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December 8, 2011

Obama, Biden to attend Army-Navy game

They’ll be led by their coaches, but when Army and Navy meet at FedEx Field on Saturday they’ll also have to contend with a commander in chief in the stands.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will attend the game, the White House announced Thursday. Later in the week, Obama will travel to North Carolina to speak with troops at Ft. Bragg.

Presidents frequently attend Army-Navy games, though not always. Obama did not attend in 2009 and faced criticism for it. Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter didn’t attend any of the games during their presidencies.

Kickoff is at 2:30 p.m.

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The Commander In Chief, and his side kick, are attending a military football game while his subordinates in Delaware (the side kicks home turf) are dumping the bodies of dead soldiers into landfills...sure looks like the leadership has thier priorities straight. Shouldnt they be investigating this matter first hand????? After all, they are ultimately in charge, and ultimately responible for these disgraceful acts.

And I'm sure if there were not an election coming next year where his chances of getting re-elected were slim he would still be going to the game. Right!

just what we need his royal highness pain in the ass obama HUSSEIN himself screwing up traffic and making life miserable for everyone attending the game.

To the poster at 1:01: while this is a serious matter that should, and no doubt will be, investigated, I'm not sure what you think Byden and Obama could be doing to "investigate this themselves." Also, it wasn't bodies being dumped, but the cremated fragments of remains of soldiers killed overseas. AND it took place between 2004 - 2008. Umm, remind me who the commander in chief was then?

Right on, jono! There's never any traffic at FedEx Field on game days!

I've no problem with any President at this game, though I dont think O has attended any basketball games of either or the Air Force Academy. Maybe the qualifications for the players are too high for his taste. But in any event, the normality of the Commander at this game is affected by the Biden presence. Both are used for solely political purposes. And I include "Dr" Jill biden, whose "doctorate" is in education, the least rigorous of any academic discipline on a grad level. This community school teacher who curiously teaches at suburban NVA community college and not at DCs troubled public "UDC" is an ornament meant to attract middle aged bleache blondes like herself to the "pro woman" Obama camp. In the words of the late Reagan, "are you better off today than you were four years ago". The A/N is a great rite; too bad it was spoiled by Trash this year.

please people get a life, the game is in DC for the first time, they both are in town so why would they not go...sooo much's pretty sad!!

oh and anonymous...yeah POTUS is going to personnally investigate that that's not that smart of a statement!!

Come on guys! Too many of you deserve a penalty flag for "piling on." Of course every place the Prez & VP go is fraught with political speculation. How about a little (just a little) civility?
Thanks to the 3:46 posting for reminding all that the problems at Dover AFB were on another Prez's watch.
I'll bet the 2:39 contributor believes that the Prez was not born in the USA. And of course, he must be a Muslim with "that middle name." -- NOT!
To the 4:37 person, I'm sorry that you are so "hung up" on Jill Biden. She is not a "community school teacher". She has an earned doctorate -- not an honorary one or one given to her because of her looks or position. And there's obviously no love lost when you describe the Prez & VP as "Trash."
Is this a great country or not? God bless America.

It doesn't surprise me one bit that Barry Soetoro and Biden are attending Army/Navy; they're trying to win the votes of the military members WHO HAVE ALL DECIDED TO VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!!! Too late Barry (the fraud) Soetoro; YOU LOSE!!!!!

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader in 2012. Jesse Ventura, Head of DOD. Judge Napolitano, head of the Justice Department. Attorney William Black, Attorney General. Prosecute the banking criminals, end the patriot act, end the war on terror, end the war on drugs, end the war on Americans. 9/11 Truth... Peace and Love!!!!!

Neither the Army nor the Navy will be voting for Barry Soetoro and Biden.

They're all voting for RON PAUL in 2012!

Let's have a bit of 9/11 Truth so the whole world will be happy.

Don't worry about Soetoro, though, he'll be in prison with Bush and Cheney...

Help. Let me out. I feel like I'm lost in an "institution" and the "inmates" are running it!!
Where did R-E-S-P-E-C-T go?

Help. Let me out. I feel like I'm lost in an "institution" and the "inmates" are running it!!
Where did R-E-S-P-E-C-T go?

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