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Did you miss me?

Fortune’s wheel takes another spin and after twelve months of — let’s call it a sabbatical — brings me back to, where I started this blog on December 20, 2005.*

The 404 posts written over the past year on Blogspot, at, will continue to be available to you, but from today forward, You Don’t Say will be appearing at this address.

I am grateful to Monty Cook, the former editor of The Sun, for inviting me to return; to Tim Ryan, the publisher, for granting his assent; and to Mary Corey and Trif Alatzas, for their encouragement in my continued blogging.

If you used to read this blog here, or at Blogspot, or are just discovering it, welcome. Take a seat — no, not that one, the one by the lamp is more comfortable, the cat will make room for you — and let me fetch you a cup of tea or a wee dram. It’s good to see you again. We’re going to be talking to each other here for a while to come.

*The first post was on the reign/rein confusion, which appears to be just as widespread as it was five years ago. Do try to keep up.

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I have also published most of the comments that accumulated over the past several months while I had no access to this site.

One, however, from Mr. Robert Knilands prematurely celebrating my obsolescence, is now lost to history.

Welcome back, Mr McIntyre ... both to the Sun's little segment of the blogosphere ... and to that more tangible perch on North Calvert from which you direct your gimlet eye. Yes, you have been missed.


It is great to follow you around to enjoy your writing. I thank Edna H. for letting me know you were on FB.

Teaching my computer to hasten to your new address took 10 seconds, if that. Once in a while, computers amaze me. Now that you have a corporate address, my fear is that from time to time you'll bite your tongue. On the up side, you seem onery by nature.

Professor, it is wonderful to have you back. It is also wonderful that management understands that language matters, particulary to a newspaper.

Now that you're back here, we can soon celebrate the return of the joke-telling and cocktail-mixing videos, right?

Since your wordpress blog will "remain active" does this mean I have to keep BOTH RSS feeds or do I only keep this one?

Welcome back! You've been sorely missed in this spot.

Excellent news! Welcome back, John.

Now if only Elizabeth Large would return to her table to again blog on food and restaurants, all would be right with the world....

SO glad you are back! And I second the call for EL to return to the sandbox... has suffered a major loss with this move. But the executives at its parent company, Google, probably won't starve...they are the owners of the world now.

Huzzah! Now perhaps the Sun's writers will be whipped into (grammatical) shape.

Jacob --

The Blogspot site will remain live for continued access to past posts, with only an occasional nominal post to keep it open. This site is where regular posts will now be made. So you probably don't need to keep two RSS feeds.

So glad you are back! Now if only Franz Schneiderman could get back to editing letters! I miss EL, too.

Welcome! May I be so bold as to suggest that your first sentence would be greatly improved if it were to conclude with a period?

It took nine hours and twenty-one minutes for the first correction to roll in.

Congrats on your return to the Sun paper and to the Sun blogs, Prof. McIntyre. Both will benefit from your return.

Welcome back, Mr. McIntyre! :-)


I meant "Still," and not "Stil." What was I thinking?

Now, it's time for a new photograph,one with a hat appropriate to the season and the job.

Welcome back! It's great to see that you've been given free rein to reign here again.

Maybe the other blog can be a holiday home now, somewhere to take a picnic basket on occasional quiet weekends.


Wordville/The Parlor lives again!

Welcome back Professor. Good to see the Sun come to their senses and bring you back.

While I miss EL as well, lets let her enjoy her richly deserved retirement and maybe she'll pop in here now and then.

Will we be able to access the pronunciation video again? There have been some rough days here in the salt mine when I could have used a 'caramel'.

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