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November 16, 2010

First lesson for Harris: What happens in DC won't stay in DC

It didn't take long for Andy Harris to have his Welcome to the Big Leagues moment in Washington.

On the first day of orientation for new House members, the Congressman-elect from Baltimore County asked a question about health benefits at a closed-door session. Within hours, if not minutes, the exchange got out, and Harris was being slapped around on the Internet.

Politico, which broke the story, portrayed him as an anti-Obamacare Republican greedy to get his hands on government-subsidized health benefits. The paper reported Harris "demanding to know" why he couldn't get coverage the day he was sworn in and reacting "incredulously" when told he'd have to wait a month before the coverage started. (It's the law, apparently).

Harris's spokeswoman Anna Nix was quoted as saying that Harris was merely pointing out the inefficiency of government-run health care. But that's not the way it came out in the piece by Glenn Thrush, which noted that Harris had attacked incumbent Rep. Frank Kratovil over the health care issue, even though the Democrat voted against the legislation.

A spokesman for Kratovil, who lost to Harris earlier this month, was quick to jump on the story.

"Despite railing against the evils of government-subsidized health care for the last two years, Andy Harris chose to introduce himself on the national stage yesterday by demanding earlier access to his taxpayer-subsidized government health care benefits, and expressing shock that he would instead be treated like all other federal employees in having to wait 30 days for his coverage to kick in," said Kevin Lawlor in an email. "It has taken Rep.-Elect Harris less than two weeks to start grabbing national headlines for his arrogance and sense of entitlement."

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Here's to a catastrophic injury in the next 30 days!

What a pig fcker.

It's sad that the blog author would approve of a comment such as that from Paul_D. It makes one wonder about the comments of which he doesn't approve that aren't posted.

So we have a Johns Hopkins doctor:
1) Acting in an arrogant manner;
2) Ignorant as to a very basic thing, while claiming to be a master as to its complexities (health care coverage);
3) Representing a group he only has questionable ability to represent. He’s from Baltimore County and represents an Eastern Shore District! Yes, I am aware of how congressional district lines are drawn, but I think these were drawn poorly.
4) What do you say about his behavior when he attacked Kratovil for doing something (supporting health care reform) when he in fact didn’t (Kratovil did not vote for heath care).

None of this surprises me. The guy is a prick! My choices on the ballot were Kratovil or the Libertarian. I’m hoping Gilchrest runs again! This genius apparently spent so much time in the Ivory Tower (Hopkins) that he isn’t aware that a Congressman’s poor behavior will hit the media before he leaves the room! Way to stay a step ahead.
If you’re coming in only to start a fight, you will find a fight. If you have no interest in resolving minor differences you will NEVER be able to stop that fight. Once he’s sworn in, he’ll be in a position to change things!!! Stop complaining and do something about it! Isn’t that why you’re there?
What do you think his opinion of health care for all is now? What do you think it will be for the month he and his family won’t have health care? Perhaps some other genius conservatives can yell at him to, “Get a job!” “Stop counting on the government!”
I honestly try to give everyone who wins a new office an honest chance. Even if I didn’t vote for them. This guy hasn’t even been sworn in and I’m already done with him!!!

Call a waaaaaaahmulance! Andy Harris will have to fork over for COBRA for 28 days, just like any ordinary slob at a new job.

Welcome to the new GOP majority in congress, guys. This is what it's going to be like for the next 2 years.

Harris's spokeswoman just had to get in an anti-government dig, didn't she? Well, Rep. Harris, how about this: I have never had an employer who would allow me to keep my job if I routinely trashed the employer's company!

where in the hell does he think he coming from or ging too. No one can start a job and get health benefits in a couple of weeks. he is a total idiot!!!

R u kidding? What normal citizen wouldn't ask about health benefits during their orientation? U guys are a joke...

If Mr Harris was simply trying to make apoint about Gov't health care, then why was he so concerned about the gap in HIS health care? This article left out some other words from Mr. Harris ""what would he would do without 28 days of health care""" Uh.. what all of us uninsured do with the last 15 years of no health care?



Can you do us all a favor and seek out your bosses and ask that on the next round of buyouts you be one of the first.

Clearly Harris is trying to make a point here. And you as usual, pandering to the morons that reside in the state of Maryland run a piece about what some idiot at Politico wrote (a very left leaning group of lemmings there).

Why did you not get a direct quote from the people in Harris' camp? Seems like you coulda picked up your phone (what responsible journalists do) and got a better explanation than what some tool at Politco wrote. After all, Harris does represent Baltimore County? right?

Your blog reeks of amatuer hour!

Just another hypocrite right wing politician preaching one thing and then behaving another....they are all the same. They all put up a BS front to get elected.

What a hypocrite. If he wanted to be true to his principles, he would turn down the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program and go into the individual market. If he stays with FEHBP, then he's enjoying the benefits of a public exchange offering properly-regulated private options --- exactly what he wants to deny to uninsured Americans by repealing the federal health reform that will create public exchanges in every state offering properly-regulated private options.

Matthew Weinstein
Progressive Maryland

What a lowlife. He should resign today.

Gee, just imagine the press spinning a story against a Republican politician!!! This is a non-story.

Jason - I do believe seeking a quote from the political party's camp usually results in spin. I must admit I do prefer the "capture the quote" method adopted by Politico...Here is an excerped quote from their article...

“He stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange.

“Harris then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap,” added the aide, who was struck by the similarity to Harris’s request and the public option he denounced as a gateway to socialized medicine.

It's sad that the blog author would approve of a comment such as that from Paul_D. It makes one wonder about the comments of which he doesn't approve that aren't posted.

Oh boo hoo. We must be oh so polite while voting down health care. You obviously understand the need to eschew contentiousness while voting in lockstep with an entitled yet tone deaf "Anti-Obamacare" Republican off a cliff. Civility! The humanity!!

So this story dominates the front page of the Sun's website and the Rangel story sits on the side.


This SOP in businesses - suck it up idiot.

I am a Republican and Mr. Harris always came off as condescending and entitled to me. He doesn't represent my district but I would have had a hard time voting for someone like him, who appears to think he is above his citizens. I have a feeling this isn't the last time we hear about Mr. Harris. He actually reminds me a lot of O'Malley. Typically putting their political aspirations above the people they represent.

I'm surprised at how little thought seems to go into these comments. Paul_D -- really? How old are you, 13? Ted -- yes the district lines are very poorly drawn. Remember who drew them? Ask Cardin how he likes the shape of his district (drawn by the same folks). And no, Kratovil didn't vote for socialized healthcare, but he wouldn't say a word in favor of repealing it either. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that Kratovil WOULD have voted for it if somebody else (in this case a spineless congressman from Michigan) hadn't caved at the 11th hour. Serolf and Shirl, you don't get health coverage when you start a new job? Have you ever worked anywhere besides Royal Farms? Most employers have probationary periods where you don't get vacation time, but most cover you and your family's medical needs right away. (Probably will change if we are unable to repeal some of the new mandates under Obamacare -- despite what many Dems in federal office have said, you can't expand coverage and add 30 million people to the rolls of the insured without increasing costs.)

All you needed to do was look at this guy's record in the Maryland Senate. He constantly annoyed everyone, including his own party.

Where do I get my "Don't blame me, I voted for Kratovil" sticker??

Uh, Mark, Andy Harris is a Maryland Congressman. The Baltimore Sun is a Maryland newspaper.

Any more points to make?

"So this story dominates the front page of the Sun's website and the Rangel story sits on the side.


Because Andy Harris is a Congressman-Elect from MARYLAND, while Charlie Rangel isn't?

I thought that journalism had a rule that "dog bites man" wasn't newsworthy. Why did a story about Andy Harris acting like a pompous arrogant hypocrite even raise an eyebrow at the Sun? On the other hand, should, at some point, Harris behave like a decent, honorable human being......

sounds to me like there are quite a few sour grapes over the election results out there--some very nasty comments

Where is your article on Rangel? Oh, that's right .,he is a Democrat who is being investigated for crimes. Let's put an article about a Republican whose words were taken out of context by a far left wing publication front and center.

Way to go, MD 1st District. Enjoy the next 2 years being represented by a rich hypocritical lunatic who will vote STRAIGHT party lines without thinking twice.

You had the most independent, moderate voice in Congress (who was also endorsed by the NRA, VFW, FOP, Gilchrest, the Aegis, etc), but you chose the extremist with nonsensical, greedy, ultra-conservative views. Good job... great choice, idiots.

This incident just goes to show Harris's ignorance and being completely out of touch with the average citizen's lifestyle. I still can't believe this ifnorant, obstructionist, arrogant moron is an elected official. What a disgrace.

Not surprising at all. Anybody who knows him personally knows he's a total a-hole.

It kind of depresses me that somebody so nasty can achieve success like this.

"So this story dominates the front page of the Sun's website and the Rangel story sits on the side.

Amazing." - Mark

Seeing how this story relates to a congressman of MARYLAND rather than one of another state, one would understand why this is the lead story. But don't let common sense negate your apparent attack on The Sun.

To those harris apologists who say he was trying to make a point?

What point was that? Most places don't ensure you after 28 days, he proposed being able to buy it early from the government.

Sounds like more Democrat sour grapes! If Krap-ovil was so great, why did he lose the election? I'm sure everyone is outraged that a new Congressman would dare to question the inefficiency of this well oiled government we have. Let's keep all the bureaucratic inefficiency we all pay more and more for every year. This will teach us to elect someone that actually wants to change something in Washington.

Charley--this story broke 24 hours before it ever hit the Sun so the Rangel story still has plenty of time before it needs to be posted and still be fair.

"Uh, Mark, Andy Harris is a Maryland Congressman. The Baltimore Sun is a Maryland newspaper."

"Because Andy Harris is a Congressman-Elect from MARYLAND, while Charlie Rangel isn't?"

Gee guys, thanks.

Now let's examine it a bit further.

One man asks a question and the other is found guilty of numerous ethics violations after a 2 year investigation.

Where exactly do you two think the stories would be placed on this website if it were a MD Democrat who asked the question and a NY Rep[ublican who was convicted of 11 counts of ethics violations.

I'm sure you two would be OK if the Sun brushed aside serious ethic violations committed by a Republican in order to focus on a local Democrat who asked a question.


Amazing........but this is what happens during mid-terms, all the moderates were thrown out so the blind fury of the extreme right and tea partiers could be vented. Andy Harris has obviously no clue - and it's just too sad that he was voted into office. One wonders what the next two years will be like. My heart reaches out to those in his district.

wow this is suuuuccccccchhhhh a big deal we better put it on the front page...WOW I KNEW HE WAS CORRUPT

let get real now

the actual real news of the day DEMOCRAT rangel found GUILTY of ethic charges is somewhat hidden. Give it up people Harris has his seat for a loongggg time

So Mr. Harris is an anti-Obamacare Republican yet asked to purchase possible health care from the government in case he and his family needed it? So what? I hope he gets it and still helps do away with Obamacare. Who wrote this article? A homeless person living behind the Sun building and collecting scraps from the lunchroom?

"I'm sure you two would be OK if the Sun brushed aside serious ethic violations committed by a Republican in order to focus on a local Democrat who asked a question.


I admire your certainty, though I wouldn't follow you over a cliff even if you were sure the bottom was a few inches below.

Poor Andy will really go off the rails when he finds out that the government is going to tax his salary.

From all these posts, I guess the Maryland Democratic club was off today.

Ok, so I kind of understand that Rangel is from New York, but it is still a huge issue. Okay so lets stay with Maryland politics, Where's the huge front page story of PG county Democrat Jack Johnson and his wife's $80k bra at?? Don't worry, if the jury is from PG county, they won't be found guilty. If the bra don't fit, you must aquit!!

It's not about being a Democrat or Republican. This is about the worst kept secret in MD politics and the media: that Andy Harris is just not a good person. Now the rest of get to find out.

I guess if Andy Harris was a DEMOCRAT demanding HealthCare under the same circumstances, this would NOT have been "News". If it wasn't for my wife and her wishes to read the Sun Food Section, I would have cancelled my subscription a long time ago. I guess the Author failed to mention that the HealthCare Bill forced down our throats by the DEMOCRATS exempts all of Congress, Federal Employees, and all the Unions (ie SEIU, NEA, UAW, etc) that got Obama elected.

The Sunpaper is LIBERAL TRASH.

I've never had a job where health benefits did not start on day 1. You people are ridiculous and want any chance to call a republican a hypocrite. Look at Lunchpail Joe of the people taking the train to work everyday...but it's the $200 Acela Express. He's a hypocrite too.

Whine here all you want, but also email him at and tell him we expect more from him than to act like just another jerk in Congress. I voted for him and I emailed him this morning too to tell him to shape up. He works for us. Tell him to wise up or we'll fire his as* too!

You guys are right. The sun never covers anything negative about democrats. If only our great mayor Sheila Dixon would enact some legislation to create a more fair newspaper.

Actually Matt, many companies have a 90 day probation period where you don't get any benefits until after the probation period. Some companies have sign up at only certain times of the year, usually either yearly or bi-annually. You have to wait until then to sign up and/or change benefits. I voted for Harris but I'm disappointed in his arrogance. I have emailed him to say so too and hope others do the same.

Wow, the disgruntled liberals are all over this non-story. I read the POlitico story. The story is based on an obviously liberal Democrat staffer who was in the room putting his spin on Harris' comments. Harris' statements were made at a "benefits" orientation. Obviously, having worked in the PRIVATE SECTOR for 30 years, it is not surprising that Harris would ask questions about his new job. No conservative takes issue with government pay and benefits. They take issue with pay-offs, graft, and public sector greed. It's laughable seeing the Gilchrest/Kratovil sore losers all over this board. Gilchrest, who was shot in the back in 'Nam, was always a phony republican. Kratovil lost to Harris b/c he was a phony, also. Voters knew that he was a liberal, despite his calculated attempts to look "moderate." How classy for Kratovil's (loser) spokesman to comment.

I am for making it fair though. If Mr Harris cant have health care for his family then Barbara Mikulski shouldnt have it for her girlfriend. Thats the least we could do.

Wow. Haven't seen this much whining since my 6-month old lost his 'binky'. I know it is hard to lose and to lose in such a way that all you hold dear is rejected and proven to be bunk. We have all been there at some point in our lives. There is a reason the Sun is joke around here but what else do we expect? But it gets people talking which is good for reason and bad for emotion, hence Mr. Harris' victory. I mean we still have Babs and all the other Dems marching in lock step around the State so what is there to worry about? Just pay your taxes, dodge your bullets, feel guilty about the problems the liberal policies have created and keep mindlessly voting the same way but remember the more things change the more they stay the same.

Can't wait until he goes on a rant at the national level about pornography.

The Rangel story, frankly, is old news--and I say that as a Democrat who thinks Rangel should have gotten out of Congress years ago. Oh, well. If it's any consolation, Republican hypocrisy is old news, too. But the poster who hoped Harris gets government care and takes it away from everyone else provided a real service, in confirming that hypocrisy beyond a doubt.

1. I have NEVER worked in a place where I did not have to wait a certain amount of time, usually two to four weeks before my insurnace kicked in or open enrollment started.

2. Rangel is not from Maryland, and the Sun is a local paper, in Maryland. HOWEVER, Rangel was reported before a verdict came down in the appropraite section of this news paper; IN OTHER NEWS, Nation/World, all anyone had to do was scroll down. The first comment was made around noon for this blog, the article on Rangel was UPDATED around 12:30. Again, all one had to do to find NATIONAL news on the LOCAL paper was to either scroll down or...go to FOX or CNN.

3. The big news on Johnson happened yesterday and was reported. No need to report the same exact thing the next day.

4. ALL news outlets have some type of leaning, you cannot find one that doesn't (perhaps AP Wire). If you are a conservative, why are you complaining? Go to where people share your views...enjoy the slant from RIGHT-leaning news outlet or papers!

5. Enjoy the next 2 years with this guy in the seat...and don't be surprised when he is ousted afterwards. If Harris is any indication of how the GOP is going to run the House, you guys are going to get kicked out again in 2 years.

Reap what you sow.

It is outrageous that Representative-Elect Andy Harris, who opposed health care for people as a state senator and a candidate for Congress, is now demanding government subsidized health care for himself a month early. Maybe he will learn what it would be like for the millions of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Marylanders, who would be without health care indefinitely if he got his way and the new federal health care law was repealed.

Once again another "Sun Journalist" prints the "Kratovil voted against the health care bill" slop. Only one reason he did so, the national dems knew he'd have a fight on his hands and LET him vote against it, cuz they didn't need the vote. BUT old Frank K. was not going on record to vote for the repeal of Obama care . . . I know Andy personally and as a Father, a husband, a friend and a representative of conservative values, he can't be beat.

The vitriolic PERSONAL attacks speak more volumes about the poster (and the blog author) than Congressman (get used to it) Harris.

Welcome to the real world, Andy. So sorry to hear, though, that you're beginning your term in congress from such a point of ignorance. What other lovely little life lessons have you not learned?

PS--Great job, voters of the district 1. Way to elect someone so obviously prepared for the nuances of his job. What happened to Harris happens to just about everyone who starts a new job, these days, regardless of their employment sector.

Cool blog bro!

So, we have one of the longestest tenured and most powerful House memebrs (a Dem) found guilty of ethics violations, and this two bit rags headline is a new employee asking about his health insurance from his new employer after a closed door orientation? And liberals wonder why people insist on MSM bias to the left?

He should be denied insurance for having a pre-existing condition --- stupidity. Kratovil should introduce the Andy Harris Act moving up the date of coverage to day one.

So it's socialized medicine for Mr. Harris, and Somalia for the rest of us.

I hope Harris can hear the clock ticking on his 2 years already. You get what you pay for in politics these days and the Club for Growth bought a moron.

Well the public did not want the health bill passed now the Democrats must payu for it. i hope it cost them their job. Cant wait till 2012 to wait to vote more democrats out.

Hey Maryland, thanks a lot for this guy. Good choice.

Leave it to the leftist press to attack one of the few honest politicians from Maryland. Its amazing that any honest person gets elected in the Peoples Republic of Maryland Plantation and Welfare Farm, Martin OweMalley overseer.

Just goes to show how out of touch with reality the priviledged class is. One month without health care??? Seriously??? I had no health care for 8 months because I was out of work. Tell him to suck it up and buy health care at going price in the Republican-vaunted "free market." And the man is a doctor to boot, who if he actually listened to his patients would probably understand the struggle for health care in America. He should be ashamed, and I think he deserves most of the ridicule he's sure to get over this one.

"sounds to me like there are quite a few sour grapes over the election results out there--some very nasty comments"

Oops, we all must have forgotten. It's OK for the crass, ignorant Republicans who post here to call the Governor and President nasty names, but not for the Dems to criticize a new GOP member of Congress for opening his mouth and sounding like the arrogant ass he is. Our bad.

Just a quick fyi, Kratovil voted to allow obama care out of committee, had he voted no it would have never reached the house floor. k thx bye

Thanks, 1st District of Maryland, for electing the hypocrite of the year...decade...century. Andy Harris would be right at home in Louisiana politics.
Cliff Seiber
Lake Charles LA

The reason most people have to wait 30 days is because of the way insurance is funded in smaller companies where most of us work.

Large employers have self funded insurance can offer 1st day coverage as they assume the risk and just pay the bills. the govt is definitely large so that is odd.

I didnt vote for the guy because a wealthy doctor who made his money from medicare then rails against govt healthcare is an idiot, but I see his point. It also shows he's a rube in Washington. Wouldnt a rich healthy doctor just use major medical and a 25k deductible? so yah, pig in trough. Day 1.

Well the crowd on the other side of the bridge wanted him and now they have him. Here is hoping that he really pluck them big time so that they will then pull their heads out of their butts

Wow, the progressives are working overtime today. What's the matter, is the Moveon.moron site down today?

Obvious hit piece. Funny, I couldn't find it on Politico?

Since when do Newspapers post blog entries reporting on other blog entries as front page news?

In a Nut Shell, he was making a point about the health coverage. He is not going without coverage, I am sure he has something through his employer, further, when you switch jobs, as he is doing, your insurance stays in place until the new job starts (obviously not if you are termed and take mos to find a new job).

If we learned anything from Bush-Gore its that the media will seize on any opportunity to smear the Right over any mild deviation from campaign promises. Yet they have completely ignored all of the major promises BHO made during Obamamania!

You are all morons. It is amazing the level of stupidity that comes from the left.

What an embarassment.. I can't believe the people in my district voted for this hypocritical corporate whore.

No political party is perfect, but this type of hypocrisy is just the tip of the iceberg, and just another example of Republicans putting politics, SELF INTEREST and their PERSONAL quest for POWER AND WEALTH over the best interests of Americans, and demonstrating that their end game is about ‘winning elections’ and NOT effective and fair governance. They say ‘No’ for 2 years to proposed Dems AND Repubs legislation that could produce jobs, reduce deficits, and improve healthcare and the economy. THEY want to extend tax cuts for the top 1% , adding BILLIONS to the deficit. If it is not CLEAR that they don’t seem to have YOUR and YOUR FAMILY’S BEST INTEREST at the forefront of their minds, then I think many of you will never GET IT. It seems that many of the Republicans in office want the country to fail under the Obama Administration, so that YOU might be foolish enough to vote more Republicans back into office and watch as they continue to outsource jobs and gain power and wealth with the greedy corporations, while your power and wealth continue to DECLINE.

To the Middle Class families, Financially Poor families, Women, Minorities (such as Blacks, Latino‘s, Hispanics, etc.), Gays (and the GLBT community), Senior Citizens, Legal Immigrants, Disabled, etc. please realize that, while the progressive Democrats are not perfect, the majority (not all) of the conservative Republicans/Tea Party seem to have shown they are about the following:

2. Advancing their wealth and limiting your wealth,
3. .Advancing their HEALTHCARE and limiting your HEALTHCARE.
4. Advancing their family’s success, and NOT your family’s success.
5. Advancing their religion and limiting your right to have the freedom of and from religion,
6. Advancing their power and diminishing your power.
7. Advancing bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination, and appealing to individuals WORST instincts instead of best instincts.
8. Advancing the OUTSOURCING of jobs to other countries, to the detriment (job loss/unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies) of the American people,
9. Advancing tax cuts for the wealthy (i.e. people making $250k and up, or top 2%), which would add billions to the deficit.
10. Advancing the Corporate greed (i.e. fighting regulations), while the middle class wealth continue to decline (including salaries).
11. Advancing what appears to be an unnecessary war (i.e. Iraq) and building up the infrastructure and economy of other countries, while the American economy, infrastructure, education, and healthcare system continue to decline.

The above are only ‘SOME’ (not all) examples. If you continue to vote for a Republican and AGAINST YOUR OWN INTERESTS, please do not be surprised when your and your family’s rights, wealth, middle class status, job opportunities, healthcare, family education, etc. continue to decline. The Republicans strategy and tactics seem to be ‘divide and conquer’ and promote fear and prejudice, by using divisive issues (i.e. gay rights, race, women’s rights, religion, abortion, etc.) to pit the various GROUPS ABOVE against each other, instead of offering positive and equitable solutions that would UNITE and move the country in a more positive direction. Sometimes Voters are so consumed and DISTRACTED with the ‘emotion’ (rarely reason or logic) and ‘focus’ of trying to prevent others from having freedoms, happiness, success, and equal justice/rights, that they don’t realize that the Republicans that they voted for are continuing to ADVANCE the ELEVEN ITEMS ABOVE (and more) that are working against the GROUPS ABOVE (which includes Democrats AND Republicans, YOU and YOUR FAMILY). Again, the Democrats are not perfect, but I just can’t imagine why many of you in the groups mentioned above are continuing to vote and elect Republicans and Tea Party candidates into office.

wow... jrbalt.

what the hell does that have to do with a spun comment?

Andy Harris is a lunatic with gall...

the ink isn't even dry on his "employment application"...

and he's asking about "benefits"....

he's a hypocrite ...

there are plenty of jobs that make employees work a full month without receiving ANY benefits...

this guy doesn't even start work until january 1st !! two months from now!!!

For being a doctor, Harris is showing some real ignorance.

P.S. I voted for Kratovil !!!

This guy will be a gift that keeps on giving for a long 18 months.

Once again, the party of personal responsibility will continue to whine and complain that things don't work out just right for them. These mid-terms might be a blessing in disguise, reminding America who these entitled a-holes really represent.

On November 2, the human resources professionals at the US House of Representatives learned they had a whole bunch of new employees coming on the payroll January 3. I don't think it unreasonable for the new employee to think that 60-days after the "hiring decision" that the new employee should be on the employer-sponsored health insurance plan. If the government plan is punitive in terms of a waiting period for coverage, why does an innocent question about coverage elicit such feedback? Shouldn't the media be asking why the government program is not more efficient in terms of on boarding new employees?

Don't all of you teatardlican Harris apologists have some Dancing With The Stars votes to cast today?

He wanted to know the start date so he knows exactly when he can decline coverage since he is such a idealistic role model.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaa.... I have to wait 30 days to fill my Viagra script... waaaaaaaa." Welcome to the back bench Andy, good luck getting federal funds for a new bay bridge or more subsidies for the chicken industry. But so long as you have health care, I can rest easy at night.

Andy Harris has a precondition. Stupidity. He should be denied health care. But wait he is complaining because he does not subsidized government insurance? The very insurance he wants to deny everyone else? Thanks 1st District for sending a Buffoon to Washington.

I'm really glad Harris does not represent me. He's already an embarrassment. I wonder if his ignorance and arrogance matter at all to the generous funders of his campaign.

I interned in Annapolis and observed Andy Harris every day in the Senate...these arrogant comments do not surprise me as he was equally rude in Annapolis. There are some admirable conservative politicians in Maryland who are polite and respectful, and its unfortunate that the 1st District did not choose someone else.

I'm a moderate Republican. I think it's safe to say that very few who actually know Dr. Harris would for him. The best thing he had going for him is an anti-Obama upsurge.

It is sad to see so much bickering about this . . . and a lot of other issues. Liberals do not hold a monopoly on virtue. Far from it. Same for Conservatives. It's all the same game but with different players. The whole system needs to be reformed. That means we need to stand together against the crooks who own governments. Recognize that the players we are seeing are all puppets. We need to oust the puppet master.

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