Obama campaign passes 350,000 donors: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted September 30, 2007 6:01 PM
The Swamp

By Mike Dorning

Hours before the close of the quarterly financial reporting period for presidential campaigns at midnight tonight, the Barack Obama campaign announced a few moments ago that it had attracted more than 350,000 donors since the start of his bid for the White House.

The Obama campaign has consistently reported previously unmatched numbers of donors each quarter this year.

The announcement today follows a pattern Obama has set all year long of first focusing attention on the numbers of people who have donated to the campaign. The campaign portrays the numbers of small donors as an indicator of grass-roots enthusiasm for their candidate.

The campaign has generally waited a day or two before announcing a dollar figure for its quarterly fundraising. Obama also has outpaced his rivals so far in fundraising but not nearly as dramatically as in numbers of donors. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton so far has been raising comparable amounts of cash, although she relies more on big-dollar donors.

Presidential campaigns will likely begin announcing their fundraising totals in the coming days after the quarterly fundraising period ends at midnight tonight.

Among Democrats, the advance spin has Clinton and Obama running close to each other infundraising, with different sources putting either side ahead. But such advance spin has more to do with managing press expectations for maximum impact than providing accurate information.

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All this while the Clinton News Network ignores the real news (24k in NY rally, 350k donors) and MSNBC labels Obama's campaign as "irrelevant." Bias, anyone?


Dorning and the Swamp try and hide from you, the readers, the fact that the Obama campaign counts donors differently from other campaigns, and from campaigns in the past. And counts donors in a way that artificially pumps up their small donor numbers.

As the NY Times has pointed out:

"Mr. Obama’s campaign has also employed novel tactics — like counting sales of $5 speech tickets or $4.50 Obama key chains as individual contributions — to pump up his numbers and transform grass-roots enthusiasm into more useful forms of support. No other campaign is known to have listed paraphernalia sales as donations."

See http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/us/politics/17obama.html?_r=2&hp&oref=slogin&oref=slogin

for the full article.

Did I hear that the MSM, including MSNBC labled the OBAMA campaign "irrelevant"?

What is irrelevant is the MSM itself, which is not reporting what is really happening on the groud. When they woke up from their "self induced sleep", the OBAMA train has all gone by to the nomination!

Barak Obama has a lot of money so that means he's just like Lincoln, and JFK and Bill Clinton and George Washington and he's going to be the next president!!!!


Hillary has run a strong campaign and has maintained a healthy lead in the polls since January.

Obama has performed poorly in the debates and has loast a lot of momentum.

John Edward's campaign is desperate, although there is less distance between him and Obama in the polls than between Obama and Hillary.

Hillary will be a great candidate and could very likely be elected President.

All GOPPERS have to fear is Obama himself!

What a bunch of stuck in the past losers.

Hillary just voted to give this President the power to go into Iran after making a similar decision to go into Iraq.She wants to increase H1 visas to India to take away white collar jobs from Americans .We all have seen how NAFTA has failed and how their welfare reform plan became workfare lowering blue collar wages across all sectors of the economy. Her donors are make up primarily of corporate lobbiests and she once again is caught up in a campaign funding scandal like she was when Bill the zipper problem Clinton was in office.She also was hot to go into Iraq because she voted against the Lee/Levin amendment to extend the time to look for those WMD's.Wake up America!

I assume that Obama has that many donors because most assume he will end the war in Iraq. However, his comments about spreading the war to Pakistan are troubling. As for me, I will be voting for Ron Paul since he was against the invasion of Iraq from the beginning.

In my view 2000 would not have been Bush's if Bill had the discipline to keep his zipper up. Now the world has changed so dramatically, all because of one indiscretion.. And he asks us to trust that judgement and experience by voting for his wife?? Add to that his recent attacks on Obama.. I would think if he keeps at it, Obama would not have to worry much about catching up and beating Hillary.. In any case I believe the "polls" are the media's way of keeping the attention away. But crowd turnouts speak differently and irrelevance will be proved at the actual polls. Can't wait.. The suspense is killing ;)

That sure is a lot of keychains.

But he is offering HOPE! or should that say HYPE?

Empty Suit.

He did beat Hillary is the swimsuit competition.

I was rollin' with Obama till he (and many others)couldn't answer what America's official language should be. Maybe they should roll with the language it was written in and has gotten them to where they are now.

I knew then he was the same kinda political wh*re the rest were.

W/M/42 Blue Collar Union.

I bet the media will also say that the 24000 people who got together during Senator Barack rally in New York were all tourists.
Well great keep dreaming, we all know the truth..
Obama made it in Clintons backyard..
I don't think Hillary can even get more than 2000 people for a rally in New York.

I donated because Obama is grounded. Doesn't just tell the voter what we want to hear, but rather has a gift of being able to put the situation into perspective. You can have Ron Paul and his want to pull all troops out of everywhere. I, however, believe America has a global responsibility.

"Barack Obama's Republican Edge"

If he can win the Democratic primary, will his fans from the opposing party help take him all the way to the White House?

By Michael Scherer Salon.com

WASHINGTON -- It was sort of like finding a Christmas tree in a cornfield. In late July and early August, Iowa Republican voters were asked to name their choice for president in a University of Iowa poll. Mitt Romney, who leads most Iowa surveys, got 22 percent of the total. Rudy Giuliani came in second with 10 percent. But third place went to a Democrat, Barack Obama, who got nearly 7 percent -- more than Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Sam Brownback combined.

Not to worry: The Obama campaign isn't likely to join the Grand Old Party, and pollsters are convinced that Obama has exactly zero chance of winning the Republican caucus in Iowa. But something is going on. "I don't want to make too much of it," says David Redlawsk, the professor who commissioned the poll. "But I do think that the message Obama is putting out right now is the most likely to reach across party lines."

There are other signs of Obama's crossover appeal. Over the last several months, Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster, has been holding focus groups for various media organizations like Fox News to find out what the public thinks of the presidential candidates. "I would ask Republicans, 'Which Democratic candidate would you accept? Who would you consider to vote for?'" Luntz says. "Obama would get more than everybody else combined. Hillary [Clinton] and [John] Edwards have no crossover voters."

A recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC News revealed a third data point in Obama's favor: When asked in July which Democratic candidate has the best chance to defeat a Republican in a general election, Republicans and independents were more likely than Democrats to pick Obama over Clinton. In fact, among Democrats, only 22 percent said Obama was the best general election candidate, while 54 percent flagged Clinton as the best in the general election. But among Republicans, 33 percent said Obama was the best candidate, and 37 percent said Hillary. In other words, Republicans were about 11 points more likely than Democrats to see Obama as the best shot for a Democratic White House.

Any political expert will tell you that polls don't mean much five months before the first caucus. But a pattern may be emerging. In part because of Clinton's high negatives among Republicans, it appears Obama is gaining momentum as a fresh candidate with a less divisive approach, by constantly appealing beyond the partisan lines of the last decade. His first television ad buy in Iowa included testimony from a Republican state lawmaker from Illinois talking up Obama and his ability to reach across party lines. As Obama reiterated in an appearance in Iowa last week, "The country is hungry for change. It wants something new. We want to chart a new direction for our nation."

It's a cliché message, but one that could have traction for Obama. "There is a segment of society that is desperately looking for a less partisan, less divisive approach," Luntz says of Obama. "For them, he is the perfect candidate." This segment may be cutting into Republican votes more than those of Democrats. Since 2004, the percentage of Americans identifying as Republican has declined from 29 percent to 25 percent, while the percentage identifying as Democrat has held steady at 33 percent, according to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. In Iowa, the lack of Republican enthusiasm is palpable. "It's been really hard for us to get likely Republican caucus goers," Redlawsk says about his polling operation.

Perhaps abetted by this decline in enthusiasm, Obama has been able to attract people like Joe Rowe, 63, a retired pharmacist in Raleigh, N.C., who describes himself as a lifelong Republican in favor of tort reform and privatizing Social Security. Though he says he has always voted for Republican presidents in the past, he now makes monthly contributions to the Obama campaign. "You have to make a stand sometime, and there is so much partisanship, and I would love to see someone who can be a reconciler," Rowe explained this week in a phone interview. "I think we can get a lot done with his approach."

He just changed his party registration, but he is not yet ready to embrace the Democratic Party. He says Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are just "a part of the system that is in there now." Those sentiments are echoed by Chuck Slack, 47, who has joined a small group called "Republicans for Obama" on the campaign's Web site. An electrical engineer in Colorado Springs, Colo., Slack says he supported Ross Perot in 1992 and typically votes Republican based on fiscal issues. But now he supports Obama because he's "sick of people not working together." Ask him about Clinton, however, and he gets testy. "There is no way in hell I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I am going to go to Canada if she wins."

The problem for Obama may be that much of this cross-party support does not matter in the primary season. In Iowa, for instance, the bizarre caucus ritual would require a Republican backing Obama to reregister as a Democrat and then attend a public Democratic precinct meeting, where the Republican would publicly stand with other Obama supporters. So the 7 percent of Republicans voters in Iowa who say they like Obama could be misleading in terms of any tangible results. But in the general election, such crossover potential -- if not obliterated by the Republican attacks in store for whomever the opposing candidate turns out to be -- could be a boon to Obama. "Boy, does it matter in the general election," says Luntz. Obama just has to make it there first.

Bruce - take a pill.

Obama's foreign policy (to the extent he has a foreign policy) is based on his faith-based belief he can talk the Muslim terrorists out of attacking the west.

Yet he can persuade only 25% of his fellow Democrats to back him for president.

If members of his own party reject his line of patter, imagine how foreign terrorists will ignore him.

obama is a LIAR! keep troops till 2013?!?!

I changed my vote for Ron Paul!

As recent polls show, Obama is now polling slightly ahead of Cliton in Iowa. While he still polls behind her in the general election, that's not the battle right now. Either one of them will do just fine in the general. But if Obama beats Cliton in Iowa, she's got trouble.

Check out the Clinton's connections to Glover Parks. Then when you consider how she's on the take with Time Warner, Rupert Murdoch and a host of other media moguls it's no wonder the media spins her way.
So what if Obama counts his trinket customers as donors. At least they are human beings. I donated twenty five bucks and I'm a white beer drinking carpenter. Let's take America back.


You quoted a New York Times story!? I knew you could do it!

Bruce thinks he's a fancy smart guy well HA-ha my Mom said that I'm smarter and handsomer than Bruce or Terry or Juan or Heartburn and they're all the same guy anyway.

Mom taught me how to copy-and-paste.


BRUCE, chill out, if people buy items from his campaign I would hope they are supporters, why shouldn't it be counted as a donation? I mean I can tell you don't like the guy but you are really grasping at straws!!!

NICK and KISH, Obama do not want to overcommit and end up underdelivering. He said he would make a valiant effort to make sure that all the troops are out and will start withdrawing troops the day that he gets into office but anything can happen b/w now and 2009 and he don't want to commit to something that he know he can't promise. I mean geesh, on a smaller scale, if I invited you to a wedding on September 10, 2010, you can't say today, I commit to going b/c anything could happen b/w now and then. You can say that you promise to make every effort to be there but if you commit it would be at the least overzealous.

Barak Obama has a lot of money so that means he's just like Lincoln, and JFK and Bill Clinton and George Washington and he's going to be the next president!!!!


Posted by: 2x0=... uhh... | September 30, 2007 7:26 PM

You are so clever Jeff/Bill! Guess this is the type of shenanigans you're reduced to when your candidate Old Man McCain is so irrelevant there is simply nothing to talk about except his flagging campaign.

Obama is for real. I was at the NYU rally on 9/27/2007 (estimated at over 24,000 people). The crowd, while mainly young students from New York University, was also quite varied, with boomers (me included), making quite a showing.

I plan to go to Iowa to help Senator Obama. I have been to Chicago for training as a canvasser (I live in NE Pennsylvania).

I also plan to be a delegate for Pennsylvania to the Democratic convention.

To put this in context, in 35 years of voting, I have never done much more than vote, but I am totally committed to helping Senator Obama stand on that podium in January, 2009.

In Hope and Peace,

Jim Lyons

We are starting to see the momentum and polls closing that I have maintained would happen all along. Am I a genius ? Am I a prophet ? Heck no ! I just have a li`l common sense.
Record turnouts,record donations,diversified support base,a common sensical and and honest approach to the issues of today,and a wakening of the masses, due to the level of incompetence representing us on the world stage today. These factors and more will combine to form a venturi effect and send Barack Obama over the top at the perfect time.

"Janitor Joe", both Jeff and Bill have left the building.

Other campaigns do list small merchandise sales as donors. This is nothing new.

Barack is much closer to owning this nomination than you may think. I used to work for a polling outfit. What you have here is simple: Hillary Clinton is working with 15+ years of name recognition. The average doof on the street who is asked to name a name, and who is not actively participating or open-eared to the election, simply regurgitates the candidate with the longest, most persistent name recognition.

Clinton is working with 8 years of Bill Clinton as president. She is working with at least 4 years of a White House run expectation. So, with all this, of course she is going to be leading in a national poll. However, these national polls are sooooooooooooo meaningless I wish I could zap this fact into every American's head. Don't believe me? Check the polling data this far out for the last 4-6+ presidential elections. Bill Clinton who? Gary Hart what? John Kerry...wait until Iowa, pally. Jimmy Carter where? If Hillary Clinton was not in the lead, then we would have to check the validity of the data because seasoned pollster would not buy it as very reliable.

When you start to focus in places where the election is "hypertimed" -- this pretty much only includes Iowa at this time...who is in the lead? You got it -- Barack Obama. I predict he will win Iowa. Even Clinton's camp surely knows internally that Iowa is hopeless. Barack's win in Iowa will be a lot easier than even the most optimistic poll could show because he will benefit as John Edwards' candidacy continues to implode (many of his votes are anti-you-know-who -- which is why Barack's lead doubles when he is out of the race.

A win in Iowa will really propel him -- with much more velocity than John Kerry had.

Some try to minimize the grassroots appeal that is Obama by saying he is padding the donor numbers due to merchandise sales. It is true he is counting them as donors because, if he did not, he would be breaking the law.


"...Indeed, the Federal Elections Commission states on its website that "anything of value given to influence a Federal election is considered a contribution" and explains that "if you pay $15 for a T-shirt sold by a campaign, your contribution amounts to $15 (even though the T-shirt may have cost the committee $5)." The Obama campaign website explicitly states this -- twice -- on its "Obama Store" homepage: "All purchases made on the Obama Store are 100% contributions to the campaign and count toward your overall contribution limit."

When President Obama is inaguarated in 2009, I expect to see the rest of you 349,999+ donors there with me!

Vote Obama!!!

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