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Who's your boss?

Your word for the week is satrap.

Posted by John McIntyre at 10:32 AM | | Comments (5)


Hmm........ Prof. McI., would that be the former Irving Ben Beelzebub, attorney-at-large, of the prestigious Manhattan-based law firm----Beelzebub Butkus Borscht Bernstein & Postlewaite, specializing, exclusively, in cases of arson,
illegal fireworks, and spontaneous human combustion? (Every Jewish law firm needs at least one token goy, no?)

So Satan and his malevolent minions actually permit fondling, and I assume other more hot-and-heavy carnal 'pleasures' in the burning, acrid climes of Hell?

If this be eternal damnation, is it really too late for yours truly to shift professions from righteous artist to say devious copy editor, or dare I say sleaze-ball lawyer, apparently destined to an eternal afterlife of hot flashes, hot hanky-panky, hot cakes, and hot deviled ham and eggs?

At any rate, thanks for yet another in the seemingly infinite trove of smear-the-lawyer yarns.

Still would like to hear the one about the three clergymen who called on the farmer's wife. Sounds like a romp-in-the-hay could ensue, but of course this is my feverish imagination working overtime........and clearly this is a family show. HA!

Ducky "Pro Bono" Isaksson..................... it ain't you babe.

Is that sa-trap or sat-rap?


Prof. McI., this morning you butted up your "word for the week" and "joke for the week" shortish posts so closely, that I clearly attached my commentary, above, to the wrong article.

Absolutely nothing related to "satrap" in my piece. ("Hmm......"satrap", Isn't that that green-side hazard we duffers try to avoid, slangily known as 'the beach'? HA!)

Don't you usually combine the two, i.e., word, and joke of the week in a single post? No biggie.

Ducky "Off Target" isaksson

To me it's a sa-trap, Patricia, but if ones t is sufficiently glottallystopped, who can tell the diff?

Alex: as the great A Wainwright put it, watch where you are putting your feet. But on the whole I think you are quite right to put the blame on the McIntyre.


Continuing in the vein of your A. Wainwright cautionary plea, i.e., "watch where you are putting your feet", I couldn't help recalling the unfortunate 'leap of faith' (or more precisely, celebratory plunge), this past Sunday afternoon down in Rancho Mirage, CA, by young victorious U.S. golfer Stacey Lewis, her caddie, younger sister, and parents, into the Mission Hills golf course 18th hole green-side pond---a storied traditional post-victory ritual for the winner at the first LPGA major of the season, the Nabisco Championship................ formerly The Dinah Shore tournament.

Apparently Ms. Lewis had instructed everyone, including her very proud mom, to be sure to leap well beyond the shoreline, since the pond wasn't that deep toward the edge. Perhaps a few lurking submerged rocks there, as well.

Lewis and her caddie proceeded to take formidable leaps well beyond the shoreline, executing a perfect cannonball-legs-tucked-to-chest technique, landing far into the pond, while younger teenage sis, jumping feet first, got some great air time, arc, and amplitude on her effort........ no problem. SPLASH!

Yet sadly, Stacey's mom, (in all the emotional palaver over her 26-year old daughter's first-ever win on the women's tour....... and a major championship, to boot), leapt feet-first, but unfortunately fell just a few feet from the bank, coming down hard on the pond bottom (or a boulder), breaking her fibula in one leg and having to be shuttled off to the local hospital. A bit of a bummer, in light of her daughter's great accomplishment, and the elation of the shared family moment.

(Against incredible odds, young Stacey Lewis, I believe back in her 'tween' years, suffered from progressive, debilitating scoliosis, and underwent major back surgery involving a number of metal pins being implanted in her lower and mid-spine. She was immobilized in a full body cast for over 18 months, post surgery. Talk about torture. Today, thankfully, she has fully recovered, and her spine has developed into a normal curvature, w/ full flexibility. Clearly she was able to pursue a career in pro golf, after a very successful college stint at the University of Arkansas where she excelled on their women's squad. Quite an inspirational story of courage, dedication, and passion for the game she so loves.---You go girl! )

So, indeed Picky old lad, watching where one puts one's feet, is no idle caution. Particularly when jumping into foreign bodies of water, walking outdoors amongst flatulent bovines............ or in the environs of concealed land-mines.( I could have dispensed w/ that last one. Not funny.)

Hmm.... I'm hardly blaming 'the McIntyre' for my misread. He just chose to change the usual format at tad, and I was likely just clearing the cobwebs of my mind, and my first coffee of the day hadn't really kicked in, at that early hour.

Ducky" Not Auditioning For AFLAC Voiceover" Isaksson..............AF--FLAC!!!!!

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