Ron Paul: Highways claim more than 9/11 killed: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted September 22, 2007 7:25 PM
The Swamp

by Rick Pearson

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul contends that the federal government has overreacted by limiting personal freedom in the wake of terrorist attacks six years ago, noting more people die on U.S. highways in less than a month’s time compared to the number who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.


“We have been told that we have to give up our freedoms in order to be safe because terrorism is such a horrible event,” Paul said today to more than 1,000 supporters who attended a rally at a downtown Chicago hotel ballroom.

“A lot fewer lives died on 9/11 than they do in less than a month on our highways, but once again, who owns the highways? Do we own the highways? No. It’s a government institution you know. …We need to put all this in perspective.”

More than 2,970 people were reported dead in the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Federal highway traffic statistics show an average of 3,509 people a month were killed on the nation’s highways in 2001.

Paul, a five-term Texas congressman, has used his libertarian stylings, his opposition to the Iraq war, and his pledge to uphold the “rule of law” and adhere to the Constitution to try to appeal to voters dissatisfied with government with supporters making extensive use of the Internet and its social networking and video posting websites.

Mocking the government’s airport security program as “symbolism,” Paul said, “The best thing for us to be free and safe is to recognize the principles of private property ownership and to respect and defend the second amendment” right to bear arms.

Paul also pledged a repeal of an “unconstitutional” federal income tax, to be replaced by “nothing,” and said he would push the repeal of Constitutional amendments that allowed for the federal government to impose taxes and the direct popular election of senators.

In addition, Paul repeated his vow to seek an end to the Federal Reserve System and bring a return to the gold standard, contending the Fed was responsible for boom-and-bust business cycles and inflation that devalue U.S. currency.

“We need sound Constitutional money, which is gold and silver,” Paul said.
But much of Paul’s 40 minutes of remarks were aimed at U.S. foreign policy, including his desire for the country to get out of the United Nations, and the war in Iraq.

Paul contended President Woodrow Wilson’s World War I desire to “make the world safe for democracy,” made before Congress in 1917 in seeking a declaration of war against Germany, has skewed American foreign policy into an interventionist role rather than a traditional one of “minding our own business.”

“We have been spending a lot of lives and a lot of money” since that time, Paul said. “The world is not very democratic and it’s not very safe,” he said, adding that the war in Iraq “ought to end quickly and as soon as possible.”

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I think Ron Paul is in his 10th term in congress, not 5th.

Mr. Pearson & Baltimore Sun, your headline reflects poorly on your integrity. Dr. Paul's, you will find by his record and the true context of his statements, is insurmountable

Thanks for the article. Ron Paul represents the only voice truely opposed to the Iraq war. Please do your own research and don't allow the media to tell you what people say. is a good place to start. Also I've started a humble little page:

Love the headline. Like Paul said - keep things in perspective, that's his point. Interesting point, haven't thought of it that way.

Mr. Pearson,

Thank you VERY much for an article that actually reports substantive CONTENT of what Dr. Paul has to say!

This is a lot more like real news reporting than we've seen from major media lately! :)

BRAVO! No editorializing here. Strict facts. Thank you!

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Thanks for covering the rally. I was there and we had a capacity crowd from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan who are strong supporters of Ron Paul because of his integrity and honesty.

I have to admit though, I don't remember him saying that about road accidents. I do know he pointed out that we bombed Iraq's bridges, are now paying for them to be rebuilt, while our own bridges are crumbling.

For those who are interested in joining the Ron Paul for President movement and help him get elected, we also have a Greater Chicago Meetup group and a number of other area meetups.

Dr. Paul is in his 10th term.

Look I understand the title is to grab attention, but this article needs a little more expounding on the liberties lost (sneak-peek intrusions without warrants or telling people you were there, etc, patriot act).

We really have lost a lot of our freedom from 9/11 and thats what the terrorists wanted. We could have had bin laden in Afganistan but our gov't gave up the chase at Tora Bora. Now we are in Iraq and they had no direct link to 9/11 and they had zero weapons of mass destruction. It was a pre-emptive war, an invasion and it was unamerican. We committed the invasion of another coutry that was not a thread to us (Iraq) and we went into Afganistan (rightly so) to catch Bin Laden and the gov't gave up when they had him. It makes no sense.

We owe it to ourselves and to the men and women serving in our military in Iraq to understand how we got into Iraq.

I am for Ron Paul President

I forgot to add in my post - Go Ravens!

Ron Paul is a hypocrite. His web-site's theme is "freedom", but that seems to be freedom to be like him. As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage. A true libertarian would not be. It hurts no one, and is no one's business except the two parties to the marriage.

He looks good at a quick glance, but once you dig deeper you will find a heavy religious bias in many of his positions. That has no place in government, and certainly no place in the platforms of a supposed libertarian.

Mr. Pearson,

I hope you are one of the Tribune employees that elected to buy the company's debt to secure your job. It seems a debt ladened newspaper prefers more government and more taxes to solve their problems. That or your editors have a strange sense of humor allowing a discrediting tone on our Constitution. Too much wine perhaps ?

When your company is liquidated and it's assets sold off for far less then their true worth, whom will buy your shares so you will suffer no personal loss ? Obama ?

Please do more homework on Ron Paul and less on driving statistics. Your job and your company might survive under his leadership as President. That assumes your journalism might attract readership which seems daunting given your bias.

Good luck Dr. Paul. Having a 100 IQ in a 50 IQ media controlled campaign process often makes for great laughs.

you know, a 100 IQ is average. And Paul is a fifth-termer in consecutive service. He served before in the late 70s and early 80. And 100 is average.

"Ron Paul is a hypocrite. His web-site's theme is "freedom", but that seems to be freedom to be like him. As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage. A true libertarian would not be. It hurts no one, and is no one's business except the two parties to the marriage."

JP, RP isn't against any civil union. If two people want to be together, Paul doesn't care. And marriage isn't between two parties, a couple must get permission from the state, making it between 3 people. Ron Paul wants the state(Central government) out of the equation. He believes the question of gay marriage should be left up to the individual states, not the federal government. Seems okay to me.

Vote Ron Paul!

@ JP "Ron Paul is a hypocrite. His web-site's theme is "freedom", but that seems to be freedom to be like him. As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage."

If you understood RP a little more you would understand that he disagrees on a personal level, but would never stop it because it is not part of the constitution. If you want it he can't stop you.

"you will find a heavy religious bias in many of his positions. That has no place in government"

Tell that to George Bush or any of the other candidates running for president. RP understands that the constitution does not allow the federal government to dictate religious law.


Ron Paul is a hypocrite? How so?

He HAS said that he personally opposes gay marriage and believes that marriage is between a man and a woman.
--HE HAS ALSO SAID, however, that according to the Constitution and his libertarian philosophy, the federal government has no business writing laws on that subject. He has said that gay marriage (and prostitution for that matter) is a "private contract between two free individuals" that affects only the consenting parties and that the federal government cannot and should not prohibit.

He takes the same stance on abortion. He has personally delivered over 4,000 babies and believes life begins at conception.
--HOWEVER, he has also said repeatedly that the federal government has NO BUSINESS legislating that abortion be legal OR illegal under the Constitution. He has repeatedly said that this is an issue to be left to the STATES' discretion.

Ron Paul is not a hypocrite at all as far as I have seen. More often than not, as in this case, people simply dont take the time to understand his positions and would rather quickly condemn him on a deliberate misquotation or on positions he doesnt even hold.

RP is not in anyway against gay marriage. he believes that every state should have the right to define what they believe marriage to be. Careful with misinformed quotes. Let people decide to like him or dislike him on the facts not misinformation.

as for the 100IQ.
Ron Paul never said that politicians were smart, and he never claimed that either.
Quite the contrary, he said politicians don't understand a lot, like how to fight wars.
He has, however, written books on the Austrian school of economics, the gold standard, and the constitution.

That's smart enough for me

Yes, Ron, more people are killed in auto accidents, more people are killed by heart disease (and don't we have law after law telling us what can and can't eat?), more people are killed by cancer too.
Certainly a weary eye needs to be watched over loss of freedoms, but at the same time I do not want one more head-chopping terrorist to let loose with some act of terrorism in this country that kills thousands of people, creates loss of jobs, destroys buildings, etc. There is a fine line between safety and freedoms, but it's clear Dr. Paul needs to wake up a little bit to the dangers in the world.

hey JP, where do you get your info from? He has always stated that he has no problem with Gay Marriage. That a State problem. If NY want to approve same sex marriage that's their problem.

It seems to me that what you want is a Federal Law saying same sex marriage is ok. If I was a congressman I would vote no on that. Why? Because the that's not the Federal Goverment's problem. Leave to the States as Ron Paul says, constantly.

Thank You, Rick Pearson for a factual and eye-catching piece.

Dr. Paul is exactly correct that our public debate about terrorism is hysterical, not rational.

We in the USA have killed far in excess of 3000 people in other countries, and it was never for legitimate self-defense, but rather to promote a mercantilist goal of world domination.

This election season, we have a choice -- a serious moral and economic choice to make, thanks to Ron Paul.

I think it'a very good article. It would have been nice to have a point or two more in there but otherwise, WELL DONE. It's fair and unbiased.

JP might want to look at the real stance Ron Paul takes on things before commenting however.

Freedom and gay marriage Mr.JP has nothing in common. Freedom as Dr. Paul mentioned on a few occasions is not supposed to harm others. In other words you are free to do what ever you want as long as it does not affect rights or freedoms of other people. Gay marriage is nonsense. It has no place in civil society. It is harmful even though you state otherwise. The only reason society is concerned about marriage is to protect children. Neither gays nor lesbians can have children naturally, so to even support the term "gay marriage" is simply irrational. People can have sex with whom ever they want (as long as other party agrees) but marriage has nothing to do with it.
I lived in the Soviet Union for 30 years, I know what socialism is and I will take "heavy religious person" over socialist/communist any time even though I am not a religious person myself. Ron Paul is the only hope for this country!

Mark, check your facts about Ron Paul's stand on gay marriage. He believes that 1) It is none of the federal government's business, one way or the other, and 2) People should be free to enter into any type of non-coercive contracts that they please, and call them anything they want. In other words, he thinks the government should leave you alone, straight or gay.

I was at the rally and it was a breath of fresh air to hear Dr. Paul speak. Dr. Paul talked about securing our borders not Iraq's borders. He also said we must stop the North American Union which is a direct threat to this countries sovergnty

JP - You are 100% wrong about Ron Paul's stand on gay marriage. His view is that it's not the government's business. He only mentions Christianity when asked, but says that has to stay out of politics too. Where did you dig? Not any Ron Paul site.

His campaign is about getting the government out of people's lives, not imposing more tyranny.

"Ron Paul is a hypocrite. His web-site's theme is "freedom", but that seems to be freedom to be like him. As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage. A true libertarian would not be. It hurts no one, and is no one's business except the two parties to the marriage.

He looks good at a quick glance, but once you dig deeper you will find a heavy religious bias in many of his positions. That has no place in government, and certainly no place in the platforms of a supposed libertarian."


Ron Paul is not a hypocrite and you are amazingly uninformed. If you were to really "dig deeper" you would find that RP supports ANY contract between two people so long as it is mutually acceptable to the parties involved. Come to think of it you really wouldn't have to dig very deep at all since he has repeated this position many times.

RP does not see the world through your collectivist colored glasses. He sees everyone as Americans and as individuals with the freedom to associate and contract with anyone they see fit. Apparently this idea of freedom has been lost on you since you believe it is the government's job (or worse yet the president's job) to tell people with whom they may or may not associate.

Lastly I'll leave you with this...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

Hmmmm I don't see anything in there about getting our rights from the government. If you can somehow wrap your tiny little brain around that maybe you can understand why freedom loving people support Ron Paul.

JP, you are 100 percent incorrect by stating that Ron Paul is vehemently against gay marriage. As opposed to what you posted, he believes that "It hurts no one, and is no one's business except the two parties to the marriage"
I agree with you when you say that Ron Paul looks good at a quick glance, but I must disagree and say that he looks better and better the more you look into him and his positions.
At the last GOP debate, Ron Paul was asked if he agreed with the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and this is what he said:

“I think the current policy is a decent policy. And the problem that we have with dealing with this subject is we see people as groups, as they belong to certain groups and that they derive their rights as belonging to groups. We don’t get our rights because we’re gays or women or minorities. We get our rights from our creator as individuals. So every individual should be treated the same way. So if there is homosexual behavior in the military that is disruptive, it should be dealt with. But if there’s heterosexual sexual behavior that is disruptive, it should be dealt with. So it isn’t the issue of homosexuality. It’s the concept and the understanding of individual rights. If we understood that, we would not be dealing with this very important problem.”

So basically, Ron Paul's stance is that the government has no right to dictate what a marriage is, or should be.

JP, get your facts straight, don't make things up for your own little political agenda!!! Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist, nothing more, nothing less.

The Constitution says nothing about gay rights, it speaks only of individual rights. The federal government is supposed to protect individual rights, ALL individuals.

Ron Paul may be a Christian and may be anti-abortion (understandable considering he was an OB/GYN), however even he admits that things like gay marriage and abortion are things that should be handled on a state level, NOT a federal level ... as stated in the Constitution. All of his decisions have been based on the Constitution, not some sort of religious agenda as you are trying to imply. Why don't you actually research your arguments before spewing lies?

OK, there are a few errors, but overall this is a nice article.

The point about his being in his tenth term is important, though. Ron Paul has both Washington experience and campaign experience.

I say this with all seriousness. The country will probably disintegrate and be carved up the Chinese if Ron Paul does not win. It will take time, but we are on the road to perdition.

America needs Ron Paul more than ever, and everyone who supports Ron Paul loves him as he is the closest thing to family we have ever seen in government.

Ron Paul, for what is just, what is right, and what is our Nation's root modus, the Constitution and Freedom and Liberty for All.

Think for yourself, question authority.

Ron Paul is a constitutionalist.
Ron has never voted to raise taxes.
Ron has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
Ron has never voted for the Iraq War.
Ron has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
Ron has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
Ron has never voted to raise congressional pay.
Ron has never taken a government-paid junket.

Ron voted against the Patriot Act.
Ron votes against regulating the Internet.
Ron voted against NAFTA and CAFTA.
Ron votes against the United Nations.
Ron votes against the welfare state.
Ron votes against reinstating a military draft.

Ron votes to preserve the constitution.
Ron votes to cut government spending.
Ron votes to end the war on drugs.
Ron votes to protect civil liberties.
Ron votes to secure our borders with real immigration reform.
Ron votes to protect religious freedom.

People! You must realize all the other candidates are crypto-fascists that will lead us into a state of perpetual WAR!

A recent Gallup poll finds Paul at the head of the so-called second-tier candidates (i.e., the candidates the establishment hasn’t anointed). Yet a point was recently made that at this stage in the election cycle, national polls reflect only name recognition, not respondents’ assessments of the candidates. Consider the past:

- In early 1975, Jimmy Carter was polling at 1% (he went on to win the presidency).
- In early 1987, Michael Dukakis was polling at 1% (he went on to win the Democratic nomination).
- In early 1991, Bill Clinton was at 2% (he went on to win the presidency).
- In the spring of 1999, John McCain was polling at 3% (he went on to win the New Hampshire primary).
- In early 2003, Joe Lieberman was leading the field for the Democratic presidential nomination (he failed to win any primary).

As of August 2007
- Ron Paul has more financial support from the Military than *ANY* other candidate.
- According to the polls, Ron Paul has won almost every Republican Debate
- Ron Paul is by far the most popular candidate on the Internet.

So Paul is doing well and reaching more and more people. But just as interesting is the recent news that fully 50 percent of all the money donated to Republican candidates in the second quarter by employees of the United States military went to – wait for it – Ron Paul!

Here is what the GOP without Ron Paul in charge has done to us:

- 9 trillion in debt
- 850 billion trade deficit
- War in Iraq
- War in Afghanistan
- Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda alive
- Fomenting War with Iran
- 12.25 trillion M3 money supply, and expanding (massive inflation)

Ron Paul’s record is crystal clean perfect and consistent. He takes no money from anyone but people and constituents. He is as pure as they come.

One of my favorite quotes about Dr. Paul, “You’re working for the most honest man in Congress.” That was John McCain speaking to Kent Snyder in 1988.

JP, your attacks are untrue and idiotic. The right answer is the Paul answer, government no longer defines marriages. Govt hands out civil unions. YOU FAIL.

to whoever said ron paul isn't supportive of gay marriage hasn't done proper research.

he doesn't believe government should be involved in marriage AT ALL. and whatever voluntary contract people enter into without harm to others is fine and dandy to him.

he defended this stance just last week infront of envangelics at the "values voters debate."

JP called Ron Paul a supposed Libertarian. I guess he was only supposedly the Libertarian Presidential Nominee in 1988. Read a book, you are embarrassing yourself.

I guess there were neither "boom-and-bust business cycles" nor inflation when we adhered to the gold standard in the pre-Fed era. 100 IQ indeed.

I consider the Patriot Act an act of terrorism. I consider all those instrumental in its conception and passage criminal. The very people that swore to uphold and defend our constitution are attacking it! These are quite frankly open acts of war against the American people. Do not forget! These criminals will have to be dealt with as soon as we take our country back. Claiming ignorance of our law will not be an excuse! It is time to imprison real criminals! They have built enough prisons to make a good start. From now on we will not hold an oath of office lightly. I think when Ron is president we should suggest that all these criminals lose every dime they think they should receive in retirement. Give them a cup full of pencils and let them beg!


Ron Paul believes marriage is a church event and the government has NO authority to charge money for "marriage licenses" or regulate who gets married.

"A true libertarian would not be."

Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN !!!

Ron Paul is not against gay marriage. He believes it should be up to the individual states to decide. He absolutely will not impose his personal views or religion on the rest of the country. He adheres strictly to the constitution. He is for the liberties of everyone. It doesnt matter if you are gay, black, white, rich or poor. Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to stand up for everyones liberties. He is most certainly not a hypocrite. His voting record has never flopped on issues in 10 terms. He accepted the libertarians nomination for president in 1988, but he has been a republican and a constitutionalist all of his career. Dr. Paul has delivered over 4000 babies and is understandably, extremely pro-life. If elected, however, he wants each state to decide its own laws on abortion (and gay marriage) based on what the community wants. Ron Paul uderstands the difference between his beliefs and the good of the country as a whole. Please research the only candidate willing to protect our life, liberties, and pursuit of happiness.

Everyone should go to You Tube and watch Ron Paul Rallies and Speeches.
Hope for America

JP (September 22, 10:01 PM) is shooting from the hip...or is that from a loose, lower lip? A little research, coupled with a reasonable amount of "actionable" intelligence, would demonstrate the irresponsibility of his uninformed statements. Claiming that Ron Paul is a hypocrite in his views on freedom is about as sensible as maintaining that Joseph Stalin was a libertarian.

JP fails to differentiate Dr. Paul’s personal views from his constitutionally-based political views. Dr. Paul upholds the freedom of everyone, gays included, to live their lives without governmental interference. His view is that gay marriage is not something that the Constitution gives the Federal government the responsibility of regulating one way or the other. From a constitutional perspective, it is none of the U.S. government’s business whether or not gays can marry. As a matter of fact, Dr. Paul feels the same way about heterosexual marriage. He doesn’t believe that marriage should require a governmental license at all. His view is that gay marriage, as well as the even more controversial abortion issue, are both issues which are best dealt with at the state and local levels, not at the federal level.

Furthermore, no one is more diligent in separating his personal religious views from his constitutional views than Dr. Paul. He would never try to impose his personal views on anyone, and certainly not as president.

Finally, Dr. Paul is a 10-term Republican. It is inappropriate to call him a Libertarian because of his constitutionally-based emphasis on freedom. He is best regarded as a Conservative Classical Liberal who conserves the classical liberalism of the Founding Fathers. In fact, Judge Andrew Napolitano, the youngest, life-tenured, Superior Court Judge in New Jersey history, and currently chief legal affairs analyst for Fox News since 1998, has called Ron Paul “the Thomas Jefferson of our day.”

Someone is not likely to be admitted to medical school with only an average IQ of 100. I would also estimate that it would take a minimum of 120 (superior) to graduate from Duke Medical School as Dr. Paul did.

In my estimation, Dr. Paul's IQ is at least very superior (130) and probably even higher, judging from his writings and his reasoning in speeches and debates.

JP, i think you're a little confused. Ron Paul has one position when it comes to gay marriage (and abortion, for that matter) - The Federal Government has NO business regulating or legislating it. He may not support those things personally, but more importantly - he understands that the federal government should stay out of it, and they should be handled on a state or local level. I don't believe in forcing my particular viewpoint on the rest of the country - and neither does Ron Paul. Please, dig a little deeper next time and try to be a little more open-minded.

JP Wrote: “He looks good at a quick glance, but once you dig deeper you will find a heavy religious bias in many of his positions.” and “As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage.”

You might want to look deeper still. Try this link:

Bear in mind as you read it (if you choose to), that every point Ron Paul makes in that article, and every point he tends to make on any subject stems from the same basic concept: The constitution defines how our government should work.

Ron Paul consistently makes the argument that the Federal Government is the wrong venue for a vast majority of the issues that have recently been handled there. There are at least two good reasons to advocate States’ Rights as he does. One is that it’s explicitly defined that way in the constitution. Check the constitution for Article 1 Section 8, and Amendment 10. The other reason is philosophical. Legislating controversial issues at the federal level always yields a tyranny of the majority. One size never fits all.

The federal government was never designed to hold a position on every social issue. It should not be allowed to. Is universally mandating acceptance of gay marriage any more reasonable than universally denying it?

Ron Paul is the only candidate I see that actually supports the way the constitution was written, and would actually work to get the federal government out of ALL social issues.

To: JP | September 22, 2007 10:01 PM

Please kindly correct yourself.

Dr. Paul respects ALL Individuals irregardless of orientation.

He's NOT for banning gay relationships or moralizing the country with his own religion.

Dr. Paul wants liberty for ALL.

If you read from, you'll become another enthusiastic supporter.

Ron Paul 2008

Hey JP, you moron. Ron Paul is not against gay marriage.


Do your homework. Your IQ is less than Mark Silva's. Here is Ron's stance on gay marriage.

Here is JP's erronious post: "As an example, he is vehemently against gay marriage. A true libertarian would not be. It hurts no one, and is no one's business except the two parties to the marriage.

He looks good at a quick glance, but once you dig deeper you will find a heavy religious bias in many of his positions. That has no place in government, and certainly no place in the platforms of a supposed libertarian."

Posted by: JP

To the poster who said Ron Paul is anti-gay, he is the only candidate who believes the government has no business regulating marriage, for gays or straights. He believes marriage should be a private contract between individuals. This is the best for everyone. Do you realize that members of certain religious groups in this country have their marriage rights violated too because civil marriage laws contradict the rules of their religions regarding marriage? You may wish to listen to what he has to say regarding marriage in this video:

The statement about marriage is around 4:25

JP, Ron Paul supports gay marriage. I want you as a supporter.

Pardon me, but what do highway deaths have to do with terrorists attacking the United States? Anymore than the
criminals murdering thousands each
year in our cities and countryside. He wants to put it in "perspective?" Say that to the people who jumped from the 90th floor of the WTC to avoid being burned to death.

Dr. Paul could be a cannibal and he'd still be better than the current pack of traitors who are eagerly destroying our country.

I just got done watching the full 45 minute speech that this article is about. It is at . Of all of the things that you could have used as a headline for this article, you picked out a snippet that was so unrepresentative of the whole speech.

When he mentioned that, I thought it was such a stupid thing to say, and of course you choose it as your headline.

I hope one little stupid thing like that doesn't turn people away from Ron Paul. Please, watch the entire speech. It's not his best but it covers a lot of important issues.

"I guess there were neither "boom-and-bust business cycles" nor inflation when we adhered to the gold standard in the pre-Fed era. 100 IQ indeed."

Looking into these "cycles" a little closer and one will see that they occurred not long after the govt. inflated the money supply (i.e. : govt. interference of the market place). The gold standard is a way to keep the govt. honest and prevent the govt. from inflating the currency.

"Pardon me, but what do highway deaths have to do with terrorists attacking the United States? Anymore than the
criminals murdering thousands each
year in our cities and countryside..."

i believe the point is the EXTENT/SEVERITY of the threat when compared with other threats that we in America are faced with everyday. Former general and Bush Secretary of State Colon Powell spoke simular words as Dr. Paul about 2 weeks ago.

"Pardon me, but what do highway deaths have to do with terrorists attacking the United States? Anymore than the
criminals murdering thousands each
year in our cities and countryside..."

i believe the point is the EXTENT/SEVERITY of the threat when compared with other threats that we in America are faced with everyday. Former general and Bush Secretary of State Colon Powell spoke simular words as Dr. Paul about 2 weeks ago.

Paul makes a lot of good points, but I can’t go along with this one. First off, he’s comparing the lives lost on 9/11 to highway accidents, but then states “we’re spending a lot of lives” in Iraq. To be consistent, the number of lives lost in Iraq is minimal compared to highway accidents. Secondly, he’s comparing monthly unintentional accidents involving 200 million daily commuters to 3000 people being intentionally murdered on one day. Lastly, although I won’t name them, everyone knows there are hundreds of ways a well-executed plan could kill a heck of a lot more people than 3000. If WTC ’93 would have been executed as originally planned, significantly more people would have been murdered than on 9/11. This is what we need to prevent in the future. However, yes, in the process, we need to be careful about limiting personal freedoms.

Tim, I will watch the entire speech, but a guy who is this far of a longshot can’t afford mistakes.

Ron Paul Revolution! Legalize the Constitution!

When one looks at lives lost one might also consider the lives of non-Americans lost. This is a classic Death by Government statistic when you factor in the number of Iraqis killed before we directly attacked Iraq. 500K is probably not a stretch.

Also, I should like to point out that your odds of being killed by a terrorist are about the same as being struck by lightning.

Wow, I must say, all of these comments that I've just read are alot more informative than this article. I feel proud of you all for fighting the good fight, for the Republic, for peace, and for Ron Paul. Cheers!

I hope the Tribune takes note of the number of comments on this post and covers Ron Paul more frequently. This is by far the most popular thread on the Swamp this week.

First of all, Ron Paul is not anti-gay. He is a constitutionalist. If laws are to be changed in this country, they should always pass the test of constitutionality, through the legislature, i.e. first go through the house and senate, or sometimes by law of States’ ratification for amendments.

How many of the four-thousand-plus babies, who were delivered by Dr. Paul, turned out to be gay, or ministers, or bigots, or truck drivers, or mothers fraught with hope and desire about what their children will become? When you force a person to do something the way you want it to be, simply because you think it should be so, you create additional discord. But the test of the constitution, and having such a framework is such an important tool for dealing with this. And it’s also flexible, and can avoid a lot of the stupidity going around today.

Just look at the abortion issue. Every time most politicians stump either for or against pre-birth fetus extraction, they worry more about the polling data, and which votes they’ll receive. That kind of politician is more concerned about staying in office. Steve Forbes understood it best—“You have to change people’s hearts before you change their minds”. And wise people find that trying to legislate morality is counter-productive—a waste of time.

As you remember, the country did just this. The government passed a constitutional amendment (18th) to prohibit the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol. Three amendments later, it was repealed since it could not and did not work.

Be your own advocate for gay issues! Change people’s hearts! Don’t tell someone else to do your selling for you. Don’t tell politicians they must ram your belief, and someone else’s belief that you don’t particularly like down the throat of the public. This kind of politician will eventually sell you down the river. Ron Paul is an advocate for following the test of law through our original law-founding document. No short cuts. This is his focus. When you listen to him, you don’t hear him promising special things to a select group of people. The kind of leader you should want is one who stands by lawmakers and the laws they pass that contain the wisdom that can and should exist for the future.

Do you wish to foment hate? It’s pretty easy to do. But creating a structure for civil co-operation in a diverse culture with separate States that have their own sovereignty is a much more difficult task, and our forefathers did an amazing thing with it.

Dear Right;

Dr. Paul has stated that the old gold standard was flawed. By the Jack Kemp shares Dr. Paul's view on the Gold Standard and they both want somethig along the lines of were the amount of Gold/Silver backing a dollar would be tied to a basic of commandities so that the value of the dollar in real terms remains the same. The old standard was not and that meant if the value of Gold rose or fell so did the value of dollar.

How can you argue with that a dollar should be worth a dollar?!
Instead of the current system were the value is manipulated to advantage of few rich people and at the expense of everyone else?

Nicole, Ron Paul has as much chance of being elected as Dennis Kucinich. The reason there are so many comments is because the Ron Paul nuts are out in force. Our party went through a similar phenomena several years ago with Dr. Howard Dean.

The sad thing is that he is easily the best Repub. candidate. Unfortunately, your party has been completely captured by the wingnut fringe. Nevertheless, best of luck to him in the primaries.

Wake Up America, before it is too late. Ron Paul is speaking the truth. Save our Great Nation and support Ron Paul. Turn around this Nation from it's current path of destruction.

The American electorate decided last November that they must do something about the failed war and gave the Democrats control of both houses of Congress. However, the Democrats have decided that it is easier to be complicit in war crimes than to represent the wishes of the electorate and hold a rogue president accountable. If Cheney again prevails, America will supplant the Third Reich as the most reviled country in recorded history. Ron Paul is our best and only answer to these thug criminals in control of the democratic and republican parties.

Join the fight to take back America!

Get involved, it's do or die, now or never, wake up people.

Our country has been hijacked by people who could care less about us or our children's future.

One man has the proven track record of defending We the People's rights, and an unwavering obedience to the Constitution that no ammount of money can buy.

Check out the following links to learn more:

Join the fight to take back America!

Get involved, it's do or die, now or never, wake up people.

Our country has been hijacked by people who could care less about us or our children's future.

One man has the proven track record of defending We the People's rights, and an unwavering obedience to the Constitution that no ammount of money can buy.

Check out the following links to learn more:

Ron Paul is the guy that papers and networks need to be covering like 24/7. No one gives a crap about these other guys, they're obviously empty suits. People like to hear what other real leaders are saying, you know?

Re: the comparison of 9/11 and highway deaths: What the reporter (and others who haven't read all of Ron Paul's positions) miss is that Dr. Paul believes we should be spending our precious defense resources on our own country e.g. borders, rather than shipping out all over the world to "protect our interests." Did he get your attention about 9/11? Then BRAVO! Now you're talking ... about Ron Paul 2008!!


You are right, his analogies aren't perfect by far. But I believe the bigger message is that we should put things in perspective. While 9/11 was horrible, it is no reason to toss civil rights and liberties to the wind. Furthermore, the "bad guys" only win if we allow ourselves to feel victimized by what happened. So, if we continue on living as free people, they loose.

Wiener-First of all, I and other Ron Paul supporters are not nuts. We are enthusiastic because he is the best candidate many of us have seen our lifetimes, but if you find something that good, of course you are going to get excited.

Second of all, I'm not a Republican-I'm an independent. I was supporting Obama from the beginning until I learned of Ron Paul and realized he really walked the walk, whereas Obama just talks the talk. I have voted for candidates in at least four parties over the years-in March I voted Democrat, Republican and Green. I vote based on their candidate's positions, not their party affiliation.

Thirdly, Ron Paul can win if we vote for what's good for us. As someone said to me recently, you have two choices: If you just vote for who you THINK will win, then you are 100% guaranteed to get someone you don't want, but if you vote for the one you WANT to win, then you might just get someone that you want.

I am encouraged by the support here for Ron Paul. It would be nice to see the grass roots Republicans repudiate party leaders who have turned the GOP into the party of corruption, incompetence, and military aggression.

Ron Paul's IQ is probably much more than 100. I'd say it's about 130-140. I think the average IQ in the US is like 90.

Ron Paul 2008

good story !!!

Ron Paul R3ovlUTION
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Go Ron GO++++++++++

As I lost family and friends on 9/11, I'll school Congressman Paul on that day. 9/11 took place from 8:14 a.m, when the hijacking of Flight 11 began, to 10:28 a.m., when the North Tower fell, killing 2,973 people in 134 minutes. Playing Rep. Paul cold numbers game, that is about 22 per minute. Had the carnage continued at that rate for a 30 day month, 950,400 people would have been slaughtered. If our domestic murder rate spiked from the current 17,000 people year to over 11 million, I believe Americans would demand our military be deployed here. Instead, we've taken the fight to the enemy who rejoiced at the rate we died on 9/11. Recent intelligence reports indicate one of al Qaeda's plots is a coordinated, wholesale atack upon America's children. I would not vote to place Ron Paul in charge of preventing that; I would not even vote for him for school-crossing guard.

for Tim Sumner, yes we all lost something on 9/11, it was our freedom. Yeah, there were alot of innocent people who died and did'nt deserve it, if you still have a complex about it, see a therapist. But if you want the people who were responsible for 9/11 to pay for it, the best thing you can do for your people and your country, is to vote for Ron Paul, not as a cross gaurd, El Presidente. Get the people who LET 9/11 happen out of office. you, sir, have been brainwashed, or you dont really know and recognize truth(fact). learn something about Ron, and this country of ours. PEACE.

Guiliana didn't stop that from happening, ...did he Mr. Melodramatic ?

Matter of fact, he still doesn't know what's going on with all of that.

Tim Sumner;

There is no question that your loss was a tradgedy, many were affected. But you need to ask yourself why? Our foreign policy caused the attack on us, and if you think going out and doing the same thing that brought them here is gonna make you any safer, then you need a reality check. If we had our military here- not spread out all over the world, we could have prevented those initial attacks. They don't want to kill us because we're free, they want to kill us for killing them and their families, and occupying their country. Wake-up.

Tim Sumner:

Your strong feelings are of course justified, but your logic does not carry through at all. Indeed, it's whacked out gibberish as it bears no relation whatsoever to the circumstances of a one-time attack.

As for Al Queda, you're giving them way too much credit. How, exactly, would they carry out a "wholesale attack upon America's children?"

I'm sorry for your loss, but breathless hysteria is exactly what we don't need.

Ron Paul is a wackjob. He is simply Kucinich from the opposite end of the spectrum. He thinks that if we just wall ourselves in that others will leave us alone " Head in the sand". He has no concept of a global economy.

BTW, he is my representative so I have a bit more background than his website.

Nicole, please understand that Paul is running in the REPUG. primary. That means he has to deal with that batch of primary voters. The fact that you are an independent really does not matter all that much. You will have the bible thumpers, racists and fear mongers out in force on primary day. I simply don't believe that there are enough rational people left in the Republican party to overcome the nuts. Again, best of luck to Ron Paul as he's the best of a terrible crowd of Repubs.

First of all, the headline is very misleading and does not represent Ron Paul's actual platform. Ron Paul is one of the few candidates that actually speaks THE TRUTH. We need him to prevent our country from going bankrupt. He is doing better in the polls than Clinton and Carter were at the exact same time in their campaigns. The grassroots campaign will make him #1 in the primaries when it's all said and done. It's simple math he will get 90% of his 5% that's he's getting in the Gallup polls. That's more than 10% of 40% which is what the "frontrunners" are getting. Ron Paul will definitely win, don't listen to the mainstream media's support for Giuliani and Romney. They have no basis or stance with any issue with substance compared to Paul.

First, Ron Paul IS a five-term Congressman. Do the math, each term is 2 years; 2 years x 5 terms = 10 years.

Second, the relationship to the deaths on 9/11 to monthly highway deaths is that the federal government isn't taking away our liberties based on highway deaths; it is taking away our liberties based upon the sensationalism of the 9/11 attack.

We have to remember Founding Father Benjamin Franklin who said, "Those who would give up a little liberty to gain a little security deserve neither!"

Go Ron Paul!!

I never get involved in politics. I have never supported a candidate enough to become passionate.

However, when I learned about Ron PAul on National Public Radio this summer, I did some research and grew to really like his message: FREEDOM!!

Even though I am poor, I have donated $5 to his campaign. Trust me, that's a lot for me.

Also, I drove four hours to see him speak in Chicago, Saturday.

He is correct when he says young people are attracted to his campaign because of they are sick of debt and beurocracy.

P.S. I've never seen a crowd go so wild as when Paul suggested America return to "Gold and silver."

Depends on what state you are in Wiener. Here in Illinois any registered voter can vote in the Republican primary.

Tim-Of course your loss is profound but since you experienced that, would you wish it on anyone else? Do you realize that Americans are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Is their loss any less tragic or reprehensible than your own? Will you bring back your family and friends by killing other people's family and friends?

No other GOP candidate gets 1500 people to rallies like Ron Paul does.

The GOP are fools not to nominate this guy - he is the only one who can beat SHRILLARY, because he'll get R, I and D voters.

Like many of you, I would love to see the American people return to a constitutionally limited government and adopt a foreign policy of non-intervention, and I would like to make a suggestion as regards our strategy in the coming information battle.

Since looting the U.S. treasury is such a lucrative enterprise, the crazies will use every resource available to them to keep the citizens from putting a stop to it. The science of distracting people is the most lucrative (and has become the most developed) application of psychology. We need to get our countrypeople excited about the enormity of the stakes and the fact that we are in this together. The closer RP gets to the oval office, the more effort the crazies will put into villifying him. This will not be easy to counteract.

With that in mind, I suggest that the economic issues are more likely to unify the populous behind this candidate than anything else. If we can get the masses to understand that their money is being stolen and that by electing RP we can stop the looting of the treasury, we can get him elected!

My suggestion is to focus on the unifying economic issues and to stay away from issues which can be exploited to divide people, particularly such emotionally sensitive topics as 9/11 and the "War on Terror".

Case in point: Dr. Paul's attempt to "put [9/11] in perspective", while rational, immediately became divisive. It is very difficult to touch this topic without encountering very strong emotions which tend to divide us.

Let us focus our efforts together on making sure that a small number of unifying reasons to vote RP are very, very visible in public (and not just on the internet):

* The vast majority of citizens will benefit very significantly from the proposed economic policy changes
* No other candidate will touch this issue with a ten foot pole

Go Ron Paul!

We are sick of the wars. We are sick of the 9 trillion in debt. We are sick of the inflation, M3 at 12.25 trillion, we are sick of the 850 billion trade deficit. We are sick of paying for hospitals, prisons and schools for illegals, we are sick of the government stealing our money to do these things. RON PAUL! Take this country back to give to the people!


Learn some math yourself, he is WILL be a TEN TERM congressman, 10x2 = 20 years in congress. That will take effect in 2009.

Can Ron Paul name ONE RIGHT that we have lost? Anything? I find his hyperbolic and asinine reasoning here absurd. 9/11 was a deliberate act of murder and highway deaths are accidents. He shows himself to be an opportunistic ass. I wish he got as worked up by our enemies as he does about wasting his time in congress.

Jweaver - Are you serious? Name one right we have lost? Are you living in a cave? Read the Patriot Act. Read the Homeland Security Act.You are asleep.

As Dr. Ron Paul, the 10 term Congressman states: The freedom message unites us.

There are many ages, parties, backgrounds, etc. that have come together to support the one statesman that actually follows his oath of office.

Ron Paul should be elected by default. Everyone else is lying on the Republican side, and the liberals are socialists who want to take away our freedoms.

I'm glad he's speaking the truth and making sense.

I say this with all seriousness. The country will probably disintegrate and be carved up the Chinese if Ron Paul does not win. It will take time, but we are on the road to perdition.

America needs Ron Paul more than ever, and everyone who supports Ron Paul loves him as he is the closest thing to family we have ever seen in government.

Ron Paul, for what is just, what is right, and what is our Nation's root modus, the Constitution and Freedom and Liberty for All.

Think for yourself, question authority.

Major media is a corporate owned piece of the military industrial complex. They fear Ron Paul to the point where they are actually bothering to sabotage him. Impressive.

I believe that until the media gives Ron Paul a fair shake we should cancel our subscriptions to everything! Mainstream media sucks. Ron is our best shot at no I.R.S. no WAR wake up! Ron is a statesman the likes of which our nation has not seen for a long time. Don't blow it!

We may never get another chance to fix the US. Ron Paul 2008, or lets just move out of here.


Ron Paul should look further back to the Spanish American War when McKinley went to war without declaration, went in to initially "liberate" but then occupied Cuba and the Philipines, used what we would now call "waterboarding" on detainees, etc.

That's what set this war's precedent.

Remember Roosevelt's "rough riders?" but at least Teddy went in to fight his own war!


As a partnered gay couple for 31 years, we do not see any sense for either civil unions or same-sex marriages on a STATE level. The FEDERAL government (not STATE) will be collecting almost 50% of property for estate (death) taxes. CIVIL UNIONS must be recognized on a FEDERAL level in order to gain any true rights for ALL TAXPAYERS. State recognition does not excuse gay couple from federal obligations, which are the the most unfair.

Gay unions/marriage MUST be recognized at the federal level. What a cop out to say this has to be done at the state level. If we left everything at the state level, we would still have slavery in Mississippi and Alabama, and blacks would not be able to vote.

Ron Paul supports a Fully Informed Jury amendment, as well as medical freedom. A fully informed jury amendment would reinstate the right of the jury to veto bad laws, thus protecting every individual right that has been violated by the thousands of unconstitutional laws passed in the last 100 years. THis is the real draw of Ron Paul: he is not after increasing the power of the government, and diminishing the power of the individual. He is about getting the government out of our private lives. The FDA is now trying to ban the use of DHEA a benign life-extending corticosteroid found naturally in all human bodies. The most medically informed people are the ones ingesting supplements like DHEA to extend their lives. But our current government thinks it's OK to sacrifice the well-informed to the uninformed, if the uninformed have more votes. Paul is the only candidate who goes against the grain, and does not require that individuals be annihilated to appease the omnipotent communist police state. Paul would put a stop to nazi-style "regulation" of private property that shuts down benign and beneficial businesses like healthfood stores, marijuana dealers, and gun stores. He recognizes that none of those forms of private property are dangerous, that just the misuse of them is. And, unless someone uses one of those forms of private property to violate someone else's equal right tolife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they should be left in peace by the government. That's why Paul's message of freedom is catching fire. He is the first mostly-libertarian candidate to have a chance at winning the presidency! He is the first libertarian to run who does not want to teach Americans a new scary-sounding 3 syllable word before asking for their vote. And that means: he will be wildly successful!!!! :D

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