Matters of race never far from Democratic contest: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted January 15, 2008 3:49 AM
The Swamp

by John McCormick

CARSON CITY, Nev. – With an African American in the contest, matters of race are never far below the surface of the Democratic presidential nomination battle, especially lately.

But they rarely are confronted so directly as the way they were by a gray-haired woman sitting in the front row of a campaign event for Sen. Barack Obama here Monday evening.

"Let's get down to brass tacks," she said. "We have never elected a black man" president.

Obama, who typically downplays the role of race in his campaign, turned to humor.

"That's a good point," he said, drawing a laugh from an audience his campaign said totally more than 2,000. "I've noticed that."

Obama then talked about his 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate in Illinois, saying some suggested the state would "never elect a black guy named Barack Obama. You can't even pronounce his name."

But Obama said he continues to believe Americans are willing to look past race and focus on ways to improve their lives and the nation.

"Will there be some folks who … won't vote for me because I'm black, of course," he said. "Just like there will be some people who won't vote for Hillary because she's a woman, or they won't vote for John Edwards because they don't like his accent."

Earlier, Obama had stressed that he has the experience for the job and had not just "popped out making a nice speech somewhere."

He then turned his attention to the Clintons and sought to make the case that he has shown strong growth potential in the past year of campaign.

"I started from scratch and have been competing against the top political operation in the country that was built over 20 years by a former president of the United States of America," he said. "And I don't know if everybody has noticed, but we are playing them even right now."

Asked who he might pick as a running mate, should be win his party's nomination, Obama said such discussions are premature.

"We've only had two contests so far," he said. "We're pretty far from winning the nomination."

Near the end of his appearance here, Obama also made a confession:

"You know what you can't do? You can't put me in charge of some paper. I will lose it," he said. "You don't want me as the chief operating officer. But that's not my job. I'm not a systems guy. I'm not somebody who could make sure that, you know, everything is running on time."

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I believe Obama has it within himself to be a conciliator, a negotiator, a healer, and a man of peace. Furthermore, I think he is the man who can help the country solve some of the thorny policy problems of the last few years.

In short, I think he has the makings of a great American president as we face an increasingly diverse world.

Clinton focuses on economy in Presidential race Obama focuses on RACE!Obama Trinity United Church of Christ, an African-American mega-church unorthodox pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright describing the September 11 attacks as a “wake-up call” to America for ignoring the concerns of “people of colour”, and for claiming that Americans “believe in white supremacy and black inferiority . . . more than we believe in God”. Wright travelled to meet Muammar Gadaffi, the Libyan leader, in the 1980s with Louis Farrakhan, the black supremacist leader of the Nation of Islam, and subscribes to the “Black Values System”, which preaches self-reliance but claims “middle-classness” is ensnaring blacks. Reverend Jeremiah Wright went to Tripoli to visit Colonel Gadaffi with Farrakhan., Obama offers white voters a chance to free themselves from white guilt! ( unbelievable and he is running on uniting all people)

An increasingly diverse world? That is the problem with these new wave Obama supporters, the world has always been diverse, and people are just now waking up to it. I am not placing a vote for Obama because he has done nothing for my state. He has spent the majority of his time campaigning for president rather than attending to the issues here at home. Additionally check his record in the Illinois Senate, he was soft on crime.

Mark, it seems to me by your post that YOU are the one who is focused on race.

Obama's church:

"Since Obama won the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, a flurry of e-mail messages with identical language and sentiment began circulating across the internet, claiming that Trinity UCC was a "racist" congregation because of its long-stated church motto: "Unashamedly Black, Unapologetically Christian."

"Trinity UCC is rooted in and proud of its Afrocentric heritage," Thomas said. "This is no different than the hundreds of UCC churches from the German Evangelical and Reformed stream that continue to own and celebrate their German heritage, insisting on annual sausage and sauerkraut dinners and singing Stille Nacht on Christmas Eve. Recognizing and celebrating our distinctive racial-ethnic heritages, cultures, languages and customs are what make us unique as a united and uniting denomination."

While Trinity UCC is predominately African American, it does include and welcome non-Black members. The Rev. Jane Fisler-Hoffman, Illinois Conference Minister, who is white, has been a member of the congregation for years.

"Trinity is a destination church for many members of the UCC, a multi-racial, multi-cultural denomination that is largely Caucasian," Thomas pointed out. "When in Chicago, many UCC members flock to Trinity to share in and learn from its vibrant ministries, dynamic worship and justice-minded membership. Contrary to the claims made in these hateful emails, UCC members know Trinity to be one of the most welcoming, hospitable and generous congregations in our denomination."

Trinity UCC was founded in 1961. Ten years later, when the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright became its pastor, the church had 87 families. Today, Trinity UCC has more than 8,000 members, 70 ministries and three Sunday worship services.

Trinity UCC is also the largest congregational contributor to Our Church's Wider Mission, the UCC's common purse for regional, national and international ministries.

The circulating e-mails are written to appear as if they are coming from a groundswell of persons, with different names and e-mail addresses. But each uses nearly identical language, makes similar claims and even manages to make the same mistakes. For example, each makes introductory reference to "Trinity Church of Christ" instead of "Trinity United Church of Christ."

"It's clear that someone is using the internet to give the appearance of widespread concern and, thus, to hopefully create traction for this absurd story," Thomas said."

The media needs race much more than either candidate to sell papers. Gender is another biggie for the media.

We all as readers would be MUCH beter served if they would trade race and gender for some REAL in depth analysis of their platforms!

There isn't a matter of race for the GOP because you'll never find a black candidate on the GOP presidential ticket. They are old, grumpy, and white.
Now who the most religious is a concern for them.

Idiot Mark! Why would Obama's pastor's views be assigned to him? Should I blame all white people for their wicked past and present ways?
By the way, white people have been helping their race for ever. Why would think a black church that advocates for black people is bad thing?

I'd rather defend this stupid fight then the comments from an arrogant Southern hick Senator who "made up" a word to call attention to a brownskinned foot soldier of his opponent. Said Senator's mother happens to speak Algerian French and the term this Senator "made up" just happens to be a common racist slur in that part of the world. Only a Republican would believe he "made up" that word.

Barack Obama as done nothing as a U,S. Senator from Illinois except run for President. And while in the Illinois State Senate he missed numerous votes on important issues. He is a Chicago Democrat and an inexperienced Hyde Park Liberal who is not strong enough to lead the United States in a very troubling world.

But .... but MR Obama is the REFORM candidate! He brings change! Or is it he'll take your change? Well .. anyway we need some of that reform ... don't we?

Obama's "noble act" to reduce the level of racial tension was because he saw it was boomeranging on him.

The California NAACP, the day after Obama's "answer" to Clinton, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

"Over the years, Hillary Clinton has earned my respect as a staunch advocate for the rights of people invisible to our nation's government, including women, minorities, children and seniors," said Alice Huffman, who heads California's National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that black Democrats nationwide support Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton by nearly 2 to 1. This poll explains why Hillary and Bill Clinton are trying to sabotage the campaign of the nation's first viable black candidate. Looks like the Clintons' professed belief in black advancement ends at the voting precinct door.

Patrice -- the poll is not surprising. The disgraceful "vote your race" philosophy has been pushed by the Obama camp since his wife went on MSNBC spouting that blacks will "wake up and get it" and vote for her husband simply because he is black. Obama assumes, of course, that blacks aren't intelligence enough to vote based on anything other than race.

Obama tells other audiences, however, that the nation should "look beyond race." But the Obama campaign can't have it both ways. If race is held out as a valid reason to vote FOR someone, it must also be a valid reason to vote AGAINST someone. The Obama's racial diviseness is NOT the direction we should moving in this nation.

You are so wrong on so many accounts. First...Black Americans are voting for Barack Obama for the same reason as white Americans. He's the best candidate. PERIOD!
This Hillary & Bill Clinton have done some very good things for people. That is a long way from Black America owing Hillary Clinton the presidency. And finally, all the Clintonian inter net trolls in the world will not convince 1 Barack Obama supporter to change sides to a candidate who seems to have developed a nuance for lying.

HOW is he so perfect? How is he the best candidate? While Barack Obama was going to Harvard and Yale, Hillary Clinton was working with the the people. When he was a new Lawyer she was all over the country/world and *WAS* the face of the face of the United States.

Simply put Hillary Clinton is loved by leaders all across the free world. This man (black white or whatever) has absolutely NO BUSINESS running for office of the president with only 2- COUNT THEM TWO YEARS experience as a Senator. If you dont like Hillary then vote for John Edwards.

The Facts remain. HE DOES NOT have the experience to run this country and everyone is going off of his rockstar image.

I have pleanty of things I would like to do to the country and ideas. Doesnt make me a good fit to be president.

If had more time in the Senate he would have my vote, But he just doesn't plain and simple and people are looking past it.

Who cares about all of these stupid Libs anyway. None of them will win. Oh wait, I forgot look at all of the crime in the US and the increased number of people wanting a "free handout" AKA MY TAX MONEY instead of getting a job. I guess a Lib will win because they will keep starting more "programs" for the underprivileged aka jobless (lazy) society members. WAKE UP AND VOTE REPUBLICAN and enjoy YOUR money instead of "giving" it away to all of these WORTHLESS programs that does nothing but show that we approve of their lifestyle. It's OK live your life on Welfare we dont MIND paying for your drug habit. WHATEVER!! The next time you get a bill and think to yourself how am I going to be able to pay for it remember YOU voted the libs in and THEY are taking YOUR money that YOU could be using to pay YOUR own bills and expenses.

Oh ya Republican, and if I was a woman they can take away my right to choose, or if I was gay, they can tell me I am less of a human being and wont be able to have the same rights as heterosexuals do.

And maybe they can increase the national deficate from 9trillion Dollar to 90trillion dollars, and if we need to we can blow more people out of the water in other countries.

ARe you for real Amber?

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