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Summertiiiiime ...

The lady at the museum gift shop was most helpful. She was friendly and chatty as well.

“My grandfather,” she said, looking me up and down, “wore a seersucker suit and a boater in the summertime too.” [Pause.] “Of course, he was born in 1898.”

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Some things never go out of style. There is nothing more "dashing" on a hot summer day. Hope you had a gin and tonic with lunch.

Pardon my ignorance, but is boater another word for bow tie?

Regardless, the seersucker suit is the pinnacle of gentlemen's summer wear. If only I could pull one off.

A boater, sometimes called a skimmer, is a flat straw hat, the kind you sometimes see gentlemen wear in barbershop quartets.

"barbershop quarters"

Or quartets, whichever you prefer. But barbershop quarters does bring a nice image to mind, as if barbers were a communal bunch who found comfort in shared residence.

"Barbershop quarters" = the price of a shave and a haircut.

"Barbershop quarters" = the price of a shave and a haircut.

All right, all right, settle down, people. I've corrected the typo.

It was more fun the other way.

Classic clothes worn by a classic gentleman.

O excellent, Madame. O bon riposte!

You are milk & sugar! Turns out...Seersucker originates from Persian & shir o shakkar "striped cloth," lit. "milk and sugar".[351] AND ....Sanskrit क्षीरशर्करा (kshirsharkara), or milk-sugar."[352]

Yes indeed, my grandfather had such a hat according to my mother. He was from 1895.

I have seersucker shirts, but no seersucker suits.

The shirts are very comfortable.

Check out Seersucker Suit Day at the U.S. Senate.

I used to sponsor SSD where I worked and wow, seersucker comes in some great colors!

Sorry about the link above posted twice, but while I'm here, the most, uh, memorable mention of seersucker was in Sophie's Choice, one of the few moments of levity in that dense, tense movie.

For the past couple days - since this was a fresh post - I have been operating under the absolute conviction that Museum Gift Shop Lady's son is walking around with his pants hanging down and his underwear hanging out.....

As I began to type this, however, I realized that both my grandmothers were born in 1898, which would put MGSL in my parents' mid-80s age group. Her son would be my age so, unfortunately, he may - this is an attempt at tact - lack spiffiness.

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