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July 12, 2011

New group promises vocal support for gay marriage

Progressive advocates pledged to dial up the volume in favor of a state same-sex marriage bill after falling a few votes short last session and launched a new group aimed at making Maryland the seventh state to pass the law.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality pulls together a collection of unions, churches and progressive groups. The goal: Show wavering delegates that there's support for the controversial measure and pick up the handful of new votes needed to pass it in the state's general assembly.

The group didn't include any surprises -- it's made up of the same organizations that have backed the issue in the past -- but gay advocates said the various groups will play more active roles this time generating support in their communities.

"We didn't ask for it [support] as much as we should have," said Del. Maggie McIntosh, a powerful Baltimore Democrat who is openly gay but until recently kept a low profile on the bill.

The group was launched during a sweltering news conference in front of Baltimore's City Hall and included remarks from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who said she was "grateful" that Baltimore is "ground zero" for the new coalition.

Missing was one of Rawlings-Blake's predecessors and a person who many believe has the clout to tip the balance: Gov. Martin O'Malley. Members of the coalition have repeatedly asked O'Malley to introduce same-sex marriage as part of his legislative package this year. He has not yet said whether he will do it.

Last month, after New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a same-sex bill, O'Malley told The Sun that he would have included the measure in his 2011 legislative package if he thought his name would have helped. And next year? "We'll certainly be looking very seriously at that as we put together our legislative agenda," O'Malley said.

The new group includes the Service Employees Union International, the Communication Workers of America, the Human Rights Campaign, Catholics for Equality, the Maryland Black Family Alliance and Pride in Faith, the ACLU and Equality Maryland.

McIntosh said they have targeted about half a dozen delegates across the state, including at least one GOP member they think could be persuaded to vote for the measure. But the organization is still coming into focus. There's no single person in charge and there's no staff.

Nevertheless opponents of gay marriage are paying attention. An hour after the news conference ended, the Maryland Catholic Conference issued a statement reminding lawmakers that they too have a group, and one with a proven track record.

"The coalition that upheld the time honored tradition of marriage in Maryland remains intact and will continue to be involved," according to a statement from the MCC.  

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Even though very misguided and intellectually dishonest groups managed to mislead just enough politicians in New York into voting for gay marriage, the majority of Marylanders, who rightfully disagree with it, need not despair. Just like they eventually did for abortion and quickly did for man’s role in global warming, the facts overtake the lie. In this case, the facts concerning same-sex behavior will catch up the lie behind gay marriage.

So now with New York having taken the bait and with gay activists having a head start in spreading their propaganda, no one can comfortably set back and pretend that this harmful social experiment, known as gay marriage, will go no further than New York nor have a very negative impact on our children and on our own personal liberties to believe, say, act, associate with, and worship as we please. It will – unless we all work together to form a grass-roots movement that will distribute these facts throughout the country, showing the serious harm of same-sex behavior and how the travesty of gay “marriage” will only exacerbate that harm and weaken marriage even further than now. These facts are as follows:

1. It bears no resemblance to race or gender, to which homosexuality is erroneously compared on a consistent basis.

2. Unlike race or gender, homosexuality can be triggered though social and cultural influences.

3. In comparison to heterosexuals, homosexuals are far more prone to bodily damage and disease, much of which is serious and life threatening.

4. Even in “committed” relationships, homosexuals, primarily men, are notoriously non-monogamous.

5. In areas that permit SSM, homosexuals are far more likely to divorce than heterosexuals.

6. Homosexuals experience more emotional and mental illness, than heterorsexuals.

7. Domestic violence is much more prevalent in male same-sex relationships than in heterosexual ones.

To distribute this information, prevent gay marriage from occurring elsewhere, and eventually overturn it in New York, please copy this post and read the short essay on which it is based. Entitled “The Case for Limiting Government Recognition to Traditional Relationships,” it consists of a blog that I wrote on Yahoo at

Here, besides finding a more detailed discussion of items 1 through 7, above, you’ll also find citations to the scientific references (mainstream, respected, and apolitical references) on which the essay is based. After reading it, please email this post and the link to the essay to as many people as you can and ask that they do the same. Additionally, please post this information in any form you’d like in blogs and in comments sections dealing with this subject; forward it to your elected officials; and call and/or email them, demanding that they vote against any law granting government-recognition to same-sex behavior. In this way, we can keep marriage between one man and one woman.

Here's hoping that Maryland joins the growing list of states granting equal marriage rights to all of its citizens. This is such a blessing to the children of same-sex couples, who long to have married parents as their friends with straight parents get to have!

You doubt poster semyon_suslov do you? Read this piece in the Montreal Gazette about all the terrible things that have happened in Canada in the six years that they've had same-sex marriage:
I'm sure that you can find dozens of stories from Massachusetts that are similar since they radically redefined the foundation of our civilization five years ago. We need not debate what MIGHT happen is there is same-sex marriage in America. We already know!

I highly doubt the legitimacy and doctrine of any church that supports gay marriage. Perhaps its a church like Jeremiah Wrights perhaps? THe Service employees union is also a corrupt group that also supports illegal immigrants despite what they do to American service workers!!! As for the Catholic church, I'm dismayed about their support for illegal immigration, but I stand with them on this issue.

Equality for gay and lesbian families is simply the right thing to do and more people realize that every day.

Take a quick look at the talking points listed by the poster above and notice that none of them cite to any sources. That is because the talking points are flat out false or purposefully misleading.

Luckily, as more and more couples introduce themselves, the rest of the country realizes that discriminating against them and their children harms them while befitting no one.

I'm proud of New York, Connecticut, Iowa,.Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia for leading the way toward equality.

I pray for those who would take rights away from these loving families that they will have their hearts and minds opened to the loving God who told us to stop judging our neighbor, leave judgment to God and love one another.

"the majority of Marylanders, who rightfully disagree with [same-sex marriage]" ??

And by what means do you know what 'the majority of Marylanders' think of same-sex marriage? Got any polls from legitimate and recognized polling organizations that show this?

Or are you just blowing smoke to obfuscate the issue?

While some try hard to say in this debate that same sex attraction is not equal or not inate, the debate is scientifically settled: it is inate.
But even if saying that it is not inate, that is not relevant. Religion is not inate..nor is party affiliation....yet those are protected classes.
If the USA has freedom, then CERTAINLY people can chose their life question there.

Semyon....did you ever write scripts for Monte Pythons flying Circus....because your post is just as absurd!
You need to cite your so called "facts"..
....this should be good.

I don't know how much my legitimate marriage to my husband (performed in Massachusetts, 2008) has affected humankind, but as far as our family, friends, and neighbors are concerned, we're quite the normal couple -- thankyouverymuch. To be honest, we have NEVER had anyone dare to come up to us and declare us a outcasts, or menaces to society, or damned to eternal hell... so I'm pretty sure the concensus among those surrounding us here in Maryland sways TOWARD equal marriage for ALL. And for that, people, I THANK YOU!

In response to semyon_suslov... Nothing in your lists should ever deny a straight person the right to marry, and if straight marriage/people were scrutinized in the same fashion you have just shown, I would expect a huge fall-out from your peers.

Half of what you mention is simply false anyway.

I am gay, monogamous, christian raised, sane, fatherly to my children, been in love to the same man for 7 years, and neither of us would raise a hand to the other.

He IS my husband, and Maryland need to recognize it because they govern me and my decisions.

"nor have a very negative impact on our children and on our own personal liberties to believe, say, act, associate with, and worship as we please."
How is the thought of gay marriage taking away any of YOUR liberties? Sounds like semyon_suslov and a few others here are the ones who are imposing religious persecution. Too bad there's no "new America" for the civil-minded of us to escape this type of moronic and unpatriotic thinking.

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