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October 7, 2010

Obama stumps for O'Malley

Bowie -- President Barack Obama praised Gov. Martin O’Malley at a Democratic pep rally today at Bowie State University, saying he “walks the walk, doesn’t just talk the talk.”

Adopting many of O’Malley’s campaign talking points, the president referenced a multi-year college tuition freeze, investments in public education and cuts to government spending. He also championed Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, both of whom are up for reelection this year.

The speech, similar in tone and content to many that Obama has given across the country in recent weeks, was designed to pump up Democratic voters, whom political observers believe to be as dispirited as Republican voters are energized.

Before Obama took the stage, O’Malley repeatedly referred to himself as the president’s partner. “I’m proud of our president,” the governor said, a line that elicited huge cheers from a crowd thick with students and O’Malley and Mikulski supporters.

Obama said he was confident Election Day would "prove the pundits wrong."

Referencing his own election two years ago, Obama said voting for him “made each of you shareholders in the mission of rebuilding our country.” Later, he said, “change happens from the bottom up.”

Several people fainted during the 30-minute speech in the hot sun outdoors on the campus of the historically black college. At one point, a heckler shouted “You’re a liar,” and was shoved toward the back of the crowd, though he continued to listen to the speech.

Obama questioned whether Republicans have a plan for improving the economy, deriding their recently unveiled Pledge to America as “the same old snake oil.” He said that just as he and Democrats were trying to steer the country out of a recession, Republicans "tapped them on the shoulder and asked for the keys back.”

“You can’t have the keys back, because you don’t know how to drive,” Obama said as many in the crowd laughed. “We’ll give you a ride if you want, but you’ve got to sit in the back seat.”

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dumb and dumber

...and then Obama stepped on the gas and drove the car off a cliff.

The Dems have the keys and are driving the car off the cliff.

And you want two, four, or six more years of that?

O'Malley, Mikulski, and the Dems = more taxes and I pay my share thank you.

It was nice of The Prez to support O'Malley...which is more than Marty did for O'bama.
The short-term-memory Dems in Md. will easily forget that O'Malley supported Hillary Clinton with the hopes that if she won he could get a cushy federal appointment from her.

O'Malley: One of the few incumbent democrats who actually campaigns with Barack Hussein Obama. What does that say about how out of touch Maryland is with the rest of the country?

OweMalley has to be the sleezest politican this State has ever seen. He's Obama's partner. Funny, last time I saw this fraud with a Presidential candidate he was so far up her rear end the only thing showing was the bottom of his slippers. He's proud of the President. 13 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt, 9.7 % unemployment and counting,and the goverment take over of the finest health care system in the world. Only in a state like Maryland could this "pretty boy hack" be in any position of authority.

Just one more reason to vote for Erlich!

I wish I could have been there to see the President and Governor O'Malley, both of whom I strongly support and admire. And I sure wish those who bemoan living in a strong Democratic state would move to Alabama where they wouldn't have to whine so much. And please, take sore-losers Kendel and Bob with you.

I hope that Obama comes to Maryland everyday to help Martin O'Malley. Maybe people will wake up and realize O'Malley is going to push through another "Largest Tax Increase" in Maryland history.

I remember there was a time where Presidents let planes fly into buildings on their watch or started a war out of vanity. Now people shriek about taxes.

Time for the Dems to go! Wasn't it the Maryland Legislature that voted against slots when Ehrlich was governor only to vote for them when O'Malley took office? Who, with an ounce of intelligence, can't see that as long as these snake oil salesman are running Maryland, the Dems will always do whatever is necessary to keep themselves in power at the cost of the residents of Maryland? Wake up people! If slots were good for Marylanders (which they are) why didn't the Dems allow it under Ehrlich's watch? They only care about holding onto the power to squash us!

Thank you "sickandtired" for saying what obviously the majority of Marylanders feel. Glad to have Martin over Mr. Tax and Spend,, woops I mean Mr. Increase Fees and Spend. "Fees are not taxes"! What a joke this man was as Governor. HE INCREASED SPENDING MORE THAN ANY OTHER GOVERNOR IN MD HISTORY. What people don't realize is that most of these negative comments about the Gov are coming from a select few active members of the MD Republican Party who have volunteered to troll the on line web pages for opportunities to rip into any democrat running for office.

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