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Posted November 8, 2007 6:15 PM
The Swamp

by Rick Pearson

AMES, Iowa—Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani acknowledged today that he made a mistake in not looking deeper into the background of a man he once touted for national homeland security chief who is now facing federal indictment.

Bernard Kerik, who served as the police commissioner under the Republican presidential contender, has been the subject of a criminal grand jury investigation into allegations of tax evasion and corruption and a decision is expected soon.

Giuliani, campaigning in Dubuque, told ABC News that he had made more correct decisions than wrong ones during his tenure as mayor.

"I must have been making the right decisions if the city of New York turned around. If crime went down by 60 percent, if homicide went down by 70 percent," the network quoted Giuliani as saying.

"I made mistakes when I was the mayor and I make mistakes as a candidate. I will make mistakes as a president," Giuliani said.

Giuliani recommended to President Bush that Kerik head the Department of Homeland Security in 2004. But amid questions about his background, he withdrew his nomination.

Giuliani also has testified before a state grand jury investigation of Kerik. As a result of that probe, Kerik plead guilty to accepting illegal gifts while working for the city.

Kerik's legal problems could become potentially risky for Giuliani's candidacy. Leading in the natonal polls, Giuliani's campaign has been built around the central theme of promoting national security based on his role as New York mayor following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

Despite his overall lead among Republicans nationally, Giuliani has made scant appearances in Iowa, home of the nation's first presidential caucuses, and trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in state polls.

Speaking to a group of several hundred people later Thursday at the student union at Iowa State University, Giuliani did not touch on the Kerik issue but promoted a candidacy that was focused on staying on the "offense against Islamic terrorists."

"We are safer when we are on offense and we are at great danger when we are on defense," Giuliani said during a near hour-long town hall-style meeting.

In addition to calling for a reduction in federal taxes and spending, Giuliani also promoted the need for increasing the size of the military, not only to deal with terrorism threats but to "deter would be aggressors."

Giuliani said the "peace dividend was a crucial mistake" after the Cold War, with demilitarization replayed several times in American history following times of war. He termed the phrase "peace divident" as "happy talk" and said, "Happy talk by leaders is very dangerous."

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Ah hahahahahahahaha...

How much exactly would it cost to get Rudy Giuliani to holster his overdone 9/11 sanctimony? The government for the tiny Persian Gulf nation of Qatar might have a good idea.

Following earlier reports that Giuliani was still getting paid by the consulting firm he created, Mary Jacoby of the Wall Street Journal sheds light on some potentially problematic sources of Giuliani's private income. Chief among them is Qatar, the U.S. ally that paid Giuliani Partners for "security advice" regarding their petroleum facilities. The article uncovers a "potential political pitfall" for Giuliani's candidacy and image given Qatar's spotty record in fighting Al Qaeda, but it stops short of explicitly addressing an aspect of the business arrangement that could dog Giuliani during his quest for the presidency.

Specifically, the ostensible chief consumer of Giuliani's security advice in this case would be Qatar's internal security ministry—currently headed by a known Al Qaeda associate.

As Radar reported earlier this year, Qatar Interior Minister Abdullah bin Khalid Al-Thani has long had ties to top Al Qaeda operatives including Osama Bin Laden, and is believed by many U.S. officials to have personally arranged the narrow escape of Al Qaeda big-wig Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from U.S. agents in 1996, thereby ensuring his freedom to mastermind the 9/11 attacks.

Qatar's stability and the petroleum facilities Giuliani's firm helped protect are vital to American interests. But Giuliani's incessant 9/11 know-it-all-ism, his refusal to release specifics of the case, and his decision to remain on the firm's payroll while running for president make the whole deal fair game for speculation. Wise opposition researchers charged with sinking Giuliani are undoubtedly trawling for more details, envisioning hyperbolic mail pieces and television ads showing Mr. 9/11 happily dispensing his sage "security advice" for a few bucks to a known Al Qaeda supporter who personally helped make the 9/11 attacks happen. (Incidentally, public reports about the minister's apparent Al Qaeda ties came out in 2003, two years before Giuliani's firm agreed to work with Qatar.)

Such imagery would provide a stark contrast to the pious Giuliani of 2001 who on behalf of the city rejected Saudi Prince (and 'Stache Register honoree) Alwaleed Bin Talal's offer of $10 million in disaster assistance. In that instance, the prince's assertion that U.S. policies were partly to blame for the 9/11 attacks made his money dirty in Giuliani's eyes. Take-home message: Suggesting generally that American policies may have contributed to the 9/11 attacks is a far worse crime in Hizzoner's eyes than actually having played a role in the attack itself. Look out Ron Paul!

Need we say more...?

The clouds are always ominous, the threat everyone and everything, war is peace peace is war, grand army and battle fields, the first white flag you see is dangerous.

Is he trying to tell us we can count on a reduction of Islamic terrorism at the expense of corrupt government lap dogs? (That's what I get out of his crime excuse). Is he trying to tell us that the threat of Islamic terrorism is a greater threat than corrupt officials with tax evasion problems? (That's what I get out of the non nonchalant but terrorist are our problem attitude.)

One, well the story still goes. White collar crime hurts society more than the drug dealer on the corner selling crack.

Two, I'm sure that in the end, if the threat to our government was to come form anywhere, it would come from within.

I like this guy. He's got his priorities straight.

What did Rudy know and when did he know it?

That's the one question that Rudy should be asked from now until he gives a plausible answer. Kerik not only worked for Rudy as mayor, but afterward too. And post-mayor Giuliani tried to have Kerik installed as the Secretary of Homeland Security, for Chrissakes.

What Rudy knew about Kerik's corruption and mob ties is incredibly germane to the presidential race. What he didn't know, and why not, is equally germane. Giuliani has no good answer available on Kerik, which is why he will struggle mightily not to give one.

Ghouliani is also a liar on the crime reduction numbers.

Crime went down a few points, but his 60% and 74% numbers are absolute nonsense. TPM did some pretty in-depth analysis of the crime statistics earlier this week.

It's like Giuliani is just making up BS as he goes along. literally the next day he was confronted about the 60% and the 74% and he said "look, I dont know the exact numbers, but it definitely went down, and you know what I was saying". He is a mendacious lowlife who deserves time in prison alongtime his fellow criminal Mr. Kerik.

There is more than just a kernel of truth in the concept that some prosecutors and police spend so much time immersed in that world that it becomes part of them, just like it did with Kerik and Giuliani.

GOPers, go ahead and nominate Rudy because he's the only one that could make Hillary look like a good candidate for President.

Just another example of his effectiveness in being a leader on the war on terror.

Just because you were a lousy mayor at the time of the 9/11 attacks, doesn't qualify you for being a leading candidate to be president.

'This just in!

Rudy drops Kerik faster than a dog turd at a Easter egg hunt!'

Since Rudy dumped him, maybe Hillary will recruit him to work with Sandy Burglar.

The Republican androids don't care about these details. All they care about is he said he would protect us because he walked through the rubble in New Yawk wearing a dust mask and put in more hours than the cops and firemen. They don't care if Don Rudy is a thug who was for gay rights before he was against it, was for abortions before he was against it, was all for innocent people being sodomized with a broom stick before he was all for people being sodomized with a broom stick. His lead in the polls is just like Hillary/Bills lead in the Dem poll. The more flaky they become, the higher their poll numbers go up. Go figure.

Don Giuliani and his side kick Bernie Kerik profited more off of 911 than anybody else in the public arena. They both have traveled around the World talking about how tough they were during 911 (these three numbers are beginning to sound hackneyed)and how they suddenly became experts on fighting terrorism.

HILLARY HIRES A FELON AND NOT A PEEP FROM "REPORTERS". Sandy Berger, the guy who stole and destroyed TOP SECRET documents at the behest of Bill Clinton, is now part of the Hillary campaign, and the incompetent journalists at the Tribune totally ignore it.

Let's not forget Hillary with $1.3million from Chinese waiters who don't exist or can't be found, and near total silence for "reporters"

If any Liberal or reporter would ask Hillary why she has Berger on her staff, and how she could accept millions from people who don't exist, it will be the first time it happens.

Hillary; Erred in not checking B.J.Clinton....
But,then again, if I didn't marry the perv, how could I run for the presidency whith the last name of Rodham?????


The candidate who claims America shoud trust him with our national security recommends a crook to oversee what else: our national security.

Forget about the "Republicans want Hillary" narrative. We Democrats can only hope Republicans nominate this sleazy, overrated loud mouth.

So Mr. Law and Order Tough Guy failed to do some "checking"? I thought Rudy had his s#$% together and was here to take care of us. isn't that his whole vibe? Don't tell he's more talk than walk!

Guliani screws up regarding one of his so-called strengths & the conservative defenders come up with nothing more then "Hillary this, Hillary that..."

If that's all you have to offer Americans for your best option for president, you are more pathetic then you already have proven to be.

Bush got a second term BECAUSE 9/11 happened on his watch. Why shouldn't Giuliani get elected for the same reason?

I guess Paulo doesn't have any defense for this guy so he just attacks Hillary...

Giuliani is the biggest phony in the country, always ready to take credit for things he did not do.

Violent crime went down in every city in the United States in those years.

Its drop had nothing whatever to do with Rudy or his appointments.

There were simply structural changes in the population of people who commit most of the violent crimes plus a number of other factors including emergency doctors having learned how to keep more gunshot victims alive.

Mr. Chuckman, the Canadian embarrassment, seems to think he knows things about the U.S. Mr. Chuckman, Guiliani did bring crime rates down in New York. He brought them down by cleaning up the city and by giving the police support.

John E., murders before Guiliani became mayor of NY regularly topped 1,000 a year. After he became mayor, murders fell into the 400 to 600 range. Looks like a significant drop to me. IN fact, in 1991, there were more than 2,200 murders in NY City. By 2004, that had dropped to less than 600.

The Left: dumb, ignorant, full of lies and distortions, and, of course, the worst mankind has to offer!

Johnny D,
Violent crime fell everywhere in the US during the 1990s. Who was President?

Dumb Dumb Janet: presidents do not control crime rates in cities and towns, the local governments and local law enforcement agencies handle that. Guiliani implemented crime-fighting proceedures as mayor. Crime fell because of those efforts.

A president, any president, has very little do, if anything, with local crime-fighting efforts and policies.

John D,

Violent crime fell across all of US during the 1990's and it started falling in NYC even before Giuliani took the reins. The overwhelming reason for that: Roe vs Wade!! Don't believe me.. read 'Freakonomics' by Steven Levitt. That changed the unwanted kids that are very likely to enter crime. Another major reason was just that there were much more police on the streets. It is just not credible for Giuliani to take credit for things that plainly had nothing to do with him..

A president, any president, has very little do, if anything, with local crime-fighting efforts and policies.

Posted by: John D | November 9, 2007 11:41 AM

You know what has an even bigger effect? Socioeconomic success. That's what happened in the 90's, ushered in by a budget plan signed by, drumroll please, Zero Republicans. If Bush deserves credit for this economy which the Dyslin's of the world seem intent to give him, than President Clinton deserves the same praise for a greater-by-magnitudes success in the economic arena.

Janet and Chuckman are correct to a point, though Rudy did clearly bash plenty of heads to keep his city under wraps.

Its clear that Dyslin's impossibly romanticized view of Rudy comes from someone who did not live in NY during his reign. Sure, it sounds great from your computer desk in Streamwood, but Rudy's approval was slowly creeping up toward 50% when 9/11 happened and saved his political career (he even tried to retain his office after it expired... bet he would have declared martial law if he could have).

Giuliani has already lost an election to Hillary Clinton, and has been trailing her nationally during this entire campaign.

Another example of how conservatives distort history - presdents have nothing to do with crime.

Clinton was responsible for pushing for grants that added 100,000 (hope that # isn't to big to grasp for some) police officers, including for (drumroll) New York. I don't think Guiliani looked at this program & said it's just another liberal bs program, I want nothing to do with it, don't bother me while I'm entertaining my mistress.

But since some are measuring crime fighting success with being a great presidential candidate, I'd like to see Mayor Daily declare he's running. His crime-fighting record is just as good as Guiliani's, & there's been no terrorist attck in this great city, unlike a couple in NYC, right?

RomanB, sorry to break the news to you, but despite what Clintoon said and despite what the media wants you to believe, 100,000 more police officers were NOT put on the street by Clintoon's program.

In reality, studies show that no one thing — not even Biden's army of officers — can take credit for the declining crime rate in the 1990s and first five years of this century. Rather, it was likely the result of a complex series of factors, including population shifts, an improving economy, longer prison sentences for violent criminals, better policing and changes in drug use.

Several studies also have failed to show a correlation between Giuliani's policies and the drop in crime during his mayorship. Rather, experts say, better policing techniques likely combined with other factors, including a break in the crack cocaine epidemic, changing demographics and an improving economy.

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