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December 9, 2010

Ehrlich addresses robocalls

The GOP's gubernatorial pick this season broke his silence (a little bit) on the controversial robocalls his campaign funded hours before polls closed.

Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., also a former governor, told The Annapolis Capital the calls were "done outside of my purview." He didn't elaborate, but it was the most he's said to date about the calls.

Ehrlich's campaign paid Democratic operative Julius Henson $111K for "community outreach" a role that seems to have included organizing over one hundred thousand calls to Democratic parts of the state informing voters to "relax" because Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley had already won.

Henson says the calls were meant to encourage people to vote. The state's Attorney General has filed a civil lawsuit accusing Henson of voter intimidation and vote suppression.
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"Done outside of my purview"? As in beyond your power or competence (that's what the word means)? Check your dubious diction, Bobby.
Besides, didn't Truman say "The buck stops here"? Get real!

Kind of like Nixon and Watergate, eh?

Good thing Bob E. didn't get elected. It would be hard to imagine all the things that might happen during his "reign" that could be covered up by saying they were "outside his purview!"

former governor knew he was breaking the law it is always the case with republicans during some thing sneaky and use a uncle tom to take the rap or blame it on technicality.also if they question president obama birth right well the tell europeans when we were born we were not record as being born, now question that..

Wow you people are as dense as it gets. Hensson is a DEMOCRAT and he's the one that placed the calls. But I guess all it takes is a cheesy grin from Marty and you all get chills and follow him like lemmenings! No wonder this state is in such trouble!

Lying piece of crap. White collar crime never gets addressed properly!!!
What I really want to say about this demon cannot be printed.
The Gov race only looked close...half the Dems stayed home.

All the above is nothing but conjecture and speculation on the part of those who would not have voted for him anyway and partisan hate rules their lives.

I agree with those who are happy Mr. Ehrlich did not get elected. Let's see how Marty Boy deals with the state budget now that he will not be getting all the stimulus dollars from Washington that he depended on to balance his previous budget. Maybe he can offer his father in law one of those $15,000.00 "buy-outs". Mr. Ehrlich's mistake was hiring a man who is known for political dirty tricks.

as o malley taxes you all back to the stone age, keep running a rehash of the robo call story every week ... it will really help.

"...a role that seems to have included ..."

That's irresponsible reporting. It's nothing but conjecture.

Or is this a commentary blog instead of a news blog?

I agree with Ryan. I do not know how this is tied to Ehrlich. Henson is a democrat that is known for dirty tricks (much like o'malley, cummings, etc.) and most likely acted alone. The democratic attorney general even concluded this!! they don't want to dig any further because they know who was actually involved, and they did not have an (R) after their name

"...a role that seems to have included..."

This is irresponsible reporting. It is nothing but conjecture about whether or not Henson made the calls as part of his duties in the Ehrlich campaign. As has been pointed out numerous times, he was also on the payroll of many Democratic candidates.

Perhaps I am misinterpreting this blog as a source of news. If it is a commentary blog, then it should be more clearly labeled as such.

Leave the biased commentary to the columnists. Report facts.

How soon you forget that Henson is a Democrat as stated earlier but what about all of the cover-up that's going with the oooomalley wonder boy, it seems that you demo's think he's cleans as snow, you have to ask yourself what was really going on in City Hall for the former police chief to be looking into the inner activity, you have to ask yourself why did Ms. Sade leave Baltimore so sudden come on people why don't you question these things instead of beating up on Mr. Ehrlich.

If found guilty of voter suppression, Mr. Henson should be barred from voting and volunteering or working on campaigns for elective office. Let's drain the swamp.

Wait a minute folks, the simple fact is that Mr Erlich paid Mr Henson money to do a job. Mr Henson, who belongs to the Prostitution Party (those that do anything for anybody willing to pay them), did what Mr Erlich wanted him to do; create confusion in the minds of Democratic voters to convince them to stay home The fact that Mr Henson claims he is a Democrat is an irrelevant smokescreen, and a diversion to what he tried to accomplish

Sounds an awful lot like "No controlling legal authority..."

Maybe he didn't know but stuff like this does not happen out of the blue.

Or is Bob just a really bad manager?

Ehrlich has been a dirty campaigner going all the way back to his State Delegate years. My suspicion is that a lot of the dirty stuff is really coming from Kendal. It was Kendal and not Bob who spoke to the Philly homeless people last go round.

The comments pages at never fil to remind me how simpleminded my fellow man is these days.

Yes, Henson is a Democrat. A Republican operative would have no work in Democratic Baltimore City. Still, he takes money from whomever is willing to pay him. Many "Democrats" worked for Bob in each of his statewide elections. C4 turned it into a second (or third if you count his brief time in the Ehrlich administration) career.

The bottom line is that Henson did this under his employment agreement with BOB, to help BOB.

haha what complete and utter dribble and how typical of a democrat like gansler to accuse republicans of voter intimidation for making phone calls while us aj holder ignores the presence of racist black panther scum, wielding billy clubs in front of a polling center. cool logiic, fail.

Ryan calls us dense as if the fact that Henson is a democrat is dispositive, He may not be dense, perhaps just ignorant. Henson worked for Erhlich, plain and simple, his political affiliation is irrelevant. Its not the first time he has crossed party lines based upon who paid him. But don't let your limited knowledge rob you of the opportunity to engage in some name calling.

Um.... regardless of a candidate's party, people on BOTH sides should be livid when part of someone's campaign strategy is to try to fool people into not voting.

It has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. It has to do with interfering with our constitutional right to pick our elected officials.

Hey you'all need to keep believing what ever gets you through the day. Erin is right, is this behavior sound for someone wanting to represent our State?

I'm tired of all the Ehrlich bashing. Just because Ehrlich hired Henson and paid him in the neighborhood of $115,000 to do work for his campaign doesn't mean he should have had any kind of responsibility for his own campaign or how it was run.

Cut the guy a break already. He even helped ease unemployment when he was governor by bringing all those busloads of homeless from Pa. to pose as supporters in targeted areas. Why would anyone expect anything different from him in the last election?

I just hope he runs again.

I thought after being kicked out of office 4 years ago, Ehrlich would have learned a lesson about his childish, arrogant, cocky demeanor, but, he's just as arrogant as ever. As for Henson, birds of a feather flock together. Last time I checked, it was still "former" governor for this shyster. Let's hope it stays that way.

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