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January 18, 2011

Sex offender registry still not in federal compliance

Despite major efforts last year by Maryland lawmakers to get tough on sex offenders and expand the offender registry, the state still is not in compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act, a public safety official told senators today.

Noncompliance could cost the state more than half a million dollars in federal grant money for law enforcement agencies.

In the wake of the December 2009 killing of an 11-year-old Eastern Shore girl who'd been in contact with a registered sex offender, lawmakers last year made reform of the part of the criminal code a priority. Gov. Martin O'Malley pushed a package of bills that included revamping the registry -- a move that lawmakers believed would bring them into compliance with the Adam Walsh Act.

Changes included adding the names of those who commit sexually motivated acts of indecent exposure or possess child pornography and requiring people who list themselves as "homeless" to provide more information about where they are living. The registry includes nearly 7,000 people now.

The problem, said David P. Wolinski, who administers the registry, is that Maryland does not require lifetime registration of juveniles convicted of the most serious sex crimes, a necessity under the Adam Walsh Act.

"That's the one hang up," Wolinski told the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. "Otherwise everything else is fine. We've made a lot of progress." 

Only about four states are in compliance with the Adam Walsh Act, Wolinksi said. Still, Maryland's failure to meet its strict standards means the state is set to lose about 10 percent of federal public safety money known as the Edward J. Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program. The state received about $6 million in Byrne money last fiscal year, according to the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention, which distributes grant money.

Otherwise, Wolinski said, the registry expansion is "going well." Within a month, corrections officials will begin adding a "plain-language" description of the crime for which each offender was convicted, another requirement signed into law last year.

Fewer than 500 of the registrants -- about 6.7 percent -- are listed as "noncompliant" or "absconders," according to data distributed by Wolinski. 

Some lawmakers have suggested that the General Assembly might take another look at the registry this year, but this time with an eye toward removing some kinds of low-level offenders. No bills concerning the registry have been introduced yet this year.

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This state isn't tough on any laws, what's so surprising that they aren't compliant in this either? Can we get anyone to represent us in this state who isn't completely worthless?

This S.O.R. is illegal and has been found to be very flawed and puts the public in a feel good safe mood when in fact it is fact the list has never saved nobody from the people on the list and is costing tax payers millons of dollars to maintain at a time when the budget is shot. What does it prove when 3-4 officers comes to one's door to check if they live there , when it could take one officer to do this job and save tax payers dollars and have the other officers doing other jobs. Here is article where in fact the Adam Walsh act is in trouble and soon will most likely be void.

CN) - The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act cannot apply retroactively to offenders indicted before Aug. 1, 2008, the 9th Circuit ruled, finding that former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales disregarded procedure when he applied the law in 2007 to all sex offenders.

In essence, in the 9th Cir, AWA would be a ex post facto violation to SOME registrants, if applied to them. This case will very likely wind up in the U.S. Supreme court.

12-28-2010 California:

Also when the state put the A.W.bill in effect and made all PAST S/O follow the Law they violated Md. Declaration of Rights
Art. 17. That retrospective Laws, punishing acts committed before the existence of such Laws, and by them only declared criminal are oppressive, unjust and incompatible with liberty; wherefore, no ex post facto Law ought to be made; nor any retrospective oath or restriction be imposed, or required.

Anyone who has any type of background in Criminal Law knows full well, the Adam Walsh Act, SORNA is not only unconstitutional in many ways, makes society LESS save, causes homelessness and unemployment, bullying and incites vigilanteism, but also costs states far greater amounts of money than any meager Byrne grant.
Add to that all the costs associated with the great many lawsuits once enacted and you can see, it is one of the biggest legal and governmental blunders ever created in our nation.
If you want information, come to

all the facts, studies by professionals.. NO MEDIA HYPE by politicians and lawmakers seeking to gain a pay check via voter approval.

12,800 attorneys examined the guidelines set forth in the Adam Walsh Act and SORNA and all have rejected the Federal Acts as having a great many flaws. They found the imposition of these regulations upon not only the states but also the citizens to be ineffective at protecting society as well as unconstitutional and harmful to men, women, children and families as a whole.
If you will take the time to read the full article, and realize this article has the backing of THOUSANDS of professional who work in the criminal justice system you will see, these professionals know full well SORNA and the Adam Walsh Act were put together by people who had no clue the impact or legality of what they had created.
If you are a politician or lawmaker and want to be a leader, someone who actually cares about America and her people, I would suggest you promote the work being done here at Citizens for Change, America. A full blown investigation into just how and why the Adam Walsh Act ever was made into law. Ask yourself after you look into this matter, To what level of corruption was this law implemented?
Who stands to profit from the Adam Walsh Acta and SORNA. Who is already profiting? If you follow the money.. I am quite sure you will come up with some very interesting things. Stop the Violence perpetrated by the United States Government directed at the Men, Women and Children of this once great nation. Thank you, Amanda King
Citizens for Change, America

Ha! the outcasts is the scum that need these laws, because any group that has too break the law 2 make a law is scum indeed, no pun intended, in the dead of night a few rushed 2 pass a law that does nothing 4 anyone when the point of order was ignored by the speaker, the quorem call was pointed out & worst misscarage of justice ever in American Politics was the order of this group of theives & liers using laws 2 fleece us all when kids blackmale adults for sex & will have sex w/without anyone! There is no legal law on this matter and the lie continues through the inability for the lawmakes to face up too their own lies and actions, pushing off the new century with highway robbery in our own justice system? So stop lying and address your own problems and stop trying to crawl in to bed with people you don't know to check if their condom is fitted the way some over paid Healthcare nurse thinks it should be.

Then Adam Walsh Act is the most stupid and expensive legislation ever put on the books.

The REAL criminals of a violent type should be incarcerated; but Congress should take a hard look at who is actually being labeled a sex, people who've done something dumb-like streak across a ball field, someone who has accidentally downloaded porn - the prisons & civil commitment facilities are full of them; and WE, the taxpayers are paying for their expensive upkeep.

Have you ever got caught behind a bus dropping kids off from school? If so then you’re a sex offender doing what Adam Walsh calls “Bus Surfing”. You better no look at one of those kids or your intent is obvious. You want to snatch and have sex with them. It’s so obvious because you are driving behind a bus full of children. Keep supporting and advocating these laws and you will find out the truth the hard way. When you search the web for answers the day your little Jonny’s looking at a life of Hell because of the very laws you support with out knowing what you are doing to real people and their families. You say one will sing a different tune when it happens to them or one of theirs? You are more likely to be a victim of one of these laws than a victim of abuse in the current direction all these “To Protect The Children” Hate based laws are going.

I don't understand the registry. I know someone who molested three different girls and was convicted in 1/1995 but is not on the registry. He coachs little league every year. & I have a friend who at 19 had sex with a 16 year old who lied about her age and he has to register?

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