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July 20, 2011

Bongino to attend Beck rally in Israel

Daniel Bongino, the former U.S. Secret Service agent who is running for Senate, will travel to Israel next month to attend a rally being organized by the outgoing Fox commentator and conservative icon Glenn Beck, his campaign said.

Beck, who told a Christians United for Israel summit this week that defending Israel may be "the cause of our lifetime," is planning the rally for Aug. 24. Beck invited Bongino, a Republican running against Democratic Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, to attend the event.

"Israel is one of our staunchest allies in an increasingly volatile world," Bongino said in a statement. "From Israel's inception it has promoted freedom and democracy for all of its citizens and stands as a beacon of freedom in a region of the world that cries out for such.”

Conservative Republicans have been particularly vocal on Israel since President Barack Obama suggested during a speech in May that the boundaries in place before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war should serve as a starting point for peace negotiations – a position that angered Israeli leaders.

But it’s not clear whether Bongino can distinguish himself from Cardin on the issue. Cardin is a long-established defender of Israel who has enjoyed support from groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The group recently praised Cardin for co-sponsoring a non-binding resolution approved by the Senate that threatens to cut off U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority if its leaders try to circumvent direct negotiations with Israel.

“We should never let the international community divide the strength between the United States and Israel,” Cardin said during an address to the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs on June 27. “We need to help Israel from so many countries that want to isolate it."

Asked whether Bongino would use campaign money to pay for the trip, a campaign spokeswoman said details are still being worked out with Beck's staff.

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Nice to see that this guy cares so much for Israel. I wonder what his opinion is of ensuring that actual American citizens have good paying jobs, effective health care, enough food to eat, and a roof over their heads? Maybe he should work on solving those problems before he starts wasting his time with a country on the other side of the Earth.

Wake up! Israel is our Front Line in our War Against Terror...Islamic radicals. Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons will be stopped by Israel.

That's why we should all care.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee should also wake up! Cardin was a COsponsor on a NONbinding resolution that "threatens" to cut off aid to the Palistinians. For this he deserves praise? Wake up people, the democrats will sell you out at every turn!

Crackpot attends gathering sponsored by crackpot. Good to know.

I'll tell you Ron, as his own website stated he wants MORE H1B visas for America.

This means, more American jobs going to foreign workers, more Americans out of work, and more Americans on welfare.

This clown will NEVER get my vote!!

WHat an idiot. All use Israel for their own interest.. Israeli are better of than American, their economy is in a great shap, no debt, thanks to the naive American, who listen to people like Glken Beck and others who uses Israel to advance thier own agenda. Wake up Amirica, our interest is not with Israel....they the ones who descriminate against Christians in Israel, Took their home and give to Jews from other countries, Ameircan people anre very naive when it comes to Israel.

I really don't understand the first comment. As a US senator you have to worry about foreign policy and domestic issues. Since his campaign started he has been discussing domestic policies, I believe this is his first foreign policy event and you want to attack him for not spending enough time on domestic issues? where is your criticism for Obama and his fequent golf outings and fundraising excursions to New York City when our nation's economy is crumbling? Liberals are so out of it. . . .

Hey Joe....say it ain't so!!

Haven't you at least read this guy's website? No??? Ok, here is what he posted when he first put up his website when asked about immigration:

"Secondly, I believe we must move towards a re-evaluation of the current H1B visa system. This system is grossly inadequate for attracting the world’s best and brightest to the U.S. and severely limits our future capacity for economic growth."

I've got news for this guy, the best and the brightest are in America already, and the only thing "grossly inadequate" is his respect for the American worker!!!

Has this guy, or you Joe, ever heard of American Exceptionalism?? How do you think our college graduates feel about seeing their futures being allotted away to foreign workers??

Since activists started to publicly denounce his position, he changed "H1B Visas" to "Chain Migration", which now makes little sense, but reveals how desperate this guy is to hide his real intentions concerning immigration and its impact on the American worker.

In addition, Maryland unemployed who have fallen victim to the abused H1B visa program are furious at a candidate for U.S. senate who promotes MORE foreign workers who will take more AMERICAN jobs away from more AMERICAN citizens.

Maybe you, Joe, don't need to worry about your job as you seem to have unlimited hours to play on the computer. But, I can assure you there are plenty of unemployed Americans who will NEVER vote for ANY candidate in ANY party for ANY office that advocates not only the continuation of a program that destroys the lives of the American worker, but actually thinks the program should be expanded.

And, why can't those of us who follow Maryland politics ask the tough questions of this guy? For example:

Who is he?

Why did he leave the NY police force after only 4 years?

Who is he connected to other than the failed candidate for Governor, Brian Murphy?

Why would he leave his job with the Secret Service so suddenly?

He has absolutely NO experience for the office he seeks, yet the public is not allowed to take a critical look at him?


Did he get his qualifications for the senate through osmosis, i.e. breathing the fumes from the president's car as he ran behind it?

Did he sit at the cabinet table and participate in high level policy discussions?

If, as has been reported he has only raised $11,000.00, then who is funding the Israel trip?

When asked on national TV why he is running, why does he say "I'm tired of being tired?"

(Is this all it really takes, Joe, to get your vote? Are you on his payroll?)

Who is funding him,and whose agenda does he really promote?

And finally, if you are going to brag about being with the Presidential Detail of the Secret Service and promote yourself as someone who protects the life of the president as worthy of being in the senate, then why are you quitting now???

Is it that if your job requires laying down your life to save the life of our President that you'll take a bullet for a white president but not a black one???

Voters have a right to know the answers to ALL of these questions.

So far, all I've seen is an immature shoe salesman and carpetbagger with an enormous ego trying to usurp his way into the senate.

It is obvious that you are BonRino's stooge, Joe, but the real question begs, whose stooge is BonRino???

I didn't realize that 21208 was the zip code for suburban Tel Aviv...........;->

Your allegations of racism are disgusting and typical for a disgusting person like you who is driven by hate and anger. You have ZERO credibility in Annapolis or with anyone other elected official. Please feel free to continue your insults about his family and his character.It only grows his mailing list.

More threats from you, JoeRino?

Yes, we all know it is you BonRino masquerading as Joe Brady.

Who will you be tomorrow? Bill, Ted, Dick???? Joe Brady 1, or Joe Brady 2???

Aren't you tired of acting like a coward??? Wouldn't it be nice if you'd address your record, or lack of one, and stick to the facts.

Just the facts, pal.

Something you can't do????

SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS CODE 3 LEVEL SECURITY ALAERT for this USA POLITICAL RALLY on Forign Soil! Beck has been made aware of the dangers and is acting like he is OK and doesn't care if it is voilent or that Israeli's don't need a PRO Israel ralley in there vountry!! HOW CAN WE STOP THIS MASSACRE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!

the threat level coming from joe is getting very high, almost dangerous....wonder what his heat index is.

i suggest that you get out of the sun because obviously your brain is baking.

the questions raised on this blog are very interesting and i find it more than curious that the only one supporting bongino is this guy joe who is either bongino himself, or someone on his payroll.

maybe that's why he's only raised 11,000 dollars.

these sad posts illustrate to everyone how unorganized the bongino campaign is as well as how deceptive the strategy for gaining the senate seat must be.

i feel sorry for you.

but, let's address some issues that deserve to be addressed.

it has been reported to the press that the reason bongino has had no presence in annapolis, never worked on any issues, never testified on any legislation is because he came under the hatch act.

this is not only misleading, but a very poor excuse for hiding a complete lack of community involvement.

the hatch act would have never permitted him from being active in state and local issues, and to use the hatch act as a defense for doing nothing in the state is sad and pathetic.

in addition, i found the website from last year's young republicans candidate list and it clearly shows bongino running for senate last year, but insiders told me that he couldn't get any support so he dropped out before filing.

so much for hiding behind hatch.

he does seem to have a couple of qualifications for senate....that is, he has no understanding of the law and easily misrepresents facts.

however, i do think that these vague threats coming from his online stooge warrant being reported to the police and the press.

as far as i can see from reading these posts, bongino has follwed the saul alinsky playbook.....destroy you enemy at all costs, including personal attacks.

let's see if beck wants a guy on his restore courage tour that feels attacking and threatening private citizens who disagree with his policies is the way to public office.

for someone who has a degree in psychology, i'm sorry he hasn't taken the time to analyze not only himself but the loons he associates with.

this nutjob will never get my vote.

I agree!!!!

The Hatch Act would have NEVER prohibited BonRino from participating in local or state politics. Using this as an excuse for inaction is really quite sorry.

Now, the question begs, is BonRino really a Cardin plant?

Just as many across Maryland felt Murphy was an O'Malley plant due to his being a Democrat until just before announcing his run for Governor, and his campaign contributions to Friends of O'Malley, and his possible ties to John Coale and Sarapac; so there are those now looking into the possibility of BonRino being a Cardin plant.

Maybe that's why he quit his job to "lay it all on the line", because Cardin has promised him a position on the hill should he help with his re-election.

I also agree with the previous poster that it appears NO ONE is supporting BonRino but this Joe guy, AND the threats coming from Joe are quite disturbing. He seems unstable and unbalanced.

If these threats are coming from BonRino himself, then we all have to ask ourselves if we really want a bully in the U.S. Senate.

I think not, and sending the threatening posts to the police is a good idea.

In Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, the tactics being employed here by the Rino supporter, Joe, illustrate a close adherence to the Alinsky guidelines.

Very scary!!

According to Alinsky, the organizer — especially a paid organizer from the outside (carpetbaggers) — must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility.

Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy.

An organizer has to attack, even using personal attacks.

Now we all know that personal attacks are used when the attacker CANNOT justify his position using facts. Thus, personal attacks, quite like those used by "Joe".

BonRino was NEVER prohibited from the Hatch Act in participating in politics.

BonRino says he is working on a national endorsement. Well, if it is Sarah Palin, I hope she has learned something since the mistake she made with Murphy.

Anyway, once a viable candidate announces to run against Cardin, BonRino will disappear back into the woodwork.

Then again, maybe he will start selling cakes.

Wow, the Dems must really be afraid of this guy. Wasn't paying much attention but seeing how much effort this guy seems to be putting into his comment posts, guy seems like a candidate I need to watch.

The Dem attack machine has been going after this guy for weeks, just look at the comments section from any prior post. Heard him on the radio yesterday and tweeted about it, he is an impressive candidate with no political baggage who may be able to shake things up here..

hey ron,

don't be surprised if it is the Dems that are actually behind this guy.

i'm watching him too as his statements about the economy and immigration are right out of obama and alinsky's playbook.

as for education, he doesn't even mention it on his website.

maybe because he has no interest in public schools.

you're not the only one that will keep watching.

Seems like the writer of a lot of these comments has an agenda he is not being clear about. If he hates Bongino so much he should run but things like this is what keeps good people out of politics

Ron, Watch all you want.....No Dems posting on this blog....but you already know that! My analogy is simple: Why would a ship deckhand ever think he
could be the Captain just by association?
Fear....there's no fear here just concern that an ego driven candidate with no obvious qualifications would strive to run for the Senate instead of getting his sea legs running for city council in the Md. town where he lives?

What makes DB so tired.....running behind the President's car? (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

I do have a request, please drop the reference to being "tired" it's amateur....and sounds, well to be honest, silly!

For those who didn't already pick up on it, there is really just one person responsible for all those anti-Bongino, racist, and silly comments: Del. Pat McDonough - you've probably never heard of him, but I'll explain more later. Now, about Dan - he's a stand-up guy, with a wonderful family and the right vision for Maryland. But it's time to set the record straight.

I've met Dan, and am a huge Bongino supporter. Like many folks, I used to be an Ehrlich supporter but I respect what Murphy did. Murphy and Bongino are putting the Maryland Republican Party back on the map. We should be proud of our 'Young Guns.'

Every time a candidate like Murphy or Bongino takes a stand, guys like Delegate McDonough (like I said, you've probably never heard of him - he's that guy who let Delegate Parrott do all the heavy lifting for the petition drive - which was a huge accomplishment by Del. Parrott, btw congrats! - but somehow McDonough always found time to get in front of the cameras.) are more concerned with tearing down the new guys than with doing the will of the people.

McDonough wanted to run for Governor, or at least wanted people to think he was even though he's pretty much un-electable, but he was jealous when Murphy made such a splash standing up for what is right. Instead of supporting a fresh face, McD spent his time sending surrogates to post on walls like this to tear Murphy down.

Now, McD was hoping to run for Senate, or at least wanted to make people think he was, because he's still un-electable, and he knows Bongino is a better candidate. Bongino could be the Marco Rubio of Maryland, but instead of supporting Bongino and doing what's best for the party, McD's got goofy people posting all over sites like this to challenge Bongino's credibility. He's even calling other Delegates and telling them lies and calling Bongino a racist. McD should be ashamed of himself.

How about this? Everyone take a long, hard look at Bongino's record. He's a great candidate. And as for goofballs like McDonough, I have one promise - if you continue to spread lies about Dan, Brian, and their families, just to advance your pitiful career, you'll regret it. You may finally get your name in the papers, but the headlines won't be the flattering one's you're hoping for.

The Dem attack machine is in full force folks. They are terrified of this guy and the writer of these borderline insane comments knows it.

Pat McDonough and his hitwoman Sue Payne have been working with the Democrats for weeks to sadly attempt to discredit Bongino and Murphy because they have been attracting new followers to the party. Isn't it odd how much attention gets paid to these guys on the comments section every time either one is mentioned? McDonough spent an hour on his radio show desperately lying about Bongino and Murphy. Lost all respect for Pat, sad ending to a once proud public official. Guy is more worried about his own fiefdom than changing Maryland.

Typical MD Repub, eat your young, great strategy Pat

I also listened to the show last night and heard a guy named Corrigan Vaughn speak about a guy named this the same guy, Joe?

Anyway, I thought the conversation was very informative. First time I heard of Vaughn, but I liked him a lot!!

Apparantly, Vaughn is running aginst Bondingo for the senate seat and I thought his interview was very informative. I also thought the questions being raised about Bondingo were not only relevant but necessary.

Vaughn spoke to the issues and pointed out why we don't want to support Bondingo, and I particularly liked the questions he raised about Bondingo's motivations and who might be funding his campaign.

I also felt McDonough's comments about people coming out of the woodwork who have never done anything for either the party or for the state, on any level, very smart.

I am left with a lot of questions about Bondingo, and I don't like him using personal attacks because he is very weak on both the issues and his record, or lack thereof.

I agreed with the earlier posting about comparing Bondingo to a deckhand. I think that is exactly who he is, and I don't like his views on immigration.

I agreed with Vaughn when he pointed out that Bondingo has the same views as Cardin, and that on many issues Bondingo was the same as Cardin.

This next election has to be about real leadership. Someone who has used the Hatch Act as an excuse for his sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is doing the hard work on both state and local levels is very troubling.

I don't know why he would quit his job, unless he can't handle responsiblity and who is to say he won't walk away from another job.

Bottom line...he might be a nice guy, but he has absolutely nothing new to offer, no leadership qualities, no record, and appears to act like a bully.

I'm taking a look at Corrigan Vaughn as I really liked what he had to say, and really was impressed with his record and level of involvement in Annapolis.

Also, he appeared to be a gentleman and someone people could respect.

I have no respect for the Bondingo guy and will never vote for him.

Vaughn? Yep he's a winner! Hasn't he run for every office in MD? Has he even received a vote? Pat and Sue really picked a winner. Nice job guys! Way to grow the party.

Those are some of the most uninformed comments I have heard. If you want to know who is funding a campaign just go to the FEC site. The angry writer beating this guy up isn't too bright.

Looking at Corrigan? Just another McDonough hack trying to make Dan look bad b/c McD is jealous. Only in Maryland do Republicans eat their young. Didn't Corrigan Vaughn also run for President before he ran for Senate then ran for Governor? Good luck with that one, McD - you guys are peas in a pod. McD, give it up and have your surrogates do the same. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Yeah, isn't Vaughn the one who jumped from Senate to run for Governor on the Green Party ticket, only to get kicked off the Green Party ticket because they knew he was a plant? Some ploy - he only got 179 votes. Guys like him and McD are the reason people think Republicans are idiots - and based on their behavior, who can blame them? Murphy went to UMD on an academic scholarship, graduated with honors, and got an MBA from Wharton. And Bongino has two Master's Degrees and left the Secret Service as one of the highest rated agents in history. Look it up, McDonough - it's true! McD sounds like he got kicked out of clown college.

typical nonsense from a career politician like mcdonough. hey pat, ur a fraud, and everyone knows it!! pick on someone else!!

hey pat, you alway tell folks to 'speak english'? why don't you learn to read english, and do some homework on the Hatch Act. passed in 1939 and named for Sen. Carl Hatch of NM, it prohibits federal employees from the executive branch from engaging in partisan political activity.

Bongino was active in several local Republican clubs, but his activity was restricted and he was prohibited from running from office until he resigned. what was his job? oh, i forgot - being the most decorated secret service agent in history, putting his life on the line to protect the most powerful man in the world, and breaking up the largest fraud ring in Baltimore history. now that sounds like a guy we can all get behind.

Pat, guys like you are the reason the mdgop is such a mess. Go Bongino!!!!!

Marco Rubio ...5

Daniel Bongino...0

A comparison of these two men is by no means realistic. Let's review and compare experience:


l. Interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen while attending Law School

2. Late 1990's served as City Commissioner for West Miami

3. 2000, Elected to the Florida House of Representatives

4. 2006-2008, Elected Speaker, Florida House of Representatives

5. Elected 2010, U. S. Senate

Bongino: 0

I don't have a dog in this fight but have found this blog rather captivating...the comparison to Senator Rubio, by a blogger obviously enamored with Mr. Bongino, has raised my hackles. I decided to investigate similarities and found the only comparison between these two men is their hair color. Rubio, a hard working politician with years of experience, truly committed, and Bongino, like many young people today, aspires to gain a title without doing the work, purely an arrogant approach. Mr. Bongino's past job was performed with much commitment I am sure, however, I can't find the relevance in using it as a foundation for public office...maybe a Sheriff, but not a United States Senator.

We should always be suspicious of candidates that don't walk the walk before they talk the talk....remember, Senator Rubio 5.....Bongino 0.

An observation.... THE THREATS...... they are obviously posted by Mr. Bongino or people close to him.....very unsettling.....makes DB or his handlers sound like arrogant bullies....DB has become fair game, he has put himself in this position, so if he can't stand the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen".

As far as DB's handlers referring to him as a "young gun" and" Maryland's Marco Rubio" , ridiculous. The former is born from total arrogance and the latter comparison is an oxymoron, a true contradiction of terms............

Is this guy's name Bongino or Gambino???

From what I can see from these postings, I would assume the latter.

If he starts taking up the violin, I'm leaving the state.

Right, good point that's exactly what we need right now, more career politicians. Is the writer kidding me? People are fed up with the system and she attacks a guy who left a job with the Secret Service to do this. Sounds like her dog in the fight is the career hack she has been likely been posting for. Just read the comments folks, it's pretty easy to figure it out. I did after about 5 minutes.

Calling yourself Indingo now? This is too funny, but let's see if Gambino can remove his mask.

Voters are yearning for authenticity today, not a guy who runs for office because he was tired and out of a job.

Voters are also much more sophisticated than they used to be, so when a phony decides to run as someone authentic, voters see through it right away.

If you need proof of this fact, take a look at the Murphy campaign last year.

You can put together the best product marketing campaign. You can hire the best consultants, produce the glitziest ads, build the most professional network, worm your way into TV spots, and raise the most money and flood the airwaves.

But in the end, people have to want the product. Otherwise you’re just the New Coke.

Gambino comes across as too arrogant and too scary. And it is laughable to think anyone would compare him to Marco Rubio.

In politics, if people don’t like you in the first 15 seconds, you’re in real trouble.

A lot of opportunists like Gambino don’t seem to pass this test. In fact, most people who've met him say nearly the same thing...scary.

New York has an open seat for congress. Why doesn't he just go back there and run for office?

He quit his job. He's a New Yorker, not a Marylander. Why not just go back there and run? Or does his home state know too many of his secrets?

Even a dog doesn't stick around where he isn't wanted, and judging from these posts, no one wants this Indingo, Gambino, or Bondingo guy here.

BTW....when you leave the state, take Murphy with you.

McDonough - enough with the Bongino attacks. What do you gain by attacking your own party? Will you please let it rest? Stop posting your hate and leave Bongino alone.

Bongino - enough with the McDonough attacks. What do you gain by attacking your own party and a proven leader? Will you please let it rest? Stop posting your hate and leave McDonough alone.

I'm glad Indigo thinks he or she is so clever....I am exactly as I said, a person with no dog in this fight. The only player I am familiar with is Daniel Bongino...while searching for info on Glenn Beck Israel and the Sun article popped up. As I commented, the blog was interesting enough to do some research on DB, I read every thing I could find and then the post comparing DB to Marco Rubio was just too much, hence the birth to my posting.... and believe me, I meant every word I wrote...... and every word you read.

Now listen very carefully Indigo, your response, is a perfect example of the immaturity of DB's supporters and, over time, will definitely shed a poor light on his endeavor. There will always be people like me who honestly do not feel Bongino is qualified for the Senate at this time. The fact that he was a Secret Service Officer is admirable but does not in any way qualify him for public office. If you can't understand that very simple fact...oh well! I have a son that is DB's age, very educated and he, too, worked in the White House under Presidents Clinton ( 2 years) and Bush (2 years). He was in the oval office almost every day for four years....and had a very responsible job....but he would be the first to tell you that it would be a fools folly to think he could run for the Senate.based on that experience alone.

I live in an area of Maryland where we have been invaded by illegals, our property taxes have soared, crime is out of control and trust me I could go on forever. My husband wants to retire but can' I am not a stooge, as you are Indigo, for anyone.....I have lived long enough to form my own opinions and have the confidence to express them. Maybe it would serve all of you well to reread each of these postings and evaluate you approach, which is immature, threatening at times, and submitted with a level of arrogance truly not representative of a person running for office. We still live in a country where American citizens can voice opinions, don't we???? ?? and politicians either learn to take it or find another pursuit. So Indigo, oh, clever one, think twice before you submit such an emphatic statement, take more than five minutes prior to going on the attack next are truly not as clever as you think!

Well this has not been informative at all. A bunch of lies being spewed forth from Pat McDonough and Sue Payne and folks who cater to the Establishment. Wake up- you are not the king makers- YOU do not decide who WE the people pick.
How many on here have actually met and heard Dan Bongino? I have- at two different events. I have also met Corrugan Vaughn and William Capps. Vaughn ran for Governor under the green party- enough said. Capps I like a lot, but not nearly as much as Bongino. I made a decision 3 years ago to never vote for anyone I haven't met and taken a measure of the man (or woman).
Dan is sincere and has put his entire future on the line in order to run for office. If that alone doesn't merit getting off your ass and listening to the guy in person then you are screwing over our country and just plain being lazy.

Pat and Sue- you two need to stop fighting conservatives- just because you did not hand pick them. Over the past two months and you have blasted a great many conservatives. Why? I know many of the folks you have aimed your barbs at and I now know you for what you are. A politician whose time has come and will soon pass and you are trying to grab at whatever power trip you can. This does not do you credit sir and will surely bite you in the ass someday.
You are hurting your own party. Yes these candidates should be vetted, but everyone of you needs to meet him in person as well as the other candidates and make up your own choice. Don't let the smear machine of ex-Democrats stop you.

McDonough, you are pathetic. No one takes you seriously, and your posts show why. You picked this fight with Dan, but he's clearly going to win. Your jealousy is transparent, and it's sad. Pat MCDonough, I know you think pretty highly of yourself, but it's time to fade away. Do Maryland taxpayers know they pay you to post under fake names on sites like this and smear fellow Republicans?

Breaking News!

Someone just told me Bondingo got fired.

Is this true??

Would explain a lot.

Also, heard he is becoming a playwright.

His first production?

The Vagino Monologues

Pat McDonough is betting his entire career on the lies he is spreading about Dan Bongino.

Everyone, PLEASE look into EACH AND EVERY allegation Pat McDonough has made about Bongino, from his being fired from the Secret Service to McDonough's insane claim that Bongino is racist.

Please, look into each and every one - Dan Bongino will come out smelling like a rose, and McDonough will continue to destroy his reputation.

Honestly, I don't like either one of them too much.
I'll start with Bongino: First of all he is a Murphy(/Pelura) candidate. You can not dispute the fact that Murphy was a Democrat and that the Palin endorsement came from someone on Palin's advisory team that also works with O'Malley.
McDonough: While I agree with a lot of what he stands for, I do not like him as a person and I don't think he executes his grand plan for Maryland in the most effective way. Also, sometimes I wonder if he is really in it for the people.

From Harford, where do you get the idea that Brian Murphy is some kind of Democrat plant? I went to high school with Pelura's son in Annapolis, and I know that the Pelura family was always active in Republican politics. Yes, Pelura is no fan of Bob Ehrlich, but I would bet dollars to donuts that he has never supported a Democrat for elected office.

@From Hartford, you nailed the issue with McDonough right on the head. He's ineffective, and he's certainly not in it for the people.

The rumor Murphy was a Democrat plant was hatched by McDonough the same way he is now claiming Bongino got fired from the Secret Service. Whether you love Gov. Palin or hate her, you'll have better luck proving Bongino got fired (btw - not only was Bongino not fired, he left with the highest rating in history and was given a cash award for outstanding service), than proving Sarah Palin works for the Democrats. Keep fishing.

Bongino leaves the security of a great job to run for US Senate? How smart is that? Young family in tow. In this economy. In Maryland less than 10 years (he is claiming 10 years - obviously can't count) Going to Israel for Becks rally? - what a moron. Support Israel yes but a stunt which wastes time and money like this?

Hear Pat McD is now in the race THANK GOD!! Danny boy, better move to the back of the line. You still have an "out" - I noticed you havent filed with MD Bd of elections - no need to bother.

Dan Bongino

The Tired Candidate for U.S. Senate

Dan Bongino has been making the media rounds and has made quite a few interesting statements on policy issues.

Did you know that on May 31, 2011 the Baltimore Sun reported Dan saying “I thought it would be fun to run for U.S. senate”.

June 1, 2011: When interviewed on WMAL about why conservatives have a difficult time winning in Maryland, Dan referenced the Murphy campaign and then stated voters have “rejected the messenger, not the message”. (Does Dan think his message is different from his campaign manager, Murphy, whose message was rejected by 3 out of 4 voters?)

June 4, 2011: When asked by Neil Cavuto why he wanted to run for the U.S. Senate, Dan answered, “I just got tired of being tired. I was tired two years ago. Now I’m really tired. So I got tired of being tired”. When Cavuto asked Dan his views on politicians, he stated; “I am just tired of hearing about what you are going to do. Tell me what you did, not what you are going to do”.

June 6, 2011: When asked by Fox & Friends on why he hasn’t been involved with politics until now, Dan stated that he’s “always been a bit of a wonk”. When asked about the economy, Dan replied “the economy is an open book test, destined to fail.”

June 8, 2011: When asked by Wolf Blitzer where is his record on the economy, Dan answered that he’s “done a lot of research on macro-economics”. When asked how long he’s been thinking of running for public office, Dan answered that “we took a week to think about it”.

July 19, 2011: When asked by the Maryland Reporter about his degrees in psychology and neuropsychology as credentials for understanding the economy, Dan answered that his degrees “are not that far removed from economics”. When asked about health care in the same interview, Dan replied “health care, it’s an open book test, destined to fail”. When asked about politicians, Dan’s response was “people are tired”.

On June 2, 2011 Dan was asked to answer ten questions for Red Maryland. He quoted from his own website at the time. When asked about immigration, Dan answered “I believe we must move towards a re-evaluation of the current H1B visa system. This system is grossly inadequate for attracting the world’s best and brightest to the U.S. and severely limits our future capacity for economic growth.”

NOTE: The H1B visa system replaces American workers with foreign workers and outsources American Jobs. Bongino and Cardin are in complete agreement about the H1B visa program and they are both promoting positions that destroy the lives and futures of the American worker.

Aren’t you tired as well of pseudo politicians with no record and no new ideas who won’t protect American jobs?

Being a United States Senator is not an office to be sought because you think it might be fun or you are tired of being tired.

Maryland needs a senator, not a wonk, who respects her citizens and doesn’t think our future is an open book test.

McDonough's an opportunist and career hack who is going to be beaten soundly in a primary by this new guy. He sees the poll numbers that's why he won't make a decision.

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