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January 26, 2011

House same-sex marriage bill gets 58 sponsors

* Updated links on jump take you to lists of Senate and House sponsors. 

House Majority Leader Kumar Barve today submitted the House plan to legalize same-sex marriage -- a proposal backed by 58 delegates who have signed on as co-sponsors.

Barve described the number of supporters as "pretty darn good" for a controversial issue. The House would need 71 "yes" votes to pass the legislation. 

It's another sign that gay marriage has gained traction this year. Maryland would join six other states and the District of Columbia if either full marriage benefits or a compromise civil unions plan is passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Martin O'Malley, who has said he would do so.

Notably, 12 members of the House Judiciary Committee, the panel that will weigh whether to send the measure on for debate in the entire chamber, are co-sponsors, according to a list of signatures provided to The Sun this morning. That's exactly the number needed to approve the bill in committee.

The Senate bill was introduced last week with 18 co-sponsors. Among the names were six senators on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee -- the number the legislation needs for initial approval. It needs the support of 24 senators for passage in that chamber.

Here's the House bill.

It does not appear that any Republicans are listed as co-sponsors of either the House or Senate bill. Sen. Allan Kittleman, a Howard County Republican, has said he will introduce a civil unions proposal this session.

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And this is the best that they can come up with (SMH).... Do you know how stupid to phags look in public, and on top of that , you giving'em kids (SMDH)!!!!!!

It seems only fair, if Md is going to allow people of the same sex to marry, that people be allowed to marry their pets. Many people will tell you that their animals are more important to them than people, and they sometimes leave their estates to their pets. Accomodations can be made. If someone marries an alligator, then safety measures can be put into effect in public if they wish to have dinner together as a couple. Accomodations can also be made for same sex couples. For kissing in public, booths can be set up so the average person doesnt have to sit there and watch it. Lets make Maryland a fair state for everyone.

It's time guys. It's the 21st century and time for full marriage equality rights now.

Onward, Joe Mustich, Officiant,
Red Studio Farm,
Washington Green, CT USA.

Kudos to CT & DC for supporting SSM.

Bill: Before trying to make that point, please find an alligator that can consent to a relationship and sign legal agreements. Good luck.

I'm disgusted by both previous posters. Really, Bill? Kissing booths so "the average person doesn't have to sit there and watch"? So, it's ok to have to witness hetero couples kissing, but heaven forbid we have to suffer the trauma of watching a gay couple display affection? How about turning your freakin head??! It's not intended to be a show for your entertainment, or anything you'd be forced to sit and watch. Mind your own damn business. Quite frankly, I'm a hetero female, and I've seen more than enough hetero couples "kissing" to the point they should probably seek private shelter. I find that more disgusting than gay PDAs, but still slightly less disgusting than either of you narrow minded ostriches. Times have changed. Get your heads out of the sand. Just because it's not the lifestyle for you doesn't make it wrong, inappropriate, or unacceptable.

People of the LGBT community should be giving the privilege to marry in the state of Maryland. This is a step forward to equality.

Good Day to D. Bos and Bill!
I must say you should consider yourselves extremely fortunate to be living in the good old USA! Here you can say anything you want, no matter how ignorant, and the worst thing that will happen is that you will just continue to be unenlightened fools.

Thank you again for proving that no matter how much information is published proving that you and your misinformed, myopic views are wrong, we will always have mean, spiteful little people like you to remind us why we need legislation to protect the rest of the population from the likes of you.

I, like many, will not vote for any candidate that supports this legislation.

D. Bos and Bill-Thanks for making the 2 least informed comments I may have ever read. Your absolute ignorance makes anything you say meaningless.

Bill, animals (or children, for that matter) can't enter into contracts, so your argument makes no sense. Much more to the point would be (consensual adult) polygamy, and frankly I think that's something that will also have to eventually be resolved in favor of equal treatment under the law.

Bill: In order to be married you must have ID. A pet does not have ID. If you disagree with something, please at least make a rational argument.

Not that D.Bos or Bill deserve responses, i'll chip in anyway.

@D. Bos - actually most "phags" I know are very well-dressed and intelligent. It's more often the homophobic people that look like and talk nonsense. Additionally, many heterosexual people have kids every day who are completely inept parents, I welcome homosexuals to raise kids, maybe then we can finally make huge strides in improving basic human rights.

@Bill, zoophilia/beastiality is currently illegal in the United States. Whereas same-sex couples engage in consensual intimacy, beastiality is inhumane and cruel for the animal. Same-sex couples are pushing for marriage to have LEGAL BENEFITS. If people want to be able do something such as, extend their healthcare coverage to their pets, that could easily be resolved if animals were re-interpreted as dependents as opposed to spouse. It also makes much more sense this way as opposed to your suggestion, being as though dogs have been bred to serve humans and depend on humans, and most people consider their pets their children, not their lovers.

Now, please, let's move on to some actual intelligent conversation and debate.

This is fantastic news.

Having the right to hate or be intolerant of homosexuality is what makes our country great. What makes our country greater are the fundamental constitutional protections that are supposed to ignore an ignorant and hateful majority, and protect the minority.

In this case, it looks like true American values will prosper and freedom and equality will reign.

Go Maryland! You're actually embodying the "Free State" ideal for once.

I hope that people like Bill would not run this country with their selfish and irrational politics.

Mt Vernon,

Know the Bible before you start quoting from it.

Anyone, even you, can take passages out of context to make their point. Doing so just shows one's ignorance.

Your argument made sense until you starting quoting a book it is obvious you don't know much about or the context in which it was written.

Make your arguments but leave out refering to the Bible until you have studied it and truly understand all of what it says.

As usual the politicians will try to go against the will of the majority of people in re-defining marriage. I believe this marriage issue was already settled once in Maryland a few years ago. Put this pro-gay marriage issue to referendum and it will never pass. I think most people are tired of catering to a very small minority segment of society that wishes to inflict their own "new" morals on the majority who do not want to be told that gay marriage should be legalized. True morals just do not get made up along the way of political winds. True morals stand the test of time. And gay marriage should never be misconstrued as a "truly moral" way of life. Again, let THE PEOPLE decide at referendum. It will be soundly defeated.

I agree about a referendum. But supporters of this same sex marriage would never want that. The Old Testament contained Jewish laws concerning what Jews should eat etc. The New Testament is Christ. He did away with the old laws about food etc. He didnt do away with basic laws that His Father laid down, such as what His Father did with Sodom and Gomorrah. He will have the final say when we all stand before Him to be judged. It is a shame that Maryland continues to encourage people to do what will send them to where they will not want to go. As the bible says, "there will be weeping and knashing of teeth." And that isnt the Old Testament. That is a quote from the Man we will stand in front of.

Kerrie said:
"[...]many heterosexual people have kids every day who are completely inept parents[...]"

See Palin, Todd and Sarah.

Same-sex marriage is just like all other marriage. It's nobody's business but that of the people getting married. It's also an absolute right. If you don't believe that, give some consideration to the ninth amendment of the U.S. Constitution and ask yourself whether any vote had to be taken to allow your own marriage.

If somebody wants to stick their woody into some dung, that's their business. I don't think that I or my children need to know about it.

Gay marriage won't lead to dog marriage. It is not a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling. When women got the right to vote, it didn't lead to hamsters voting. No court has extended the Equal Protection Clause to salmon. And for the record, all marriages are same sex marriages. You get married, and every night, it's the same sex.'' —Bill Maher

It's good to see the process for legally recognizing civil marriages as a civil right proceeding forward by permitting same sex couples the same rights as non same sex couples: marriage and divorce that are legally binding.

First of all let me say this... Divorce rate is greater than 50%. So much for til death do us part. What is the big deal about two men or women... human beings... creations of God, joining their hands in marriage? This is the 21st century! Regarding the Bible references, William, who really knows the true context of the bible, it's interpretations vary with the reader and their own beliefs. And Bill, really?... Really Bill? It's a shame that Maryland encourages people to to what will send them where they will not want to go?!? Where is that? And why do you care? If you truly believe we will go to this 'place' and marriage will definitely lead us there, why aren't you an advocate for helping us get there. I'm guessing you don't want us wherever it is you are going. In fact, anything I can do to not be with ignorance, I'm all for.

Maryland has come a long way since the '80s when many of us were afraid to walk for an equal rights amendment for lgbt, especially those of us who were teachers or who had other "sensitive" careers. We have grown up bombarded by the kinds of damning comments of some posters here. It is no wonder we were afraid. And it is no wonder they are afraid - they are repeating what we were all taught - to mistrust those who are different. That is exactly why this legislation is so important. In time, they will see there is no great conspiracy. The sky will not fall. We will not marry our pets or cavort with alligators. But another segment of our society will be able to live their lives with less discrimination.

Please publish the legislators who vote for same-sex marriage. That way I'll know who not to vote for in the next election. The nation and the State of Maryland have lost their morality when they condon homosexuality as a standard of living, a marriage or legitimate. Two men or two women living as a married couple. Why do these individuals want to be known as a married couple? Why can't they make up their own label?

Yes, please publish the names of the sponsors--not because I won't vote for any of them, but because it's good journalism. (I hope my representatives are among them and I suspect that they are.)

Just posted a link to the House bill, which includes the names of all 58 sponsors. A link on the Senate bill shows the 18 sponsor names in that chamber.

Wow, I would love to have all of you who feel threatened by the life I share with my wife--couple of dogs, couple of cats, house in the suburbs, love the Ravens, a kid on the way-over for a beer so you can explain to us in person exactly what is so scary about us and why you need to vote against people who support us...hell, I wouldn't even this bill's sponsors 'supporters' as much as simply not feeling that their own marriages will fall apart if our marriage becomes legitimate.

To make such an effort fighting AGAINST a positive thing like loving relationships/families.... well, your own relationships must be pretty hollow.

Why not let them marry?
What two consenting adults do is nobody's else business.
I knew a lesbian couple for years before they split up and they were and are superb parents.

Pretty soon we will allow Blacks to marry Whites. And make liquor legal. And let Jews live in Guilford. And have a black Mayor. And God knows what. Let's stay in the dark ages please. There is one ray of light. In 40 years most of these ignorant creatures will be 6 feet under and out of our lives and thoughts. Amen

The State won't give consenting adults John and Jason the same status and privilege it gives to consenting adults Joe and Lisa.

That's discrimination in our government, cut and dry.

There are two solutions:

The State can either stop giving Joe and Lisa special status and privilege or start giving them to John and Jason as well.

Why do we want to control everyone? Government free marriage is the only way to fix this issue. Time to change the argument. Why are we asking the government to control our lives? Why do we want the government to recognize anything? For or against should not be the argument, government free marriage NOW!

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