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October 19, 2010

New poll: O'Malley five points ahead of Ehrlich

Maryland pollster Patrick Gonzales Tuesday issued a new survey of the gubernatorial election showing a five point spread between Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley and his GOP opponent former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr..

Gonzales' poll reports the race at 47-42 with four percent voting for a third party candidate and six percent undecided. The survey shows that most (72 percent) of the state's Democrats have fallen in line with O'Malley, a trend O'Malley's campaign manager Tom Russell has long predicted. The state's unaffiliated voters are more likely to support Ehrlich.

There is a 3.5 percent margin for error and likely voters were interviewed via phone from Oct. 11 to Oct. 16, a week that included two televised debates between Ehrlich and O'Malley.

The new report shows O'Malley better off than he was in July, when Gonzales had O'Malley up by three points. Other recent polls have predicted a wider gap between the two candidates: The Washington Post put the race at 11 points and Rasmussen Reports recently measured it at 8. Each survey made different assumptions about turnout.

The analysis includes a helpful geographical breakdown, which shows Ehrlich up by eight points in the Baltimore suburbs, a margin that Gonzales says is "not enough" to overcome O'Malley's 40 point advantage in the Washington suburbs. O'Malley has a nine point lead among women -- a group that both camps have tried to court in recent weeks.

As the election looms closer, more Marylanders dislike how President Barack Obama is leading the country, according to the poll. The president's disapproval ratings went from 38 percent in July to 43 percent this month, Gonzales reports.

Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski's ratings have dropped precipitously: She's gone from a high water mark of 67 percent approval in a September 2009 Gonzales poll to a 53 percent rating this month. Still, she's 17 points ahead of GOP candidate Eric Wargotz.

African-American voters tend to view her the most favorably, with 71 percent of that group saying they approve of how she's done her job. Forty-eight percent of white voters support her, according to the poll.

On issues Democrats tend to think the state is going in "the right direction" while Republicans are more pessimistic. The independents are split fairly evenly on that question. The top concern remains the economy, followed by education, the state budget, taxes and the environment.
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Maryland how can you elect a man that will not enforce the laws of your state? O'Malley says that illegals are "new Americans" really? these people are here ILLEGALLY what is wrong with the DEMOCRATS and those that vote for them? I am serious what is wrong with you people. Our country is melting all around us and we need to stand up and be counted. Vote Republican it is the only chance our kids have for any type of future.

O'Malley ahead? No one ever accused Marylanders of being bright. I'm moving to a smarter state when I retire in 10 years.

I think this poll is going to get tight after this coming Friday. From what I hear the deficient report is going to show our country is spending 1.3 trillion dollars more than it is taking in. People are scared and Martin O'Malley has no plans to cut the spending.

Wargotz is in very good shape to take this seat for us. We all need to rally behind him NOW.

Hom come this article didn't mention that Obmam is still very popular in this state. I am proud that the pepole in the state of Maryland have rejected that tea party non-sense.

Jose- do you not remember when the whole "illiegals" situation come into the national spotlight 5 to 10 years ago and the republicans took their side because they were good for businesses as they provided cheap labor?

Carole-Have you had your head in a hole the last 30 years? Reagan got us into debt and Bush 2 continued to dig the hole deeper. So when Obama wants to provide health care to some criple in america we need to vote him out but when Reagan spends trillions on 'space wars' he gets a memorial in DC?

Well since the polls have Martin winning there is no reason for us to vote then. We all know the democrats will win so Stay home relax abd watch Tv.

Bob Ehrlich can't blame Bush this time.

Marylanders, how can you re-elect a man who has enforced the laws in this state and will not enforce them when it comes to him getting a vote..As long as the the Demos remain in office this kind of crap will continue, they've become so complacent in their positions even they believe what they're doing is correct.. what about the infedelity that was alleged that took place between mom and the news lady .. no one cares to look at this type of stuff.

Funny comments. Maryland has the highest per capita number of people with PhDs and Masters Degrees (i.e. we're smart), the wealthiest population per capita in the U.S. and the second highest number of millionaires (i.e. were successful) and yet we still vote for Democrats. Gosh, maybe that's because intelligent, successful people are LIBERAL!!! Ever wonder why Wargotz and Ehrlich signs proliferate in Redneck warrens like Perry Hall, Western Maryland, and the Lower Shore? Because the less educated whites buy into their foolishness. Mikulski will win. O'Malley will win. And the Republicans will be the losers once more. What's new?

"Jose Vazquez",
You apparently failed your basic civics course. You say O'Malley is failing to enforce the laws of the state? But immigration laws are FEDERAL laws. You need to read the constitution. And better learn the laws of our country.

@ steve
What? Justify Obama's actions by pointing to other's bad actions. I don't buy it.

Like it or not;
The times, they are a chanin'
Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

The only thing that Bob Erlich improved in the state of Maryland when he was governor was his golf score

This poll was taken during the week of the debates...the gap is closing again...its not over yet

All phone based polls now have a problem; caller ID. How many of the readers DON'T answer the phone for a 1-800 or 1-877 phone# registered on the caller ID? A significant number of sophisticated voters do NOT respond to these calls. Which candidate does this favor? I would guess the GOP, but younger voters (most likely Dems) may also behave this way. I would guess, however, that the GOP voters are more likely to turn-out and vote.

This unaffiliated voter is voting for O'Malley. He's the one that had to clean up Erlich's mess.

@Ron, you should really watch your comments. Maybe this state is wealthy because so many work for the Federal Government and sponge off of the taxpayers of this state. As far as your comment about rednecks, that is pretty typical of the liberal elite of this country, you all think you know so much more than us little people. I will be glad to get rid of as many libs as I can in this election.

Do you want omally to continue Maryland as a 'sanctuary state' for illegals ? How can you not vote for Bob Erlich......................

@MDR - I think many would disagree with you about your assumption that gop voters somehow equate to sophisticated voters. Alaska for instance is as gop as it gets - do you consider alaskans sophisticated?

Also, I don't know anyone under the age of 40 with a home phone. As far as I know the pollsters don't call cell phones - or do they? There is no question that changes things.

Hello Dave. anyone in there.

"The new report shows O'Malley better off than he was in July, when Gonzales had O'Malley up by three points"

@Ron.. I have a PhD and support Ehrlich. The fact that most of the PhD's I've worked with are Dem is frankly because they are funded through government grants or agencies. They benefit heavily from Dems in office. The PhD's in the industry tend to be much more conservative because they have to work for their money. We have a huge amount of 'white collar welfare' here in MD surrounding DC with all the government jobs NIH, FDA, NSA, SS, etc. It brings in the liberal academic bureaucratic types. Trust me I've worked with them, they are so far out of touch with reality and base everything on book theory it is scary. Most aren't very good scientist anyway.. the best ALWAYS go to the industry or do a start up as I am. They may go back to the gov't job to retire.

Marylanders don't care about checks and balances in government. They prefer to give O'Malley and the legislature a blank check and let them have their way with the taxpayer. If Marylanders continue to vote for the "D" next the the candidate's name and don't study his/her positions on the issues, they deserve the kind of "leadership" they get.

What astonishes me is that almost half of our state is so short-sighted that they've forgotten what an arrogant jerk Bob Ehrlich is, and how badly he botched his (hopefully) one term as Gov. I love how his ads try to pin the things that happened under his watch on O'Malley.

"Winning" the gubernatorial race will be a mixed blessing for either.

When the federal money tap is turned off nex tyear Maryland will be broke beyond words.

See France's current state of affairs for a taste of what's coming our way.

I think O'Malley is going to pull away, thankfully, and that is because Ehrlich has nothing to offer but anger over his loss several years ago, a huge ego, and ideas that just haven't evolved since he ran last. With all his talk of making Maryland more business friendly (a Small Business Bill of Rights is not an economic plan), during his tenure, the unemployment rate was just a tad below that of the nation (-1%) whereas O'Malley has us -2% the national average.

BTW, if you believe illegal aliens are the source of all problems in the U.S. or here in Maryland, you're falling into the same fear nonsense that led Germany to follow the Nazis.

A couple comments:

1. What law is O'Malley not enforcing? Federal immigration law? Um... that's because he's not a Federal official and Maryland has exactly 0% jurisdiction in immigration. That was just a dumb comment.

2. Re: polls and Dems vs. Repubs - in fact, the belief that Republicans are less likely to respond to polls has been proven false by Pew. Also, other studies (can't find the link) have shown that conservatives are actually MORE likely to respond to political polls than liberals.

Being DC's neighbor is what keeps unemployment down in Maryland.
It has nothing to do with the policies of the current Governor.
By being a sanctuary state and encouraging illegal immigrants-not New Americans-to come to Maryland costs us the taxpayers of this state up to 2 billion dollars a year in lost revunue and services. As a state we cannot afford this. The middle class is already evaporating in Maryland due to the high tax burden imposed on us by Annapolis.

@ Dennis. Please leave now and don't wait for retirement. And don't let the door hit.....

What the blogger failed to mention in this post regarding the poll is the details of the pollster. Patrick Gonzales - whose website is found at - lists among is clients Progressive Maryland - a very liberal organization. This impacts the polling methods and therefore the results - perhaps this should be mentioned????

"Patrick Gonzales - whose website is found at - lists among is clients Progressive Maryland "

He also lists Maryland Automobile Dealers Association and American Petroleum Institute, genius. Maybe you should have mentioned those as well?

Gonzales is actually a right-leaning poll (or at least his poll results have more often been to the right on issues when compared to other polls. You need to open your eyes a little wider. Your tunnel vision has blinded you to hypocrisy.

There is no tunnel vision - he lists among his services "A well-crafted voter survey is a point-by-point roadmap for all successful candidates." The Progressive Maryland client is relevant, the others are not. This blogger needs to address who paid this guy for this poll. Period. End of debate no name calling on my end, to bad it was on yours.

I am a democrat and made the mistake for voting for O'Malley last time. I will not make the same mistake again. How we can reelect someone who turned a billion dollar surplus into a billion dollar deficit, i just don't know. I live in Baltimore city and thought he did good for the city but it was obvious lies and i was blind. Any democrat who votes for him needs to learn to think and not vote strictly by the party. Another democrat for ehrlich :)

I highly doubt you voted for OM last time, Joe. If you did, you wouldn't be so stupid to think that a billion-dollar surplus was turned into a billion-dollar deficit. There was never any surplus when O'Malley took office.

And what is it with so many Ehrlich voters not understanding basic polling trends (ie, Gonzales movement +2 to O'Malley from July, not -5 from Wash Post poll--they're separate polls), the workings of government (federal immigration law is not under state jurisdiction), or taxes (I spent more in taxes in fees under Ehrlich than under O'Malley). Are you really all this stupid? Really? I'm proud to make an informed vote for O'Malley, not one based on knee-jerk "Republicans always lower taxes" bullcrap. Seriously, get a new boogieman. Well, you'll always have CASA (which Ehrlich also funded, BTW). But it's okay because he's a Republican, right? Fools!

With all this talk about hope and change, is Maryland really going to re-elect a governor who couldn't even run a city? Are we going to send back a career 30 year politician like Mikulski? Both of these people were part ot the tax and spend party. After seeing our taxes going up under Democrat rule and our raises going to ZERO (if you have a job) are you really going to vote for MORE of that?

This needs a closer look.... - 2010-10-19 13:35:01

Give me a break - What you failed to mention regarding this poll is the details of the pollster. Patrick Gonzales - whose website is found at - lists among is clients Progressive Maryland - - a very liberal organization led by a man affiliated with the NAACP and ACLU, also extremely liberal. This impacts the polling methods and therefore the results - perhaps this should be mentioned????

unhide Comment hidden due to low ranking. Why is this comment hidden?

Some condensending rich liberals (Ron) talking down Ehrlich supporters. He is probably proud of his government job. And so rich a sales tax increase doesn't impact (oh, it's regressive hahaha, I'm rich and liberal, I talk about you. We want to rule you.). And an income tax increase on businesses don't impact him (Not of concern. I work for the government hahaha, I'm rich, smart, and liberal. I talk about you.).

Well this is what we in Perry Hall, Eastern Shore, Carroll county and many other areas understand. We want a safe neighborhood to raise our family and a chance at opportunity to provide for our family. No a bailout or handout. There are LESS people working in this state today than 4 yrs ago. And Ehrich is correct, unemployment % has more than doubled, and the number of unemployed. That is not encouraging for those about to enter the workforce (Ron doesn't care, he is rich and liberal and soooo smart and has his govenment job. See this and cheer up (or vote for Ehrlich if you want a better chance at opportunity) ).

Recent and soon to be college graduates have a very high unemployment rate.

And those working are hunkering down waiting for our after tax pay to be sqeezed the beginning of next year as the federal income taxes are going up. And holding off on spending. Yes, we budget and live within our means even in this uncertain time. Not like tax, borrow and spend democrats in DC and Annapolis smuggling through thousands of pages of unread "trust me" legislation in the middle of the night. How do we get to $3Tillion deficit? Take in $2Tillio, Spend $3.5Tillion 2 years in a row (hahaha, we will let the next guy pay for it.).

If O'Malley is re-elected, the tax fest will start in Annapolis on Nov 9th (Md business tax reform commission). Just lie the last time. That will not be business friendly. And will not do much for the providers of jobs, the providers of opportunity for many. The liberals will be talking down the lobbyist who stand in their way. This state needs more citizens working than we have today.

Ehrlich can get the structure back in order, with an eye toward the (income, sales, and business) taxpayer, who should be thanked. Not talked about. Virginia did it. NJ is doing it. Maryland can do it too.

I'm voting for Ehrlich for Governor on Nov 2. And GOP delegates and State Senator. If we are not at the table (or in the voting booth on Nov 2), we'll be on the menu Nov 9. And expect to get squeezed by MOM if he gets another chance.

This state has stagnated for the past four years. This democrat will not be voting for O'Malley, the stick-the-finger-in-the-and-see-whcih-way-the-wind-is- blowing candidate.

Who wants checks and balances with Republican white trash. They want to take us back to the 19th century. Go cry in your soup you big babies!!

For whom did Gonzales conduct this poll?

Man, I totally cannot wait to leave this trashy state.

O'Malley and Mikulski will win, and you people will get what you deserve -- a state wholly dependent on the federal government largesse, which will see cascading workforce reductions over the next 8-12 years.

Best of luck, I'll be taking my upward mobility, talent, and disposable income to greener and freer pastures.

Lots of democrats could care less about OMalley as the dems have really stunk up the joint. But MOMs staffer is right, they'll fall in behind the Guv because Ehrlich has plenty of flaws of his own. IF the GOP ran behind anyone else (eg Murphy) with fresh blood the poll numbers would be reversed in my opinion. As it stands we have a choice of more of the same vs. more of the same.

Caroline, why does him doing work for Progressive Maryland matter, but not for American Petroleum or MADA? Because you say so? Great logic you have there.

Almost all pollsters release the sponsor of the poll if it is a political entity. Many pollsters just poll on their own dime to get their name out there. That a sponsor isn't listed doesn't mean anything.

Republicans have created a bunch of amnesiacs. The Republicans got this country in a mess and have managed to make some people forget it. That's scary. What is their plan? They haved offered nothing but criticism. Yet, no solutions to their failures that have left our country blaming Democrats for trying to clean up their mess.What the hell do they expect in such a short time.

Bob Ehrlich campaign - the dirty tricks people - tried to bamboozle voters in Prince Georges last time, trying the same tricks in Montgomery this time. Honesty is a basic ethic and Bob Ehrlich suffers on that one. When he was Gov he had a few loose cannons running wild in the State, and looked out ONLY for business. Business is indeed a jobs engine, but the people are the forgotten ones under the Ehrlich admin. A vote for Ehrlich is a vote to roll back the clock again.

Hey Bram, talking about dirty tricks, how many times has O'Malley had to apologize for the ads his campaign as aired?? And how many has Ehrlich?? Just curious. I would love for O'Malley to offer me a job just to sit and post his b.s. on here. This entire state is so biased its entertaining. The other day the paper ran two seperate articles about how both canidates were looking for the female vote. The O'Malley ad was just a summary of what the ad was, it didn't fact check anything. The Ehrlich ad was fact checked and all the "flaws" were pointed out just to make sure that nothing could stick to ole Teflon Leprechaun in Naptown. I just wonder if O'Malley will get all the needed information in time from the various committees to be able to act on it in time before his term is over. I mean if you guys are voting for him just because he is democrat just say it, it is easier to respect your opinion than it is to say that you are in favor of his policies. I mean what has he done successfully? The slots, um no and thats with a democratic controled gov't. The whole BGE is a joke. Taxes? Oh yeah he put out a new cd and he got a real good deal for a friend for some land on the Eastern Shore

It is shocking to see the polls have Owe'Malley 5 points ahead after all the total lies that the Owe'Malley campaign has produced as political commercials. They have all been investigated and found to be false, and yet the democrat sheeple will follow him simply because of his democrat tag. It just goes to show you how completely clueless folks are in Maryland.

I just have to laugh at this whole illegal immigrants bandwagon. While we worry about folks scratching out a living for minimum wage or less, the REAL problem lies with perfectly LEGAL folks on H1B visas taking and keeping our highly skilled technical jobs. Where's the outrage over that?

Steve, can you specify what "lies" O'Malley has supposedly told? I bet you can't name a single one.

Not only that, but he HASN'T had to apologize for any of his ads.





Well first of all, O'Malley is no prize.. But with Ehrlich as his only credible opposition, sensible Marylanders don't really have much of a choice. Ehrlich wants to cut education and transportation funding. In other words, he has shown himself to be the very antithesis of forward thinking. What's worse, by singling out Baltimore, Montgomery, and PG for cuts, he has shown that he is a petty and vindictive man, who wants to punish any jurisdiction where the electorate doesn't support him. He claims to be fiscally responsible, but other than the aforementioned ill conceived cuts, he hasn't begun to explain how he will pay for his proposed rollback of the sales tax. The reductions wouldn't begin to cover the cost, even if we weren't already facing a massive deficit. I know I don't really care about that penny on the dollar, and anyone who tries to argue that it is a truly onerous or burdensome tax, should stop and think how foolish they sound.

As to the discussion of the economy--that is almost entirely a national issue. Maryland's economy is not independent of the country's. We can argue about who is to blame, but the truth is, both parties are guilty. We are facing the consequences of decades of deregulation. I would say the Republicans are somewhat more responsible, but a lot of Democrats jumped on that bandwagon too. When we did away with the Glass Steagall act, we pretty much made the current situation inevitable. All these arguments over the budget, sort of miss the point. The budget deficits these last few years were the result of the faltering economy and the attendant decline in revenue. If the current economic trends continue, there's not much either O'Malley or Ehrlich will be able to do about it.

I do find it strange that so many people feel such animus towards the public sector. The idea that public servants are all in it for the money, is frankly laughable. When the economy was going strong, most were making less than their private sector counterparts. Now that the private sector is in disarray, people are suddenly angry because those who do work for the government still have their jobs. I guess misery really does love company. In fact, that seems to be the prevailing trend in our society. You can see it in the anger directed at unions. I hear people whining all the time about how they don't enjoy the same pay/benefits that union workers get. Wouldn't the logical conclusion be then, that maybe they should join or form a union? This attitude towards the government, and towards government workers, reveals the same bitter and simplistic thinking. Some people have stated in this thread that Maryland is only doing better than the rest of the nation, because it has so many government workers. So because the private sector isn't functioning, we should shut down the one sector of our economy that is working? Don't you see that that would only start a downward spiral the likes of which we haven't seen since '29? When the private sector falls down, slashing the public sector is the last thing you want to do. It's time to put away the Milton Friedman and go back to Keynes. The later got us out of a depression and ushered in a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity. All the former has given us is decades of boom-bust, and this current "great recession."


Every single one of Owe'Malley's advertisements have been proven to be false and misleading. Not maybe one or two...ALL OF THEM. His campaign in 2006 PROMISED to eliminate the 72% electrical rate increase, PROMISED not to raise taxes, and PROMISED to make government more transparent. He won't apologize, because he ego won't allow him to admit he was wrong. Then he took credit for the slots issue, claiming and citing it as his bill when he initially went against it when it was proposed by Ehrlich. Then he took credit for the bay pollution act, that Ehrlich wrote, and passed it as his. He has yet to actually do anything that wasn't completed by anyone else first. His answer, get caught lying, them blame someone else. He has no answers. He's phony.

He promised to fight the increase, nowhere did he promise he would be able to? what could he have done.

Where did he promise not to raise taxes? That feels made up.

Ehlich's slots proposal was very different from O'Malley's.

Ehrlic was not the first to propose slots either.

Have an open mind people:
1. Can Erlich be a "career" politician AND have a private sector job?
2. What's wrong with making a lot of money in the private sector? Isn't it even MORE admirable that Erlich is willing to walk away from all that money to serve the public, and doesn't that tell you something about the man?
3. And how in the world can MOM call anyone a career politician? This guy is much like the President and has NEVER had a real job.
4. Supporting the healthcare law - do you think MOM has ever read it? AND aren't they supposed to represent their constituents when the mass majority are against it?
5. Finally, illegal aliens- where to begin. MOM allows licenses which is a pivotal document that you are NOT allowed to question when hiring (according to I9) yet NEVER stands up for Maryland businesses who get raided by ICE. This PROVES MOM is anti-business and only in it for the votes. Shameful.

Yeah,good old Bob was fleecing the people for Wall Street and now he wants to be governor to repay his buddies.BTW...... If I'm sick, i want a "CAREER DOCTOR" to take care of me. This idea that anyone making a career out of public service is somehow unqualified is dumb. But, then again, SO ARE ALL THE REPUBLICAN TEABAGGERS!

How about O'Malley destroying the Film Industry of the state of Maryland? We went from the 4th best incentive state to 48th, and all the money and jobs associated with those television shows (it wasn't that long ago "The best television show ever" was shot right here) and movies, gone.

O'Malley has been serving as Governor during the toughest economic times since the Great Depression. And if you look at the facts, Maryland is getting through these challenging times much better than most States. Jobs are being created. There's a tuition freeze on public universities. Our public high schools are rated best in the country. The high school drop out rate for African Americans is down and the graduation rate is up. There is new construction all over the city of Baltimore. Things are looking up, and we have Governor O'Malley to thank for that.

Hey! Jose, Vote Republican and you're doomed. Have you forgotten about the Republican Governor in Arizona and what he wants to do as far as immigration? Need I say more. And to Dennis and Dave, Why wait,nothing's holding you back unless you arfe waiting for that overspent Government money to help you with your move. Comes to show, we all could use a little Government hand.(lol)

O'Malley will win big. He and the Legislature have chased all the citizens who would vote against them to PA, VA and DE

It wasn't long after Omalley took office that the family and I moved out of Maryland. I worked for the State at the time and felt there was a noticeable downward turn in early 2007. I didn't agree with everything Ehrlich did when I he was in office but holy cow, one party basically having a monopoly on the state political system was too much (recall Mike Miller attempting to subvert everything Ehrlich did?). Had lived in MD my whole life; I'm a UMCP graduate (1997) and my wife graduated from Towson Univ (2001). We are a lot happier and while we make about 30% less money we actually have more in our bank account at the end of the year and are financially much more secure. Oh, did I mention that we are happier? We actually have a Democrat Gov. right now and while I'm not his biggest fan he is much better than OMalley. I don't recall him supporting free tuition for people illegally in the state and illegally taking the limited resources set aside to assist folks through rough economic times and giving them to people who are basically just consumers. The Gov. here came from a family-owned business and at least has some understanding of the private sector; not sure Martin J. does. A vote for OMalley is akin to returning to Plato's cave.

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