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April 8, 2011

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants moves ahead

The House of Delegates voted Friday to extend in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants -- the highest hurdle so far for a plan that has already passed the Senate.

(Click here to see how Senators voted; House roll call vote here.)

Delegates engaged in heated debate before approving the legislation by a close vote of 74 to 66. It now returns to the Senate, which has until the Monday night conclusion of session to concur with the House version.

One of the differences in the two chambers' proposals emerged just today, with an amendment to loosen the requirement that an undocumented student show his or her family has paid state taxes.

Del. Luiz R. S. Simmons crafted language to allow a student to convince school officials that relatives have a "serious and substantial reason" they are unable to pay taxes, for instance, because of serious illness.

Simmons, a Montgomery County Democrat, called the amendment "a modest safety valve." Minority Leader Anthony J. O'Donnell said it is more like "a loophole" large enough to accommodate a Greyhound bus.

(pictured: Casa de Maryland director Gustavo Torres embraces Del. Anne Kaiser, the bill floor leader, after the passage of in-state tuition.)

The House also requires that qualified undocumented students register for Selective Service and wants colleges and universities to count the illegal immigrants as out-of-state students so that they do not take seats from other Marylanders.

House passage of a tuition bill came after two days of debate. Yesterday, bill supporters fended off 13 amendment attempts. Simmons' amendment, considered friendly, was adopted, but other amendment attempts today failed.

Under the proposal, an undocumented student who attended at least three years of high school in Maryland and whose parents have paid state taxes would qualify for in-state tuition rates at a community college. After completing two years, he or she could transfer to a four-year institution and again pay the in-state rate.

The bill would save qualifying students from $4,000 to $6,000 a year at community college, according to a legislative analysis. For those who go on to a four-year institution, the savings would increase. In-state tuition at the University of Maryland, College Park this year is $8,655; nonresidents pay $25,795.

One fiscal analysis shows the state would pay about $800,000 next year in state aid to community colleges and cost about $3.5 million by 2016.

At least 10 states extend in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

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The demise of Maryland continues!

it is ridiculous that this is even being proposed. illegal is illegal. compelling reasons not to pay taxes? Get real MD, the beltway DEMs are killing this great state!!!

utterly ridiculous that anyone in the country illegally is entitled to "benefits."

ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! Rewarding people for breaking the law.

This is good for the future of Maryland. The children of those whom we have happily employed picking our produce and building our roads now have a chance at a future....This Maryland taxpayer is happy to to give these children a chance at a future.

Those Marylanders too selfish to contribute to the general good....well, try loving your country and your state more than your own selfish interests.

did any of you think this would not pass? We are talking about a governor,during his campaign, referred to the illegals as " FUTURE CITIZENS" . And he got elected by the maryland moron majority

Partisan politics have ruined our great nation. The only Democrat to stand up and say we don't have the money for this is Cardin. He doesn't even have enough balls to vote against the measure, he abstains so he doesn't upset the rest of the democrats. VOTE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!

BOOOOOO!!!! Un-freakin-real......

My relatives have to pay taxes, whether they are sick or not. Why should illegal be allowed to use this as an excuse not to pay taxes.

Let me get this straight - illegal invaders (oops excuse me O'Malley New Americans) get
in-state tuition while someone
over the state line by a mile whose family has been here legally for 150 years, whose members have died in our wars, who've built this country, they have to pay full tuition.
Not sure who said "the voters get what they want -- and they deserve it" but our unthinking stamp ea election of the Democratic machine has netted the mother load. our clowns in Annapolis never cease to amaze.

Glad-handing out perks to non-taxpaying illegals when the government is running on a deficit ?

And this is fiscally responsible how? Are taxpayers supposed to be happy about this?

I'm sure these traitors will pass this spit on American citizenship bill. Would that they had the gut to publically state that borders are worthless, national identity irrelevant, and that laws have no meaning. I'd have a twit of respect for them. They, and theri constituents who vote them in, year after year, are vermin.

Budget crunch with the structural deficit again kicked into next year by the fiscal incompetence of Annapolis and they give away unearned tuition benefits to ILLEGALS. A-holes who know how to spend other people's money.

Let's see: cut back on the pensions of state workers but help pay for the education of illegal aliens (aka shouldn't even be here) instead. Amazing.


Los Angeles radio stations are already reporting that the Spanish language TV and radio stations are leading with this story. Get ready for thousands of illegals from all over the country to head to Maryland. You just slit your own throats.

I've been paying taxes for over 35 years. Next election I'm voting against who ever voted in favor of this ridiculous freaking law. It's total BS. Next they will want to rename America the United States of Mexico... If they want Free Tuition let them spend 4 years in the Military fighting for their country like I did.... then I may not have such a problem with this BS...

What a shame. Wonder if my children break some of this countries laws....they'll give them free handouts and opportunities?

Remember this in November - Vote them ALL OUT!!!!!!

What part of the word "illegal" don't these crooked pols understand?

This isn't just Maryland. This isn't just about college tuition. Our country is being torn apart from the inside out - and quickly. Sadly, these illegal aliens won't have much because our country is failing. Government shut down in 5.5 hours, instate tuition and medical to ILLEGAL persons. Soon, prisoners will be able to vote. I mean where does this stop?
The fact that our government is looming to shut down in a matter of hours and NOTHING is stopping it (it shouldn't have gotten this far just like the illegals getting to this point)...exactly who is running this ship?

I'm thinking we should all leave the country and come back illegally - then we'll have the same know the ones we are giving away for free to those who don't deserve it!

This country has gone insane. I blame the media and our greedy politicians.

The lesson from all this is not to vote for ANY politician who wants to pander to these people in any way. Rewarding criminal behavior will only mean more criminal behavior.

It can't be said often enough: drug dealers are not "undocumented" pharmacists, car jackers are not "undocumented" passengers, home invaders are not "undocumented" guests, and illegal aliens are not "undocumented" immigrants.

This is good for the future of Maryland. The children of those whom we have happily employed picking our produce and building our roads now have a chance at a future....This Maryland taxpayer is happy to pay taxes to give children who have spent years in the year and whose parents work here a chance at a future.

Those Marylanders too selfish to contribute to the general good....well, try loving your country and your state more than your own selfish interests.

SO, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT? Have you called, faxed and written your elected criminal to tell them they will NOT get your vote if they vote YES? Have you.
I'm sick of the cowards in this country who deny citizens rights and grant rights to non-citizens. This nation is a Country of COWARDS in many ways. We allow the Repuklicans to shut the govt down over funding for Planned Parenthood. When are WE (that you and me folks) going to say NO MORE BS. NONE at our expense??
Now, DO I need to supply you with your d elegates Phone numbers and faxes. They should not be able to walk into their offices without being FLOODED with calls and faxes and emails saying you BETTER NOT VOTE FOR THIS BILL. YOU BETTER NOT.

I cannot believe this would be foisted on the taxpayers. What is wrong with these politicians.Looking to get voted in again and again but do-gooders with lots of money.Well,this poor laborer is very upset at this. I get nothing for free but more taxes.Vote these people out ASAP.

This is insanity. Meanwhile, the unfunded liability for union pensions that most states face total into trillions of dollars.

These politicians are destroying our state and our country just as fast as they can.

A Terrapin who paid her own tuition.

This is a disgrace!!!!! This is all a political poly to complete the Socializing of America!

someone needs to file criminal complaints against everyone who voted for this bill and against O'Malley when he signs it.

Let's see what the communist pigs do if the rest of us dont pay our state taxes

Elias Vlanton:

No, this is not good for the future of Maryland. These people take far more from this country than they contribute to it, and encouraging even more of them to come here by granting them even more handouts is not going to change that.

Tell us, if illegal aliens are such a boon to a state's economy, why is California (which has more illegals than any other state) bankrupt and seeing more and more of its middle-class US citizens moving elsewhere?

Keep your vapid, ill-informed, copied-and-pasted platitudes to yourself.


Does this mean that my daughter and adopted son, born in Baltimore but reared in Minnesota by me, can attend my alma mater and be charged in-state tuition.

My daughter father, an Air Force veteran, paid taxes from the 60s until his death in 2001; I paid Maryland taxes from 1969-1986. My son's birth parents currently pay Maryland taxes.

Will my children get the same tuition break?

Some of you might think about reading before you write....immigrants here without papers eligible for this program have to had paid taxes for the last three years, which many do.

So if you want to be shortsighted and narrow minded, go ahead, but don't pollute the arguments with the silly "my taxes" stuff, it just shows your ignorance of the bill you are writing about.

So as a U.S. citizen and resident of PA if my kids want to attend UM it will cost me $25,795 per year. But if an illegal wants to attend UM they get in for $8,655 per year. Subsized by MD taxpayers, and not a problem if the illegals have not paid any taxes. I just can not beleive that these knee jerk liberal Dems get re-elected to do this stuff over and over again, absolutely amazing. Wake up people, vote them out and stop the madness. I will not be spending any of my income in MD anymore if this passes. What are the other States alluded to in the article that supposedly have this same provision?

The Dems should worry about THIER RESPONSIBILITY TO THE CITIZENS OF MARYLAND not the ILLEGALS ! Bye bye Maryland...hello LITTLE CALIFORNIA with all its financial woes and bugeoning crime.

Is there a way with the pending shutdown of the federal govt. that our local state govt. would shut down? I vote for that.

So the rest of us law abiding taxpayers continue to pay the way of illegal tax dodgers!


CASA de Maryland usualy always gets what they want. They are in the State House CONSTANTLY and many of Maryland's corrupt Politicians jump when they command! Maryland is in deep trouble...and our country IS being destroyed from within. I agree with the person who said this, and the seeds have been planted for quite some time. When you hear a MD Senator scream : "Ah don wanna hear nuthin bout da consituhhhhsssun" when another senator brings it up- in a Senate hearing........that is really a bad sign.The media is also complacent. This has been plannned to dumb people down. Do you just give up and give in? This is your choice.This is your State and this is YOUR COUNTRY! Your complaceny has brought all of this to fruition!

Why doesn't the General Assembly change all references to "illegal aliens" in the bill to "undocumented Democrats"? That's really what this is all about.
Welcome to the People's Republic of Maryland. Fortunately, there are still 49 other states to which to flee.

so, gay and lesbian citizens don't get equal rights but illegal aliens get help with tuition?

LOL, I laugh at all you morons who stil insist on a one party state in Maryland. I was born and raised in Baltimore but I got the hell out. Watch out, an illegal is coming soon to take your jobs even if they can't do it or speak English because it;'s the politically "correct" thing to do. Until you get rid of the Dummycrats in your state, nothing wil change and I'll be on herre laughing at all of you.

Let me ask you this-- what is wrong with this picture? We can pay for illegal immigrants to get an education , eat, have babies and take all of our jobs, and we wonder where we'll get the money to pay the budget?! Our politicians are the ones who need an education! Throw in a little common sense too!

"All they do is have babies, steal our jobs, take money from the government"....if a lot of the posters here want to see what a racist looks like, take a good look in the mirror.

This is the same crap that whiny anti-Americans patriots were saying 50 years ago about black people.

And it is as racist now as it was then.

Maryland has just become destination #1 for every illegal alien and their spawn. Every single person who voted for O'Malley (I was not one) is responsible for this disaster. I am not in favor of gay marriage but at least they are actual citizens of this country. That we are cutting service and denying rights to tax paying citizens while giving freebies to these invaders is truly an outrage. I work in higher education and I can tell you that these students will be given preference for admission at state schools, all in the name of diversity. I am sure the illegal Hispanic, Asian, and African students are rejoicing throughout the land tonight since they are the ones who will benefit most.


The TEA PARTY caucus is here to stay and ordinary people are becoming members by thousands every day, connecting with the tens of millions already involved. One of the most paramount issues to hit American society is the illegal alien invasion. TEA PARTY members see this as the foremost problem to the working man, because they are taking jobs from blue and white collar workers. They have infiltrated the construction industry big time, as well as every service and entertainment industry and lowered wages for all Americans and legal residents in this category. Millions of US citizens are out of work, yet the business world still keeps attracting illegal aliens, displacing our own people. Currently we have become borrowers and own Communist China trillions of dollars and other foreign governments and investors, when not too far in our past we were the lenders. Today we have nearly 15 Trillion dollars and it must be cut away like a metastasizing cancer. THAT WHY I JOINED THE TEA PARTY.

Neither party has produced a strong room-solid fair trade agreement so Far. One Avenue to do this would be to stop the birthright citizenship law, which has a panacea of another hundred billion dollar giveaway. Dollars don't just go to supporting illegal alien welfare, such as education, free health care and a wealth of other benefits. There are undisclosed programs where money is being allocated and that is planned parent hood Next--we must strongly refund the original border fence 2006 law, that if you investigate it is a double fence, covering the distance from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. Each 15 foot in height covered with concertina razor wire. However, this has been sabotaged by the Liberals in the Democratic Party. For a deterrent we must demand E-Verify with no options to any business within the jurisdiction of the United States. Every company must be audited over time, including long time workers and new hires. Secure Communities must also be a permanent tool, in every police arsenal. These are just a few of the enforcement innovations that must be considered mandatory. If the government fails to enforce these laws, then they must be exposed and removed.

The TEA PARTY will ensure that these issues are expedited, so we have immigration enforcement by ATTRITION. The TEA PARTY caucus will condemn any chance of passing immigration reform, Sanctuary States and cities revise or amend the instant birthright law for newborns of illegal aliens, and Any and all amnesties will not be enacted to satisfy corporate welfare or the shadow Leftist extremist hidden under the cloak of Democratic power. The border will be sealed shut and we will strictly enforce the "rule of Law" in the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, This law when enacted was chase down dirty businesses, with consequences of hefty fines, asset confiscation and imprisonment. However these criminals only received a slap on the hand from the Bush administration and even now the penalties are mild. There was no real oversight of the Guest Worker program, so that and temporary visa programs are rife with fraud.

The 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill has been a sickening joke played on the US Taxpayer. However the TEA PARTY will end this travesty in our laws and even leaders of the TEA PARTY caucuses will be held responsible or removed. Anybody who is--LEGALLY--in this country can become an active member of the local or national Tea PARTY. Join the ranks of the American people to stop our taxes going to supporting the illegal alien invaders, which match the war in Afghanistan and Iraq expenditures.

In future elections we must all be aware that illegal aliens are voting, using the absentee ballot to keep the Senator Harry Reid's in power, Registrations are being compromised in illegal family households, Read about illegal aliens voting at NumbersUSA for more facts, not rhetoric.
In school districts throughout America thousands of teachers have been receiving pink slips, because there is no money in the State treasuries to pay them; unless more taxes are extracted from the residents. This problem seems to be mostly centered in the larger cities, but wherever this grave situation is in effect, the outcome is the same? Unless the diverse State legislators can drag more taxes from the State residents, this situation will only get far worse. OUR SCHOOLS ARE FAILING BECAUSE OF THE NEGATIVE DIRECT INFLUENCE, OF MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN THAT HAVE LITTLE COMPREHENSION OF ENGLISH, BUT UNDER FEDERAL LAW THEY MUST BE EDUCATED. But I see this issue in different light, which if the Public hadn't been royally skewered by the birthright citizenship law, this educating the world, would never have happened.

I have seen the overcrowded classrooms in California and the overwhelmed A similar situation has exposed itself in Indiana, where I moved too.Teachers as my own son was confronted with this chaos. No wonder California schools have failed in performance, whereas twenty years ago they topped exemplary learning.

The law mishandled in the interpretation of the 14th amendment, billions of dollars would not be going to educating children of illegal immigrants. This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of individuals smuggled monthly across borders or enter America illegally or by other means. The definitive point being that there would be no need for the extraordinary amount of Teachers desired to teach the children of illegal aliens if they were not here. That billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars would be saved. Any prudent persons, who has not been brainwashed by the Leftists, must comprehend that our clogged classrooms, a need for bilingual teachers that our nation has been silently invaded. True born Americans and permanent residents have endured the “Politically Correct” doctrine for too long. That it’s facilitated this country plummeting into an apathetic chaotic mess. Where in some States police cannot question you on your legal status?

To Hester Prynne who wrote:
"Maryland has just become destination #1 for every illegal alien and their spawn."

Your thoughts are just plain ugly. If you go to church, or a synagogue, or mosque, the next time you pray to your god you should pray to forgive you for using such disgusting language about human beings.

RE: 3 American Hikers Now In The NEWS















No Vanton, they don't have to pay taxes. You must teach history, not English. They have to file or have had taxes withheld. Most likely they pay little or nothing while sending nearly $1 billion per year to foreign countries. Taxpayers already pay nearly $1.5 billion per year in Maryland to provide illegal with education, medical, and incarceration.

Go back to your honorary degree and pat your fat, private college arse in delight. Sixty something years old with 10 years teaching,what a loser.

So, ILLEGALS now have more rights in MARYLAND than legal US residents in PA, W. VA. and VA. GREAT. Maybe U S citizens can sneak in to Mexico and get get in state tuition there. When hell freezes over. MARYLAND, wake up. O'Malley is selling out the legal residents of this state. It's time you all wake up and vote out these ILLEGAL loving politicians. We expect our elected officials to listen to us. After all, WE pay their salaries, not the illegals. VOTE OUT ALL THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THIS TRAITORIOUS BILL.

We need to create a voting block of non taxpayers. I'm sure if enough people dont pay taxes, they will be able to get some good perks.
U of M employees are getting laid off and furloughed and illegals are getting some sweet benefits.

These Senators sponsored the bill:

Senator Victor R. Ramirez, District 47
Senator Joanne C. Benson, District 24
Senator Joan Carter Conway, District 43
Senator Ulysses Currie, District 25
Senator Bill Ferguson, District 46
Senator Jennie M. Forehand, District 17
Senator Rob Garagiola, District 15
Senator Lisa A. Gladden, District 41
Senator Verna L. Jones-Rodwell, District 44
Senator Delores G. Kelley, District 10
Senator Nancy J. King, District 39
Senator Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., District 18
Senator Roger P. Manno, District 19
Senator Karen S. Montgomery, District 14
Senator Paul G. Pinsky, District 22
Senator Catherine E. Pugh, District 40
Senator Jamie Raskin, District 20
Senator James N. Robey, District 13

Soon we'll be able to see who voted for the bill on this page (funny how every other bill is updated with a vote tally so far today... except this one):

Just go to the bottom of the page for the vote tally with the names of who voted yea. It should be updated soon... unless the powers-that-be are keeping that tid bit of info private.

Either way, we at least have the Sponsors of the bill. You all know what to do. Come on election day!

Do you folks see the irony of it all? By pandering to the largest demographic of new and soon-to-be new voters, these politicians have just cemented their re-election. This has nothing to do with benevolence for a class of people. It has nothing to do with education or "Fairness" and has everything to do with selling out the old and "no longer needed" group of tax-paying voters to curry favor with future voters.....
The audacity of these pathetic politicians to make law-abiding Marylanders foot the bill for subsidizing benefits for people who are allowed to break laws and dodge taxation. I hope someone will challenge this in court.

How many of you are calling your Congressional offices? Let them ring off the hook tomorrow. No taxpayer should have to support the brazen lawbreakers from Latin America, or elsewhere, who seem to be the new Vandals.

Call and say the things youve posted below this article.

How many of you are calling your Congressional offices? Let them ring off the hook tomorrow.

No taxpayer should have to support the brazen lawbreakers from Latin America, or elsewhere, who seem to be the new Vandals.

Call and say the things youve posted below this article.

I am a Canadian citizen married to an American citizen legally residing here in Maryland. I am in posession of a legal Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) and a valid Maryland Drivers Licence. To get the Drivers Licence I had to prove Maryland as my state of residence as well as the supervisor screening me through a DHS database before issuing my Drivers Licence. I applied to the Univesity of Maryland for night school classes. I would have had to pay out of state tuition fees as I was not a citizen. How can undocumented students get the in state rate, where people who are legally living in the United States can not?

Once again its all about the illegals. They don't even have to pay taxes. Is this a great country or what.

I predict, based on the graduation rates of Hispanics that the data will prove this bill failed on all levels.

Currently, California ranks 49 in the country regarding education. I predict Maryland is well on its way.

@cathy - Those countries you names (Cuba, China, saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Afghanistan, North Korea...) are THOSE the countries you think we should be modeling our laws after? Please. Find a country with a decent human rights record, and perhaps your argument will hold some water.

Meanwhile, a poor family from West Virginia who move to Maryland because the father got a better job there are denied in state tuition. They this family must pay high Maryland taxes to subsidize the many illegal immigrants who received food stamps and public assistance (the figures have been recently verified by a study showing the huge percentage of difference between illegal immigrant families dependence upon social services) and in state tuition while their children pay full price. So glad we left Maryland.

If you give illegals in-state tuition, then you should abolish out-of-state tuition altogether. Don't reward illegals for breaking the law. You don't give speeders or drunk drivers a free car, do you? You don't give murderers a free gun. Either everyone gets in-state tuition, or only the people legally in the state get it. The only other option is to give people legally living in the state FREE tuition and then give everyone else the in-state fee. Illegals should be paying the highest rate there is - if they're allowed to attend at all. They should be rounded up and sent back to whatever country it is they left. When they come back legally and fulfill the residency requirements, then they can be treated like residents. No wonder no one respects Maryland.

You might just as well put a new sign at the Maryland borders telling illegals they need not sneak in as they are welcomed with open arms to jobs and freebies at the expense of the legal residents of this state.

Once we find out who voted for this disgusting legislation, it would be worthwhile sending those democrats (yes all democrats) an email telling them their days in politics are numbered since they do not represent their legal constituients.

I'm proud of the Maryland General Assembly for moving this important legislation to help Maryland residents and students. I'm embarrassed by the shamefull display of racism on this comment thread.

This is nuts... the Maryland voters should be voting on this, not the Senators or General Assembly. Everything turns into racism.. it's not racism when our own children can't get help and we pay taxes!!!

Kasemeyer and Robey are Dem streetwalkers who vote both vote for Big Business and illegals to satisfy their split personality electorate in HoCo. This time their two-faced personalities may put them in an impossible position. They can't please everyone, and the growing black population in hoco doesn't brim with love for the Hispanics swiping job opportunities from black kids and diverting school resources to Latino-oriented programs. These two duplicitous scum deserve what they may finally receive: a pink slip. Hard to fire an incumbent in HoCo, but this time changing demographics and pissed off affluent voters who can't get their kids into public colleges may send these hyenas packing.

I've been away from Maryland for awhile. Reading these comments when did Maryland become Alabama?


Did you get the same form letter e-mail response from Robey that I did when contacting him about this pandering bill? He even misrepresented what was in the bill!!

This is crazy. What has happened to Maryland? I pray this nonsense does not pass. They are illegal, they are not citizens, we are and we are going to pay for this? This is crazy. What happened to deportation? They have gotten enough, they have to go. If I were in Mexico, I would be laughed out, if not jailed for demanding this.

This is so unbelievable. How in the hell can these idiots in the Maryland Congress vote for this. I will be paying higher taxes once again and this time for illegals??? What is wrong with this picture???This really has to be an April fools joke. They wonder why we are in such a deficit. DUH... Maryland should be more like Arizona!!

Posted by: Elias Vlanton "....immigrants here without papers eligible for this program have to had paid taxes for the last three years, which many do."

How do they pay taxes? Don't you need a SSN to file a return? Can illegal immigrants legally obtain a SSN?

I say no to In State Tuition for illigals! Let them get citizenship FIRST! Their Parents s;so, or send them back home. They are ILLEGAL!

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