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Posted October 5, 2007 6:01 AM
The Swamp

by John McCormick

INDEPENDENCE, Iowa -- After addressing a question over his decision years ago to stop wearing an American flag pin on his suit lapel, Sen. Barack Obama revisited the topic of arugula during a campaign stop here Thursday.

His first mention of the leafy green came during the summer as part of his first high-profile visit to an Iowa farm. Then, he posed the following question:

"Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?" he asked. "I mean, they're charging a lot of money for this stuff."

That comment came despite the fact that Iowa does not have any Whole Foods stores, nor do most of its farmers typically grow any arugula.

The point the Illinois Democrat and presidential candidate was trying to make then, he said Thursday, was that farm subsidies should not just go to traditional commodities like corn and cotton.

"Eating habits are changing," he said.

Then, he explained that he had been "teased" for previously mentioning arugula.

"All the national press, they said, 'Oh, look at Obama. He's talking about arugula in Iowa. People in Iowa don't know what arugula is,'" he said. "People in Iowa know what arugula is. They may not eat it, but you know what it is."

Well, maybe.

A highly unscientific survey of three Iowans who listened to Obama's speech suggested at least some in the crowd were a little confused by the leafy green.

"I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is," said Richard Newton, a laborer and volunteer firefighter from Independence. "But I understood what he was talking about."

Kay Hoffman, a hospital clinic assistant from nearby Aurora, Iowa, said she had never heard of it before, suspecting it might have something to do with Obama's Hawaiian upbringing.

"I don't know what it is," she said. "Maybe it's a Hawaiian thing."

James Sink, a retired manufacturing worker from Cedar Falls, Iowa, said he had no clue. "I had no idea what it is," he said.

Obama also mentioned almonds as a growing cash crop. Those come from inside candy bars, right?

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Did Obama stop wearing arugula on his lapel? This is the information we need to make a decision on our candidates. Without this kind of information, we don't have to worry about their stance on the war, or the economy, social security, healthcare, or any of those silly things. This is the real fodder that the mindless partisan buffoons need to rant and rave with childish tactics because they really have nothing left to argue. These would be the same people that complain about news such as Paris Hilton, Spears, and all the other all important news. Our country is headed down the toilet, but thank God we now know about arugula.
Life just doesn't get any better than this.

How sad!!!!!

109 posts on Obama and his flag pin. People being killed in Iraq, healthcare, economy, and you buffons want to argue about Obamas pin? I hear people complain about trivial news such as Paris Hilton, and yet 109 bufoons want to make an issue about a pin? The reason media puts out these newsless stories is because the public wants that kind of junk. 109 of you want this kind of junk so you can bicker and yell at each other while serious things are happening in this world. I am begining to think we truly deserve the government we have.


I would like the "news" reporters to give equal time to other types of leafy products.

Once again you have given a biased account of vegetables. Without me, that salad would be nothing.

Aw, lighten up bill r.

We have 13 months and a whole lots of blogspace to fill up. There's plenty of room in the aisle for social security reform, cackling, foreign policy, odd cell phone habits, health care and -- yes -- arguala.

haha...Does Obama wear arugula on his lapel? Highly commendable. Couldn't emphasize the absurdity of the article better. I pretty much disagree with the continuing tone, after that. I think Obama is the best qualified to lead this nation. Clinton is a shrewd tactician, but so is Dick Cheney. Edwards is...well...good looking...(not in a disparaging way). But Obama is the born leader. If you have any more doubts and need to be enlightened, visit barackobama.com, go under speeches and read his latest on foreign policy. You'll realize that foreign policy is about more than just ending the Iraq war (which he shows the most certainty and practicality in ending such that our security isn't threatened in the process), but also about making the intelligence agencies less about politics but more about competence by appointing fixed-terms much like the FED, reducing nuclear materials around the world (not unilaterally, or just along with Russia, but by having the agreements extended to the whole world, and then lead by example.) Foreign policy is about diplomacy, but we've become rather shortsighted lately. Since the mid and late 90's we are under the perception that we only need to negotiate with our friends. Our experts seem to have sprung up from just the last decade, because we conducted high frontal diplomacy with the soviets and China under Kennedy, Nixxon(although i'm not a big fan of his), and especially Reagan. And that's the main reason we still exist as a nation today. That why we didn't go to war with the Soviets, and that's why nuclear war failed to materialize. We need someone who isn't afraid to talk to our enemies to let them know where we stand, and work with them to achieve tangible successes around the world not just with our friends but with our enemies too.

I love how Republics say they represent the working class and small business owners, yet they won't allow the USDA to restrict the definition of Certified Organic. Who doesn't want the definition to be narrowed. Large megafarm corporations. Who stands to gain if the definition is restricted. Local farmers, otherwise known as small business owners. Supporting small business owners, just another Republic lie.

People that see Obama speak then read or watch whats reported become concerned. The tilt to Hillary is absurd. Read the headlines on any given day. "Hillary Vows to Win War on Science", Hillary Reinforces Commitment to Health Care" and on and on... Barack on the Other hand "Obama talk Arugula -again", "Obama wants nuclear free World". All set to make her look strong and him naive. Ridiculous and not even close.
If you go and see him speak, then you read the reports you are guaranteed to be appalled. His message is often delivered by msm way out of context. I saw him speak a month ago, when I read the reports the differences were astounding. I hope the truth will prevail. It is a shame that the main stream media is now so consolidated. The press is part of this status quo Washington machine. Wake up America. Find out for yourself and spread the word.

is Obama done with his 15 seconds yet? double YAWN

Obama the Iowa arugula expert. And he wonders why he's down a landslide 53%-20% to Clinton in the latest poll.

Is the Obama message flawed? Or is Obama a flawed messenger of his message? I'd like to hear the Obama lovers explain why his own Democrats are rejecting his message.

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