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Giuliani's concession: A bad day in Florida

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Election 2008
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Posted January 29, 2008 8:59 PM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva

ORLANDO --- Rudy Giuliani, who repeatedly had predicted that the winner of Florida's Republican primary would become the party's presidential nominee, conceded in a sparsely filled hotel ballroom here just now that he has lost the Florida primary.

With initial returns showing a close contest between John McCain and Mitt Romney, the former mayor of New York -- who has banked his campaign for president on a big-state strategy that was supposed to start here in Florida -- is trailing the frontrunners by a wide margin. And CNN has projected McCain as the winner.

Jon Voigt, the actor, joined Giuliani on stage, facing a couple of hundred people standing in the hall of the Portofino Bay Hotel, where the cash bar stands as tribute to the financial state of the Giuliani campaign after investing millions of dollars on Florida TV advertising.

“It’s not over until it’s over,’’ a woman called out

“The great philosophy of Yogi Berra,’’ Giuliani said.

“There must always be a larger purpose,’’ Giuliani told his audience here. “Elections are about a lot more than just candidates… elections are about fighting for a cause greater than ourselves… most of all, they are about handing the nation to the next generation better than it was handed to us.’’

Giuliani said he had spoken to Romney and he commended McCain, as well as Mike Huckabee – and Ron Paul – “who won all of the debates,’’ Giuliani added.

“I believe that our party will be stronger as a result of the competition we’re going through… Win or lose, we are not done.

“We need to reestablish very, very clearly the idea that the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, the party of Bush,'' he said. "When we do it right, when we are on our game, when we are making our contribution… we are the party of freedom.’

“This is a big party,’’ said Giuliani. “I’m even in this party… This is a big party.

“The future of our nation is in good hands, because it’s in your hands,'' he told them. "You and I will keep fighting to build a better future.

“No pessimism, ever, ever ever, just optimism.’’

On Wednesday, Giuliani is expected to withdraw and endorse McCain.

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mullah cimoc say Giuliani him make big ashame for all ameriki.

him take him slut to live in government house while still the marry? Am this “conservative value” ameriki?

him business partner kerrick Giuliani almost make the homeland security czar of usa but now the investigate and hearing of the whores and the rich man condo on policeman salary. Am him the clean police? Conservative values ameriki?

him to serving the homosexual and disobey him bible, but still acting the proud. him to wanting man to marry man, man to marry donkey, and woman to marry the woman. so sick and show the destroy of ameriki society.

him Giuliani to obey every command of masters in tel aviv. him like puppet on fish line. am this make the geo. washington and benjamin frankling proud?

now the republican of ameriki having so many the gay homosexual like the kink sex act, corruption and cruel—now just opposite—not the family value, this the filthy corruption and amerika to be suffer maybe the earthquaking so terrible?

for him true info: for him aemriki learn.

Poor Rudy,first Hillary runs him out of New York,now he's losing to a Silver Spooned wimp and an angry Old Man.

Maybe it's all those women he's had such a difficult time with.

good riddance.

Rudi admits that Ron Paul won all the debates. OK, then he states that our party will be stonger because of competition we are going through. The party stonger? To hell with the party. What about our nation? If you have the guts to say that Ron Paul actually won all the debates, then why is it that the republicans are trying to ruin him and why is it that you are not instead behind him to be your nominee? It is because the republican party doesn't give a damn about our nation. They only care about themselves and what they can get both monetarily and power.
We need to get the powder out of the powder bag soon if we don't get these criminals in order and out on their asses.

Borat for President!

Dan from Mass.,
Read the speech. He said Ron Paul "won all the debates, on that thing where you call in all the time. I used to watch it afterwards at night when I'd go back to my room and Ron Paul would win all the debates."
He was being FACETIOUS.

Mayor Giuliani is a good man, he just picked a horrendous campaign strategy. Mayor Giuliani will endorse John McCain tomorrow and deliver New York and New Jersey to McCain on super tuesday.

p.s. Ron Paul for president? Aww, that's precious. Hey, why don't you kids play with the Perot and Nader campaigns?

I hate to kick a man when he's down, but Rudy represents all that is wrong in the Republican party. Enjoy your just dessert for your school girl snickers at Ron Paul during the debates... which he indeed won. Too bad America is too dumb to get it.

When Rudy states that Ron Paul won all the debates, doesn't that say something about the fact that Ron Paul's positions are the only ones that are correct for the future of this country. Ron Paul won those debates on the issues and the vast knowledge of those issues. What gets me is why the American People continue to support those who are losers and ignorant of the actual issues facing this country.

GREAT news for John Mcain. Now let's rid ourselves of Mitt "I'll flip flop on any issue" Romney.

Thankyou Florida voters, for finally driving a stake thru fascist Rudy's heart!

I'm saddened that Giuiliani will endorse McCain. Why is he even winning? It's all because of the media's reviving of his image right before the primaries that he's getting all these votes.

Our democracy has become sad.

To Jeff:

"Ron Paul for president? Aww, that's precious. Hey, why don't you kids play with the Perot and Nader campaigns?"

Your ignorance of Ron Paul supporters is abhorrent. You don't know that there are more military and veterans who donate to Ron Paul's campaign than to all the other campaigns combined?
That's saying something.
You don't know that he raised the most amount of money in one day than any other presidential nominee has in American history.
You don't know that his supporters funded the first blimp, independently of the campaign, to fly around.
In fact, I reckon you are ignorant of most, if not all of the grassroots efforts that have led directly to Ron Paul's second place in Nevada and first place in Louisiana. So go ahead, mock and laugh at us for dreaming of a president, like Ron paul, who would bring back integrity and observation of our Constitution.


Funny how the man who has the weakest public speaking of the group wins the debates, not because of presentation, but of material and principals. Yet Giuliani still will "endorse McCain." I think I fell asleep too long and woke up in the parallel world of the meatheads and blind faithfuls. Well at least I can look foreward to our driving the national debt higher, and pissing off the rest of the world.

do you guys relize if mccain gets in your complete economys gonna crash because he doesnt know anything about economics and its already out of control. hes also gonna keep you in iraq for 100 years and which is part of the reason for the colapse because bush spent you into a hole so deep there no daylight. your dollar values going down you countries getting bought up by the chinese,millions of people are loosing there homes, millions are losing there jobs, there wont be social security for anyone in 20 years, your now living in a police state. and all you people want to do is bomb 3rd world countries while turning your country into one by racking up 60 trillion dollars of debt to pass onto your kids. a sensible person would relize that you should all stop bickering about candidates who are almost the exact same in every single way and linch the people who are responsible for making your country go broke and benefiting from it. never have i ever seen so many ill informed, arrogant, unrational people as in the usa and maybe your country will have to hit rock bottom before you relize your all hooped.

A bad day for Giuliani, a great day for America.

"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do." - Rudy Giuliani

President Giuliani would have destroyed what remains of our civil liberties. Perhaps the rejection of Rudy's fearmongering by the voters means there is hope for us after all.

I'd like to hear Giuliani's tone when he said that Paul won all the debates.

Either which way Rudy, Ron Paul is still a candidate for president, and you're not.

As far as your endorsement of McCain - *shrug*

Unless the Republicans wise up and nominate Ron Paul they will get destroyed in the general election anyway.

America is NOT voting for a pro war candidate in 2008.

As a longtime McCain constituent, all I can say is "God help us all!" As a Ron Paul supporter, all I can say is "Then there were four." RON PAUL 2008--HOPE FOR AMERICA--BE PART OF IT!

Let's assume Rudy's statement about Dr. Paul was facetious. That would mean that RG meant that RP didn't win any of the debates. That's unlikely considering the fact that he did win the popular vote after the debates. What RG, MR, and JMc, want us to believe is that Dr. Paul's winning of the popular vote is not actually winning the
debate. No, they want us to believe that only he and his backers in the MSM will tell us who won the debate. The idea of the people calling in and telling RG who won the debate is abhorrent.

Read RG's statement concerning Dr. Paul as facetious, no problem with me. Just realize that when you do, you're also admitting that RG's attitude is antithetical to the concept of popular vote deciding who is our president.

Clue-- when they talk about how their campaign was about 'substance', yet you never quite get to the substance, then maybe there isn't any.

What worries me is a McCain-Giuliani ticket. What really bothers me is that the most principled candidates in America are chuckled at.

We are living the movie "Idiocracy."

Facetious or not, here's a good bet... Giuliani wishes his supporters felt as strongly for him as RP supporters feel for Ron Paul. Ron's the Bomb! Go Ron, Go!

Ron Paul won all the debates...and that is coming from Rudy??? Can someone send this article to Sean Hannity and set him straight please.

Giuliani's loss only emphasizes the danger of arrogance. He believed the early polls and thought he was the anointed one. Hillary, take note!

"On Wednesday, Giuliani is expected to withdraw and endore McCain."

Just curious. How does one "endore" another person? Is that like a cross between 'adore' and 'endorse'?

Glad to see that Benito is done. Those "anti-terrorist" ads were the craziest things I've seen since some Nazi propaganda. What a real nut job.

I like that folks like to knock Ron, but he is clearly a more serious candidate (no, I don't think he will win) than Rudi or Fred, and that is with the establishment opposing him.

[this will no doubt get screened out by the censoring fascist editors on this site, but here we go]

I can’t believe in this “information age” that there are so many people who have NO clue what’s going on. Take a look boys & girls. ALL the running candidates are/were members of the CFR...except Ron Paul. The CRF is the strong arm of the NWO (the same one that GHW Bush repeatedly spoke of in a speech to the entire nation). Wake up sheeple. The info is out there, even on their own web sites, but YOU are too lazy to look for it or you're not bright enough to comprehend what you are reading. You think CNN, MSNBC & FoxNews are telling you the truth? Sheeple. By voting for anyone except RP, you are voting to usher in this NWO that will no less than completely ruin this country. Put down your TV remote or your Play Station controller, get up off your behinds & take a look around before it’s too late. If you don’t, say goodbye to the USA & say hello to a member police state of the NAU.

It is delightful to see that all the big-names in the Republican Combine, Big Jim Thompson, Joe Birkett, Judy Baar et. al., threw their weight behind a candidate who is basically one and out.

This is the same GOP Combine who in 1980 said that a Ronald Reagan nomination would destroy the Republican party.

Thompson said exactly that to Robert Novak as reported in Novak's new autobiography.

Now, of course, they'll all scurry over to back McCain, who is so divisive, he likely would destroy the Republican party.

My party is in serious trouble. You Ron Paul supporters certainly do not lack enthusiasm for your candidate. At some point though, you need to realize that he is much too far out of the mainstream to ever get elected to anything more than what he already is. I am on the periphery of his congressional district.

How can any serious Republican consider John McCain as anything but a RINO. I find it very hard to get excited about this re-tread that is not even a real Republican. The media loves him because they KNOW too that he is not a real Republican.

Unfortunately for America, from here it looks as if our next president will most likely be a Socialist democrat. Voters don't even know what it is they will have voted for. It's going to take a lot of divine intervention to extricate America from this most regretable course.

As a conservative who backs Senator McCain, I'd like to say to all others who thump their chests and claim to be "true conservatives" and "real Republicans" and who endlessly whine about Senator McCain and who, with their "my candidate or no candidate" juvenile screeds they post on various web boards, imply and/or directly threaten to withhold their votes in the fall (should Senator McCain win the GOP nomination), I say: Good. Don't vote for Senator McCain. Goodbye. In the fall, find the inevitable ultra-right wing fringe candidate and vote for him. And then when your candidate gets only one tenth of one percent of the vote, you can congratulate yourself on your ideological purity, head down to your backyard bomb shelter, smoke a good cigar and think about how the world has been going to hell since Bob Taft lost to Ike.

Since Ron Paul won all the debates, why doesn't he give his support to Ron Paul? Simple: Giuliani is a fascist, and he's only going to support another fascist.

Ron Paul is the only one who is not a collectivist, and he's the only one willing to confront unpleasant truths. The rest are just play-actors, part of a charade. The feel-gooders, telling you what you want to hear.

Check the figures on how many newly registered Repubs there are over the last say...6 months. It's a good bet given his "draw" from the Libertarians, Independents, Constitution Party, even Democrats and Greens, that about 80% of them are Ron Paul supporters. If he doesn't get the nomination, you can count on one of the biggest mass exodus scenes since the Titanic. And as was mentioned above, he's the ONLY candidate who could possibly win against the Dems in the current anti-war climate. Why bother to nominate someone else who can't possibly beat the Hillobama crowd.

Why is the Republican party so dead set against nominating a real honest-to-god old school Republican?

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