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March 11, 2011

Gay marriage debate over for the year

Debate on whether Maryland should legalize same-sex marriage has ended for the year, without the House of Delegates weighing in on the divisive issue.

Instead of voting as planned today, the House moved the bill backward -- returning it to the committee that nearly killed it last week. House Speaker Michael E. Busch said his chamber won't see the issue on the floor again this year, even though the Senate passed it last month by a vote of 25-21.

By moving the bill back into committee rather than taking a final vote, the 141 delegates avoided putting on record their position on gay marriage.

Had a vote been taken today, it would have come within a delegate or two of passage, House leaders said. Advocates believe they were a single vote shy.

"The vote would have been very close on the floor, make no mistake about it," said Busch, who supports same-sex marriage.

About 10 delegates did not feel comfortable casting a vote today, Busch said, and wanted more time to learn about what the bill would do.

The move back to committee came after more than two hours of impassioned speeches.

Several openly gay lawmakers made personal appeals to their colleagues, while some religious lawmakers said they could not turn away from their deeply held beliefs.

The House fell silent as Del. Heather Mizeur, who is Catholic and is openly gay, said she is an old soul and knew she was gay and also deeply spiritual at a young age. She said she also knew she wanted to be an elected official. God, she said, has helped her reconcile those roles. She concluded by telling her colleagues she loved them.

Earlier, Del. Steve Schuh had made the case that many of the lawmakers who had planned to vote no -- like himself -- are not against gay people but merely do not want to expand the state's definition of marriage. The Anne Arundel Republican said marriage is subsidized by the state to ensure procreation.

Advocates worked furiously last night to secure support from a handful of delegates who had not disclosed their voting plans, even entertaining a late attempt at giving additional protection to religious groups who do not condone gay marriage.

Dozens of supporters and opponents filled the House galleries to watch the historic debate. This year marked the first time the General Assembly debated gay marriage on its chamber floors.

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Congratulations Maryland, you are on the right side of history to allow for marriage equality. FYI - Our gay troops are saying "Do Ask, Do Tell" now at - the New Social Network for Gay Service members.

I am disgusted by a country, and any elected representative, who cannot firmly and unequivocally commit to the notion of equality under the law. I am also disturbed that too many people do not understand that we have a civil, not religious, Constitution, and that Americans are not obligated to be religious, let alone christian. Don't like gay marriage? Don't marry a gay. But STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHO THEY CAN OR CAN'T LOVE.

Cowards...that's all I have to say!

What does this mean?!

Consequences of same-sex marriage redefinition are considerable. Massachussetts is just beggining to open the pandora's box.

A lot of heroes and a lot of cowards alike in that chamber.

I hope for the best, and that is marriage between MAN AND WOMAN ONLY! The bill looks like it is going to die in committee or even on the house floor!

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm really getting annoyed by those who feel LGBT discrimination is somehow dissimilar from racial discrimination. I've been reading several of the ignorant tweets people have been posting and it seriously makes me wonder about the maturity level these so-called "adults" are living by. Discrimination is discrimination!

I would dare any one of these detractors to contact the parents of murder victims Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King, or even those countless others whose kids were driven to suicide because of their sexuality, and try to claim that the crimes committed against them were nowhere near as bad as anything done to racial minorities in past decades! Just when I thought these bigotted black-hearted degenerates couldn't be anymore cold-blooded. It's idiotic comments like their's that really take the proverbial cake!

Which is worse? Bigots who hide behind religion, or craven political cowards?

"The high-stakes move saved the chamber's 141 members from having to declare a position on the divisive issue."


In response to Rose's link:

Oh, no! Children are being taught that not everyone is exactly alike! Lawyers are expected to know the law! Justices of the peace are expected to carry out the law! Will the horrors never end?

Bigoted if you disagree with us (ahh so open-minded). Anti-religious if you disagree with us (ahh God must not love all). When will the hypocrisy from the two sides of this issue die?!

Recommitting kills this bill. They obviously do not have the votes. Better to just move on and try next year when you have the budget, tax hikes, illegal immigrant tuition and countless other controversial issues left on the docket with t-one month to go. (And everyone emotional on this issue will say it trumps everything else even though working on ways to save a starving kid is far more important than two people marrying--straight, gay or otherwise, imo.)

"Which is worse? Bigots who hide behind religion, or craven political cowards?"

Homosexual bigots who denigrate anyone with any religious beliefs! That is who is worse!

As a married citizen in Maryland, I am ashamed of our local government for not granting the legal right to ALL of our citizens to marry. As Brian posted above, discrimination is discrimination, and legal bias against any of our citizens by our own government is unjustified! As for "r" who posted above, you and those like you have no write to choose who should be allowed to marry.

MD delegates YOU are a pox on fairness and the constitution. You had an opportunity to lead but your ball-less ways will keep MD a follower. In this case your little remote redneck towns will drag our progressive feet until we're forced to accept same sex marriage. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hey Bible people: your book was written by people who thought the Earth was flat, and that slavery was acceptable. It has no place in our civil laws. Try replacing rationality with your hysterical prejudice.

come on now, don't hate. You thought you had it yesterday. We have a right not to agree in this country. LGBT discrimonation is not the same as racial dicrimination. I can't not look, black, not be black, or even pretend not to be black. You however can. Period. The right thing was done marriage is betweeen a man and a woman only. Here's the argument to take to court. Never in the history of mankind has any society had a law where the same sex can be married. Even in societies where homosexulaity is accepted, i.e. Greek and Roman societies. So , there has to be a reason for this, marriage is, was, and always will be for a man and a woman only.

Oh Anonymous, Get over yourself.

I for one am sick of the legal back-sliding in this country where we're now creating litigation because everything "discriminates" against Christians if they aren't allowed to proselytize whomever and whenever they want. Keep your religion between yourself and your God. Thanks. That is all.

It would be a shame for this movement to lose momentum now. MD, I was about to be so proud of you for being at the front of the charge for equality. Now, you're just floundering.

Keep marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. All else is "noise".

I feel like this is a debate with two very passionate extremes (pro and con) and a lot of people in the middle who are ambivalent. I myself am ambivalent. I would have voted for gay marriage in the inevitable referendum, but I am glad that the general assembly can now move on to more important business.

pro-gay marriage advocates: Even if it had passed, it would have been called back for a state-wide referendum, which it almost certainly would have failed. So you were never going to win this time, you did not have victory in your fingertips, it was only an illusion. Use the next year to build state wide support. You will eventually get it through the legislature, but you have work to do if you want to survive a referendum.

If the government is granting certain rights to people, then it needs to grant those rights to all people unless a rational basis exists for exclusion. There is no rational basis to deny gay people the right to marry.

Religious opposition is not a rational basis. We are a nation of many religions, and none.

Child rearing is not a rational basis. We allow the elderly to marry.

Ergo, there remain only bigotry and fear, and those are the most irrational bases of all.

Here, here, Carol. Cowards is right.

Once again our political leaders show they have no balls. It is time for them to collectively grow a pair and do the right thing. Vote on the bill. I personally hope it is passed as this is the right thing to do, granting equal protections and benefits under the laws of our state. Even if the bill is defeated at least something was done instead of taking the chicken s**t way out and hiding behind parliamentary maneuvers so they don't have to do the job they were elected to do. COWARDS

Marriage has already been defined. It is the union between a man and a woman. Gays want to be married then find another name. You are not a man and a woman you are two of a kind. Call it a Partnership, Pairage, Union whatever you can think of to define what you have, it's not marriage. Stop trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

It wouldn't be surprising if a State that's home to so many rednecks killed this bill and prevented marriage equality.

These people all need to be fired. They can't do their jobs. I would have preferred they brought the bill to a vote and it be defeated over this. At least if they had voted we would know where the legislators stand on this issue.

Instead they chose to not vote so they wouldn't have to take a stand one way or the other. They need to be fired as they have just proven they can not do the job we elect and pay them for.

Unfortunate, but public opinion is steadily shifting in favor of marriage equality, so I am sure it'll happen in the near future. In the meantime, supporters of equality need to keep fighting all the misinformation being spread by the opposition. KGM801 posted a link to, and if you start digging into their claims you'll find a lot of misinformation. (E.g. the Mass. father that was supposedly arrested for expressing his conservative viewpoints to school officials was actually taken into custody because he refused to leave the school after having had his say. And the supposed increase in Mass. HIV rates is due in part to decreasing death rates; the number of newly diagnosed HIV infections has actually plummeted in recent years according to the statistics posted on the state website.)


I think we should abolish the concept of marriage as a government recognized institution and let it be the religious rite that it is.

If you want the government granted benefits than you need to have a civil union.

So, the homosexual lobby lost this one again. I hope they all act like the democrats they are and flee to Illinois like your brethren in Wisconsin.

We should have had a vote. If the bill failed, fine. But lets see who is for marriage equality and who is not by the votes. Be honest with your constituents. heck, Delegate Peter Murphy came out of the closet and was honest about who he was. Bravery was not the word of the day in the House of Delegates today.

Same-sex marriage is not about love or homosexuality; it's about redefining marriage. Two women who are both heterosexual may not marry each other, so you see, it's not about a lifestyle or sexual orientation; it's about marriage being defined as one-man-and-one-woman. That man and woman can be elderly (thus showing that marriage is not just for procreation). That man and woman can be best friends with no sexual attraction (thus showing that marriage is not for procreation).
Any hetero or homo man can marry any hetero or homo woman -- no one is stopping people from marrying someone of the opposite sex, and that's because it is allowed BY DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE.
I don't hate gays; I dislike people being dishonest in their debate. If you want to redefine marriage, then say that is what you are doing and stop stealing the black civil rights movement to do it. What would gay couples do if a bill was presented that offered ALL of the rights of marriage without calling it marriage? Isn't that what gays really want -- access to the rights and privileges (and penalties) allotted to married people? Alan Kittleman's bill was headed in that direction.....methinks the gay community would not have accepted it, because they don't just want the rights and privileges and responsiblities of marriage. They want to DESTROY marriage as it is. That isn't asking to be included in something; it's redefining it.
The civil rights movement was correcting a 200-year-old wrong. Black Americans should always have been entitled to the same rights. Gay marriage was never a right, so asking to be included, and then being rejected by the voters, ought to make it obvious that we are not ready to have this shoved down our throats.

Does anybody care what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes? The answer is a resounding, NO. But don't try to shove your deviant life-style down the throats of everybody else. Marriage is between a man and a woman, not Neil and Bob. It is the foundation for families. Stop with "bigot" garbage. You lead an abnormal, deviant life-style. Period.

Thanks for nothing Maryland Delegates, Westboro Baptist Church just sent out a congrats tweet. I guess that makes you no better than them. 2012 is right around the corner!

""Which is worse? Bigots who hide behind religion, or craven political cowards?"

Homosexual bigots who denigrate anyone with any religious beliefs! That is who is worse!"
---How about those who pretend that gay people cannot be religious... or that just pointing out that someone is trying to hide behind religion is an attack on religion?

thanks for nothing Maryland Delegates. Westboro Baptist Church just sent a shout out to you in their tweets. I guess that makes you one of their family now. Religion should never play in your decision for equality. If it does, Johnny O, then run as a republican instead of a democrat and be honest with the people of Maryland

Please report on which members of the House move and voted to recommit the bill to committee.

So how does same sex marriage personally affect other people that are not in a same sex marriage?

I've never understood this.

Civil Unions, absolutely yes, gay marriage, absolutely no. Marriage has and always has been an institution of one man, one woman. As distasteful as that is to so many, answer this question. As someone quotes in this board "STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHO THEY CAN OR CAN'T LOVE", are you for polygamy as well? Why can't two men and one woman who are "truly" committed to each other get married, or three men, or three women, or 5 women and one man. They are all consenting adults, they all love each other, how dare you tell them they can't be married? If anything there is a long historical precedence for polygamy dating back thousands of years. (not the case for gay marriage). Who are you to say that marriage is only between two people? I'm not a homophobe, I have plenty of friends who are homosexual and are raising beautiful children and should have rights in a civil union, but not marriage. Unfortunately, the gay lobby won't accept that and wouldn't let that go through the legislature this year even though there would have been the votes for it. So please in a non-hate spewing calm manner, tell me why two men and a woman, or three men, etc... can't be married? Be careful not to use the "tradition" word that you so despise.....

"wanted more time to learn about what the bill would do. "

Grant civil rights and protections to ALL MARYLANDERS.

For LGBT people this is incredibly personal and devastating. For the ignorant haters this has no effect on their lives what-so-ever. I can't believe how cowardly our elected officials are. Hope you remember this come election time.

Bernard Williams,

I think you are forgetting that same sex marriage is legal in Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Iceland. The countries that offer civil unions are almost too numerous to list. None of these societies have crumbled. In fact, most of them are far more functional, prosperous, and peaceful than we are. As for your spurious assertion that gays and lesbians can chose to be straight, all the scientific evidence (along with all the empirical evidence, I might add) indicates that you are dead wrong. I think deep down you know this, as you go on to say that--presumably unlike gay people--you can't hide the fact that you're black. Well let me ask you this: if somehow some new product or procedure would allow you to hide your racial identity, would it then be acceptable for society to discriminate against black men? Just because you could hide who you really were? I think we both know the answer.

Let's get one thing straight: marriage is between a man and woman only as God intended. Anything else is something else but make no mistake, it isn't marriage.

@Dave I think you're confusing me with someone else, I did not post that link, it was some idiot above me.

To all the people who are against same-sex marriage:

If you want marriage to retain its "traditional" definition, then you should also be in favor of prohibiting no-fault divorce, allowing husbands to beat their wives, polygamy, and concubinage (the last two actually being in the Bible).

The Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is not inherently about having children. If it was, then pretty much any woman over 50 wouldn't be allowed to get married. It's not about children, it's not about "tradition", it's about one person loving another person and wanting to share his/her life with him/her.

@KGM801 -- my apologies ... it was Rose who posted the link.

This is awful, but once again proves legislators are quick to put morality over legality, even when that isn't their job. Also, about the whole "vote". No, there is no voting on legal rights. We don't vote on the humanity of legal citizens. Equality is a requirement. Someone being non-heterosexual does not preclude them from equal rights. This is awful, but all it does in the end is again show that growing support for equality just how hateful anti-gay bigots truly are, and it makes the gay community that much stronger.


Shameful. It would be a sad day if they had voted and it had failed. But instead it's a shameful day as a bunch of cowards protected their own necks. Ugh.

All of you who are disgtusted by what you think is lack of equality; tell the lib Assembly next yr to pass a civil union law for all couples married in nonreligious ceremonies and you'll have a fairly large majority with you, littel rancor and this stupid issue will be over with. Then we can proceed to end the welfare state in MD so we don't have to support gays and straights who can't imagine life without govt handouts, subsidies or contracts. No civil "marriage" for anyone-Bernice and Bernie nor Liberace nor Larry.

I'm so glad this issue is tabled for the year. There are more important things going on in MD at the about job creation, cutting the deficit, and fixing the broken education system?

I agree with the person who wrote civil unions for all two-person couples; marriage for one-man-one-woman. The rights of civil unions are identical to that of marriage, except in the spoken word. So what if a gay couple can't get married but are afforded all the rights of a civil union -- they can still refer to their other as "spouse" or "wife" or "husband" even though they could not "get married." It's the rights the gay couples want; let the rest of us have our word.
You can have your rights, but don't be usurping our institutions. Patience is a virtue -- no doubt that same-sex marriage will become accepted eventually. Eventually is happening, but it isn't here yet. Patience, people....patience. You are pissing off the majority that isn't gay and holds the majority opinion. We're willing to acknowledge your need for equal access to wills and hospital stays and adoption, etc. Please acknowledge our need for slower change.

This is a lesson for all the LGBT folks who have blindly supported Democrats - when you vote and support Democrats without reservation, you will be used and taken for granted. Let there be no doubt, this bill failed because of Democrats only. The votes were there but many Demcrats - African Americans in particular - decided to turn their backs on their promises (and this is not just Dels. Alston and Stukes). Please remember two things: 1) your support without acountability will get gays nowhere; and 2) most elected Democrats - who would have paid no political price for voting in favor of equality - are not your friends (although they will be happy to take your money and votes).

I am yet to hear a logical, reasonable argument against gay marriage. All I see is a lot of homophobia coming from people who obviously lead very miserable lives.

Someone already said it but those of you opposed to gay marriage better get used to the idea. It will happen and soon.

The OFFICIAL definition of marriage:

1a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage

The official definition of marriage includes same-sex couples. STOP FORCING YOUR BELIEFS ON PEOPLE, you religious bigots. Just stop doing it! How hard is that? Live and let live! Is that something you're incapable of? Are you so unfulfilled you need to pry in the lives of others?

Marriage is what is as a result of unchanging makeup of man and a woman. Not as a result of social prejudice. And what it is can not be simply redefined by passing a law. Further, one can not help but speak of morality when one legislates. That is, you can not say 'you shall' or 'you must' without making a declaration of what one 'ought to' do based on what is right or wrong..good or bad. So you can completely escape morality and religion when you speak of laws and what one ought to do.


This makes me ashamed to be a Marylander today. Our elected officials have no moxy. It may be time to think about moving north of the Mason Dixon. People here seem very narrow minded.

To anonymous and the other haters out there...I am gay...I was sexually abused by a white, male police officer who was married to a woman at the time he was molesting many girls. Most pedophiles and people who commit incest are white, married men. Research it...get your facts right. Oh and I was very involved in my childrens school and sports activities. The other parents and children knew I was gay. It didn't harm my children or those that I was a mentor to. With or without "marriage" or "civil unions" or whatever you want to call it, I am here to stay. I will not change for you or anyone else. I will teach my grandchildren as I did my children to love people for who they are and how they treat you and others. Also, look at the polls, there are more in favor of same sex marriage/civil unions than against. There will come a day that the MD voters pass the bill, then what? I have been with my partner for 16 years. Longer than many heterosexual married couples out there. This is a civil issue, not a religious one. If you don't like it, don't marry someone of the same sex.

Wrong, anonymous 3:44. First of all, you do not own the word marriage. You are not special because you are straight. You are not special because you are the "majority". And you do not have majority support in Maryland on this issue. Next, patience? How DARE you tell these couples out here being denied basic RIGHTS that they should WAIT? How dare you. No, LGBT folk will not wait for equality. They aren't dogs. They aren't going to sit and wait for your crumbs. They require the SAME treatment, respect and legal rights as heterosexuals. We are NOT going to wait for you to find common sense. You either get it or you don't. Let you have the word? Who do you think you are? Are you 5? No, sorry, but in the real world, rules aren't made for people just because they think they deserve them, when they have done nothing to earn it. Same-sex couples are a MARRIAGE as much as heterosexual couples are, that THAT is what is being fought for and nothing less.

Thankfully Maryland had delegates with balls back in the civil rights era. Now we have spineless democrats that fold like chairs.

Wow, to hear the gay community write about this as "devastating" surprised me. I'm opposed to same-sex marriage and all for civil unions. I've endured some devastating political losses myself, and people often forget that the opposition has feelings, too. I'm sorry the gay community is devastated, but as a person who enjoys a good fair political discussion, I'll say this: You aren't far from your goal, if your would just allow the rest of us some time to digest the public aspect of what they want. Why not go for same-sex civil unions legislation next year -- it would probably succeed because it isn't tied up in the word marriage so it's less controversial. Sometimes baby steps are more savvy than one big leap.

Wrong, Edward. Legality is legality. Morality is morality. Keep your beliefs at church. This is about LEGAL RIGHTS being denied to LEGAL CITIZENS. Period. What is right under the law is fulfilling basic requirements, which is fighting for ALL citizens and ALL citizens attaining full freedom and equality. THAT is what is right and THAT is what people like you fail to understand. The definition of marriage includes same-sex couples and it is completely un-American to deny same-sex couples their inherent rights.

AR, there are always important issues, every year, every day, there are important issues. THIS is an important issue because this is about BASIC LEGAL EQUALITY FOR LEGAL CITIZENS. You know, part of what supposedly makes America so grand, equality for all. How dare you say this isn't an important issue when same-sex couples are denied over 1000 rights people like you take for granted. It's not all about you, wake up and smell the coffee.

I would also like to add that we should all do our best to steer clear of bringing race into this least in a simplistic way. I think a lot of advocates for this bill are understandably upset about the opposition from some Democratic lawmakers, many of them from Prince Georges, and many of them African American. But I would point out that Baltimore City's entire senate delegation, voted for this bill. Five out of six of those senators are African American. I didn't look quite as closely at the house counts, but it appears that at least the majority of Baltimore's house delegation also backs the bill. I'd also like to give a little shout out to John Lewis who has been a very outspoken advocate for the rights of gays and lesbians, continuing what has truly been a heroic career in the cause of equality. No group is monolithic. We'd all do well to remember that.

Sade, don't move. A majority of Maryland citizens support marriage equality. The issues are solely based upon irrational hate and religious bigotry. It's about fighting for what's right. Most people in the state are NOT bigoted, however politicians have always and will always pander to the bottom of the barrel. Hold them accountable for their bigotry and do not let them get away with their actions.

When the Founding Fathers established Maryland and other states, they also established marriage and the other attributes of society in Judaeo-Christian
standards. It was a holy relationship ultimately created by God for three people, one man, one woman and God himself. When the state co-opted marriage it disposes of God and corrupts the holy into the secular. An unholy mix. So until faith communities take back godly marriage from Caesar's grasp, there will always be
bitter conflict. As for Christians, Jesus told us that the world hated Him, and we should expect no less.

"I am yet to hear a logical, reasonable argument against gay marriage. All I see is a lot of homophobia coming from people who obviously lead very miserable lives. "

Hey "Dissapointed", see my post at 3:24 and answer me that question. I have yet to hear a logical reasonable argument "For" gay marriage that also couldn't be used "For" Polygamy. All I see is a lot of "Christianophobia" coming from the pro gay marriage crowd. Answer me, why would pologamy be wrong? Civil Unions Yes, Gay Marriage No

Dear Anonymous. Let me school ya. First of oall, there is no scientific evidence. When homosexuality was taken off the DSM4 because of some study that someone did, it was found later that the study was inconclusive and the scientist had to go back on his thoery that people were born gay.b So I'm not dead wrong you are because obviously you know nothing about the scientific study. However, it was too late to put it back on the DSM4 so there it stands today not on the DSM4, in the meantime wile this research ws being ruled inconclusive, a movement began to harrass to don't agree with homosexuality. Even a bogus name, homophobia was made up which if you look at the defenition doesn't even line up with the defenition of a phobia. When I say, never in the history of mankind, I mean historically, they countries you list are recent and I never said anything about a country crumbling, but give it time.

Lastly, there is no product that can hide racial identity, that's stupid to even have a debate about something like that but I can be honest, I was born black, but can you Honestly say that you were born gay. I think we both know the answer to that. P.S. just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean you are being discriminated against and doesn't make it the same as the civil rights movement.

Polygamy, ravnet? Um, let's see. First of all, it's more than 2 persons. Second of all, the relationship is fundamentally misogynistic. Third of all, it's a legality nightmare. And I can go on, but it's irrelevant, since they are DIFFERENT ISSUES. Same-sex marriage is NOT polygamy, so if you can't actually debate what is being discussed, guess that's because you have nothing to say. So, can you show what actual rationalized reasons you have to be against marriage equality? Have you seen the polls. Majority support it. Are they all wrong? Prove it.


"...when you vote and support Democrats without reservation, you will be used and taken for granted"

Quite a few Dems are not supportive of LGBT rights but Repubs are almost unanimously opposed to extending same sex marriage rights. In the State Senate, only 1 out of 12 Republicans supported same sex marriage.

NO James, they did not. That is NOT true. The constitution is NOT the Bible, and America is NOT a theocracy. The founding fathers were NOT Christians.

Keep your morality out of legality, the way things are supposed to be. STOP FORCING YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS.

The truth of the matter is that there is not overwhelming support for same sex marriage as advertised. Redefinition of marriage cannot occur without it. Government did not create marriage, therefore cannot change it without the overwhelming consent of the people. The consent can only be attained by a people vote. Each time a people vote has occurred, same sex marriage fails. There's a reason for that. Same sex unions do not meet the requirements for the definition of marriage; never have and never will.

ravnet, you will never get an answer from the homosexuals on that question. They mostly are AGAINST multiple marriages and are as happy as pigs in slop to discriminate against those 3 or 4 people who are in a loving committed relationship.

They love to compare their plight to that of the blacks and use the civil right issue at most every turn. When asked to support OTHERS who are not homosexual but want to marry 2 people they are deafeningly silent. See, they do not want to be looked at the same way they see those opposed to homosexual marriage. But they ARE just like them.

to ravnet: Ok - yes to civil unions if a civil union is the only marriage-like relationship available and we can leave marriage - however any church wants to define it - as something with no legal recognition from the state.

Whenever two men can produce a baby then they will be able to be married. Until then, they can be in whatever relationship they want, but it is not marriage.

Here is to one more year of living in "sin"!
I've decided there is no way I could go ahead and get married and tell the gay and lesbian couples in my life, "Uh, sorry you can't do this too. Let me indulge in my heteronormative privilege while you're excluded!" Sure, I do not think marriage is a perfect institution, but I do think every person in this country (in the world!) should be able to get legally married if they wish. Until that can happen I'll keep my official status as "Single."

This is shameful. The House should be ashamed of themselves,especially the African-American delegates who did not support this measure because they don't feel gay rights and the struggles of gays to achieve equality is at all a civil rights issue. I have a newsflash for these bigoted African-Americans: discrimination isn't just wrong when it's directed at your minority class, it's wrong when it's directed at anyone. This is a secular state and if you believe your religion is against gay marriage, that's fine but you have no right to impose your religious beliefs of anyone in a secular society. You are religious bigots and for that you should be ashamed.

Anonymous 3:53, civil unions are NOT MARRIAGE. Is that hard to understand. It is NOT equality. So yes, this is devastating, as it means another year, and probably longer, of denial of EQUALITY, which is rightfully THEIRS, because a minority of bigots in the state of Maryland decided to sabotage this bill. The opposition has feelings? Excuse you, but you aren't affected by this. Same-sex couples are talking about their LIVES, and you're talking about, what, the fact you aren't put on a pedestal? Are you kidding me? You're right, LGBT folk aren't far from their goal. Heck, a majority in Maryland aren't support marriage equality, making this killing of the bill all the more ridiculous. However, they are not waiting any longer for what they have been denied YEARS, DECADES AND CENTURIES. You simply do not understand what this means for these people and what they are being denied, this isn't a political game. This is about fairness and American principle.

A counselor once told me that those who are most vocal against homosexuals, are most likely fighting homosexual feelings themselves. Stop fighting it and be happy!

Abnormal, deviant lifestyle, Doug? Yeah, and heterosexuals have a 60% divorce rate and 40% childbirth out of wedlock rate. So you need to get real and start looking at yourself in the mirror before shouting others down. You certainly aren't in any position to judge others. You aren't moral judge nor jury. And since same-sex couples marrying has no effect on your life, you need to keep your bigotry to yourself, since that is ALL this comes down to.

For those of you believe marriage is religious institution, over billions of Asian people's marriage must not be real because they don't go to church and they don't believe in your God. What do you call their marriage?

The Sun did its best to support the bill ('Gay Marriage Opposition Slow To The Fight) but the socially responsible opponents of the bill made their voices heard and the Maryland Legislators listened. They weren't exactly overly enthusiastic about defeating it but they understood the political fight they would have at election time should they pass such a socially divisive measure.

I was looking forward to God's fire and brimstone...I so wanted HIM to do Maryland Sodom and Gamorrah-style. Shucks!

Hey Francis @3:59 you are quite wrong, but I guess you think it is ok to make up facts and portray them as true. A majority of Marylanders clearly does not support "marriage equality" they do support civil unions but not marriage, but you easily lump them together for statistics when there is a clear difference.

Oh, so actually legislators cowered under pressure, correct Mike? They cowered instead of standing up for the right thing. They were more concerned with their own backs then actually fighting for the rights of all citizens, like they are elected to do. Thanks for telling us this. Guess we know now who isn't fit to be legislating in Maryland.

All I have to say is that when voting times comes, I will remember this day and will cast my vote accordingly as will all my other LBGT friends and allies.

"A counselor once told me that those who are most vocal against homosexuals, are most likely fighting homosexual feelings themselves. "

You sure that was not your psychiatrist who told you that?
I guess people who hate blacks really want to be black? Homosexuals who hate those evil people who believe in a God REALLY want to be religious and believe in a God?

What total nonsense.

First -- Civil unions are separate but equal but they aren't really equal. When DOMA is declared unconstitutional, civil unions will still not be required to be recognized in all states and civil unions will not give us federal rights and benefits.

Second -- You assume that marriage was created by God. God condoned polygamy and concubinism as valid marriages. What say you to that.

Third -- I for one have no issues with polygamy being legal but those folks will have to fight their own battle. This is about marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Produce a baby, Frodo? Tell me, where on civil marriage contracts is there a requirement to impregnate? It's not there? Oh, so yeah, your point is null and void. Of course, since around half of straight married couples don't have kids. Are we going to force them to procreate, or is that just a gay thing. Are you a situational bigot? Most likely.

What a great day for the Citizens of Maryland, United States of America and the World!

Today should be a celebration of the convenant that a man and woman enter with GOD. Marriage is not a marriage between man and woman, but a convenant with GOD.

Can homosexuals ever make a convenant with a GOD who despises homosexual behavior?

Should not an evil person attempt to do good instead of evil and should not a homosexual person walk the path of his creator or do what pleases him.

I will not put my evil desires or wants before what good wants. It is always a battle between good and evil within me.

God is great... We as a society should not sanction or embrace homosexual behavior in our soceity, whether it be man-on-man, woman-on-woman or man-on-beast, or beast-on-man, we will not say it's alright!

@ Screwy People...I am gay, I believe in God and love God and believe God loves me and I am using my real name!

To Carol - Amen to that - I find it more than a little creepy when straight men become so obsessed with homosexuality. Gays make up like 2% of the population yet they can really get some men really riled up. Hmmm.

Carol -- I doubt that is the case, but if you want to believe what your "counselor" preaches by all means go ahead.
I still stick to my original belief that far more important things plague this state right now. So glad it was tabled for the year! I personally could care less who anyone chooses to marry. If you want to marry a man, marry a man. If you want to marry a woman, marry a woman. If you want to marry a goat, go marry a goat. For me personally, there are far more important issues than gay marriage.

Ruth, first of all, the official definition of marriage includes same-sex couples. Secondly, marriage is a civil contract and civil institution. Thirdly, the whole "people always vote against it" line simply doesn't work. What that shows is that the loud minority of bigots are strong in their hate and get out to vote. The equality side needs to be equally strong and activate their base as effectively. The truth is, you're "support" has dwindled. Just 10 years ago a majority of people thoughts homosexuality should be illegal. Games have pretty much ended and anti-gays have been exposed, and as the actual polls in Maryland show, time and time again, a majority support equality, as this is a great state of people who have COMMON SENSE and respect all people for who they are.

Sorry John G, but marriage is a civil contract. It has nothing to do with your religious beliefs. I understand, you need to shout from the rooftops what you believe in since you are so INSECURE and need VALIDATION of your beliefs, but it's irrelevant. OMG, you succeeded in further proving how bigoted anti-gays are, congrats. In the long run, this clearly has a negative effect on the way folks like you are seen by American citizens, but that's fine, stay ignorant. You may feel your desires are evil, but that's really just your mind playing tricks on you. Love yourself for what you are and love thy neighbor, following those rules are what makes the world a better place. Hating gay people for absolutely no reason does nothing good for anyone.

I am tired of gays tirading out of control against anyone with a different opinion. I can think that homosexual marriages are wrong without beign called hateful or stupid - I am neither. And don't believe that most Marylanders are for your cause.

Marriage: The legal union of two people as a monogamous couple in the eyes of the law.

Holy Matrimony: The religious union of a Man and Woman in the eyes of believed God, Gods, Goddesses or any other faction deity.

What's wrong with that definition? Oh good, because for a minute there, I thought we were having a religious dispute.

Karen types "When DOMA is declared unconstitutional"

Um excuse me? What court declared DOMA is unconstitutional?

Obama and his corrupt racist AG Holder, unilaterally said that but they have no power under the Constitution to make such declarations. That is for the third branch of our government, the Judiciary.
The ignorance is astounding.

RE the link posted by @Rose

Notice that, once again, our opponents have not shown that *any* of these activities had led to fewer heterosexuals in the state, wrecked heterosexual marriages, or any demonstrable damage to children. Also note that the tell lies of omission: one of their bits of "proof" was an optional set of diversity books that grade-school kids took home and could read anything they want from it; this happened in Lexington, MA. This gets turned into "they are reading gay fairy tales to our children." No, they aren't.

Finally, note to Equality Maryland: the only things politicians understand are power and money. Do what the LGBT groups did in MA: slowly and methodically work to run excellent opposition against our top enemies in places where it is "do-able" to unseat them, and work hard to protect our top allies. Once we get a few wins, the cowards will run to us instead of away from us, and the tide will turn.

Yes, screwy people, homophobes are 80-90% likely to harbor same-sex desires. Because, there isn't any actual logical reason to be anti-gay. And no, I'm not gay, I simply have common sense and I'm not ill. Homophobia is an illness and you're afflicted.

Oh, ravenet. I guess all the polls are lies. Head to head, gay marriage v no gay marriage, gay marriage wins in Maryland. ALL of the credible polls have shown that a majority in Maryland support marriage equality, and it's pretty sad you feel the need to have a "majority" to validate your bigotry, as if it matters what a majority thinks. Equality is equality regardless, this isn't about YOU, this is about the same-sex couples being denied equality.

Hate comes in so many forms. One day I’ll lye with your Christian son, and you can hate both of us together.

A funny thing keeps happening on the way to "historical inevitability".........

Bravo, Maryland.

I imagine a couple of election cycles more should serve to educate even these hysterically arrogant elites. We simply will not accept the redefinition of humanity's most ancient and vital institution based on agitprop.

We have heard all your arguments.

The answer is no.


Maybe we need to put the writers and editors at the Sun on a suicide watch now? After all, they did as much or more then anybody, trying to push this disgusting idea down the throats of those of us who find this immoral and unnatural. As to this term I've seen lately, "love is love". I love my cat, where do I go to marry her? Or how about my sister?

It would be interesting to study the various education levels of individuals who oppose vs. individuals who support equal rights. Based on reading these various posts I would surmise that those who oppose gay marriage have acquired a lower level of education vs. those that are pro. It is interesting to observe, if for nothing else based on the horrendous spelling and grammatical errors in these various rants.

To those who think civil unions are an easy and equitable answer, that is what we have in New Jersey, and it isn't. In spite of a lot of effort (i.e. time and money) and the best intentions of those who backed them, civil unions still fail to provide all the same benefits to same-gender couples as those enjoyed by married couples. There continue to be issues with employers incorporated out of state that would not exist with full marriage equality. And even those rights that are protected under civil unions sometimes have to be defended in court because people just don't see them as legally equivalent to marriage.

Excuse you, Bernard Williams, but outright lies simply don't cut the mustard.

You want to talk about conclusive? You're right, there wasn't anything conclusive. To prove that homosexuality was an illness! NOTHING CONCLUSIVE to prove there is ANYTHING WRONG with homosexuality, so it was taken off the illness list, as there is NO PROOF it's an illness.

And yes, Bernard. People are BORN gay. Sexuality is shaped and emerged through EARLY CHILDHOOD. It is NOT a choice. I'm mixed, and I'm not gay, and guess what, the fight for equality gay people are going through is no different than what any other minority group has gone through, and it's an insult for you to trivialize their existences and denial of rights after what WE have went through. You should be absolutely ashamed.

When are Marylanders going to wake up and realize the two major parties don't give a care about us?

As a straight, married man, I have yet to hear a convincing explanation as to how my marriage will be threatened if we allow marriage between two consenting adults of whatever gender.

Marriage is not just an institution put in place to ensure procreation. It is an institution that formalizes the bonds between two people -- emotional as well as practical. Legally and socially this confers privileges as well as obligations.

I care about this issue because I believe it is unjust that we allow this formalization for most couples but deny it to a few for such ill-defined reasons. This is not just an abstraction for me -- I count among my friends same-sex couples who would like to wed but cannot.

If you believe that there is a reason why we should prohibit same-sex marriage, I'd wager that more often than not, at the core is that you think homosexuality is wrong and you don't want to legitimize it. If that's how you feel, I challenge you to explain why, exactly, you believe homosexuality is wrong. If you can do that without invoking a religion that not everyone subscribes to and without saying "it just is!" we might find actually move discussion on the matter forward instead of pointlessly exchanging accusations of bigotry and deviance.

Cal, you are a bigot. Don't want to be called a bigot, don't be a bigot. As for what most Maryland citizens want, we've all seen the polls that have been done on this issue, and we all know what they have said. Sad you're that desperate for validation and don't want people to "hate" you over a different "opinion". Opinion, huh? No, this is about legal rights and humans' LIVES. Not simply an opinion. You want to deny legal citizens equal rights and you honestly think you aren't gonna get criticized? Think again, Cal.

Yes Carol, IF that is your real name, YOU then must really want to be a man.

Karen types "When DOMA is declared unconstitutional"

Um excuse me? What court declared DOMA is unconstitutional?

Obama and his corrupt racist AG Holder, unilaterally said that but they have no power under the Constitution to make such declarations. That is for the third branch of our government, the Judiciary.
The ignorance is astounding.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 11, 2011 4:35 PM
Perhaps you are unaware Anonymous but there is a court case in Federal Court in Massachusetts that declared DOMA unconstitutional for that circuit. It will eventually lead to other circuits and then the supreme court. Your ignorance is astounding but then I am guessing you don't have a vested interest in the topic.

Thank you. Please keep marriage between a man and a woman as it was intended.

If I did not live in harford county, I would move from Md as many people in this state do not share my views. I might still move since, as 1 of the minority, I pay taxes and I don't want to support the City, PG, and Montgomery in their state supported spending.

AR, well, guess what? What you think is important, well, I don't care about. You don't care about same-sex couples being denied FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, so who cares about you? Are you special? No, so yeah. You're issues aren't important. You just sound self-entitled and silver-spooned.

Francis is educated by YouTube.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and you've done one hell of a job at that.

>The rights of civil unions are identical to that of marriage, except in the spoken word.

Studies done in states that had or have civil unions show that this ends up being not true. That's why VT switched to civil marriage and NJ is considering doing the same thing.

As one small example, in NJ, employers were refusing to grant health insurance to same-gender couples who had civil unions and would grant it only to those who were married.

Separate is not equal.

For what it's worth, I am very much in favor of having civil unions for everyone and getting the word "marriage" out of government.

AR, you are selfish. Again, why should anyone care about what you think is important? Um, if you couldn't care less about other legal citizens being denied fundamental equal rights, well, then I guess I shouldn't, nor others, should care about what you're going through. Eye for an eye, right? Being self-centered must be *such* a wonderful way to live, huh?

And Francis, you use that post and that video to slur me by implying I too must harbor unnatural feelings for the same sex.
Do you not see how illogical that is?
To try to slur someone by calling them closeted gay while at the same time supporting homosexuals?

Anonymous 3:13, there isn't any redefinition of marriage happening here. Because, opposite-sex couples will get married even when same-sex couples do. So therefore, it has no effect on your life whatsoever. Also, the gay community is not trying to leach off the black community. The BOTTOM LINE IS, that denial of equality is denial of equality, and discrimination is wrong, regardless of who it's against. As someone who is mixed, the fact that these black preachers and legislators were the main driving force in the killing of this bill is disgusting, it's reprehensible, and it's hypocritical. Sorry, but because your skin is dark doesn't make you any more or less entitled to dictate whose civil rights fights are legitimate or not. As someone who is mixed, I'm saying this POINT BLANK: NO-ONE IS SPECIAL BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. Period. We don't hold anything on lock, and we aren't in any position to judge others. We are not moral authorities.

Blame the media for creating your false hope. The media made the gay community think that same-sex marriage was a real possibility when that was never the case, not because politicians wouldn't let it happen, but because it isn't popular enough at this point in the game. Here's an explanation.
If the media had been more accurate in its reporting, the pro-same-sex-marriage side would have known the depth and size of the opposition. But the media wrote articles claiming that the opposition to same-sex marriage was late to the party ("Gay marriage opponents slow to fight in Annapolis"), which implied that gay marriage could become a reality. What the Sun failed to do was thoroughly interview the opposition to same-sex marriage. Had the media been more fair in its reporting, the pro-same-sex marriage side would not have been surprised by today's outcome.
Blacks don't like gay marriage and they don't like having their civil rights glory usurped by a movement with which they disagree. This is a known fact among three circles, none of which interact significantly with gays: blacks, conservatives, and Christians.
When you surround yourself with people who only think like you do, of COURSE you are shocked to find that a large number of people disagree with you.
Maybe the issue is not whether same-sex marriage is right or wrong or immoral or a civil right or a human right or ungodly or whatever. Maybe the issue is that people in favor of gay marriage are not integrated among the other voters, such as blacks and conservatives and Christians.
Today's outcome is the liberal media bias screwing its own people.

I am dismayed that so many legislators seemingly cannot think for themselves and instead vote the way they are told by their pastors. What a slap in the face to their constituents who may not have the same religious beliefs. I hope that someone is seriously looking at having the tax exempt status of certain churches reviewed as a result of their interference in the political process.

Consequences of same-sex marriage redefinition are considerable. Massachussetts is just beggining to open the pandora's box.

You neglect to mention that Mass Resistance is a SPLC registered HATE GROUP. You're taking advice from a group that is categorized with the likes of the KKK and the New Black Panther Party. Extremists and radicals with no scientific fact whatsoever. All fear mongering in the name of discrimination. As an alumni of the Univ. of Maryland I am DISGUSTED with this decision.


Anonymous, here's more. Francis, you are a sick . . .

It is false that "ALL scientific evidence" indicates that same sex attraction is biologically based. It is quite sad that so much of the general public, especially those in the "LGBT community" have accepted the falsehood that homosexuality is inborn when there's actually no rock solid evidence of this widely accepted contention. Many research studies from the 1980s and 1990s which attempted to demonstrate the presence of a "gay gene' or another biological basis for sexual attractions have either been questioned by other researchers or thoroughly discounted. For example, read here

Read it for the SCIENCE!


this is why the government can't be taken seriously. This bill was pushed over a month ago, yet they "don't get around to it?" Are they afraid of offending somebody? So ridiculous...

Wait...wait...does this mean we won't be getting the incest and polygamy legalization they wanted to include in the bill? Aw man...

Anonymous, you just went from sounding silly to soundicng plain stupid! Gee Whiz! Actually the product to hide race comment was more stupid. My Bad!

COWARDS! Especially the two-faced women delegates of PG County and Balto!

No one ever voted or took your rights away so that you could have a marriage or the same benefits of marriage that you enjoy.

I guess the day will come when you will be judged by GOD for depriving those who love each other to be able to commit by vows of marriage and GOD will see that you are the BIGGER SINNER! SHAME ON YOU!!


Otherwise why should we pay your taxes for your benefits of marriage!

Francis-- please stop spreading the unprovable statement that the majority of Marylanders says same-sex marriage is okay. Just because you claim it doesn't make it true. For every poll you have, I can find one showing the opposite. Polls only reveal what the people interviewed were willing to say. Some people might be opposed to same-sex marriage but be unwilling to say it, so they tell the pollster they are in favor while they write to their assemblyman to oppose it. Or how about the people who were not polled? You don't know their opinion on the matter.
If you poll Baltimore City, you'll get a sample that is predominantly black and female and liberal. If you poll Harford County, you'll get a sample that is predominantly white and conservative. Polls only reveal something about those who were polled, and that doesn't automatically apply to the rest of the population. I live in Baltimore City, and I am not black and not liberal, so I would skew the poll, but the statistical likelihood of me being polled is small, thus you don't know I exist, and you don't know my opinion either. And that's why you falsely believe that the majority of Marylanders are in favor of same-sex marriage.
You don't KNOW what the majority thinks because we can't get inside people's heads.

Hey BLACK DELEGATES, can you say racist and bigot

That's right, even though you are born gay or straight (or somewhere in between) you can pass and pretend, whereas those born white or black are stuck. There also would not be as great a problem with being black now if it were not associated with tragically bad choices as a community - even among blacks. Five minutes in a room of blacks and you will hear the n word and more putdowns than in a year among white rednecks. What does that have to do with same sex marriage? All it does it make me wonder how many black men just haven't met mr. right yet, Is Bernard Williams so sure he is his wife's true preference?. If gays don't deserve full civil rights, neither do Christians OR blacks. It is not the gay community that is dealing crack and aspiring to illiteracy and ho status. It is not the gay community driving Bentleys funded by the pennies of widows to a church.

Christianity is by choice. Why do Chrisians deserve protection for their lifestyle choice any more than gays? It does involve polytheism, divine rape and ritual cannibalism and organized pederasty is frequent. Church based scams are common. They could "pass" as gut volk too, right? And very ufortunately being black has come to represent certain bad choices -- it should not be that way but the sad act is it does.

I also assume that these good christians are aware that the messiah was promised to the bloodline of David's second wife while the first was still alive. Show me anywhere in Jewish or Christian scripture where the average man had to be monogamous.
By the way it was Gays who were persecuted by the fascists and Nazis while most Christians actively supported Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. Every antigay law in Germany now is from the Holocaust .

I'm sick Bernard? Actually no, you're a bigot and homophobia is an illness. As for 1980s studies, we are in 2011. Get with the program.

Sexual orientation is not purely genetic, it is not a choice, and you and all anti-gay blacks are a disgrace to the black community.

@ screwy people....why so hateful....did I strike a nerve? You are stereotyping by assuming I am a woman. Never heard of a man named Carol? Again, I am gay. I am not changing for you or anyone else. With or without "Marriage" or "Civil Union" I will continue to be in a committed relationship with my partner. Each year that passes, more people reallize that giving gay people the same benefits and advantages that heterosexual couples have is the right thing to do. It may not be this year or next year but the day will come. When it does, maybe you will come out of the closet and choose to be happy. I've finally figured out that for me, being gay is a choice as I have chosen to be happy and true to myself.

The House should have voted for the gay marriage bill. This is considered discrimination towards the LGBT people. They are taken our civil rights away and it is not fair. We have worked so hard for them note to vote for the bill. Even for the fact that money was involved the money should be givin back because there was no vote. I sent a letter to President Bush the same thing when we were trying a couple years ago about same sex marriage. This is very disappointing and a lot of people are hurt by the no vote.

Which is worse? Bigots who hide behind religion, or craven political cowards?

Posted by: K in VA | March 11, 2011 2:29 PM

If religion were artificial I would agree.
We are required to presume it is not.
I hate to smugly pass the check and say "blame God" but really which one of us wrote the religion?

"We don't make policy gentlemen. Elected officials do that. We are the instruments of that policy."

Viper (Tom Skeritt), Top Gun

To say "Oh, homosexuality is not a sin" or "this sin is not a sin" is to pull rank and claim yourself equal to the commander in chief.

Let us be clear what religion is. If you chose to be one of us, you acknowledge God as boss, take your instructions, surrender to His will. We don't take it for an excuse.

Marriage has been and still is binding legal contract between individuals, families. It was used as the methodology to expand empires, have multiple wives, increase property rights or get rid of a daughter for centuries. It was the means by which men could have lots of children to defend the land, plow the fields or fight the wars. Jesus Christ preached monotheism. That is a religious belief, that is a lifetime committment. Families are dissolved all the time by divorce, abuse, poverty and abandonment. The sexual orientation of a person, is by DNA or creation and therefore needs to be respected. Two adults have the right to choose life's partners. It is up to the state to protect those rights and construct the contract to allow their persuit of happines guaranteed by the constitution.

Anonymous 4:59, actually, it's not the fault of "liberals" nor gays for why CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES TEND TO BE BIGOTED. No, it's not their fault. No-one forces bigots to be bigots. You either choose to be a bigot, or you choose not to. First of all, no-one is really surprised by this. If you think this has to do with the numbers of the opposition, you're more naive than I thought. Actually, this is all about certain DISTRICTS, not the entire state. And, this is about POLITICS. This isn't about "oh, I'm against f**s". Um, let's look nationwide. How many anti-gays have been caught in gay scandals? It's all a game to these people, they don't take gay rights seriously, and they need to be held accountable. As for the black community, most are conservative, and sadly, hypocritical, self-centered and bigoted. You think that the gay community doesn't realize this? Um, think again, they had to deal with the same issue in California. But really, let's stop making this about race, it isn't. It's about bigotry in the name of religion, pure and simple, and people hungry for validation and POWER over gay people. Yes, I do actually think more outreach is needed in these circles where same-sex marriage is less popular. However, it's hard to speak, when the ears aren't open. These people love to hear themselves talk, but don't want to hear the other side. So, you thinking the gay community should parade themselves off for them is not going to happen. They aren't going to suck up to the same people who are hostile towards them. A majority of Maryland citizens support marriage equality and today only reinforces just how hateful and spiteful the anti-equality side truly are.

Screwy people, I never slurred you and I didn't say you are gay. I said most anti-gays harbor gay desires, and this has been proven. Carl Kruger of New York, an virulently anti-gay senator, was outed just today. We can go down the LIST of anti-gays who are truly gay. Homophobia is a disease and ruins lives and society. This is why more and more people are standing up to this disgusting form of bigotry, and will continue to.

"The Anne Arundel Republican said marriage is subsidized by the state to ensure procreation." Perhaps it is time to stop ensuring procreation. With the population of the planet reaching 7 billion maybe we can become neutral on the issue of procreation.

@Bernard Williams - the NPR report says orientation is likely not determined by any "particular" gene. That in no way discounts genetic or biological factors as important to orientation. There is, in fact, a general scientific consensus that orientation is the result of a complex interplay between genetic factors, as well as intrauterine (also biological) and early-childhood environment, and that it is not the choice of the individual. Please research websites of organizations like the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the American Psychiatric Association.

Immoral and unnatural, David? Is divorce immoral and unnatural? If so, why do 60% of straight couples do it? And hey, if you're into incest and bestiality, try to make it legal. But that has nothing to do with two consenting adult human beings in love, people who are doing no harm to you. The only thing I see disgusting is your irrational hate.

Funny, Rick DeLano. You seem to be the only arrogant and ignorant person here. Anyway, we already know how social trends are moving towards equality for LGBT citizens, so you're big talk is nothing more that wasted breath ultimately. Equality never loses. All this does is make LGBT individuals and supporters stronger. As for arguments, do you have one against same-sex marriage? No-one is trying to change opposite-sex couples from marrying, and the definition of marriage includes same-sex couples, so it seems you're devoid of logical arguments, and solely preaching hatred and division. Oh well, before trying to pretend as if you have a "majority" in a sad attempt of justification you can look at all of the polls done in this state on this issue, and come back.

True, Cal. A majority are not anti-gay, and are for marriage equality, so it's probably for the best if you left for Texas or Alabama. Sorry you can't handle educated opinions not based on bigotry, but that's how it goes sometimes, not everyone is fit to live in that sort of society.

Mika Jensen, marriage was intended for man and woman? Um, the earliest marriages were essentially family deals and revolved around property rights, slave trades and money. Oh yeah, and polygamy was the main form of marriage also. So, actually, can you educate yourself before speaking on behalf of something you don't know? Thanks.

I just wish for one week that all the gay people who are in the closet in all these churches ( including the pastors) would turn purple. And that all the African American guys who are "down low" in the Community would turn purple as well. It would be one heck of a purple week!

I bet the gay suicide hotlines are ringing off the hooks seeing as how many seem so mentally fragile.

I'm glad this bill is finally DOA. How can such a minority of people take up so much of the legislature's time on a bill that will affect so few. It's time for the legislature to finally address the real problems in the State such as the economy, illegal immigration, and budget deficit! Thank you house for allowing us to nothave to put up with this for another year.

"Sexual orientation is not purely genetic" Posted by: Francis

Of course it is, it is a genetic defect. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It is just like many other genetic defect and we all know and love people with those others.

It is not a bad thing, just a minor defect in the very complicated being we were given by a creator. Sometimes things go wrong and we all deal with them.

Chris Marsh, I don't understand why religion is even being brought up. This isn't about religion. Keep your beliefs personal, and keep your morality out of my legality.

Here's to the Maryland delegates that stood by their morals and refused to vote on a bill that would destroy the sacrament of Marriage. If everyone votes OUT the ones that would have voted FOR this bill - it will not rear its head again. Gay marriage is NOT a civil rights issue. Anyone saying it is, needs to go back to history class

"Christianity is by choice."
Posted by: Redleg56

Many do not "choose" their religion until later in life. Many are born into their religion. Your parents are Catholic, you go to Baptism and confession and all that. Later on you may or may not decide to stick with it or move on. Many who may move on do retain many of the basic beliefs. Those that rule the civilized societies around the globe. To make it simple for you, I am referring to the 10 Commandments.
Do you agree we all desire those we live and deal with lived by the Christian 10 Commandments?

Please, Anonymous 5:18. You either know nothing of polling and how it's done, or you're just trying to prove to yourself most disagree with your actions. As for other polls, um, there has been a long term poll done on this issue showing between 37-42% of people are against marriage equality. We aren't even talking half here. We're talking a dwindling number. If you do not know how polls are done, than you shouldn't speak on behalf of them. Just because you were not asked or "everyone" wasn't asked does not mean the poll is faulty.

Even if there was a God, how would anyone have any idea what he or she is thinking? The Bible? The Bible has been written, re-written, editted, and manipulated by those who want to brainwash their flock. There are 4 Gospels and they contridict each other on scores of occasions.
If you are against gay marriage, fine, but don't tell that God is against it. You simply don't know and don't speak for God.

Hey ,thanks for the head's up on Carl Kruger ( another closted gay man who voted against marriage equality).
Now , who here was trying to argue that the most virulent anti-gay folks weren't secretly harboring desires for members of their own sex? Hmmm?

I am so glad this has happened, hopefully this kills the bill. If you want to be together get a civil union, marriage is a man and a woman. And to those who equate this to the civil rights issues that blacks faced you are off base. You cannot choose to be black or white, or asian but you can choose to be straight or gay. Those who want to marry someone of the same sex have made the wrong choice.

Prophet, so true. EVERYONE knows just how sadly prevalent the down low lifestyle is in PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY. EVERYONE knows how prevalent the down low lifestyle is in the church community in general, countrywide. A politician in New York was outed today for committing financial crime with his live-in boyfriend. Self-hating gays make the worst homophobes and are the most obvious ones. So sad. A purple week exposing the hypocrites sure would be a lot of fun!

Well, Carol spelled that way, is indeed a gay name for a man. for illegal immigration....while people were voicing their opposition to the same-sex marriage bill, the house passed a bill to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state's that for an important issue. Treating illegal immigrants better than legal residents who happen to be gay. That is all thanks to all you hateful people out there.

"No-one forces bigots to be bigots. You either choose to be a bigot, or you choose not to."

How offensive and bigoted that statement is!!!! How dare you say it is a choice! They are BORN that way!

A second thought on what I said about taking religion for what it is, as it was written down before you were born. You might personally disagree, have an opinion. But you still acknowledge God as the boss.

The Muslims have the perfect attitude about religion. Islam means to submit/submission. Christians have a relatively poor attitude at least in practice. It is not to dominate people, it is to let God dominate you.

There are things in the spirit realm we do not understand. Spirits can impart strength to people. Some do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Ergo, there is non-objective truth in Jesus Christ, and that got my attention to the Bible and the rest of it.

OK... quite to the point, I was turned off to a bunch of college age Christians, and then I met a bunch of middle age Christians who weren't the same. There was a definite difference in spiritual maturity, and I eventually realized fighting them was futile, and I respected them, and Jesus, and joined them. It was mid to late 1992.

You are free to deny the possibilities if you are afraid to see what you might find.

I have said this before. The only thing that makes logical sense to me personally about several holy commandments, homosexuality, birth control, masturbation, etc., is that I believe, have an opinion, that God might want to overpopulate the world as part of the book of Revelations. (Morality doesn't seem to make any sense by comparison because good and bad people are gay, and straight too.)

In other words, bring on the doomsday world Paul Erhlich illustrated in The Population Bomb. Poisoned fish and crops leading ultimately to a world embargo against and an American pre-emptive nuclear strike that essentially ends agriculture, save Alabama, and civilization.

Increasing numbers of people might eventually drain and cause friction for dwindling oil reserves especially as modern agriculture depends on oil and oil products. When do we stop being able to feed them?

Consider the Bible saying
1. Be fruitful and multiply
2. Paul: women should be saved in childbirth
3. All those verses about homosexuality
4. Onan: used by Catholics to condemn masturbation and birth control
5. Paul: if a man is acting inappropriately toward his woman he should get married, is better to marry than to burn
6. I Cor 7:8-9 spouses, submit to one another

Let me toss in one more verse about desperate times

Rev 6:6 A day's wages for a quart of wheat, a day's wages for three quarts of barley, and do not damage the olive oil and the wine!

Note: Olive oil is useful as bioDiesel fuel and alcohol is also useful as fuel. Gives a spin to RUSH singing, "Don't feed the people but they feed the machines" (Territories). We have seen this dilemma recently, feed people or cars?

So, people fight over oil, and then over food and water when they have hungry kids. They neglect the fields and there is famine. Hungry people later get sick. You have war, famine, pestilence, and death- The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

And then Jesus comes back. insensitive and ignorant of you. How can you write about suicide like that? It is proven that at least 1 in 10 people are gay which means, there is someone close to you who is gay. How sad that you don't have the sensitivity to try to understand what that person is going through and that you will never see that person happy because they will either hide it or stay out of your life.

No, Relieved, it doesn't kill the bill officially. Sorry, but your gloating is just temporary. Secondly, marriage is a man and a woman? The official definition says otherwise. Thirdly, as someone who is mixed, I AM SAYING that the fight LGBT people go through is the same as blacks, women, Jews and any other minority group. Discrimination is discrimination, and discrimination is wrong.

Lastly, you can choose to be gay or straight? I didn't choose my sexuality. Choosing your sexuality makes you bisexual, a person with innate attraction towards both sexes, and you choose to be with the opposite-sex? Well, that's your self-hating business, but it's not wrong that gay people, who are born gay, live according to who they are.

I do find it odd that in all these comments, not one mentions the fact that their beloved President Obama has not made one statement in support of this bill. Not a word! He has not ever uttered the words that he "supports" homosexual marriage. NEVER. The blame is on religion and the right. The man with the biggest bully pulpit, who most every homosexual supported, worked for and voted for is President and has never supported you.
He has come to nearby Maryland for less worthy things.

Someone in here mentioned about voting fro Democrats just because they are Democrats.

What has the TOP Democrat done for you in this?

Francis, In your rage you will never get it. Calling me names etc. shows hate from your side - I still say that 1 can disagree without hate. I am educated and not a bigot , despite you decreeing such. btw today Japan was a tragedy, not getting your vote is not a tragedy, despite your opinion, However, one can be sure that Md will eventually let homosexuals marry despite my opinion.

Screwy people, a genetic defect is something that harms a persons' ability to function adequately as a human being on an every day level. Can you show how BEING GAY harms a persons' ability to LIVE? Oh, you can't? OK, so let's go with the medical organizations who say homophobia is a personality illness, and stop trying to play doctor.

Anonymous 5:47, you're joking about suicides? What a NASTY individual you are. Callous, hateful and NASTY black hearted individual. You should be ashamed of yourself, you debase scourge. And as for mentally fragile, yeah, says the person who jokes about suicides. What does that make you? Not sane. But thanks for again proving just what type of people are anti-gay, and exactly why you people need to be exposed for what you are.

"Christianity is by choice."
Posted by: Redleg56

Many do not "choose" their religion until later in life. Many are born into their religion. Your parents are Catholic, you go to Baptism and confession and all that. Later on you may or may not decide to stick with it or move on. Many who may move on do retain many of the basic beliefs. Those that rule the civilized societies around the globe. To make it simple for you, I am referring to the 10 Commandments.
Do you agree we all desire those we live and deal with lived by the Christian 10 Commandments?

Sometimes people are raised deliberately hands-off with respect to religion. Mom would only go as far as put us on a church van for a Sunday coffee break. (That is all it meant to her....)

The aunt and uncle sent JW material in from Michigan but it did not have the intended effect.

1. I was the more curious and Bible friendly, got mad at Christians my own age in college, but did get saved and baptized at 23. I am 41 next month.
2. The other one has h** own goddess.

I think it makes a difference if you come willingly....

Commonsense, you seem to be lacking common sense in the worst way. We are discussing fundamental equal rights, basic AMERICAN PRINCIPLE. It doesn't get any more important than that. There will always be important issues to discuss, a legislators' job is doing more than one thing at once. You think they can't handle that? Then, you must have no confidence in their abilities. But guess what, just because you are SELF ABSORBED doesn't mean this issue a huge issue for the MILLIONS of same-sex couples affected by this. This is a real problem, and as a majority of citizens support marriage equality, it will continue to be a major problem until their voices are heard. This isn't all about you, this is about ALL, and that all INCLUDES gay people.

What a shame. I'm sorry for my friends and family members that won't know marriage equality in MD yet again this year, and sorry I'm going to have to explain to my children again why MD legilslators don't think everyone deserves equal treatment.

It's clear this will eventually pass, why is it taking so long? Maryland used to be such a leader on justice, eqaulity and public health issues and now is so middle of the pack. Ick.

Anonymous 6:00, it's called common sense. It's called having commons sense to realize right from wrong. Clearly, religion alone doesn't help with that. The 10 commandments could easily be called the rules of common sense. Religion is a CHOICE, it's a belief of beliefs, it is not absolute morality and it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

For the idiot, Commonsense, who thinks that we are just this small minority who don't deserve the time of day in the legislature, let me remind you that your stuff stinks too so get over yourself. We pay our taxes, probably a helluva a lot more than you do and our lives are at least as valuable as yours.To Essexrunner, I suggest you go back and read history and it's not your place to dictate anyone else's civil rights.Put your head in the ground so your ugly head doesn't rear itself ever again.To anonymous, since when is the US a Christian country (although my husband and I are)?And how dare anyone assume to know what God is thinking other than that all people are the children of God. For all the hypocrites out there, get a life, raise your own children without worrying about everyone else. Save your own marriages by staying in your own bedrooms and don't cheat on your spouses. Your 50% divorce rate is your own fault, not the fault of gay marriage. Your children's problems are the result of your own incompetency in raising them properly. And to anyone who believe in the idiot Delegate Dwyer that anyone would teach kids in grade school about gay sexual positions because gay marriage is allowed has got to be the biggest idiot in the world. It was not done in Massachusetts and it would not be done in MD. Who in the world would do such a ridiculous and insane thing other than the pedophile priests of the Roman Catholic Church led by the Pope in a white dress and the witch-hunting Archbishop of Baltimore. Gosh, I'm sure glad I left the Catholic Church and retained my Christian belief in God and go to church every week and am a lay leader in my church, as is my husband. Gay marriage will be a reality in Maryland eventually and those legislators who are not with us will be out of jobs eventually, not the other way around because more people are for us than against us. It's the out-of state NOM idiots (UNMARRIED MAGGIE GALLAGHER) and the MORMONS WHO BELIEVE IN MANY WIVES who go from state to state interfering with our in-state affairs.

Rudy, ye Bible is the best source we got.
1. If I was God I'd kill the *(#J(*& who misquoted me
2. If I was God I'd cut someone a break who read the misquotes

So I suppose we are being graded on our knowledge of the book as it applies to our lives as Christians.......

The so-called inaccuracies are no excuse to do NOTHING. Somebody tried that in the New Testament. Buried some money a rich man asked him to invest, gave it back to him. The two other servants made 5x, 10x the profit. The rich man was very mad, gave the reward to the man with 10x the profit....

Morale of that story: Don't be the kind of Christian who keeps mouth shut about Jesus.

Hey Francis, 31 States voted on this and 31 States REJECTED this! Any idea what the batting average of that is? Here is the bottom line, "sraight Americans" are tired of you and those like you getting in our faces screaming "hate", A man's penis doesn't belong in another man's mouth or anus. It's immoral and unnatural and EVERYBODY knows it. And that isn't even mentioning the word "marriage" which shouldn't be anywhere near this preverted discussion. You mistake the quiet MAJORITY as indifferent or passive. Your a SMALL MINORITY, deal with it!

For the idiot, Commonsense, who thinks that we are just this small minority who don't deserve the time of day in the legislature, let me remind you that your stuff stinks too so get over yourself. We pay our taxes, probably a helluva a lot more than you do and our lives are at least as valuable as yours.To Essexrunner, I suggest you go back and read history and it's not your place to dictate anyone else's civil rights.Put your head in the ground so your ugly head doesn't rear itself ever again.To anonymous, since when is the US a Christian country (although my husband and I are)?And how dare anyone assume to know what God is thinking other than that all people are the children of God. For all the hypocrites out there, get a life, raise your own children without worrying about everyone else. Save your own marriages by staying in your own bedrooms and don't cheat on your spouses. Your 50% divorce rate is your own fault, not the fault of gay marriage. Your children's problems are the result of your own incompetency in raising them properly. And to anyone who believe in the idiot Delegate Dwyer that anyone would teach kids in grade school about gay sexual positions because gay marriage is allowed has got to be the biggest idiot in the world. It was not done in Massachusetts and it would not be done in MD. Who in the world would do such a ridiculous and insane thing other than the pedophile priests of the Roman Catholic Church led by the Pope in a white dress and the witch-hunting Archbishop of Baltimore. Gosh, I'm sure glad I left the Catholic Church and retained my Christian belief in God and go to church every week and am a lay leader in my church, as is my husband. Gay marriage will be a reality in Maryland eventually and those legislators who are not with us will be out of jobs eventually, not the other way around because more people are for us than against us. It's the out-of state NOM idiots (UNMARRIED MAGGIE GALLAGHER) and the MORMONS WHO BELIEVE IN MANY WIVES who go from state to state interfering with our in-state affairs.

"Prophet, so true. EVERYONE knows just how sadly prevalent the down low lifestyle is in PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY. EVERYONE knows how prevalent the down low lifestyle is in the church community in general"

Why do you think rape and deviant sexual acts take place in every prison in this country? It either comes out of prisons or into prisons. chicken egg.

@Relieved - the consensus views of the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatricians, the American Psychiatric Association, and other such organizations of mental-health professionals disagree with you on the choice question. See for example:

Essexrunner, same-sex couples are legal couples. They are being denied legal rights and equality. So, using common sense, that makes this a civil rights issue, as civil rights are being unfairly denied. This is about equality, and people like you are on the wrong side of history. The only people destroying the sacrament of marriage are heterosexuals with the 60% divorce rate. If same-sex couples ACTUALLY MARRYING AND STAYING TOGETHER destroys your marriage, it must mean your marriage wasn't very strong to begin with, if its health is that dependent on others. I don't know many other straight couples who feel their marriages will be destroyed if same-sex couples marry.

Keep your morality out of legality. A legislators job is NOT to "stand up" for what their preacher tells them but to fight for the rights of ALL citizens and make appropriate decisions that help us ALL. Stop forcing your beliefs on others, I understand, you need validation, but you're hateful actions will ONLY come back to haunt you in the end.

Rudy.... God said in several places in the Bible what He thinks about it. The Bible might as well be a dictionary it is so coherent.

Are you looking for an excuse to take one opinion versus the other?

I don't particularly like having to say God dislikes various kinds of sex. But it is in there and I read it three times completely.

They are only a couple of votes from victory, they say. Could that be a couple of votes in defeat?
Why didn't they take a vote? Because they knew they didn't have the votes to pass the bill. Instead of taking the vote, they kept the Maryland bill alive.... (chicken).

But same-sex marriage means sisters could then also get married - if it is about equality, then let's give tax-write-offs to any two same-sex couples: two roommates of the same sex, uncle and nephew, nice and aunt, mentally retarded people who like sex, and the list can continue.

It's not about romance. It is about the government granting benefits and tax-deductions to those that are not optimal for engendering the next generation not only having babies, but taking care of them and educating them to NOT be a problem in general to the State, the government. People of homosxual behavior can't procreate - they would have to procreate through a third person (always). But procreation is not enough to merit civil marriage benefits. Procreation within marriage is the optimum way, and the way supported by government and the law. We can go against the law, but is not the optimum way. The Maryland House is correct in denying special rights to those couples who do not qualify It's not discriminatory.

First of all Screwy People, Obama supported same-sex marriage and still does. He's playing a POLITICAL GAME by saying he's against it, and now wavering and unsure about it. Because religious conservatives have so infiltrated politics, he panders to them, because he needs the ignorant God support. Now that it's near 2012 and marriage equality has gained support, he's playing both sides of the fence. It's ALL a game to you people, gay people are talking about their lives, and having their basic lives and rights being trampled, and you play games. As for what Obama has done, he just ruled DOMA unconstitutional. Which is more than any top Republican has done for same-sex marriage. However, party lines aren't the issue. No, BIGOTRY is the issue, and COWARDS are the issue, and both sides are filled with WEAK BIGOTS.

And no, homophobia is a choice. It's not in nature, and it wasn't around with humans until, you guessed it, RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM infected and ruined minds. You're damaged, as are all homophobes. You're ill, but ultimately, we're going to win so this is all redundant. Equality never fails.

"What a shame. I'm sorry for my friends and family members that won't know marriage equality in MD yet again this year"

I'm really really sorry, but please explain to me why you cannot feel you can live a happy, productive, active, life doing all you may ever want to do, just because you cannot get a piece of paper that says Marriage Certificate From the State of Maryland?

Are you that insecure? In the 60's 70's a marriage license between one man and one woman was a bad thing. There were communes. You were a homo to get out of getting killed in Nam.

How many "common law marriages" are there in America? Are they all between one man and one woman? Is it even possible to have a "common law marriage" between two or more of any mixed or same sex?

Why the state paper?

I don't hate you, Cal. You're a bigot. That isn't calling names. That's calling truth what it is. You don't get to decide whether you're bigoted, of course you will say you aren't. The label either applies accurately or it doesn't. You want to DENY LEGAL SAME-SEX COUPLES EQUALITY and you honestly think I should respect you? Hahaha. You think you're in the right? You think that the further denial of a BASIC AMERICAN TENANT is not a tragedy? Oh well, you're right, Maryland will eventually allow this, and yes, a majority do support it. But guess what, you're against it, and that puts you on the wrong side of history and common sense. If you don't want to get called out, then don't the deed that creates it.

@ Francis, the Founding Fathers were largely Christian, definitely cultural Christian. Check out www. and Lives of the Signers of the Declaration. Even Franklin led the Constitutional Convention in prayer when it nearly fell apart from division. Their Bible study would last for hours. It's just not taught in school after John Dewey & his humanist friends began to bastardize our history.

The time has come for the gay community to stop supporting politicians blindly. They need to be accountable. Legislators are paid to pass civil law, NOT CHURCH LAW. If they can't fulfill their constitutional oath to pass civil law, then they need to find new jobs. And we will be happy to give them a push out the door. For those delegates who sponsored the gay marriage bill and then backed out, you are on the no-re-election list. If you received campaign donations from the gay community under the guise of supporting gay marriage, start writing check and return those donations. You lied to get the money. You stole that money. You owe that money back to the donors, with interest and a written apology for your back-stabbing arrogance and robbery. You lied to get that money and you lied to get elected. You will go down in infamy. You not only were going to vote against the bill, you sponsored the bill and then used excuses to take your name off the bill. "I thought it was civil union". Didn't you read the dammed bill? "We shouldn't be forced to vote for something". You took money saying you were going to do one forced you Alston .For the other bigots in the Maryland House of Delegates, your job termination dates are approaching. We will find candidates to run against you and unseat you in the next election if we can't find a way to legally recall and unseat you before that. "I take offense equating gay rights to black civil rights". Emmett Burns, you are offensive yourself. "I'll support you if it's Separate but equal. It's all about the Bible". Oh Cheryl Glenn, as we told you in person last month, we'll give you separate but equal rights again like in the 1960's.And we are looking for someone in District 45 specifically to run against you and unseat you. I voted for write-in candidate Mickey Mouse instead of you in the last election. Next time I'll have a real candidate to vote for who will send you home in your witch's outfit on your broomstick". And for those Republicans who teamed up with NOM and the Mormons, your phone calls to California will bring you plane tickets and moving vans to California. You are the minority in this state. Take your attitudes to a state run by other republicans where they are outright taking away the rights of the people of their states.

@ Francis, the Founding Fathers were largely Christian, definitely cultural Christian. Check out www. and Lives of the Signers of the Declaration. Even Franklin led the Constitutional Convention in prayer when it nearly fell apart from division. Their Bible study would last for hours. It's just not taught in school after John Dewey & his humanist friends began to bastardize our history.

"The official definition says otherwise. "
Posted by: Francis

Ahhhhhh, that is the entire issue ain't it?

Who is "the official"?

And to anyone who believe in the idiot Delegate Dwyer that anyone would teach kids in grade school about gay sexual positions because gay marriage is allowed has got to be the biggest idiot in the world.

I haven't laughed this hard since I watched Rush LImbaugh.

It's heartbreaking Kari, but it makes LGBT folk and supporters stronger. We have the majority support. Things like this show the absolute lack of regard most politicians have towards the LGBT community. We have to be strong and hold these people accountable. We will win. Unfortunately, change is hard for a lot of people, but given we already have a majority, we just need to continue to enlighten hearts and minds. Now is the time to fight even stronger than ever. And not take NO for an answer.

And the reality is, if equality is going to happen nationwide, it will be through the courts, not the legislators. They are weak and don't do their jobs. We cannot rely on these people to do anything good for society.

And how dare anyone assume to know what God is thinking other than that all people are the children of God.

I dare to on the authority of the Bible. At minimum I can presume it represents His will, especially for Christians, but for people in general.

I've read it three times.

Perhaps later we can discuss more questions you might have about the religion. I won't lie, I am no expert, but generally I know enough for 99% of the time.

"Hey ,thanks for the head's up on Carl Kruger ( another closted gay man who voted against marriage equality)."
Posted by: Prophet

A homosexual using a homophobic slur (another closted gay man)
as a weapon against a heterosexual is as perverse as it can ever get.

Well, maybe not!! A lesbian, who wants women, then gets a sex change operation to be a man, and then decides to be gay and liking men may be the tops.

Francis, Sounds like you want to have a slap contest - you would win.

David, for starters, I'm not gay. So, you don't speak for "straight Americans". You speak for your own bigoted and irrational a**. Secondly, the whole "all these states voted against it" isn't valid. Um, most of these votes happened a) years ago, b) in non national election years and c) most people who vote are middle-aged/older. So therefore, of course the votes are going to tend to side for the bigots. You have a built in advantage. That doesn't speak for the already very well known fact that marriage equality is rapidly gaining support nationwide. As for your obsession with MALE ANAL SEX. You and perverts like you are just that, perverts. Um, not all gay men have anal sex, and gay doesn't=anal sex. Also, there are lesbians. Also, straight people have anal sex. This is ALL about the sex to you, huh David? All about MALE ANAL SEX? I'm straight, I don't care about MALE ANAL SEX David. Why do people like you use the "majority" argument so much to validate yourselves? If a majority of people told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? Seems you're basically wanting to prove how strong you are by discriminating against a vulnerable minority. What insecurity. You need help and to stop blaming others for your own problems.

"How can you write about suicide like that? It is proven that at least 1 in 10 people are gay which means, there is someone close to you who is gay."
Posted by: Carol

You're right Carol which is a mans name.

I had a brother die of AIDS in 1985. And I had a cousin get AIDS and die form a transfusion, he was not a homosexual.
Did you?

James, you're wrong. It's not up for debate. The United States of America has no sponsored religion and is not a religious nation. The founding fathers were not Christians. They were deists and Masonists. We can look at the constitution, where there is barely ANY mentioning of God. It's that simple, this isn't a Christian country. So therefore, making rules solely based on the beliefs of Christian fundamentalists is going against American principle.

"For the idiot,who thinks that we are just this small minority who don't deserve the time of day in the legislature, let me remind you that your stuff stinks too so get over yourself."
Posted by: Anonymous | March 11, 2011 6:25 PM

You narrowed it down to its most common denominator.

Put your bibles away, folks. This is government, not sunday school. Stop playing Webster and claiming the rightful definition of marriage. It is amazing how many of these religious folks want the "institution of marriage" for their own. Mind your own freakin business! RELIGION HAS NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT.

Little Man, where in marriage licenses and contracts does it say "thy shall procreate"? Where does it say procreation is a mandate? Special rights? That's what heterosexuals have. Where does it say a couple needs to procreate on civil marriage contracts, Little Man? Show us. Oh wait, you can't because it doesn't, and nothing you say is relevant to the discussion.


Same-sex couples raise well adjusted kids. Parenting is what makes good parents. Who one has sex with is irrelevant. Common sense, try using it.

"First of all Screwy People, Obama supported same-sex marriage and still does. " Posted by: Francis | March 11, 2011 6:38 PM

I challange you to show just one quote from President O supporting homosexual marriage.

Time to shine Francis.

Can I ask? Carol here is a man. Is Francis a mans name or a woman's name in this instance?

Isn't it ironic that these religious folks also listen to homosexual priests who have a taste for underage partners?

Anonymous 6:40, same-sex couples are being denied basic every day rights on an every day basis because of this denial of their marriage equality. Every single day, having to face social and legal inequality. So while you trivialize their plight and take what you have for granted, these couples' lives are that much harder because of this inequality. It's not about same-sex couples not being happy, they are happy, they are loving couples, that's what makes them no different than opposite-sex couples. But, they and, I, and many straight people, are not happy about this discrimination they have to face solely for who they are. It's wrong.

Screwy People, calling someone a closet case isn't a slur, it's honesty. You are trying really hard to validate yourself and falling flat. The only thing perverse is your evil mentality and bigotry. The FACT is, Carl Kruger, like MOST homophobes, are hypocrites, and a majority end up being closeted homosexuals. Carl Kruger is not straight, so it's not a slur against heterosexuals, and gay isn't a slur at all, except in the minds of the hateful.

james: Websights such as the one you pointed out are full of mistakes and legends. Our first five presidents were Deist Unitarians. They were about as far from orthodox Christianity as it came in the 18th and it shows. Franklin's call for prayer was laughed out of the chamber by members who didn't want to consult a "foreign power." Washington always refereed to God as "it" or some neutral term except for a few statements which paralleled his Masonic background. He also refused to receive the Sacrament of the Lords Supper (Also called d the Eucharist) because it offended his Deist sensibilities. One could go on, but I doubt more evidence would move you.

One of the things I find fascinating about those people who state anti-gay sentiment comes from religious zealots is the hypocrisy of their own position.
They would tell you that they believe in evolution and not in God. Yet none of them appear to consider the ramifications of their own belief system. Darwin's theory of evolution includes the idea that creatures with traits that give them a competitive advantage survive to continue the species. This is also known as Natural Selection or "Survival of the fittest".
How do two homosexuals, left to their own devices, continue the species? According to Darwin's theory which most gays would say they support, gays are biologically irrelevant to the continuation of the species, because they don't reproduce. Therefore, what is "normal" , in fact, required, for the continuation of the species, does not naturally occur within gay relationships. Shouldn't this simple fact give one pause to consider that regardless of what you call it, gay marriage will never be useful for the continuation of the species?
In truth, it's simply people with aberrant behavior seeking a nicer label, At least that's what Darwin would say.

No Cal, no slap contest. Just trying to awaken you to the implications of your actions and attitudes. But you just don't get it. And that's the sad part.

There seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion about marriage versus "Holy matrimony". Holy matrimony is the religious rite of marriage as defined by the church. Marriage is a set of civil laws basically designed for the protection of property shared between two people who form a union.

Certain Christians believe that God instituted marriage and defined it as a union of one man and one woman. This most definitely conflicts with much of what the Bible tells us in terms of polygamy and even homosexual relationships. David (a man after God's own heart) was allowed to be crowned King of Israel precisely because of his taking of King Saul's son Jonathan as the equivalent of a wife. (Check this out in "Unprotected Texts" by J.W. Knust).

By all means no religion should be forced to change its tenets of faith by government, but no religion should also claim jurisdiction over civil government in the United States. Civil marriage is a right to be extended to all. The churches should use the term Holy Matrimony for their specific rites of marriage and get over the fact that gay people should have the same rights as anyone else in a democracy.

Chris Marsh, God didn't write the Bible. Men did. So, that's pretty much irrelevant to this discussion, and the discussion of morality. Morality is not absolute, and a man made book certainly isn't the answer sheet. This is about legal rights, not church service.


1a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage

Read and learn please. Marriage includes same-sex couples.

And no, homophobia is a choice. It's not in nature, and it wasn't around with humans until, you guessed it, RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM infected and ruined minds.

Religious Fundamentalism means truth in advertising. It isn't all bad, if you are willing to dig deep enough to find out why.

Yeah sure it means integrity in the religion with respect to one hot button issue.....

but also with regard to hatred, it gets rid of that too

I John 3:15 Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer and we know no murderer has eternal life.

Hello????? Are you listening??

Where is truth in advertising when love is concerned?

If you hate somebody you will cut your own throat. I did struggle with specific anger at a few people.... but that is dangerous and I won't do it again.

I think I know the Scriptures pretty well after all. I hope the pro-gay-marriage folks are gratified to learn it, and I hope the haters are dismayed and caught off their guard....

Next time you run into Westboro Baptist Church, flash them a placard saying I John 3:15, and read it to them if they are too stupid to read.

If there were truth in advertising our PR efforts would be easier, getting people before Jesus comes back.

As Christian person who has studied the ancient history, the history of the Church and world religions almost all my life, may I just say:

1) There is no such thing as the "ancient sacred institution of marriage." In ancient times, marriages could be dissolved at any time for a myriad of reasons and where DEFINITELY NOT between "one man and one woman", as people are so fond of saying.

2) The bible only forbids homosexuality in Leviticus, where it defines kosher law. Which also forbids, shaving, haircuts, jewelry, eating pork or shellfish and all kinds of other things most Christian Americans do every day.

3) The founding fathers where SO explicit about the separation of Church and State for good reason. It's the most important thing in the constitution. It's the best thing about this country. Religious freedom doesn't just meant the right to be different religions. It also means the freedom not to be religious. You'd think Christian people would hold that freedom more sacred. None of us want to live in a Theocracy. If you do, you should start a desert compound or something.

"Screwy People, calling someone a closet case isn't a slur, it's honesty. You are trying really hard to validate yourself and falling flat" Posted by: Francis

Really? They didn't say "closet case sweety"

The post said closeted homosexual. You cannot even see the difference.
My "validation" as you suggest, is that my position has prevailed in this instance. THAT is validation.

"Screwy people, a genetic defect is something that harms a persons' ability to function adequately as a human being on an every day level. Can you show how BEING GAY harms a persons' ability to LIVE?"
Posted by: Francis

Sure. That's easy.

Silly Francis, every comment you make exposes more and more that the hateful bigot in this discussion is you. As posted several times in this discussion, many who are against gay marriage on this board are for civil unions. You are the one changing the definition of marriage. I've asked several times and not once has someone on the pro gay marriage side answered the basic question. Why? Because you can't I assume so you ignore it. You say we want to deny same sex couples equality? No most want to give them that in civil unions, it is your gay lobby that won't stop until gay marriage. The problem is, where does that stop? PLEASE ANSWER: What then is wrong with three men or three women, or one woman and two men, or 4 women and 1 man being married? How dare you deny them equality! If all of them are consenting committed adults who truly love each other what gives you the right to say they can't be married. Why is it just two people? #stillwaitingforananswer....

I find it comical when people bring absolutely nothing of intelligence to the table speak on behalf of things they don't know.

Art, sex is not solely for procreation. As for survival of the fittest, we are a modernized society now. You need to educate yourself desperately before failing so badly in trying to justify your bigotry.

Art: You make three mistakes. One is that many of us on the "pro-gay" side are deeply religious and practice our faith daily. We just disagree with you.
Secondly, you seem to draw a distinction between belief in evolution or in God. That false dichotomy is sad and so out of line as to be laughable. Even John Calvin said that the Bible is not a scientific text and the first chapters of Genesis reflect less a fully formed historical account and description of physical reality. Verbal innerancy is a Modernist invention, and sadly behind the times.
Third, from a more scientific way of looking at things, the strait up, mechanical Darwinism you present is not in line with the current trends in evolutionary biology.

See, Screwy, I deal with facts, and you are a bigot. Don't try playing that game with me, I'm not buying what you're selling.

"Holy men inspired by God" as my parents used to suggest, Francis?

* * *

Art, would you like to suggest that everyone breed as much as possible against their wishes?

I dated this Catholic woman. She was vehemently opposed to male sterilization options, read, vasectomy. Not even options for her own body! I felt like I was conceding enough as it was for the possibility of a child or two. But without being sterilized afterward: how many more kids could we have???

How many more mouths would I have to feed while she stayed home with them????

I don't see her any more.

My best friend will not have any children. I wonder if I will not have any either. I think babies are the most merciless bosses imaginable.

The shame is 90% of women want them, as she noted to me as though I was dense. Maybe I need to start dating at No Kidding, Negative Population Growth or Zero Population Growth.

Surely not everyone should have kids. They yell like hell, break things, and diapers stink. On the other hand, some gay people might be good parents.

I'm a guy Screwy. But your cruel sexism is noted.

And... Francis, I didn't say this point blank, but I didn't suggest the State of Maryland take the Biblical position. If you read my other posts I hoped it would take the pursuit of happiness model the homosexuals wanted-- the status quo is simply opponents' efforts to make gay people miserable.

1. It seems a lot of straight hateful people won't have gay people in their little shindig
2. To really rub it in, they have to prevent the gay people from making their own shindigs

I know what meanies are like. I was in special ed. Asperger looks like mental retardation to another child-- and children are mean. You don't really begin to lose that kind of abuse until you start taking the really hard classes in high school, especially the higher grades. They can't call you retarded in college but they can still pull pranks on you in the residence hall.

I'm very sorry the state did not even bother to vote today. Perhaps it would have hurt less if they had lost by a few votes.


"Founded in 1987, The AIDS Memorial Quilt is a poignant memorial, a powerful tool for use in preventing new HIV infections, and the largest ongoing community arts project in the world. Each "block" (or section) of The AIDS Memorial Quilt measures approximately twelve feet square, and a typical block consists of eight individual three foot by six foot panels sewn together. Virtually every one of the more than 40,000 colorful panels that make up the Quilt memorializes the life of a person lost to AIDS."

Sounds like a dangerous life to me.

I'm a guy Screwy. But your cruel sexism is noted.

Posted by: Francis |

Got it Maggy!

Anybody can be religious. Religion is simply doing something on a consistent basis. Relationship is the key to connecting with Christ. He wants us to relate to Him. God loves all of his creation, he does not love sin. Sin separates us from God. Marriage is designed to be between man and woman in order of populate the earth. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of sin. We have turned our backs on the true and living God by trying to change the natural into something vile and unnatural. You can't make love. God is love! Sex isn't love it's lust. We can have a deep emotion toward that person and call it love. I'm sorry to bear this truth, but some of the people in this world are reprobate (wrong is right + right is wrong) in our thinking. Let me clearly say this to you -- a homosexual, a liar, a whore, the proud, the jealous, the backbiter and more are all in danger of God's judgment if we don't turn from our wicked ways. Like it or not it is what is. One day, believe me, you will see that what I'm saying is right. Turn from this thought of legalizing gay marriage. If you want be gay then be gay. If you want to lie then lie. I'm not saying that you're bad people; I'm saying that these are bad choices. Every family has one or more of these people in their families; you love the person but hate the sin. In other words love the person, but don't agree with the behavior. My goodness, morally good people are taking a risk too. Good works don't make you right with God. Please, just don't change God's truth. It's unprofitable for you. Question for you -- if any of you had a child that after being told to stop stealing from you kept stealing, wouldn't there be consequences for the repeated bad behavior? Does it mean that you don't love them because you correct them? Are you going to go broke and give in to the bad behavior? No, you would take action and do something to discourage the behavior. God, who is much greater than any of us, has a law of reaping and sowing. So for bad actions there are consequences. Why should God shower us with prosperity, etc. when we turn our butts to His face? We owe Him respect. Each morning we wake up and breathe HIS breath. Stop breathing for awhile and see how scared you get. People listen, do what you want, but don't change what's in HIS word. Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will not return unto Me (God) void. Trust me; you can take this one to the bank. Tread light.

Annatagonist, let me refresh your memory.

Romans first chapter: claims men and women became gay because they did not glorify God

Other chapters closer to Revelations: certain types of people, drunkards, homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, (liars?) will not enter the Kingdom of God. I Cor 6:9-10

9 Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, 10 or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Sorry Anntagonist. See also Acts 15:29 which condemns broad category of sexual immorality (NIV).

I will give you this Anntagonist. The Seventh Day Adventists TREASURE the separation of church and state. They are thinking about the Waldensians who were murdered by the Catholics for daring to read the Bible by their own conscience.

Karen, do you have an argument to support your position or do you just settle for ad hominem attacks?

Part of the matrimony vow is "until death do us part." Why aren't the politians outlawing divorces if marriage is so sacred. Why are there so many illegimate children being born to unwed couples and ending up in single parent homes if marriage is deemed so sacred. Definition of bastard from Webster...."a person born of parents not married to each other; illegitimate child." Try legalizing that as a status when fillng out personal information on an application and see how it flies. Our politicians want church out of politics; politicians, abide by your own standards and leave your religion out of your votes.
Disgraced by Maryland.

Suggest legislation and all official paperwork that requires you to check marital status be changed to divide "marriage" into two categories. One would be married- man and woman; and the other married - gay or lesbian. Those who believe in traditional marriage would then remain in their confort zone and gays/lesbians would achieve their desire to be called married.

Wow, I am shocked to see how many illiterate Marylanders read the Sun. First off, Matthew Shepherd case was not because he was gay it was a crime of opportunity. Instead of verbal assaults on our elected officials, why not applaud them for showing up. They didn't run to Illinois to hid like other elected officials.

I believe the House did the right thing the vote should go to the people of the State of Maryland. As both a therapist and clergy, this affects my ministry, my clients and my church!

love it love it love it love it

When everybody does have kids, kids get abused. Not everybody is patient or restrained enough to hold back from hitting or yelling.

Homosexuals don't hate people because they have religious beliefs. They hate when religious beliefs are made the basis of law, thus denying equal protection and other benefits to anyone whose religious beliefs are different.

This issue is not about procreation (then why allow the elderly or barren to marry).

Furthermore, not a single person has to define how same sex marriage hurts or devalues traditional marriage. It doesn't cheapen marriage (and if it does, then outlaw divorce, quickie marriages, and behavior that tear down marriage far more than the imagined consequences of same sex marriage).

There are two possibilities to resolving this matter. Get government out the marriage business altogether, including all gerrymandered laws and regulations that encourage it (yeah, good luck with that), or, open it up to everyone without discrimination.

You can't allow the state to control something, and keep any of its religious components and restrictions in place.

How is this an equality or discrimination issue? Governments bestow certain rights and privileges to people wanting to be married to encourage people to marry, establish a family, and have children which benefits society as a whole. Why should a government encourage people to be gay? What benefit is it to society? Yes it is a benefit to the individuals whom choose a gay lifestyle, but that's all it is-their choice and lifestyle. Now no one should discriminate against anyone for any reason. There is no comparison to say not supporting gay marriage is the same as being a racist. Someone is born white, black, etc. and they are that for life. Choosing a gay lifestyle is again, a choice.

Anonymous, do you think a man and woman taking chances sleeping together is any safer?

Basically, the HIV virus doesn't care how it gets spread or to whom.

Let you in on a little secret.... you have to prevent getting it, and trust him/her with your life.

1. Complete test before marriage or starting sex- find out if there is HIV, Hep A B C, cervical cancer, herpes, the whole 9 yards
2. Get treated
3. Trust your partner with your life- honesty, openness, trust

Gay people could have a safe relationship, provided it is monogamous. It isn't rocket science. We all know that.

On the other hand if a straight person's spouse cheats both of them could get AIDS, etc.

Promiscuity kills, really.

Religious beliefs DO NOT govern us.

You BREEDERS really crack me up. You say that one man's penis doesn't belong in anothers butt, yet you like to give it to women in the butt. What't the difference?

I love how people play the discrimination card when they don't get what they want. Yet they will be the first to complain when what used to be called "marriage" has expanded to many other types of unions - that the number of people involved, their sex, their AGE, or anything else cannot be used as argument against considering it "Marriage". How can our society stop bigamy, polygamy, etc. if marriage is not marriage supporting procreation and the raising of children? A child deserves the right to be raised by its two biological parents, none of these people seem to care about the children.

Maybe they should do a little reading of history of civilization and get a clue as to what marriage is and why government supports the current definition.

Nobody cares what they do, but don't change our laws to support it when all it does it satisfy their own needs and desires and does nothing for the future of society. If everyone was in a gay marriage we would have no society left. What's the value of their relationship to society?

For once the Maryland General Assembly has done the right thing by effectively killing this bill. Marriage is an institution of God, regardless of whether or not one believes that. It is not up to us (state legislators, judges, what have you) to define what a marriage is, because it is not something that we created. It is in fact between one man and one woman. Marriage is not an issue of equality under the law. The state prohibits no one from marrying. It merely upholds God's definition of marriage. Simply because a person makes a CHOICE to live the gay lifestyle, should not require all of society to redefine God's institution.

Yeah, why did my old uncle get to marry an old menopausal woman in California?

Why didn't a friend's West Virginia marriage get invalidated after sterilization?

Because procreation is just an EXCUSE to deny gay people the right to get married. Or an excuse to give them a bad day.

Aww come on give them a break. The Europeans are going to think we're barbarians. The death penalty, gay discrimination, fighting health care, no maternity leave.

We are everywhere. Teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, day care providers, shop owners. We are parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. I can rest easy knowing that my children are well adjusted, productive adults. There may come a day when one of us will be responsible for your care, your child's education. We are in all walks of life. We are not going away. Today was just a speed bump on the road to marriage equality. We are patient. The day will come and when it does, we will rejoice. I hope you are around when that happens. In the meantime, I am content knowing that I am true to myself and I am finally happy....really truly happy! And if my happiness makes others uncomfortable, so be it.

Whatever you think about gay marriage (or equal rights for African Americans or voting rights for women or the plethora of other issues we as Amercians have addressed), can't you, shouldn't you, at least expect your representatives in the government to have the guts to cast a vote? Whether they say yes or no, they must vote so that they can be held accountable for that yes or no vote. But since the politicians truly live and breathe only to be elected, then elected again, and again, they have no appetite for honesty or accountability. Our representatives get paid, they get pensions, they must have the guts to cast a vote and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of those votes. If they don't have the guts to do that, they are just more losers on the public dole, making sure they never risk their pay or benefits. If you support this as a way to make laws--whatever the law--you don't deserve a vote. And you certainly have no place in our government.

What happened to the seperation of church and state? Did we over look that?
How can you argue that child-bearing is even an issue, when we allow people in their 50-60s to marry?
For all of those so against it, why? It will not affect you or your lifestyle. Letting other marry wont change your marriage....if your married or not.

My point in posting is not/was not posted to antagonize. I was to make a statement.

Remember.....Let me clearly say this to you -- a homosexual, a liar, a whore, the proud, the jealous, the backbiter and more are all in danger of God's judgment if we don't turn from our wicked ways.

I know what Romans 1 says. I decided not to use it in the body of my posting. However, I will quote this scripture since that's were we are now. In John 5:39 Jesus stated... search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and these are they which testify of me.
In another words, read the bible and exam yourself to see if you are living in accord to the will of God. This is not a love issue my friend this is a sin issue. If I sin, it is my job to repent of the sin and turn away from doing it again. As the scripture says, all have sinned and have come short of God's glory. Scripture also says in Heb. 10:26 for if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins. In short, if you or me or anyone else keeps saying, Oh God I know that I have sinned by doing _______ (fill in the blank). Please forgive me. If anyone of us (me included) keeps going to Him over and over and over and over again - are we really sorry? No, so what we're actually doing is crucifying God afresh. There's no sacrifice for us because we're taking Christ for granted.
And yes, divorce is wisespread amongst heterosexual Christians and it shouldn't be.
Somewhere along the lines someone or both parties didn't take serious enough there vows to each other that they made in the presence of God. Sad but true.
Concerning children, no child should ever be abused. Never! Children should be corrected. And, we unruly adults, need to be corrected, too. We have become so hardened that we cannot hear, so wild that we cannot see. Everbody is soooo defensive. Nobody can take anything without getting feathers ruffled. Again, God says...I chastened those whom I love. If I can't correct you than your're fatherless. Bricks can't absord, sponges can. Soften up. Nobodies (especially not me) trying to stone you. I just want you and anybody else to be delivered from sin. God is constantly (though His word) correcting me, instructing me, and loving me. When I error, I feel the conviction of the offense and I go before God in prayer to repent of it. I do everything in my power not to keep doing it over and over again. If it happens again, I realize that there's something deeper in me that needs cleansing, therefore I go further in fixing me. We were not made robots. We are free will humans beings with choice. My goodness, would you want to be warned if you were about to fall off a cliff? I would. We ALL will die one day. Since sin cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven, then we should began cleaning up our acts now. Tomorrow may be too late.

hey everyone, please go to facebook and join the "recall sam arora now" page. time for bigots and liars who take our money to be shown the door. petitions to recall sam have begun.

What do phrases like "hijacked Civil Rights", or "a naturally sterile union" contribute to an intelligent conversation? This is pure lunacy? And so far as thanking the black community for their support..COUNT ME OUT!

I am irate that this blog erased my comments on here! What's up with that blog person! Leave my comments alone!

Anyway want to give much praise to bernard williams, he makes sense! Read up what bernard williams has to say about the gay marriage, etc. I totally agree with you mr. williams that the gay marriage is wrong and glad that the bill died on the house floor!

You gays are sickos and need some psychiatric mental help! First of all stop trying to compare the civil rights issue with your so called rights, because they are totally not the same. Like comparing a dog to an ant! Just read up on pastor, delegate emmett burns and what he says about that. He is so correct! And face it, you gays lost in court, lost the majority (constieunts), and the house of delegates didn't vote on the matter. Face it, yall LOST! Get over it! And lastly to the gay men out here, "You got all these sexy pretty women out here, why in the hell you would rather go sleep with a man than dating a woman. The same message goes for gay women, "Why the hell u would want to sleep with a woman where you got guys out here that can be for you! Remember being gay is wrong and unmoral! God destroyed sodom and gomarrah back in the day because of the gay activities/practices!

there is no such thing as GAY-- only HOMOSEXUALITY, say it like it is !!!!!!!!

Just because ONE has a DESIRE, DOES not MEAN they should ACT on it...
Most people posting are MISSING the point!

"See, Screwy, I deal with facts, and you are a bigot. Don't try playing that game with me, I'm not buying what you're selling."

Posted by: Francis | March 11, 2011 7:52 PM

You didn't read your own posts did you Francis? Can you point to ONE that says he is a supporter OF HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE?

"Asked in today's victory-lap news conference why he supported repeal of "Don't Ask" but still opposes same-sex marriage"

When you use these to support your lies, and cannot point ot one statement he has made, YOU LOSE loser.

In yet another unsigned editorial "The Sun" said today Justice has been delayed, but it has not been defeated.

If this were about justice the law would have been changed decades ago.. This is about politics.

Supporters: Go back to the beginning and figure out how the POLITICAL maneuvers fell short or were perhaps just a bit too precious for your own good. Again.

Marriage is firstly civil and contractual in America. Period. So marriage cops go away and play some bingo...

Joe Mustich,
CT Justice of the Peace, USA

I believe that the votes should have been taken no matter what the outcome was and whether or not the support was there. Maryland needed to know what delegates are willing to stand for Civil Rights and which ones wont. The house leaders should have made the House of Maryland cast the votes just like it happened in NY senate on 09 politicians have to take a stand and face the consecuences for it.

Where is the rest of the story. In the printed version of today's paper, there is a really narrow minded, reverse bigoted comment by Emmett Burns. Mr. Burns needs to do a little research into the Holocaust before making statements like the one that appears in the printed version of the Sun.

anyone is entitled to believe what he choses without recrimination. any church should be allowed to marry or not marry whom ever they choose. but whether this sin issue about homosexuality is of christ is another matter.

bottom line: that christendom would in any way say homosexuality is a sin shows that christendom, even after 2000 years, is still struggling to fully embrace the new covenant of christ.

secularly, the problem comes when one's religious belief violates anothers equal protection........homosexuality now being deemed by govt as legal, and thus ones religious freedom ends where it violates anothers equal protection.

all you have to do is transpose the word black for the word homosexual, to see what should and should not be allowed, those black now being entitled to equal protection, when not so long ago they were also denied this by the law, influenced by certain religious beliefs that supported such a denial.

as with homosexuals compared to heterosexuals, blacks were thought to be less compared to whites, the common understanding was that it was the white man and not the black man who had been made in god's image.

doesnt that sound familiar???????

Before I lend a little support to the pro side, feetxxi, let me help you with your Bible.

bottom line: that christendom would in any way say homosexuality is a sin shows that christendom, even after 2000 years, is still struggling to fully embrace the new covenant of christ.

Jesus said He did not come to destroy the Law (incl. the harsh measures against homosexuality) but to (confirm, finish) it.
Our faith has everything it needs to police itself from those believers who misbehave. The major goal is to bring people to Christ not to worry about your laws. Either take it or leave it as it is.

Now, taking a pet is against nature too.
I like cats. But that cat thinks you're its mother, sort of eternal kittenhood. Dogs think you're the head of the pack. But it does bring people joy doesn't it?

The human mind is capable that some of us get to be gay. It is normal. I can't possibly look into that person's eyes and say, well, you should be sexless all your life, when I can't imagine it either. It is beyond me.

God bless gay Christians who do. I don't have any easy answers.

Chris, please stop trying to compare homosexuality with being black or liking it to the civil rights movement. Its an insult. The Biblical texts that whites used to keep slaves were easily refutable when the civil right movement ws in full effect. As a matter of fact, most black didn't believe that the massa was teaching them any way. Which was why whites didn't want the slaves to learn to read. But, there were always those slaves that could read and would teach the truth. Black and homosexual are not the same. We were born black, you were not born homosexual. How about you get some counseling and find the molester that made that decision for you instead of trying to make black and homosexuals the same. You were abused or influenced somewhere and have been made to think you were born that way. Stop the comparison, its stupid and insulting!

This issue is funny.

The reason that gay marriage isn't totally accepted in the USA is due to the average age of the adult population. The average age of voters in the USA is about 45 years old. That means there are a hell of a lot of old people that refuse to even consider allowing gay marriage.

if you are really upset about this issue, just wait about 10 - 15 years and everyone will be laughing that this was even an issue in 2011.


About the saddest comments was Delegate Glenn claiming that "Black churches have never asked us for anything." Now, I don't really believe this, but if some Black churches have never asked for anything when poverty, educational disparities, health disparities, inequities in the criminal justice system, and on and on impact Black communities, then it is a sin and a shame to use political capital to hurt those of us in Black communities who are same gender loving.

If excluding certain citizens from a government service is what motivates "the Black churches" in 2011, then irrelevance is well deserved.



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