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September 15, 2011

O’Malley praises Rick Perry for in-state tuition law

Arguing that both political parties need to create a “new narrative” as the nation heads into a polarizing 2012 presidential election, Gov. Martin O’Malley said Thursday that none of the leading GOP candidates have “offered policies that are terribly different than the ones that got us into this mess” and he predicted that President Barack Obama would be reelected despite sagging poll numbers.

Speaking to a regular breakfast gathering of political reporters in Washington, O’Malley also offered sly praise for the leading GOP presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for supporting a 2001 law in Texas that permits some illegal immigrants to attend college at in-state tuition rates. The law, similar to one passed in Maryland this year, has recently been used against Perry by his Republican opponents.

“One thing I do like about Perry -- I do like the fact that he recognizes that fair is fair and if a family’s paying in-state taxes, they should pay in-state tuition,” the Maryland Democrat said at the breakfast, hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “I think he’s right in making that assertion… Just because Congress can’t get things done and just because we can’t overcome our current affliction of xenophobia and have a rational immigration policy again, is no reason to condemn hardworking kids.”

In the Republican presidential debate on Monday, Perry defended the Texas law against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who vetoed a similar proposal in 2004. “I’m proud that we are having those individuals be contributing members of our society, rather than telling them, ‘you go be on the government dole,'” Perry said during the debate.

Maryland’s law, which O’Malley signed in May, was suspended this summer after opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot for referendum next year.

It was O’Malley’s first time addressing the breakfast, a longstanding Washington gathering. The first Maryland governor to attend one of the sessions was Spiro T. Agnew in 1968.

The hour-long discussion focused largely on next year’s presidential election, with O’Malley defending the Obama administration, including the $447 billion jobs package the White House unveiled earlier this month. O’Malley, who chairs the Democratic Governors Association, blamed the Bush administration for the sluggish economy and the debt crisis, noting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 2001 and 2003 income tax cuts.

“Their party is directly responsible for a great deal of damage to our economy because of their polices. And they cannot run away from that…People over time do figure out who’s on their side and who’s not. They’re responsible for an awful lot of damage to our country’s economy, to the erosion of our middle class, to first stagnating and then declining wages. Their worship at the altar of tax cuts for the wealthy is unbecoming to the vast majority of hardworking families that want a better future for their kids.”

Asked about deficit increases created by Obama, particularly the $830 billion economic stimulus package in 2009, O’Malley held up a chart from the New York Times that showed that Bush’s policies added more to deficits than Obama’s. “In terms of the deficit, yes, certainly under President Obama it continues to go up until we get to a point where we bring it down. And no nation with 10 percent unemployment can ever hope in a timely fashion to retire the deficit – the record deficit that George Bush created and left to his successor.”

O’Malley has become increasingly more engaged in national politics since taking the chairmanship of the Democratic governors group, fueling long-held speculation that he has ambitions to run for president, possibly in 2016. Asked about the emerging field of GOP candidates for 2016, O’Malley said, “I’m not, as a Democrat, afraid of their bench.”

The governor declined to say whether he intends to face off against those potential candidates himself.

“I think we’ll probably just go to another question.”

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Stop the presses. Owe Malleyman predicting Obummer will win? Check the polls Marty. Check the economy. As if he was going to say anything else.

Quote: “I’m proud that we are having those individuals be contributing members of our society, rather than telling them, ‘you go be on the government dole,'” EndQuote

Is this the Orwellian “new narrative” referred to above?
Clue: There are other alternatives beyond the very limited choices these two seem all too eager to accept.

get ready for alllllllllllll the negative comments that are gonna flood this story SMH

obama will win again in 2012.dumbass o'malley means

First MOM blamed Ehrlich, now he is blaming Bush.
Typical MOM.
I voted for Obama in 2008 but it is his mess now and the excuses have got to stop.
Where is Harry Truman when you need him-
"The buck stops here!"

Obama is the Jimmy Carter of the 21st century just totally incompentent as POTUS.
By offering up a second stimulus he is admitting the first one was a failure.
Unemployment was supposed to stay below 8 percent crowed the Democrats.

As for MOM in 2016 you have got to be kidding me.
A terrible mayor, an incompetent governor who is destroying the middle class with his tax and spend ways and driving employers out of the free state in droves.

One would think some of you would get tired of writing the same boring comments on here every day - keep trying to change the world one comment at a time every one - your doing a great job!

Yes, a move in the right direction!
Let's help educate and train people for jobs and incomes that they, BY LAW, are NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE!

Is there no statute of limitations on blaming Bush? Of course not.
When OweBoma loses in '12 and OweMally runs in '16 - that will still be his mantra!

You gotta love "predictions". Here's one for you out of the past: 1956, a high ranking official at the Zenith Coporation said "Color TV is just a fad. It'll never catch on".
Go ahead. Have fun predicting. It won't change what's REALLY going to happen!

“One thing I do like about Perry -- I do like the fact that he recognizes that fair is fair and if a family’s paying in-state taxes, they should pay in-state tuition,” the Maryland Democrat said

I'm confused here. If you are illegally here, do you get a SS# or a visa? Isn't that needed so employers can deduct taxes from your wages? If they don't have either, how are taxes deducted?

“One thing I do like about Perry -- I do like the fact that he recognizes that fair is fair and if a family’s paying in-state taxes, they should pay in-state tuition,” the Maryland Democrat said

I'm confused here. If you are illegally here, do you get a SS# or a visa? Isn't that needed so employers can deduct taxes from your wages? If they don't have either, how are taxes deducted?

Did anybody really think he'd say something negative about the current Democratic administration? And of course he's going to praise someone else who has the same jacka** view of his in-state tuition policy...come on folks, it's not rocket science!

Why are so many are surprised at the liar-in-chiefs actions?
These morons voted for this liar who hid his records completely.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his history.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his socialism.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about the Constitution
Now the morons see the liar-in-chief as he is.

IWhats he been smoking? Obama will win again lol . Come 2012, Mickey Mouse could beat Obama if he ran. 2012 will be a blow out. Obama, will get beat very bad;it will be a historic loss for Obama.

Duh. It's no secret why Perry supports tuition aid for illegal immigrants. He has a huge hispanic voting population in Texas and he must have their support to win elections. The more hispanics swim across the Rio Grande, the more voters he will ultimately pick up.Talk about being hypocritical!

I know Govn. O'Mexicaly only reads the Sun paper and I did't see any article about the ash kicking the dems received in New York and Nevada in the Sun so will someone please tell this Ash Hole that the " teabaggers are going to take him OUT! along with Cardin and Mikulski"

In the first paragraph, change the word "reelected to flat out "rejected".

O'Malley is smart enough to know Perry is going to be President in January 2013.

Those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it.
It took FDR 13 years to get the country back on its feet after the Millionaire Republicans destroyed it in the 1929 crash. He created the WPA which created jobs for people. They rebuilt the National Parks, the highways, the Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority which built dams, they created Art work for hospitals and museums. It cost millions of 1930 dollars, but, it was worth every penny. He also created Social Security because he said he never wanted Americans to be in that situation again when they were retired. One elderly widow had her money in National City Bank in the form of government bonds. The bank talked her into switching it into bank stock, which totally disappeared after the 1929 crash. The bank president laughed at her when she cried about losing all her money, saying she shouldn't have gambled! People were on the street selling apples and pencils to earn money. They lost everything. The Republicans laughed and said they shouldn't have gambled. They had trusted the bank presidents and the stock brokers. They were sold stocks that were worthless pieces of paper. The head of the New York Stock Exchange went to prison. FDR created the SEC to be a watchdog for the stock exchange. He put the toughest set of rules in place so that it would never be repeated again.
One of the rules was that a bank had to be a "stand alone" bank, it couldn't have a holding company. Those rules kept us safe until they started to be dismantled by the Republicans, as the rules kept the millionaires profits lower.
AIG got into trouble with sub prime mortgages with their "holding companies", as did other banks and corporations. The Republicans never want rules. They want to be able to pollute, sell toxic assets, and anything else that gives them a higher profit. They don't care about anything or anybody hurting because of their obsession to make more and more money.

Why does a person have to be xeonophobic to be against allowing illegal immigrants the same benefits as legal citizens? I am really tired of progressive politicians and their supporters negatively stereotyping citizens who oppose controversial legislation.

Anybody ever notice how this "child clown" always has remarks regarding Governor's Cristie, McDonald, Perry and others? When was the last time ANY other Governor had anything at all to say about this "bit player"? This guy is a nobody, the kid with the runny nose in the back of the classroom waving both hands hoping somebody will notice. The only people that do notice this "empty suit" is the Maryland Taxpayer who he uses as his personal ATM.

OMalley + Brown+ Obama= Dumb, Dumber and stupid. That's the best complment I can pay them. Makes me ashamed to be an American and a Marylander.

HPD widow's suit against city revived

Updated 11:16 p.m., Friday, September 9, 2011
Houston and Texas

A federal appeals court on Friday reversed a Houston judge's decision to dismiss the civil rights lawsuit filed against the city by Houston police Sgt. Joslyn Johnson, the widow of an officer shot to death five years ago this month by an undocumented immigrant.

Houston police officer Rodney Johnson was shot in the head four times by Juan Leonardo Quintero, an illegal immigrant from Mexico he had arrested during a 2006 traffic stop.

Joslyn Johnson has filed four lawsuits since her husband's death, including a 2008 wrongful death claim against the city.

In 2009, she filed the civil rights lawsuit against the Houston Police Department and the city seeking to reverse its revised policy that prevents officers from communicating with federal officials to determine the immigration status of detained persons. She claimed the policy violated her constitutional free speech rights as a police officer.

Quintero, who was previously deported after charges of indecency with a child, was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison. The widow's civil rights claim alleged that he was detained at least three times by police before his encounter with Rodney Johnson and that HPD's failure to discover Quintero's status or to report him to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement enabled him to have the opportunity to fatally shoot Rodney Johnson..............

To His Majesty Martin O'Malley: Would you like to bet whether Obama wins the Presidency in 2012?

We. the silent majority, will be forever mute should the incumbent somehow hold his office.

Should he lose, you must resign, apologize endlessly for rewarding the lazy, the criminal, and the just plain stupid, and clean toilets for the rest of your life.

We apologize to America for allowing our Governor O'Malley out of the state. He is an embarrassment to us all. O'Malley forgot to mention that the good citizens of Maryland, as "xenophobic" as he thinks we are, just stuffed his In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens law down the drain through the petiton process. Come November 2012, all Maryland citizens will get a chance to eliminate In-State Tuition for Illegals by referendum. Its over for illegals in Maryland, despite O'Malley. Join

" is no reason to condemn hardworking kids" I love this quote from O'Malley who cut a million dollars from the budget for scholarships for Maryland residents even after they committed to Maryland schools this past year. He helped fuel the pedition drive with a STUPID move like that. Get rid of the bum!

Obama will be getting the right wing boot come 2012!!!

O'Malley run off at the mouth all the time. But problem is nobody listening.

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