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October 21, 2010

WOLB gubernatorial debate wrap-up

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley kept to his campaign talking points while his challenger, Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., went on the attack in a wide-ranging debate this morning on WOLB radio.

The exchange was the third -- and possibly last -- between the two main gubernatorial candidates and comes one day before early voting starts.

Both talked about issues dear to Baltimore's African-American community, including mass arrests, minority contractors and funding for historically black colleges and universities. Ehrlich said he appointed the first black judge to an Eastern Shore jurisdiction. O’Malley said he doubled the number of African-Americans on the bench.

O’Malley repeatedly brought up the NAACP, saying the group rated Ehrlich an "F" as a congressman and said the Republican had asked President George W. Bush to investigate the civil rights organization. Ehrlich, at one point, counted out loud the “gratuitous” Bush references.

The two had several testy exchanges. O’Malley made a reference to Ehrlich’s private sector job as a partner with the Baltimore law firm Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice. Ehrlich shot back: “It is OK to get a job in the private sector. You are going to be looking for one in a few months.”

Early on, radio host Larry Young, a Democratic former state senator, queried O’Malley on his zero tolerance policing policy that have been since abandoned. O’Malley responded that the city was in dire straits with “open-air drug markets” but has improved in part because his policies. Ehrlich disagreed, saying that O’Malley “created criminal records for people who did nothing more than walking around.”

On minority contracting, O’Malley said his administration has given a record amount to black- and women-owned companies and accused Ehrlich of wanting to end the program. Ehrlich flat-out denied the charge.

The two also clashed over President Barack Obama’s health care plan with O’Malley calling it “courageous” and Ehrlich saying it was “counter-cultural” and would result in providing less care to older people who become sick.

As the debate wound down, the two touched on veterans affairs. O'Malley noted a "moment of agreement" with Ehrlich about providing a tax exemption for military veterans. O'Malley says he chose to spend tight dollars on mental health services for veterans but is open to the tax idea in the future.

The first few callers to the station after the debate said O'Malley won, though both campaigns quickly issued the required statements declaring victory. 

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It's appalling that O'Malley defends his illegal arrests of African Americans

Ehrlich shot back: “It is OK to get a job in the private sector. You are gong to be looking for one in a few months.”

This frat boy hothead punk needs anger management

Love how this article puts in the first few callers said O'malley won the debate, did you listen to the entire 45 minutes of callers? O'malley is getting blasted and labled as a liar! O'malley has a BIG problem with the African American vote in Baltimore City!!!

Wow big surprise there WOLB callers said O'Malley won the debate. I give credit to Mr. Ehrlich for taking on Mr. O'Malley in a hostile environment.

O'Malley tends to stick with the issues in a more controlled manner. I think what he has done out way the things in which he may have fallen short. There is no PERFECT solution and he has had to make many hard choices that may place a sour taste in some mouths, but his sincerity is clear.

Well, I appreciate the non bias objective news article. Well done, you (and your newspaper) should be complimented on your supreme reporting.

MOM needs all the help he can get. I am hearing that people are turned off by his negative ad's and even with Obama and Clinton, he may still lose. If he loses, Maryland wins!

Re: the private sector job, a new O'Malley TV ad concludes that "Bob Ehrlich is a career politician" - as if O'Malley isn't.


WOLB? who cares. Was Larry Young eating potato chips like he did when he was in Annapolis?

O'Malley is just a fat liar. He's a career politician. If he loses, he's going to get a job in the private sector for some interest group probably.

What a douce bag, had to mispell that one.

Thanks for this report, sounds like Ehrlich came through with his usual "storm trooper" approach. He is a bigot and a homophobe, just look at the folks he surrounds himself with, like Nancy Jacobs from Harford County.

O'Malley isn't a career politician, remember he is also a rock star!

I can't wait to celebrate Ehrlich's win by dining with Bobby Flay while pumping some change into Arundel Mill's slots!!!!!!!

Okay I actually listened to the debate (what a way to spend some time on a day off!).

First credit must be given to the former gov, for taking this deabte happily, in a less then friendly environment. I doubt the current gov would agree to a debate on the Ron Smith show on WBAL.

As far as the winner, I am not sure, but I know who the loser is and this is us the citizens of Md.

The current gov refuses to acknowledge any sort of misteps and seems to feel he has never done wrong. The policy of arresting so many in the city was a disaster and yet he blames himself for nothing. He also seems very comfortable telling a lie, as if it is part of his daily activity. The former gov has never indicated a desire to remove the monority contract requirements.
Also the current gov loves to complain about the former gov moves, but I have not seen action by the current gov to reverse any of the fees, tax or spending that he complains about.

On a more I guess emotional note, much less factual, I must add I am so tired of the Blame Bush nonsense. All I can think to say is O'Malley is such a whiner.
A city council that is D. A mayor that is D. A state senate and house of delagtes that is D. A current gov that is D. Congress is D and the president is D. Yet all I hear is how it is Bush's fault. The D have the power from top to bottom and yet things are still a mess.

It would be a big shame again if the african americans vote blindly again. All President Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Governor O'malley do is drive poverty down deeper and wider. Encouragement to strive for and get trained for jobs better then flipping burgers doesn't exist and it forces more and more people into the government will take care of me mode. As we are seeing in Europe today, if this continues, the US will come crashing down soon. Change is good more then once and change is due now before MD sinks any lower.

How many "new Americans" (aka illegal aliens) are taking jobs from young African-American American citizens in Baltimore thanks to Owe'Malley's policies that make Maryland a sanctuary state?

Between inexcusably using racial profiling methods and ordering hundreds or thousands of random arrests of young black men (which creates obstacles for employment applicants) while Mayor and pandering to illegal aliens, Owe'Malley has done more to screw up the lives of African-Americans than Bull Connor (also a Democrat). If you are an African-American, would you prefer to have water shot at you through a fire hose for a couple of minutes or never being able to seek gainful employment to take care of you and your family?

Please, please just this once- think for yourselves.

It is Bob Ehrlich that'll be looking for another job in a few months, not O'Mally. The republican party still believe that the American people are so nieve and dumb that we would allow that to rape this country again. The american people need to ask themselves whether they want the advocates and mouth-piece of Big Business to continue to influence our economy and lives or do we want control of our own destiny. Electing Bob Ehrlich is electing Big Business to be the Governor of Maryland.

It is amazing how MOM continues to lie about his achievements/records and even having this smith guy talking negative just as he did 4 years ago for the omalley camp. Hopefully all Marylanders will wake up and smell the roses come Nov 2. How can they come to a conclusion so quickly to say mom won the debate this morning, when he was continously being hammered by Mr. Ehrlich, people just don't want to hear the truth, they've become so complacent in their positions, that they don't want a change in their lives...

After the first few calls a lot of callers blasted MOM for his BGE lies of 2006 and stated support for Ehrlich. Annie your proMOM bias is shining throuh as always.
I have to give you credit as least you are consistent.

I find it horrible as an acting Governor to point at someone getting a job in the private sector with unemployment at an all time high. O'Malley is basically saying that the ex-governor should have gone to the unemployment line.

There's something to be said for Ehrlich going into Democratic strongholds to have a debate with O'Malley. You would never see O'Malley debate on the eastern shore or in western Maryland.

Why didnt they talk about the furloughed State employees and the Funding Omalley gave to Casa De Maryland. If He didnt fund the illeagals then the need for fuloughs would be mute. he is such a liar and fool.

O'Malley is a joke. He has never had an original idea of his own. He took credit for the Slots initiative that was actually an Ehrlich idea. O'Malley is connected to O'Bama that if O'Bama stopped too fast, O'Malley would suffocate. O'Malle has pandered to the illegals since elected and put the needs of the illegals before the legal citizens of Maryland. His support of illegals has done more harm than good to the African-American community.

O'Malley is a joke. He has never had an original idea of his own. He took credit for the Slots initiative that was actually an Ehrlich idea. O'Malley is connected to O'Bama that if O'Bama stopped too fast, O'Malley would suffocate. O'Malley has pandered to the illegals since elected and put the needs of the illegals before the legal citizens of Maryland. His support of illegals has done more harm than good to the African-American community.

Have an open mind people:
1. Can Erlich be a "career" politician AND have a private sector job?
2. What's wrong with making a lot of money in the private sector? Isn't it even MORE admirable that Erlich is willing to walk away from all that money to serve the public, and doesn't that tell you something about the man?
3. And how in the world can MOM call anyone a career politician? This guy is much like the President and has NEVER had a real job.
4. Supporting the healthcare law - do you think MOM has ever read it? AND aren't they supposed to represent their constituents when the mass majority are against it?
5. Finally, illegal aliens- where to begin. MOM allows licenses which is a pivotal document that you are NOT allowed to question when hiring (according to I9) yet NEVER stands up for Maryland businesses who get raided by ICE. This PROVES MOM is anti-business and only in it for the votes. Shameful.

Too all the HATERS of big Business! You can't create JOBS WITHOUT HAVING BUSINESSES! When business is successful it becomes LARGER AND HIRES more people! Yes the rise in global economy allows big companies to offshore jobs and that should be restricted.

I've met both of these men in person and Omally acts like a punk and Governor Bob at least acts like a decent human being.

Why do race or ethnicity need to be considered at all in deciding who gets awarded a contract? It's good to make sure contracting programs are open to all, that bidding opportunities are widely publicized beforehand, and that no one gets discriminated against because of skin color or national origin. But that means no preferences because of skin color or what country your ancestors came from either--whether it's labeled a "set-aside," a "quota," or a "goal," since they all end up amounting to the same thing. Such discrimination is unfair and divisive; it costs the taxpayers money to award a contract to someone other than the lowest bidder; and it's almost always illegal—indeed, unconstitutional—to boot (see 42 U.S.C. section 1981 and this model brief: ). Those who insist on engaging in such discrimination deserve to be sued, and they will lose.

The African American community has voted 90 percent for Democrats in Maryland and what has it gotten them? They get ignored by BOTH parties because to the Democrats they are a lock vote and to the Republicans they usually figure its not worth the time.

Governor Ehrlich is an exception. When you hear him you see he has listened and is not taking them for granted while O'Malley thinks they will just flock to them despite his record of failed zero tolerance, proponent of more jails, poor record on immigration that effects the job market in the city, issues of faith, and less rehabilitation programs.

I am not black but my best two friends are black Democrats in Baltimore City that are courageous enough to support Ehrlich in November.

As one put it - to Martin O'Malley the Black Community was a stepping stone. However I think he will find his former stepping stone has woke up and is no longer there to put him on a pedestal.

"his sincerity is clear" Liz4 please remove your emerald colored glasses. O'Malley doesn't have a sincere bone in his body afterall he is a politician.

Ehrlich may not be perfect but he represents a check on the one sided government which continues to stick it to Marylanders every chance they get.

MOM's "talking points: are, of course, the Democrat Plantation will make sure that all their slaves are taken care of as long as they bow to their liberal, er, uh, I mean, progressive, masters.

Hey Jon
When you say' will african-americans vote 'blindly'again,you reveal perfectly your own ignorance and the attitudes of the "party of NO " who won't reclaim enough seats to take over the November elections thnaks to the people who think before they speak . President Obama was elected by a MAJORITY OF ALL RACES, blacks, whites, women, Hispanics, young, old, etc. WAKE UP! The economy you blame "blind blacks for was initiated by the Republicans and cannot be fixed overnight. What have the Repubs offered as viable alternatives? Thought so. And the word is "African-Americans", not african-americans.

Here are more regressive tax increases that are planned if we return the same crew to Annapolis. Straight from Mike Miller.

Here are more regressive tax increases that are planned if we return the same crew to Annapolis. Straight from Mike Miller.

Here are new taxes planned if we return the same the same crew to Annapolis. Straight from Mike Miller.

Where is the journalistic objectivity? The Sun writer states "The first few callers to the station after the debate said O'Malley won". What about the 10 callers during the show who called into question Governor O'Malley's truthfulness?

The commentary suggests partisanship on behalf of a particular candidate. Is this the intent?

If not, than write objectively and without obvious prejudice!

So to the commenter above who declares Governor O'Malley lies about Ehrlich... this never happened then:

WaPo 2/5/05

Leaders of Maryland's Legislative Black Caucus said yesterday that they will seek to extend the life of a program that sets aside a portion of state contracts for minority- and women-owned businesses... two days after Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) said at a public meeting that the program "needs to end."

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