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March 15, 2011

Ehrlich lands job at Washington law firm

Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich will be joining the Washington, D.C., offices of King & Spalding, a mega-sized law firm with offices all over the globe.

Ehrlich, who was unsuccessful in his challenge last year of Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley, said he will be doing government affairs work for the firm, which will include attracting new clients. He described the work as helping to "grow the business."

The former governor said that his close ties with the office's managing partner, J. Sedwick "Wick" Sollers, was a reason he decided to work for the firm. The two went to rival high schools in Baltimore (Ehrlich to Gilman and Sollers to St. Paul's). The two also attended Princeton together. 

"I've known him since high school, that was one of the determining factors," Ehrlich said in an interview.

Long-time Ehrlich aide Greg Massoni will also work for the firm. He will be in the communications shop. Ehrlich said there could be additional announcements about other aides shortly.

It'll be Ehrlich's second stint a big-time firm. After he lost the gubernatorial race in 2006 he took a job with the Baltimore offices of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice.

There he worked as a government affairs specialist and made nearly $800,000 a year.

Ehrlich said he and his wife are still considering doing another radio show, but his focus is now on national politics. He said he'll appear on FOX News this Friday and will be doing the cable talk show circuit. He's also working on a book.

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Ehrlich said he will be doing government affairs work for the firm.

In other words: "lobbyist".


And I love how he has to find jobs for all "his people". It makes you wonder what they have on him.

Come on folks, let's get it started. Bring on the hate. He's a Republican, and in Md. that means he deserves it.rinflog 351,

Can he afford a good haircut now?

Well that was quick. Mr. Ehrlich has lost nothing but an election and the money his campaign spent for the ubiqutious signs on every intersection. His income is intact. As for the haircut, how does one get a toupee trimmed anyway?

I am happy the former Gov, got a job and for his comm aide too. Considering he didn't do much for Maryland, except a budget deficit, I say good job. Doesn't anyone wonder that he couldn't get a job with a in state firm, like maybe Veneable? I guess since he truly doesn't have any skills, shown by his stint as Gov. No one in Maryland could vouch for his skills as a lawyer or a lobbyist. He will probably stay with King & Spaulding for about a year no more, his job history is a little sketchy at best, too many job changes. Most professionals couldn't get a job with that kind of job history, but he is Robert the former Gov from Maryland.

Good luck and good ridance, Robert.

Seriously, good for you Bob. Now I hope you'll be making a million dollars a year. You deserve it.
IPFrehley, what's wrong with Gov. Ehrlich taking this position? Lot's of other Democratic Governors have gone on to be lobbyists. Is that a position that is only reserved for Dem's? I'm sure your type would like to see Gov. Ehrlich and his family run out of the state.
But wait, if you let him stay, think of all those succulent tax dollars you'll be able to siphon off of his paycheck? Or can he only stay as long as he keeps his mouth shut?

Why is this news?...who the heck cares?

Well said Ron Jordan! And as to jeffwell's comment - no he deserves it because he was a lousy governor, a lousy Congressman, and a liar!

Will he be in charge of robocalling or busing in homeless people?

I'm not a big Ehrlich fan. But, as someone who used to work in that DC world of law and lobbying, a couple of comments:

Ehrlich takes care of his people. It's called loyalty. A good quality today's youth don't always appreciate. Bill Clinton and the Kennedys always were loyal to former aides,and helped them for years. What's wrong with helping people you can vouch for?

KIng and Spaulding is a real law firm with highly talented people. Many if not most of its members are probably Democrats or liberals. That is true of most DC big law and lobbying firms. That doesn't stop people like George Mitchell or former counsel to the Clintons, Kennedys, Pres Carter or now Pres Obama from primarily representing large international corporations or trade associations. Get over the partisan GOP is bad, Dems are good, babbling I see in these comments. There are two parties in DC politics: corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans. If you want to make a comfortable living, business groups can pay the high hourly rates or retainers. When we had large Unions btw, they paid well too. If you want the best, you pay for it. Again, I thought Ehrlich was ineffective as Governor. But if King didn't think he had intelligence, people skills, or integrity, they or similar firms wouldn't go near him. don't even begin to compare firms with high skills and integrity who do dominate DC govt affairs and legal appellate work with the Annapolis variety of lobbyist. You guys are worried about Ehrich? No one yet has matched Marvin Mandel in corruption since Marvin's smooth operation was at its height.

Did someone really imply Ehrlich's staffers had something on him? Haha. So what do they think of O'Malley pushing off-shore wind that his own study boohooed but who is a client of his former top aid, Michael Enright? How about slots/Penn National Gaming with Sean Malone? Ahhh, yes, got to love the double standards some libs will espouse on here.

So now the Dems will be upset because someone with an R behind their name is in the news. If you take off whatever blinders you use depending on your political persuasion you'll see that Ehrlich is just doing what every other politician does. When O'Malley no longer serves an office, he will also find a good paying job likely in a law firm and there's a good chance that his brother will go along for the ride. It happens in both parties so save the mud slinging and finger pointing and don't let your lives get so wrapped up in politics.

Massoni... what a leach.


Conservative pundits - such as those heard on Mr. Ehrlich's former radio station WBAL - have made lawyers, lobbyists, and inside-the-beltway types frequent targets of their wrath, so they should bristle at the news that one of their own has opted (again) to cash in on his political experience in a manner that they would ordinarily view with contempt.

As far as Dem. vs. Rep. goes, a pox on both their houses, but those who express disdain for big government and all the attendant K Street players should in principle be disappointed in Ehrlich's post-political career choice.

Why bother with news of this creep. He should be disbarred for his actions in his last two campaigns. He has had everything handed to him and has done nothing but try to screw the poor. Who paid his way through Gilman and Princeton I bet it wasn't his daddy. He and that shrew he calls a wife should pack it in and move to Texas where he can surround himself with others of his ilk.

Why bother with news of this creep. He should be disbarred for his actions in his last two campaigns. He has had everything handed to him and has done nothing but try to screw the poor. Who paid his way through Gilman and Princeton I bet it wasn't his daddy. He and that shrew he calls a wife should pack it in and move to Texas where he can surround himself with others of his ilk.

If MOM had lost the election IPFrehley
he would be doing the same thing cashing in as a lawyer/lobbyist supporting and aiding his friends in the process too..
Give me a break you blind Progressive hack.

We made money......lots of money!!

Ah, yes, and wasn't it the President himself who, after the Tucson massacre, called on the country to engage in more civil discourse and eschew the abhorrent and the strident in public comments? You wouldn't know it from the comments of the Ehrlich-haters above. You have a problem with Ehrlich as politician or Ehrlich as Governor? Fine, state the facts you claim back your argument, and do so dispassionately. There simply is no call for the vicious, personal attacks that so many of you have stated above. With apologies to Emerson, your consistent blindness, irrationality, and vituperation are the hobgoblin of your little minds.

Does any reasonable individual really believe that Bob Ehrlich wanted to be Governor of MD again? Why would he want to? He would inherit a $1.6B Democratic-induced budget deficit and be forced to work with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Busch & Miller) to address a problem he didn't create. Now, he can sit on the sidelines and watch MOM demonstrate his lack of leadership and slowly fade in his own political quicksand. In the meantime, Ehrlich makes the big bucks. The irony only escapes the intellectually inept.

Bob Ehrlich has never been a "lobbyist"; he has been a world class "rainmaker". There is a difference. A lobbyist meets with legislators and tries to influence them. A rainmaker meets with prospective clients, touts the capabilities of his law firm and then cross-sells as many services of his firm as he can. Ehrlich has made thousands of valuable contacts over the years and will be able to exploit his contacts on behalf of his new firm. Ex-Democratic officials do the same thing. It's called the competitive, free market system. The mean-spirited, partisan comments above are just dumb.

Whats funny is how the headline is worded: "lands a job." Like he was sending out resumes, checking monster and craigslist, and, whew! finally got a gig. As a MILIIONAIRE, my question is why he needs a job and why he thinks its ok to take a perfectly good job away from someone who might not be a millionaire.

Bob Ehrlich was the best Governor Maryland has had, He deserves a great job after all of the nonsense he had to put up with all of the Maryland Libs.

Maybe if we're lucky he'll sign on to advice Mitt Romney or T-Paw and give them advice on how to win elections.

Bus homeless people to serve as your GOTV Volunteers!

Print sample ballots with fake endorsements!

Robo-call voters telling them to stay home!

Go enjoy your millions Bob, you won't be missed.

Beers on me Bobby! Oh that's right you quit drankin!

Does Kendall still want to "shoot Britney Spears?" Her words, not mine.

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