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October 11, 2010

O'Malley camp declares victory

Gov. Martin O'Malley spoke to reporters directly after the debate, saying the event was a "lovely exchange of ideas."

“I believe the people of our state understand what’s at stake here,” he said after the debate.

“In much easier times, the former governor made the wrong decisions," O'Malley said. "In the toughest of times we made the right decisions to move the state forward.”

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Congressman Elijah Cummings and Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Jr. declared their fellow Democrat O’Malley the victor, charging that Ehrlich did not offer specifics on how he would create jobs should he be elected.

O'Malley's press people sent out a flurry of "fact checking" emails in addition to a press release declaring the governor "won." That release came a full 25 minutes before Ehrlich's camp made the same claim.
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O'Malley is going to raise your taxes. It's that simple. I voted for him last time, but not this time.

O'Malley will say anything to get elected. I think that the people of Maryland are smarter this time and will not just vote for him because he is a Democrat.

I think we heard O'Malley utilizing the same rhetoric in his campaign ads. He had nothing new to offer and will provide us more of the same. We have to reduce taxes, create jobs and spend less. O'Malley and company can't do that so I am voting for Ehrlich

How quickly we forgot about his emergency session where he raised sales tax to 6% which had the predicted effect of moving people to buy big ticket items in Delaware. Our tax rolls went DOWN thanks to Omalley
He punted on the slots and now this thing is in our constitution! {I am in favor of slots-just not how poorly he handled it

Do people not realize that,even though it was mot intended for such,many govornors used the stimulus money to get their budgets in order. What happens next year with our reduced tax rolls?

I do kick Ehrkich though because he basically had his own 1 hour time slot every Saturday on Wbal to bring up his popularity and he squandered it.
Any one ever notice that omalley has never been on wbal yet t he has his own 'time with the governor'. On Wtop? Montgomery county listens to that DC station
As much as I hate to admit it omalley won this because Ehrlich never brought the really important facts about this governor who had to have that computer services tax repealed shortly after he passed it and blew through the rainey day fund which Ehrkich left for him.

I have 10 years to go but I am going to have to leave my place on the South River and move to a State I can afford to live in
Thanks a lot Omally

Sorry for all the misspells. Still getting used to this iPad keyboard

Looking at the split screen during the debate, I was struck once again by the difference in the "countenance" of the two men. O'Malley looks open, receptive to the world. Ehrlich looks "dark," furtive, and possibly just mean. If I saw the two men together on the street, I would gravitate toward O'Malley and steer clear of Ehrlich.

Joe queen - dude if you can afford to live "on the South River"... I'm sure you're able to afford living anywhere you like.

Ehrlich did not win this debate and I hope he does not win this election. Talk about hate ads? what has he been doing for the past year on his radio show? Also seems like a whole lot of people forgot about his cry baby antics as governor that if he didn't get slots he was going to take funding away from education. Ehrlich worked as a lobbyist for a law firm who negotiated for the company who is interested in the slots parlor in Anne Arundel county, but he isn't a lobbyist. He must think people are stupid and he can pull the wool over their eyes, but most are more involved in what is happening in their state and country today than ever before. Also, he may not have raised the sales tax, but he raised my property tax and he allowed the deregulation to take effect that in turn caused the BGE rate hike, and O'Malley negotiated a repayment to all customers. His job initiative is all about hiring more 6 figure employees from out of state. This is what you will get if the large companies he wants to bring here come. My husband worked for a company that was closing in part and layed off over 300 employees and he didn't lift a finger to try to help and he was called upon. do you know why? We are middle class and are not considered in his eyes. He will continue to raise fees on the working class and give to the rich, this is his MO. Ask him about the Black Water project on the Eastern Shore. He tried to build a community on protected land in Easton and was caught. This is part of the reason the preservationists give him such low grades. O'Malley used some of the slush fund for restoration in the Chesapeake Bay and it was paid back. Look, I am not saying that O'Malley is lily white, but Ehrlich wants him to admit to what he has done that is not beneficial to the state, so why doesn't he look in the mirror and do the same? Some of the pitfalls the O'Malley administration has now were inherited from Ehrlich because these iniatives were put into plan and passed to go into effect during the O'Malley term and could not be eliminated until a legislative session. With State employee layoffs, would he rather these people just be laid off instead of the short term furloughs? What Ehrlich fails to tell you is if these employees are laid off they cannot collect unemployment so it is better to have a few days off in a year without pay than maybe 6 months isn't it? Both sides need to give all the facts not just some that seem to benefit just them.

Did you folks actually watch the debate? Ehrlich altenatly came off as a spoiled frat boy (referring to O'Malley numerous time as "Guv") and as a disjointed, angry talk show host. O'Malley kept his temper and kept on message.

Ehrlich is a corporate shill and a liar who will promise anything to get re-elected. It's that simple. He won't do a thing to help Maryland families that are struggling, he'll only help himself and the millionares in our state. He won't do anything to fix the budget deficit and would spend the next 4 years playing golf and cozying up with his corporate lobbyist cronies, just like he did during his last failed administration.

Oh yes, Mr. O'Malley funded Education, now, to be honest, how much of that money was FEDERAL stimulus money? You really should not count that, because it's FOUND money, not budgetted money. He NEVER budgetted to spend all this money on Education. Get honest with the numbers, please. Notice that 'funding the geographic cost of education index" was done with ONLY Federal Stimulus money, that's why Mr. O'Malley failed to fund it the first two years. As for the freezing of the Tuition, well, after it was significantly raised by Erlich, O'Malley didn't really NEED to raise it did he? As for the 'Raised taxes' claim, yeah, Erlich riased taxes, I didn't see Mr. O'Malley LOWER them when he arrived, and he certainly spent them, as well as the rainy day fund. Honesty, I sure would like to see ALL the truth, rather then just a piece of it.

For those of you who are going to judge based on appearance, rather then substance. Shame on you. And keep in mind, BOTH of them never told the whole truth, about ANYTHING. I called Mr' O'Malley's campaign office and asked them about taxes, mentioned the IT tax fiasco, and the staffer told me Mr. O'Malley vetoed that. Actually he signed it in April 8 2008, and was counting on that money to pay for the 60% funding of the index.

O'Malley will raise taxes so if you don't vote this crooks out enjoy paying more to live here. Maryland is the 5th highest taxed state in the US. Anyone that trust Democrats after what Obama has done deserves what they get.

Disgusted Democrat, if you really are a Democrat, what part of the Democratic platform do you agree with? Can you think of anything? I think you are NOT a Democrat. I think you are right wing Republican trying to make it look like "Democrats are divided". If not, go ahead and tell me something you trust a "Democratic" approach to tackling more than the Republican approach. I'm betting you can't come up with anything.

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