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Something for Monday

Your word of the week—watch out!—is jacquerie. Your joke of the week is “Martini Man”:
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Living here in the hardscrabble, oft-maligned L.A. working class community of Van Nuys, CA, smack dab in the geographic center of "The Valley", I was totally flummoxed by the recent dearth of pitchforks and tiki torches at my local Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), Home Depot, and Lowes.

What gives?

Serendipitously, this fine post-Easter Monday morn I happen to stumble upon Prof. McI.'s new word-of-the-week, "jacquerie"----- a peasant revolt----and my gnawing puzzlement over the fact that nary a single pitchfork, or tiki torch could be found in any of my big-box (or for that matter, small-box) 'Valley'-based home hardware suppliers, was solved.

Evidently, a major revolt of the local Van Nuysian peasantry had erupted, likely a populist uprising of civil disobedience sparked by a threatened union workers walkout at our major supermarket chains.......... Ralphs, Albertsons, among others.

This weekend while much of our local media were all caught up in covering the unfolding drama of some disraught young man, (apparently despondent over the recent untimely death of a close friend), attempting to shoot down pursuing LAPD helicopters, w/ an entire suburban block cordoned off to thru traffic until the hours-long fiasco wound down, they (the media) must have totally overlooked the grassroots jacquerie that had been fomenting at the very same time............ pitchforks and torches at the ready.

Cesar Chavez would have been so very proud. (Hmm........ I take that back. He wasn't an advocate of mass physical violence (pitchforks and torches) as a means to attaining workers human rights, much like his pacifist contemporaries, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , and Ghandi and before them.)



Well, she never specified where the olives had to come from. Do you think she'd notice them soaked in vodka, though? It might make her a little upset.

Car Title Loans,

Technically speaking, at the rapid rate that this gent-at-the-bar was guzzling down martinis (granted over the span of an hour, or so), I doubt whether the individual residual olives would have absorbed sufficient vodka to be readily detectable as alcohol-affected, by his unsuspecting wife. Just sayin'.

Further, in order to accumulate sufficient olives to fill even a modest sized jar of olives, it would clearly take the serial consumption of a whole slew of martinis. I'd be surprised if our 'Martini Man' could even walk out of that bar without collapsing in a stupor after his marathon martini run.

But alas, this is bottom line, a joke, and a fairly clever one at that. So my deconstructing it in a commonsense, logical manner is quite beside the point, and of little import. Suspended disbelief can often be a good thing, particularly in the realm of humor, no?



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