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July 22, 2011

Immigrant tuition referendum officially makes ballot

The State Board of Elections today notified petitioners that they have succeeded in their effort to have Maryland voters weigh in on a new law enabling illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.

But advocates of the tuition bill have until Aug. 1 to file a lawsuit challenging the referendum.

Elections officials have been counting and validated signatures over the past few weeks. In all, the board accepted 108,923 signatures, nearly double the 55,000 or so needed to secure the referendum a spot on the November 2012 ballot.

“Today the voters of Maryland have achieved a huge victory,“ Del. Neil Parrott said in a statement. The Washington County Republican led the petition effort.

“When we started this petition drive, we knew that Maryland voters wanted more financial responsibility in Annapolis and wanted the enforcement of our immigration laws, not ways to skirt around the law. Today marks the beginning of the end for an illegal alien benefits bill that simply does not make sense.”

Kim Propeack of immigrant advocacy group Casa de Maryland said Casa and other groups are eyeing a lawsuit.

“We don't agree with the State Board of Elections on a lot of their decisions,” she said.

Specifically, Casa and the Maryland chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union believe it is illegal for petitioners to have used a website that links with the state voter registration database to fill in names — citing the potential for fraud.

Also, Casa officials believe the board should not have accepted petitions that were stapled to the full text of the law; the board required petitioners to sign a form with the law printed on the back.

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Now what we need to do is let Casa De Maryland spend alot of there money on oppsing the leagal citizens of Maryland and maybe they will leave the State. Lets not make it comfortable for the criminnals here. The voters have spoken YEAH

Issues such as this should be left to the voters and not our corrupt Md legislators.

Casa de Maryland has requested copies of all the signature pages through the MPIA.

The fact they are heavily involved in this political issue and the money they are going to spend on fighting the CITIZENS of Maryland will be evidence of the possible violation of their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

The IRS will receive the documentation of their actions, efforts, quotes by Propeake their attorney and the complaint next week.

Misinformation at it's finest. I wonder how many people who signed the petition have actually read the law:

The Maryland law sets eligibility requirements for undocumented students: They must complete three years of high school in Maryland and prove that their parents file tax returns. After completing two years of community college, a student can transfer to a public university.

The law also stipulates that students who are not permanent residents must provide the community college with an affidavit stating that they will apply to become one within 30 days of becoming eligible. Male students must register with the Selective Service.

The provisons don't matter - these people are here ILLEGALY. Use my tax dollars to subsidize legal Maryland college students.

To Mac: ..Who cares. they are here in violation of a Federal Law. They sholdn't be able to recive any taxpayer benifits untill they apply to be here Legaly!!

Hey, mac, you wouldn't be an illegal immigrant, would you?

What if teh legal citizens of MARYLAND enact a law that demands the state use every mean possible to gather up all these ILLEGALS and deport them ASAP? Look at teh money the money teh state would save? Do you know the welfare services gives medical, food, money benefits to illegal parents who have kids born in the USA. It should be if Mommy & Daddy are not here legelly, then the kids shouldn't be counted as a USA CITIZEN.


Really? 3 years of high school that was already paid by taxpayers.

And who cares if males must enroll in selective service. 1) Very little chance there will ever be a draft again and 2) if there was, I guarentee that they will not be showing up

Now if we could get a referendum to stop our tax money going to the ILLEGAL casa de maryland.

Hey mac, YOU support those here illegally and stay the HELL out of my families wallet!

Now to wait and see the PR/smear campaign run by CASA de MD and the potential convoluted wording of the ballot question.
It is going to be interesting and intense.
As an aside, interesting Website:

Let me guess're an illegal immigrant, or a recepient of my hard earned tax money that you do little to nothing I right? Get off your a** and do some work instead of sponging off me and the other hard working people of this city, county, state, or country...whichever fits.

You're all idiots. How many of you know how to become a legal US citizen? My guess is each one of you were born in the US and have not had to deal with the process that is central to this issue. I too was born in the US but, because of this debate, I took it upon myself to research the process of becoming a US citizen. It takes 4 years of permanent US residency as a non-citizen (while paying taxes!) before you can even apply to become a citizen. After that, you have less than a 50% chance of being accepted; not because of "credentials", but because our government has capped the number of immigrants that can become citizens each year. On top of that, it can cost as much as $10k in fees to become a citizen. Some of you seem a bit intellectually challenged... so, for a family of 4 immigrants, that's $40k!

I don't agree with this bill either. I completely agree that our moronic state government should be slapped upside the head for even considering this in the midst of the worst economic climate almost all of us have and will see in our lifetimes. However, the pigheaded reasons of opposition that I continue to hear are incredibly disheartening.

I wonder if our august legislators in Annapolis who dumped this terrible law on MD voters have gotten the message yet? We are not happy campers. Shoving an unfair law down our throats won't work anymore. We will not lie down quietly and just pay up. Since you did not take voters wishes into consideration, we have taken the next step. Let the voters decide for themselves!

Who cares about the provisions....Screw them. If your here illegally you deserve no rights at all.


:,,,it can cost as much as $10k in fees to become a citizen."

Prove it.

It cost my wife $1500 because we got a lawyer to handle the paperwork.

Your $10K number is PURE bullcrap.

Pinted on the back! Come on get a real life, focus on real life get a clue! As if my comments really make a difference.
Kinda like pissing up a rope!

Why are the undocumented here in the first place? NAFTA and other 'free trade' agreements have given the green light to US corporations to destroy thousands of small farming communities throughout the Americas, forcing millions to leave their ancestral homes to look for employment, simply to survive.
Being uprooted is not a choice but is forced on so many. If they have come to Maryland and wish to become productive (and yes, tax paying) citizens, we should give them a hand. In-state tuition is only fair.

Hey ARED.....No matter how you spin the situation, the people we are talking about are in the US ILLEGALLY, Many of them having been thrown out and entered a second, third, and fourth time ILLEGALLY. What part of ILLEGAL don't your type understand. And as for the Legal process on entry into the US. It is done that way for a reason, to control the population growth, to control the nature and character of persons entering, to keep out any CRIMINAL element trying to enter, and to Pryecting the American people from explotation of persons not entering to become US Citizen, but just to illegal partake of the benefits of our country. Take your bleeding heart LIBERAL blinders off.

I'll give you one thing Mac, you did state "FILE a tax return", most of the left wing proponents of this bill use the phrase "Pay taxes for three years". Many of these "filers" RECEIVE money from the state from earned income credit and other perks. Regarding the possibility of a suit? Why doesn't the Casa organization use it's money to help the poor immigrants, legal that is.

WOW...... Illegal immigrants telling us what is legal and what is not in this country. I guess we should just rename OUR country to The United States of Northern Mexico.

@Posted by: ARedd04 | July 22, 2011 3:29 PM

Where in the world did you do your research on the cost of becoming a US citizen?

Before you go calling anyone an idiot I strongly suggest you have a non-idiotic platform upon which to stand.

Actual documentation of one that became a US citizen.
Hmmmm, certainly doesn't add up to no $10k now does it!!!!
"2nd May 2008 07:57 PM #2 [REF. REMOVED]
Registered User
Join Date: Mar 2008
$400 for the application + $12 for photos + $116 for Passport....becoming a U.S. Citizen, Priceless
DO : Santa Ana
07/23/2007 Priority Date
12/14/2007 FP Done on scheduled date
03/05/2008 Interview Date(PASSED)
04/30/2008 U.S.Citizen!!!!
05/02/2008 Passport applied *Regular Postage*
05/13/2008 Passport received w/ U.S. Certificate"

The beauty of this effort is that it came from the people of Maryland.

Yes, Neil Parrott helped to develop the website, but many many legislators were behind it. Many of the Dems had to work behind the scenes because of threats from party leaders.

In one case, the delegate was told he would lose his committee chairmanship if he publically supported our effort.

And, let's not forget Del. Pat McDonough who has been the leader on the illegal alien issue in Annapolis for over ten years.

In addition, Valarie McDonough worked tirelessly to deliver petitions to those who had no access to a computer. This effort included printing, mailing, and hand delivering petitions.

Then, let's remember all the volunteers who got out EVERY weekend to gather signatures, sometimes with the opposition trying to harass them.

They need to be congratulated.

The local media also helped, including WCBM, WBAL, Fox 45, and WMAL in DC. Tom Marr, Pat McDonough, C4, and Chris Plante pushed this petition on each radio program.

In fact, the first two weeks of the drive McDonough was doing WCBM every day guest hosting for Marr as well as his own show, and every day he was on the air the website got 5K hits.

The people pulled together on this one and sent a message to not only the Governor but the one party assembly.

Now, the governor wants to raise more taxes and push gay marriage. We can't do anything about fighting a tax bill as our constitution doesn't allow us to take a tax bill to the ballot.

But, gay marriage can be challenged by petition. All indications are that this will happen should this socially destructive bill go forward.

We need to watch what the Governor is up to next session as well as the special session he has called for in October.

They pushed through online vote registration this year and it was signed into law. We need to be sure that the voter rolls are accurate or Casa will try to defeat the petition through bogus registration and voting.

Also, we need to be careful because O'Malley is seeking the vice-presidential spot on the dem ticket next year. This means he is willing to do or say anything to be picked.

We need to be careful, and monitor what is going on in Annapolis consistently.

Don't forget about the lawsuit that McDonough and Judicial Watch have filed against Montgomery College for allowing in-state tuition for illegal aliens over the past 8 years costing every taxpayer in Maryland nearly 6 million dollars for just the last 3 years.

That's one 3-year period for one community college. We have 16 community colleges. The governor is still sending 150 million dollars to Montgomery College each year, even though he knows that the college admits it is violating both state and federal law.

Our fight to take back our state has just begun.

Today the PEOPLE (legal resident voters) won! The representatives that voted for this political giveaway were just given notice. When the majority votes to repeal this law that the people do NOT want remember to vote AGAINST anyone who voted to pass the original or they will just try another way to force this on us during another session.

The next item for review is the voter registration in MD to remove undocumented (illegal) residences that are voting illegally.. The DEMS of MD help their registration and make sure they butter-up illegals for their votes.!!!

Maybe some of the people on here should know what they are talking about before making themselves look stupid when commenting, and the people that use this resource all aren't criminals. Unless you are a full blooded Indian, you too are a immigrant! Furthermore, maybe you should be out working instead of sitting on your lazy butt complaining about "illegals!" I'm sure these people are also the ones that say these same "illegals" are taking the "americans" jobs...well if the "americans" would work the jobs and stop being complacive and lazy, there wouldn't be any jobs for those darn "illegals" to take!!!

That whole argument about how everyone is an immigrant is getting old and lame. And you are about a month late on this article! Oh, and you are the one that looks stupid :)

Tabitha, that whole argument about how everyone is an immigrant is getting old and lame. And you are about a month late on this article! Oh, and you are the one that looks stupid :)

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