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April 7, 2011

O'Malley needles NJ's Christie on his home turf

Gov. Martin O'Malley's criticism of Gov. Chris Christie hit closer to home last night, as the Maryland governor spoke at the New Jersey Democrats' annual fundraising dinner.

"Balancing budgets is important, but what some Republican governors seem to forget is that creating jobs is also important," O'Malley said, according to his prepared remarks. Later, he added, "Instead of standing up for the middle class, we get stand-up comedy routines from colorful characters like your governor."

Christie's New Jersey Republicans fired back at O'Malley. "All you'll hear tonight is the sound of Gov. O'Malley's broken campaign promises as taxes/fees go up for Marylanders," the party wrote on its Twitter account. They flagged the Tweet with #weakkneedGov.

O'Malley made the trip up Interstate 95 as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. His appearance at the New Jersey Jefferson Jackson Day dinner in New Brunswick was a signal that Christie will be a featured element in the state's legislative races this year, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote.

O'Malley and Christie have been at each other's throats for more than a year now. Christie mocked O'Malley's budget in March 2010 and disparaged his pension plan in a February appearance on Fox Business Network. O'Malley, meanwhile, called Christie "a colorful character" at a February address to the Virginia Democratic Party.

O'Malley opened his speech last night with a jokey comparison of Maryland and New Jersey. He concluded by referring to Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

"In Maryland, we threw out a mean-spirited, ineffective, Republican governor after just one term," he said. "And in New Jersey -- well, let's just say it's good to know we have so much in common."

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Christie cites budgets and numbers and tells Dems where they are wrong. Then he fixes them, sometimes by making tough choices, like asking people to take care of their own welfare and finances. Heaven forbid. Meanwhile, Dems promise needle and name call and ridicule because they have no facts to rely upon. Inciting anger is their means to victory. Unfortunately, once the heated rhetoric runs out, we have, well, the disaster they leave behind them for people like Christie to clean up.

Jason, your description of democrats, while accurate, also describes the entire George W Bush presidency.

O'Malley will never be capable of the adult job that needs to be done like Christie is doing.

Christie is not indoctrinated into PC like O'Malley is. He knows and is not afraid to call the union leaders THUGS!

O'Malley is a pandering idiot who could care less about the citizens of Maryland and cares only about himself.

Mean spirited, OMalley knows about that. He's the vov who gives lip service to helping "working families" in Maryland, yet he was so quick to furlough state employees, and the force to take further cuts by increasing their contributions to their health and retirement. He is very good at giving money to people who don't work but the people who do work get slammed.

If you say so Ryan. Of course, Obama is making the disaster worse.

When is gitmo closing again?

martin o you should just keep your mouth shut

So in other words, you idiots love Christie because he cuts out all of the programs that the Government's reason for existing to begin with, for the purpose of making the rich richer - which is the antithesis of the reason this country exists! Talk about a screwed up view of our nation. O'Malley does the best he can to salvage decency from the Repubs efforts to destroy our middle class and our American way of life!

The problem with Christie is the same problem with other Republican governors, including Scott Walker, the a great at telling voters we need to make painful cuts, and in large measure they are correct. But then Republican governors only take aim at programs championed by Democrats; teachers, unions, mass transit, pensions. I have yet to see Christie, or any Republican take the axe to a Republican spending line, like roads, lucrative police pensions (the FOP is GOP leaning), and contractors. Scott Walker, in banning public employee unions, exempted the FOP. I challenge anyone to show me a Republican budget line that Chris Christie or Scott Walker has cut.

O'Malley only won the governor race because of the welfare mothers in Baltimore City, Montgomery and PG County. It's the tax payers in Maryland that wanted Ehrlich back in the Capital. I'm so glad this is O'Malley last term as governor. We need someone like Christie in this state to shut all the freeloaders here up!

I've been a State of Maryland employee for 17 years. My pay was frozen for 3 years under Gov. Ehrlich as fees for everything else increased (including my collge tuition). Ehrlich claimed the cuts were necessary to fix the overspending from the prior Democratic administration. Under O'malley my pay has been frozen for 3 years and cut by 2% the last 2 years. Now in his 2nd term the state is facing over a billion dollar deficit. What is his excuse? Can't be Ehrlich's administration. He's had over 4 years to fix that. Now he is going to punish state employees further by making them pay more for their benefits as he continues his failed efforts to keep his "campaign promises" by giving money to everyone, except those who work hard and earn it. He is NOT FOR MIDDLE CLASS and serves only his self interest to take his shell game of a political career to the next level.

Martin O'Malley knows all about being mean spirited. When he does not get his way, he pouts like a child. Wake up Maryland, the only way to create new, worthwhile jobs is to educate your population & cut government waste, so businesses will actually want to do business in Maryland. The Boy Governor and the two Mike's just don't get it.

Martin is a embarrasment to the State of Maryland. Why not bring up how he hires family memebers and gives them above the board pay. his Duaghter gets caught drunk in publec and gets special treatment. He needs to go. He is the laughing stock of all Govenors.

How about a trade, even up?

Both political parties are guilty of engaging in some corruption in the last 40+ years.
Question: Why must many Marylanders drive to to Virginia to get jobs? Wish O'Malley would be a more aggressive leader and bring needed jobs to Maryland's unemployed NOW!
Though Virginia's a superconservative Republican state, Gov. O'Donnell IS getting jobs created--Most people want to work to survive. Even high unemployment Michigan's creating more jobs than MD at present,according to US Dept. of Labor stats.

I wish citizens would take off the Democrat and Republican blinders and approach this fiscal issues grounded in reality. We need to think about right and wrong and not necessarily Democrat and Republican. That’s one thing Gov Chrisite (despite his volatile nature) has started to do.
As far as Gov O’Malley is concerned I wish he would concentrate more on doing the job he was elected to now, rather than focusing on his aspirations for higher office. Instead of focusing on job growth, our state deficit, tax/fee reform (gas & alcohol), and state employee pension issues. He has shifted gears towards macro issues that seem strangely suited for a national platform? Offshore wind power, green energy, healthcare, etc. Now he engages in a debate with a rival party’s Governor in another state in order to raise his profile?
I suppose those of us in Balto City shouldn’t be surprised about this, given the way he punted his last few years as Mayor while he plotted his run to Annapolis.

Makes you proud as a Marylander huh? What an idiot! I saw Christie on the news last night - I loved him!

Hey MEW do you actually believe what you wrote?
Maryland is a state that the Democrats have dominated for the last 40 years.
How are the Repubs a challenge to the Dems in this state?
MOM tax and spend ways are destroying the middle class in Maryland-those of us who do not have local/state/federal jobs that is.

If I was Kadie O'Malley I think I'd be alittle concerned. It appears her husband has a "boy crush" on Gov Cristie. I'd say "man crush" but her husband is nothing but a little boy that plays the banjo. Why is it that BOY KING feels the need to mention him constantly? Perhaps he knows deep down Gov Cristie is what he'll never be........HONEST!

One way you can fight back against the Democratic stronghold is to move to Harford, Cecil, Worcester, Etc. counties. If you move into these counties (which have less violent crimes than PG, Mont, Balt. City) the population changes will force a change in the electoral college. This way Maryland will be closer to an equal playing field.

Best line was from NJGOP's release in response to O'Malley's quips (it's on Politico):
“Only New Jersey Democrats – who have raised taxes and fees 115 times in the ten years before Governor Christie took office – would invite a Governor who passed the largest tax increase in his states history to be their keynote speaker. Governor O’Malley’s capitulation to special-interests and weak-kneed approach to governing Maryland has led to over a billion dollars in new taxes, no pension or health care reform and another billion dollars in debt."

Glad to see O'Malley is busy traveling the country in the last week of session. You know he will complain that any problems (his $500 million supplemental budget issue) will be blamed on the legislators because he's too lazy or too nationally-ambitious to lift a finger in Maryland. Too bad NJ wouldn't keep him.

Two words for O'Malley-- Grow Up!!! He is so childlike with his name calling and his often repeated line-- "It's not my fault, It's (Erlich', Bush,Gingrich's) fault. He has a Democratic controlled House and Senate, and then blames Republicans for all of his shortcomings, which are many. eg. On the slots debacle,. he blamed the fact that it took so long for slots to get off of the ground on "partisanship". When he did not deliver on his promise to bring the murder rate down to 175 a year in Baltimore, he said it was because "Erlich did not give him enough money". Again, GROW UP!!!

Anybody who thinks that O'Malley entered public office to serve the public instead of to advance his own career is really in denial. He became a city councilman so he could run for Mayor; Mayor so he could become Governor; Governor so he could go to the Senate or run for President. I really hope he does run for President to see him really lose big. He will find out quickly (especially after Obama) that the country has had enough of big spending eastern liberals.

O'Malley is classless. You never criticize a peer on their home territory. Single focus...him.

Someone please delete Ehrlich Supporter's racist comment at 10:54AM.

Seriously, Julie, do you have any editing standards?

Marylanders need a leader such as Governor Christie, boy wonder is jealous because he's come to the conclusion he's no true leader

So, "Ehrlich Supporter", how do you explain O'Malley winning Howard, Charles, & Baltimore Counties and getting over 40% in Republican strongholds in Kent & Somerset Counties?

In case you forgot, O'Malley beat Bobby Haircut by 14.5 percentage points. If you took every so-called "welfare mother" (BTW nice racist dog whistle) out of the equation, O'Malley still would have won.

Bobby ran a half-a--ed campaign and lost. Get over it.

I'm with Dan. Trade MO'M for Christie and throw in Busch and Miller and a draft choice.

Marylander's elected this bum not once but twice. They'll get everything they deserve. When are they going to see this guy for what he is. He was a lousy mayor and now a lousy gov. He doesn't care to do the job that he was elected to do. These jobs are just a stepping stone for something higher. He was so far up Hillary's ass and you see where that got him when she lost.

God I hope Christie or Jindal run for pres next year.

Has anyone read Christie's record? A lobbyist turned George Bush fundraiser, rewarded with appointment as US Attorney, he then dolled out hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to, among others, John Ashcroft's consulting frim, and a former US Attoreny who dropped SEC charges against Christie's brother. Christie also dropped charges against a drug company after they made a $5M donation to his alma mater,
So if you ask me, would I rather have the Governor who worked his way from prosecutor, to city council, to mayor, to Gov, or would I rather have a guy like Christie who literally bought his way into office, I'll take O'Malley.

As someone who is leaving NJ. Chrisitie is not someone I would want to be govenor of any state. I am a republican with little respect for the man. I do not agree with much of what he has done to NJ. Teachers, police, firefighters are not the problems in NJ. As for the problems with pension-that is not because of greed in public employees-it is because the government decided not to make their payments into pension. I don't think the problem is with those who have paid into the pension but with those who didn't.

I have heard the two speak and there is no comparison between them. Mr. O'Malley comes off looking like Mother Theresa, while the only thing that stands out about Mr. Christie is that he is fat. I guess the fat people like him, which means we are in BIGGER trouble than we could have ever imagined. It is like a rational person vs. and irrational person. The irrational person wins every time in the USA.

we've become a state that has to be brest feed by the federal gov. Now we have a national budget that is flat chested and now the Governors are left with finding boobs that run our state. no milk there either....

Of course being Mr. Katie Curran didnt at all help Marty Biceps in his rise from anonymity.

O'Malley is just showing his ignorance. How in HADES did he get elected. He is trying to give away Maryland to illegal peoples children with almost free tuition and lots of other things to make himself feel as if he is doing something. RECALL!!!!!!

Hey any of you that are Marylanders you can move to Jersey at anytime, don't need ya! These stats say it all:

"O'Malley only won the governor race because of the welfare mothers in Baltimore City, Montgomery and PG County.

You also forgot the shellacking Bobby took in Charles and Howard county. It's alright to cry, you're one of many doing the same here.

Republicans are like the kid that stomps their feet and cry when they are playing a board game because they don't get their way. If this bill does not get agreed upon it becomes law. HA HA what is he 5?

O'Malley is just doing what all Libs do to ensure that they stay in power: pander to the welfare state, unions, and illegals. Why?, because these are the people who vote for them and ALL they care about is getting re-elected! Offering benefits and citizenship to ILLEGAL individuals, raising taxes on people who WORK so they can afford to give free money to freeloaders (welfare recipients) who do NOT work -- that's what the Libs will always do because that's who votes for them.

Where does our governor find the time to nitpick other state's governors when his own state is no better off?

Grow up Governor O'Malley and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

As an MD employee, we have had to put up with this Clown O'Malley for aalot of years. He has never carried more than 10-15% during his elections. But because these counties have the largest number of Illegals and Baltimore has the highest Corruption rate of any place in MD, he needs the Latino, Union and Baltimore vote to get elected. O'Malley's a Union B****.

I've been following this feud between the two now since it began. O'Malley started this mess. He threw the first punch. O'Malley reminds me of a high school girl who always wants to get involved with catfights, rumors, and innuendo. O'Malley has some shameful and embarrassing incidents that he needs to keep in his own closet. I would suggest that he keep his mouth shut and do what he was elected to do here in Md.

If O'Malley BS was money, the state of Maryland would be in the black.

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