was inappropriate AND inaccurate. That's not "good reporting", it's slander.

Saying that "pimped out" has become part of the common vernacular is quite a slippery slope and not a good argument for allowing this sort of disrespectful speech on NEW TV. Bit** and Ho"e" are also quite common but most would agree it doesn't belong on the News, especially in reference to a young woman who has done nothing wrong.

When is it the media's responsibility to be "nice". They did PIMP her out. Shame on Shuster for buckling to his bosses' political correctness.

Oh come on Hilary, this is politics, not the 5th grade playground. Put on your big-girl underpants and stop whining. Hilary's response was a contrived mkting ploy to gain ground with women. Is it me, or do we really want a president who cries "bully" everytime her feelings get hurt. Suck it up Hilary, this is the big leagues and your feelings don't count anymore. You want to run a nation and you can't take a little criticism, you better try running for school board first, and see how that goes.

Shuster's comments about Chelsea Clinton used a slang expression that hasn't yet been comprehended and accepted by older generations. "Pimped out", taken literally might be offensive to some who don't understand how the expression is used. However, if you understand that it's merely an expression that means "to be used by another for that one's gain", it takes on a different tone. Shuster is normally a good reporter but he should have stayed away from expressions like this that could easily be misinterpreted.

I'm broken-hearted that such a respectable, straight-reporting and usually unbiased reporter as David Shuster is suffering suspension as a result of his regrettable misspeak regarding Chelsea Clinton. I was listening the day David was subbing for Tucker Carlson. I felt momentary shock, but I attributed his unusual (for him) terminology to his attempt at being more like Tucker while filling in on the show. Some time ago, Tucker's crude remark about reflexively "crossing his legs tightly" whenever he thinks of Hillary Clinton becoming Pres. got no attention at all????? My opinion of David Shuster is as a very articulate, skilled and thoughtful reporter, whose career I pray will continue to rise, disspite this foolish error.

I remember a time when people were punished for what they did, not what they said, Hard to believe, isn't it.

I think the Clintons are grasping for any sort of attention that they can get. While I once respected Hillary I now see her as a "victim" and overly dependent on her husband to swing the vote her way. One day we will have a strong woman leader. Hillary is not it.

Oh, please. I'm a Democrat and not a Hillary-hater--but this incident really reinforces my vague distate to the multipage playbook of meaningless political nonsense. Shuster's language was colorful and contemporary--although perhaps a bit disrepectful to the more delicate among us. Certainly the Clintons know that--and so does MSNBC management--and this silly mini-drama just makes me more appreciative of the kind of "let's-cut-out-the-crap" attitude underlying the appeal of candidates like Obama and McCain.

NBC News executives should consider the effect on their credibility when they cave in to a politician's demand to suspend or fire a reporter. The Clintons have their own motives for trashing the press. Read

I would pop my nutz on that Chelsea for being such a lil Ho, she needs a good spanking for being pimped out, at least shes looking at lil better now, used to be I woulda had to toss a bag over her head before poppin her

What a joke!!! The Clinton machine will use anything, anyone, to advance their political goals. Chelsea IS being pimped out. Hell, Billary will pimp out their own souls to improve their chance to win. They act insulted, (and I do mean act), but what they are actually doing is manufacturing a sympathy play. Shame on them, and shame on the media for playing along.

why is this such a big deal. all he did was tell the truth. This is exactly what the clintons do and people are just simply not smart enough to see it. I'll lay it out. One of her cronies say's something more reprehenisble then what schuster said and then hilary claims she doesn't support it. knowing that the statement is already out and having an impact. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. Please america wake up and see that this is the most evil political family there is. and for the person that claimed that msnbc is a right wing media outlet. ARE YOU SERIOUS they are the furthest left out of all of them. they are in the pockets of the DNC. seriously do some actual watching before commenting.

I think he should be fired for his Imus-like remark. One writer pointed out that gender discrimination is still significant. Sure shows in Shuster's sexualizing Ms. Clinton work for her mom.

As for the election, this seems like the Seneca Falls meeting in the 1800s between abolitionists and suffragettes. Emancipation of all slaves in the 1860s but no votes for women until the 1920s.

IDIOTS, this is not a First Amendment issue. There was no government action in restricting the speech, hence no problem. Try learning something about our Constitution before you go spouting off about perceived injustices, otherwise you just sound foolish.

Go Obama Go! Stop the nonsense that is the Clintons.

Nothing shocking, - just further exhibits the depraved depths our mass media has sunk to. Talk about lack of class and common sense hitched to a near total disregard for the sensitivites of the American people, and you're talking about MSNBC.
I try to avoid MSNBC, I encourage you to do the same. By the way, who is pimping David Shuster?

Final thought: The pimps at MSNBC should retire Shuster permanently and let him get on with his true calling in life as an announcer for Friday Night Professional Wrestling -- if they still have it on Friday nights -- i don't know; I don't watch it...

It's so obvious that Hillary is capitalizing on this so called "controversy" for sympathy votes. Come on, Chelsea is TWENTY EIGHT years old and makes over $100K/year at a consulting firm in NYC. And we're supposed to think that mother hen Hillary now has to rush to the defense of her helpless child after the big mean anchorman said a bad thing? Gimme a break. The minute Chelsea starting phoning super delegates she became fair game, stupid comment or not. Politics is ruthless, she more than most of us should know that.

It's irrelevant whether you think Shuster's comments were inappropriate. That's not even the issue. The story the media should be reporting on is why it's ok for a presidential candidate to manipulate a system which, during a dead heat primary, allows a super delegate (who holds the power of over 10K votes) to receive influential phone calls from a candidate's daughter, all in the name of "fairness". Should Obama begin coaching his two young daughters and get his list of super delegates out?

I admit, the comment was disgraceful. But, where is the heart of "Compassionate Conservatism" and forgiveness that MSNBC espouses? Bush can lie and kill millions, and that's permissible? Let one Anchor make a joke, and it reaks of a Don Imus Lynch Mob. What about Bill? Lying about Oral Sex and Hilliary blaming Bill's adultery on a vast "Right Wing Conspiracy." Then, have we forgotten the gall of Bill Clinton to allow Janet "The butcher of Waco" massacre people in a church in Waco, Texas, including infants and children.

And we're going to get miffed over a statement taken out of context? These are people's lives these politicians are destroying.

Is this what we want in this nation? Another 8 years of the Clinton's?

Just you wait. Hilliary gets in and we'll have a "World Wide Waco." I'm afraid it will be the same if McCain gets in.

We're basically screwed anyway.

Why was Chelsea calling superdelegates? They have already pledged their support to one candidate or the other. Was she trying to get one to change his or her vote to make votes intended for Obama apply to Clinton? I can't think of any honorable reason for contact between a campaign and a delegate. The "outrage" expressed on the "pimped out" comment seems like a distraction.

Im an undecided voter that faithfully watches Morning Joe and Hardball. Why didn't you show John McCain's mother washing out David Shusters Mouth with soap. First it was Imus about Rutgers, then Kelly Tilghman about Tiger, now David Shuster.

I think his appology was all that was needed.

Now he can have his own show.

Words and the spin they create are very powerful, Mr Schuster's personnal political comments should only be accepted if they are a personnal byline, such as those directed by both the conservative right and liberal left. We can take these for what they contain, personnal views, and either accept or reject as we see fit. Wives and Children's of candidates have been seen in the open, daily public eye for the past 4 decades, sonce the Kennedy's came into office.
All public media should be careful in their commentary of family members of the politicians.
The response by MSNBC is no greater than the suspension by the Golf Channel or the firing of Imus. If the politician is in the eye of the public so also should the reporters who provide their commentary. We all suffer when this style of misrepresentation is made by a very public commentator.
As a general public we have become very sensitive to critical comment on all sides, but insensitivity on the part of those providing the commentary should not be accepted.

1st Admendment out the door with the Clintons. The Second Admendment will be too if they are elected. Insideous suspension of rights through political correctness!

Good grief! Chelsea is on the campaign trail, calling The View, calling superdelegates but she is off limits? She isn't 16 anymore. Shuster's comments were true but don't let facts get in the way--Hillary sure can pick when to use "political correctness" but uses dirty political tactics herself!

I think he should not have been suspended, or have had to apologize. His remarks were neither outrageous or insulting. Adults say adult things!! Clinton should have laughed it off and moved on. She's gone crying to the teacher because someone said something she didn't like, Well Suck It Up. We have the Freedom of Speech like it or not, and this apology was unwarranted, analysts are entitled to their opinion and I think it behooves MSNBC to suspend one of its analysts for speaking the truth. Clinton is using her daughter to gain something, much as a pimp would use a prostitute to gain something, his opinion could not be any more plain. The truth sometimes hurts.

I really wonder if anyone has thought about the many demeaning things that have been said or written about President Bush.

He is the president like him or not.

The Clintons are only wannabe's.

How will they stand it when people say really demeaning thing about them and Chelsea like they have about President Bush and his family.

I don't recal him asking a network to suspend or fire someone.

The Clintons are really thinskinned and vindictive.

You should beware!

Joe, you hit the nail on the head. It's NOT honorable for a candidate to be contacting super delegates to sway them, people who have already pledged their support on way or another. So yes, the reason Chelsea was calling them was to get Obama delegates to change their minds. That's what Shuster was criticizing when he said what he said. Super delegates are actually supposed to represent their districts and vote accordingly. These people have enormous power, each super delegate averages out to around 10,700 votes!

So yes, WHY is it ok for Chelsea to try to get these super delegates to change their minds in a hotly contested race, yet all the media, and the Clintons, want to do is harp on David Shuster? Why indeed.

I suppose it's perfectly legal, but it's swarmy and it's probably why the Clinton's want to change the subject.

you will be ok mr shuster, but you would not if chelsea had been black

WHAT else would you call what the Clinton campaign is doing to Chelsea? It's not about the gender - I've seen male athletes "pimp out" their brethren (and children) to get out the vote, so to speak (or sell the jersey, whatever). And that's exactly what I called it then, and that's what this is as well. She's being pimped out.

Maybe it's an unfortunate choice of words, but the fact is, that expression is used constantly to refer to similar situations - why are the Clintons so special that nobody's allowed to insult them?

I thought, when she was under 18, that Chelsea was unfairly targeted, but she has inserted herself into the political process on behalf of her parents (as the result of some "urging"), and therefore she has entered the public eye. She's just as fair game as John Kerry, Mitt Romney, or Bob Dole. And Lord knows, her parents have no problem performing character assassinations on other public figures, so it may be one of those "what comes around, goes around..." kinda things.

I think Chelsea as a adult lady should be able to defend herself and not cry to mommy.
Oh by the way if that was not pimping then I don't know what pimping is.

The Clinton's are manipulating us, yet again. And to think I was part of their fan club, for oh so long. I am part of that 50/50 group Hillary group is depending on, and an Ohio voter...Go Barack!!

This Clinton HATE has been going on for a long time. Matthews, Scarborough, Mika,You name um. Maybe you should suspend them all. Just report the dammed news. We don't always need to hear your'e opinion.Are you trying to compete with FOX? Norah Odonnal is another basher. They all think they are real cute!!!!

We Harrumph Therefore We ARE.

For years I've looked to David Shuster for the most professional reports on all subjects. He says one thing that's perhaps a poor choice of words and MSNBC throws him under the bus? It makes me want to switch the dial to the FOX network.

I find Hilary Clinton's threat to pull out of the MSNBC debate over a comment demonstrates her inability to lead. How would she respond if a foreign government made a critical comment concerning her husband, "Go to War", over it.

This is definitely a lot to do about nothing. You send your daughter to make phone calls to sollicit votes, reminds me of another profession that comes to mind.

I think David Shuster is typically a stand up guy. I'm not going to defend what he said, but the whole thought/word police on this topic and others is getting very disturbing. Let's keep in mind the Clintons will do anything and everything to destroy anyone they deem in the way of their 'destiny'. I think the American people and the press have followed the Clintons previous requests to leave Chelsea alone. But now, if they are having her appear on the campaign trail then she's open fodder as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure he was trying to make a point that they've even brought Chelsea out now on her mothers behalf. He wasn't calling her a prostitute. He said they've pimped her out. I take that to mean the Clintons have now decided it's suddently ok for Chelsea to become a public figure when Hillary is trying to overcome Obama's recent gains. It was a word for cripes sake. People really need to get a grip. Focus on the issues or making your neighborhood a better place. Anyone remember sticks and stones???

A professional television news anchor only reports news without adding his or her own personal feeling. David Shuster broke the rules as a professional news anchor, so MSNBC did the right thing to temporarily suspended him.

I understand Michelle Obama has been contacting superdelegates in support of Senator Obama.

When is it safe to call her a "ho?"

I don't doubt they did "pimp her out" for the mommy and daddy cause.

I wonder if daddy apologized to the parents of his "cigar babe"?


David Shuster takes great pains to be fair when it comes to dealing with issues.

I believe that children of candidates should be off limits.

Chelsea Clinton is an adult, as well as a public figure who chose to volunteer and assist with her mother's presidential campaign, therefore, she should not be off limits from the press.

Yes, David Shuster made a poor choice of words "Pimping Chelsea" but he only stated the obvious. The Clinton campaign put Chelsea to work in an attempt to get the youth vote as well as contact and sway super delegates. Any reasonably sane person knew immediately what he was saying.

Chelsea is an adult public figure and as such should be required to be held accountable like anyone else for her decisions and actions. She doesn't talk to the media give me a break. The Clinton Campaign is being hypocritical and can not have it both ways.

I hope that MSNBC will take into account David's overall performance and put him back on the air.

David Shuster is an outstanding reporter who deserves a 2nd chance.

Good Lord! If the Clinton's are not the epitome of HYPOCRISY, I don't know who is.

If someone said my daughter or son was being "pimped out" at school, who would make a big deal over it? Nobody. Suck it it up and move on

David has apologized. That should be the end of it when his suspension is over. I hope he won't be further influenced by Chris M., Tucker, Joe S. and the rest of those MSNBC "men" who never have anything positive to say about Ms. Clinton. It's troubling, that they're picking and promoting the candidates. Chelsea has no obligation to speak to the media. She's a volunteer. How many of the other volunteers have the media interviewed? If she spoke to them, she would most likely be misquoted. The media should get over themselves.

Yes, "Hypocrisy" is the right word here. Bill, of Oral Office notoriety, is not much of a "Daddy". I feel sorry for that Chelsea.

Call it like it is...MSNBC is definitely biased against the Clinton campaign and Schuster was the one who simply said what Matthews and Russert only wish they had the guts to say. Only Dan Abrams has been fair in his coverage of the primaries; he has the guts to call out Obama for his double standards. Schuster is an idiot! All of you who think Hillary is overeacting should consider that every one of you would be the first to hire a lawyer and sue for all it's worth! Don't bother to justify yourselves; it just makes you all look lame. Schuster should be fired! Imus was fired for something equally as offensive. Bite the bullet MSNBC and kick him to the curb.

I like David Shuster. He is one of the best at MSNBC. I believe Keith Olberman has said far worse things--AND THEN Olberman apoligizes for Shuster. Blergh!! Hell, Bill Clinton walks around with his foot in his mouth all the time. Chelsea is almost 30 years old--not anyones "baby child" any more. So, I guess the show, 'Pimp My Ride', should have been suspended. The word pimp has changed a bit over time--kind of like the words straight and gay have. "Pimp" can mean PUT TO WORK. It is not always associated with prostitution. Put Shuster back on. Take Tucker off the air for never admitting that his Daddy was the chairman-or something-of the Scooter Libby Defense Fund. Didn't a Pug radio talk show host basically call Chelsea a dog? What did Hillary do then? Really, put Shuster back on, and tell Hillary to get over herself. Also, I think the first black president needs to stop making this race about race. The Clintons must not have much else going on.

Ok Hill is upset that she pimped out her daughter? I don’t see bill beating his chest and pounding the table over this nonsense!
What if china calls her daughter a name ? Is she gonna “George Bush” the “Button” on them. As far as the MSNBC debate threat..Ob is sick of the debate nonsense….he may not even agree to do it. Hill needs to WOMAN-UP! I don’t remember her putting chel on the “strole” for other campaigns …why now? Oh yea desperate times call for desperate measures



Fire Mr Schuster....and I have a question, where did he learn that word ? is he married? does he have daughters ? does his mom knows that he uses this language? where did he go to school?

I watched when he said it and personally I thought it was funny. Oh course he wasn't implying that they were sending out their daughter to perform sexual favors. I like and respet the Clintons but this faux-anger makes me lose even more respect for the tactics they've been employing. The campaign don't even allow her to answer questions but then let her beg for superdelegates. Frankly, I agree that they are "pimping" their daughter.

The people on here who are trashing Senator Clinton over this are pathetic. This has nothing to do with slang or Chelsea being an adult. this is another example of how when it comes to the Clintons you people thing EVERYTHING is ok. You have no shame in your hatred. Here's the bottom line. If the same thing had been said about Michelle Obama the world would have been OUTRAGED at the racist undertone of the statement and they would be justified in that outrage. It is because of narrow minded, intellectually lazy people like those above who are trashing Clinton for this that we have had to suffer through 8 years of Bush.

This is nothing more than a new Clinton political ploy at getting 'sorry for them' votes, the unsuspecting public may fall again for it, she already got away with the crying on cue bit, now that Obama is so close, they are using this allege attack on the daughter.

Bottom Line:

It looks like you got some vote fraud hankypanky, and selling of votes going on in the democratic caucuses. Obama seems to be doing disproportionately well in the caucuses where it is easier to commit vote fraud, and sell votes. Obama has not been doing as well in the non caucus primary's where you can't cheat the vote as easily.

I smell a pole cat. I smell the Karl Rove vote fraud machine at work. This looks like past presidential elections where most voters leaving the poles said they voted for the other guy. But Bush still won. No wonder Obama thinks the republicans have some good ideas. Apparently a lot of republicans are voting for Obama in the democratic caucuses.

The insurance companies, and medical industry that have been ripping you off, and killing you are determined to keep you, the American people from having good universal health care. So it seems they are supporting Obama. Along with the republican vote fraud machine.

This looks like a great story for a team of aggressive investigative reporters. Or maybe some good documentary film makers like Michael Moore, or Oliver Stone.

If I were the Clinton's, I would focus like a laser bean on what has been going on in the democratic caucuses. No wonder the Republicans like Obama so much. Looks like he's their man in the democratic caucuses.

I'm absolutely convinced now that Hillary Clinton is your best choice for good universal health care coverage. And HR 676 (Medicare For All). "Single payer, Tax Supported, Not For Profit, True Universal Health Care" free for all as a right. Like every other developed country in the world has. See:

“HR 676:
For church goers: less money to insur. companies and more to the church- lots more.
Srs on Medicare: save way over $100/wk. Because no more medigap, long term care & dental insur. needed. No more drug bills.”

They really think you are all stupid, inattentive cash cows... It may be time to bring back Bad Bill.

I am so glad to hear that SOMETHING was done about this. I heard him say it and thought, Chelsea is a woman, no longer a 16 year old kid.

It was appalling to hear him say this.

Between Schuster, Nora O'Donnell, and a good chunk of reporters on MSNBC, it's pretty clear that they are so PRO-Obama that it's gotten sickening.

Let's see - Chelsea has lost her childhood so that her father could serve his country, has lost her dignity as a young adult so that Bill could serve his libido, and now is being haled as a prostitute for doing what any decent 27 yr old kid would do for a parent running for office. Today's sexist press IS going to be tomorrow's story, and I sure hope that both Hillary and Chelsea get the first chance at throwing a little dirt on their professional graves.

Common folks! There has to be someone out there who is more professional and worthy of watching than David Shuster? Welcome to the Low Blow Club starring Ismus and Mathis. What garbage. Anderson Cooper gets my vote. Bye bye MSNBC.

Billary will do and say anything to win. This incident proves again that if Billary gets in, we're all in for more distraction and less getting the issues resolved. Go Obama.

Does anyone question the ability of Hillary to see that what Bill did with/to a young (20 yr old)intern was much worse than this so called insult to her daughter. At the time Hill said it was just a vast right wing conspiracy. Do we need a President that blind and stupid? She and Bill might want to sweep around their own back door first. Also, some of you might want to watch FOX News once in awhile. They have been the most even handed source during this way too long election news.

Oh get a grip on yourselves. It was a clumsy and tasteless metaphor for what many of us were already thinking, that she has most likely been ardently pressed into service contrary to her nature or wishes. I believe her regard for her mother would trump her distress but Chelsea has always seemed a shy, private person and has declined to be interviewed by reporters during this campaign. Shuster was taking metaphorical aim at the management. No one in their right mind would have associated this with the horrifying insults Don Imus hurled directly at the young women at Rutgers. Granted the Clinton family has good reason to resent and hold suspect members of the press. Granted that Shuster’s comment was crude and inappropriate as a means to make his point – but an apology was made, publicly. Contrary to the opinions of others expressed here he seemed chastened and humiliated not hollow in making his apology. Now let’s move on without denying the man his livelihood.

Granted, David used poor judgement by using the word "pimped" and Chelsea in the same sentence. I can empathize with her parents taking exception to that characterization of their daughter. However, let's don't forget David also gave viewers some excellent insights into the contemporary political scene; thus, I don't think he should be crucified for his mistake. His suspension should be adequate and also serve as a reminder to other interviewers that they are boundaries of decency they should not cross.

after not watching msnbc for the last few days i find myself acually listening to the reporters instead of trying to sift thru msnbcs'slant and bias.matthews continous reference to the clintons' instead of the clinton campaign,illustrates this bias more msnbc in my house.

if tiger can forgive why can't the clintons? perhaps hit dogs do holler.

These are the times that news teams forget that their personal comments are N O T N E W S

I hope the news teams especially here in South Florida start acting professionally and instead of accidents, fires and shootings though they may impress the hispanic community, are filler at the end of the news of the day

Yo B's!

Homme say: Everyone needs to lighten up, dog!

We're all Americans-- it's just love!


Ah the media makes stupid negative comments to hurt Hillary's Campaign once again.

I don't know why the candidates spend all that money on campaigning... it seems to me that the media is making the decision. Maybe the best strategy is to buy off the media.

Who watches MSNBC? It isn't an independent or professional news source, but instead it has become a mouthpiece for the right-wing. Within that context, Mr. Shuster's comments fit right in.

The fact that David Shuster was suspended for his Chelsea comments is rather comical. Remember when Erin Burnett said that George Bush was a monkey? She gave a phone apology and that was the end of it. He is the President of the United States not the daughter of a candidate. MSNBC you owe David Shuster an apology and bring him back!!!!

I was reading all the comments from males and females re: the comments on Chelsea being "pimed out" and was surprised to notice that there is so much of hatred in America. Hillary cried but did anyone take the trouble to wonder that she is human like all of us and if she reacted about the comment, is she not a "mother". Why feel afraid of a woman who is smart and intelligent. Would you not be bragging if your mothers or daughters are considered by the public as smart and intelligent. Hillary did what any woman would do. Stand by her husband and defend her daughter because she loves them both. Americans should learn to be gentler, kinder to people, no matter the anger you feel towards someone. It makes the world a better place to live. As for the media, they are the worst, they destroy people's characters just for the ratings. I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC. Those guys are out for Hillary. I am not for Hillary or Obama or anybody yet, but I think CNN and MSNBC should be fair and respectful to Hillary. She took alot of bashing from CNN & NSNBC. With your eyes closed, one can tell that Obama was their presidential candidate. Michelle Obama was campaigning all over the white country and yet nobody said nothing against her. We are suppose to teach our children values and respect for each other and yet nobody really learnt anything. We are still so hateful and mean.

The man apologized and was TRULY SINCERE ! ! !
Build a bridge & get over it. But i'm sure the clintons will use this for all the press they can get!
Hillary is vindictive & will not let this go ! !

Temporarily off the air? Please take him off permanently.

Why should David Shuster have to apologize? The Clintons are just using their daughter as a a prop for their own agenda like they have "used" or other people over the years. Why is it any different?

Give me a break. Does anyone actually give a rats left testie.
I'm completely SICK of all this having the walk on egg shells around all these Politically Correct prima dona's.

Hillary "defending" her daughter just as the revived story hits the media of Margaret Truman's father, the President, loyally defended her singing performance. Coincidence? I don't think so.

To all of you whose comments were against this remark and for David "Shysters" suspension I applaud your sensitivity to Hillary Clinton as a mother. To those of you who were against (with all your stinky remarks) too bad you probably had the same bad upbringing that David **** had. As for Hillary not being capable of being President because she is a caring mother that comment is as bad as the pimping comment. What kind of a mother did you have that made her incapable of any other functions as a person.

This is one more way that the Clinton machine and the Liberals play. They can say anything about the Conservatives and anyone on the right. We get it right and they cry. I have been told to grow up and get over it by the media and the Liberals for years. Now it is their turn.

I don't think he should have to apologize. Perhaps not the words I'd use, but Hillary is using her daughter, just as she uses everyone else. She sent out her daughter to get votes for her, and do her dirty work for her. What else would you call that?

We should have higher standards for public discourse than we do for private, personal discussion. We need to raise the tone of our election speech because we are talking about our republic, or our community. On this basis, we should sanction the reporters, commentators, press in general, and particularly the candidates.

Let's get serious about this!

So much for freedom of speech.

Please reinstate D. Schuster. If you want to terminate someone. How about Pat Buchanan, every chance he get it work gender or race in to his opinion. Also, after what Carl Rove did to John McCain in the 2000 election I cannot beleive that Meet the Press had the nerve to ask his opinion on 2-10-08.

What does this say about freedom of speach in America? And, is there a list of PC words to be used on air when you want to speak negatively about an individual?

What does this say about freedom of speach in America? And, is there a list of PC words to be used on air when you want to speak negatively about an individual?

Chelsea is fair game now that she is an official employee of the Clinton Campaign! Besides, Shuster did not attack Chelsea, he stated a fact that her mother is indeed pimping her out (I will not apologize for that).

Posted by: Todd | February 10, 2008 1:16 PM

Now Todd, what if David Shuster had made a nasty comment about men with tiny penises, would you want him to apologize for insulting you?

This kind of comment is symptomatic of the low-brow commentary most of these so-called pundits purvey. It is not a matter of free speech but of gratuitous denigration. Alas, we live in an age of sophomoric put-downs - which of course merely illustrates a general lack of creativity. If you've noticed, most of these put-down "artists," including pundits are either young, without gifts or imagination, and apparently quite poorly educated or old, crabbed men failed at something else in their lives. In fact, their put-downs are depictions of their own inadequacies. It's a very poor age we live in when a commentator - who, for all those defending him, quite readily admitted his mistake - must resort to street language to (attempt to) convey a meaningful thought.

Political discourse in this country has sunk to a new low with David Shuster and his defenders. Not only should Shuster be fired permanently, but he should be given a dictionary as a parting gift to check "pimping". By the way, did he uses the "P" word with reference to Matt Romney's sons, or Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy. and assorted Kennedy kin on the hustings for Obama?

It was an inappropriate comment. I would never use that phrase to describe the legitimate activities of someone's daughter. I would be offended if someone used that sort of language to describe my daughter's activities.

He apologized. That should be the end of it. The Clinton's have now moved into hypocritical calls for heads on platters. They, and their staff, need to let it go and move on. The continued charade of phony righteous indignation will not win any new votes for Clinton.

Must agree with Justus. News broadcasters earn so much money and are among the least articulate and skilled among us. There's nothing wrong with criticizing the Clinton campaign but Schuster's and others' poor word choice and lack of critical analysis is appalling.

Edward R. Murrow is spinning like a top in his grave.

and isn't it just a little bit funny that since Obama has been beating her, Hillbilly fired and replaced her campaign head with a BLACK woman? omg, don't people see through this charade?

"What does this say about freedom of speach in America?'

Posted by: Margaret | February 11, 2008 11:16 AM

Well, it makes sense that the writer, who apparently can't spell "speech," would not expect any higher standards. (BTW, Margaret, I just exercised my freedom by pointing out your ignorance. Fair, but perhaps hurtful and quite unnecessary in other circumstances, wouldn't you say?)

You can tell how old someone is by whether they are offended by "pimped out". If the Clinton's were running a more effective campaign they would not have reacted with such sour grapes!


You wouldn't mind your five year old saying, "pimped out"?

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything you want anytime you want anyway you want to. News personalities have a responsibility to at least pretend to be objective, impartial, and dare I say respectful. Mr. Schuster's comments were reprehensible, I am glad he was suspended and I hope others will more carefully consider their words.

A pimp is someone who sells the body of a whore so for all you people who think it was perfectly OK to make those comments I have to wonder if it would be OK if someone on national TV called you a pimp and your wife/daughter/granddaughtera whore. I bet you would want more than an apology. Two bits you would be suing for defamation of character.

As a strong supporter of Barack Obama, I agree Schuster shouldn't have said what he said.

However, The Clintons seem to want to have it both ways.

1. You can't have your daughter traveling the campaign trail as an official speaker on your behalf and contacting super-delegates AND insist that the media not interview her or talk about her role.

2. You can't run Hillary on her record as First Lady AND refuse to release White House documents from the Presidential library that detail her involvement.


what else would you call it its time to get rid of the bushs and clintons enough is enough. and for the putz that called msnbc a right wing new channel WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING

-...I am torn about having Shuster benched during the campaigns. He is one of the few genuinely neutral reporters, going after only the the truth, not the partisan angle.--

A "genuinely neutral" reporter?

Shuster's demonstration of neutrality seems to have found it's incredulous target! :-)

-...I am torn about having Shuster benched during the campaigns. He is one of the few genuinely neutral reporters, going after only the the truth, not the partisan angle.--

A "genuinely neutral" reporter?

Shuster's demonstration of neutrality seems to have found it's incredulous target! :-)

Wow!! Such hateful words to describe your support of Shuster. Why am I surprised? When Imus said "nappy headed hos" the country was very disgusted by the insult to african american women ie: "nappy headed", as well they should be, but they seemed not to be disgusted by the term "ho" which demeans all women. So I guess it's okay for Americans to keep referring to women as "Prostitutes" as long as they have good hair. Pleeese.

As for you Obama fans, how would it sell if they said that Obama was pimping his wife out? You may prefer Obama, and I'm not saying that I don't, but what is wrong is wrong. You trying to justify using these terms toward women doesn't make me want to vote for anyone you would choose.
Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for your actions.

Whether Chelsea was honorable in calling Superdelegates or not remains for someone else to decide. The real issue here is our need to expect MSNBC moderators to be members of the Fourth Estate, albeit in video form, and as such must be held accountable for reining in their "street language". I should think MSNBC could find someone just as video savy, but with journalistic credentials and integrity. Mr. Schuster is just another news jock trying to get ahead at the expense of someone else. The situation is not about Chelsea Clinton but about the American journalistic tradition run amok.

There can be no tolerance for journalistic bias. We must hold all journalists to the highest standard.

While our Bill of Rights allows for free speech it also holds accountable the speaker for any publicly expressed comments that intentionally defame. Freedom of Speech is not what some of these ignoramuses want to manipulate it to say.
Freedom is a two-edges sword, you take the responsibility along with the right.

I'm even more appalled, however, by the number of females who thought the comment appropriate. Regardless of what they think of the candidate, have they thought what their reaction would be if the comment were addressed to them, their mother, a friend or a daughter? I can't help but think these people do not understand their acceptance of such language reinforces long-held traditions of women as objects to be abused physically and mentally, tortured and used as sacrifice for familial retribution. I suspect their thoughts processes have not run that deep.

Women stand up for your self-respect and that of other women around the world! Time to get your heads out of the sand and stand up for decency. Don't let anyone dictate who or what you are, even if in jest.

MSNBC, fire the bugger and be done with it! His self-serving apology is based on his protecting his self interests and further degrades any integrity he might have had. The man has no redeeming value and we the public, deserve better.

p.s. While a Democrat, I'm still undecided about my presidential choice.

The issue here is the pattern of reporting from NBC and MSNBC from day one of the Hillary's campaign. Matthews had to apologize last month and Shuster suspended over the weekend. But throughout, NBC and MSNBC's so-called reporting has been so one sided, 'Hillary bashing' and 'Obama promoting'. For example, the sound bite they reported on Chelsea recent role of calling celebs was one from The View, where two women made her sound like a kid making calls for her mom. Has anyone heard Chelsea Clinton campaign for her mom? Well let me tell you, she is no kid. She speaks very well & knows her stuff! NBC and MSNBC ... show that sound bite and let us judge for ourselves. Too bad for Shuster & he will likely pay for this with his job, but he should not have gotten caught up in the frenzy at NBC/MSNBC, un-fair and un-balanced.

I think MSNBC has been very unfair to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. I used to like Chris Mathews until this campaign and all his deragatory comments. It is clear he is a fan of Obama's.

What's the matter, does the truth hurt, Bill & Hillary?

I'm sorry I didn't hear about this issue with Shuster until I read the morning papers. I quit watching my (previously) favorite channel when Chris Dodd dropped out of the race and I was deciding whom to vote for on Feb l9th. I found them to be very biased toward Obama. Nothing wrong with the candidate, however, I would just like to make a decision without filtering through their biasses. Chris Matthews had been on my "don't watch" list for a few years but Keith Olbermann was always "must see TV". Now I have gone back to CNN. Craig Crawford had been a guest commentator who was believable but they seemed to have cut back their use of his services. Too bad, it was something to look forward to. At least it's not so easy to detect who CNN wants to see elected. Even Fox presents a more even-handed picture of the Democratic race.

Damn, if the future pres only knew what the hell she was talking about...

Pimped Out: cool, awesome, worthy of a pimp or pimpette

About 30% of the bloggers on this topic have clearly said it is fine for D. Shuster to have said what he said denigrating Chelsea Clinton. So let's not blame the journalists - they are simply responding to a great mass of Americans who think it is just fine to speak in a demeaning fashion to make political points or to be alledgedly funny (which they are not). Just read these blogs. NBC did the right thing and D. Shuster did the right thing too, even if it was to keep his job - nothing wrong with wanting to keep your job.

Everyone falls into one of three groups: 1) Those who realize that the term simply meant 'exploited' and that its use was accurate. 2) Idiots who don't realize that the term simply meant 'exploited' and are offended because they misunderstood, and 3) Idiots who realize that it meant 'exploited' but who consider it offensive anyway because they are idiots.

Schuster should not be fired. He has always seemed well-spoken and circumspect in his comments. No one could have taken this language literally. MSNBC fills a great deal of air time with political observation and commentary. Aren't the odds fairly high that informal, even somewhat crude, language is going to surface once in a while in all the spontaneous banter that goes on? Why doesn't MSNBC do less political coverage and let their reporters get adequate sleep.

Not sure if any has mentioned this yet but, what happened to all this righteous feminist/womynist outrage when Bill Clinton, President of the United States of American, "HAD" sexual something with a 21 or 22 year old daughter of someone who probably was just as hurt at how Bill behaved towards his child?

this "wounded mother" Hillary knew and had known of Bill's hounddogging for decades before he once again disrespected her, himself, now Monica, now the Office of the Presidency, and now the people of the United States as he then upon being caught created a fairy tale in hopes of sliding out of what he had done.

Which women, according to this feminist scale and Hillary, are not to be given the same level of respect? He was a hounddog and disrespected women because she never called him on this behavior and demand the he get counseling.

Get rid of Chris Matthews. His obvious sexism and hatred for Senator Clinton is sickening. Most of the time he is way out of line in his comments. For example; referring to Senator Clinton's campaign sucesses as a victory of the "Clintons". Every anchor at MSNBC is nothing more than a "junk yard dog". One of the best things about Senator Clinton is she is not afraid to take you on.

Funny how the word pimp is used with a Clinton. Bill has been pimping himself to anybody and everybody for years. Looks like he and Hillary are willing to do anything for a vote, especially pimping out their daughter then shedding tears about it.

How pathetic. You Hillary supportors would follow a hiena into the Bush. Tears in New Hampshire. Face it, Hillary used a Latina female (Pati Solis)to win California and Florida. Now hired a Black female (Maggie Williams) to swindle Texas and Ohio voters. Chelsea is a pawn!

She realized slander didn't work in S.Caroline; therefore, changing tactics.

What's next, Bill posing nuke in Playgirl mag?

I agree with Shuster. Why can't Hillary handle her campaign by herself. I guess she needs her husband and daughter to pick up her slack.

Shuster may have used a poor choice of words, but that is exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing - pimping out Chelsea, Bill and anyone else she can possibly use in her quest for power.

Shuster may as well accept that hs career is as good as over. If the media elite don't blackba;; him from any meaningful employment, the Clintons and their allies will hound him every step of his existence from here on out.

David Shuster deserves the "axe" for all of the misogynist crap he and his fellow talking heads dish out on MSNBC. I used to watch that chanel, but now I would rather watch FOX news, as they sometimes do give you news, whereas, MSNBC is all about opinions and derision about Hillary Clinton. They "whitewash" all of OBama's antics, capitalize his accomplishments, and fail to mention any of Hillary's gains. They are certainly not fair and balanced, but FOX, even O'Reilly, are fair and balanced most of the time. Even Ann Coulter likes Hillary.

Chelsea Clinton deserves no more or less respect or reverance than any other private individual. If Shuster had stated that this campaign had "pimped out" one of it's campaign advisors or staff or contributors this off color comment wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. The Clintons are playing fast and loose with free speach. More to the point, trotting out your daughter sans any political credentials sounds like 'pimping' as I understand the vernacular nominclature.

I've been a fan of MSNBC for quite some time. But during this political time, I find that Chris,Keith & joe are partial to Obama and they make it quite clear. The only fair and balanced comments come from Pat Buchanan and Craig Crawford. when these guys try to make a point that is fair toward Hillary, you all shut them up and continue with your negative spin toward Hillary. I used to enjoy watching Keith, but he has become another Obama supporter and I'm not watching his show as I used to. I want real news and fair news. I don't think that any of you are capable. Put Crawford & Pat on the air, and I'll watch all day long. The outright and outrageous bias against Senator Clinton from all of you jokers makes me sick.

I'm inspired by Hillary because she provides substance. I'm not inspired by empty talk from Obama.

The Obama crap is bought into by 18year olds and unprofessional news casters like yourselves.

I enjoy when you have Tom Brokaw on your shows, he comes across as a real news caster. He never shows a preference and is even handed by providing the facts and not his point of view. I really don't care what you think. I want the news and I'll decide what I think about Hillary and Obama.

You should all go take a vacation and leave the news casting to someone else.

Lillian Yoder 59yrs old, live in Texas and I'm an independent.

That was an absolutely disgusting, thoroughly reprehensible comment. How could anyone in their right mind think there was anything even marginally acceptable about it? Perhaps if he was talking about your daughter, sister, mother, wife...? Shuster should be banned from journalism forever. I do thank him for exposing the thin veil of sexism that is permeating this campaign among some members of the media. Nauseating.

Shuster is one of the best reporters around. Considering the frequentlyinsane and distasteful nature of the comments of many right-wing pundits like O'Reilly and Limbaugh, Shuster's pale in comparision. I hope his suspension is short-lived and he is back on the air very soon.

David Sulster is a fine repoter.although his words were a little rough I think his apology should be it. Chelsea is a big girl now and is out campaigning, However MSNBC has been pushing favorable comments on Obama,its been clear Joe and Mica have been pushing him along with Chris & Keith. They are so quick to show you negative things on Hillary and Positive on Obama. Dan Abrams has had it right I applaud him the psotives for Barack out weigh Hillary I think 90 % on your network. Please don't make me treat you like Fox and turn the channel again to CNN..I only wish for the days we didn't know what political party the anchors had. Oh wait we still have Brian Williams and I don't know if he's and R or D only what people think he is..Go Brian....


Good Grief, "can't we all just get along". I've much worse about Bushe,Chenye What cowards, they same kind of people that fired IMUS. I will say that it is really not news, just business as usual for the Clinton Clan.

Hopefully this clown will be fired. Then he can look for work for over a year and end up having to take a 60% pay cut or starve-like the rest of us.

David Shuster is one of the network's best journalists. It makes me ill to see how quickly they're throwing him under the train. The whole "mom" obsession in America is over the top. Chelsea is a grown woman, stumping for Hillary.He apologized for a poor choice of words. Who hasn't misspoken? When Scooter Libby was on trial, David's nightly report was the only one that could unspool the incredibly complicated events of the day. He makes complex issues clear and is a real asset. What ever happened to loyalty from the people you work with? Everyone makes mistakes. If one mistake is too much, we're all in danger.
Barbara Lehman

Who was the person that made the decision to put David Schuster (an actual news reporter ) in Tucker Carlson's chair (Tucker is a pundit)
If Tucker had made the comment I doubt anyone would have noticed!
Tucker says stuff like that all the time
Schuster was most likely just reading Tucker's script

Bring David Shuster back.He is a good reporter.
Chelsea is not a little girl anymore and by now she should be prepared to face the ups and downs of the life she has chosen. Little girls should stay home.

The Clinton's are too sensitive and this is a trend of theirs. I believe in free speech. He only insinuated that they were lending her out to their campaign. He could have called it by a worse term then "pimping out" honestly.

David Shuster could have used a better word than pimped. However, he apologized and was suspended and more than two-days suspension is overkill. So Hillary will pull out of the debate. I could use a few less debates. I think we all know their positions by now. And this threat by Hillary made my decision on who to vote will be Obama. MSNBC....get a backbone and get David Shuster back on the air.

There are lots of folks here missing the point. You know who you are ... obsessed with either Obama or Hillary, willing to say/do anything for your candidate. The issue here is whether our news programs have become agents of propaganda vs. fair/unbiased reporting. As someone else here has already pointed out, it's quite dramatic to see Tom Brokaw report compared to the hacks, Matthews, Abrams & Shuster. Regardless of preference, Brokaw treats everyone, friend and foe, with respect they deserve. Shuster's comments is no way to treat anyones' daughter, much less that of a former President and sitting US Senator. We should not tolerate any of this, Shuster must be fired. NBC/MSNBC please cleanup yor act!

Since when can't a commentator comment? There are far too many people from both parties who have forgotten the concept of what America stands for: FREE SPEECH! David Shuster called it like it is! Any politician who uses their own family out in front of them is asking for comments such as this, which happen to be true!



David Shuster is a excellent young reporter. It's good that he made his one mistake early in his career (everybody makes one). I heard his apology and it was more than adequate. Actually what he said wasn't that bad. In this context "Pimping out" has nothing to do with sex. If the statement hadn't been about the Clintons (I can see where people may get confused here) nothing would ever been said. The Clintons didn't lose sleep over Shusters poor choice of words (their Tough) as where I'm sure David did. I hope MSNBC isn't leaning or favoring candidate's here.

Maybe, David instead of apologizing should do like Rush Slyme-ball does all the time when he sticks his foot in his big mouth and just say "Im kidding -I'm just kidding folks" and then there is his other line "you folks have to lighten up".

MSNBC should lighten up and allow Mr. Shuster to go back to work. Ask him to place a rubber band on one of wrists and snap it every time he thinks what he is about to say may be controversial. Please e-mail me when Davids back because i will be watching CNN the 24hour news station

Please bring Shuster back. Chelsea Clinton is 27 years old, has been enjoying the benefits of the big leagues most of her life and is now voluntarily entering into the fray. She needs to grow up, Bill needs to butt out and Hilary needs to drop out as America is truly Clintoned out. Good grief what a bunch of cry babies.

I like David S., classy guy.
Kieth O. should go for his Petreus and Bush comments.
It's clear the Clintons are flexing.and them carry more weight with the networks than the President. However it's time to pull back, Obama will be the clear winner. Thank god the nation has wised up. I hope the Clintons don't unravel the dem party on there way down.

Olberman is the biggest puss I have ever seen! The way he points that "holier than thou" finger at anyone who makes a mistake...Way to throw your co worker under the bus so you wont be indirectly associated with his remarks, you Mary. If Olberman really thought highly of Shuster's reporting he would have kept his constantly flapping jaw shut.

As far as Shuster is concerned, I can only say that the guy had a valid point. I hope Shuster has enough pride to quit apologizing and own what he said (cause it was accurate).

I'm astonished at the over-the-top reaction of MSNBC to the David Shuster affair. Because of this, an excellent reporter's voice won't be heard. You asked him to put on the pundit hat then suspend him when he does. Please don't throw the baby, the bathwater and the house out the door. The Clinton's reaction is just politics, I believe that Chelsea calling Super delegates doesn't deserve all that mileage. It's a distraction, folks... but you knew that, I'm sure.
Sylvia M Cuolahan

I do not care HOW good a reporter he is, Mr Shuster destroyed his credibility with me when he made the comment about Chelsea. One can say what they want, or think you can get by with, about the candidates but leave their children alone. Daughters or sons have every right to campaign for their parent. Did Mr Shuster think Mitt Romney's sons were "pimped out" while they campaigned for their father?
The Clintons are to be commended-I don't recall reading about Chelsea being in any trouble.
I seem to remember the Bush girls when one stuck out her tongue at reporters, one arrested for under age drinking, one running topless in a hotel in Mexico while celebrating a birthday.
I am disturbed the direction the campaigns are going. And then it is reported that Mr. Shuster was MADE to apologize. If he were a MAN he would have done that on his own when he realized what he said. I hope the next thing I hear about Mr. Shuster is that he is looking for a job.
(I learned as a child, Think Before You Speak! Thanks, Mom, for instilling that in me.)

Please. Lets all act like we never say things like this when we are talking to our friends and co-workers. The double standard that we hold people to in the public eye and how we conduct ourselves is getting out of hand. They guy didn't do anything wrong. If the Clinton camp is going to freak out about this, they have much bigger problems

it seems to me that more and more media people are trying to "push the envelope" of good taste to show how 'hip and relevant' they are.
shoot from the hip, be a bit of a "shock jock" like howard stern. it's only after they've backed into that big electric fan that they realize they're not that clever after all! and what exactly is "pimped out" supposed to mean anyway?

We dont have no stinkin kings and queens here. to bad clintons are not royalty who cann't be talked about . hillary pimps bill and chelsy just like bill pimped them .didnt you know politics are full of pimps...

How come Shuster hasn't commented on Obama pimping out his wife? Could it be that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over him?

I think everyone should calm down, including the Clinton's. Was the term really that offensive or inaccurate for that matter? The man has apologized, let's move on. I hope MSNBC will have the good sense to keep David Schuster. It would be a shame to ruin his career over something so trivial.

When is Schuster coming back? He should have never bneen suspended after making an apology.

I'm about to fire you, MSNBC. It appears that you are allowing the Clinton machine to manipulate and control coverage, so that it only includes them. I watched Morning Joe today, without Joe unfortunately. Mika has become quite annoying. Why doesn't she just come right out and say she supports Hillary. The coverage is horrible. She had the audacity to ask the DC Mayor what Obama stands for. If you would show him at his rallies when he is taking questions from the audience and talking about his stance on the issues, you would know. You could even go to his website. It insults the intelligence of people when you try to hynotize them into supporting Hillary Clinton with your biased coverage. Have some BALLS!!! Be FAIR!!! Stop showing her and her surrogates talking about issues while you show him telling jokes at his rallies. We know he has a personality - it shows in the voting. Show the American Public the BEEF!!!

Chris Matthews cuts people off every time they get in a rhythm while talking about Obama. Now he has resorted to outright saying Hillary can take all of the March big primaries. Show the candidates fairly and let them vote! Stop abusing your place in the media and telling people how to vote. I thought you were fairer than that Chris.

Your coverage sucks, MSNBC. No substance whatsoever!

David Shuster is one of the most honest reporters that you have on MSNBC. While I do not agree with his choice of words as they relate to Chelsea Clinton, I do believe that firing him for saying that would be a huge mistake on the part of MSNBC. His observations provide the balance that is missing on some programs. We certainly see that same activity performed by programs such as Morning Joe when we see Mike Huckabee on a daily basis. Now that is truly "pimping."

His comments were hysterical. All you politically correct junkies need to get a life.
If he said the same thing about one of Bush's daughters in the previous elections would you have cared. I doubt it.

picture this: Anchor states "Michelle Obama is pimping for her husband's campagne"
All hell would break lose . We would have a black uprising against MSNBC. I hope you lose all your sponsers for your inexcusable slamming of a wonderful candidate and her daughter.

Hillary needs to drop out. Obama will be a one term president. With the economy ready to tank, let him get the blame. Let's see how many people back President FeelGood when they are without jobs.

I regret that David Shuster made that remark. I always felt he was the least bias when it came to the Clintons. I think he regretted the remark right after he'd said it. He is one of your brightest and most intelligent reporters. Please re-instate him as soon as possible. BTW some of us still love the Clintons and are sensitive to the constant bashing they get.

What would Hillary have felt if she was Monica Lewinski's mother? Now she's indignant?

The Clintons used their White House attack team to defame any who brought up Bill's unsavory past. Nixon would smile and nod at their tactics.

Any suspension or punishment for Shuster should go to Oberman for his Pimped-Out comments made towards Gen. Petreus(sp?).

Why does anyone in the news media think it appropriate to express their personal takes on any issue or candidate? I thought they were supposed to report the "news". I watch MSNBC, CNN, and FOX, simultaneously and find that all three stations media people continue to use psychologically motivated words interjected with the events of the day. I.E., pimped out Chelsea Clinton, how stupid a remark can there be. And oh yes, let's not forget the great Obama, who I would venture to say was relatively unknown until this election. By the way, what drives his popularity even more are their comments. I have not heard very many positives from any stations about Hillary.

People here are saying that Mr Shuster is a great reporter and should be reinstated since he is so good. Well, all are replaceable and if he is replaced, he will be replaced by someone equally as good, but more sensitive and someone who thinks before he/she speaks, HOPEFULLY! Yes, many say things like this while talking to friends and co-workers and Mr Shuster should have confined his comments to them, but this was broadcast all over. As someone stated, think before you speak. I am sure he thought it a big funny and he was cracking a joke. ha ha ha Well, it wasn't.
On the View, Whoopi said if that had been said about anyone associated with Obama there would have been a nation wide outcry calling it racially motivated.
Let's be considerate of all people. We are trying to elect a president and news reporters are lowering themselves to talk like this.
(And I am not a Hillary fan.)

Dave may have inputed his personal views when he should have been reporting unbiased news (nothing new since a lot of stations are now leaning biased in one way or another). That’s why it’s important to get your news from various sources. Why hasn't everyone else been suspended from other stations for their comments? One possibility is because of his slang words being really deeply misunderstood. There's enough blogs out there on the internet to voice out opinions, so I didn't see it necessary for him to include his opinions on the air and should leave that kind of rhetoric to the talk shows and so on. I also feel that today's media shouldn't include any new slang because of the fact that it could be interpreted incorrectly, as in this case here. It's nice to try to act hip, but what's the point if this is the kind of outcome that follows? I understand why MSNBC had to get him off the air (for now) and assess as much damage control and minimize the bad publicity as much as possible, but I'm sure offering an apology on the air was punishment enough.
It's amazing how the Clinton's always seem to make themselves to come out like a wounded puppy (to sway votes, I’m sure) when in reality they are a lot more like viscous attack dogs, willing to annihilate anyone who crosses their path, including those in their own party. Hillary is a pro at turning the media to her attention, crying foul at every turn. I'd hate to play a game of chess with the Clinton’s because of the fact that they are so calculating. Believe me, if she felt that this [situation] wouldn't give her any gain, she would have left it alone, then again, perhaps forgiven him depending if it helps her status (she’s been pretty good at that in the past, right Bill)? As far as Chelsea is concerned, if she hasn’t figured out yet that once you put yourself out there in the media that you’re fair game then maybe she should crawl back from wherever she came from. I mean really, welcome to the race, I had no idea that it would take the entire Clinton dynasty to try to stop one other guy that’s in their own party, ouch. Shall I continue………or do you see where I’m going with this?

Oh, puhleeeze! I am so sick and tired of people who get all bent out of shape over every "perceived" politically incorrect term. Hillary will run this one all the way to the White House if she can. Lighten up, people, and God help us all if the Clintons get in.

Can someone other than the right republican party that has been bashing the Clinton's for the last 14 years tell me what it is that they don't like about Hillary because I have asked that question and my friends that don't like her do not have an answer, only that they don't. If someone tells a lie long enough then people will begain to belive it to be true. Hillary record should speak for it's self, which is a good one. She is down the middle as most american's are. Don't be lazy read for yourself and don't let people put words in your mouth. The media has asked all the hard questions to Hillary but have yet asked Obama anything of substance. For instance his stance on partial birth abortion or abortion for that matter. He is just a black man using his color very skillfuly and covering it up with fill good words. When he is in the White house, than you white folks can say get off my back nixxx and feel good about yourselfs. but that's ok this country can go another 4 years further into the pit of hell.

Does anyone else think that Shuster's mouth moves like Wallace and Grommet?

I like the hard hitting reporting and the get to the bottom of issues that David provides his viewers and supporters. I do not agree with his comment in this specific instance. I think he is much to valuable to MSNBC to have him off the air for any extended period of time. If Mrs. Clinton would rather support Fox News verse MSNBC I believe her true colors are being exposed.

Schuster made an inappropriate remark for which an apology was appropriate, not a suspension. In fact Schuster is, in my opinion, a liberal and is supportive of the democtatic candidates. He makes a lot of inappropriate remarks about the current administration which is why I think he is liberal. (Not defending the administration) Someone on here said the Clintons never apologiized for a lot of their transgressions and I agree with that. Even though, I was always a Republican until this year, all I can say is Go Obama!

I totally disagree with all the angst with the term, "pimped out." It is a term that is used to describe flashy, having excessive embellishments. It does not mean whore! That is absolutely ridiculous. People who live in a cocoon may think that, but come on, the Clintons are flailing and want another issue.

Chelsea works for a hedge fund. She does not want to answer questions. She is 27 years old. My son is a physician at age 26, making decisions about patient's lives.

Chelsea is scheduling meals with young "Super" delegates to influence young kids to vote for her mother. It is time she grew up and her parents learned the definition of words used by the younger generation. It is this disconnect that shows Hillary don't know jack!

Who give a crap? So he said Hillary "pimped out" Chelsea? The fact is, Chelsea was working hard to get votes for her mother. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with Hilary "pimping out" Chelsea to help get votes. For a woman who wants to be president, she has awfully thin skin.

Well here come the double standards all over again. Slang? It is slang for a woman being a whore and her parents doing the worse thing imaginable with their offspring. I suppose it would be considered more than slang if somebody called Obama coon or some other offensive term. The guy would be fired on the spot. But it's the Clintons and it's a denigrating term for a woman so hey, it's fair game of course. As far as the Clintons owing anybody an apology: for what, lying about their strictly personal business? After seen years of us all getting screwed by George Bush ya'll just can't let Clinton's blow job alone. Dumb hypocrites.

Since Chelsea and Hillary seemed to easily manage to endure the public embarassment of Bill's numerous adulturous escapades, I find the 'pimping out' remark tame in comparison. If Hillary were ever elected, free speech would long as it wasn't critical of her.

Hillary will jump on anything she can to get sympathy. Leave the MSN reporter alone!! Hillary says worse things than that about Obama. Now, she's losing so she's starting to talk about Obama doing things "behind closed doors". Where in this world do the Clintons have any room to talk about anyone doing anything "behind closed doors". No votes for Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife!! If Chelsea isn't allowed to talk to anyone while she's campaigning for her mother, then leave her home. What are the Clintons hiding that they're afraid Chelsea will let out of the bag?

I seldom (never) listen to MSNBC since their news is both biased to the extreme left (socialist/communist) and inaccurate on many accounts - these are easily documented

However, I compelled to express my outrage over that idot Olbermann's comments and hypocrital apology for David Shuster (another inaccurate idiot that you allow to masquerade as a reporter).

Not long ago, Olbermann accused the President of exactly the same thing regarding General Petreas.

I am asking that Olbermann be immediately suspended and removed fromt the air.

Should you not do this, I can only assume that your networks obvious leftest bias will continue to have no credibility and not worthy of stopping by your channel.

Please be advised that a copy of this note will be sent to as many of your sponsors as I can identify.


H.T. Brine
206 Mallard Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146

That does it for me. Voting Obama now. Tired of the Clinton demands only when it comes to baby Chelsea.

D. Shuster has shown himself to be intelligent and reasonable, and doesn't deserve to be suspended. He's so fair-minded the he he can fill-in for Matthews or Tucker and gives balance to Morning Joe's show that otherwise slips into egotisms, broad emotions and silliness. Shuster's too nice to not be forgiven such a trifle. Gaw... J. Colter

FREE DAVID SHUSTER- What about freedom of speech? This says more about Hillary than Shuster.
Hillary is "loosing it" and NBC is running scared from a panicking woman having a melt down. NBC is allowing her to control them. She needs the upcoming debate to spread her proaganda and would have shown up at any venue that would take her.
Shame on you NBC for buying into her antics.

I knew this would eventually happen to MSNBC. I down't watch Fox because they are so blatantly slanted to the right. And I no longer watch MSNBC because they are so blatantly slanted to the left! We need information from the media not an attempt to influence us on who to vote for? Shuster was way out of line but in line with what MSNBC has been doing to topple Hillary and crown Obama. I hope you all get what you want. Last I checked, "sweet nothings" were never able to run any country. You are all stupid.

All Americans should be proud of Chelsea Clinton??

For what? What has she done for us? If she is being used as a campaign tool, then the press should have access to her, just like they do the rest of the campaign. If she is part of the political process, then she forfits her status as "mommy's lil girl."

This is nothing more than Clinton using this as a way to act like "protective mother" and a victim to try and coddle more female voters.

The point is that a professional newsman should have a good enough grasp of the English language that he could make his point without using derogatory, insulting language. His personal viewpoint should not enter into the story. He could have said that the Clinton campaign was taking advantage of Chelsea's youth and therefore her connection with younger voters. It would have been truthful without being hurtful. As a former long-time journalist, I'm ashamed of Mr. Shuster's lack of literacy.

Would someone please send Chris Matthews an "OBAMA" shirt so that he can wear it on his show. Why doesn't he ever have a pro-Hillary person on. He has the same old anti-Clinton goons. I guess it takes a goon to know a goon.

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