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October 19, 2010

Gilchrest gives nod to O'Malley

Though most of the state's Republicans appear to be solidly behind GOP former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Team O'Malley scored an endorsement from one high profile moderate Republican Tuesday.

Former Congressman Wayne T. Gilchrest announced that he's backing Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley.

In an O'Malley campaign press release Gilchrest cited the governor's handling of environmental issues including work to restore the the blue crab population and the "innovative" BayStat program O'Malley created to coordinate various agencies working on clean up plans.

Gilchrest, pictured on the right, is no GOP ideologue. In Congress he frequently voted with the Democrats and, after losing his seat in the 2008 Republican primary to Andy Harris, he crossed party lines to support eventual winner Frank Kratovil, a Democrat. Gilchrest also endorsed Barack Obama that year.
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Serves Bobby Haircut right for throwing Wayne under the bus in the 2008 GOP Primary.

Wayne Gilchrest is and has always been a very steady and moderate Republican. Go Wayne and Go Martin O'Malley.

Can you even call this guy a moderate anymore? Sounds like a closeted Democrat to me. Or a now-outed Democrat.

Hey Wayne, go hand out with your buddy Arlen up in PA, you two seem to be the same.

Bob just hates he was defeated and wants his seat back. Just like a child that took his candy.

If the only people you endorse are Democrats, perhaps you're not a Republican?

Wayne Gilchrist was always a joke ... he was one of the laziest congressman in Washington ... just look at his days in attendance record.

This is the same guy that begged Ehrlich to help him raise money in his 2004 election and then testified against slots prior to the 2005 legislative session. Wayne is a loser and everyone knows it. O'Malley can have him!

If MOM wins, there probably won't be a nice, cushy gubmint job for Wayne or a family member or a friend. Nah. Never happen.

This whole State needs to be remodeled Hopefully we can change the face of Maryland in 2014 with me A dem as Governor and A Repub like Brian Murphy as Lt. Governor. to Criminals and Corporate Criminals, The slogan will be "Don't Mess With Maryland"

YAWN, Are we suppose to care about this? Wayne Gilcrest falls into the "looser" column along with Arlen" I'll take my ball and go play in the neighbors yard" Spector and Jimmy Carter. All loosers and all bitter petty men.

Wayne who?

Gilchrest may call himself a Repub, but he is most certainly a democrat and a traitor to the GOP, his endorsement is not surprising considering how many people he stabbed in the back of the GOP. He is a disgrace and worthless politician, thats why he is not in a position any longer. He got what he deserved. Nothing more than a leftist leg humping shill.

Gilchrest is simply paying the Harris/Erhlich reactionary throw em under the bus wing of the GOP back for the years of undermining real MD Republicans, Gilchrest, Vernon Boozer were both hatcheted by this reactionary wing of the GOP. The problem is the GOP has hacked off the wing that could win a statewide election on a consistent basis. Is it any surprise that Ehrlich is slipping in the polls? Have you heard his message (or lack thereof?) These hatchet men have a real problem with what the real George Bush aptly called "the vision thing". Eventually you must begin to explain what you are going to do, rather than just personally destroy your opponent. Ehrlich is finding that very hard to do. Harris may get elected to a term or two before the First District figures out what an empty suit they have. Do you really think the Doctor is going to push a national sales tax? Is that what the medical lobby has paid him to do? The voters will eventually figure Harris out hopefully sooner rather than later, because the crown jewel of Maryland deserves more than Harris speaking for them in DC, if he will ever utter a word in Congress that represents what the Shore wants or needs.

Wayne Gilchrist is a decent honorable man of conscience. A fiscal conservative and a moderate on social issues -- an old-school Republican, in the tradition of Nelson Rockefeller, Everett Dirkson, and RCB Morton. Now that the GOP has been highjacked by the Christian Taliban in league with Tea Party wingnuts, it's only natural that Mr Gilchrist is more comfortable with a moderate Democrat such as Martin O'Malley. Perhaps someday, the GOP will come to its senses (and its roots) and once again earn the respect and endorsement of sensible, thinking, compassionate people, like Wayne Gilchrist.

guess we could also call Bobby E. a loser also. When he loses X2 I guess we'll see where his tru colors are by who he "works" for....

Gilchrest is nothing more than a lying Democrat.

I wish he got that job he wanted in Antarctica. Wayne's a big sore loser.

"A fiscal conservative"? I just lost my breakfast.

If you can't embrace a moderate Republican like Bob E and endorse Obama and O'Mally, you are not a moderate Republican; you are a liberal Dem.

If Wayne Gilchrest was a moderate wouldn't he support Ehrlich? He is still bitter over his primary defeat in '08, only reason.

Of course, the singular, concrete operational thinking (that's a reference to Piaget's Cognitive Theory for us educated elitists) of the tea party crowd will always be threatened by someone who doesn't fall in line with the far right thinking and the rest of those unencumbered by reason or the ability for abstract thinking. No, this former Marine just speaks his educated, informed conscience. How refreshing!!!!

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