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Posted December 23, 2007 1:20 PM
The Swamp

Former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, December 23, 2007, in Waterloo, Iowa. (Photo by David Lienemann/Getty Images)

by James Oliphant

DES MOINES, Iowa--With this morning's national political shows detailing that Sen. Hillary Clinton could be behind now in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the senator and her husband are returning to this now frozen-solid state for a full day of campaigning before the Christmas break.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were scheduled to be in Waterloo, Iowa this morning to attend church services before going their separate ways for the rest of the day. Hillary Clinton will move on to Marshalltown and then Dubuque, while her staff throws a holiday party tonight in West Des Moines.

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, it won't be easy luring potential caucus-goers out today. Yesterday's storm dumped as much as 10 inches of snow in parts of eastern Iowa. The wind is gusting, creating white-out conditions along some roads. And it's cold. Teeth-rattling cold.

The clock is now pounding down. When all the campaigns resume full throttle on the 26th and 27th, less than a week will be left before the Iowa Caucuses on the 3rd. And that's with the New Year's holiday, another dead zone, looming. On top of this is whether anyone here will be paying attention to the race between now and New Year's. For Clinton, it could mean that Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards are peaking at the worst possible time.

As a sidenote, along with Obama, who is also putting in a full day, the only other Democratic candidate on the road today here is Sen. Chris Dodd, on Day 11 of his "Results Tour." Even if he isn't getting the poll numbers, he deserves points for doggedness. As in dog-sled.

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The Concord gets it right. Romney is nothing but a rich Snake Oil salesman!


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