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Would you buy a used term paper from these people?

Text of a comment I deleted without checking the link:

Someday you will determine a trustworthy assistant such as cheap essay writing service, and you will be able to get that essays completing can be as complex as think. Real professionals can to cope with that easily.

As a meditative exercise, visualize the student who would pay money for this service.



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You might find this article interesting, and not a little bit chilling.

What worries me about the potential of this high-end sort of paper writing service is how undetectable it would be, or at the very least how difficult it would be to prove that a student used it.

The only visualization I can think of is this one:

Remember that pair of lame-brained, dimwitted doofuses in the classic filmic paean to the functionally-illiterate, just plain terminally knuckle-headed, morons amongst us, "Dumb & Dumber"? Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey were never better. Now that was pure acting, folks.

Well, I doubt that even those two fictive mental-midgets, as engagingly zany as they were on screen, would be so clueless as to part w/ their cold, hard cash for this alleged essay writing (dis) service. UGH!

No amount of intensive TM, Scientology 'auditing', Tantric yoga meditation, or watching reruns of Pee Wee's Playhouse could conjure up the quintessentially clueless schlub (or 'schlubette' ?), who might fall for this basically incomprehensible lot of pure gibberish.

Whoever came up w/ the above jumble of thoroughly discombobulated English might find a possible job writing those annoying, indecipherable how-to, step-by-step instruction one-sheets found in certain Swedish, Chinese, or lower Slobovian-made assembly-required home furnishings. We've all been there, done that? Right folks?

I'm just thinkin', would Momma Grizzly, Sarah "Rogue" Palin, 'refudiate' the above mangled message. You betcha!


Whenever I read about this concept of paying for papers I get a knot in the pit of my stomach thinking about the legitimate students who work hard at writing. Their hard work and significant accomplishment is pitted against fraudulent essays and papers submitted by lazy characters who can't be distracted from their entertainment to put in a few hours at a computer. The playing field is littered with obstacles. One can only hope that a discerning professor (or assistant) will see through the farce. But in order to do that the instructor needs to have personal contact with the student to be able to assess the obvious conflict. That's the challenge to teachers.

...visualize the student who would pay money for this service.

I think a couple of me sat near me in the DMV waiting area...

That would be, a couple of them. Snide will bite you in the butt!

Jed - who wins - the cheater who fools academia or the student who actually knows the material?
If education was a competition and one was ranked by the results, I'd care. Like at the Olympics, where cheaters can get gold medals and public acclaim.
But most people just pass through the academic world on the way to somewhere else. On that journey, the cheaters come up empty handed because they got nothing out of their education. Those who actually did their own work will have that education forever.
College was bad enough without having to worry about whether my paper-writer was going to come through. A lot less stress to just knuckle down and do it yourself.

If your class rank, or your grade-point average is lower than it would be if no one cheated, then you may be harmed if these affect what grad schools, or professional schools, you're admitted to, or whether you qualify for scholarships based on such factors. Education is in part a competition.And to the extent that credentials rather than performance determine who gets hired, you may lose out there, too. Even if the person who got the job you were runner-up for subsequently gets fired for poor performance, you've still lost your chance.

Slight swerve here, but I came across the following paragraph in this morning's Sun:

I wish they would follow through into his adult world,” she said, hoping that the series, which concludes following Harry’s stent at Hogwarts school, would continue. “I want to know what happens," she said.

"Now clear your desks, get a pen and one sheet of paper, and write a short summary of the paper you just turned in."

And "we'll discuss your paper at our regular tutorial in my study".


Did the story forget to tell you that Hogwarts has become a teaching hospital, specializing in heart surgery? If so, that's a big oversight.

Here's a good question....
TSA Dilemma...How did the old (slang) expression, "The Family Jewels" turn into the word, "Junk." ??
Or- Is that more of a statement on what kind of society we've become. ???
Just asking.....

Now that I have posted on this topic, I'm stuck with the need to worm the comments whenever another of these parasites insinuates itself. Please, if you come across one of these before I have identified and deleted it, do not click on links that look to be term paper/thesis services. And I certainly discourage anyone from patronizing them.

Whenever I read about this concept of paying for papers I get a knot in the pit of my stomach thinking about the legitimate students who work hard at writing.

I never bought an essay from anyone - it would just make me feel stupid as if I'm incapable of writing my own stuff. I teach my students the same, but some of them just claim they are too left-brained, or something like that.

I never bought an essay in my life!

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