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March 16, 2011

Some push state to use federal immigration check

State and local government contractors and subcontractors should be forced to use the federal E-Verify program to ensure that all of their employees are in the country legally, Del. Patrick McDonough testified at a hearing Wednesday.

Baltimore County's McDonough and other Republican delegates are making what has become an annual push for the state to adopt the Internet-based immigration status check program, which civil rights groups have said is "error ridden."

Two previous attempts to require E-Verify have failed in the legislature, and this year's effort is unlikely to be embraced.

With higher than usual levels of unemployment nationally and in Maryland, McDonough said, "we better darned well make sure that these are Maryland residents getting these jobs."

The ACLU of Maryland testified Wednesday against McDonough's bill, saying it is problematic and unfair to certain cultural groups, including Latinos, where people may use multiple last names that are noted differently on naturalization documents.

McDonough dismissed arguments about the system being inaccurate as "phony."

He said 16 million employees have been confirmed for work by the system and that it has a 98 percent accuracy rate. One assessment, however, showed it gave a green light to 54 percent of employees who are not actually allowed to work in in the U.S and had an overall error rate of 4 percent, the ACLU said.

According to a legislative analysis, 13 states require at least some of their agencies to use E-Verify. Arizona, Mississippi and South Carolina require all employers -- public and private -- to use it. An executive order then-President George Bush signed in June 2008 encouraging use of E-Verify for all employers with more than $100,000 worth of federal contracts or $3,000 in subcontracts.

President Barack Obama backs E-Verify,and early in his term made its usage a requirement ed 170,000 federal contractors.

But the entire program is slated to end in September 2012.

Counties in Maryland have approached E-verify differently. For example, the Baltimore County Council last year considered requiring its usage among county contractors and subcontractors. Bid documents encourage applicants to use the system.

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Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced on March 9, 2011, that it has obtained new documents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection detailing FY 2010 apprehension statistics for illegal alien smugglers and illegal aliens from countries considered to be a high threat to the United States because of their suspected ties to terrorism. According to Judicial Watch who used the (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act received a detail analysis from the US Customs and Border Protection Agency that 3 out 4 evaded being captured and illegally entered the United States.. The Tucson region US Border Patrol doesn't see eye to eye with these statistics. The documents reveal that 463,382 illegal immigrants who tried to cross the border in fiscal year 2010 were captured by federal agents, including 8,905 smugglers. Only 3,027 of the smugglers were deemed "deportable."

The document reluctantly released by Agency also stated that over 59.000 other than Mexican were also detained, including 715 from Cuba, Iran (14), Syria (5) and Sudan (5), as well as Somalia (9), Afghanistan (9), Pakistan (37), Saudi Arabia (5) and Yemen (11). Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch addressed this report saying that at least three quarter of illegal aliens are not apprehended. In a Statement, he added" "We should not be surprised if terrorists take advantage of our porous borders in light of the Obama administration's lax approach to border security," said Fitton. "When you have an administration that pushes illegal alien amnesty, permits illegal alien sanctuary policies, and attacks States like Arizona for seeking to enforce the rule of law, it sends a signal to our enemies to cross the border illegally and to do their worst."

We must take into consideration this indifference and neglect cannot be attributed to just President Obama administration and his Homeland Security Czars; decades of complete dereliction of duty by many previous administration, even before the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill of volume amnesty. For those avid researchers of truth, go to Judicial Watch and study court actions taken against the Obama administration: New Docs: Obama Justice Department Colluded with ACLU to Attack Arizona's SB 1070 - April 2011, JW Defends E-Verify Law in U.S. Supreme Court Lawsuit - January 2011JW Sues Homeland Security for Documents on Illegal Alien Who Killed Virginia Nun - February 2011Is the ACLU Dictating Obama's Illegal Immigration Agenda? - December 2010 JW Probes Obama Stealth Amnesty Scheme for Potentially Millions of Illegal Aliens - November 2010

Press reports thrust the issue of suspected terrorists crossing the border into the spotlight in May 2010 when the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert to authorities in Texas to be on the lookout for a member of the Somali-based terrorist group Al Shabaab, who was suspected of hatching a plot to cross into the U.S. through Mexico. The warning followed an indictment unsealed earlier that month in a Texas federal court accusing a Texas Somali man of running a “large-scale smuggling enterprise” charged with bringing hundreds of Somalis across the Mexican border. Many of these illegal aliens were suspected of having ties to terrorist organizations. However, until now, the Obama administration offered little information regarding the overall scope of this growing national security problem.

With the border fence uncompleted and not as originally designed as a double layer fence (2006 Secure Fence Act) topped with concertina razor wire. There are Rumors that the 1200 National Guard may be departing from this duty, whom supplementing the US Border agents. That there is a wide consensus amongst the majority of Americans, that we need the E-Verify business system to detect illegal workers mandatory across this nation, to include the 287 (g), Secure Communities policing law to identify foreign nationals.

The Tea Party and other pro-sovereignty organization that includes NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch are your shield against corruption in Washington and collusion with pro-open border lobbyists to enact another mass Amnesty of any form, including the Dream Act, Sanctuary Cities and States. There are tools to freely use on NumbersUSA to fax your federal and State leaders and understand the astronomical expenditures to support the illegal alien invasion.

The Tucson sector Border Patrol union local 2544 stated on the number of illegal aliens in our nation: "There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the real numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure (no matter what the politicians tell you - don't believe them for a second)". (Visit the local's website). Arizona started the ball rolling because they could no longer afford the burgeoning weight of free support programs for the illegal aliens amongst the tax paying public. The BLUE PAGES in your phone directory for your Representatives also. The American public must decide for themselves if they want honest law abiding immigrants in their communities, or overrun with economic illegal aliens. These people are leaving States where the "Rule of Law" is adamantly imposed and now heading quietly for California (already overrun) Nevada and appearing in Utah, Colorado and any non-restrictive State. ARE YOU NEXT?

A few years back Senator Harry Reid of Nevada Blitzed the E-Verify electronic program, by enacted it only on a voluntary basis. With today’s major problems E-Verify which is being revised continuously, needing to be mandated for every company in the United States, with no exceptions? The highest enforcement possibility must begin in the workplace, giving honest business owners a sense of security if they get audited. As the US government has given no priority to E-Verify, so three States so far have taken the E-Verify verification and made it compulsory for their own people. Americans should approach their federal and State representative, informing them they want E-Verify mandated, to identify new and previously hired illegal workers.

That integrating Nationwide Drivers licenses Picture ID would reveal illegal workers using false identification documents. This type of enforcement is the strongest avenue to strangle any chance of foreigners taking Citizen and rightful residents jobs. In this time of the deepest recessions America has ever faced, everything must be done to begin Attrition through enforcement. For many decades illegal immigrants have been attracted to jobs in the US, by reckless employers and this must stop. By taking away business licenses, along with hefty fines, asset confiscation and ultimately prison for those who disobey the laws. This country has serious concerns with its highest debt ratio in US history and businesses, politicians are still financially favorable to anybody who slips past our national fence, or stays on after their tourist visa expires.

Perpetually we need the most exceptionally skilled legal immigrants, and perhaps in the future a well uniform type of Guest worker program introduced without the mass fraud with have today. Through business improprieties of hiring illegal immigrants, has the effect of roughly 60 billion dollars leaving America to foreign banks annually. This country is on the verge of bankruptcy through amongst other things, "Ninja" loans of banks under threat of through their own desires gaving mortgages to (No Income, No Job or Assets) low income people, with possible millions of illegal aliens taking advantage of it. This was proportionately to blame for the real estate crash and this massive foreclosure crunch. Find the facts of this on your favorite browser, as it is unlikely to be available in the leftist news media.

Illegal immigration has possible consequences, we cannot sustain anymore. This nation with its own hurting people, its own poverty must come first with aid. Any new amnesty would devastate the working poor, the lower middle class. All of us should demand permanent E-Verify, to remove unauthorized workers. Use your blue-pages to find those politicians that supposedly represent you, and tell them, "Enough is enough!" You can also vent your frustration on NumbersUSA, a pro-sovereignty organization that is fighting for your rights, instead of pandering to foreign nationals. Learn more about E-Verify at NumbersUSA that has questions and answers for you and a free faxing program to contact Washington.

ACLU = American Criminal Liberties Union

More evasion of enforcing federal law in Maryland

Because requiring the US of a centralized government computer to tell you whether or not you can get a job is the mark of small government conservatism.

It makes almost as much sense as blaming the nation's economic woes on 3% of the population whose numbers have been declining since 2007, and have disproportionately little power or influence on society.

Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like he stumbled off the set of the Sopranos?

When in Rome do as the Romans do. In our country we have one last surname unles you are one of the lame brains who use the hyphen to show a maiden name or a divorce?? name. ACLU makes a living off of crap like this. They should all be disbarred for the frivilous charges they come up with. I wait for them to defend a killer and get him of because of his ehnic background and the fact he was lefthanded. Its coming folks. Maybe we should shitcan the Supreme Court and let them make the rulings. Though after that free speach ruling for that church I don't know. I can't wait till I come close to OBIE and scream at him that he is a lying b-----t who is not a citizen of the US. Thats legal is it not.
God Bless The Troops
God Bless The People Of Japan
God Bless Us All (except a certain church group in Kansas)

This is a great idea but do we check them to see if they're here legally before or after we give them a driver's license and in state tuition rates?

Birfer Freak Alan,

I dare you to approach the president. See how that works out. Also, learn the English language. Your grammar and syntax is horrible.

This illegal alien invasion is really causing us problems. Maryland is a sanctuary. We don't know WHO is in our country. We have immigration laws for a reason. Too many American citizens are out of work! These illegal aliens are taught by groups like CASA de MD that they are "entitled" to whatever we the LEGAL CITZENS HAVE! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Enough already! We have too many American Citizens out of work. This illegal alien invasion is costing us money. Maryland is a Sanctuary State. WE do NOT know who is in this country. We have immigration LAWS for a REASON! Groups like CASA de MD teach these foreign invaders that they are "entitled" and "special" and that they should get whatever they want. I say ENOUGH ALREADY!


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