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Metaphor pop quiz

@AllBmoreMD tweeted this line from Ralph Waldo Emerson earlier today: “Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring.”

Emerson was employing a metaphor. Can you identify where the metaphor comes from? (You do not have to reveal your age.)


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Since I'm a pro (see link above) and shouldn't compete, I'll only hint opaquely that there appears to be time enough for love.

A pocket watch, clearly.

Full marks, Mr. Gerhardt. What we would today call an analog watch, a retronym made necessary by the invention of the digital watch.

What we would today call an analog watch, a retronym made necessary by the invention of the digital watch.

Doesn't the placement of "today" violate a rule you wrote about previously?

A metaphor made all the more archaic by the more recent obsolescence of the wristwatch. Everyone knows one tells time with a telephone.

"A metaphor made all the more archaic by the more recent obsolescence of the wristwatch. Everyone knows one tells time with a telephone."

No, everyone does not. I use my cameras.

I generally use my pedometer for the purpose.

Oh, you poor, poor obsoletistas! Get with a "GPS-disciplined rubidium" timepiece accurate to 1 sec per million years! These little puny phones and other gizmos are so undisciplined!!

John Bosley,

I'm with you on staying somewhat true to the more time-tested (pun intended) time pieces, but perhaps w/ an updated futurist twist. Frankly, I tend to eschew, w/ a vengence, all these smart phone, Blackberry-like, 'apps'-loaded portable 'gizmos', and such. ( I must confess, I don't even own a cell phone. Yikes! OK, say it, I'm a bloomin' troglodyte.)

Mind you, I'm no big fan of those chunky, macho, wrist-watches w/ all the assorted bells-and-whistles-----basically the equivalent of the classic all-purpose Swiss Army knife-----such as say that newfangled, fairly expensive Tag Heur F1 Chronotimer. (Hmm...... I'm really not that curious about what time it is in Timbuktu, sub-Saharan Africa, when it's high-noon in my hometown of L.A., or for that matter, what the current barometric pressure is in The Valley.)

Actually, i tend to alternate between my two favorite watches---a circa-1990's official Tin Tin
cartoony number w/ the pointy-headed, perpetually youthful sleuth, along w/ his trusty white pooch, scampering across the watch face, clearly rushing off to solve yet another mysterious case of foreign intrigue.

(My Brussels-born girlfriend of-going-on-18-years gave me this Tin Tin original timepiece as a birthday gift, while on our first visit, (as a committed couple), to her native Belgium, back in the mid-'90s.)

My other watch-of-choice is a solid, pretty handsome Swiss Army brand piece, w/ their signature emblazoned, very discretely placed, familiar squarish red logo w/ the little blocky white cross. Keeps fairly good time, but, I'm sure pales in comparison to your swank, "GPS-disciplined rubidium" number, John. HA!

John, I'm curious. Although the answer to blogmeister Mac's "pop quiz" was a pocket watch, do you foresee these somewhat dated chained-linked timepieces ever coming back into vogue?

Perhaps if they keep churning out those Johnny Depp as 'swish-buckling' Captain Jack Sparrow "Pirates of the Caribbean" flicks, ye olde pocket watches just might make a comeback w/ our younger generation of urban 'buccaneers'. Just sayin'.

Who knows, even custom black eye-patches, and annoying 'shoulder' parrots might become a funky novel pop-culture trend, as we embark on this next decade, w/ the likes of bizzaro Lady Gaga, et al, leading the magical mystery tour. HA!

Time's up!


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