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You may fire at will

When this blog was returned to service a year ago, it was set up with automatic approval of comments. Moderation of comments was apparently thought unnecessary because you are a decorous and well-behaved group.

Commenting, which was turned off because of the spam attack on Tribune’s blogs, has been turned on again, but with moderation, to forestall further spamming. You are free to resume commenting, and I will be as prompt as circumstances permit in approving your comments.

I've missed you.  






Posted by John McIntyre at 2:08 PM | | Comments (14)


Hmm.......... wankers, Weiners, Wasilla Wannabes. Oh the humanity!

Oy! The Yiddish are coming! Tthe Yiddish are coming!

(With their catchy Klezmer music, constant kvetching, and yummy kugl.)

------Apologies to Isaac Bashevis Singer et al

P.S.: Prof. McI., I gather we can't comment on any of your articles posted during this pain-in-the-butt, prolonged 'blackout'? Pity.

I've missed commenting more than I would have imagined--not only being able to vent a bit or express my 2 cents worth, but also the give and take among regular visitors here. Losing that spontaneity is a great loss, in my opinion.

"Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you've got

Till it's gone

They paved paradise

And put up a parking lot."

Dahlink, I echo your sentiments re/ this most recent blog communication 'gap', and thought these eloquent, and sage words written by my fellow Canadian, songstress Joni Mitchell, back some 45 years ago, might be apropos.

This crazy blogosphere is definitely a work in progress, and I guess we just have to go w/ the flow, even though, on occasion that flow is interrupted by those whose intentions are not the most honorable, or constructive. Alas, what a tangled web we humans do weave.

Great to see you back, Dahlink.

Picky and Mr. Cowan seem to be in full comment mode once again-----always keeping things light, but very informative. I'm looking forward to the return of Her Terseness, Tim, Laura Lee, and many neophyte bloggers to this site, as well.

I missed all you good folk.


((((( )))))

That's a virtual group hug, Alex. (Too hot here for a real one!)

I take it that "registering" merely allows the Baltimore Sun to spam us back, and makes no difference to our new-found inability to insult each other at speed?

I had honestly thought I'd outgrown that it's-all-about-me business, but I was annoyed at the inability to comment.

I've missed you all.


A big hug (:) right back at you, and all 'the gang'.

Can't believe it's actually relatively cool, temp wise, out here in L.A. for the past week, or so. That weird month-of-June, fairly predictable, meteorological 'romance' between the moisture-laden Onshore 'Flo', and the warm-and-dry Offshore 'Eddy' is goin' on these days. Have they no shame? HA!

Our early morning coastal June-gloom usually hangs in here in So Cal till early afternoon, w/ the moist blanket of ocean air burning off before noon.

I've heard news reports that your own Charm City hit temps of 100+ yesterday----- a Baltimore all-time record high temperature mark, w/ most of the Mid-West and eastern seaboard stewing in their own juices, as well, w/ 95+ temps across the board.

Of course, eastern Arizona firefighters currently have their hands more than full battling a monster, out-of-control conflagration that has been reported as larger that the entire Phoenix, AZ metro area, and has minimal containment, thus far. Yikes!

We may have dodged that crazy rapture thingy back in May, but man, 2011 has seen some pretty apocalyptic-like natural disaster events, thus far, and we are just barely entering the dreaded summer hurricane season. Mercy!

Dahlink, I'm thrilled that the new season of "Men of a Certain Age" is finally back, w/ gusto, on TNT (two episodes in), IMHO, better than ever; but at the same time I'm a tad bummed that I'm unable to post any personal commentary re/ MOCA on a certain familiar entertainment blog that shall remain nameless. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. HA!)

Last night's episode, in my view, was incredible, w/ Scott Bakula giving one of his guttiest, heart-tugging, most compellingly authentic performances to date. His character is such a mess, and yet you have to feel for this guy. His chronic angst is palpable.

Well, as you know, i could go on-and-on about MOCA, but alas this is neither the appropriate time, or place. I recall that you may have been a fan, so I trust you are continuing to enjoy this kind of under-the-radar cable gem.?

Hope things start cooling off in your neck-of-the-woods sooner than later. Drink lots of fluids. (No Picky, not the Laproaig elixir. HA!)


Too late, Alex.

Hi, Alex. I love Andre Braugher from his days here filming Homicide, but I confess that I have never watched a single episode of MOCA.

It's 100 right now, and we may go up to 103, if the Sun's website is to be believed.


Hmm.... I guess I was confusing you w/ blogger Pamela Jane from that 'other' blog (HA!)

As I recall, she had a real 'thing' for actor Scott Bakula, having met him on a few occasions. She kinda sounded way too emotionally invested in this guy, but that's neither here-nor-there. Naturally, she was a huge MOCA fan.

I agree that Andre Braugher is an incredibly gifted actor. I didn't see him in 'Homicide', so MOCA was my first exposure to his work. He's definitely one of the stalwarts among the three lead characters in MOCA. He projects a real intensity and strength of character along w/ his imposing physical presence, yet reflects the full panoply of human emotion, vulnerabilities, and foibles.

Ray Romano is a total treat as a dramatic actor. Most audiences are so used to his character in the long-running sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond"---- the comedic persona, and not the more serious, introspective character he portrays so well in MOCA.

You should try to catch MOCA on Wednesday nights at 10:00PM on TNT. (That's our L.A. time slot.)

@Picky, I figured you'd already embraced the amber brew, considering the nine hour time differential between London/ Greenwich Time and Pacific Time out here in L.A.. I tried, old chap.


I wish we'd gotten that series about The SUN with Clarke Johnson - a favorite of mine from Homicide.

Oh, P the T--something we have in common! I also loved Clark Johnson in Homicide. I think he also directed a few episodes.

He's very tall. And I loved his character - great sense of humor and language. (Great minds, Dahlink, great minds.)

I loved Clarke Johnson! As with many of the actor on Homicide, you could never see him acting.

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