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What? No joke?

Things got backed up at the plant last week, leaving the website with no video joke for this week, but yesterday I recorded seven more* that should have you wincing for weeks.

More updates: 

We did have a word of the week, lapidary.

I have been trying to keep up with and delete the Viagra spam that someone has been assiduously planting in comments on past posts, but if I overlook any, please let me know.

My sighting of a city snowplow on Plymouth Road turns out to be just the rarity I thought it was. My colleague Yeganeh June Torbati reports in today’s Sun that residents of Hamilton, unaccustomed to street-clearing services, feel that they have to fend for themselves when it snows.

And now off to the paragraph factory, where the new copy desk academic intern, Andrew Zaleski, will be arriving for some tedious paperwork and initiation into the arcana of NewsGate.


*I told a colleague about the seven weeks’ worth of jokes, and she remarked, “I hope they like that sweater vest.”


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Prof. McI.,

Sounds like you are coping as well as can be expected w/ the severe weather woes that have gripped your fair city this week.

Today, reports out of the (very) Windy City, Chicago, are that O'Hare has almost completely closed down for air-travel (No great loss. I've personally never liked this sprawling air-hub), and city-wide, all public schools are 'shuttered'. Accumulated snowfall estimates just for today are around the two-foot level.(Ugh!) I believe they're trying to conduct an official city mayoralty election, even as we 'speak'. That darn carpetbagger Raim Emanuel brought on this nasty weather. Drats! HA!

Prof., your "word of the week"----lapidary"----was one of the few slightly obscure words I haven't had to look up for the correct definition. Being an on-again-off-again sculptor, the term for one who either works with, collects, or trades in precious stones (gems), or identifies w/ the active involvement in gemstones is a familiar one. I've run across the term numerous times. I have actually availed myself of lapidary shop fare, purchasing various powdered polishing compounds, buffing pads, abrasives, engraving tools and such, since I carve stone (mostly marble and alabaster), and often require highly polished, ultra-smooth final surface finishes.

Hmm.... that recent Viagra spam 'invasion' on your blog "comments" page is a tad weird, and slightly troubling. However, sounds like you've more-or-less nipped this thorny issue in the bud.

Ironically, I've been having a similar problem w/ unsolicited ads for sundry erectile dysfunction pills, from a mail-order operation out of Canada.(My home-and-native-land. HA) The freakish thing is, these maybe once-every ten-days e-mails have been sent under the name of my regular dental hygienist, no less; a very chatty, older Jewish lady, who I e-mailed just ONE time several months ago w/ a photo sampling of my sculptures, as she was curious about my work, and in the market to perhaps purchase one of my pieces. She's really not the type of gal who would be sending me mail-order ads for cheaper ED pills. I mean as a hygienist she works strictly above the belt, no? HA!

Alas, I am afeared that some money-grubbing parasitic hackers have basically hi-jacked her e-mail account, and are using it as a means to hock their potency enhancing products. Very annoying, indeed.

On a parenthetical (off-topic) note-------Just when it appeared that mass protesting in the streets of Cairo was going relatively smoothly as of yesterday, w/ little evidence of wanton violence, as the army and official security forces kind of took a laid-back, 'observer', passive posture---today----all hell has apparently broken loose in the streets. Mubarak's armed plain-clothed goons aboard horses and camels, no less, have aggressively entered the fray to clearly wreak havoc on the pro-reform majority, as night has descended on Cairo. Hundreds of protestors have been injured, and a few fatalities have been reported. Shades of the 2009 Teheran populist, reformist uprising in the streets. It's very, very scary.

Stay tuned!


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