Even blowing his nose, Obama gets applause: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted February 20, 2008 2:29 PM
The Swamp

by John McCormick

DALLAS – It's probably safe to say that you have arrived as a politician when your audience applauds when you blow your nose.

Yes, just a day before a debate in Texas, Sen. Barack Obama has a head cold.

And about a half-hour into a speech here, the Illinois Democrat announced that he had to take a quick break. "Gotta blow my nose here for a second," Obama said.

Out came a Kleenex (or perhaps it was a hankie), and he wiped his nose.

The near-capacity audience at the Reunion Arena, which his campaign said totaled 17,000, broke out in a slightly awkward applause.

Despite the cold, Obama's voice seems as strong as ever. He has a light schedule today and some time to rest up before his debate Thursday evening with Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

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Pinocchio should just put a diaper under his nose, i think he uses a lot of snuff.

John McCain/Bush has a new campaign video out, here it is...."my friends":


Here comes all the "empty suit" references from the rightwing mouthbreathing, knuckledragging squad.

John McCain/Bush stands for a third term of the disasterous Bush administration, the guy should be stuffed and mounted and put in a museum somewhere in South Carolina.

Here are some of Senator Barack Obama's positions:

Opposed the Iraq war from the start.
Voted to end the war in Iraq.
Supports capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden.
Favors a $1000 tax cut for every working American family.

Will implement tax form simplification to reduce filing time.
Provide tax credit for all middle class homeowners.
Provide a tax cut for all families making less than $75,000 a year.
Amend NAFTA to protect American workers.
Amend NAFTA to strengthen environmental protections.
Providing Flex Ed training accounts for workers.
Extending Trade Adjustment assistance to service workers.
Supported Patriot Employer Act of 2007 that gives tax credits to large companies that keep workers here in America.
Double funds for basic federal research.
Implement a long term research and development tax credit.
Invest in green technologies.
Reduce carbon emission gases.
Tackle the challenges of global warming.
Create an energy focused youth jobs program.
Create Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard.
Extend the Production Tax Credit.
Expand Broadband into every community.
Keep the Internet tax free.
Expand high speed internet access in rural areas.
Fight for passage of Employee Free Choice Act.
Ensure freedom to unionize.
Would overturn "Kentucky River" classifications of Bush's NLRB
Protect rights of striking workers.
Increase the mininum wage to index it to inflation.
Crack down on predatory lenders.
Provide a universal mortgage tax credit for homeowners who don't itemize.
Sign the Stop Fraud Act to prevent lending fraud.
Mandate accurate loan disclosure.
Create a fund to protect people from foreclosures.
Close the bankruptcy loophole for mortgage companies.
Establish a credit card rating to improve disclosure.
Ban utilateral credit card charges.
Apply interest rate only to future debt.
Prohibit credit card interest on fees.
Prohibit Universal defaults.
Require prompt and fair crediting of cardholder payments.
Protect working people from unfair bankruptcy laws.
Ban executive bonuses for bankruptcy companies.
REquire disclosure of pension investments.
Cap outlandandish interest rates on payday loans.
Implement legislation to drive unscrupulous lenders out of business
Create a bankruptcy exemption for people that went broke because of medical bills.
Double funding for after school programs.
Extend Family and Medical Leave Act.
Encourage states to adopt Paid leave.
Expand the Child Care Tax Credit
Supports ratification of UN Convention Rights of Persons With Disabilities.
Supports independent, community based living for people with disabilities.
Expand educational opportunites for people with disabilities.
Expand job opportunities for people with disabilities.
Strengthen civil rights enforcement.
Sign into law the Fair Pay Act.
Sign law reversing recent SCOTUS rulings that permitted discrimination against women.
Sign law reversing recent SCOTUS rulings that permitted discrimination against racial minorities.
Strengthen federal hate crimes legislation.
Eliminate the sentence disparities regarding crack cocaines.
Establish drug courts for first time, non violent offenders.
Create a prison to work incentive for those transitioning back into society.
Passed a law to prohibit the practice of racial profiling.
Supported reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act.
Opposes all discriminatory barriers to voting.
Helped reform death penalty system in Illinois to protect innocent people on death row.
Voted to ban cluster bombs.
Provide high quality affordable child care to families.
Will quadrulple Early Head Start funding.
Will increase Head Start funding.
Creates early learning challenge grants.
Abolish overly rigid teach to the test curriculum in schools.
Improve accountability in public schools.
Invest in intervention strategies to reduce dropout rates in schools.
Increase funding for afterschool programs.
Supports Step Up program to increase summer learning opportunities.
Support English language learner programs.
Expand college outreach programs.
Create teacher service scholarships.
Requires all public schools to be accredited.
Create teacher residency programs.
Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit for higher education.
Streamline financial aid application.
Introduced legislation to increase Pell Grant to $5,100.
Reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.
Confront deforestation.
Promote carbon sequestration.
Accelerate commercialization of plug in hybrids.
Promote development of commercial scale renewable energy.
Invest in low emission coal plants.
Transition to new electric digit grid.
Double science funding for clean energy products.
Create Green Jobs Corps.
Invest in programs to help manufacturers make transition to green products.
Create clean technologies venture capital fund.
Deploy cellulosic ethanol.
Expand locally owned biofuel refineries.
Increase renewable fuel standards.
Establish national low carbon fuel standard.
Increase fuel economy standards.
Invest in solar energy.
Invest in wind energy.
Establish a centralized database to track lobbyist activities.
Appoint an independent watchdog group to oversee congressional ethic violations.
Favors campaign finance reform.
Sunshine on legislation proposal.
End abuse of no bid contracts.
Release presidential records in a more timely fashion.
Prevent political appointees from working as lobbyists within two years after employment has ended.
Reform political appointment process.
Sign ethics legislation that he proposed as a Senator with Russ Feingold.
Obama sponsored a bi-partisan bill allowing regular people to track federal grants.
Take leadership in the global fight against AIDS.
Provide tax cuts to small businesses.
Provide income tax cuts for all senior citizens making $50,000 a year or less.
Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.
Protect workers from caregiver discrimination.
Increase mentoring programs for beginner teachers.
Provide universal health care for all Americans within 4 years.
Combat fraudulent subprime loans.
Expand Nurse Family Partnership.
Provide automatic workplace pensions for workers.
Expand savings credit for retirement accounts.
Reinstate pay as you go budget rules.
Repeal Bush tax cuts for top 1% which led to lower middle class standard of living.
Slash earmarks to pre 2001 levels.
Abolish obsolete wasteful government programs.
Voted against raising the minimum debt in 2006.
Supports wiping out Al Qaeda wherever they may be.
Opposed Kyl Lieberman.
Supports tough attempts at diplomacy with Iran to protect America's interests.
Will work to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Restrengthen NATO.
Passed a bipartisan law with Senator Lugar to prevent smuggling of WMDs.
Introduced a bill with Senator Hagel to reduce nuclear arsenals around the globe.
Supports securing loose nuke arsenals from the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
Strengthen Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.
Expand size of Army by 65,000.
Expand size of Marines by 27,000.
Provide our troops with new equipment and the tools they need.
Provide National Service troops with adequate leave time.
Will insulate the Director of National Intelligence from partisan politics.
Guarantee that health care can never be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
Introduce a health care plan similar to the one members of Congress have and give all Americans access to this plan.
Simplify the paperwork in health care costs.
Make premiums and co pays affordable.
Require mandatory coverage of all children for health care.
Expand SCHIP.
Expand Medicaid.
Reduce costs of catastrophic illnesses for employers and employees.
Support disease management programs.
Require hospitals and providers to have full transparency over costs.
Promote patient safety by requiring providers to report medical errors.
Establish an independent institute to guide reviews + research on comparative effectiveness in health care.
Strengthen anti trust laws to prevent insurance companies from gouging medical providers.
Lower medical costs by having electronic health info systems.
Increase competition in prescription drug markets.
Advance biomedical research field.
Improve mental care coverage.
Reduce mercury deposits to help prevent miscarriages.
Increase funding for autism research.
Cosponsored Healthy Kids Act of 2007.
Cosponsored reauthorization of SCHIP in 2007.
Obama introduced legislation to establish guidelines to monitor fuels from nuclear power plants.
Sponsored a bill with Senator Lautenberg to protect chemical plants from possible terrorist attacks.
Introduced legislation to upgrade monitoring of water supplies.
Introduced legislation to protect localities from radioactive leaks.
Create secure borders with additional personnel and infrastructure.
Remove incentives for people to enter this country illegally.
Crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.
Invest in transitional jobs.
Improve transportation access to jobs.
Fully fund community block grants.
Create an affordable housing trust fund.
Establish a program called 20 Promise Neighborhoods.
Invest in rural areas, especially small businesses, schools, and doctors.
Implement a payment limitation program to help small farmers.
Protect family farms from anti-competitive monopolies.
Implement tough fines for CAFO violations.
Establish country of origin labeling for all products.
Support regional food systems.
Encourage organic farming.
Provide tax credits for young farmers.
Increase capital for small farmers.
Modify FCC so all rural residents have access to modern communications.
Upgrade rural infrastructure.
Supported legislation to reverse 2 billion dollars of agriculture cuts under Bush.
Cosponsored Emergency Farm Relief Act of 2006.
Sponsored a bill to combat the scourge of methamphetamines.
Expand Americorps.
Double the Peacecorps in 8 years.
Expand Service learning in all our schools.
Offer an opportunity tax credit for college students in exchange for 100 hours of community service.
Promote college work study programs with public service.
Expand on the YouthBuild program.
Create a Social Investment Fund Network.
Create a non profit entrepreneur agency.
Protect Social Security.
Reform corporate bankruptcy laws.
Strengthen laws protecting against age discrimination in the workplace.
Ensure heating assistance for senior citizens.
Protect the openness of the Internet.
Encourage diversity in media ownership.
Protect children from Internet predators with strict law enforcement.
Support transition of the internet into the digital world.
Preserve artistic expression.
Keep inappropriate advertising away from programs for children.
Enhance safety standards for toys imported into this country.
Protect the right of privacy of every law abiding American.
Update surveillance laws under the rule of law.
Higher salaries for teachers.
Work with the FTC to cut down on cyber crimes.
Eliminate teach to the test curriculum and restore true learning to the classroom.
Open up government to citizens by providing transparency.
Provide all our schools with broadband technology.
Modernize public safety networks.
Make the research and development tax credit permanent.
Protect intellectual property at home and abroad.
Reform the patent system to encourage innovation.
Allow all veterans back into the VA.
Strengthen VA care for all veterans.
Fight veterans employment discrimination.
Fix the benefits bureaucracy to help veterans.
Expand vet centers across the country.
Obama passed legilsation to slash red tape to help wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.
Introduced legislation to direct the VA and Pentagon to fix its veterans record systems.
Introduced legislation to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Rebuild the roads and bridges that need to be rebuilt.
Will end the genocide in Darfur.
Will restore habeas corpus to America.
Reject torture.
Close down Gitmo.
Pledges to obey the Constitution of the United States.
Will fully implement and enforce the Equal Pay Act.
End tax breaks for US companies sending jobs overseas.
Voted to reinstate 1.15 billion to the COPS program to reduce crime.
Wants to keep drinking age at 21.
Supports grants to local educational agencies.
Voted to protect ANWR.
Voted to protect the Great Lakes from polluters.
Favors labor and trade standards with trade with China.
Opposed CAFTA which hurts American workers.
Voting to give the District of Columbia its proper vote in Congress.
Voted to expand enrollment period for Medicare Part D.
Favors repealing the discriminatory don't ask don't tell policy.
Provide first responders with the health care and equipment they need.
Voted to implement the 9/11 commission recommendations.
Voted to restore money to ports and first responders.
Voted to establish a Guest Worker program.
Voted to increase the minimum wage.
Voted against anti-Constitution radicals Alito and Roberts.
Voted against the repeal of the estate tax that only applies to 1% of the wealthiest of estates.
Supports the first amendment freedom of religion clauses and establishment clauses.
Introduced a bill requiring public companies to give shareholders an annual nonbinding vote on executive compensation.
Protects our schools by opposing voucher schemes.
Introduced Biofuels Security Act in 2007.
Favors closing corporate tax loopholes.
Understands that global warming is a real problem that must be addressed.
Supports civil unions for LGBT couples.
Favors the death penalty in the rarest but appropriate of circumstances.

Just in case anyone's keeping track, this is fawning and far-from-impartial. I'm basically an Obama fan, but this is WAY over the top; nobody, even Barack, deserves to get noteworthy applause out of blowing their nose.

Dear John Everdumb : Do you really think anybody read your post ? Please tell me what you know about the suit filed in district court in Minn. against your hero Pinocchio Hussein Obama , Axelrod and Howard Dean. I might even read your post this time. The wheels are falling off as we script, little Johnny Everdumb.

Don B:

Can you provide a link to this story to which you're referring? What is the substance of this suit?

At least we know where he stands on the snot issue. Hillary would be afraid to offend the snot lobby and McCain would boast that he'll spend 100 years getting rid of it.

Sure can B.C.
You can read it yourself, i believe it's an intimidation suit i.e. they're trying to shut him up, kind of like the "Bimbo squad" from that last great Democratic admin.


Dear John Everdumb : Do you really think anybody read your post ? Please tell me what you know about the suit filed in district court in Minn. against your hero Pinocchio Hussein Obama , Axelrod and Howard Dean. I might even read your post this time. The wheels are falling off as we script, little Johnny Everdumb.

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 3:15 PM

Donny Walnuts,

You're not even in my league, quit embarrassing yourself.

Obama blows his nose, and the Obama audience applauds????

That says a lot about the mindlessness of Obama-nuts.

Don B:

Can you provide a link to this story to which you're referring? What is the substance of this suit?

Posted by: BC | February 20, 2008 3:22 PM


Donny Walnuts is on the same IQ level as Johnny D and Paulo.

Don't waste your time....

Larry Siclair has no credibilty because of his past drug and alcohol abuse, that's why it's not getting any media play.

But of course, that doesn't stop Republic Party sheep from drinking it up and vomiting it out.

Nice try Donny B Potatohead.

Don B:

Can you provide a link to this story to which you're referring? What is the substance of this suit?

Posted by: BC | February 20, 2008 3:22


Donny Walnuts is on the same IQ level as Johnny D and Paulo.

Don't waste your time....

Posted by: John E | February 20, 2008 3:50 PM

Dear John Everdumb: Your plea seemed rather desperate...this ones' not going away Johnny Boy....you need to get out of the basement more, it's turning your brain to mush.

Don B-

yeah, like I'm going to believe a guy who peddles his story to Jeff Rense, the paranoid anti-semite who's website is filled with stories about the Jewish world conspiracy for a single government, UFO's, and holocaust denial.

Dear John Everdumb : Do you really think anybody read your post ? Please tell me what you know about the suit filed in district court in Minn. against your hero Pinocchio Hussein Obama , Axelrod and Howard Dean. I might even read your post this time. The wheels are falling off as we script, little Johnny Everdumb.

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 3:15 PM

Donny Osmond,

You see, that's the great thing about America, even mentally challenged people like you and "Larry Sinclair" can file a lawsuit.

...and all of this all so typical and ordinary swiftboat garbage from the Republic Party minions (Don B) is supposed to make me want to vote for John McCain/Bush how?


But I'm sure it was a very hopeful honk into the hankie. It inspired me to blow my own nose.

Posted by: John E | February 20, 2008 3:50 PM

John E... someone that doesn't agree with you isn't dumb... its called a difference of opinion and you're not always right. Check yourself.

I checked the link posted; the most credible citation in it was of the National Enquirer, and it reported the discredited John Edwards' love child story.

I appreciated the list of actual positions Obama has held. It says a lot that his detractors can only cite 3rd degree slander.

When speaking of the mindless ness of diehard Obama supporters, it should always be accompanied by the fact that 3 out of 10 Americans think George W. Bush is doing a good job as president. To me, even 30 percent is some hard-core mindless devotion...

Donny B's source is a right wing blog that has advertisements for a video showing a "radical" Barack Obama and a link to read Ann Coulter's column for free.

And if this is such a big deal, why hasn't Drudge picked up on it??

Just like the Cuban flag in Obama's Texas Headquarters.

wow John E thanks for all the info on Obama. fantastic. He will win. How anyone could consider voting for McCain is frighting and quite sad. I can say this as an Ex Republican myself, who had the misguided I-worked-hard-to-make-my money-so-screw-you attitude. Even though the Republicans spend more and have bigger deficits, plus start ridiculous wars, under the pathetic guise of "freedom". Oh I so look forward to November.

And if this is such a big deal, why hasn't Drudge picked up on it??

Just like the Cuban flag in Obama's Texas Headquarters.

Posted by: BobinATL | February 20, 2008 4:45 PM

Oh i guess your right BobinATL I'm sure district judges in Minn. have nothing better to do than write up harassment suits against Obama, Axelrod, and Mr. Dean for no reason at all. The suit is out there, you can see it with your own two eyes if you wish the truth. So the fact that this guy files a suit against THESE three men doesn't throw up a red flag to you?

They also cheer when Hanna Montana blows her nose!....same crowd...same mentality!!!

I checked the link posted; the most credible citation in it was of the National Enquirer, and it reported the discredited John Edwards' love child story.

I appreciated the list of actual positions Obama has held. It says a lot that his detractors can only cite 3rd degree slander.

Posted by: Drew | February 20, 2008 4:42 PM

Drew: Is this to say that the document that was on that sight is a fake , issued by a Minn. judge just a week or so ago ?

I checked the link posted; the most credible citation in it was of the National Enquirer, and it reported the discredited John Edwards' love child story.

I appreciated the list of actual positions Obama has held. It says a lot that his detractors can only cite 3rd degree slander.

Posted by: Drew | February 20, 2008 4:42 PM

Drew You didn't go to the site, the National Enquirer isn't mentioned at all, but the federal lawsuit transcript is. No wonder you like Obama, your both liars.

"I'm sure district judges in Minn. have nothing better to do than write up harassment suits against Obama, Axelrod, and Mr. Dean for no reason at all."

Don B, are you really that ignorant?

The judge didn't "write up" the suit. The slimeball Sinclair did, and filed it with the court. Anyone can file a suit at any time. The filing of the suit proves nothing.

Drew: Is this to say that the document that was on that sight is a fake , issued by a Minn. judge just a week or so ago ?

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 6:03 PM

Donny Osmond,

When you've got some info that isn't from the National Enquirer let us know...

Until then, here's your Republic Party bozo button award for the dumbest Obama allegation of the day:

-Former winners
Johnny D
Steve S

Obama, Obama, ma, ma, ma, what's the fuzz about this man? Have we lost sight of the real issues? This guy is a good actor and have a big herd willing to gamble this election. The sad part is that we all know that Hillary is the brainy one but lacks the charm that Bush and Obama possess. I hope Texas and Ohio won't fall into this Obama trap and elect Hillary who is smarter than all of the candidates put together.

This article shows quite clearly the intelligence of Obama's supporters. God help us all.

Larry Siclair has no credibilty because of his past drug and alcohol abuse, that's why it's not getting any media play.

But of course, that doesn't stop Republic Party sheep from drinking it up and vomiting it out.

Nice try Donny B Potatohead.

Posted by: floyd | February 20, 2008 4:09 PM


Hmmm, and yet there's Obama, with his history of drug abuse, getting plenty of media play, eh?

All of the "Hope" and "Change" that Obama provides will come directly out of the wallet of people that get up and go to work, play by the rules and want to have a better life. Those that think they are owed something simply because they exist will certainly run out to vote for his socialist agenda.

They were just applauding his grasp of the tissues.


That list of what Senator Obama supports would make Karl Marx proud...this guy is a more appealling Hillary Clinton.

That list is quite extensive (and expensive). Is there any group he doesn't pander to. I'm wondering if he is intentionally snubbing cancer patients by not coming up with a cure. What does he have against those poor people?

I would never elect someone who won't even salute our American flag. He sickens me everytime I see him on TV. Vote for McCain instead.

I have found a real life right wing blog. So many Obama haters its funny. How about when McCain fell last night after making his acceptance speech to taking the torch from GWB


Remove incentives for people to enter this country illegally.
Crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

2 lines on illegal immigration? It's easy to be idealistic, but what has he actually done?

All politicians talk, so the best thing to go on is their record. Obama doesn't have much of one yet.

John E.,

Most people realize Obama does have substance...it's just that it's really bad substance. Your enormously long list attests to that. Do you ever ask yourself "wow...this is a lot of stuff...I wonder how he will pay for it all?" The fact is most of it is pandering and won't get done. The other answer is that he's jacking up six different taxes. Raising taxes on the so-called rich might make you smile and make us feel better (yay, sticking it to the rich), but taking free capital out of the hands of the people who expand and grow businesses and employ people is the worst possible thing you can do to an economy. Low taxes allow for growth and employment. Obama's plans will strangle growth. You can't "protect" american jobs. People need to adapt. Manufacturing jobs are being lost because we are not competitive compared to manufacturing in foreign markets. Protectionism never works...it didn't work for Nixon or Carter and it won't work for Obama. NAFTA has been great...not necessarily for all workers, but in the long run free trade benefits everyone provided they can adapt to the market and work hard.

To John E: May I simplify your BO position statement?: Expand government's size & control and raise taxes. Thank you.

How long until that tissue makes it to ebay?

Obama blows snot and his worshipers swoon. Great. Liberals whine and cry about Bush, but they're so willing to vote for the Liberal version of what they see in him...no experience, no plan, govern-by-poll, campaign by nice-sounding but empty words. Swell, 4 more years of watching America turn into a socialist state. The only fun in all this is watching the liberal idiots turn on their once-great champions, Sir Bill the Impeached and his hideous wife. Too bad they're going to ruin the country in the process. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Grown adults whining and crying for the government to take care of you. Russia tried this once in 1917. How'd that work out? The democrats could have done much better than sticking 2 socialists at the top of the list. But take heart fair liberals, you get 2 democrats to pick from in the general election...Obama and McCain.

Obama is by far the best representative of the country in terms of charisma and compassion. However, to see so many people put their hopes in someone else is quite disturbing. Sad really. Your life gets better through hard work and education. I started with nothing, that doesn't mean I don't intend to give back. I just don't want Uncle Sam to do it for me. That is the liberal docterine. Rely on the government to make things better. Unfortunately, true republicanism is dead, too. There is no such thing as "small government" anymore.
I am off to Singapore and Hong Kong to rediscover the joys of free market. When I get back I'm sure our unemployment will be closing in on Europe's. Can't wait.
"In the short term the masses get what they want.
In the end, they get what they deserve."
BTW: John E. (must be John Edwards applying for a running mate position), you could have written your dissertation instead.
Bellichick/Brady '08!

Probably the most intellgent thing that cane out of his head all year.

The libs were probably fighting over the Kleenex from the "Great One".

Observing Bill Clinton's almost daily petulant temper tantrums when an audience member expresses support for the Obama candidacy suggests that Slick is very close to loosing it. The "serial groper" is unable to accept the fact that he's trying to peddle a defective product; i.e. Hillary. This is a woman who hasn't managed so much as a corner vegetable stand, or for that matter her own marriage; but, of course you could count Whitewater, and her tenure as "Madam" for Bill's White House Brothel. So what possibly is there that qualifies Bill's official "Bimbo Containment Chief" for the Presidency? Further, Hillary's increasingly frequent crying jags raises a legitimate concern about her mental stability. But, having meticulously planned their coveted return to the White House for several years now, the Clintons will certainly not exit the scene with grace or dignity. This is the political duo that honed "The Politics Of Personal Destruction" into an artform; and, most certainly will not tolerate, who is in their mind, the "upstart Obama" to derail Hillary's pre-choreographed coronation. Greg Neubeck

Jim Jones-esque.

Hey, John E., like the "Obamination" running for president, YOU TALK TO MUCH!!! Just because your mouth has the runs, it doesn't make you smart, or right.

Barrack Hussein Obama is an empty suit. He may be ready for prime time in four, eight, or twelve years. And John E, thank you for the copy and paste from the Obama website. *swoons and near faints*

The judge didn't "write up" the suit.
Posted by: Luke | February 20, 2008 6:21 PM

Luke: Did you happen to notice the judges signature...that kind of makes it legitimate and legal. I'm sure the judge felt there is some credence to the complaint or he wouldn't signed off on it. If you think it's that easy to file a federal harassment suit against those three men and have a judge sign off on it , your dreaming pal. Obviously you were to lazy to look at the document.

At least he is being honest. The socialist Obama wants to eliminate the poor by taxing the "rich"---those who make over 75,000 a year. Now, families with incomes of 50k don't pay much in taxes--about 4% of the total. Families earning 200,000 a year---about the top 2% of wage-earners---pay 40% of the total tax bill. Obama is a socialist--like Hillary--and wants a giant middle class, with no rich or poor. Those that work will support those that stay home and collect. If he gets elected, I will retire from my CEO job. I paid over 300,000 in taxes last year. That will stop. I will get on the gravy train, sell my houses and cars---and sit on my ass and eat bon bons like the laze-bags he attracts. Socialism sucks, except for those who have nothing to offer society.

BTW, nice office decoration in Obama's office. Cuban Flag and Che's photo. Sweet. Real sweet.

So the conservatives make a valid point and John E disappears... typical liberal.

The people following and supporting Obama are treating this election like American Idol. What a shame. How shallow & unimformed.

What a list! Why not add walk on water?

Wow John, I've never seen that many unconstitutional proposals from one presidential candidate.

Hey John E., your list ought to be re- titled as such: "Sen. Barak Obama's Positions or Even More Reasons Not to Vote For Him."

Grad. of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Community organizer. Civil rights lawyer. 1997- 2004: Illinois Senate member. Elected to U.S. Senate -2004. On the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; and Veterans' Affairs, and Congressional Black Caucus.109th Congress: Coburn-Obama Transparency Act. In 2005, he co-sponsored the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act" Introduced "Lugar Obama Act." 110th Congress: Worked with Russ Feingold to create the "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act" Helped sponsor S. 453, a bill to criminalize deceptive practices in federal elections. Sponsored the "Iraq War De-Escalation Act", Co-sponsored an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Act.He sponsored the "Iran Sanctions Enabling Act" A provision from the Obama-Hagel bill was passed by Congress in December 2007 as an amendment to the State-Foreign Operations appropriations bill. Obama also sponsored a Senate amendment to the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)to provide one year of job protection for family members caring for soldiers with combat-related injuries. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. The trip focused on strategies to control the world's supply of conventional weapons, biological weapons, and weapons of mass destruction as a first defense against potential terrorist attacks. Following meetings with U.S. military in Kuwait and Iraq in January 2006, Obama visited Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territories. At a meeting with Palestinian students two weeks before Hamas won the legislative election, Obama warned that "the U.S. will never recognize winning Hamas candidates unless the group renounces its fundamental mission to eliminate Israel." He left for his third official trip in August 2006, traveling to South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Chad.

How about Obama's other positions?
Supports AFTER birth abortions - ie, just let the child die on the countertop
and supports a UN tax on the US to "end worldwide poverty". The Great Society did such a wonderful job of ending poverty in our country, they decided to take it worldwide.
What a maroooooon

John E's list of stupendous things Barack Hussein Obama will do for our nation is very impressive. But it troubled me that John E. didn't include his including Obama's curing cancer and giving all of us elderly free viagra and free champagne. Obama will also save the Ozone Hole and finally begin global cooling. Such inneptitude!

What, no one fainted?

obama is a u.n. hack, in case no one has heard,mr. obama ben laden has usherd through the senate a bill that would put the united states directly under the u.n., invalidate the constitution and put the world court as the law of the land over our own supreme court, and besides that, obama is pretty much a bore.

Obama is the best candidate in this presidential race. hillary is too boring. I vote for Obama!

Obama 2008!

Hey John E get a life.

What a bunch of idiots....This just proves how naive and obviously unintelligent folks are...

Fainting at Obama rallies, clapping when he blows his knows, screaming when he says absolutely nothing,...geesh...sounds like these folks have been drinking too much of the Lib Kool-aid!

Hey John:
Have you realized yet, oil would not be $100 a barrel and you would be paying less than $3.00 a gallon for gas if Obama would have supported opening ANWR...and yes it could have been done with less environmental damage than the ethonal con game being bought into..

so, you're listening to a speech and the guy who's talking is so sick he has to step away and blow his nose. what are you going to do? sit there and pick yours? you clap. awkwardly. that's just what you'd do. you'd do it for mccain, you'd do it for W, you'd do it for hillary, you'd do it for bubba. enough with the `cult of personality' BS. people like him. some like him for his issues, some like him for the way he reaches out to people. nothing wrong with that. maybe you don't like him as much as some others do. nothing wrong with that either. but if your only criticism against a guy running for president is that people like him too much, you ain't got much to stand on, do you? also, this BS guy who talks about a suit in Minnesota. i've seen him on a million comment boards. total slimy backstabbery jibberish.

Why, Obama is even more wonderful than John E. thinks - During his speech yesterday, he promised everyone who has health insurance a $2,500 dollar reduction in premiums. He said he will solve our energy dependence and make the terrorists in the Middle East hold hands and sing Kumbiya. He will give us all "free" healthcare, cure diseases and bring eyesight to the blind. My god, he gets my vote for sure.

Obama blows his nose, and the Obama audience applauds????

That says a lot about the mindlessness of Obama-nuts.

Wait...someone else said that too...oh well, if Obama can steal other folks lines, I guess I can too....lol (go McCain!)

I was at the Rally today in Dallas. Obama started it off by saying he had a head cold but would push through it. In the middle of his speech he had to stop and blow his nose - everyone laughed and clapped because it was a funny awkward moment for a stump speech in front of more than 17,000 people. Nothing more, nothing less…

Saying everyone cheered him for his nose blowing isn’t close to being accurate.

That is a LONG laundry list of social programs and big government! Who is going to pay for it? The USA is broke..can't you liberals figure this out? Ron Paul has been trying to tell you for years.. WHO is going to pay for all this???

"Cult of Personality Cult of Per-son-ality" - Living Color

BTW, if Obama is supposed to be for that huge list of items *his advisors came up with and posted on his web site* perhaps Obama should visit the website once in a while. That way, he might actually say some of that stuff in his speeches.

Hahaha! That's exactly what we need. More government. Wake up people! Get your heads out of your arses!

Hey John E....are you really serious about that big list? Isn't there somewhere you can go to get help for your delusions? By the way, global warning is a myth (that means it's a lie in case you don't understand complicated words)

Hillary recently said that the people supporting Obama are nothing but Blind Followers. This is a person running for the highess office in the land and already calling the American people names. This was an insult to myself as well as the people supporting there candidate.

Hey John E,
Thanks for listing all the programs obama wants to fund & support, b/c its hell of a lot more than he has revealed. Thats exactly why we don't want him for C&C. Its too much government. Have you realized that government cannot solve everything. In fact, everytime government becomes increasingly involved in the day-to-day affairs of people, things get worst. How is he going to cut taxes by $1,000 for every family and fund all these programs? Don't tell me he'll get it by retreating from Iraq. He already vowed he'll hunt al-queda wherever it is, & al-queda is in Iraq. Maybe obama doesn't keep-up with current affairs, but there is an al-queda in iraq. If we leave iraq, al-queda in Iraq will gain strength. Then using "baracks" policy of fighting al-queda wherever it is, we would have to move back into a more dangerous Iraq, which means more american dead.
Hey John E, pull your head out.

John Es list of communist/socialist positions that Mr. Obama holds tells us all we need to know about this candidate.

Obama sounds like something Tarzan would say to keep the animals back: "Obama! Obama!", and all the animals turn around and silently leave...


Change is all he talks about: "Change to SOMETHING...Change to something different, I don't know..."

Very compelling....

Obama’s Global Tax Proposal Up for Senate Vote

2008 Presidential Candidate Spending Analyses http://www.ntu.org/main/page.php?PageID=141

Sen. Barack Obama is very gloomy about America, and he’s aligning himself with the liberal wing of the Democratic party in hopes of coming to the nation’s rescue. His proposal? Big-government planning, spending, and taxing — exactly what the nation and the stock market do not want to hear.

Obama unveiled much of his economic strategy in Wisconsin this week: He wants to spend $150 billion on a green-energy plan. He wants to establish an infrastructure investment bank to the tune of $60 billion. He wants to expand health insurance by roughly $65 billion. He wants to “reopen” trade deals, which is another way of saying he wants to raise the barriers to free trade. He intends to regulate the profits for drug companies, health insurers, and energy firms. He wants to establish a mortgage-interest tax credit. He wants to double the number of workers receiving the earned-income tax credit and triple this benefit for minimum-wage workers.

The Obama spend-o-meter is now up around $800 billion. And tax hikes on the rich won’t pay for it. It’s the middle class that will ultimately shoulder this fiscal burden in terms of higher taxes and lower growth.

This isn’t free enterprise. It’s old-fashioned-liberal tax, spend, and regulate. It’s plain ol’ big government. The only people who will benefit are the central planners in Washington.

Obama would like voters to believe that he’s the second coming of JFK. But with his unbelievable spending and new-government-agency proposals he’s looking more and more like Jimmy Carter. His is a “Grow the Government Bureaucracy Plan,” and it’s totally at odds with investment and business.

Obama says he wants U.S. corporations to stop “shipping jobs overseas” and bring their cash back home. But if he really wanted U.S. companies to keep more of their profits in the states he’d be calling for a reduction in the corporate tax rate. Why isn’t he demanding an end to the double-taxation of corporate earnings? It’s simple: He wants higher taxes, too.

The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore has done the math on Obama’s tax plan. He says it will add up to a 39.6 percent personal income tax, a 52.2 percent combined income and payroll tax, a 28 percent capital-gains tax, a 39.6 percent dividends tax, and a 55 percent estate tax.

Not only is Obama the big-spending candidate, he’s also the very-high-tax candidate. And what he wants to tax is capital.

Doesn’t Obama understand the vital role of capital formation in creating businesses and jobs? Doesn’t he understand that without capital, businesses can’t expand their operations and hire more workers?

Dan Henninger, writing in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, notes that Obama’s is a profoundly pessimistic message. “Strip away the new coat of paint from the Obama message and what you find is not only familiar,” writes Henninger. “It’s a downer.”

Obama wants you to believe that America is in trouble, and that it can only be cured with a big lurch to the left. Take from the rich and give to the non-rich. Redistribute income and wealth. It’s an age-old recipe for economic disaster. It completely ignores incentives for entrepreneurs, small family-owned businesses, and investors. You can’t have capitalism without capital. But Obama would penalize capital, be it capital from corporations or investors. This will only harm, and not advance, opportunities for middle-class workers.

Obama believes he can use government, and not free markets, to drive the economy. But on taxes, trade, and regulation, Obama’s program is anti-growth. A President Obama would steer us in the social-market direction of Western Europe, which has produced only stagnant economies down through the years. It would be quite an irony. While newly emerging nations in Eastern Europe and Asia are lowering the tax penalties on capital — and reaping the economic rewards — Obama would raise them. Low-rate flat-tax plans are proliferating around the world. Yet Obama completely ignores this. American competitiveness would suffer enormously under Obama, as would job opportunities, productivity, and real wages.

Imitate the failures of Germany, Norway, and Sweden? That’s no way to run economic policy.

I have so far been soft on Obama this election season. In many respects he is a breath of fresh air. He’s an attractive candidate with an appealing approach to politics. Obama is likeable, and sometimes he gets it — such as when he opposed Hillary Clinton’s five-year rate-freeze on mortgages.

But his message is pessimism, not hope. And behind the charm and charisma is a big-government bureaucrat who would take us down the wrong economic road.

John E. might be the biggest loser ever. not only that he had to be one of the ppl cheering when obama blew his nose

could the Obama fans please stop spamming the board? It's not terribly appropriate to call the "right wingers" mouth breathers and knuckle draggers. I'm sure similar invective aimed at other groups groups (jews, african americans) would allowed through the comment screen.

It's a shame that this has turned into a rock-star like fad. But I like Obama anyway.

Obama supporters are Thick as a double ditch! this is hadly news...but funny

Government is here to protect its citizens from external threats, and deliver mail.
The Idea that government must protect its citzens from their own actions is absurd.
Walk in a get a payday loan, pay credit card rates for money, well you are just stupid!
Obama is just a "Govenment is the asnwer" guy. If government is the Answer IT must be a stupid Question!
Government destroys damn near every thing it touches.
I lived in New Orleans. Over 40 years I watched Government take more and more control until it killed a beautful city.

John E(gomaniac). Seriously, are you a total cretin? Thanks for wearing out the scroll button on my mouse. I didn't read past the second line of your totally useless post. Just another liberal forcing his crap down everyone's throats. You make it too easy.

Obama is a joke. A trend. A new icon for the hipsters. That's why every snotty teenager likes to just mention the name Obamam (watch american idol even) because it makes him feel "cool". The fact is that this guy stands for nothing. He has no experience, will bankrupt the country and destroy our security. That's usually when morons like you distance themselves from your beloved politicians and claim to never have even heard of them. You know, the same way all you die hard 90's Clintonites are doing when you hear the name "Hilary".


Thanks John E.
These are the talking points needed to defeat this America-hating, empty-suit, Socialist, friend of global terrorists.

Obama is America's final reaction to 9-11. If we just do things different, leave Iraq, engage Iran, be nicer through socialism, and prove we aren't racists the Muslims will leave us alone and realize how nice we are.

Islam may well strike this country again and oddly enough electing Obama makes it all the more likely.

Obama is in effect a new kind of Stockholm Syndrome which can be dubbed the Stockholm Candidate.

Why else would change be so important in his campaign? In reality he is really saying "I'll make the Muslims like us. I was born into a Muslim family they will accept me."

None of this accuses Obama of being the secret Mus-churian Candidate, he is not, he is just the one they'd most approve of.

Wake up America and say thanks but no thanks to Obama.

Ha ha! Obama Kool-Aid drinkers!

"Hey look! He's wiping his nose, just like I want the Goobermint to do for me - and for my rear! Yeah! I'm voting for Obama! I want free nose and butt care!"

This is the mentality of the wacko-weirdo left - to be wards of the state, to surrender their individuality to rock star Obama. What a joke. You ding-dongs are caught up in a religious fervor over this 2/7 term US Senator.

John E's laundry list found here, too.


I'm seriously disappointed. I thought he typed this all on his own.

John E,

Whats obama gonna do on his second day in office?

Vote for me, I sound good on a teleprompter, I am photogenic, and I will raise your taxes while making you feel good about yourself.

Looks like the godless Left finally has found its very own Christ figure.

Too bad the NYSLIME wants to stab everyone in the back to engineer its favorite pick of the day into office. Maybe they can forge some fake documents between McRINO and his girl-friend. yeah thats the ticket...

No real opposition on anything that Obama says or does. Like his refusing to salute the flag during the pledge of allegiance. Does anyone out there care about that, or is basic patriotism out of fashion with the Left ?

What does this say about the lack of intelligence among Obama supporters. To DEMs, Government is God and Obama is its savior.

Hey, John E., like the "Obamination" running for president, YOU TALK TO MUCH!!! Just because your mouth has the runs, it doesn't make you smart, or right.

Posted by: lovetohateyou | February 20, 2008 8:31 PM

Is that the best you've got?

Ugh. This whole meme about Obama supporters being over the top is really starting to annoy me. Yeah, clapping for someone blowing his nose is silly. But why does everybody feel the need to disparage the idea that people actually feel inspired by a politician? I think that there are lots of us Obama supporters who are pretty clear eyed about Obama but really do appreciate a leader who can inspire people to engage in politics again. I don't know about most of you but I have been sitting out of the whole political discussion for years now, disgusted by the bitter, partisan nature of it all (kind of like what goes on here in the comments). The only way we're coming out of it is through leadership focused on the idea that we all have a lot more in common than our politics would lead us to believe. (Don't call me a plaigarist ;-) I got that from Obama.)

Obama is the pied piper and the stupid libsheep...well you get the picture, even though they don't.

"They were just applauding his grasp of the tissues."

Great pun, "Humble Genius"! Nyuck, nyuck. (Doesn't look like anyone else caught it??)

Oh my, this "comprehensive" list from the hyperventilating John E. is almost laughable if it weren't so filled with generalizations, vague references, politically slanted opinion masquerading as fact, and outright lies. Did you get that from some moonbat Dem website, or from some bitter, socially-retarded college professor? You can attribute the majority of those broad statements to any candidate, and indeed anyONE. Typical of the cultist propaganda that these fainting dingbat supporters of Obama fall for. And how do we pay for all this mana from heaven? How do we specifically implement much of what you spewed forth? Want to make him supreme ruler, like Stalin? The few points this brainwashed, Che Guevera shirt wearing moron actually made that involved specifics, like the rare votes that Obama actually cast on legislation, are typical far-left position issues, hardly without controversy or debate. Nice try John E. Go play your propaganda to the other hormonal idiots you hang with

Obama's voting record:


Voted FOR funding the Iraq war

You really think this man will pull our troops out? Please...

The Obama craziness is insane. People think that he is a rock star but the reality is that as president you need experience not popularity. If Obama is the nominee, McCain will sure win in November and the Dems will spend the next 4 years blaming themselves just as it happened in 2004. Obama would be a good VP choice but he is not ready for prez. Clinton/Obama would be a winning ticket but the dems are too divided to grasp this. So sad!

Hey John E. how much would all those socialist welfare state hand outs cost?

LOVE watching you feminazis tear your party apart! You're doing the work of America, good work, keep it up! It's noble work you're doing!

Wow, that is a long pandering list that Obama has made up. No politician ever does all of the things they claim they will do. Obama is a government stooge.

Oh,this is PRECIOUS!


Was the "applause light' accidentally turned ON?

Apparently, the Obama crowd will clap for anything ... He's the new American idol for goodness sakes... don't you people get it? ... NO YOU DONT GET IT! THE POLITICS OF INSPIRATION OVER SUBSTANCE IS NOTHING SHORT OF "BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR AZZ" ...

Political "BlowJobs" are an American tradition ... but, this is utterly ridiculous.

Honestly people ... Common Now... PLEASE!

Jon E. - Why can't Barry say that for himself? Why is he afraid to mention those positions?

So, John E., your buddy, Barack, is going to insert the feds into every minute detail of our lives . . .

That's SURELY what we all want.

Your favorite guy is a mini-Stalin. We need him in the White House like we need Putin.

Little robots, aren't they?
First the Church of Global Warming and its intolerant left-wing bigots. Now we've got these simple-minded drooling cretins clapping their webbed hands and feet when their messiah blows snot. Pathetic.

America's first affirmative action president.

let's face it if Obama was white there would be no adulation.

What next? Applause for Obama's bowel movement? The hysteria is getting a bit silly.

To John E and his brood,

Going through your savior's "I am everything to everyone" list of so-called promises, did you stop and think many of the more material and effective programs Obama says he will support, extend or improve were set up by the GOP (of course definitely not the populist "tax the rich" message that every victim of government patronage and affirmative action is slovenly waiting for).

What amazes me is that you and your brood have so little knowledge of the socio-economic impact of the changes proposed; such a poor grasp of history and moreso such a distorted view of the real world (probably due to years of deconstructionist and liberal learnings - Ivy League being the worst).

It is not surprising that Obama is riding a wave of irresponsible idealism and non-accountability which is the real destructive force of this nation.

"Give me mine" should really be the matra of the campaign not change.

The nation may one day wake up - unfortunately it may be two years into a populist Obama adminsitration tattered and embarassed by unmet promises, false hopes and worse naive and destructive missteps.

At the end of the day, you and your self-proclaimed ("out of your league") intellectual elites, will understand that the strength of the U.S. versus a crumbling and fractional Europe which you so want to emulate, is the result of all things you are against including globalization,free trade, free markets, small and decentralized government, fiscal conservatism and strong military.

Good luck when the wheels fall off.

Barak says he's going to tax "the rich" up to 50%...who is the dumbarse who'll vote for him?

To John E and his brood,

Going through your savior's "I am everything to everyone" list of so-called promises, did you stop and think many of the more material and effective programs Obama says he will support, extend or improve were set up by the GOP (of course definitely not the populist "tax the rich" message that every victim of government patronage and affirmative action is slovenly waiting for).

What amazes me is that you and your brood have so little knowledge of the socio-economic impact of the changes proposed; such a poor grasp of history and moreso such a distorted view of the real world (probably due to years of deconstructionist and liberal learnings - Ivy League being the worst).

It is not surprising that Obama is riding a wave of irresponsible idealism and non-accountability which is the real destructive force of this nation.

"Give me mine" should really be the matra of the campaign not change.

The nation may one day wake up - unfortunately it may be two years into a populist Obama adminsitration tattered and embarassed by unmet promises, false hopes and worse naive and destructive missteps.

At the end of the day, you and your self-proclaimed ("out of your league") intellectual elites, will understand that the strength of the U.S. versus a crumbling and fractional Europe which you so want to emulate, is the result of all things you are against including globalization,free trade, free markets, small and decentralized government, fiscal conservatism and strong military.

Good luck when the wheels fall off.

HumbleGenius: thank you for some much-needed good humor. We could all use a little perspective and a little less anger and vehemence in general re: politics. Maybe it is worth it to read comments on political news articles sometimes :)

They applaud when he blows out his ass why not when he blows out his nose.....oh...did he mention he had to "change" his hanky....har har...what an empty suit..

The coke must be giving him some sniffles but there is plenty of room in his empty suit of promises to keep more kleenexes.

Whats up with every hillary supporter just gain saying this "oh he just makes speeches" BS?

I mean is that the line we're going to take all the way to when she loses, she just isn't charming?

how about all her scandals? baggage hurts, and her campaign has been horrible, skipping states left and right, letting bill go crazy......

obama hasn't won the campaign as much as Hillary has LOST it

Ding Dong, the witch is dead, the wicked wicked witch is dead, Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead. This refrain will be sung en masse after March 4th.

Obama has been a senator for 2 years. Senators make laws. Why hasn't he written bills for all these great things? Is it because he knows in the real world, most of his proposals would turn up in the legislative trash can.
Typical politician, promise everything and produce nothing.
And anyone can sound charismatic if they have gifted speech writers.

Socialist? Communist? Fear mongering? Sometimes I am embarassed to be a Republican. What's wrong with hope? What's wrong with inspiration? Either is better than the gang mentality in politics today.
"I would never elect someone who won't even salute our American flag. He sickens me everytime I see him on TV. Vote for McCain instead."

Trying to pass internet rumors off as fact or truth... Seriously?

What has Obama done? What has Bush done? What did Clinton do? Carter? Nixon?

The depth and breadth of ignorance and intolerance and the sensationalism of both by the Republican party can be downright disgusting. This is why McCain will lose. As a party we are losing the next generation.

Hate mongering intolerance or the Clinton Dynasty?...I'll take hope.

The Obama campaign is a campaign based on the white guilt of liberal elites and blacks who feel it's about time an articulate black man came forth in the Democrat party to show their absolute detachment with ordinary Americans. Outside the minority race based politics of Chicago which Michelle and Barack played to a demagogic T , real Americans will never vote for a socialist , former Muslim named Barack Hussein Obama for President of these United States. Both his father and stepfather were Muslim. No Muslim man raises a secular youth for a son. Obama's African family is Muslim. His cousin, Odinga, ran for president of Kenya and lost, at which point his supporters went out on a murderous rampage and killed dozens of people. Obama is pictured in a 2006 photograph with his cousin Odinga, who is backed by Sharia backed Muslim party of Kenya. Ask yourself why Barack Obama is disavowing his Muslim family when there are many pictures of him and his family together? Obama comes from a family of Marxists who had no qualms about declaring their true ideology, unlike Obama who hides it under the mantra of hope. The moron under the name John E. who was posting in the comments section has no life, so much so that he spent three hours back and forth in the comments section of an obscure story on his Great Black Hope. John E. let me break the news gently for you, the Audacity of Hype will lose and lose big as Americans are never going to be sold on socialism, no matter how much hope you put behind it!

So Johnny E, who has no match in his league......

That's quite a list. So, how does he plan to pay for all of that? And as the story goes, does he plan to steal from the rich to give to the poor, or some other such fairy tale?

What happens, dear Johhny, when all those people paying for all that crap with transfer payments, decide not to work any more? Why work, after all, if you can lay around and do nothing while somebody else keeps the light and the heat on, eh? Thats the great socialist dream isn't it? Do nothing unless you feel like it?

Just sign me "blown away in Michigan - where no one works, because we can't"....

Opposed the Iraq war from the start.
Voted to end the war in Iraq.
Supports capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden.
Favors a $1000 tax cut for every working American family.

For the guy who posted the first comment, it's worth noting two things: First, President Bush also opposes "capturing and killing bin Laden"; Second, President Bush cut taxes on middle and lower class families by more than $1,000. He gets a bad rap for his "tax cuts given to the rich." That the rich are included in a tax cut doesn't mean that it was geared toward them. It included all income tiers and is responsible for getting us out of a recession that we entered into at the end of Clinton's tenure.

At least President Bush will wear an American flag pin and will put his hand over his heart for the flag. At least his wife has been proud of her country from her birth, no just when her husband decided to run for President and had a shot.

Hey John E., if you believe that list, then you might be interested in some land in Flordia going cheap.

Obama is selling hopes and dreams, much like those mortage dealers who created the sub-prime fiasco. Maybe you should ask Tony Rezko about his land dealings with Obama in Chicago.

Oh, sorry, he's in jail!

John E, you forgot:
Supports cancer research
Opposes Internet predators

Some of the items in your list are just plain ridiculous. Is there any strategy to pay for even a fraction of the items there or is the only accomplishment Obama actually has is rhetoric promising everything under the sun (and then actually doing nothing once he gets elected). Worked for Clinton with his "42 Points"; many of which he nuked from the list in the first months after re-election.
He's in trouble once the hysteria wears off and he is pressed for a details on those promises.

Obama reminds me of a song by Living Color: "Cult of Personality". That's all he is. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing, and he'd be an utter disaster as a president. Of course so was Bill Clinton, yet the left still thinks he walks on water.

Here is what Barry Obama stands for if you condense ALL of 'John E's post:

1. Bigger Govt.
2. Raising taxes
3. Socialism
4. Giving terrorists the same legal rights as a car thief.
5. Putting every evil dictator and despot in their place by simply talking to them.
6. Healing the sick, giving the blind sight, making the lame walk and resurrecting the dead.

and he will do all of this through the promise of change and hope.

Welcome to the cult of personality. Where empty words and eloquence replace substance and experience.

Welcome to Obama's Utopia.

There is no way we can compete with foreign workers who survive on $2,000 per year. Surely our so-called "experienced" leaders of the past 20 years recognized that fact when they shafted American workers with free trade.

They wanted to benefit certain corporations, not American workers. Remember the Clinton - WalMart connection? But now she criticizes Bill's trade deals, for the moment, as long as she needs the blue-collar vote.

I'm suprised his drooling fainting minions didn't rush to wipe their "messiahs" nose. Just think what the lucky individual that had a hankie full of Obama snot could make on Ebay!

Stop the Obamination!

Opposed the Iraq war from the start. Bad idea, so what would it be now had bowed to Saddam snubbing the UN, paying for suicide bombers, shooting down our planes in the no fly zone, squeezing the economy for oil so he could continue is his dreams of gasp WMDs?

Voted to end the war in Iraq. Hey they were shooting at our planes in the no fly zone, votes don’t end wars,,,,

Supports capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden. Like that just would solve all the worlds problems, then we could fire every police officer with a gun in the world go home and sing kumbaya,,,

Favors a $1000 tax cut for every working American family. Even families who pay no taxes, which is not a tax cut by the way but a robbing of the middle class to bribe to low income peoples such as the illegal immigrants he favors to make voters ASAP.

Will implement tax form simplification to reduce filing time. All talk, what record does he have that proves he has done anything similar?

Provide tax credit for all middle class homeowners. At the same time he will be raising their taxes to give $1000 to those who do not pay taxes….

Provide a tax cut for all families making less than $75,000 a year. At the same time he will be raising their taxes to give $1000 to those who do not pay taxes….

Amend NAFTA to protect American workers. At the same time legalize every citizen south of the border to come here to work, sort of semantics, just erase the boarder and redefine who is an American worker,,, nice try,,,

Amend NAFTA to strengthen environmental protections. Like building a fence to stop illegal migrant traffic from trashing our borders,,, yea right…

Providing Flex Ed training accounts for workers. All talk, what record does he have that proves he has done anything similar?

Extending Trade Adjustment assistance to service workers. Read illegal immigrant workers?

Supported Patriot Employer Act of 2007 that gives tax credits to large companies that keep workers here in America. Was it a tax credit, or did those hard working companies just get to keep more of their money that they legally earned?

Double funds for basic federal research. Like harvesting embryos so Hollywood rich folks can eat them like caviar, stem cell research belongs in Frankenstein movies, not in Washington

Implement a long term research and development tax credit.

Reduce carbon emission gases. Does that mean he will stop breathing and exhaling C02, we can only hope, but chances are he will just tax us from breathing?

Tackle the challenges of global warming. Yea OB is more powerful than our Sun, he can actually cast his showdown and cool the earth, but what real really cool is our pocket books, we will be taxed for everything that is modern, while china and India are exempt from the kyoto tax..

Ohh too much drivel, what has this guy ever done besides blow his nose to make people clap. Face it he gets votes for two reasons, people hate Bush, and they are so proud they are not a racists, they will vote for a black man with no experience, just because he is black to prove they are diversity filled intellectuals.

Hey McCain fans,
How about an intelligent conversation about why you're going to vote for McCain? Let's hope the discussion has more substance than the name calling debate between Romney and McCain in Florida. I mean do voters really care to here candidates label each other as liberals? Aren't there actual issues?
Here’s why Obama has got my vote: He will offer a breath of fresh air to a government that is paralyzed by partisanship. Specifically, I like his National Service Program which will offer $4000 a semester in college aid in exchange for a commitment to better the nation through things such as working in homeless shelters or Peace Corps. Another proposal that I like, in particular, is his plan for clean and renewable energy. It is structured such that it will not only ease our energy woes but will reinforce the economy overall. Remember the Space Program is at its heart a “government program”; and because of it, US companies dominate the international space industry. A robust energy program could do the same and help secure the future of the next generation.
Regarding experience, Obama has 25 years of experience relevant to the presidency. He was a community organizer in blighted areas of south Chicago, he was a professor of Constitutional Law and civil rights attorney, he spent 8 years in the Illinois senate sponsoring bills which PASSED, and during his time in the US Senate he sponsored an Ethics Reform bill in the atmosphere of Abramoff. In his campaign he has taken the high road when it comes to finance funding by rejecting “legitimate” money from lobbyists and special interests and has raised much of his money from $25 and $50 contributions. His experience serving people and the way his campaign is run lead me to believe that he is more likely to represent my (ordinary American) interests than any other candidate in the field. To those who claim he doesn’t have enough experience, if being a career politician is what defines presidential experience, he certainly is not that.

I don't like John McCain, Hillary or Obama, and think they are ALL dangerous, but Obama is particularly dangerous! He has hanging on his walls in some of his political offices a revolutionary murderer (Che Guevera) on a flag. He celebrates this mad man murderer? Have the U.S. citizens lost their collective minds? The future is extrememly bleak for the U.S. with this cast of clowns as our prospective leader-in-chief.

John E, why don't you be Obama's new campaign manager? Maybe you can wipe the snot from his nose the next time he blows it. If anyone would ever be in your league, I'd pray they die an early death and make a pretty corpse. Because with your last speech, I think half the readers died a long and painful death. What next, a pedigree of his ancestors?

Obama is a useful idiot. Invade our allies and chat with our enemies... excellent positions! LOL

This doofus can't even write his own material -- he has to borrow it from his substance-free pal Deval Patrick, the hapless and useless governor of my state.

Here's a very thougtful analysis of Obama that appears in today's (Thursday) WSJ by a writer sure to set the hair of all you Baltimore Sun lemmings on fire... enjoy! LOL


A choice between a liberal and guy who admitted he knows jack about economy... Hmmm. I think I'll vote for Christine Smith. I may be the only one in my county voting libertarian but at least I'll vote sane.

I don't understand the right. I really don't. Why not help people in need. Higher taxes? Deal with it. People need help. Simple. As. That. Money grubbing assholes.

Maybe what people are saying about a cult could be true. His supporters need a nick name. He doesn't have a good direction to bring the nation together..he can't even unite the party. Good luck to Hillary!

Maybe what people are saying about a cult could be true. His supporters need a nick name. He doesn't have a good direction to bring the nation together..he can't even unite the party. Good luck to Hillary!

John E: you forgot that BHO is going to cure cancer and walk on water

Posted by: John E | February 20, 2008 2:56 PM

Hey John E, WE KNOW. THAT is the problem with the Obamination. He's the candidate best suited for the ANSWER Coalition.

Sorry you wasted that copypasta, knuckledragger. Now go back to fawning over your Obamessiah's snot, mmkay? Idiot.

Bring it on!

McCain will get 52.90%
Obama will get 47.10%

McCain will get 300 + electoral votes
Obama's approx. 210

Bring it ON!!

The question really is, Did he really blow his own nose, or did someone blow it for him? The man is a fraud. Zero accomplishments, but he did do a lot of blow.

I was there. Up in the upper deck, we talked about why we applauded him blowing his nose. We applauded because he's authentic. He's normal. He's just like any other guy. We can relate to him in ways that we have never related to a politician before. What "normal" politician would excuse himself and blow his nose onstage?

All of us there today appreciated the fact that he had a bad cold and still spoke for 30-40 minutes. You see, he cares about us. We care about him. That's what being a part of this movement is about - caring for each other and working together to make the United States a better place - mutual sacrifice and understanding of differences. In case you hadn't noticed (and I'm sure some of you Drudgies have not), the country ain't doing so great.

I'm sorry to those of you that would rather deride us and attempt to marginalize us, but we won't accept that. Change is coming to America, and it's not Barack that's bringing it - it's US.

jummy, you're right.

Hillary Clinton supporters are lunatics.

They still think she's actually going to win.


John E,
A lot of this stuff seems to be really great.
The problem is, America and our economy isn't doing too well at the present time, so its going to be real hard to find the money to institute these programs and ideas.
In America, it is extremely hard to clear out old programs which are taking up a large amount of the budget (which btw is $3 trillion)
Because it is so hard, and our national debt is so high, it will be nearly impossible to institute most of these programs even if Obama has a large Democratic Majority in Congress (which he most likely will) because it would bankrupt our country.

All I did was close my eyes and point to one thing on John E's list. "Solve the Israeli-Palestine conflict". Maybe this can be explained. What will be Obama's strategy to do this?

John E. The list you have provided is exactly why any savvy politician or realistic citizen of this country knows your guy is a promise them anything for their vote man. There is no way that he can accomplish one fourth of that list in one term much less half in two.

In one of his speeches Obama compared himself with google claiming that people with no experience can take a start up
company and make it a success (Which is a very rare situation,
how many start ups go out of business?).
Well I think running a country with a non-experienced leader can be
catastrophic. He might be a good leader in the future but I dont think now is his time, let the people see how well you can run a state or a city and then you can jump for the presidency Obama.
Running a campaign based on hope is ridiculous, leave that for third world
countries but not for America.

I betcha Obama dosen't keep 1/10 of 1% of the promises he has made. Hell of a list though. To bad it's all BULL HIT.

JohnE ...it's obvious you're in love AND lust with your boy Barry......and it's quite a pie in the sky list of things. But...the key question is this: WHAT HAS HE DONE?..If he's a bit short on the "done" part, what makes you think anything on that ambicious,fairy tale list would , in fact, be accomplished? Abe

Since Obama is the front runner, I hope John E is wrong on most of his positions. If not, we get Lenin now, Stalin later.

Create a fund to protect people from foreclosures. = communism

Abolish overly rigid teach to the test curriculum in schools. = bad grammar

Provide universal health care for all Americans within 4 years. = communism

Eliminate the sentence disparities regarding crack cocaines. = reduce Obama's future drug convictions?

Protect workers from caregiver discrimination. = protect comrads.

Create an energy focused youth jobs program. = "Obama Youth." Great. We won't put swastikas on them, will we?

Ensure freedom to unionize. = Already have it. Pay attention.

Opposes all discriminatory barriers to voting. = sounds good, means nothing.

Voted to ban cluster bombs. = Stupid. Is Obama proud of this?

Rebuild the roads and bridges that need to be rebuilt. = "Come workers, come comrads! Mother USA needs new roads! Mother USA needs new bridges." Tripe at best like 50% of these "positions."

And I thought Hillary was the fast boat to communism... She looks right-wing compared to Obama, now... I hope John E is just a sour conservative trying to make Obama look bad.

If Obama really wants to drive this country off the socialism cliff, then perhaps McCain actually has a chance. O can't possibly win on the Communist Party platform that John E lists here.

Dear Don B in Denial

I liked John E's list. I emailed it to all my friends. I read his post.
Come up with a great list like that about YOUR candidate.

Well now... Bill Clinton endorsing Barack Obama !?!?!?

Done deal, game over.


John E,

Your list of Obama will-do's is a bunch of meaningless crap. Since I don't have all day to educate you on the entire list, I'll stick with the most important. Obama will not adhere to the constitution like he says he will. Have you ever read the constitution? The constitution delineates the powers of congress, the president, and the judiciary. Any powers not expressly mentioned in the constitution are reserved to the states and the people. Congress uses the commerce clause in the constitution as its basis for the passage of almost all its laws. Most laws have nothing to do with interstate commerce, yet congress finds some attenuated thread by which to relate a law to interstate commerce inorder to usurp the rights of the people and the states and to pass an unconstitutional law.

It's not about Hillary or Obama if you get right down to it. They virtually stand for the same things although there records are a little different. How many of you actually read Hillary's ENTIRE platform that takes about two days or Obama's that takes three or even McCain's? But you all are subject matter experts, I suppose. Anyhow, it's about working across party lines and the candidate most likely to beat McCain. Well Obama has worked across lines more than Hillary. Look at bills he wrote and co-wrote. 9 times out of 10 it's with a Repub. Also , the Repub party has wanted Hillary to win so they can attack her beyond anything she could do to Obama. People clapping is their prerogative, whose the best that we can produce to beat the opposition. If she can't beat Obama, how can she beat McCain? Experience is great but common sense and intelligence is better. Find a president who single-handedly tackled everything. That's what a cabinet is for and advisers. You know the kind that let the economy crumble and led to war, so forth so on. Ergo, experience without common sense and good advisers still leads no where. And a candidate with no ability to word across party lines leads to a congress that can't get anything past the president and vice versa. Are we thinking selfishly or for what's best for us as a whole?

John E.'s list has got to be one of the funniest, most ridiculous things I have ever read in my life. You are one scary, obsessed dude!

It IS silly to applaud someone for blowing their nose, lol. HOWEVER... I submit this: Having just attended one of his speeches, I can understand the mirth. It's over the top, I know. But when you're caught up in the spell of it all, it makes perfect sense. He carries such an aura of super-stardom that when he does something mundane it makes you feel like "Not only is he a great leader but he's a regular guy just like anyone else". The applause is a kind of recognition of the fact that a man who can sway such a large group of people with his ideas and his voice is also a regular human being just like the rest of us. I’m for Obama in '08. :)

Liberalism is a mental disorder...so no point in debating.

Enough said.

He's a whale of a lot better for the country than Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend's wife.

Yes, Hillary's the brainy one. That's why she entrusted her campaign strategy to the dunderhead Mark Penn. That's why her campaign has lacked coherence or any sense of direction.

No wonder Hillary didn't vote against a ban on the use of cluster bombs in residential neighbors. Hilldog has no problem with "collateral damage." She'll wound any and all around her to be president. Even as she presents herself as a tireless advocate for the working class and children, Hillary is undermining all that the democratic party has tried to do for these people by swift boating the candidate who is clearly going to be her party's nominee.

Give it up Hilldog. Feign actual human emotion, feign graciousness and perhaps you'll not completely destroy your fading political career.

From http://www.bloggernews.net/113912

"hard cold facts collected... by the National Enquirer."

I guess I'll go ahead and state the obvious: An audience member has two options of responding to what's happening on stage: cheer/clap OR boo/hiss.

The applause was to fill an awkward pause.

Don B, there are so many spelling errors in that affidavit that I could never believe it was written by a lawyer or anyone with half a brain. It seems to be complete bullshit. Just another smear tactic by a fool.

John E.

Wonderful list there. Did you notice that it's mostly a list of "wanna-do" stuff vice "has done" stuff?

As Chris Matthews said day before yesterday, give us a list of his legislative accomplishments instead of pie-in-the-sky, budget-busting, wish list stuff.

To the Negative and Bashers,

What did you do to find your "perfect candidate"? How many hours of your time and how much of your money did you put in to any sort of movement other than for yourselves?
Not much I'm sure.... Our system is not perfect. Every person that has ran for office or attempted to run deserves our highest regards and support. They had the courage to try. The had the courage to dedicate a portion of their lives for something other than themselves. Was every motive pure? Probably not. They took time from their families, hobbies and simple pleasures to attempt something good.

So you all with your negative crap and self wallowing, pathetic, criticism...... Make a difference. Look in the mirror and think about how much of your personal and professional life is perfect and untarnished. None. Not one of us can say we are.

Our political system lets us find, support and fund a candidate. We do the best with the choices we are given. No one will be all things to all people. No one can please everyone but it doesn't give us the right to bash them.

I hope Obama wins because I can tell you from business experience it's more important to be able to listen and find solutions from your team than for a single individual. Single individuals never accomplish big things that inspire others. Only those that can listen, bring a group to share ideas and come to a consensus become great leaders that transcend any obstacle.

I think Barak Obama has those characteristics.

Change, change, change! John edwards used to say this all the time because he had the same speach writer as Obama! It didn't work for Edwards, I guess people didn't like his empty suit! The change there talking about is what's left in your pocket when they get through with you!

Women faint when this guy walks into the room, says the press , .

Someone said the women were fainting because of his bad gas , others claimed the women were "plants" designed to collapse , like all my plants do when I'm around.
I think the women pass out when he shows them the snot he's collected on the blow.
(Is that white powder coming out his nose ?)

John E.

Thats quite a list for someone who has been in office only one term. I wonder if he studied economics? Where will he get the funding for all of this? Just a little history here but even when our economy was booming in the 90's, there were still plenty of unemployed in the rust belt. I realize coastal people call us "fly-over country", but that is where the "American jobs" are! The food that graces the plates in many fine New York/L.A./San Fran restaurants, and the steel that built them, could easily be supplied from Ohio. They used to be, yet democrats did not help us keep our homes even during the so-called "bull-era" of the 90's.
Let me make this clear: I love hope, it's a lot like faith in religion. That meaning it is unverifiable wishful thinking, but it makes are troubles temporarily go away, mentally. But from this obviously grossly undereducated-possible NASCAR fan-false teeth wearin'-moonshiner what would I know? Obama reminds me of Jimmy Carter. For those of you who lived during his presidency, he gave alot of inspirational fire-side chats to us while we were standing in the unemployment lines, but FDR he wasn't, and our national image was a joke. Reagan restored some of that, his actions, though sometimes controversial, spoke louder than Carter's words. I see Obama the same way as I saw Carter. Bush has alot of faults, but one thing this country cannot be called is "weak". We are on the verge of a recession which started in the spring of 2000, and yet we are still a strong nation. With that I can say, unlike Mrs. Obama, I am still proud to be an American. Let me ask you this: How can Obama say he wishes to support his education plan to increase math and science scores in this country by slashing funding to NASA's Constellation program? Isn't NASA the pinnacle of math and science? Here is an example: In 1993 NASA was authorized to release government-funded technologies to the private sector which resulted in the creation of 350,000 science and technology jobs by 1996. Now, I know Obama studied politics and law, but perhaps he should have taken some electives such as macro-economics, space science, or U.S. history!

P.S. Just to add to this, I'm an independent by nature of my voting record, I never voted for Bush, but I support McCain, and I will vote for him. Service to your country should count for something, and he has served this country in more ways than anyone on this blog, especially Obama.

Obama doesn't care about American workers; what happens to medical wages under his or her healthcare plans? What about stopping the illegal aliens and national security? How do they plan on conducting million upon millions; perhaps tens of millions INTERNATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECKS?

What about his vote for legislation that was written in secret of the general public?

No more secret legislation kept out of the general public's eye, like the amnesty bill that neither Obama nor Clinton nor McCain nor Huckabee nor Bloomberg stood up to demand that the civil rights of American citizens never again be violated via any secret legislative process!

It doesn't matter what the issue. What matters is that we should no longer underutilize the most powerful resource available to the legislative process; the concerned American citizen. And computers now provides the capacity to fill this critical lacking component in a world that moves so fast that merely relying upon the election cycle to stamp out corrupt govt is practically obsolete and ineffective.

But we need the govt to provide the leadership to the general public and to direct them to the internet place of meeting so the public does not act upon their own and scattered across the virtual landscape.

No person would be left out of the discussion; not gender, not skin color, not income level, not education level, nor age; nothing but the the lack of will to become involved would keep a person from joining a discussion and making observations about any specified topic as it approaches legislative fruition.

Man, that long list is scary. Talk about a nanny state. What ever happened to individualism? Taking care of ones self? Looks like cradel to grave Obama management. No thanks.

Turn off Senator ( I speak well) Obama's teleprompter and he's speechless. Just like a Liberal, lives by DNC talking points.

Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps it was a light-hearted sarcastic applause to fill up an awkward pause while he blew his nose? Isn't referring to it as a "slightly awkward applause" rather subjective? The media is running out of legitimate criticisms of Senator Obama. Can't dig up anything negative on him? That's fine, just jump on something trivial and imply that his supporters are mindless drones! It must be a miserable existence, incessantly searching for straws to grasp at. It reeks of desperation.

This is in response to the VERY LONG Obama post listing his positions.

Ever read anything about Socialism? I think you'll find a lot of what Obama espouses fits in the mold of a socialistic/"new world order" type of mindset. Government is the "be all- end all" of life, and should control everything ( look at all he would expand). That is un-Constitutional.

This man is the only voice who voted AGAINST the "Infant Born Alive Act". I don't care which side of the abortion issue you sit on, to vote to allow a baby who survives a botched abortion to just lay and die is evil beyond words.

A standing ovation for blowing your nose? Great...groupies are going to vote for a socialistic rock star for president of our country.

And in case you haven't noticed, we're winning the war. Retreat would be completely disasterous.

Get ready for the first Affirmative Action President who will turn this great country into a third world toilet like those wonderful countries in Africa.

Confront deforestation. Encourage organic farming. Those are positions? Hilarious!! At least the hipppies will now believe him.

John E:

Thanks for pointing out that your guy Obama is an unapologetic Socialist.

Obama said free beer on Friday's too.

Anyone think he is the second coming?

John E,

Sounds like Obama has redefined wealthy as households that earn $75,000 or more. Do you believe households earning $75,001 are wealthy?
My wife and I combined earn more than $75,000 and we are not wealthy and we consider ourselves middle class. We benefited from the Bush Tax Cut and we feel our taxes should not go up. Obama is an extremist Liberal that wants to push America towards Socialism. And he wants to tax us all to death to do it.

$75,000 is not wealthy. Its my money and I am far more capable of spending it wisely than Obama and the government.

Wow, yeah this is indeed a Right Wing crowd.


We are going to CHANGE our cold medicine! (insert Sen. Obama voice here)

John E, you moron. Anyone can go to some Obama web site and copy and paste his list of "positions". It's not like that list was right off the top of your head!! Oh, sure you just started typing away...you're a fake just like Obama. He'll NEVER be President..no matter how much the biased liberal, leftist media try to pump him up.

Shows how utterly retarded the Obama lunatics are. He is a Communist, Pro-Africa (black), pawn.

Look at the long list of Obama ideas posted by John E. Are you serious? Why don't you post another list explaining HOW? How can your hero Obama do all that? First he wants to ruin our economy to save the Earth, then he wants to throw money around like it's going out of style, etc. etc. Keep reading the list and you'll see he's the problem, not the solution. The bad news is that we have no candidates. People who volunteer for the job usually do it for the wrong reasons. Lust for power is one of them. We need to draft people. Get the smart ones, like Dave Barry, Trey Parker, Matt Stone. At least they have a clue about what's wrong and what's good in this country.

@Op109: "Just in case anyone's keeping track, this is fawning and far-from-impartial. I'm basically an Obama fan, but this is WAY over the top; nobody, even Barack, deserves to get noteworthy applause out of blowing their nose."


Jesse is absolutely correct. The fact is, many of the nutty whites following him as the second coming of Christ are actually extremely racist -- against their own race. If Obama was a white guy (Bob), with the same (lack of) experience, they would not give him a second look. Pathetic sheep.

Its called cradle to grave. Just say no to Obama!

It's an Obama Nation....no wait I meant an abomination!

I liked how in John E's list how Obama intended to make congressional type health care plan available to all Americans.

I believe that Newt proposed something similar many years ago. Remember how once Americans had a choice between Medicare and the congressional plan, Medicare would "wither on the vine".

Any liberals on here old enough to remember how "outraged" you were - when Newt was going to "kill" Medicare?

bordergirl -
Wow, yeah this is indeed a Right Wing crowd.

Brilliant rebuttal. Makes all that Obama government cheese look so tasty. Screw FREEDOM - give us more government cheese!

Tax businesses higher, will result in what businesses we have left, to move overseas.

Take more of our tax dollars to give to foreign countries...it's not our responsibility to raise the world's people!

Take more of our tax dollars to fund all Obama and Hillary want to do...which will also turn into fraud, like all government programs.

Grant illegal aliens whatever they want, to keep votes.

I don't know about you, but I'm fed up with our taxes going to foreigners, while Washington talks about cutting programs to their own people.....

Somebody needs to stop taking from us, to give to them!

Didn't Adolf Hitler (or Hugo Chavez and many other dictators) have the same kind of fanatical emotionally charged nondiscriminatory thinking supporters wildly cheeringing him (them) as well? Seig Heil = Si se puede??

Next thing you know he will get a standing ovation when he takes a dump.

Re: John E and the LIST
Do you really think that list is HELPING your Fuehrer (Messiah), B. Hussein Obama? I can find at least 50 excellent reasons on that list NOT to let Obama have the keys to my truck, let alone our country!

He supports the UN goal that would eliminate the second amendment from the US, effectively disarming its citizens. What other candidates want such a drastic change that our founding fathers thought so important?

Can anyone say mind numb robots? The IQ of this country just dropped a few more points.

Nice "polite" move John E., an obvious Obama "syncophant"---clog the blog with the "PARTY" line!!!

Some of these comments are truly Hillary-ius. The man has won 10 states in a row and still Clintonistas think it wise to call the millions of Obama supporters a cult and kool-aide drinkers. Hey Hillary, the fat lady is singing..oh wait that IS Hillary.

"Larry Siclair has no credibilty because of his past drug and alcohol abuse, that's why it's not getting any media play."

An d dear leader Obama has credibility why?

Nobama Noway.

Well, he does say he will be transparent. He wasn't afraid to blow his nose in front of thousands of people. :) obama 08

In the long Obama to do list is:
Pledges to obey the Constitution of the United States.
This very statement, which all federal politicians and military take, is contradicted by some of the other unconstitutional things in the to do list. My question is, does he really pledge to obey the Constitution or will he also ignore that piece of paper and continue to expand the federal empire?

The great messianic leader apparently has total sycophants for followers.

I'm not a Obama/Clinton/McCain supporter. But I expect they were clapping because he returned, not because he blew his nose.

When is Obama's UFO coming to take you mindless drones home to Uranus?

John E.,
You've managed to post alot of "stuff" up there, congrats.

I'm not a supporter of Obama, but he's got alot of obvious charisma, charm, and is an able communicator.

He's also a neophyte with questionable and naive views, who is cashing in on his charisma with the youth.

Can't blame him, if that's all you've got. And that's really it. His stances on many things are designed not for effectiveness, but for emotional support. He "opposed" the war, but wasn't in a position to do anything about it. Yet everyone I've spoken to thinks he actually had a vote, because he portrays it that way.
His follow up votes were not supportive of the troops, and he spins it as trying to bring them home.

His views on negotiating with rogue nations is absurd, and he's on the record so he can "change his mind" now...but let's be honest...he's got no foreign policy experience. I forgot - he's "traveled". Great. So have I. Vote for me.

I can't vote for inexperience and I can't vote for someone who really believes the gov't can take things over and actually do meaningful things in people's lives. We've had too much of that. Bush said he was against that stuff, then went ahead and did it all, and look where it took us.

Interestingly, McCain has voted against Bush on a number of issues that the majority of Americans feel are Bush's weakest points. Because he's not a party hack the way Obama is.
McCain has also crossed the aisle and done real bipartisan work. Obama has not. He's positioned himself to give the veneer of bipartisanship, but is nothing more than a shill for the extreme left of the party.

Obama cushions these views with his charm, and doesn't spend alot of time discussing the details of his flawed plans. He isn't beating Hillary because he's better, he's not. He's beating her because he's "nice" and she's dirty.

So what happens? The New York Times recognizes McCain will give Obama a run for his money, so they release a BS story with as little substantiation as possible, dig up old information that's already been out in the press, and does a hatchet job.

Meanwhile, Obama blows his nose and people cheer.

Yes, I can see how intelligent HIS followers are. Lemmings all feel they are intelligent. Until they jump off the cliff.

Good luck to you and your followers, Obama. I have a feeling the "exodus" of people that started with Bush will multiply many times over when Obama starts doing things.

Like all charismatic speakers, Obama promises the world. Only the gullable will believe him. Unfortunetly the masses are gullable and they occasionally vote. His rants sound all to familiar to those despot socialsts that have come to power all over the world. Does Chaves ring a bell?

Alot of politicians promise alot, but rarely deliver. Please live in reality. Nobody could ever get that much legislation passed.

I am a knuckle dragger, as one of the posters calls anyone who has not partaken of the Kool Aid, I prefer that those who smear the unsmitten spell their words correctly. The word "disastrous" does not have an "e" in it. The laundry list of wish/hope positions included in John E.'s post does not belie the "empty suit" claim one iota. In fact, the very length of the list reflects a level of desperation on the part of the cultists such that even Mrs. Clinton will be able to expose Obama as an "empty suit" in the course of her upcoming effort to wrest the nomination from Obama.

Hey JohnE you forgot some more Obama Accomplishments:likes puppies
believes in health value of water and air
loves his mama
che gueevera is his idol
american idol is his favorie show
was class preisent in 3 rd grade
supported hotdog friday program in 6th grade
never visited mississsippi
mash is favorite show
guess whos coming to dinner favorite movie
holds guiness world record for saying HOPE and CHANGE 32,189 times in 2 months
holds senate record for stating PRESENT 567 times
AMERICA is one of his favorite countries

The man's come out supporting an 854 billion dollar tax increase over 13 years to end 'world poverty' on top of our already ridiculous foreign aid. He's after universal healthcare (which I had in the army and is NOT what it's cracked up to be) and plans on fixing social security with a tax increase.. so get all that tax CUT stuff out of your head. The guy's already proposed an additional 1.5 TRILLION in new taxes to do just those 3 things.

Even if Obama is elected president, at the end of his term, government will be bigger, more expensive, more intrusive and more oppressive. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Up above is a long list of what he wants to accomplish. That's great but he hasnt done a darn thing as a Senator. Even one of his biggest supporters can't mention not one item Obama has done legislatively.
Full video can be seen at http://wonkette.com/358440/chris-matthews-angrily-harasses-obama-supporter-to-death

People need to vote for someone that can really make a difference, not vote for one that hopes for change.

People that vote for Obama should look at his voting record in the Senate. Go to http://www.votesmart.org where you can look up his voting record along with Clinton and McCain's voting record. If you look at all the NV's on Obama's record you will see that this man can't make up his mind on what way to vote on different bills. How can he handle a whole country as President of the USA.

Obama reminds me of Jesse Ventura. He was overwhelmingly voted in as Governor of Minnesota but did nothing for the state as Governor. In fact he decided not to run for re-election which was a good decision for him to make because he would have lost.

Before voting for Obama think about what you are doing and talk to the people of Minnesota. I see Obama as a divider and what we need is a person who can unite this country and get the economy going and who will stop the war.

Obama is not the man to do it.

One comment about Saint Obama: Antonin "Tony" Rezko

If I recall correctly, he's also a gun grabber. Yet another Democrat that wants us to live in a police state.

Sorry John E. I hope not to confuse you with facts:

You are a hack - and you plagerizes other's work. But what else would one expect from a hack?

Your posts smak of the typical troll on an MMORPG site.




And all of that tripe ripped from the DailyKOS site.

Have anything else to add or should I simply await you to accost us with yat another witty retort?

Give me a break obamas a joke. His wife hates this country she pretty much came out and said it, and hes a muslum. We cannot have a muslum running out country.

What would make me applaud, when Obama is talking about hope, is if he would tell us how he plans to pay for the obscenely expensive goodies he promises. That's my fondest hope. Taxing the rich more and ending the war couldn't begin to touch the cost of all the stuff he talks about.

Yeah this guy blows his nose and is applauded.

You'll get your change alright, but it will be the change in your pocket!

Go Democrats a great plan

" Yo mama obama"

You folks getting all exercised about the enthusiasm of Obama's crowds need to lighten up. Fact is, Obama rallies are actually fun. At the recent rally, people cheered because it was kinda funny when he had to stop to blow his nose.

Naturally, all of this gets the fogies all worked up. These KIDS, with their funny haircuts and "rock and roll" music! What WILL they do next? Maybe it's.....a CULT!! (*cue Reefer Madness music*).

Cripes, people, lighten up.

Heard Obama say the other night he was going to get teachers salaries increased. How is he going to do that exactly? Force local municipalities to raise taxes?
You won't hear a democrat ever talk about weeding out the bad teachers because that would offend the unions.
And for all their rhetoric about health insurance, they will never point out how teachers and other union members may significantly less money for their health insurance than the rest of us do.

If these supporters really applauded the Senator for wiping his nose they are truly as mind numb as Obama himself is. What a long list of socialistic feel good promises he is making. He is another elitist politician that is for cradled to grave governmental caretakers that will make us all equal(equally poor). While he Kennedy and others can enjoy the wealth confiscated from ALL hardworking Americans. People really need to wake up and examine the substance of this candidate

Wow! Obama is so exciting that We can appaud his sneezing. My knees get weak, and I'm afriad that I might faint like all those frenzied, young ladies at his rallies. The Obama momentum is so moving that I want to run with all the other sheep and cry "OBA-A-A-A-A-MA!!!

The debate crowd ignored Hillary's embarrassing flatulence, but I'm sure that OBAMA could get a standing ovation from these bird brained supporters.

Wow, there are a lot of conservative freaks posting comments here. I don't know how you do it in the face of the worst presidency in the history of this dying Republic.

He got a cold from standing around with his nose pointed up in the air as he listens to his fawning fans cheer. it's kind of revolting.

Empty...or even half full. The comments from Don B show just what the left thinks of Obama think of the right.
Here comes all the "empty suit" references from the rightwing mouthbreathing, knuckledragging squad.
Obama's list of checks to be issued per vote is long... I sure hope Don B. presents his share of the taxes.

Not one word in the long list, or in Mr. Obama's long speeches, about what he is going to do about our number one problem--illegal immigration.

Dang John, You have really been sucked in!!!! How in the heck did he do alllll of this when he voted PRESENT more times than he voted for or against anything? He is no MLK or JFK. You are all in for a very big shock. When the African American vote goes 80% or better for this man just because he is BLACK, thats really stupid.

There are good Americans
and there are bad Americans. There are racist and there are non-racist. There are haters and there are lovers. There's truth sayers and then there are lie sayers, you guy choose who you are.

John E:

Very impressive. You did your homework...Ouch...I just hurt my dragged knuckle.

John E
I read your entire post. Every line. Unfortunately, several lines are repeats. It looks like an impressive list until you actually read it. The unique items certainly sound impressive, but what I want to know is how he plans to accomplish them.

Hey you Libs!
Rememeber the list you touted the Dem- Congress you elected was going to accomplish?!!! Where are we on that??... Oh yea, we got a minimum wage hike... BRAVO!... and.... A 10% approval rating.. Oh yea and finally... an economic stimulust package... authored by Bush! WELL DONE and THANK YOU!!

Obama acts so incumbent and his remarks are well-poised speeches based on such a tiny resume of experience. Voting for him for president only insures a future idiocracy.
Obama supporters are mere blind sheep that deserve to be sheared with his lies and empty promises.


As the composer, Bjarne O., writes:

"I combined Latino Rhythms, Chinese Erhu, African- and Native-American Voices with the Contemporary Symphonic Orchestra - in the great spirit of Unity - for this Song in support of Obama's great and true message: "Our Time Has Come; We the People are the Change we've all been waiting for. We are the Hope for the Future - YES WE CAN."





John E, you moron. Anyone can go to some Obama web site and copy and paste his list of "positions". It's not like that list was right off the top of your head!! Oh, sure you just started typing away...you're a fake just like Obama. He'll NEVER be President..no matter how much the biased liberal, leftist media try to pump him up.

Posted by: ChaCha | February 21, 2008 8:35 AM

ChaCha: In case you haven't been blogging here long, John Everdumb is a paid political hack for the DNC. that's why he's hoping the Larry Sinclair story goes away or otherwise he'll be back to shining shoes in Cicero

Why does he remind me of Lonesome Rhodes in "A Face in the Crowd"? Is it all the mindless adoring fans who need to be told how special they are? Surely someone will be "switching on the audio" during the closing credits of this man's run for the office of POTUS!

We need Ronald Reagan to come back to life and show these "Politicians" how to run a country. Except for Hilary being a Communist and Obama speaking about change, but offering NO solutions, this country is great. George did what he could in tomes of crisis, and is doing what he can to keep our taxes down. If peoplt want to cheer eberytime Obama blows his freakin nose, that's their problem. Im not focusing on a good speaker, or someone who wants the Government to run our live. I thought Fred was the best candidate, but he's out. So, frankly, I dont know what to do.

What is the big deal, Hillary crys and gets votes, Obama blows his nose and gets applause. Well Obama will trade the applause for votes.

Thanks for clarifying, John E. As I suspected, he is a socialist.

The conservative "Dem-derailing" plan is unfolding as expected.
Conservatives are voting in large numbers for Obama, though I think
conservatives will "throttle back" in the coming months to ensure the
deligate counts are relatively equal at the convention in order to force
division within the Democrat party. Billary will explode at the convention
and make every courtroom and back-room deal needed to confirm superdeligate
support in Denver, thus causing the Obama base to riot in the streets after
he got "Dissed". Obama will not accept the VP spot, I feel sure. I can only
imagine what promises Billary will make to secure the nomination.
I bought 4 magnetic "OBAMA 08" bumper stickers to put on my car when this
happens to (hopefully) preclude my being the "Reginald Denny" of the DC
riots while driving to work. I may even decide to take vacation after the Convention.
It will be Chicago '68 all over again.

Hey there Johnnie E. (Evergullible?)

That laundry list of Obama's is going to cost all the money that Treasury can print in the next hundred years. Where is it written that the Govt. is in charge of every aspect of our lives. Gimme a break Evergullible.

John E., you forgot to mention in your laundry list of Obama's promises that he will part the Red Sea again as he walks on water. You're being led down the Yellow Brick Road by this pied piper. You follow him at your own risk, pal.

"But I'm sure it was a very hopeful honk into the hankie. It inspired me to blow my own nose." Posted by JB

That's the best thing I've read about Obama EVER. At least he's inspiring someone, somewhere to do something worthwhile!

John E.

You know how to generate buzz and I commend you for defending your guy, I wish I had someone to support I felt as passionately about as you do. However, as one comment noted there are several repeats on your list, in addition to that there are several things nearly everyone of all parties agrees with, like killing Bin Laden but the real problem here is the payment of the numerous give away/entitlement programs. Don't get me wrong Clinton and McCain are no better, no one talks about paying the bill, but this list, even corrected as noted above is so long and so expensive and there is not enough money to tax to pay for this. he could borrow but I thought we were trying to stop doing that and anyway borrowing is just taxes deferred to a later date. I was sort of willing to listen to Obama at the start but the more I hear from him and his wife the less I like them. Unlike the almost cult like following he has gathered in some circles, if you actually look at what he has done (not much at age 46 but enough to examine) and what he says he will do you see an extremely dangerous set of ideas. I guess this is no real surprise since he is rated as being more liberal then Ted Kennedy, it would be as if the GOP was running a telegenic and glib Jesse Helms. The "hope" and "change" generalities in his speeches make sense when you see his details - very few of right, middle and even some on the left side of America wants this stuff so he can't talk about. Thank you John E. for helping me get a better picture of this race.

I liked that so I'm going to do an Obama and stated it here.

To John E and his brood:

Ever think about this? If you tax the 'rich' any further, with today's global economy, the 'rich' will move out of the US to someplace cheaper and continue to make their money. And since 'the rich' pay for over 80% of total taxable income, please tell me your 'voodoo math' to make all those programs work?

Bet you can't can you? Oh, and for you John E to demean another person's intelligence like you do, you are the PERFECT EXAMPLE of why you pronounced liberals ARE THE ELITIST SELF PROMOTED ARISTOCY of the US and why you all need to moved to Mars. There, you can have your own planet, each person can have their own village, be called the village savant (idiot) and leave the rest of us who try to do the right thing each and every day in peace.

Someone else earlier alluded to this. I'm taking it a step further. IF Obama wasn't 'discolored', and Billary 'somewhat feminine' and all else stayed the same, NEITHER of these two would be your DNC choices for the 2008 Primary/Election.

I'm sorry Osama supporters, but the position of Jesus Christ is already taken you sheeples. My God LOOK at what this socialist is wanting - the U.S., the largest charitable contributor is not giving enough of it's money away, he says, so masa Osama gonna give it to dem! What really scares me is when Osama and Hitlery both have a debate about who can kill more babys. Look who he hangs with and that will show you his true character - He's a Communist pure and simple in Mulato clothing.

Draft Pat Buchanan for President 2008


"Luke: Did you happen to notice the judges signature...that kind of makes it legitimate and legal. I'm sure the judge felt there is some credence to the complaint or he wouldn't signed off on it. If you think it's that easy to file a federal harassment suit against those three men and have a judge sign off on it , your dreaming pal. Obviously you were to lazy to look at the document.

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 9:06 PM"

Don B., I looked at all THREE pages of this document, a complaint by Larry Sinclair as plaintiff (not judge), filed in the District Court in Minnesota, and signed BY LARRY SINCLAIR (or, more specifically, "Larry Sinclair, Plaintiff Pro Se" -- as in "representing himself" (pro se), as in "he apparently couldn't get a real lawyer to do it for him"). There are initials by court clerk Richard D. Sletien on page 1, but I see NO signature by any judge, ANYWHERE. Please let me know where I'm missing said signature. While it may take a bit for a JUDGE to sign off, I believe a clerk's initials aren't that hard to come by. And Sinclair -- well, as they say -- "he who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer."

As for the complaint itself: "Plaintiff states that he personally engaged in sexual acts and personally used illegal drugs in November, 1999 with U.S. Senator Barack Obama on two separate ocaissions(sic). Plaintiff states that he attempted to contact defendant Obama in fall of 2007 to advise defendant Obama to make his 1999 use of illegal drugs public himself and that if he did not do so then plaintiff would have no choice but to comforward as defendants(sic) actions were relavent(sic) to his running for President of the United States." Are ya KIDDIN' me here, junior? This doofus admits, ON A DOCUMENT OSTENSIBLY SUBMITTED TO A COURT, to taking illegal drugs and attempting to blackmail Obama and doesn't come up with ANY evidence proving involvement of any kind by any of the defendants -- and we're supposed to take this seriously?

I DID see the reference to the National Enquirer that you insist isn't there:

"We watched as the MSM judiciously ignored hard cold facts collected in the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child story by the National Enquirer. It appears that Obama will get the same courtesy."

It's the 5th paragraph following the display of the first page of Sinclair's complaint.

Now -- the site you reference, DBKM.com or "Death by 1000 Papercuts" -- is this REALLY the best you can do? Really, really and for truly? "A Rip-Snortin' Gang of Right Wing Cutthroats"? THIS is your reliable source?? and you think LUKE is dreaming???

BTW -- I was unable to come up with any news source OTHER than this one (which is actually a blog rather than a news source) that covered this story. I'm sure that you, as a sane and rational upstanding conservative, made sure to corroborate the evidence with a news provider of repute, so please feel free to provide THAT source at your convenience in case I missed it.

Barring that, Don B., I trust next time you want to go hysterical on us you'll be a little more careful. Until then, you're permitted to slink out of here with your mangy tail between your legs. Buh-BYE.

John E posted a long list of Obama's supposed positions, but not ONE actual item of passed legislation that he was the original sponsor of. The liberals are all aglow over this good-talking guy with no record or experience. The only hope he has to get his agenda passed is if the Dems take at least 60 seats in the Senate...and that ain't likely. Remember it's really Congress that makes the laws, not the President. The ignorant don't know how our government actually works and blame the President of EVERYTHING, when in fact he only signs or vetoes most things that happen other than executive orders. Wake up morons!

y'all so freakin' paranoid. this is over the top. hillary gets support for crying. mccain gets a pass on adultery for being a vietnam veteran. why do you insist on barack not getting encouragement for being sick and going through the day? you've all eaten the right-wing talking points. the reason people like him is not because of his speaking ability. it's his character, stupid.

I can't believe how people talk about heads being up the arses. Don't you see how this country has gone downhill. Thanks to the Republicans.The U.S. used to be the smartest, most respected and feared country around. Now we are not up to par in education, we are laughed at by other countries and most hate us with a passsion. All the so called Conservatives are so adamant about the war but we have Veterans who are homeless. Does that make sense? We have VA Hospitals that are falling apart and full of mold but we are sending billions of dollars to Iraq and you talk about where peoples heads are where? Conservatives tout they are so religious but they steal, lie and have affairs(regular or Gay)just like the people they look down on. Open your eyes this country is not the great America it used to be! We need to build up our economy, respect and country to where it used to be!Stop giving billions of dollars to other countries and work on America first. Stop sending jobs to other countries and work on America first.Stop feeding other countries first and eliminate hunger and homlessness in America first.

Barak Obama speaches have NO original substance. Barak sounds like a fake wrestler hyping up a fake wrestling match. "Can you smell what the baRock is cooking ?" Barak claims to be an agent for change. Barak is convincing democrats to change to Republicans. Nominating Barak with his premature experience ensures McCain the Pesidency. Hillary Clinton will hold onto the necessary voters to defeat McCain.

Can you say cult of personality. Can you say the anti-christ incarnate!

Hey Mister John E! In skimming your list, I notice that there is a serious void in anything which someone could call any "accomplishments" or shows any "experience" in governing and policy ideas! That's what really matters in the quest to be the Leader of the Free World...not a bunch of people who TiVo American Idol to attend Obama Idol indocrination and spin parties. PLEASE!

"Pinocchio should just put a diaper under his nose, i think he uses a lot of snuff.

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 2:36 PM"

Is that any way to talk about your future president? Where is your loyalty?

That's the best thing I've read about Obama EVER. At least he's inspiring someone, somewhere to do something worthwhile!
Posted by: Leo | February 21, 2008 11:23 AM

To listen to you Leo...you'd think we Americans were living in Treblinka type
conditions. Almost 96% of us have a job, 52 straight quarters of growth (a record)
but shhhh don't say it too loud the devil Mr. Bush had something to do with it. Just about everybody and their uncles are piling over here, we haven't been attached in almost 7 yrs. by a vicious enemy that wants to eliminate our culture. You should get off your guilt trip, or at least keep it to yourself, most Americans know we have the best thing going.

Boy, I sure HOPE he has enough sense to CHANGE his hankie after he is done loading it. Pass me some of your Kool-Aid, John E.

That is one impressive list John E. Wow, what an impressive thing to do these in 4 years. I suppose BO has introduced half of the list in his first two years in the Senate. What's that? Not one. Oh, too busy running for president. A talker, not a doer.

His middle name is Hussein.... end of story.... next....

Who will pay for the extensive list posted above? Yes, you and I!

Go Obama!

This election reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy".
It is coming true, 400 years earlier than feared.

Obama's LOOONNNG laundry list of spending is pure and simple socialism. Mrs. Clinton is a socialist, Obama is way left field...people just don't get it...like the proverbial elephant in the living room no one sees.

John E- Jesus would have a hard time implementing those policies in 4 years - and I've never seen a politician walk on water.

Ron Paul. The end.

Can someone, ANYONE, tell me what Obama has actually DONE to support his positions listed above? Has he written ANY legislation to assist his positions? VOTED on anything that supports his positions?

I'm dying to find out ONE THING he's actually DONE for his state and the country

Obama is anti-growth. Which is not going to help the middle class in the long run.

Anyone who wants to pay my share of Obama's gov't increases (adds up to about $874Billion over four years) is more than welcome.

His gov't philosophies wreak of western European gov't...no thanks!

Your middle name is Hitler but I not holding that against you.

Gee, guess what? Obama rallies are fun.
People cheered because it was funny.

Sorry, haters! Wow, it must suck to be so bitter. My advice: lighten up

"I'll do whatever he says to do," actress Halle Berry said to the Philadelphia Daily News. "I'll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear."

"He walks into a room and you want to follow him somewhere, anywhere," George Clooney told talk show host Charlie Rose.

Welcome to the cult of Barack Obama.

It's crap like this that scares me!

John McCormick, there is a guy on this website that has a huge resemblance to you... or maybe it is you? Any comment?

Hillary is now gnashing her teeth saying, "I could blow my nose in that hopeful a manner, after all, I have more experience, but I believe a nose is better with substance."

The HIL/BILLs from Ark. are "all fired up and ready to go" -- bye bye! Don't let the door smack you on your way out....

I don't care how "inspiring" Obama may be...his nose has the same kind of snot most of our do, and no one claps when I blow mine. This is such SICK crapp and those who are following Obama like he's a rock star are NOT grounded in realism but fantasy! Its' really pathetic to see him all but "annointed" like some Holy Man leading his flock into the wilderness....and be sure, he will leave you there!

Hey John E. quick question for you that list started off with a 1000 dollar tax break for every family. Hows does the rest of the list get done?

I have no doubt that there are platforms and promises aplenty and that this isn't all just empty rhetoric and rockstardom.

HOWEVER, I personally could never vote for a candidate who, despite his image as a uniter, has openly identified as one of his goals the elimination of the Israel lobby (not to mention his association with an openly anti-Semitic minister for the past 20+ years). It's amazing that 65% of the Jewish vote is going to fall into this trap.

McCain for President in '08!

"Supports capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden."

Wow! That's really original! How does he stand on motherhood and apple pie?

His middle name is Hussein.... end of story.... next....

Posted by: TB | February 21, 2008 12:02 PM

And your handle is an infectious disease....end of story....next.

Check out Obama's web site for his "substance". Same old liberal prattle we all know will never work, socialized health care, tax increases, and oh yeah, everyone just cheers and cheers when he or clinton say they will eliminate the "bush tax cuts for the rich". Well, I have news for you obama supporters, that means a TWO THOUSAND dollar INCREASE for an average family earning 50,000. Wake up people, how can ANYONE believe this same old class warfare BS, and "remedies" that are CERTAIN (as proven throughout history) to destroy our economy and send our productivity and GDP into the toilet. (see CARTER administration).

Bill Clinton was very pro business, and much more conservative when it came to taxes and the economy, obama and hillary are very, very liberal, and have a "plan" that will destroy us. People should REALLY research these claims and idiotic policies BEFORE voting for someone because they promise "hope" and empty platiteaudes. Man, it is SO frustrating!

I'm sorry that the vast majority of you hate Obama so much... I'm just wondering: What did he do to you guys that was so painful?

When communist leaders are praising Obama, America needs to wake up, and not vote for this candidate.

Christian Worldview Network with BRANNON HOWSE
Senator Obama has sponsored The Global Poverty Act. This bill has already passed the House, and is now in the Senate. If it becomes law, would require all Americans, to pay a Global Tax that would go to the United Nations. In addition, it would commit nations to banning "small arms and light weapons" and ratifying, a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (Global Warming Treaty), The Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and the Convention of the rights of a Child.

As we all know Ex-Vice President Al Gore, is behind the Kyoto Protocol.

Intimidation suit? Involving Larry Sinclair? OMG, how pathetic. This guy is a whack job to say the least.

Now if we want to talk about lawsuits let's talk about the $17 million Fraud case the Clinton's are involved in. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.phpfa=PAGE.view&pageId=56868

The Clinton's tried to get the suit dismissed but the CA Supreme Court said, and I'm paraphrasing here, screw you.

Is this what we can expect under another Clinton presidency? More Fraud, more lawsuits, more corruption. NO THANK YOU!

Now lets talk about that $5 million she "loaned" her campaign. On another site, I half-heartedly asked everyone how much in interest she would be charging the campaign. Originally I was somewhat kidding. But it turns out it wasn't a joke afterall. She is charging her campaign 1.26% interest for the loan. Do you know how much that is on $5 million? It is $63,000. That is $63,000 that here DONORS are paying her for that loan. I guess she needs the money to pay her family's attorney's fees. Don't believe me? Look it up from the FEC (http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00431569/324192/sc/ALL). Oh and by the way she hasn't paid the loan back yet.

When I look at Obama, I see Denzel Washington. I think everyone in this country hopes Obama is just like many of Denzel Washington's characters. I truly believe it is what the masses see and hope. Would you elect Denzel if he gave nice speeches? Sure you would...that's why you are voting for Obama. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Dollars to doughnuts. John E. has never even voted.

He's logging on and posting comments from his dorm room.

Simple question. What has Obama accomplished as a 3 year junior senator?

'Look out, Newman! It's the 'magic lugi'!!

The long list of programs supported by Obama seems to have omitted the "how to pay for it" portion. Maybe he should pick Herve Velechaize as his running mate to complete the Fantasy Island theme.

So half this country is full of pampered pets. The grocery stores are fully stocked. You have a roof over your head. Clothes are on your back. You can go where you want. Despite claims of health problems. Your problems are more that of a hypocondric who live into their 80s and can't figure out why their health is finally declining. It's called old age, and its good money going after bad. There's no cure for what ails most Americans. Spoiled rotten brats looking for a "leader". To where?

Obama will end the war in Iraq.
Obama will bring our brave troops home.
Obama has plans to make us proud to be American Again.
Obama will stop torture in our name.
Obama will close Gitmo on day one.
Obama will stop this fake "War On Terro"
Obama will ensure everyone gets health Insurance
Obama will make the rich pay their fair share and the Middle Class will get more opportunity and the underpriveledged will be lifted out of Poverty ...
and instead of CEO's making 32 Billion a year that money can go toward helping all Americans not just a select few at the top.

Obama will explain to everyone how it is the Conservatives and their policies that are screwing America up. Obama will explain what it means to be a Progressive and we will have Peace, Liberty and Prosperity in our time.

I admire Obama's leadership on nose blowing. Bill Clinton would have had an intern blow his for him.

Dave - many of us just are not as bright as you. Many of us don't think waging an unnecessary war, enacting tax cuts for folks who don't need them and alienating the rest of the world just hasn't worked out so well. I know, we're thickheaded. Sorry, hope you can forgive us.

wow! great name for this mag/rag "swamp"...anyway, america is in a mess... we've got 3 socialist pigs vying for the nomination to run for president of the most successful capitalist, democratic nation in history...obama lama ding dong, hillbillary, and mad mad mad mad mad mad mccain. We need a THIRD party

Obama Hussein is all things to all men/women.This country has arrived at a point in it's history where the bread and circuses seekers have discovered that they have the power to vote any demagoge who will placate their demands for income,free housing,free medical care,and free food. History warns us of the ruin of taking this course. Well we made it a little over 200 years.Tyrany always follows down the road. The mob will get the government they so richly deserve.

Prolly, he just finished doing a line of COKE or CRACK in his dressing room.

Isn't this the guy who did drugs and INHALED?


Achew! God bless you, Senator!
Hm, where's all the headlines that president Bush just used Senator Obama's Pakistan policy recently, and 'got the job done'!
How interesting, president Bush used Obama's very plan Hillary laughed at and called Obama naive and inexperienced when he said we were fighting the wrong war that we should've finished the job in Pakistan and Afghanistan, at that debate. Obama, the true leader, just ask president Bush!

ChaCha: In case you haven't been blogging here long, John Everdumb is a paid political hack for the DNC. that's why he's hoping the Larry Sinclair story goes away or otherwise he'll be back to shining shoes in Cicero

Posted by: Don B. | February 21, 2008 10:51 AM

Don B. Thanks for clearing that up for me! :)

Osama for Obama....do you really want a guy from the same Islam sect as Osama Bin Laden in charge of keeping you safe? Send this dumbo eared clown back to where he came from.

Prolly, he just finished doing a line of COKE or CRACK in his dressing room.

Isn't this the guy who did drugs and INHALED?


Keyword: 'Blowing'

Ask Sinclair

I'm sorry that the vast majority of you hate Obama so much... I'm just wondering: What did he do to you guys that was so painful?


It is not hate, but it certainly is not the requisite fanatical worship either I guess.

Truth is he has pretty much done nothing to (or for) anybody. I prefer we keep it that way myself.

As a person, I would probably like the man. As President, I really don't think so. Not now.

Luke: Did you happen to notice the judges signature...that kind of makes it legitimate and legal. I'm sure the judge felt there is some credence to the complaint or he wouldn't signed off on it. If you think it's that easy to file a federal harassment suit against those three men and have a judge sign off on it , your dreaming pal. Obviously you were to lazy to look at the document.

Posted by: Don B. | February 20, 2008 9:06 PM

No, you moron, that just means he recieved it nothing more. There has been no evidence introduced, no discovery, nothing, just a filing.

And as a matter of fact it IS that easy to file such a suit. It's your legal right as a citizen. This is basic civics.

How fast the American people are to follow this "Pied Piper" I can't believe this.
If you do not know the story about the Pied Piper, perhaps you should read it. This is very scary.

John E, thanks for the post of his positions. I honestly wasn't aware that he had publicly stated so many positions. The list of his positions is also the most complete list of ultra-liberal positions I have seen. This guy is all about exerting a ridiculous amount of control over everything and everyone through heavy taxation, de-privatization and over-legislation. He is pushing change alright, from a republic to a despotism.

Just now, I went from thinking he was an empty suit to realizing that he would make himself the most power-hungry dictator in US history. You think George W. Bush oversteps his bounds, Barack has already promised to make the bounds so wide that they will never be stepped over again.

Obama is not about unity. He is about class warfare. His version of "rich" is anyone making more than $75,000 a year.

He is a socialist. Now that Castro is gone, liberals can embrace Obama.

Wow, someone had quite the list of Obama's planned initiatives.

Just about every lined had either "create, increase, give, invest, supports..."

Most people don't realize our country is massively in debt. How are we to pay for these programs? TAX
No thanks Obama, just let me keep the money I earned and I won't need your programs.

John E, your post above is ridiculous. Just like Obama.

#1, that whole list of crap sounds just like someone who's pandering to the group of people he's talking to at the moment. That's how he has "answers" to so many issues... "pander to the people in front of me now". There's no way he could even attempt to do half of that stuff... because much of it conflicts with other stances he's taking on other issues.

The only person for pres is Ron Paul. The only person who will stop our out of control, war-mongering, spend-happy government is Ron Paul. With the condition the country is in now... he's the only decent choice. The lesser of 2 evils is still evil people.

Let's get down to brass tacks. If B. Hussein Obama were white he would never get the nomination.

Never in history has someone been elected President of the US with less experience than Hussein.

This is turning into an affirmative action election. Sorry, but this will not unite the country, only tear it apart.

John E. must think Obama is God. If he could do all the things in that massive list it would be amazing. In many cases, those things are not even the job of government. Let free enterprise work.

Dear Don B. Biggot,

Why not say what your really thinking :)....when you refer to Obama as Pinocchio Hussein Obama? I'm sure your quite upset at the prospect of him being president. I'm sure there is a subisdy he could get through congress that will help you move up to a "double wide".

Hey Chuck, it's now what he's done...he hasn't done much of anything. It's what he would do if elected. Declare defeat in the war on terror and pull our troops out of Iraq, for starters. Any of you dumb-ass libs care to think what would happen if we pull our troops out of Iraq? DISASTER. For the Iraqi people and for us. The terrorists will declare victory, Iran and Syria will be all over Iraq faster than flies on shit. Also, socialist health care, raise, raise, raise taxes, demoralize the military, bomb Pakistan, drink kool-aid with the dictators of the world. Get yer head out of yer butt!

Re: The list of Obama ideas. Those are all great ideas. Too bad there is no way to pay for them, and many of them are pseudo socialist


What league do you think your in? I couldn't get past the ad hominem attack on someone who disagrees with you (knuckle draggers).

Attacking the person in lieu of the substance of the argument is a sure sign you havn't much of an argument. It really doesn't matter if I agree with your position or not. You appear the petulent child when saying such things so why should I listen to the substance of your argument.

You may want to bone up on the art of persuasion...or are you here to get your jollies taking shots at people because you are anonymous?

Back off Obama all you haters! Don't you know that his used tissues can heal the sick and raise the dead. Socialism is our Savior! Materialim is our savlation. You CapitalistS ought to know that! Quit hogging all the greed to yourselves.

Such sourness! You 'll feel better once Obama is President.

John, Check out Eric's post. No name calling just addressing the issues. Try it and stay above the fray.

Chuck C: Its not what he has done that is painful. It is what he is saying - nothing which is redundantly painful.

Frankly, most of the comments in here are a lot more stupid than the applause at the rally.

If Obama wins, does that mean we will have Al Sharpton or Oprah as vice president?

Judging from the posts made by libtard dipshiats like "John E", Obama hasn't done one damn thing to deserve the kind of "saviour following" he's getting from the lemmings showing up at his rallies, but that's OK simply because he's a DUMOCRAT!

John Everdumb, is Obama for cut and paste????

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!! Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!
We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OB. He is he is he is he is the wonderful Wizard of OB! The Wizard of Ob is the one because because because because because BECAUSSSSSE--- because of the wonderful things he does.
We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OB.
You Obama supporters need to click your ruby slipper heels together 3 times and get back to realty.

This says more about the simple minded supporters who would applause a nose blowing than it does about the politician blowing his nose.

Dear Don B in Denial

I liked John E's list. I emailed it to all my friends. I read his post.
Come up with a great list like that about YOUR candidate.

Posted by: Kelly USA | February 21, 2008 2:43 AM

Kelly : I'm so happy for you that you like Barack Hussein Obama ideas... You know you and your freinds don't have to wait for your Homie to win...why don't you all go to Russia or China now. The Gov. probably would save money , you sound like a welfare fraud, and if your freinds are like you, i'm sure they are too! !

What! ... No free or subsubdized iPhones?

But, Oprah promised me.....

I don't care who wins, it will just be nice to have a literate president for the 1st time in 8 years.

Chuck C:

The question properly phrased would be "What will he do to us?", which may be answered by the laundry list at the top of these comments. And no, I do not hate Sen. Obama. Hate is the domain of the Left as directed at conservatives (again, refer to the laundry list author)

"I'm sorry that the vast majority of you hate Obama so much... I'm just wondering: What did he do to you guys that was so painful? Chuck C"

Translation: "Why are you crucifying our Lord Jesus....errr...Obama?"

Hey Obama cult nuts, go sell your snake oil somewhere else, because the majority in this Nation will not vote that big-eared, empty suit into office. Period. He is only winning the Democrat vote now because so many people despise Hillary. Come on, look at the competition here .... pathetic. McCain stinks, but smell like a rose next to them.

"I'm sorry that the vast majority of you hate Obama so much... I'm just wondering: What did he do to you guys that was so painful? Chuck C"

Translation: "Why are you crucifying our Lord Jesus....errr...Obama?"

Hey Obama cult nuts, go sell your snake oil somewhere else, because the majority in this Nation will not vote that big-eared, empty suit into office. Period. He is only winning the Democrat vote now because so many people despise Hillary. Come on, look at the competition here .... pathetic. McCain stinks, but smell like a rose next to them.

Obama is my god. His tissue should be incased in glass and it become our new Shroud of Turin.

A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.

I'm not so sure that there are any deep thinkers posting here, a lot of empty rhetoric on both sides. But I have seen some good points being made and a few basic truths mentioned which should be clarified.

America is still respected and feared. Those that hate us are suffering from 'sour grape syndrome'.
People are clamouring to get into our country every minute of every day from every corner of the globe to enjoy a better life and to realize the American dream. Other countries look at us for financial support, military support, moral support, medical support, political support you name it, someone's got their hand out for it. We are also one of the most generous nations on the face of the planet.

The economy is robust and will survive any temporary downturn we may experience as a result of market shifts and adjustments. This can best be illustrated by its phenominal resiliancy after the 9/11 attacks.

If everybody saved a little something for a rainy day and did not live beyond their means, a recession would be no big deal and the mortgage crisis would not exist.

Big government is bad government. It is not the government's job to bail people or businesses out of sticky situations that they have created themselves. Personal and corporate accountability must be restored.

The Uber-liberals as well as the Uber-conservatives have done more to trash the American political system than any secter of our society. They share equally in this blame. Of course we all think differently on the issues,(go to www.ontheissues.org It is interesting to see where the candidates stand on issues on the face of it and to see how they actually voted!) that's what makes our country great. But we must all learn to work together to get things accomplished. This is impossible when you put your party before your country.

We are finally winning the war in Iraq. Whether this fits into your personal ideology or not, it doesn't really matter. It is the truth. We are doing now what we should have done from the start instead of pussyfooting around trying to keep everyone happy. There are many Iraqi people who long for a calm and peaceful country in which they can raise their children without worrying if a brutal dictator is going to come along and lop off their heads. Despite what you see in the media, most Iraqi citizens are grateful to us for intervening.

Now from my personal perspective:

I like Obama. I think he has energized our political system in a way that no one has done in a very long time. I also have serious problems with most of his policies.

I don't like Hillary Clinton, nor did I like her husband, although I did support his stance on welfare reform. I believe they are all about themselves.

I like Mike Huckabee. He's just an all around nice guy who has every right to be in this race until John McCain gets his delegates.
I like a horse race. It's the way our founding fathers intended for the presidential elections to proceed.

And while I don't agree with every candidate on every issue, (I don't believe the government belongs in my bedroom or my doctor's office)I will most likely vote for John McCain as he is best qualified to lead our nation through a very trying time in our history.

I respect differing opinions and welcome a good debate, but please, can't we keep it civil???

How about that. The words "blow" and "nose" in an MSM report on Obama. (of course, in the wrong context)
If politicians had to take the same drug tests we have to take, Ron Paul would be the only one left.

Obama: the blind leading the blind.

re: Posted by: John E | February 20, 2008 2:56 PM

John E provides a laundry list of "positions" that Obama supports, each no more than an apple pie and mother's milk bullet. This is a perfect representation of Obmama's appeal, a mile wide and an inch deep.

Interesting how someone blowing his nose gets a more favorable responce than Hillary does blowing it out her @ss.

reminds me of the mindless drones that followed Hitler with their arms raised in unison, this country is in deep trouble... thanks for killing America sheeple

That's an impressive list, John E. What's he gonna do when the country goes bankrupt?

Let me narrow Obama's agenda down to this: spend, spend, SPEND!!! Spend the middle class into poverty with brutal taxation. Widen the divide between the rich and the poor. (Because the wealthy own and control businesses, THEY will always pass along THEIR tax burden to the middle and low income classes in the form of increased prices for products and services. Taxing the rich is, sadly, a fruitless venture.)

And fuzzy bunnies for everybody!

If Obama actually accomplishes extinguishing the Clinton regime/era he is indeed a genius. But he had better cover his bases on policy if he wants to do damage in November. The Republicans are ready and waiting in the right and left wing to trounce.

hey Tom,

U must be about 20 years old. What no one wants to admit is goverment is not and never has been the answer. The government does nothing effiecently. If it claims a program will cost x you might as well multiply it by 100. Tom you claim the rich should pay their fair share well the top 5% of earners of this country provides 70% of the tax revenue. How much more should they cover? The biggest elephant that is in the room that I have not heard any candidate speak about is Senior Programs they currently account for 40% of the current budget and in the near future due to boomers retiring that number will soar to 50-60-70%. How will we pay for this? No one will tell you. So before we enact Mr. OBama's Trillion dollar increases in our budget someone please ask him how we intend to pay for the Senior Programs we are committed to. This problem has been spriraling out of control for the last 40 years it has been passed on by Republicans and democrats alike. It just gets passed on. Well this weight is growing to the point it will crush our economy and our country. All new programs and spending should be frozen until our government comes up with a solution to this problem. I for one feel Social Secruity (the first pyrmid scheme) should be phased out over time. Yes there will be cost a generation will be screwed, I would volunteer mine I am 41 years old and would volunteer to continue to pay in but volunteer not to collect. This would help but not solve the problem entirely. Health care cost need to be addressed also. This is our greatest domestic priority. So you all can argue about war and taxing the rich and education credits and other BS programs. The only one that matters is Senior Programs get them corrected or that will be all we can afford to fund within 25 years

Attention All....Real change! 50 years old and below, these will be our changes! We need to fire all the old guys at Senate and the congressmen/women who vote away from the Will of the people. They are not working for us anymore. We need elected officials to work together as a team. Notice to these people: Pelosi, Reid, Wranglr, Schumer, Clinton, Biden and whomever stand in the way of working together to change America. I have spoken and Very Loud too! Obama will be President! Wow!

An Obama presidency may be just what this country needs. It's been 32 years since an archetypal left-wing Dem has been in the White House. The whiny, self-entitled twentysomethings grew up on the spoils of the Reagan era and have become lazy and useless as a result.

We probably need a couple years of:

* gas lines
* double-digit inflation
* 15-20% mortgage rates
* decimated military and industry

This has the ingredients of a neo-Carter administration. Perhaps Pakistan will be Obama's Iran. This might spur Republicans to fight back, instead of rolling ON their backs as they did for the pseudo-socialist Bush. And maybe this will remind the uninitiated exactly why Republicans have been in the White House for most of the past 50 years.

David B.,
Despite the Republican talking points, Obama is proposing a broad middle class tax CUT. Check your facts before you attack another person's politics.


Americans need to stop with the Botox injections and pay attention! This election is for President of the United States!

Where would the DNC like me to mail my wallet?

We all know the real reasons they are so resentful.....

Yeesh, what a lot of hate coming from you all. This kind of nasty partisanship is exactly the kind of thing that most of us in this country would like to leave behind.

I think that's one of the main reasons Obama appeals to Democrats, Independents and some Republicans too.

To paint millions of his supporters as mindless sheep might make you feel better but it's also denying reality.

People want to move beyond the hateful political discourse that is well-represented by the comments here. And are looking for a leader to help do that.

In terms of policies, yes, Obama's got your basic Democratic platform. If that's something you can't live with, then you can't live with it.

There is another reason why people have become the mindless followers they have become with Obama. That reason is simple, Obama promises things they BELIEVE are going to benefit them personally. These people don't actually look at our country with pride and they never ask the question, Is this the best guy to lead our nation for the next four years? McCain is a pretty poor choice for a leader too, but Obama is just absolutely frightening! We cannot afford any of Obama's ideas, they are all social programs! This is not what our government was set up for. If you think that, then, go read some of Thomas Jefferson's writings. Obama's view for "change" will make America look closer to what Marx envisioned than our own founding fathers! Neither McCain or Obama is cut out to lead our nation, God help us over the next four years.....

Maybe he did too much nose candy last night.



In a column by Cliff Kincaid, it appears that Obama had ties with the Communist Party. Check this out:

In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama's life as a "secret smoker" and how he "went to great lengths to conceal the habit." But what about Obama's secret political life? It turns out that Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.

In his books, Obama admits attending "socialist conferences" and coming into contact with Marxist literature. But he ridicules the charge of being a "hard-core academic Marxist," which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his "poetry" and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just "Frank."

The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What's more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.

I draw the line when he FARTS!
Prolly the left wingnuts will stick around to take a deep whiff of what he has.

John P- Unfortunately, entitlements are one of the biggest problems facing our future economy. I am 44 and a small business owner in a small town. I'd rather invest for myself and opt out of SS. I'd still like to be able to take advantage of my Medicare benefits, however.
Where does everyone think the money comes from? Are you all planning to die young?? The fact is that pork barrel spending and earmarks are bankrupting a perfectly good system. Bring on the Line item veto!!!

Hey John E.,
Way too much time on your hands buddy with that list. Must be that "I'm Anal" thing... Or perhaps your kindergarten teacher forgot to take you off your Ritalin. Why don't you just bend over and let Obama have his way with you. OOOOOOBBBBAAAAMMMMMA!

Pretty interesing stuff, especially the "lighten up" comment. Have to wonder if that guy understands we're talking about the most powerful single person in the world, the President of the Unites States. Yes, he could literally bring the world to an end....

There's nothing wrong with a person running on potential, on the ability to have good ideas and a good vision. But until the person can show from some examples how he or she would govern, it's just talk. And this talk is socialist talk. Socialism is not a good idea, or a good vision, for America however. Haven't you guys noticed that even Europe has moved away from Marx in recent years? And they're about as "left" as it gets.

Here's a clue. It doesn't work. Eventually nobody works. Why would they want to?

Whether you love or hate Hillary, it's time for her to stop. Agree? Join us at www.youarehurtingtheparty.org .

This love affair with Obama is funny (and sad) to watch and the comparisons to JFK (whose myth is pure fantasy for fools) are hysterical. There are a lot of people who think Obama is going to walk into the White House and a new age will be born. Those people are fools of the worst variety. He is by no measure a sure thing to win the general election and every Democrat in America can vote for him and he could still go home a loser (in the election, not personally). I remember when Kerry was going to kick Dubya's you-know-what but that didn't quite work out the way we planned it. Nothing is certain and McCain is no neophyte. Obama is going to have the fight of his life and I am not betting on him to win.

"Here are some of Senator Barack Obama's positions:"

I'm not interested in his positions. I'd like to hear about his ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Wow. Don B.'s SOOOO qualified to discuss politics.

Hey, John E-

Guess you've pretty much proven that Obama has blown it many times before, eh?

Anyone can have positions. You can hire people to whip up some positions for you. What Obama lacks is experience, expertise, and any qualifications whatsoever to be President. He's served less than one term in the Senate, and been AWOL making speeches most of that!

Sorry, but we don't elect presidents on the basis of their record in the Illinois General Assembly- and that's the sum total of Barak's effective resume.

I can see your a Democrat by your ad hominems. Kinda funny, though, that you knew exactly how your opponents would react to this story about your woefully insubstantial candidate, though.

Sounds like you know he's an empty suit as well as we do. But not to worry. The GOP's eminently qualified, moderate nominee will make short work of your zany left wing extremist who makes the pretty speeches without content.

Hey- does Jerry Seinfeld write those speeches?

Wow..the only reason why Obama is getting all the votes are: 1) he's black, yes it's true, I've asked people, and 2) he' young, again I have asked people. Next crappy candidate!

"If you're 20 and not a liberal, you don't have a heart. If you're 30 and not a Conservative, you don't have a brain."

Hold onto your wallets everyone. If you listen to Obama's speeches all you hear is money being ripped from your wallet. The biggest scare about this guy (and all democrats for that matter) is that he wants to co-opt 1/7th of the national economy with government run health care. This will be the biggest disaster this country has seen in its entire history. We cannot elect a democrat for this reason alone.

I usually never blog, but with family and friends in the military, the comment by michelle obama recently offends me deeply. I am pretty much an independent leaning democrat , and
have not voted in Texas yet. This reveling freudian slip made me curious what else is hiding behind the Obamas.

And GUESS WHAT, I found that Mrs. Obama's thesis at Princeston

Univeristy titled: "Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black

Community" is blocked till Nov. 5, 2008....(after the election)

source: http://libweb5.princeton.edu/theses/thesesid.asp?ID=9867

tax records are one thing, but as an American voter I have a

right to KNOW what the presidential candidate's wife thinks! I

used to admire Sen. Obama, but no more, I will not be voting for

Sen. Obama on March 4th!!! And may be voting Republican for the

first time. Thank you.

Strange how brainwashed people are....

Hey, John E: Thanks so much for documenting everything that Obama stands for. Obviously, he is a freaking communist. I'll bet you are too.

I am a Florida democrat. I currently support Hillary. Obama has slandered my state and will fight to keep MY vote disenfranchised.

He will NEVER get my vote. I will vote Republican for the first time in my life.

Obama WILL lose against McCain. The cult is so drunk on their own Kool-Aid they think 1) other democrats will fall in line, and 2) Republicans are actually falling all over themselves to vote for their Messiah.

Wrong. Dead wrong. The only pleasure I'll get from this whole election if Hillary gets beaten by a coalition of idiot "educated" college kids and "beat Hillary" Republicans is watching him lose in November.

Stick that in your crack pipe, Obama.

Strange how brainwashed people are....

Talk about drinking the Kool-aid on the Obama supporters part!!! LOL!!!

Obviously the majority of Obama's supporters don't really listen to his speeches; they just listen to the cadence and tone of his voice then add in the background noise.

How anyone could support this naive, inexperienced, idealistic bag of glittery words and hot air even over Hillary Clinton I will never understand.

John E. has quite a list of positions and I am sure that most Obama supporters look at it an get all weak in the knees because it is such a big, important looking list. You know, the big, important issues. Many LOGICAL people contend (reasonably)that obama has not achieved anything of significance during his rather short time in public office. John E. has listed 260 obama "positions". I removed all the entries with future tense verbs (will, supports, believes, etc) and kept the past tense (opposed, supported, voted,etc) and that big ol' huge list quickly shrunk down to 39 (!!!!) actual things obama has either DONE or is on RECORD as SUPPORTING. 39! Ha. What a record of accomplishment. One of his "accomplishments" (#254 in the list) was Introducing a bill requiring public companies to give shareholders an annual nonbinding vote on executive compensation. Whoop-de-doo. What a statesman. That's being tough on the bad guys, those mean old capitalists. What an outlandish scam he is pulling on the dems. Read the list closely- it will both scare and entertain.

you left some things off your list...

will cure cancer
can divide by zero
will kick Chuck Norris' azz, any where any time.
will eventually marry the "white prize"
and you didn't end the list with the word "change"...

The country is bankrupt already.

Here's what we do;

1. Allow the GWB tax cuts to expire. A majority of Americans, when they still had their thinking caps on, opposed all GWB's tax cuts.

2. Cut the MIC budget in half. 3/4 trillion per year is beyond obscene. We would still be outspending most of the world combined.

3. Move to national health ins. The current system is inefficient and many people would actually spend less on new taxes than they now spend on premiums, deductibles, and co payments.

The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What's more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.

Posted by: Charles Icare | February 21, 2008 5:11 PM

McCarthy Lives!

I hope no one confuses me with the John E. who posted the ridiculously long post that lacked a cohesive start and finish to tie it all together.

Over the past few years I've posted on the Tribune's site quite proudly, and almost always with conservative viewpoints.

I want to make sure anyone with a long memory doesn't think I've suffered a head injury, and I am the John E. posting over and over in this string.

[I can produce a similarly long winded and banal string from a year or so ago by someone else under the name John E. if anyone is interested-just email me]

I've never posted an opinion anywhere, without using my full name. I distrust anyone who does, and feel they not only diminish their own opinion when they do, but immediately cast doubt on their own belief in said opinion.

After all, none of the politicians we all opine about [and malign] let their opinions out anonymously.

If you are afraid of your boss, your spouse, kid/s, friend/s or your parent/s knowing what you think, then don't bother to blather.

John Elert

This is what the United States has come to. Is it just me or are others worried that none of us working folks are being represented. I'm not joking when I say I am considering moving to other countries.


Really! This isn't an applause really linked to what they have made it! Everytime he stops talking the people say his name! It was more of a chant then appause! A political rally people chant the name of the person there! You see it in Hillary's rallies, as well as McCain's, when ever they stop talking, the people start chanting their name and some will clap hearing the name! Allot of grasping for straws to belittle Obama!

This news clip on youtube was the only one I could fine! If it were more, you would think people would have it on there more!

After mentioning the nose blowing they go right in to a lady putting Obama down and saying how just a few weeks ago Hillary was seemingly the democratic front runner, and things will change once the nominee is chosen and it is going to be harder for Obama! Hillary was the media darling and only to them was she the front runner because of their biased polls putting her because of name recognition early in the race out front!

Copy of Tax Warrant of Bill Keller editor of New York Times McCain story

Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy.

Barack Obama’s dream is—Bring about real change, change that we can believe in. His passion for change is the pillar of his Personal Brand. Parts of his speeches: “America is a land of big dreamers and big hopes. It is this hope that has sustained us through revolution and civil war, depression and world war, a struggle for civil and social rights and the brink of nuclear crisis. And it is because our dreamers dreamed that we have emerged from each challenge more united, more prosperous, and more admired than before…….The true test of the American ideal is whether we’re able to recognize our failings and then rise together to meet the challenges of our time. Whether we allow ourselves to be shaped by events and history, or whether we act to shape them. Whether chance of birth or circumstance decides life’s big winners and losers, or whether we build a community where, at the very least, everyone has a chance to work hard, get ahead, and reach their dreams….Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek…. I don’t want to settle for anything less than real change, fundamental change - change we need - change that we can believe in. It’s change that I’ve been fighting for over two decades ago. Because those dreams - American dreams - are worth fighting for”.

Like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mikhail Gorbachev, Barack Obama is a man of peace and love who is fighting against oppression and political corruption. Remember this: no dream + no hope + no self-knowledge + no mindset change + no integrity + no passion + no trust + no love = NO SUSTAINABLE CHANGE---Also Remember this:
Dream it, hope it, believe it, fix it in your mind, visualize it, accept it, respond to it with love, passion, and integrity, give your peak performance to it and you will achieve it…>>read more at http://rampersad.wordpress.com/2008/02/23/46/

in response to the previous post by Rodney Wayne...
"Barack Obama is a man of peace and love who is fighting against oppression and political corruption"...
ummm.. so how is actually doing this?

The "Obama Dream" that you quote is quite poetic... but he has no list of past accomplishments. He has no description of his plans. He is another Mayor Dinkins... all "preacher speak" and of no true usefulness.

Applause for blowing his nose, shows the people at the rally have a sense of humor.
Saying this proves people are fawning over Barak Obama shows you are an idiot.

Barak is a "rock star" he has the gift of soaring oratory.

Great. As John E. stated, he has a very unrealistic agenda. To accomplish such a massive amount of "change" the United States would need a legally powerful Monarch.
(A King) not a President.
To all those who may think that "change" is Immediate,
I would refer them to the Consitution. 3 parts of Government. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
All are (or should be) balanced. That the Will Of the People, and not of those you have self interest, - in Government, or Private industry should overide the basics of Democracy.

REAL NEWS you won't see on TV (Dick Cheney's NEXt Big Energy SCAM):

Obama is the pre-packaged "New & Improved Chocolate Flavor" Presidential candidate PRODUCT - being hyped & PUSHED by GE and its WHOLLY-Owned subsidiaries NBC & MSNBC...along with Westinghouse & its subsidiary CBS...while slamming the Clintons all day every day. (Assisted by...CNN/FOX/ and a lot of newspaper & radio media dependent on advertising$$.)

GE is the 2nd largest corporation on the planet.

Obama is IN with the Nuclear Industry: Excelon Corp of Illinois has been one of his largest contributors from his entry into politics to the present. Excelon is the largest nuke operator on the planet;owns Con-Ed of NY; more nukes in Illinois than any other state.

GE, Westinghouse, Excelon & 3 consortiums of other companies are planning to build 29 new nuclear power plants. Their Wholly-Owned & Wholly Influenced "News" media are selling the Obama Product because Obama is in favor of Nukes.

In 2005 Obama Voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill (H.R.6) which ENABLED the nuke industry to make its Plans to build 29 new nukes-by Guaranteeing Taxpayer Payback of any nuke loans that default. (No nukes were built for the past 30 years because the banks wouldn't loan the money - too risky)

Obama Voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill-despite the fact the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default on the nuke loans at 50% or greater. (Does that sound like...GOOD...JUDGMENT to You?)

[NY Times has several articles about the nuke plans & a map showing all 29 locations; Wikipedia covers the subject]

Clinton Voed AGAINST the Cheney Energy Bill and said her Energy Plan does not include nuclear.

? "Its about the FUTURE...Turn The PAGE" ?

Nope. ts about Turning the PAGE BACK to the PAST: Obsloete 50 yr old nuke power plants-the dirtiest most expensive kind/centrally-controlled MONOPOLY POWER-instead of inventing New, Clean, Green De-Centralized inexpensive Energy.

An ad campaign has already begun on the TV media to re-package & re-name nuclear power plants as: GREEN & CLEAN -for-everybody too young to remember the 1970's anti-nuke movement and all the Bad News about nuclear energy.

Don't be taken in by the ad campaigns-Google:'nuclear waste dumps' & read about the hundreds of BILLIONS of gallons of nuke waste at the Hanford Washington dump; 140 tons of plutonium stored at Rocky Flats, Colorado; Barnwell, South Carolina; leaking into groundwater and rivers; plutonium released into the air around Denver from 500 instances of fires at Rocky Flats; stored on-site at every nuke reactor in America...presenting hundreds of potential "dirty bomb" targets for terrorists.

Is it true that Obama takes No Contributions/NO MONEY from Registered Federal Lobbyists?

Yes. It's a LawyerSpeak/Trick of: Speaking a Small truth covering up a Big Lie.

Nope, doesn't take money from REGISTERED FEDERAL Lobbyists.

DOES take money from STATE Lobbyists, Not Registered Lobbyists, AND the wives, husbands, law partners, aunts, uncles cousins...of Registered Federal Lobbyists. Gets money from the same big corporate donors as any other candidate.

Obama's campaign finances are involved in the prosecution (by Patrick Fitzgerald)and trial of his friend of 20 years Antoin Rezko. Some of the funds... allegedly...extorted by Rezko went into Obama's campaign coffers. Curiously, Iraqi Power Plants amd fraud are also involved in Rezko's trial. (Google: Obama -Rezko- Alsammarae-Auichi- IRAQ POWER PLANTS)

GE & the same wealthy people who sold the "new & improved vanilla flavor" Presidential PRODUCTS: Reagan & Bush/s 1 & 2 - are behind the massive ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN to sell you OBAMA.

At the beginning of this campaign season a large majority of voters were looking forward to electing Clinton. Then Obama stepped in and started the dirty campaigning that has created the DIVISION he so hypocritically decries. Obama played "the race card" so he could win in South Carolina. He was caught red-handed playing that race card-but the media blamed it on Clinton-even though they all knew they were pushing the Big Lie.

With nearly ALL "the mainstream media" pimping for Obama & slamming, smearing, and lying about the Clintons-it is truly amazing enough voters have seen thru the Media-Created Obama "movement"-for Clinton to STILL be in the race.

The only way a very small minority can CONTROL a very large Majority is: DIVIDE & CONQUER-Exactly the same Republican Strategy/Deception they have successfully pulled for most of the last century And ALL of this century, so far. . .

GE, the nuke industry/wealthy have hedged their bets & they will get Billions of your money via 29 new nukes IF either Obama or McCain is elected President.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Dads & Moms buy nothing GE & Westinghouse are selling - not Obama, not a washing machine, a dishwasher, 29 nuke power plants, or a garbage disposer .... because there is no garbage disposer for Radioactive Nuke Waste. Do not allow them to poison the earth and your children anymore.

And again, with Chelsea dating "royal", I still think the Clinton's have a chance:


i liked obama

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