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August 26, 2011

Kratovil hired in Prince George’s Co.

Reporting by Annie Linskey and John Fritze
Updated with comments from Kratovil.

Frank Kratovil, the Democrat who represented Maryland’s 1st Congressional District from 2009 through 2010, has taken a job with the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, a spokesman for the office has confirmed.

Kratovil, a former Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney who recently has been working for a private law firm, will oversee homicide and major crimes and will try some cases, said the spokesman, Ramon Korionoff.

He will be sworn in Aug. 31.

In recent weeks, Kratovil has flirted with making another run for Congress in 2012. It’s unclear whether his decision to take the new job in Prince George’s County -- which is outside of the 1st District -- is an indication of that possibility looking less likely.

For his part, Kratovil warned against reading anything into the new position. He noted that he had previously worked for the office as an assistant state's attorney in the mid-1990s.

"I wouldn't read anything into that," he told The Sun. "The bottom line is I'm going back to one of the things I love to do...I still haven't made a final decision" on whether to run.

The 1st District is currently held by Rep. Andy Harris, a Republican who beat Kratovil 54 percent to 42 percent last year.

Despite earlier comments by Southern Maryland Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer that the Eastern Shore seat could become competitive after this year’s redistricting process, attention in Annapolis appears to have shifted to the 6th Congressional District, which is currently held by the state’s other GOP lawmaker, Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett.

The General Assembly will hold a special session in October to draw the new congressional boundaries.

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An unusual job for an ex-congressman. My guess, he is planning to skip 2012 and run for AG in 2014, assuming Gansler runs for Gov

An unusual job for an ex-congreeman. Looks like he is planning on bypassing 2012 and running for AG in 2014, assuming Gansler runs for Governor.

So, Krapovil still lives on the shore, but is now working for PG? Is there no one in PG smart enough to do the job? Curious that there is no one good enough in PB already. I said curious, not surprised.

Given the corruption scandals in PG county of late, Hiring Kratovil is a good idea. You may disagree w/ his politics but he strikes me as honest & hardworking, no developer connections, payoffs, etc. He'll be successful.

I will never support anybody that support TARP when this country spent Billions of dollars bailing out the banks and never even thought about tying banking reform and consumer protection in with the money. We should have let the banks fail, gone through the bankruptcy process and allow other more responsible banks to buy up the assets.

We're all descended from Africa.

Frank has political connections in PG county; he is from there. He is not an actual prosecutor. He hasn't practiced law in 9 years. During his tenure as Queen Anne's Prosecutor, he ballooned the budget to from 100,000 to 1.2 million dollars. And added 2 company cars to a rural State's Attorney's office. What for? The crime level in Queen Anne's county remained the same from 1995 till even now. Stuffing MD tax money into an office that didn't need it. Then he made his position an administrative one. He rarely, if ever, tried cases. Hiring Kratovil is just adding another PG County Pig to the stable of corruption. Honest? Hardworking? Hardly. Yes I am a resident of Queen Anne's County. I know Frank fairly well on a personal level. I can attest to the power of his connections and lack of actual prosecution clout.

Frank grew up in PG County. It's a great hire for that office.

Kratovil is simply returning to his roots. He was born and raised in Prince George's County. It is only reasonable to expect that his family ties would lead him to the opening in the States Attorney's Office. As a neighbor to Queen Anne's County, I think Kratovil was an able States Attorney. I don't share a similar assessment of his service in Congress. Perhaps he is returning to his true calling in the legal community.

As a State Trooper who has known and dealt with Frank for over 10 yrs, Matt is either a moron or a liar with a grudge against Frank. I'm guessing someone he successfully prosecuted or someone he went after. The comment re cases tried is ridiculous. I had many trials with him and he tried more cases as State's Attorney than any otherState's Attorney in the State. If there was a major case he personally handled it and still even handled cases in District Court. The comment on the budget is also a lie and ridiculous. Just another example of someone with a grudge and motive to lie. I wonder what Frank had on "Matt"??

Kratovil has served most of his professional career as a prosecutor, and a darn good one at that. As a crime victim in QAC, with him as my prosecutor, I can attest to his level of dedication and professional ethics. He brought those same professional standards to QAC when elected as our states attorney. His leadership skills were further recognized by his fellow States Attorneys when they elected him to be the President of the MD States Attorney's association years ago. PG county is lucky to have him. Best Wishes to him in his future endeavors! (come back to the First District - Frank!)

I agree with Mike. Im thinking Matt must have been prosecuted by Kratovil. I disagree completely with everything Matt said about Kratovil's time as States Attormey of Queen Annes County. I am not surprised Kratovil went back to serve as a prosecutor. He has always been a dedicated public servant.

I take exception to Didactic1's comments on Frank Kratovil as a court room prosecutor and as State's Attorney. I practiced opposite Frank Kratovil from the time he arrived in Queen Anne's County until he ran for Congress.

Frank is honest and hardworking.

Having tried a number of court and jury trials against Frank, I know he comes to court well prepared with his A game. I also watched him mature into a prosecutor who understands the substantive law and judicial gloss, as well as the facts of the case, critical skills in a contested criminal trial.

Frank took the State's Attorney's office through a transition from part-time attorneys with stretched schedules to a full-time staff that meets the demands of a county experiencing western shore crime problems.

It is a shame that Didactic1, a self-professed Kratovil personal friend (?), is not confident enough to express his/her criticism more transparently. There is usually a back story that informs the attack.

It is hard to judge a statement credible without the complete story.

Glen Ivey and the people of Prince George's County are lucky to have Frank in that office.

Hopefully this means the first district will be redrawn to dump harford and baltimore county and pick up a line from the Shore straight thru PG county to DC. Add a little more bipartisan balance to the first with more dems.

MSP Troopers shouldn't be stupid enough to argue politics on the Baltimore Sun's blog boards. Leads an intelligent poster to speculate that the poster isn't a trooper or is a rather stupid one.

Good for Franky. He deserves a job he enjoys and this seems like the best fit.

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