Obama launches 'Embrace the Change' gospel tour: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted October 16, 2007 5:07 PM
The Swamp

by John McCormick

In what is perhaps the most obvious effort yet by Sen. Barack Obama to invoke religion in his Democratic presidential bid, his campaign said this afternoon that it is launching an “Embrace the Change” gospel tour later this month.

The campaign said some of the nation's top gospel music artists will tour South Carolina, where Obama is in a battle with Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, especially for the support of African-American women, a group that could decide the primary there.

The tour will visit Charleston, Greenwood and Columbia.

“This is another example of how Barack Obama is defying conventional wisdom about how politics is done and giving new meaning to meeting people at the grassroots level,” Obama's national religious affairs director, Joshua DuBois, said in a statement. “This concert tour is going to bring new people into the political process and engage people of faith in an unprecedented way.”

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I live in Columbia, SC. Someone just emailed this link to me. Is this story reallty true?

Because if it is, I'm joining Obama's campaign today. Anyone who's got gospel has got this sister.

Any idea which gospel singers will be present at the concert?

I don't know...there's something about the name Barack "Hussein" Obama and gospel tour that doesn't mix well....like oil and water.

Fortunately oil and water are ALL Gods children

Paulo, look at your name. I have seen you post Barack's middle name a half a dozen times. Your name is Paulo. Sounds like a coke dealer. You must be a dope peddlar.

I wish I were in SC! He's got great talented people rooting for him, this is going to be great! He's certainly bringing back the spirit of the civil rights movement, as well as his own expertise! Obama 08!

Is Obama this desperate to get the vote that he will even bring gospel into it? If this is not desperation, I am not sure what is. What will be next? Guilliani launching a rock tour? The suggestion is ridiculous and I hope that all Black people will reject this attempt with the contempt it deserves!

Well Lionel, you're wrong. We're not going to reject it. We're embrassing it. Sorry you don't like gospel music.

Since when is embrassing gospel music and having gospel singers who support you perform concerts desperate? NEVER!!!!!!

I don't see anything wrong with Guiliani having rock concerts. It would be a lot more respectable than his $9.11 fundraiser.

Lionel : What you tell me is that he needs to leave God and Gospel out of the picture or you scare that Gospel Music can change a lot of think. Think and see what happen in the past when people use Gospel like MLK, Malia Jackson in Chicago. One think that I know for sure to get rid of Bush-Clintons bad spirit in the white house, we need some good Gospel. I am all for it. WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!

Obama goes on a gospel tour. Hillary votes again and again to open paths to war. Edwards goes on a tour to highlight his long-term-campaign to end poverty. Take your choice, but don't "weep no more" if you get nothing you really want should Edwards not be nominated.

What ever happened to the separation of church (gospel) and state (Obama)?

Hmmm...this seems a bit unsettlingly to me.

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