Clinton defends fundraising among immigrants: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted October 20, 2007 4:37 PM
The Swamp

by Rick Pearson

DES MOINES — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her fundraising practices among New York's Chinese community today and said those questioning her ability to reform Washington, including attacks from her rivals, should look at her record.

"I represent New York and New York is a symbol of the success of immigrants coming to America," the New York senator told reporters after addressing supporters at the Oak Park Elementary School on Des Moines' north side.

"I am pleased to have a lot of first-generation American support as well as people who have been longtime involved in the political process. I'm going to keep reaching out to everybody in our country. I want to be a president to everybody."

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on donations Clinton has received from New York's Chinese community, including contributions of between $500 and the federal $2,300 maximum per election, coming from people identified as dishwashers and other menial jobs. Of 150 contributions examined, one-third of the donors could not be found and a $1,000 donor said they did not give a contribution.

The newspaper noted that at a single April fundraiser held in an area of poverty, Clinton raised $380,000.

"I think with respect to that one event, there were more than 250 people there," Clinton said. "My campaign reviewed any of the contributors, we've returned money. New things come to light, we'll continue to do that."

The Clinton campaign has said it reviewed donations and returned those in cases where it couldn't confirm the contributions were legally given.

Democratic rival John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, has repeatedly attacked Clinton for taking money from special interests and lobbyists in her campaign, which he said he and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois have refused. Edwards questioned whether Clinton can "challenge our broken system in Washington."

"This is not a purity contest—it's not about what we've done yesterday," Edwards said in a statement. "This is about what each of us can do today to fix the system."

But Clinton said "rhetoric is easy to come by."

"If you look at what I've done, I have been at the forefront of a lot of the major challenges we've had in trying to rein in special interests and I believe as president I will be in a position to do that," she said.

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Hillary is a fraud.It is unfortunate people do not play close enough attention of the ethics of this candidate as she is the front runner and enivatible president. I am frustrated that women are voting for her just because she is a woman. I am ready for woman president that is not tainted by politics as usual.

Hm, so is this Hillary 'investigation' news going to disappear tomorrow too?

There needs to be a federal investigation into the Clinton fundraising efforts. Between Hsu and now this, clearly there is major hanky panky going on. The LA Times did this story. Now will the media do its job and investigate this like the true scandal it is? And what is with the Clintons and fraudulent Chinese fundraising?

President to be Mrs. Clinton, keep doing what you are doing.The people who are bad-mouthing you will soon understand that you are fighting for them also; even though they envy you.People like those nailed Jesus to the cross but he still forgave them.

If you watch this woman's snake oil salesman routine, you will notice how close to Bill's 1992 campaign she is following.
But I guess if the HSU (Shoe) fits and the Chinese continue to fund her campaign she will continue to push Socialism as the next big thing in American Government.
Remember it takes a Village Idiot to lead a Village over a cliff.

President to be Mrs. Clinton, keep doing what you are doing.The people who are bad-mouthing you will soon understand that you are fighting for them also; even though they envy you.People like those nailed Jesus to the cross but he still forgave them.

Hillary will be whatever you think you want her to be. The problem is when all is said and done - she is nothing more than a liar, prone to coverups, dishonest and lacks intergrity and is married to a womanizer of a husband, whom we don't need in the White House again to disgrace it one more time.

I hope some reporter has the guts to investigate this Chinatown issue more thoroughly.

The fact that 1/3 of her donors could not even be FOUND and the one donor who said she didn't contribute the $1000...

It's obviously fraud. Will anyone expose the whole story?

In the 90's the ChiComs got the Long Beach Port and military missles for their contributions, I wonder what they are buying this year?

Terry, they are buying the defeat of America with the Clintoons. Slick Willie sold us out to them in the 1990s and the Queen B will do so again. But the Lefties, who keep whining about us owing the ChiComs, just slurp up the Clintoons like there is no tomorrow. Course, the Lefties likes the ChiComs anyway. They like the Communist part. They also like the steamroll and arrest the opposition part, too.

60 Minutes should cover this. If they dare.

Hillary Clinton is completely innocent of wrongdoing in this case. All kinds of people are trying to dig up dirt on Hillary because she is clearly beating all of her rivals in the polls and John Edwards is now so desperate that he will stop at nothing in his attacks on her.

The truth always prevails.

As a Democrat, I am embarrassed at the tactics being employed by John and Elizabeth Edwards and their thugs (Mudcat Saunders, for instance).

I won't shed any tears when the Edwards campaign packs it up and John and Elizabeth head back to North Carolina, for good.

In 2006 the Dems ran on a Culture of Corruption campaign slogan.. It is obvious that it was never more than empty Rhetoric... If Clinton were a Republican Pelosi and Reid would be the first ones demanding a congressional investigation. But since it is a fellow Dem... she obviously did nothing wrong.

It's the height of cynical exploitation....gathering together these neighborhood groups of immigrants and "suggesting" that they donate to the Clinton campaign, when these folks come from a culture where reciprocation is expected, and many of these folks will believe that supporting Hillary with these large donations will result in her assisting them in their dealings with the immigration department.

And what happens when these folks are subsequently disappointed? We have more folks who feel suckered...who have been disillusioned by American politics. This is not good for the Democratic Party or the USA.

And this is in addition to being highly unethical!

Terry and JohnD.

B.J.Clinton sold out this nation for a few million dollars from the Chinese for our Guidance Missle Technology.
The Chinese missles would shoot off and go anywhere,but where they were supposed to go,so B.J. sold us out and gave them our guidance the Chinese missles can hit any American city on a dime....thanks B.J!

I'm sure Hillary and B.J. would love to give the Chinese our stealth technology too...$$$$$$$
Watch out America!


"Rudy's Dirty Money"
from McClatchy Newspapers
Oct 6, 2007

In 1989 Giuliani joined the New York firm of White & Case. The firm had a list of controversial clients, including the government of Panama, home to drug-dealing dictator Manuel Noriega; foreign banks that gave large loans to the apartheid regime in South Africa; and an Italian construction firm that helped build a chemical weapons plant in Libya.

When Giuliani launched a run for mayor that same year, he was blindsided by bad press. "White & Case represented all sorts of dictators and scumbags," says veteran political consultant Hank Sheinkopf. "Rudy could never understand why that would be a problem." Politicians of both parties called on Giuliani to release his client list. Billionaire businessman Ronald Lauder, who ran against Giuliani in the Republican primary, aired a television ad featuring side-by-side pictures of Giuliani and Noriega. Nelson Warfield, Lauder's spokesman at the time and a current adviser to presidential candidate Fred Thompson, sees parallels between then and now. "It was an issue for him in '89, and it's an issue for him in '07," Warfield says of Rudy's clients. (Thompson, it should be noted, has his own questions to answer about his lengthy career as a Washington lobbyist.)

The Giuliani campaign is anticipating such scrutiny. In a leaked campaign dossier obtained by the New York Daily News in January, the word "business" appeared at the top of a list of potential vulnerabilities, ahead of his ex-wife Donna Hanover. The concern was justified. After the 2004 election Giuliani saw the nomination for Homeland Security czar of a protégé, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, crash and burn when the press uncovered Kerik's affairs, unpaid back taxes and ties to the mob. "Rudy will be held to a higher standard," predicts GOP strategist Tony Fabrizio. "This is stuff he did after becoming America's mayor."

Bracewell & Giuliani presents a host of potential sore spots, on the left and the right. Operatives from rival GOP campaigns were quick to exploit the fact that the firm represented Citgo, the state oil company of Venezuela, one of the current bêtes noires of the right wing. Bracewell helped Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. block "indecency" laws on television, thwarting a pet issue of Christian conservatives. The firm provided counsel to the defense fund of disgraced former House majority leader Tom DeLay--at the same time that it was lobbying DeLay and Congress to grant immunity to the makers of the toxic gasoline additive MTBE, which faces hundreds of lawsuits for contaminating drinking water. Clients abroad have included repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan (Bracewell has two offices representing American oil companies in Kazakhstan; Rudy's Bracewell supporters recently held a campaign fundraiser there). A few years ago its biggest client was Enron.

Giuliani has accepted more money from the energy industry--$477,208 through the first half of 2007--than any other presidential candidate. These ties likely won't hurt him with GOP primary voters, who welcomed Bush and Cheney with open arms. But it could arouse the suspicions of moderate and independent voters in a general election, many of whom don't look forward to the idea of Halliburton clones dictating policy in the next White House.

Ms Clinton, all I can say is you go girl. a lot of people do not understand the complex election system we have in this country. I do not agree with it, but it is what is and have been for long time. It should be a person 1 vote.But instead we have an "electoral College" and getting elected is not easy. Your opponents would like others to think that they are above all the "games of the election process, however not one candidate is above doing what they have to do to get elected.

So just keep doing your thing, it is working. keep marching right on to the white house. And leave those jealous turkeys still green with envy.

your supporter



Failing to dent Hillary's lead in the opinion polls, Edwards and Obama are desperate enough to try every trick to derail her. Poor Edwards - his vaulting ambition is matched only by his inability to comprehend that come crunch time, voters want a tried, believable candidate which he is not. He trails Hillary even in his home state! Obama continues to live in cuckoo land where idealism prevails and the milk of human kindness pervades. Apart from homilies and vacuous sermons Obama fails to convey the "can do, will do" spirit of Hillary.

Republicans particularly Guiliani appeal to party folk solely on the premise that he is the only one who can beat Hillary and so they must forget or at least condone the "liberal" policies he followed as Mayor of New York!!! Hillary will thrash Guiliani exposing his hypocrisy and his glossing over the bungling in the post 9/11 rescue effort.

Isn't the United States already a wholly owned subsidiary of China?

"I am pleased to have a lot of first-generation American support as well as people who have been longtime involved in the political process. I'm going to keep reaching out to everybody in our country. I want to be a president to everybody."

God bless Hillary Clinton.

She's going to make a fine president so get used to it John D. Your party are the kings of corruption, so the fundraising comments are more hokum.

Hillary is laying the groundwork for keeping the borders open and providing mass amnesty.

Oh, and let's not overlook Spitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal in NY. That's just a plan for voting fraud in 2008 for the Democrats.

P.S. I am not a Republican

Hillary Clinton's fundraising is fraudlent on the face and should be investigated by the Justice Department. How could Chinese restaurant workers cough up this amount of funds. Norman Hsu is not an accident. She takes bundled money that no one knows where it came from.
It reminds me of Al Gore when he collected $60,000 from Tibetan monks and said "there is no controlling legal authjority."
Hillary was on the House staff as a lawyer when Nixon was impeached it's ironic things came full circle and Bill was impeached but, unlike Nixon, Bill wouldn't resign he went on to be disbarred after perjury was his conviction. Bill has no class he can't be shamed and neither can Hil. America will always have the Clinton's clawing for power. Jerry White, Springfield, IL

If you are going to generalize the donations from Chinese community as illegal, Ok, think about what kind of person you are. Very narrow-minded. How can you be fit to vote? Everyone will benefit if you just shut up and go home (hope not China)!!!

Hillary is campainging everywhere that she has political support for her record as Senator for New York.
Look at the people who gave legal donations.
They are first, and second, and third generation Americans, and they are welcome so join political support groups.
They want to achive the American Dream.


Isn't the United States already a wholly owned subsidiary of China?

Posted by: WhoMe? | October 21, 2007 3:58 AM

No.... Actually, were a "wholly" owned subsidiary of Israel.

Paulo and John D how much crack do you guys smoke to come up with all this crazy cr%p? Enquiring minds want to know.

Just what we need: another corrupt Clinton presidency. What did America do to deserve that?

A Woman who has been crushed by her husband, but came out and faced the world knowing she was not the first nor will be the last to experience a crisis in marriage. A Mother who has been supportive and knows that her #1 priority is her family. U need nothing more than morals, and values to succeed. U've inspired and won the hearts of many. Your humble ways will get you where you have to be. Very soon! :)

Mrs. Haterey stating in the article, "My campaign reviewed any of the contributors, we've returned money. New things come to light, we'll continue to do that' is the problem. She should let someone other than her campaign review the contributors and return the illegal money. What did she mean by 'new things come to light'? Clearly there are many more illegal things going on in this campaign that needs to be reviewed by someone other than 'her cronies'. This woman is wicked. I relate her to the mofia bosses that let nothing stand in their way of getting and holding power and money. She and her husband are hell bent on destroying the conservative America that I would like to leave for my children and grand children. I would never vote for her. Anyone but Haterey

The facts against Hillary can be stacked a mile high. If you support Hillary you are being duped. She is a crook. She deceives, evades, flip flops and back stabs. First lady, you think that's experience. That's a laugh. Hillary will say what she has to for her own glory. Get her out.
Obama 08

Edwards is alright, but the way Cheney ate him for lunch a few years ago still haunts him. Hillary supporters wake up.

“Anybody but Hillary" I am a female voter. I am not going to vote for Hillary. I think she is very wicked. She will do anything possible to hand America over to the Mexicans on a silver platter and force us middle class Americans to pay for it via more money that she will rob out of our paychecks! The wealthy of our country can move their money to banks outside the country. The poor of our country have no money to take. That just leaves us...the middle class to shoulder the burden of taking care of all the perks that are on the Clinton wish list. Level headed, middle class Americans better pay attention to this.

Wow - the comments here are more interesting than the original article! It's obvious who's for/against Senator Clinton already.

I have to agree with the "against" camp on this: the LA Times story was about trying to understand how poor workers can give $1000 contributions in New York (quite a drive, eh?) and noticed that it was impossible to track down more than 67% or so of these contributions. It's not impossible to believe, but it does seem rather odd to me.

I bet there are news groups tracking down other candidate's contributions as well, but why are they not reporting?

I'm no fan of our current administration, and I'm cynical enough to know that "honest politician" is an oxymoron, but I think this is a tad extreme - shaking down immigrants to catch up to Senator Obama's record-breaking fundraising? I need more than a prepared response from Senator Clinton to be convinced that she's trying to remain above board on this.

Just my opinion...

I'm frustrated that there are men who are voting for him just because he is a man. This sentiment never ever surfaces when a man runs, but a woman runs and its all she's aggressive, power hungry, a gold digger, slept her way to the top, if it weren't for her husband (she'd be an invalid I'm assuming), she's on an ego trip, she's too overconfident, women will only vote for her because she is a woman, she's just like her husband (so I'm guessing in the real world women should be penalized for wanting to do a job their spouse does for fear of being a mindless carbon copy drone of their husband- sorry deary you can't do that job your husband already tried), somehow her personnel life (denial being the most common defense in circumstances of cheating spouses) is magnified and mistaken for her ability to lead her public work life.... I am ready for a man (or woman) president not tainted by politics as usual. Oh wait I won't hold my breath. A politician is a politician is a politician. Edwards was right. This isn't a purity contest and it applies to her and everyone else alike. Yet why is Edwards and Obama the first to cast a stone and say she's dirty. Hmmm useless rhetoric it is.

Hillary will select someone like Harry Reid or Joe Lieberman. Never Obama. They are polar opposites.

And if you think Obama and Edwards are throwing stones by pointing out facts that is sad. I suppose it is okay to erroneously call others naive and irresponsible for a policy that you flip flop on and would do yourself.

Hillary is bad news. Don't be duped. She must be stopped. If it means making voters aware of the facts regarding Hillary then it is time to attack. Don't wait for the msm to do it. Time to go for the jugular.

The thing is it won't take Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Mark Penn tactics. Simply educating Democrats about that polarizing pandering deceiving crook named Hillary Clinton.

“Anybody but Hillary" I am a female voter. I am not going to vote for Hillary. I think she is very wicked. She will do anything possible to hand America over to the Mexicans on a silver platter and force us middle class Americans to pay for it via more money that she will rob out of our paychecks!"

Posted by: v.cobb | October 21, 2007 11:59 AM

Good we don't need your vote anyway and your comments are nuts!

I've read the comments here and I'm struck by the fact that there is not one piece of factual information I can see. Only labels and names that have been generated by something on par with a junior high school rumor mill.

I'm not fond of Clinton, but I have to really sit and think why and what that is based on. I'm worried more about her contributions from Big Pharm and other corporations than I am about a couple grand from a few Chinese immigrants. And I'm not limiting that concern to Clinton.

There is only one issue in this election and that is Illegal Immigration... Hillary as well as the other Democratic contenders have stated that they are for Comprehensive Immigration Reform ie: The Amnesty Bill, which is why I would not even consider any of them... Hillary also stated that her Health care plan would not include illegal aliens and I believe she is being truthful with that one because there will be no such thing as an "Illegal Alien" when she gets into office...

Hillary gets $380,000 from poor people and we're supposed to think Steve Colbert is the only comedian running for president? Actually, the joke's on us if
we think Hildy is ever going to play by the rules. Does anyone ever believe anything this woman says or does?

If there was ever any doubt that the Loony Left offers nothing but maniacal thinking and truly the dumbest people mankind has to offer, all one has to do is read the comments in support of the Queen B. The Clintons have been THE MOST CORRUPT political entity in the history of this nation, and the morons on the Left slurp it up like candy.

But then I am not surprised. Folks moan and groan about taxes, including those on the Left, but what do they do? Elect folks who will raise their taxes. Look at the clowns from Massachusetts. They leave the state because of high taxes, move to New Hampshire and what do they elect? Democrats who will raise their taxes!
Libbies knew the Boy King Crooked County President-wannabe was a corrupt, inept little man. Yet, they elect him anyway.
The complete stupidity of you folks is amazing. Really, I think the best solution is euthanasia for you folks. The world would be much better off!


Keep those posts up and I'll start believing those blonde jokes are true.

John D,

"maniacal thinking and truly the dumbest people"

Try this on for's a cut and paste of what can be found in your posts.

"The Democratic senators? No different than Judas or Benedict Arnold.

The Democratic leadership and those on the Far Left want to destroy America.

Shows just how dumb and ignorant Democratic voters are!

Wow, so many posts from the worst mankind has to offer: the Loony Left.

But there also is a lot of (bad): practically any Democrat, really.

Finally, if you want disgrace, look at the Democratic party.

My encounters with the Left, in person and in the Swamp, is that intelligence, common sense and just plain having a clue are three attributes one wouldn't associate with the Left.

It is for his educational purposes, which I should know by now he has none, pretty typical of most Lefties.

Illinois is following that same path, thanks to the idiot Dems who keep voting the losers in election after election.

But like I said earlier, the Left's knowledge of history lasts about as long as the last time a Lefty blinked.

But then facts and being a Loony Lefty never did have a relationship.

But Al Qaeda and Iran: the Left wants to give them cookies and crumpets and be all Mister Rogers with them.

Do you ignorants on the Left even know what government-run health care means?"

No thanks, we really do not care what someone who degrades the left on such a mechanical basis has to say. If anything we know you'd be the first to lead us off the bridge.

Wow, look at this collection of comments from me by Mr. Chill Pill.

Hmmm, those posts from me cover many Swamp items. To take the time and save my comments I would say shows some maniacal thinking. Certainly, some sort of psychosis. I guess I should be flattered that you folks are so intent on following me. It's even better knowing I get under you and your ilk's skin! Shows me I'm doing something right!

No John D your mechanical one liners appear post after post after post (glad you agree cover many Swamp items-talk about having range there buddy) - that's what I call consistency errr psychosis with the left. You are doing something right. Turning people off to the right.

It's Sunday, John d just got back from jesus camp where they taught him how to hate even more than he does Monday thru Saturday.


John, you do understand the context of that term don't you?

Feel free to defend your jesus-sponsored hate.

And then tell us how you love animals and stuff.

I am pretty satisfied with Hillary, Obama and Biden for President. I've never trusted John Edwards.

But in actually making a decision on who to support, canvas for, send money to, I have to choose Hillary Clinton. She won me over in the first debate and hasn't stopped impressing me since.

I especially like the way she attacks the GOP at every opportunity.

Go Hillary!

The complete stupidity of you folks is amazing. Really, I think the best solution is euthanasia for you folks. The world would be much better off!

Posted by: John D | October 21, 2007 7:28 PM

Not gonna happen crybaby!!!

Oh Bubba, we don't teach hate in church. But thanks for showing your ignorance of Christianity and Jesus's teachings. And thanks for the Secular Left continuing to show bigotry towards Christians and Christianity.

But then we have you folks slurp up every Clinton act, legal or not, with honor; meanwhile, any hint of a Republican scandal and you folks are out for blood.
You accept the Democratic scandals and corrupt politicians like kids accept candy on Halloween. And just like Halloween, I find that scary and funny!

The presidency of Ulysses S. Grant is generally considered the most corrupt by political historians. Here's some links to more recent presidents:

"The 25 Most Corrupt Officials in The George W. Bush administration":

Here's a list of Reagan administration convictions for corruption:

Posted by: John D | October 22, 2007 9:27 AM

I've asked this question before, but you keep refusing to answer it; I wonder why...


On the same topic, who would Jesus "rendition"; you know, arrest and throw into an airplane, to be taken to a prison in another country to be tortured (I mean "questioned") for months at a time, all without anyone even knowing that that person has been arrested, let alone any of their family members even knowing where that person is?

BC, provides a link to the "objective" dailykos to make a point!!! Ok, loser!!

By the way, Mr. Ignorance, did you see the added proof that I sent that CLEARLY states the northwest portion of Cuba borders the Gulf of Mexico, that Cuba is the dividing line between the Gulf and Atlantic to the north and Caribbean Sea to the south???

Have you enrolled at Sylvan Educational Facilities or similar such place for those who need help learning??

BC, you mean like this guy...

Maher's Story in Brief

Maher Arar is a 34-year-old wireless technology consultant. He was born in Syria and came to Canada with his family at the age of 17. He became a Canadian citizen in 1991. On Sept. 26, 2002, while in transit in New York’s JFK airport when returning home from a vacation, Arar was detained by US officials and interrogated about alleged links to al-Qaeda. Twelve days later, he was chained, shackled and flown to Syria, where he was held in a tiny “grave-like” cell for ten months and ten days before he was moved to a better cell in a different prison. In Syria, he was beaten, tortured and forced to make a false confession.

During his imprisonment, Arar's wife, Monia Mazigh, campaigned relentlessly on his behalf until he was returned to Canada in October 2003. On Jan. 28, 2004, under pressure from Canadian human rights organizations and a growing number of citizens, the Government of Canada announced a Commission of Inquiry into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar.

On September 18, 2006, the Commissioner of the Inquiry, Justice Dennis O'Connor, cleared Arar of all terrorism allegations, stating he was "able to say categorically that there is no evidence to indicate that Mr. Arar has committed any offence or that his activities constitute a threat to the security of Canada." To read the Commissioner's report, including his findings on the actions of Canadian officials, please visit the Arar Commission's website or click here."

Naah, according to John D he was probalby a winer of an instant win game and won a round trip vacation to a lovely exotic destination complete with arranged accommodation. Or in true Laura Bush fashion John would say at least this third world individual got to travel; you know most people like him can't afford such a luxury. Ever the optimist John d's always got an excuse. Freak accident...I know John that the mans Canadian citizenship would not take precedent over his Syrian citizenship. And, yes we don't torture. We just sent them to countries that do torture. What that called..oh enabling.

"Really, I think the best solution is euthanasia for you folks"

John, could you please direct me to the bibilical passage that condones genocide.

I'm not ignorant to the teachings of jesus and christianity. I'm more aware of it than people like you who claim some kind of moral high ground yet spew hatred towards others every day of their fake christian lives.

You are a fake. You will never practice what you preach. You prove every day that christ would be embarassed that you lay claim to his teachings.

Hillary should wake up and realize immigrants are not real americans.

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