Clinton solidifying a lead across many fronts: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted September 27, 2007 12:22 PM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York has not only solidified a lead among all Democrats surveyed about the 2008 presidential contest, but also claimed the majority among most of the party’s major constituencies.

In four Gallup Polls since August and September, Clinton has led Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois by an average of 22 points – 47 percent to 25 percent. Former Sen. John Edwards has held third place in these polls, with about half of Obama's level of support, while no other candidate is favored by more than 3 percent of the Democrats.

But Clinton also holds “a commanding lead among nearly every major subgroup of potential Democratic primary voters,’’ Gallup reports.

“Clinton is most widely favored among women, whites, senior citizens, core Democrats, the non-college educated, those living in low- and middle-income households, self-described conservatives, and residents of the East and West,’’ Gallup notes.

However, “she also leads Obama by smaller but still double-digit margins among most of the natural counterparts to these groups, including men, blacks, young adults, independents, college graduates, self-described moderates and liberals, and residents of the South and Midwest.

Upper-income Democrats represent one of Clinton's “few weak links,’’ Gallup reports. Among those living in households with an annual income of $75,000 or more, she leads Obama by only seven points. “This may help explain Obama's competitiveness with Clinton in fundraising -- even though he has not been competitive with her in national Democratic nomination preference polls,’’ Gallup’s Lydia Saad writes.

For more, see the poll.

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So, given the results of the polls to date (and assuming they stay this way through next spring), here is a question:

If someone other than Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, can she claim fraud?

Off topic, but still "important".

Go Cubs! it's been 99 freaking years, C'mon!

I'm well aware of what will probably happen, wait until next year, oh well.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled arguments, thankyou.

Now she leads even among college grads... Well, there goes the we're-smarter-than-you non argument.

Math Whiz - another topic you are wrong on.

2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox Fan

Hillary for president for the next eight years, then Obama the next eight after that.

So, it's Hillary. Maybe Obama shouldn't have had that big Oprah party. It did have sort of a Marie Antoinette quality.

Now, we need to understand why we should vote for her over the Republican nominee, whoever that may be. After all, it's clear there won't be any substantive difference between them on Iraq. Repub or Dem, we'll be there for decades.

Health insurance? I don't know...Hillary has a plan but so will the Repub nominee. Can we be so sure
that the Repub won't come up with something more palatable than the total freebies the Dems are promising, even to those who can afford to pay something.


The Clintons don't have a great record on security.
The Cole. Somalia. Etc.

The Repubs should go with Mitt, not the wacky Giuliani. He actually accomplished something in a meritocracy, the investment banking industry and he also actually brought about
universal health care in Mass. He could give Hillary a run. Needs to improve his public speaking though. She's got him there.

Could be entertaining.

Math Whiz - another topic you are wrong on.

2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox Fan

Posted by: Terry | September 27, 2007 1:16 PM

Scary Terry,
I'm talking about the Cubs, moron.
You're wife really knows her "math", do you want to talk to her?

Actually, Hillary/Bill became the presumptive nominee the day Kerry tanked. The media immediately tagged her to be the Dems leader, and we have been hammered by the ever since. One thing that will work against her, though, is the fact that people are going to be tired of seeing her mug every time they turn on the tv, just like McCain. She is going to wear out the tube.

How's President Dean doing? Oh right, polls are usually wrong. Very newsworthy though.

How did this news get into The Swamp? Did their liaison from the Obama campaign take the day off or something?

2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox Fan

Posted by: Terry | September 27, 2007 1:16 PM

Trickle Down Terry,
The White Sox? is that a soccer team?
Where do they play their games? :o)

Bruce decided to post using his alter-egos Formerlyanonymous and JB. Good job Bruce. It appears as if there are 3 losers who attack the media because they don't like the message.

"I'm talking about the Cubs, moron."

John "2x0=1" E,
Should YOU be calling anybody a moron?

And yes, go Cubs... go away... far away... and take your pansy fans with you.

We sing the songs our fathers sang
When they were growing up
Rebel songs of Erin's Isle
In the South Side Irish pubs
And when it comes to baseball
We have two favorite clubs
The Go-Go White Sox
And whoever plays the Cubs!

Posted by: This is Anonymous, not Anonymous | September 27, 2007 2:13 PM

When did you quit calling yourself, Juanito?

John E,

You're mixing up your anonymouses again. I'm the one you always say is your imaginary nemisis juanito leo juanie, not him (or her).

Hillary will be the nominee and the next president. Obama never looks weaker than when he’s on a platform next to her. His NH performance was roundly and deservedly panned.

Oh, and to the haters: and how about the latest FOX news poll released yesterday – showing Hillary AHEAD of Rudy by 6%. So much for the electability argument.

This is my first time to post my political preference, but since I've never participated in a poll...I am a college graduate (2 degrees), an Educator, white, female, northern transplant living in the south, and I will be absolutely thrilled with Hillary Clinton as our next President!

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