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Bill Richardson Nobel worthy? Some think so.

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Posted November 16, 2007 6:30 AM
The Swamp

by Gabrielle Russon

Presidential candidate Bill Richardson has watched as he’s lagged in the polls behind the other Democratic contenders. And last month, he saw Al Gore walk away with the heralded Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.) is making a third attempt at supporting Richardson for the award. He has nominated the New Mexico governor for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work in Sudan and South Korea.

On Wednesday, Gordon sent his letter along with four other letters of support to the Nobel Committee in Norway. Eleven other congressmen co-signed Gordon’s nominating letter.

"We live in a volatile world, but people like Bill Richardson are reaching out through diplomatic efforts to reduce those tensions," Gordon said in a statement.

Linda Lynch, whose husband Paul Salopek was a Chicago Tribune correspondent and was captured in Sudan while on a National Geographic magazine assignment, also wrote a letter pushing for Richardson’s nomination. As governor, Richardson volunteered to lead a mission to help bring Salopek home in 2006.

Lynch wrote: "I cannot think of criteria more essential to the evaluation of a potential Nobel Laureate for world peace than one that points to the type of courage that comes naturally to Governor Richardson. But it must go in hand with the impulse to use that courage for the good of all. Governor Richardson went into Sudan to negotiate the release of my husband Paul and his colleagues, which he did brilliantly, effectively, and quickly.

"But his efforts for them and for others, who have also been caught in the fray, are not one-time, stand alone accomplishments. They are components of a very long and carefully crafted path to which Governor Richardson is committed."

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Not very many voters are aware that Governor Richardson was instrumental in bringing the Bush administration and the North Koreans together. Without his influence the U.S. situation with North Korea may have turned unfruitful and dire. It is sad to say, not one of the top tier candidates from either party has made such an unique contribution to foreign policy in such a way. Richardson has demonstrated over the years he can be trusted time after time in doing the right thing for our country.

I have a question. I am from Massachusetts and have never observed or heard any info about Governor Richardson like you have shown. Why is it that most media outlets never give out such great info about Mr. Richardson? After last nights CNN debate, all you hear about are the top three Democratic candidates. I feel that most of the media are biased. Yours truly, Nat Emens

Bill Richardson is a very interesting man. His life story is pretty amazing. He born an American, but spent many of his early years in Mexico City. His family was quite wealthy. He had many friends, as a child in Mexico City, who were from poor families. His family helped many of these young people get educations, et. They were very open to him having friends who did not come from wealth, of which he had many. His story is not being told.
He is one of the great diplomats in America today.
I don't know if it's the media or the Democratic Party, but Richardson is not getting the coverage he deserves.
In today's world, we need diplomacy.
The Bush version of diplomacy has alienated America from most of the world.
I don't think Clinton, or those preceded him were very good diplomat either. Otherwise why were/are people attacking America?
I don't believe we have been attacked simply because those who attack us are evil. They have other motives than being possessed
by the devil. A real diplomat would try to find out their real motives and negotiate a settlement with them.
I know that those who believe it is best to resolve our differences with other nations via our military might will not agree with me, but I do believe that we can do better with talking than bombing and killing.
If you believe that we should at least try to talk to others, in a civil manor, not calling them names like access of evil, etc., the Richardson is your man.
If you believe the only way to work out our differences with others is to go to war with them, ask George W. Bush who he recommends for our next president.

Getting the public to know how far a person has reached in accomplishing outstanding goals of peace and mutual understanding are for the media to make known to us. Bill Richardson has made and is making a difference politically already even if he did not run for President of the United States. His type are rare in our country and around the world and I love how he inspires all of us to give more than we thought we'd ever do in life. He's a great man and he's doing a great job.

I will vote for him because it's a little thing that he's asking of me to do. But knowing the cruelty of past great people who are catapulted in to the wild arena of limelight, I'd be just as happy if Bill Richardson continues unannounced making the huge difference that he does even without being our President.

Americans love a leader and that's why destiny has found Bill Richardson.

I would encourage everyone who reads this article to forward it, and the comments, to everyone they know. Bill Richardson can and will make a positive difference. America needs for him to be our next President.

You support drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Therefore I will not vote for you. Most Americans disagree with you as well. That's why I know you will not be the next president. You need to change the law and discontinue your reckless policy.

It is a shame that Richardson's experience, positions, and common sensical approach to both domestic and foriegn policy is not getting more play in the press. Yes, he supported the position of law enforcement officials in New Mexico to give everyone driving in that state licenses -- as a matter of public safety -- which by the way dramatically improved public safety. This guy works in the real world, he has demonstrated that he can find common ground. He is exactly what this country and the world needs right now!

Gaining a driver's license is the "learning English" path for newcomers--Employers need to offer "learn English" for their employees, not punishment for hiring the people they need, even if they are not language proficient. Governor Richardson deserves media recognition that he isn't receiving...we need the visionary from the western experiece==we'll never be New York and it's neighbors.

Anyone can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. All it takes is a postage stamp.

Anyone can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. All it takes is a postage stamp.

Posted by: Bruce | November 16, 2007 2:25 PM

Let's nominate George W. Bush for the Ignoble Prize.

After watching last nights debate I feel a need to speak out. America listen up I have served 19 years in the military under three presidents (Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr.)and I have been deployed all over the world. I have never leaned to the left or right in the political arena. I serve all Commanders and Chiefs with loyalty, but I would love Bill Richardson to be the last I serve under. Give this man a fair shake.

I believe this website is a con. Moreover, I contacted the Bill Richardson website to inquire why it stated that Mr. Richardson ran for governor and won in the state that had "been his home for decades," when on the Charlie Rose show, Mr. Richardson stated he'd heard there was a gubernatorial race in New Mexico, and he & his wife had vacationed there, so from out of nowhere he ran for governor of New Mexico and won. They haven't written back, so they're plainly not owning up to the dishonesty.
I was intending to write a letter to our local newspaper in support of Bill Richardson, as his talk on the C.Rose show was very compelling. But now there's the overall sense of a scam, where Mr. RIchardson will suddenly appear from out of nowhere on the ballot.

What a great article. I have not been aware of Gov. Richardson's history. It has been alluded to many times, but never specified as you have done. Thanks for enlightening me! I'll look at him with new eyes!

American public will be making the biggest statement to the world by electing Bill Richardson.

By electing him, America is telling the world, it values peace, diplomacy, human rights, above all, prefers to resolve differences in ways other than going to war.

America has never been in a position in the past, more than now, it needed to make such a statement. America has never pre-emtively invaded anyone before.

It's unfortunate that we, meaning everyone in the World, are on the brink of Global disasters which consist of Nature and WWIII. I think I do support Bill Richardson. The reason is because all of the other candidates seem inexperienced or driven by hidden agenda which neither are good for this Country or the rest of the World. You take someone like Richardson who actually has first hand experience with people from other countries and classes so he's able to understand problems that the poor have instead of being "advised" about it. Take someone like Richardson who is the first person in the race who said let's create Peace through a unified World effort. The unfortunate reason why he's not receiving the attention he deserves all boils down to "money" and of course the Media Tycoons who are biased and just as much at fault for how this Country is today. Guiliani shouldn't even be in the race; who in their right frame of mind downplays friends that molest children? And help their friends cover up dirty deeds. If Guiliani becomes president that will be the end of the USA. Speaking of which did you hear China's threats to sell off the USA $? Which would actually be a smart sneaky thing to do and of course Iran's threats to Global security as the MiddleEast Oil crisis becomes widespread and vast. Now tell me this who was "sleeping" and collecting and spending "dollars" while all of this was and is spiraling out of control? Let me say that we need someone running the USA who is smart because it's not smart to let Countries like China and the MiddleEast have you by the throat because you let them. If the USA leaders were smart they would have found alternative fuels decades ago, converted "Green" ages ago and created a society that is not so dependent on Imports rather self sustaining. Bottom line we need a leader who will acknowledge this and move the USA out of alienation and Global disaster as well as towards a future that supports economic, social and global harmony that we "human beings" obviously lost since Sept 11 2001. We have no more time to waste on greedy incompetent Mayors and illiterate Governors. What we and the World needs is a "LEADER".

Lastly Richardson you are worthy of the Nobel nomination and even more so of it itself. May I be an advisor to you on behalf of the "real" voices in America that happen to be the people who still believe in the United States Constituition?

I already have a Bill Richardson bumper sticker on my car. You should get one too. As president, he would make me proud to be an American again.

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