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Clinton rushes to comfort besieged campaign crew

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Posted December 1, 2007 6:05 AM
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by Jill Zuckman

A grateful Hillary Clinton flew to Portsmouth, N.H., Friday night to profusely thank law enforcement authorities for successfully ending a six-hour hostage crisis at her Rochester campaign office.

Clinton and her campaign suspended all activities – including a major speech before the Democratic National Committee – in order to keep in touch with law enforcement and relay information to the family members of the campaign staffers who were being held hostage by a mentally ill man with a bomb-like device strapped to his chest.

"It was just a horrible sense of bewilderment, confusion, frustration, outrage, anger – everything at the same time," Clinton said at a late-night press conference as she described her emotions over the course of the siege.

The man, Leeland Eisenberg, eventually released all of his hostages over the course of the standoff and was peacefully taken into police custody.

"I know I was bugging these people on what felt like a minute by minute basis," said Clinton, referring to the array of law enforcement officials from local, state and federal agencies standing around her, describing how she sought news about her staff throughout the day.

As a former campaign worker herself, Clinton offered a warm tribute to the volunteers who leave school, move across the country and work for little to no pay as they participate in the presidential election process.

"These young people who come to work on campaigns in New Hampshire are devoted, they're enthusiastic, they deeply care," she said.

Following the hostage crisis, Clinton dismissed suggestions that she might let the six-hour siege affect her run for president.

"I don’t see any changes in my schedule or my campaign," Clinton said in response to a reporter's question about her own security. "I love being in New Hampshire. I look forward to a lot more campaigning between now and the primary.''

Clinton said she planned to stick to her campaign schedule, traveling through Iowa on Saturday and returning to New Hampshire in the coming days.

Eisenberg was not known to the Clinton campaign before walking in the door of the storefront office in this gritty, working class town along the seacoast, she said.

"It appears he was someone who was in need of help and sought attention in absolutely the wrong way,'' Clinton said.

Eisenberg may have been drinking heavily for several days before the incident began, family members said, adding that he was also having severe marital problems.

"I believe he was seeking help and came to my office because he thought he might get some kind of relief from his own pain and suffering," Clinton said, declining to speculate further due to the continuing investigation.

Clinton repeatedly praised the calm, professional work of New Hampshire authorities, but she reserved her most lavish praise for the three staffers who were held hostage.

"They showed extraordinary courage, they were calm and collected under enormous pressure," she said. "They obviously understood that they could be in great danger."

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I have been concerned for the past year that this is going to be a regular occurrence. Her negative numbers are simply too high, and those people that are negative are more motivated than those that are positive. I vaguely remember the Kennedy era and I can see the similarities, and it looks to me like she will be the most physically threatened candidate since Lincoln. I don't think most people see this coming, or they're afraid to talk about it, but it's going to be a constant problem. When she gets to the white house, which it looks like she may, it will get even worse. Bill had plenty of crazy's tilting at his windmill, and she's going to attract even more of them. This is not good but having it start this early is even worse. ... Sigh.

Oh, she just looked so presidential. So tough, so strong, so in command of things, proving she is the best person to protect us from the islamofascists.

"She will be the most physically threatened candidate since Lincoln." I don't think so, she is disliked and the vast right-wing knuckle-heads will hounding her like they did he old man but that will be nothing compared to Mr. Obama. Nothing brings out the hate in those ring-wing nut jobs like race. He'll need to be extra careful. I hope he wins America needs him.

She is presidential GW. Get used to it - she is going to be the next president and I can't wait. "Islamofascists" - a cute meaningless phrase made up by fear-mongering right wing propagandists. Seems to me the Christofascists are the ones doing most of the killing these days.

Hillary is always bewildered and bewitched.Usually she's whining about everything.
Now this nutjob gave her an excuse to get more publicity.She couldn't protect anyone from Islamofascisits our nation's security would be threatened with any of these Democrats. Jerry White, Springfield, IL

In response to Zendaba & Joe: How did this become a Republican/Democrat issue? Isn't it the Liberal Democrats who say that the Republicans are the ones pointing fingers and making everything a political issue? senses some hypocrisy when people such as yourself automatically assume that someone is Right-wing and Republican if they have anything bad to say about your party or candidates. Or in this case, accusing the hostage taker of being Conservative, that's a stretch.

What's the old saying; "Do as I say, not as I do?" Or, "It's Free Speech as long as I agree with it."

Yikes, America, we're in trouble. The guy holding the hostages was a nutjob, Republican or Democrat or Green or whatever. Stop the party rambling.

I am glad Hillary is coming to the rescue, most people would be frightened of her.
I know I am!

Is it just me or does this smack of sympathy-getting ploy?

Evev though that these incidents might happen again it is imperitive that Hillary keep up the gruelling task. Her apponents are likely to do similar threats, but this is the time she should be the leader to our country... God Bless You Hillary for enduring the hardships of this and what hardships show up after your election. God Bless America. Make the United States of America the strong country it was before BUSH. We all know you aren't a "shrub," but a mighty Oak whom can do the changes this country needs. Please aide Hillary with the wisdom only you can give her, the strength to know that what she is about to do is good and that you approve of her, and bless her with the understanding that there are poor, sick, and dieing people here, but most of all give her the power to make Peace reign supreme whether it be abraud or within our great country. Please allow her to explain to Muslims that we value their right to the religion they choose and how much we need ours. None of us can get through this life here without God's power to win over Evil, AMEN.

False flag op.

This sounds like a made for Hillary moment to me. As to Islamofascists, I know that all Muslims are not terrorists. I also know all terrorists are Muslim.

God! l hate this Hilary person with her tactics. she planned everything because she knows the polls are closing in and this is just another distraction from the election.

We do not need more of this games playing, we need change.

She went into hidding and at the end came out to make some stupid speeches, her style really makes me sick.

What I love is those nuts who claim she did this on purpose to bolster her campaign because she is afraid of Obama.

She handled this situation very well. Even the ring wing tv anchors praised her for stopping all campaign operations, talking to the families and hosting a news conference by herself soon after the event was resolved.

She should be accustomed to those stated emotions by now. Throw in cold and self rightous and that would define her well.

"It was just a horrible sense of bewilderment, confusion, frustration, outrage, anger – everything at the same time." –Hillary Clinton

In other words, par for the course. Submitted for your approval:

I just love all the nuts who think she had this staged for publicity. She's on the news every day...why would she need to do such a thing?

A lot has been said about Hillary. I have only this to say Americans will be better off under her leadership than any other candidate out there - whether it be Republican or Democrat. And I say this because she is the most qualified person for the job.

"I have been concerned for the past year that this is going to be a regular occurrence. Her negative numbers are simply too high, and those people that are negative are more motivated than those that are positive."

This guy wasn't negative to Hillary. He went to her office because of all of the candidates, he thought she was the one who could help him with his problems.

And regarding her or Obama being major targets for neo-cons or racists (pretty much the same thing) the most hated man on earth today is George W. Bush. No one could possibly provide more motivation to violence to more people globally than W.

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