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Nation's spy chief loads the moving van...again

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Posted November 19, 2007 7:00 PM
The Swamp

by Siobhan Gorman

It's musical offices time for the nation's spy chief--again. Come next Spring, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell plans to move his 1,000-plus crew from its current headquarters at Bolling Air Force Base just across the Anacostia River from downtown Washington D.C. to a new building at the rapidly-expanding Liberty Crossing campus at an "undisclosed location" out near the CIA in Northern Virginia.

The decision dashes the hopes, for now at least, of those who had eyed downtown real estate, which would have vastly reduced the amount of time the nation's highest intelligence officer spends in traffic headed to meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

The winners in this latest round of real estate roulette are the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA officers currently assigned to McConnell's shop.

In April 2006, the Defense Intelligence Agency was cheated out of its long-anticipated new office space, when the spy chief claimed it before the ribbon was even cut on the new building.

CIA officers in the spy chief's operation have been grumbling about the trek to Bolling ever since they vacated their tight quarters across the street from the White House for the more spacious Bolling accomodations. "The people who came from CIA are thrilled," said McConnell's spokesman, Ross Feinstein.

The losers are those working for McConnell who hail from the National Security Agency, which is located halfway between Washington and Baltimore. They will face perhaps a two-hour commute to work, around the infamous Beltway.

Seeking to calm the nerves of anxious commuters, the spy chief has already held a town meeting on the move, Feinstein said, and will probably hold at least one more. McConnell is looking for ways to accomodate those with tough commutes by offering flexible work schedules, Feinstein said.

And there's an upside, he said: The new office will have more parking spaces and twice the cafeteria options.

The spy chief was required to move because the law that created his operation prohbited it from being "co-located" with another intelligence agency, and right now it shares office space with part of the Defense Intelligence Agency--the part that fit after the spy chief snatched the top two floors. Feinstein assured The Swamp that his office has obtained waivers to allow it to reside at Bolling for the last year and a half.

This may not be the last move for McConnell's shop. He's launched a review of all intelligence agency office space to see if there are ways to save on overhead among the far-flung 16 intelligence agencies.

So there's still hope for a D.C. headquarters. "We might move somewhere else" after that review is completed, Feinstein said.

Let's just hope that scrambling intelligence officers' commutes doesn't leave them too grumpy to hunt down Osama bin Laden...

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Another Republican crony bites the dust and another one goes and soon they'll all be gone (08) and another one goes, another one goes, another Republican crony bites the dust, hey, gonna get you too, another Republican crony bites the dust, shooter:

Here's an idea: Quit wasting time puffing up a ridiculous bureaucracy and fire the lot. These people are incompetent. We'ed save billions firing all the wingnuts in the Pentagon and CIA. These people are leeches. They contribute nothing to society. Fire them all. What say you Lil' Johnny? Gov't waste and all that?

How about you RNC Bruce? I know this isn't part of your daily talking points, but please try to improvise.

Weiner dog we'd save billions if we never had to listen to you liberals and all you want like more taxes, more government regulations, taxes,taxes, taxes and you know what no more services--I'm from the government and I'm here to help you I don't think so.
Just cut our taxes and stop having inspirations of more tax schemes. Jerry White, Springfield, IL P.S.Hillary will deliver Nancy Pelosi's 1.3 trillion tax increase whose laughing now?

I wonder how much moving these 1000+ people will cost the American taxpayer. Why can't they just stay where they are?


That's just brilliant! Why couldn't I have thought of it? We should just fire our entire intelligence corps.

After all, it was years of bad intelligence that led us into war with Iraq.

It was also the lack of human intelligence that led us to believe we would be welcomed in Iraq like heroes, and why we can’t seem to find Osama bin Laden.

So, sure, let's get rid of the lot. After all, no intelligence is better than bad intelligence - right? And then we would have to depend on the armed forces for all our intelligence. And they wouldn't lead us astray, would they? They wouldn't say stuff about the Iranians to make us go to war with them, would they?

Well, on second thought, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to get rid of our intelligence agencies. Maybe we should just clean house of all that is wasteful, untruthful, duplicitous and suffering from political partisanship.

Well make sure they don't have to walk too far to their office to sit down. Add to that more fast food to eat I presume or are they four star restaurants?

Judging by the actual history of Big Intelligence's failures, all Americans would be better off having them moved as far away as possible.

Now, if only the FBI Headquarters could be moved to the North Slope of Alaska.

Better idea: Eliminate this worthless criminal agency and give us our tax money back.

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