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Hillary Clinton camp defends superdelegate clout

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Election 2008
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Posted February 16, 2008 4:24 PM
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By Rick Pearson

KENOSHA, Wis.—Hillary Clinton political adviser Harold Ickes today launched a spirited defense of the ability of top party superdelegates to determine the outcome of the Democratic presidential nomination, contending they’re “more in touch” with voters and issues than delegates recruited by and pledged to a candidate.

As Clinton prepared to launch a three-day blitz of Wisconsin, which holds its primary on Tuesday, Ickes said he expected the New York senator to “hold her own” in the state against rival Barack Obama before the campaign shifts focus to delegate rich states of Ohio and Texas on March 4.

Ickes, who disdains the word “superdelegate” as a media creation in favor of “automatic delegate,” told reporters that top party insiders—Democratic National Committee members, members of Congress and other ranking locally elected officials--who make up the 795 unpledged superdelegates have an “institutional interest” in the Democratic Party.

“These people are closely in touch with the issues and events,” Ickes said, noting the frequency that members of Congress and other elected officials must face the voters. “They are closely in touch with their constituents and, in my opinion, they are as much in touch, and probably more in touch, with what is going on…than delegates who are basically recruited by presidential campaigns” who are locally elected and pledged to a candidate.

Ickes' comments came as the Obama and Clinton camps have been waging an intense battle over uncommitted superdelegates and trying to retain the ones they’ve got pledges from try while also attempting to switch those who’ve committed to their opponent. The Clinton camp has seen some erosion among committed superdelegates, particularly as pressure is being put among African-American members of Congress and other party leaders to back Obama as the nation’s first major party black presidential nominee.

Some leading Democrats, including, most recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, have argued that elected officials should follow the will of voters. Surrogates of Obama are urging superdelegates who are members of Congress with large African-American populations in their districts that gave Obama huge pluralities should back the Illinois senator.

But Ickes went so far as to say that any delegate attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late summer—regardless of whether they’re pledged to support a candidate--should look at who would be the best to challenge the Republican ticket led by its presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

“These are not easy judgments to make and reasonable people can disagree, but at bottom, as I told a group of our members of Congress who are supporting Hillary early in the week, our obligation as a delegate, whether you are an automatic delegate, whether you’re a member of Congress, a member of the DNC, or elected from the districts…is to try to decide who will make a good president and hopefully a great president. But very importantly, who will fare the best and carry the ticket in November?”

Ickes said he agreed that Obama has “done well” in caucus states versus primary states, but belittled Obama victories in states like Idaho, Nebraska and Kansas, questioning whether the likelihood they would end up on the Democratic column in the fall.

Ickes also tried to make the case for delegations in Michigan and Florida to count for Clinton, despite party rules that penalized both states for advancing their primary contests ahead of Feb. 5. Clinton was on the ballot in and won both states but no delegates and the campaign maintains those states’ Democratic voters are being disenfranchised. Obama was not on Michigan’s ballot and did not campaign in either state, though Clinton maintains his campaign violated advertising rules by airing a national cable ad.

“People say, ‘Well, they broke the rules,’” Ickes said of the two states. “Hillary’s not a member of the Democratic National Committee. She didn’t vote on those rules.”

Ickes, who voted for those rules, now says that “as you look down the road, you have to temper (the penalties) with political considerations.”

But as Obama’s campaign notes, Ickes voted for the rules to penalize the two states in August, as a member of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.

As have members of the Obama campaign, Ickes said it was “mathematically impossible” for either candidate to get the nomination without factoring the votes of superdelegates.

The contest, he said, was “wire tight” and that “the only thing we know is that nothing can be predicted in either campaign.”

Regardless of Clinton’s inability to forestall Obama’s momentum in winning the last eight Democratic presidential contests, Ickes said “the central point is that she has continued to aggregate delegates.”

That’s the purpose of Clinton’s Wisconsin visit running Saturday through Monday—to prevent a further falloff in the narrow distance between herself and Obama’s delegate lead.

“In order to get the nomination, you’ve got to go to the convention. The answer is yes. We’re going to the convention,” Ickes said. But later, he said, “all of this is going to be settled out before we hit the floor.”

“I understand Sen. Obama wants to rush to judgment on this deal and cut this thing down. He’d like to be nominated right now,” Ickes said. “But there’s a lot of delegates yet to be selected. There are automatic delegates who have yet to make up their mind and…at or about or shortly after the 7th of June (the final Democratic contest in Puerto Rico), Hillary is going to nail down this nomination. She’s going to have a majority of the delegates.”

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This is quite interesting. First, caucus states don't really count and now "Red" states don't count. Only the states that Senator Clinton actually won seem to count to her campaign staff. Michigan and Florida should count because she 'technically' won there.

In addition, is Ickes really saying that because Hillary isn't a member of the DNC and didn't "MAKE THE RULES", she doesn't need to abide by them?

Seems like a scary precedent for a potential president to be setting, don't you think?

Wow! "Billary" has an evil twin, yikes it's Ickes! God help America!

"Harold Ickes today launched a spirited defense of the ability of top party superdelegates to determine the outcome of the Democratic presidential nomination, contending they’re “more in touch” with voters and issues than delegates recruited by and pledged to a candidate."

WHY, oh why don't we have rotfl smilies on blogs? This is hysterical. Voters don't go to the polls to express their choice of candidate, no, they trust Mr. Ickes to do that for them.

She is losing to Obama and she knows it, so all she has left is to 'sneak' her way into the White House.

Oh, thank you Lord, that I'm not a Democrat and have to choose between putting the Clintons back in the White House to steal the furniture and disgrace the country again, and a guy who is the most left-wing person in Congress, a man so left-wing that he is running on a platform of tax increases, spending increases, and dropping out of the war on terror.
Unfortunately, I now have to hold my nose and vote for McCain. Oh, well, you can't have everything.

To date Florida and Michigan do not count,why even mention it? By doing so only reaffirms that she will say and do what it takes to win for herself, that is her solution, and showing a total disregard that she is really is not for the people.

Obama 08 "yes we can."

"The contest, he said, was “wire tight” and that “the only thing we know is that nothing can be predicted in either campaign.”

No it isn't. Obama wins unless Clinton manages a blowout on the order of 2 to 1 in every remaining contest. When he says "she'll have a majority of the delegates" he means she's still losing pledged delegates. And, Mr. Ickes, I'll bet she won't make it up on the other delegates.

I think Obama should just put up ads of Mark Penn or Ickes explaining these things. That most states don't count. That most voters didn't know what they were doing.

Come on, Clinton supporters. If she were winning the nomination on pledged delegates by votes, and any other campaign said "well, we don't think listening to our constituents is a good way to decide elections," you'd be up in arms.

If you ever wanted an example of 'crass':
"Ickes, who voted for those rules, now says that 'as you look down the road, you have to temper (the penalties) with political considerations.'"

Did Harold Ickes get his training with Lee Atwater and Karl Rove too?

Regarding the superdelegates: We dare the DNC, Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies to try to subvert the will of the voters, and scheme the nomination to favor Hillary Clinton. That would be the end of the Democratic Party in the forseeable future. Chairman Dean and Bill Clinton cronies in the Democratic Party, we dare you try to rig this nomination process, and see what the consequences would be.

This country has had enough of Bill and Hillary Clinton. They have had enough time in public service, and we thank them for their service. There are over three hundred million other Americans, who are talented, and we want to give them opportunity to serve and contribute new ideas and leadership. There is nothing unique about Hillary Clinton's quest for the presidency, other than her gender. It would be outrageous for this to be the main reason why anyone should think she is highly qualified for this position. She does not rank about the top 10% of bright American women, and there is nothing spectacular in her background, or achievement for the presidency. There several women who are much brighter and highly accomplished than Hillary Clinton. Other than her marriage to Bill Clinton -twice Gov. of a little state (Arkansas), and twice the president of the US, Hillary has hardly achieved anything of substance on her own. Her plan for the nation is bland -it is not visionary. She is a very divisive political figure, and there are several ethical cloud over her -the several activities there was involved in that attracted several criminal investigations by the US Congress, Independent Counsel, Federal Trade Commission, to name just a few. WHY THE HELL IS SOMEONE WITH HILLARY CLINTON'S BAGGAGE BEING FORCED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? IF WE MUCH HAVE A WOMAN PRESIDENT, FIND ANOTHER WOMAN, HILLARY CLINTON LACKS THE CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY TO SERVE IN THAT CAPACITY.

It all depends on what your definition of "is",is.....Somemore Billary double talk

Now that the black super delegates have been lobbied by Jesse Jackson Jr and have been shown the light. That their vote should be how their constituents voted, will that same philosphy apply to Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Duval Patrick and others who supported Obama yet their states voted for Hillary?
A weeks pay says it won't matter to them one iota. So why are the black supers fleeing? Is it because of pride like Jesse Sr said? Is it because they really feel Obama is the one? Is it because they fear being singled out as being against the black candidate? I hope the media questions the Massachusetts big three and ask THEM why they won't honor what their people voted for.
And they are saying race is not an issue, yeah right!

I guarantee if the uncounted states HAD backed Obama he would be screaming bloody murder to get those votes counted now!

It is stupid not to count delegates when you have an otherwise unbeatable race. EVERYONES vote counts so COUNT them all and then see where the chips fall. Obama is constantly saying he is ahead and that all votes should count for him. Of course he ONLY wants to count the votes that count for him.

The fact that the votes have already been cast creates a good faith obligation for them to be counted. People voted and they are citizens of this country. The DNC was wrong, now they should admit it and get over it. By doing that no one is disenfranchised and the vote will be better balanced toward a leading candidate. So do-it and get over yourselves, already. Otherwise you are artificially creating a problem that would not otherwise even exist. In other words the problem was manufactured and now by doing nothing you are not allowing the proper balance to adjust itself right. No more ARTIFICAL GOVERNORS skewing the deal just count the votes -period. That is what a democracy does first and foremost. Not to withhold.

The party leaders should adjust their radical stance in view of the evolving circumstances. That ability is the leading factor missing from our current administration. Being able to adjust to real circumstances that are evolving on the ground, despite any paper tiger plan. Votes were voted, votes should be counted - get it done.

Don’t kid yourself if those votes had gone for Obama he would be freaking out about getting them counted. That would be the only thing we hear about until it was done. I’m not impressed by the way he ram rods everyone into making a choice based on his "borrowed" ideals. This shows the kind of president he would be.

Everything is all about him, like the little golden boy who has an adoring mother who sees no wrong or any reality.

It is a disgrace to this country that anyone is taking him seriously at this stage when he has NO CREDIABLE experience at being a president. Hello, people - DOES the word “JUNIOR” senator mean anything to any of you? Just like a bunch of teenage girl’s you swoon over any guy who bats their lashes at you.

If this out of nowhere man wins the nomination, come this fall John McCain will EASILY beat him. It is not an even contest. Then we will have to endure another 4 years or more of Republication administration. Your choice, act like a click of kids taking the Coke versus Pepsi challenge or grow up and make responsible, thoughtful choices. It may be your vote but it is one we all will have to live with, so it is not only about the individual.

Count all the votes or no votes should count at all!

Rules are Rules.
Come on
It has nothing to do with Obama, Hillary or the DNC
Rules are Rules.
If not...can we play the Superbowl over...cause I bet on the Patroits.

Rules are Rules.
Come on
It has nothing to do with Obama, Hillary or the DNC
Rules are Rules.
If not...can we play the Superbowl over...cause I bet on the Patroits.

Leave it to "the Party of the People"

I guess to this arrogant bunch - The Clintonistas - some people are little people and others are the self anointed "More Important" people. They will tell the rest of you what you were supposed to think. Lucky for you- IT is so much easier for you sheeple...

Give me a break- How could anybody be a member of this party ?

Stalinesk - YES

Nominate Hillary and we will get four more years of the same old backroom cronie, partisan politics as usual.

So in essence, Ickes is going to try to get Hillary elected ILLEGALLY even if Obama gets the majority of the delegates! I think Ickes authority should be stripped from him immediately.

The Clinton camp did not protest the when Florida and Michigan were told that they would not be counted. They didn't cry foul or express any concern about the voters being disenfranchised until they fell behind in the delegate count. Suddenly their hearts are bleeding for the minority voters who have been disenfranchised because their leaders wanted to be first. Florida and Michigan chose to try to strong arm the DNC after being warned that they would be stripped of delegates if they went forward with the early primaries. The decision was accepted and respected by both the Obama and Clinton camp at the time. I wonder what has changed?

It is unfortunate that the voters of Florida and Michigan will not be heard because Democrat leaders in those states say that it would be too expensive or difficult to have a caucus or a second primary. Maybe this should have been considered before going against the DNC. The will of the people cannot be expressed without a fair and proper election.

It is hard to believe that Ickes is a paid political adviser. He actually thinks that the career politicians and other political elite that make up the superdelegates are more in touch and know more what is best for the voters that they serve. Very democratic!

Jim: "will that same philosphy apply to Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Duval Patrick and others who supported Obama yet their states voted for Hillary? "

In general, I'd say that governors and senators are pretty able to cast their vote as they see fit--though if Clinton surrogates continue to insist that they are far more in tune with the will of the voters than actual voters, I hope the mass of superdelegates turns against them. Those in statewide office are insulated. House members, however, whose district went heavily one way, are fair game for lobbying. They have to run in November under either Obama or Clinton heading the ticket.

The Clinton campaign is making these arguments (votes don't count, most states don't count, the supers must change the outcome) because they know they can no longer pull it out without the supers. Even if MI and FL were seated, I believe, or seated at half-strength a la the Rs, the numbers don't support a Clinton win without "ignore the voters, ignore what people who have to run say, ignore every poll that says Obama beats McCain and McCain beats me--I'm the establishment candidate, darn it, and you need to hand me this."

Black Votes
White Votes
Red States,
East Wing
West Wing
Lets Call the Clinton Thing

If Hillary wins the nomination I'm voting for McCain and moving to Canada.

You guys keep saying that Clinton wants to change the rules by letting the Florida and Michigan votes count.

Obama wants to change the rules for the super delegates. He knew when he started that the super delegates could vote for who they thought was the right candidate. Now he wants them to vote for him or else. (Has anyone asked themselves what kind of threat he is making?)

Charming. Ickes was around for Travelgate and Lewinsky. According to cnn's website during the Lewinsky scandal, "Mr. Ickes repeated the President's false statements to the grand jury."

I read through the Monica Lewinsky chronology of events the other day and it became painfully clear Bill, working with the like of Vernon Jordan and Ickes almost lied their way through that thing. If it were not for the Blue Dress - an incontrovertible piece of hard evidence - people would be writing about how unfairly besmirched The Clintons are. There is a reason Hillary cannot capture the educated vote. There is a reason half the country dislikes her. The quicker the other half figures it out, the better off we are all going to be.

Watching Obama and his supporters are like watching the Pied Piper of Hamlin.. He speaks his magic words of hope and change.. brainwashing people who are sick of Bush and his lies.. and all the blinded little rats follow him.. What ever happened to those rats anyways?

Wake up America! Dont be blinded by empty promises. Vote for someone you know a little better.

A President Obama could be the next step towards Global Jihad... scarey stuff.. but its right in our face.. all one has to do is open their eyes.

From the article: ...they’re “more in touch” with voters and issues than delegates recruited by and pledged to a candidate.
This reminds me of the line from George Orwell's Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."






I'm baffled. If we counts michigan and florida, how do you slice the delegates votes?

Since the candidates weren't allow to campaign in these states? do you do it 50/50?

if these "super delegates" are so in touch with the party and the people they represent, why don't we just let them pick the nomimee?? And how does a 17 year old super delegate know my issues and concerns. He/she are not in my shoes and can't possibly relates. I think he/she is more concerned with the opposite sex.

If obama wins the popular vote and loses because of the super delegates, I will vote for macain.

Can anyone answer these questions: 1) Were the voters in the states of FL and MI completely aware at the time that they cast their ballots, that their votes would not count? Was there a notice informing them very CLEARLY that thier votes were going to be ignored? If there was, why did so many turn out and cast their votes? 2) Why on earth would Barack Obama be take his name off of the ballot in MI? The "rules" that Howard Dean and the policy committee of the DNC did not require that the candidates remove thier names. Isn't Obama supposed to be a "smart" legal mind? Did he not have the forethought that these "rules" and how they would be applied would not disenfranchise voters.
I think that the Clinton campaign did the right thing by abiding by the rules (even though they were questionable to begin with), but they did the absolute right thing by not removing her from the ballots - nothing told them that was necessary. This shows me that they at least cared enough about the voters in MI and FL to remain on the ballot, follow the so called 'rules',but question the rules at a later date. SMART thinking. This is a person qualified to get the candidacy. Not someone who thinks that a "do-over" is the only way to give FL & MI a voice at the convention. Mr. Obama - you don't get a "do-over" in real life, or when you run a nation.

From the article: ...they’re “more in touch” with voters and issues than delegates recruited by and pledged to a candidate.
This reminds me of the line from George Orwell's Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Posted by: Mark | February 16, 2008 7:55 PM

Hear- Hear

The essence of the elitists in the democrat party - "We are better than you"

Good party for the sheeples

or if you have your own thoughts ... hmmmm ... no don't go there- just let the "Super People" do your thinking for you- that's your party and you can cry if you want to.... LOSERS

Nominate Hillary and we will get four more years of the same old backroom cronie, partisan politics as usual

No, Bruce. American voters are not THAT stupid :)

Of course Hillary the superdeligates clout - Her and Billy are trying to BUY THEM VOTES. You have to be totaly stupid not to see that. How can this country continue to let the Clinton's do whatever they like and say it's LEGAL -

The votes are by PEOPLE in Florida and Michigan. They are not invisible ghosts. My vote counts. Your vote counts. So their votes should count. Period.

she is un-&*%$#@*&$-ing believable!!! she is unbelievable! jesus h. christ. she is changing every rule possible as is ickes to get her fat ass into the white house. god knows. he VOTED on the rules and now is changing his mind since precious lil' hillary isn't winning. excuse me? we voters and the delegates ARE in touch with america. we do NOT NOT NOT want the goddamn clintons in the white house for 8 more goddamn years. i voted for bill twice. alright? i did. but give someone else a chance. obama is PLENTY qualified to be in the white house and has a great supportive family. he IS the melting pot. stop changing the election rules to get hillary in. i used to not believe all the "stories" told about bill and hillary. i wanted to think well of them. but now they are just beyond scummy. i wouldn't put it past them to hire an assasin to take out their competition. i fear for obama's life at this point. they are absolutely ruthless. what crybabies. we're not in touch with america? *&%$#@ ickes and billary. *&%$# them!

I am Indonesian, back in our country .. we have a lot of "Mr Icke"-kind of politician....., it wil be amusing to see wheter you american voters will be as hopeless as us ....

Not someone who thinks that a "do-over" is the only way to give FL & MI a voice at the convention. Mr. Obama - you don't get a "do-over" in real life, or when you run a nation.

Posted by: Michelle | February 16, 2008 8:47 PM

WOW- Michelle, how can Bama want a do over? the didn't have a "do" in the first place-

Seriously girl- You might want to consider suing your teachers, you obviously were short changed on the education front.

Or maybe it is your parents that you should sue for short changing you on the brain stuff...

In the mean time -if you keep you mouth shut maybe no one will notice

I am a voter in Florida and NO, I did not get a big flyer in the mail that said why bother to vote you loser because your vote doesn't count! The date for our primary was decided on by both the DNC and the RNC to coincide with a ballot vote on property taxes. They decided it was cheaper to hold one election rather than two. My vote should count!!! I did not decide the rules any more than Clinton or Obama did. All of you who are saying our votes should not count...come on down here. Vote...and then be told it doesn't matter. We DO matter and we WILL matter in the general election.

I love how Obama doesn't want to count our many times do you think he will be in Florida if he wins the nomination? You cannot win the general election without us!

So yes, fight to have our votes count. It would be wrong not to. If Obama won the nomination without seating the delegates from these two states it would be just like George Bush winning the election over Gore. It would be illegitimate!

Think about that!

Obama's surogates remind us of the Trotskyists,nostalgic of the goulag. While the
Clinton's are actualy bullies masquarading as boy scouts impatient to bring back Stalinist blood baths.

Oh well in that case why have primaries and caucus' at all? For that matter why not let them decide for us who gets elected since they are obviously superior in judgment than us plebes. This is exactly how these elitist democrats view people. People are not capable of making correct decisions so we need an all encompassing government to make all of our decisions for us. I am so glad we have superior people like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelocy, and the smartest woman in the world Hillary Clinton to look out for us. It will surely make me sleep better at night.

Come on Super Delegates! This is Hillary Clinton we are talking about! Hillary is one of the very best, this is a no brainer. Besides, Obama is young, he has plenty of years to run again.

Hillary All the Way!

Obama's surogates remind us of the Trotskyists While the
Clinton's are actualy bullies masquarading as boy scouts.

"i used to not believe all the "stories" told about bill and hillary."

Interesting. Well, now that you've seen behind the curtain, welcome to OZ. But I am truly curious, how come you couldn't see through them until now?

1) Were the voters in the states of FL and MI completely aware at the time that they cast their ballots, that their votes would not count?
Given that a) I was aware of it in MA; b) everyone posting on blogs from those states was, I'd have to say yes.

b) If there was, why did so many turn out and cast their votes?
Because they hoped the votes would eventually count. Or they wanted to vote for other issues on the ballot, especially the property tax issue in FL.
All other competitive states have had D turnout dwarfing R; those two states had much more R than D--ie the voters were already disenfranchised when they were told their votes wouldn't count, and stayed home.

2) Why on earth would Barack Obama be take his name off of the ballot in MI?
The national party asked all candidates to, along with not campaigning; Kucinich refused and Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and the others agreed. Once Obama and Edwards were off, Clinton "changed her mind," though she continually insisted it didn't matter as the votes wouldn't count. Until all four early states were done and she was sure she had a win, at which point she became quite concerned for their welfare. If she'd fought for this all summer and fall, I'd respect it. Not in February, though.

Why don't Clinton supporters tackle Ickes quotes about superdelegates being more in touch with voters' desires than the voters themselves?

At times I feel the same as the person who commented, “How could anybody be a member of this [Democratic] party.” I often wonder how ANYBODY could be a member of EITHER the Democratic or Republican parties. I also agree with the person who commented that Obama—like Clinton—would be screaming bloody murder to seat delegates at the convention to represent the will of the people of Florida and Michigan if he were in Clinton’s position. That's believable to me. However, the rules established by the DNC apply to Obama as well as Clinton, thus the point is moot.

In that I have no party affiliation, I am truly independent. In the light of my responsibilities as a Pastor, my decision to remain party-neutral is to me a religious expedient. However, I am deeply moved by and attracted to Senator Barack Obama's pledge to bring change to Washington and by the prospect that he would unify our nation. This is why I have decided to work to help the Democratic Party elect Obama as its candidate. If they do elect him, I will also work to help him be elected as our next President. If they do not elect Obama, I will vote for McCain.

Susan Eisenhower, the granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower expressed it best, “He [Barack Obama] is a man who can salve our national wounds and both inspire and pursue genuine bipartisan cooperation" and, "...can assure the world and Americans that this great nation's impulses are still free, open, fair and broad-minded."

I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe he is an agent of change, and a person of courage, thoughtfulness, and sympathetic and prophetic insights; unfortunately, such courage and thought have been quite rare in politics.

What America is experiencing is bigger than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. As an African-American male, my decision to vote for Barack Obama has little—if anything—to do with race or gender. The race, gender, or party affiliation of our next president is not very important, especially to Independents like me. Like many people, I want to believe in the greatness of this Nation. People want to be inspired and feel hopeful of the nobility of their leader's deeds.

America is experiencing a movement of hope spawned by a wistful longing for change. Barack Obama gives voice to the hopes of a bipartisan coalition of crossover voters who envision change on the horizon of the dawning of a new day. Perhaps this movement was exampled in the recent Potomac primaries. The Commonwealth of Virginia has not gone Democratic in a presidential election since 1964. Yet, when the returns were counted in Virginia’s Democratic primary, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents handed Barack Obama more votes than the combined Republican field.

Barack Obama could govern the country with the support of such a large bipartisan coalition, as opposed to more polarized support for Hillary Clinton. Obama embodies the best hope for uniting the Nation, and leading a bipartisan effort seeking strategic solutions to meet America's greatest challenges.

The rekindled hope Barack Obama inspires in the hearts of many people coupled with a bipartisan effort provides a sweet-smelling balm for our troubled Nation.

Terry L. Johnson
Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you Kool-aid drinkers for real. She Followed the Rules your LYING candidate didn't.
He ran CAMPAIGN ADS in Fl.
his excuse was its a national buy we couldn't get it without florida. what a LIE HE RAN ADS during the superbowl THAT DIDN"T PLAY IN ANY State that had voted already. The truth is he could have run those ads on another media outlet an excluded florida. But he wanted them to run there. If he would have won he would be threatining the DNC right now like he's trying to threaten the superdelegates. What a poor excuse for a Leader Cry and Whine if I don't get my way. If i lose I want all my robot followers not to vote for the winner. Like the kid in the school yard I'll take my ball and go home. I think all democrats
that have not voted for this man Should follow his advice. If he wins and your candidate did't you should not vote for him. Good bye NY NJ MA CA hello pres McCain.

Hillary Clinton's selfish win-at -all-costs campaign makes me sick.

Count me one more person who won't vote for her if she's the nominee.

Can Obama catch Osama? How can Mr. Obama be a good candidate for the presidency with zero foreign policy experience? Remember we elected one before without a clue? I feel this whole Obama thing is mostly without substance and lot of it ─media hype. Every political event that Mr. Obama attends is such a media savvy, scripted and orchestrated affair. His arrival, getting on the stage, the background faces, all of it done on cue with the help of consultants and managers like in a movie production, with perfect pitch and timing for the newscast footage, for the maximum effect—reminiscent of Hitler’s big frenzied rallies in Berlin─ using all the elements of the stagecraft. Although he’s extremely short on substance, in these days of slick marketing, Mr. Obama has so far proven that he’s great at running campaigns. Remember we’ve tried that one before? What we need right now is substance, substance and more substance to deal with worsening problems in the country, rather than all the foolish talk, and Obama style phantasmagoria. US is now 40th in the world in infant mortality, in longevity 41st! We are quickly on our way to becoming a third world country! Someone said that US has become “the richest third world country in the world!” What we need now is a person like Hillary Clinton who has a sober manner and a practical head on her shoulders. Mr. Obama is so dependent on media to prop him up, and Mr. Obama’s image seemed so well manufactured for the consumption and the manipulation of the public, his politics looking more and more like a Hollywood production than a real life political event. While Mr. Obama’s message is about change, what Mr. Obama really does seemed to be steeped in corporate media that cheered us along in a very big way to the quagmire in Iraq. Mr. Obama also claims to be MLK and even JFK, without having done tiniest fraction of the vast accomplishments of MLK or JFK. Do you really want to go back to those tragic times of American history? Mr. Obama even lacks a sustentative legislative record. But for American media, deeds have little value if you have the right image. I watch Mr. Obama’s rise in alarm for the sake of America’s future. His hubris is unsurpassed in American politics. I find him and his message without a clear political logic or details, more suited for TV audience, no discussion of issues, programs or policies, rather his speeches are full of name dropping and all sorts of claims, rich in platitudes and slogans. How come Mr. Obama’s embracing the Kennedy Camelot of the 60’s is considered going forward by the media, and if Hillary Clinton looks back to the 90’s for guidance─ now that’s considered going backwards?

The dumbest Clinton supporter yet (but a prime example of Clinton spin-logic). This is funny...

"It is a disgrace to this country that anyone is taking him (her) seriously at this stage when (s)he has NO CREDIABLE (credible) experience at being a president. Hello, people - DOES the word “JUNIOR” senator mean anything to any of you? Just like a bunch of teenage girl’s (boys - no apostrophe) you swoon over any guy (girl) who bats their lashes at you."

Someone please explain to these Billary fans who the JUNIOR Senator from NY is. But please use very small words.

Super delegates are in place to prevent the Presidential Election from becoming a farce, for instance not like allowing an army of Obama Girl fans to overtake the polls simply because the Obama Girl Video became a phenomena on campuses. Munipulating elections with ideologic and hormone driven youth, too young to hold office themselves, is not what this country should tolerate.

Super delegates are in place to prevent the Presidential Election from becoming a farce, for instance not like allowing an army of Obama Girl fans to overtake the polls simply because the Obama Girl Video became a phenomena on campuses. Munipulating elections with ideologic and hormone driven youth, too young to hold office themselves, is not what this country should tolerate.

Emmarose: You sound hostile
and out of control; whether you meant to come across like that, only you can tell us.

Emmarose: You sound hostile
and out of control; whether you meant to come across like that, only you can tell us.

Obama's ad did show in Florida, which constituted campaigning there; by buying a different package he could have avoided this break of the ban. He also held a press conference in Florida, again within the definition of campaigning.

He also compaigned in Michigan, for "uncommitted" -- after having first chosen to take his name off the MIchigan ballot as a favor to a nearby governor.

The Scuzbag Clintons along with their flying monkey eunuch Ickes will buy, intimidate, cheat, steal and Foster their slimy selves back to the White House.
Superdelegates can be controlled-the will of the people can be denied-all in the name of enriching the Clinton evil duoacracy.

Here are some details from the Massachusesetts mandatory health care program which Clinton wants to make national:
"What are the costs? Costs are determined by family size to be covered, age of adults to be covered and income level. A single person must pay the FULL COST of insurance premiums if their income is greater than $30,636. A couple must pay the FULL COST of insurance premiums if their income is greater than $41,076. A family, 1 couple with one child, must pay the FULL COST of insurance premiums if their income is greater than $51,516, and so on. Government assistance is provided to those making less than the stated income level within each family size mentioned above. To get more information on the assistance provided, you may go to . This assistance may be changing soon, as indicated by this recent article in the Boston Globe.
Below is a table with premium costs PER MONTH of plans currently available within numerous categories:
Single making more---------------------Insufficient------------------Good---------------------
than $30,636/year--------Age----------Coverage-----------------Coverage------------------
---------------------------------30--------------$199.40--------------$347.69 - $473.42
---------------------------------40--------------$201.30--------------$396.00 - $577.00
---------------------------------50--------------$253.20--------------$441.50 - $826.06
---------------------------------60--------------$398.81--------------$695.39 - $946.83

Couple making more--------------------Insufficient------------------Good---------------------
than $41,076/year--------Age-----------Coverage-----------------Coverage------------------
---------------------------------30--------------$428.72--------------$747.54 - $1060.80
---------------------------------40--------------$579.84--------------$884.00 - $1252.29
---------------------------------50--------------$586.87--------------$942.00 - $1717.43
---------------------------------60--------------$857.43--------------$1144.00 - $1906.63
Family, 1 child more--------------------Insufficient------------------Good---------------------
than $51,516/year--------Age-----------Coverage-----------------Coverage------------------
---------------------------------30--------------$618.15--------------$1077.85 - $1572.00
---------------------------------40--------------$792.48--------------$1390.71 - $1673.67
---------------------------------50--------------$845.23--------------$1475.49 - $1915.00
---------------------------------60--------------$1139.53------------$1984.00 - $2415.07
About this table - The column titled "Insufficient Coverage" is the monthly premium for the cheapest plan available within all categories. The reason I titled it "Insufficient Coverage" is that I believe it is just that! This plan has a $2000 deductible per person, or $4000 for a family. It only covers 20% of hospital stays after the deductibles are met. I don't believe this is a worthwhile health insurance plan because the premiums don't justify the high deductibles, and because what we uninsured really need is protection against a huge unexpected hospital bill. I included this option in the table, however, to be honest about the lowest cost plans that are available. The column titled "Good Coverage" is the monthly premium for a range of different plans that have low or no deductibles, and 100% coverage for hospital stays. To see all the plans available for every family size and age, you can go to . "

•If Obama was so much of a great Orator, Change Agent, Hope-Lifter, Inspirer, and Confident of himself, he should be willing, able, and eager to debate Hillary anytime, anyplace, but I have come to the conclusion that Obama is just a puff of wind, and a screamer using, one-liners, poetry phrases, and metaphors’ like many African American preachers. Like I said Obama, truly has no substance to share on key issues, he’s not a good very debater one on one with Hillary or any other opponent he may come in contact with, he rather attack Hillary on the campaign trial where she is not there to quickly respond or defend herself face to face, what a “chicken”.

If Obama becomes the Nominee, I will stay Home or Vote for John McCain, Obama trout's with his arrogant self that he can get Hillary's voters as well, this is one Hillary supporter Obama's not getting if he's the nominee, and I feel there's many other Hillary supporters that feel the same way I do,we will just stay home or vote for Mccain because this African American is one that does not trust Obama,something in my spirit does not sit well with me about him, something very negative is wrong with Obama, but I can't seem put my finger on it just yet, but the truth about Obama will come out about soon later, I just it's not later and he becomes our President, but I do know for a fact that's he's too inexperienced and unqualified to tackle and fix this mess Bush wil leave behind in 2009, because he lacks substance, Obama's all talk and no action.I can not believe so many American are willing to entrust this country in the hands of a "Johnny Come Lately" with no real experience or substance to tackle and fix this country's ills, In my opinion, this is very irresponsible, illinformed, and immature. I know this may be selfish or me, I wish that if Hillary is not the nominee, Hillary supporters will stay home or vote for McCain doing general election day, because Obama is not currently ready to be President, he's a good Inspirational Motivational speaker and dreamer but that's about all he his to offer for the people's votes.

Obama can really excite those young people because they are new to the voting process, and also are use to going to concerts where the singer and musicians are making a lot of loud noise, but with no understanding or substance to the song or music. Just make a lot of noise or scream during your the campaign you will have most of the youth vote, I hate to say that about our young people, because they’re our future, but I believe if they really took the time to research both candidates platforms and the key that’s negatively and positively affecting America and along with truly comprehending the mess this country is in, I believe they would be more willing to switch their vote to Hillary, who has the most experience, ability, and know-How to actually make the changes they are looking for, and what Obama is only able to preach about, but lack the experience to actually bring it to pass.

So education of the candidate’s background and platforms on the issues is the key in making a responsible and informed decision on voting for the candidate who’s the best qualified and experienced to lead this country.
What a shame, and misfortune.

Oprah had gave up a great opportunity to really assist in bringing the Democratic party together in the general election after a Democratic nominee was chosen, to successfully beat the Republican Nominee, but instead, she let personal long-term friendships, power, misplaced-ego get in the way of her rational judgment, Oprah’s action proved that she did not truly care about what was best for the Democratic party in the general election, and what was overall best for America, that was very selfish of her in my opinion. After all this time remaining in silence in past elections, that was also very vital for us to win, she was nowhere to be found or heard of, now she decided to come out and endorse a African American personal inexperienced friend for President, who was not the clear nominee yet. Oprah no longer has any respect or credibility with me, and I’m sure she lost some viewers of her daytime TV show; due to her poor judgment and timing of endorsing a candidate. I believe Oprah has made enough money off of her once loyal viewers, books, and production company that she probably don’t really care what her audience think about her now, because she have already made her fortune and popularity way before deciding to come forward now and publicly endorsing a very personal friend for President.

In my opinion, Hillary is the new “Clean-up Woman” who has the ability to clean-up and fix the mess Bush will leave behind in 2009. She will actually bring Positive Change, Hope, Solidarity, and Unity to our nation and across the world, not just one who preaches about it, and in the long-term, failing to deliver the results promised on the campaign trail.

"Go Hillary Go"

Hillary is the one trying to change the pre-agreed upon rules because she is grasping at straws to win. She is asking for a do-over, not Obama. And you’re right – this is no way to run a railroad (or an honest competent campaign for that matter).

She will not win now. This kind of coverage (in the old game) would be good to keep a name up front and center. Now people perceive it as a desperate move (the new game), not to mention illegal and immoral (but what do the Clintons care about those concepts?)

Do you think the Patriots would have asked for a change of rules when they were winning at half time? I think not.

If Obama is the popular choice of party voters and if Ickes and Clinton(s) steal the nomination from Obama, I will either stay home in November or vote for McCain.

Michigan and Florida are prime examples of how Clinton(s) can not be trusted.

No third party can agree to nullify anyone’s vote in a primary.

The right to vote is absolute, and it’s not up to Hillary, Barack, John Edwards, or Howard Dean to agree in advance that someone’s vote doesn’t count. Floridians had no say in the matter.

Howard Dean’s power trip, denying Floridians the right to vote is creating the super delegate mess, and hi power trip will fracture the Democratic Party for a generation.

It is true the Florida Democratic Party moved its primary date against the DNC bylaws; it is true that Florida’s GOP legislature moved the primary date; and it’s true that three democratic candidates agreed to null and void the votes of Floridians and the delegates those votes would harvest.
Neither of these parties had the right to disqualify two million votes.
When you call the DNC to complain, they tell you Florida is not in compliance, but they won’t tell you is what gives them the pre-ordained right to disqualify two million votes just to settle a score with the Florida Democratic Party. Florida’s noncompliant status is not an adequate justification to disqualify two million voters who got out of bed and went to the poles.
The number of people involved in this dispute couldn’t fill up a school bus, yet they’ve decided that two million voters will not be represented at the DNC convention, potentially altering the outcome of the nomination, and possibly the outcome of the general election.
Florida voters are caught in the middle of a hissing war where the DNC Chairman Howard Dean and the Florida Democratic Party are not playing well together. This should not be the voters’ problem because the voters didn’t create this mess. If the DNC wants to punish the Florida Democratic Party, find another punishment, but to shut out two million voices to settle an inter-organizational dispute is totalitarianism.
No third party/parties may take away a person’s right to vote, FOR ANY REASON. One vote or two million votes can not be taken away to serve the interests of the DNC.
It’s not about who benefits from ceding the delegates, or if the results of a new election would tip the scales in favor of any candidate. It’s not about any agreements made between Hillary, John, and Barack in the primary not to acknowledge the voters and their appointed delegates. A citizen’s vote is not a unit of measurement to be used as a poker chip in a game of chicken between the DNC and the Florida Democratic Party ; it’s not about fairness to either of the candidates- they don’t decide the fate of anyone’s vote, and it’s not about an internal dispute over a date on a calendar.
When a voter goes to cast a vote for President, it is with the knowledge they will be represented according to who wins the popular vote in his or her district. A voter also accepts the absoluteness of two possible outcomes. One: The candidate will win and delegates will be ceded at the convention to vote according to the outcomes. Two: The candidate will lose and another candidate will receive the support of the delegates.
Florida voters had no say in moving the primary date, and their votes should carry the full weight of representative democracy to the floor of the convention. If the January 15 primary is dated and not an accurate representation of voters today, then Florida should have another primary.
If all the votes are not counted, the nominee, and possibly the next President, will have a legitimacy deficit…………like the president we have now, and it will again point to Florida.
If the interests of Florida are not represented, there is a strong case to exempt all Floridians from federal income taxes. By denying Floridian and Michiganers representation, less than 300 super delegates will determine the outcome of the Democratic Nomination. history. Taxation without representation.
Howard Dean is on a power trip, and he needs to be removed from his post if he insists on denying any American equal representation at the DNC Convention.
The super delegates could be nuetralized by allowing new primaries in Florida and Michigan, and this could be settled long before the convention.

If HillBilly wins like bu$hco won in 2000, I am a definite ex-Democrat.

So, Florida voters don't count because the Republican legislature moved the primary date? Hillary picked up 800,000 votes from Floridians - those voices deserve to be heard.

Florida's GOP legislature created this mess by setting the primary date over the protest of the FL Dems. Some other states were given special permission to hold early primaries, but Donna Brazile (an Obama supporter) said Florida hadn't "tried hard enough". Dean (another Obama supporter) went along with her. Instead of recognizing that it was not FL's fault, or penalizing FL in some other way, they chose to make the delegates an issue: obviously to hurt Hillary.
Obama's campaign is not about winning votes honestly -- it's about gaming the rules in a backroom. In his state senate race he got ALL his opponents bumped off the ballot (search for 'Alice Palmer'); now Brazile and his other people have set up to get the whole state primary bumped off the count.

I see if people don't get the nominee they want just stay home and or vote for McCain, that's waht I been saying all alone, that's fine with me,a nd then the Superdelegates will decide what's best for this country and choose a candidate that's truly has the experience to tackle and fix the mess Bush will leave behind in 2009, and that's Hillary Clinton, Obama is a newbie Senator who speaker very Inspirational and motivational about his dreams of Hope of creating Change, and Unity in America, but lack indepth substance and abilty to make his message become reality.

Why should I vote for Obama? He's to scared to debate a Woman anytime anywhere she challenges him to, What a Wuss and Chicken, if he was so sure of himself he would be willing and ready to step-up to the plate and take on her challenage. Obama want's to win this election by only making earth shattering Motivational Inspirational speeches, but not willing to debate the issues with a Woman named Hillary, who would mop and clean-up the floor with him in debates, because he has no substance, just a lot of eloquent words on the campaign trail, and Obama knows that, because debates are his weakness. But at least be a Man and try, I can respect him for at least trying, not running away from a challenage made by a woman candidate, if he does this now, just think what he would be like as a President, Obama will always run away and hide behind a desck when faced with a difficult challenage to tackle and overcome, Obama say's he a fighter, he can not prove that by me when he's dodging debates requested By Hillary, any time anywhere. I'm an Average African American male, who would be willing to challenge Obama to a debate on Hillary's behalf if given a chance, I bet he would turn me down, and say let me give an Inspirational Motivantional speech instead, I could give him a run for his money on giving Inspirational Moitvational speeches, I can Preach Earth Shattering Inspiring messages as well as Obama can believe or not, but that does not necessarily make me qualified and experienced enough to be President of America, it takes more years than Obama has efffectively and efficently perform the duties of a President.

Hillary may not be the best speaker, but what she does say on the campaign trail has indepth substance, clarity, and realism to her platform Issues, Obama is a only a Hoper and, Dreamer with no true realsim to his messages, and lacks the experience to carry out his Hopes and Dreams, and make make it a reality.

I like to ask this One major Question? Why is Obama accepting endorsements from people who have been in Congress for over 30 and 40 years and not about to retire, but back him for change when these same Congress members are the Politics as usual gang on the Democratic side of the room? as Obama state's on the campaign trail, this is hypercritical to me, because why would he accept these older Congress member's endorsements when they are considered by him to represent politics as Usual, if I where Obama, I would have only accepted endorsements from younger Congress memebers like him, this look's more credible to me, since Obama accepted those endorsements he will be a politics as usual President, because these endorsed older Democratic Politcians will expect something in return from him like the lobbyist and special interest groups, Obama is not going to represent the change hope, and unity he so eloqently preaches about on the campaign trail, he's got a lot of people duped, but not me, this African American Male see right through his scheme and decite. Oh Obama can talk a good game, but lack the experience and substance to play the game and make things happen if nominated and elected President.

Go Hillary! You have the experience, substance, and ability to truly make happen, what Obama, the Dreamer, Inspirer, and Motivator can only Preach about while on the campaign trail, and definitely not in debates, because he's too chicken and a wuss to meet and take on your challenge anytime anywhere. Obama's only able talk the talk, but after the campaign is over, lack the abillity, indepth substance, and experience to Walk the Walk.

This has turned into a "he/she" thing and it is getting quite absurd. It has been known since last summer that no delegates would be awarded in the Florida early primary. I live in Europe and have known since May that it was likely. The Democratic leadership in Florida had nine months to consider what to do and even talked about keeping the early date then having a caucus in February to split up the delegates. It is true that the Republican-controlled Legislature forced the early primary and there was plenty of time to figure out a fix, but they sat on their hands hoping that the DNC would not follow through with the penalty. These are the Primaries and not the General Elections and therefore the "every vote counts" rule does not really apply. All the Democratic candidates including Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama agreed and accepted the decision made by the DNC regarding Florida and Michigan. They made no effort to sway the DNC to recognize and accept the early primaries. Suddenly there is a big push to accept the results as they stand. Odd?

It is ridiculous to demand that rules be changed after the fact. Now is the time to demand a new vote allowing both sides equal voice. The State Legislatures of Florida should be made to foot the bill and this could be done by mail as Florida's House Democrat Leader Dan Gelber suggested. There are also a few options to ensure that this not happen again. Firstly, elect a Democratic Legislature and secondly replace the Democrats already in the state Legislature.

If people truly believe the Jan. 29 vote was accurate and reflected the will of Florida's Democrats then Sen. Clinton will win after picking up more than 800,000 in a re-vote. This should also not be a problem for Sen. Clinton as she believes that she won a fair contest. What is going to change?

Right now there three of the strongest candidates in recent times in the race for the oval office. Any of the big three including: Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama, and Sen. McCain will be better for the US both domestically and internationally than the current administration. I have my favorite, but if they do not get the nomination then I will take a good look at what both the Democrat and Republican candidates have to offer before casting my vote.

Things like this have happened before, and it ends up with the disputed delegates being seated after all. According to the long-standing rules of the DNC, assuming Hillary came into the convention with slightly more delegates than Obama, she would call for a vote on seating the disputed candidates and her delegates would outvote his and the disputed ones would be seated. That might be enough to put her over the top for the nomination (2,025). Again it's kind of a tie-breaker thing: whoever comes in strongest uses it to make their victory more clear.
As for no one pushing it earlier, if Feb 5 had cinched it either way, the FL and MI delegates wouldn't be needed, so why bother. Imo Brazile and Dean and others were stupid to try to penalize FL this way in the beginning (or they were doing it to help Obama). Threatening not to seat delegates is pretty much of an empty threat, and Brazile and Dean shouldn't have tried.

I see that Obama is not as good of a speaker as portraying to be, he uses other author's speech lines and not always give them credit for it, even though he has given the author credit in past given speeches, obama still should have gave credit to an author's speech lines everytime he quotes that author's line on the campaign trail, he made people think that it was his own lines he had spoken, that's close to being deceptive and unethical.

If I were in college and used author's speech lines and not give him or her credit for them in my speech paper, I would be citied by my professor for Plagiarism , regarless of whether I give verbally the author credit in a former speech, the gender biased news media is trying to spin another controversial issue with Obama in a positive light again, because in the gender biased media's eyesight, Obama can do no wrong, but if Hillary would have done this, the media would have had an field day on her, they would had spun this issue against Hillary and actually said she plagerized her speeches, Oh but wait unitl the general election if Obama makes it, that same media who pumped him up and made him look good to get rid of Hillary will let the hammer down on Obama to help McCain get elected. The Republican attack dogs are just waiting to pounce on this JR Senator,and try their best to destory his campaign. I really feel sorry for him,because he's going to have a real tough time overcoming some of the gender and racial biased comments and attacks made about and against him by some news anchor's who are both racially and genderally-biased in the near further. This underlying is the Republican, objective, strategy, and goal to first use and then politically destroy Obama in order to keep power in the White House.

Obama is in for a rude awakening, This Newbie Jr. Senator is going to have to do more than give Earth Shattering Inspirational Motivational speeches of Hope, Change , and Unity,effectively fight this Republican Stronghold Machine, but must begain to try and give indepth substance of his platform issues in order to convince people to vote for him in the general election,for example the cross-over Republicans, Independents, Latino's White's and African American's that Obama always talks about gaining in the primaries, Some of these Republicans may have crossed over in the primaries to vote for Obama to help make him the nominee so the Republican Challenger would have an easier time beating the Democratic Nominee, because Hillary would be harder for McCain to beat in the general election as oppose to Obama, due to his lack of experience and substance of the issues in being able to fix the mess Bush will leave behind in 2009.

Oh sure Obama can talk the talk, be very Motivational and Inspirational, but I'm not so sure whether he can walk the walk he preaches about while on the campaign stump, Well, we shall see how this plays out.

Go Hillary Go!! Win this thing, America needs you now, you are the best interest for this country in the long-term in order to effectively and efficently tackle and fix the mess Bush will leave behind in 2009. It's going to take more than Obama's Fad Movement he so successfully created so far, in order to effectively turn America and our Allies abroad in the positive direction, Obama, I believe in my Spirit is not the President who can successfully complete this critical challenge and task at this particular day and time.

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