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July 28, 2011

McDonough: Possibly in for Senate

Del. Patrick McDonough, the conservative Baltimore County Republican who helped to lead the petition drive opposing the Maryland Dream Act, may be “taking a serious look” at a run for U.S. Senate in Maryland in an effort to unseat Democratic Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin next year.

Then again, maybe not.

In an unusually timed statement released Wednesday night, McDonough said he would either run for Senate or for the House of Representatives from the 2nd Congressional District, which is currently represented by Democratic Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger.

The determining factor: The state’s redistricting process.

“As you may know, I have been testing the waters for a possible campaign against Dutch Ruppersberger for a seat in the 2nd Congressional District,” the statement began. “Of course, the re-districting and the new district will not be revealed until October. At that time, if the 2nd Congressional District transforms from ‘uphill to impossible,’ my personal decision will become clear.

“I have decided that if the 2nd Congressional District is gerrymandered rendering it impossible to win, I will take a serious look at seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland.”

McDonough could not be reached for comment after the statement was released at 10:30 on Wednesday. On Thursday, in an interview with The Sun, he was more direct than his statement: “I am going to be on the ballot one way or the other.” He noted that he has no control over redistricting, a process that will be handled solely by Democrats.

McDonough said he is not concerned about the possible fundraising challenge of jumping into a statewide race in October, arguing he has already expanded his base of supporters through the successful petition drive and other efforts. Cardin, considered a safe bet by non-partisan political observers such as the Cook Political Report, raised $1 million in the second quarter of this year and has $1.8 million in the bank.

“My decision to consider a run for Congress is based on two simple conclusions: 1) Washington is a mess. 2) I believe I can help make a difference,” his statement read. “My top priority is to serve in Washington as a representative of the people.”

One of McDonough’s competitors for the GOP nomination, Daniel Bongino, said that McDonough’s decision would not affect his campaign strategy.

“While we respect Delegate McDonough for the work he has done for the Republican Party, our campaign is not waiting on his decision (of) which office he wishes to run for,” Bongino said in a statement. “Washington has failed us and there is no time to sit back and watch the game, we will remain on the field and continue this fight.”

Update: McDonough's statement on Wednesday came late because it followed an item that appeared on the blog Red Maryland, which was the first to report that he was considering a run.

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Aw come on Pat, we don't want to just give Sen Cardin another term. We'd at least like him to have to campaign a little bit.

If his probable defeat for either office would force him into retirement I say run Pat run.

Oh please please run. I'd love to see either of them beat the pants off that blowhard.

I am so tired of the same old politics.Ruthlessburger should be out of office by now, as should Cardin and definitely Mikulski.We need TERM LIMITS NOW. The stale ideas both Democrats and Rebublicans need to be changed every 8-10 years.People, these elected(really bought) officials who make it a career, have no interest at heart but their own.They go in to a job for 8 years making good money and some how always come out being millionaires. Imagine that.Where did your monies go,into their accounts for some favor or other.Vote out ALL incumbents who have been in office 8 years or more and we will have solutions to our problems at least on the table.I don't agree with all the t-party people want, but at least they've had the gumption to put new ideas out there and are listening to their constituants.I find that at the least refreshing compared to what we have now. This president (I voted for) said he would listen,wellt he first 2 years when he didn't need Republican votes he TOTALLY ignored.Now he needs them and he doesn't know how to communicate.Anyway, vote for any newcomer come election time,get the new blood running in Congress.

Hey, why not run? He might be the first troll elected to Congress. Make history, Pat. RUN

I forgot he's still riding high on his recent success at getting the anti-immigrant tuition bill. Hopefully he continues to think that's enough to get elected.

Glad to see many others have the same thoughts about McD.

I "cough" when I have to tell people the names of the state delegates that represent our area.

I would be BEYOND THRILLED for McD to run for any other office if it would mean he'd be gone from our area. (LOL - only saying this 'cause I don't feel he'd beat anyone on a national level.)

McD - good luck with dat if it means good riddance!!!

Pat McDonough for Senate ?? Oh, God, that's good. I laughed so I hard I blew an o-ring !

It would be great to break up the Democrat stranglehold on Maryland. I'd vote for McDonough.

I'm fascinated by the comments stating McDonough couldn't garner the votes to win. He was behind a campaign that got twice as many valid signatures from voters as was required, which is a LOT of votes in this state. How does that make him anything but "in step" with the voters? If he's in step with the voters, then he'll win against Ruppersberger or Cardin, not lose. If 123,000 people statewide were willing to sign the referendum petition on the dream act, that means there are many MORE people who didn't sign but would vote with McDonough.

I hope Pat the best despite the possible gerrymandering. I heard him speak at the toll increase meeting in Dundalk and he also stood up against illegal immigration and the Dream Act. He is a man of principles and truly cares about his constitutents and for our state and country. I think gerrymandering is now Cardin wins since most of Baltimore County is NOT liberal....perhaps Towson, Owings Mills and Reisterstown adn Randallstwon are but not most of the county. No doubt mass transit and "mixed use development" have attracted many Democrats to Owings Mills who used to live in the city.

In the past 10 years, McDonough has been quoted as saying that he is running for County Executive, Governor, Comptroller, Congress, and Senate, and that was before this recent rumor mill.

He uses the publicity to collect campaign contributions, and then is always too chicken to actually pull the trigger.

He knows he can't win, but he is too much of a blowhard to keep his mouth shut about it.

Dutch voted for Obamacare saying it would be just like paying MAIF. I think he has lost touch with a lot of his roots good man but his time has past.Hopefully the democrats will try new blood,don't think Pat is the answer but I hope someone good takes this advantage to beat the machine

Dutch voted for Obamacare saying it would be just like paying MAIF. I think he has lost touch with a lot of his roots good man but his time has past.Hopefully the democrats will try new blood,don't think Pat is the answer but I hope someone good takes this advantage to beat the machine

The second district will have another hat in its ring very shortly. Submitted resignation from Capitol Hill job effective September fifth ... will be filing on the sixth. Because in this crisis, leadership matters.

He is far too the right to get elected statewide in this blue state. The Republicans need to find a moderate candidate who can appeal to the independents and liberals to win any state wide race in this messed up blue state.
Personally I would enjoy Pat MCD. versus Dutch Ruppersberger to compete against each other.
A sumo match!

Please run Pat. To have an effective campaign use the same advisor that gave ol' scowling Joe Bartenfelder the solid advice that got rid of him. Speak English!!! My man Pat. Maybe you can get hacksaw Impallaria to run with you and we can eliminate the two eastside legislative embarrassments in one election. Farrell Maddox must be rolling over his grave these two are so stupid.

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