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December 10, 2010

Dixon: 'I disappointed the city, my family and myself'

Ten months after her conviction for embezzlement, her Alford plea on perjury charges and her resignation as mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon told The Daily Record this week that she “disappointed the city, my family and myself,” but that she still follows city politics and hasn’t ruled out a future run for office.

“Of course, I would do a poll to find out” how such a return to the fray would be received, Dixon told Daily Record reporter Melody Simmons in an interview published Friday.

Of her successor, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Dixon told Simmons: “I don’t see a clear vision.” Dixon said the city has lost some of the momentum that she said started during her own administration on eliminating homelessness, reducing violent crime and making the city more green.

“We were making great strides,” Dixon said. “I feel like the city has gotten back to being more reactive than proactive. And I know there have been crises that have happened that you can’t control, but there’s no real plan of action. And I hear from different groups that they don’t have access to the administration the way that they did.”

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" And I hear from different groups that they don’t have access to the administration the way that they did.”

Does that mean that they can't just give some gift cards to get whatever they want?


That's exactly what I was thinking.

I see Dixon is still in denial...thinking she was the great revivalist...

The woman is an arrogant thief whose opinion means nothing. If she does indeed run for mayor again and is elected, then the city deserves what it gets.

Virtually everyone I know, those that supported Dixon to those that hated her guts. Republicans, Independents and democrats) have had nothing but good things to say about SRB.

Please stay away Sheila - You are an embarrassment.

I guess she is upset because Rawlings-Blake is not a crook and trying to keep everything above board. Would she run for office you bet she would since she would be in a position to pull the same numbers that she did before however this time if she gets caught she will probably take a short trip to the slammer

Despite what Ms. Dixon did or didn't do while in office, you have to ask yourselves are the REPLACEMENTS, making life any better for the citizens of Baltimore. Let's not leave out the governor, checked your wallet lately.........

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has improved the city and shown great strides to cut the budget where need be, she has done more for this city in the last few months than Sheila can ever hope to accomplish in her career. She is open, and clear in her responses. Always professional in appearance and attitude. Sheila needs to crawl into a dark hole with Marion Barry and never show their faces to the public again! What clear vision is Sheila talking about ?!?!?! Like when SRB came out and said she is going to stop gov. spending on inefficiencies ? Or establish tougher consequeneces for first offenders? I guess she just hasnt established a clear vision for embezzlement, fraud, and theft.

Are you kidding me? Another possible run for office by a fraud who disgraced herself for a few gift cards! Greedy!

The only thing Dixon apologizes for is the fact she embarassed her family and got caught. Her lame apology doesn't make me feel any the better for her despicable attitude. She wants to deflect criticism from her administration to Rawlings- Blake!! The present mayor had to ascend into the Mayorship when her sorry a** had to resign. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake possesses one thing Dixon has never had, INTEGRITY. Dixon escapes from office with a guilty plea, manages to keep her pension from both the city and the state, and shows her contrition by being critical of the present mayor!! Please child, show us how sorry you really are and turn the pension money back in that you wouldn't receive if you were a simple, useful public servant, such as a sanitation employee, policewoman, firefighter who plead guilty to a crime against the city. She fixed city contracts to benefit family and friends and stole gift cards intended as donations to the indigent people of Baltimore. To make matters worse she'll be able to run for public office again!! My only hope is that the voters of Baltimore City are not stupid enough to elect her!

“Hopefully people realize that I am sorry for some of my decisions.”

Well it would be easier to realize if she actually apologized and/or explicitly admitted any wrongdoing.

While she expresses some remorse for her "decisions" that led to her resignation, she also offers an arrogant critique of her successor-by-default, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the City Council, and the crop of Mayoral candidates for 2011.

Oh, and one way to help balance the city's budget would be to cut the pensions of some of its "retirees."

She fails to take responsibility for her behavior in her relationship with Ronald Lipscomb: “I didn’t do anything inappropriate as far as for being bribed or deals. If I had disclosed those gifts … but when you’re in a relationship with somebody that you don’t want anybody to know anything about …”

Well, if were afraid to disclose the relationship, then DON'T ACCEPT THE GIFTS.

She could have left a nice legacy as Baltimore's first woman mayor, but her narcissistic, self-indulgent tendencies "prevailed."

I would vote her back in a New York minute! I hate the way ppl are always judging her. Regardless she did GREAT things for this City and it has not been the same since she left. Let those witout sin cast the first stone!!

Go away criminal. I've got some vision for you--your a$$ behind bars where you belong.

Oh Dear God. It just never ends. Please. Just disappear...

Mrs. Dixon did have a vision, a plan. Unfortunately, it was an illegal one. After she commits crimes she has the audacity to criticize her successor. Come on, lady. I think there is an ex-mayor in DC you need to hook up with.

You want to say sorry? How about you drop your city Pension?


Note to Dixon - PLEASE run again. That way, you and whomever funds your campaign loses the money they shovel in. You have brass ones to even consider running again. Shouldn't be that surprised though, your decisions have shown your lack of brains and moral integrity.

Everyone - keep in mind this piece of work stole from YOU (and me), and will receive a MINIMUM of $83,000 a year for life in pension....

Dixon needs to go away. If she has half a brain she will find some quiet job in the private sector where she won't do any damage. If she were to try to run for office - ANY office - she would divide the city, something that we don't need.

The only thing you are disapointed about is you got caught. You are a thief period. You should be in prison with to rest of the crooks. Did you get any gift cards this year.

What a joke. I pray for the day when legislation is passed where if a policitian is caught abusing their office powers and found guilty that they are officially no longer able to stay in office, run for office, or reap the benefits of a holding public office (such as hefty pensions)... But I am not holding my breath.

" And I hear from different groups that they don’t have access to the administration the way that they did.”

Based on the differences between Dixon's administration and this one, I'd say less access is a good thing! Please keep Dixon's riff-raff away from city politics! They cannot be trusted to work in the best interests of our citizens.

And I'm still waiting for Sheila to pay back the $11,000 she billed the city for her hair and makeup! Good riddance, SD!

Thank you to the one or two people who stood up for Dixon. Being an employee of SRB, I can't wait to vote that tramp out of office! Are you all kidding when you say she is better? Regardless of what Dixon did, which was done since the beginning of time, mind you, she only received the treatment she received because she's an AA female. Has anyone ever questioned O'Malley with all the crap he did? No! Dixon was good for this city and the only disappointment I feel is that she was forced to turn the city over to that piece of nothing that's in there now.

Say what you want about her, sure she may have been a crook, but she did a better job than Stephanie and O'Malley.

Enjoy your pension and just stay away. The city doesn't need need it.

Can someone hook up Dixon and Marion Berry?
Hey MOM where did that missing 58 million dollars go while you were mayor.
Another thief!

Imagine the crap this whore was doing that we don't know about.

Sheila SHOULD run again and we should all vote for her. That way, once she's mayor again and does something unethical again we can prosecute her properly and take away her pension like we should have the first time.... It would save us over 80k a year!

Sheila "someone needs to do something" Dixon should just come to realize that she is NOT what Baltimore needs. She is likened to Washington DC's Mayor Marion Barry. Both are of the criminal mindset and both cities are much better off without them. Hey Sheila, get lost!

How's this for your poll...everybody on this blog dislikes you. Lol

If Dixon want to do something positive for the city, how about rernouncing the $80,000-plus pension she is receiving.

That's not an apology!!! She still doesn't believe she did anything wrong and she's obviously not sorry.

Sheila Dixon is upset for not being able to spend the gift cards on her family and friends this year, so she is lashing out at SRB. If you are reading this, Sheila, what you did was disgusting, to me it showed if you would steal gift cards that were meant for the needy, what else did you steal?? It showed your true character and you should never be trusted again. I will always be repulsed by you and your greed when there were so many families in need that could of used those gift cards, while you had plenty of money, you didn't need to steal from the poor. Please do not run again, you are a bad person, and I am so happy you were caught.

According to toyota runaway org, the Constitution says if you are convicted of a crime you are legally a Slave. Why is Shelia free?

Let's face it, EVERY Politition is a crook! There's no denying it!!

First for all you sheila hater's
Let's not 4get that her nephew is a multi million dollar nba
player (juan Dixon) so you idiots tell me why wud she steal something she doesn't need.moving on you *ucks!!! cant name one politians that wasn't in it for the money, but real change just ask the fromer president g w asswhole who screwed our american economy to shit then took his rich ass off the scene built a house from the ground up writtin a book and laughing as we all losing our homes jobs and just soul trade over the world but you focused on sheila dixon pension let it go its over now you just better hope that you get your's

I all of you who talks about the fact this city is in no better situation with the new government compared to the last must be the same no-thought group who thinks the President can fix the country's deficit in a couple years. What has going SOUTH for years can not go NORTH farther in a shorter period! Grow up America! Make your elected officals hear your voices everyday and not only at polling time. Stop the STUPIDITY! Work at this as many voices and not just one. It took a crowd to build this country at the beginning and it will take a mass to rebuild it again. Make the elected accountable for everything that they promised and implemented to date! And as for ex-Mayor Dixon, she really needs to stay out of the limelight because glow is dimming more and more everytime she opens her mouth. Please, stop embarrassing Baltimore city. Just stop, pleaseeeeeeeeee............

Dixon?...Sheila Dixon?...The only Sheila Dixon I remember is an ex-Baltimore Mayor convict!!!
Just go away Sheila...I think 'D' Block over at the city jail needs an ombudsman!

Two words for everybody:

Marion astonishing as it would be, she could win again....what an embarrassment to the city that would be

I consulted my Magic 8 Ball and it said: "I'm sorry..that I got caught!! When are you gonna go after Martin O'Malley!!!"

It's a large Magic 8 Ball.

How many SRB employees have posted here?

It's the mindset of the greedy folk's that get elected. The U.S. has the best politician's money can buy. It's just that the majority seem to be crooked. I guess we need to make bigger rat traps!

Thank you, I accept your apology
And I hope you run for office again. The problems that this city is facing is not being address Homelessness , unemployment and education.When you run again I would like to help you can contact me thru my e-mail.May God bless you and your family .Merry Chrismas and have a blessed new year.

It's amazing how people think Mayor Rawlings-Blake is acceptable just because she proceeded Sheila Dixon. I agree with HarlanR: the level of bs about Stephanie is orchestrated. The current Mayor is no better, lemmings!

Why does the press insist on continuing to write about this sleazebag thief?? They should ignore any of her vain attempts at publicity & let her slink back to the gutter where she belongs!

Steala Dixon is just like Sarah Palin they both just won't go away.

The comments here reflect the quality of the Baltimore public school system. May I guess that simple things like "sentence structure," "spelling," "grammar," "syntax," and "word usage" are no longer in the curriculum?

TT, are you saying that Dixon is an alcoholic?

Sheila it's over girl. Don't demean yourself by making disparaging remarks about Stephanie.
You had you chance, and you committed three great sins, vanity, lust & greed. Now take your $83,000 pension and just go quietly into that good night.

While she made mistakes, I think Mayor Dixon did take strides in making the city healthier and greener. I agree she did have a strong vision for her administration and I appreciated what she tried to accomplish. I am hopeful her predecessors will continue that progress.

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